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Theresa S.

400 Mass. Ave. NW Unit 1003
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Theresa, March, 24th, 2011

As you know you have asked me to be your Personal Agent,

regarding matters related to your efforts to bring attention to the
Constitutional Crisis we face as a Nation, where we both strongly
believe that the Presidency of the United States is currently occupied
by a man who is not constitutionally eligible to serve as President. As
you are also aware, I have accepted your request as a matter of
principal and as a service to God, you and our Great Country, and we
have agreed that I will assist you in any way that I can, pro bono.

I have already informed you that I have been assisting in this effort as
the Personal Agent of Lucas Daniel Smith, of Cedar Rapids Iowa for
a year and a half. Lucas Smith personally obtained the Kenyan birth
certificate of Barak Obama, on February 19th, 2009, when he entered
the Coast Province General Hospital, in Mombasa Kenya. Please
find attached, details of Lucas Smith's procurement of said document,
and his offer to testify in any court in the land regarding this matter,
which has been committed to record in the form of his July 4th, 2010
letter, personally addressed to every member of Congress titled:

Lucas Daniel Smith letter to United States Congress. 4th of July 2010.

As a citizen who has been intimately involved in helping Lucas Smith

for many months, I have every confidence that the evidence he brings
to bear on this matter is invaluable in your defense. It is for that
reason that I have contacted you and briefed you on the body of
evidence that Lucas Smith has both obtained and continued to
develop, through painstaking research ever since. In all probability,
Lucas Smith is our Nation's leading publically visible expert on the
Kenyan long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama.

As it stands, Lucas Smith has been apprised of your situation, and he

has agreed to allow his evidence to be used in your defense. In fact,
Lucas Smith has agreed to personally testify on your behalf.
Notwithstanding , it is our hope that this evidence will allow you to
mount a defense that will compel the prosecution to drop all charges
against you. If however, the prosecution chooses push the issue, we
will move to have all the evidence Lucas Smith has developed
entered into evidence in your defense.

Attached, please find links to Lucas Smith's Scribd site, his Inspector
Smith YouTube channel & his Was Obama Born in Kenya
Informational website, respectively: ith

As you know, Theresa, I will continue to support you and Lucas Smith
in any way I can because I believe you are both doing the work of
God and Country.

You have my approval to use this letter in any way that you see fit.

God Bless you & our Great Nation,

Sean Boyer

PO Box 230,
Dalton, PA 18414

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