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THE CHICK COREA CLASSICS Spain / Friends / Litha / The Loop / Straight Up ‘And Down / La Fiesta Arrangements / Transcriptions / Text by Bill Dobbins Spain Friends. ita The Loop. Suraight Up And Down. La Fiesta Table of Contents 2 1s 19 27 32 4 Since the ely 1960 Chick Gotea has beenore ote méstinfusntal composes in jo. He ruc encompasses a wed \afety of muzica eotings, ram soo plana {elageensembles,usngtothacouste an sere metumerts, Ho is one oft few faze compecers dung the past geseration ‘whose carrpasibonshevebecore}azz sta (orca Hele a8 one ote Fe jess eee “ris is probobhy Chick's Dest. known composivon. In the version included here wothedtocaptirethe energetecancfestive mond withoutcopying he otignalrecarding teociosehy We feel thatou version gies a {tosh perspective on tis jazz ebesis with- cut chonging ary ofits essen estes Durnatne A and themes Baty or isakaysvaryigthe pacernertofhissrare sndtomiem accents Mosterummers woud (ay is bie ain fat inaroreapezine Tenor aoe tt ctoren eases $16 Em? ‘The Chick Corea Classics posorehoheswortedwihestencedions Cheomecstion im varous emat oun fo We nave selected sof Chit’ compo sins which represent 2 vanity of forms, moods and ‘ernpes. These x compos tors aso represent aierent periods of (Chek amesial development fom tree 1980's Gusight Up And Dowd tothe sis Spain manner. The sold tounseten prowced rewghout the performance by Ron's WeClue| thymic confidence end ery ives ly themaamum degree! reecon 1b respond tothe music n 2 carpietely ‘eesn and spomaneous manrer “Throughout the sob section ily ses up ‘me eegrinng of extn new chore, some ‘imes emphasizing the begining of be last sight bas se well Hs alco itoracte eros ‘aly wh the soll and plait, white 19805 (he Loop! We neve neudos the batman zane foal arangemen's ior ‘wa hams dumoet and ter sa] 08 We cecemplete aad sheet fo alinaramerss snd detid pana and bass pats. We are Froud gegert tis speci velume ofthe Yaz Workshop Sorex We sincerely hope you_ariay them never sowing this inteacton or commerr tar tomtetere wtntherelbxea yet seed) {ecling oft pulse. “oe (Lovanal begin his slo wth shor melo prasas. Sometimes, 2 nthe es cept shown below, he ends es phrases win tne seme tym, creating 2 suctls styring efi. eae The second chons bagins with an iter sting usa of antispationsandeyneopaton, Notice the chroratic emballshment of the {ithot memo choca ne veryeainnna ‘This ton of mela embeltrment ial ‘common in al ere tyes and the best “ener slr 2a chor, meseeree 1.17 Gmaj7ttt sooets know hw to use it elective Measures $8 ofthis excerpt develop 8 shyt consisting ot four eights nates fo- lowedbyeither aquarernoteand arast of toy eiorg note, Te eae tytn yard ‘age atthahighportof no next cocton of the soo, wih occurs in measure 15. Nov tie that the myttms ot the begining of rmousurgs 13 and 17 also ceateachying lect The Chick Coren Classies