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International Encyclopedia of Unified Science 0 Feit a eval Ore seit Cara Crates W Monn Foundalions of the Unity of Science ‘Nehumet | lat he ineyelopad at ‘The Uniornty af Chuago Pret: Cheaee Meron International Encyclopedia of Unified Science Volume |- Number 2 Foundations of the Theory of Signs Charles W. Morris ‘the Unearaty 3! Chega Bsa Chesge been Committee of Organization Resony Conear Cassis W. Monon Pants Pas Ores Noewars Advisory Committee mas Hon BR. tow Men eww Dawe Mascon enema Exasgors Wana Race eae Pee Aen Rev Wana Keewrrraar —LSos Sera Vieron FLavace Kuma Tatar Ais Lexaurwier Bowen €:Tatan Wauusn Mt Matonrr dann H, Wooo jernational Encyclopedia of Unified Science Volume | Number 2 Foundations of the Theory of (los We Moris 1) Semintie and Seienee 7 2 ie Nature of» Sign a 8. Dimensions and Levels of Seiois “ 4 Language 0 5, The Formal Conception of Language 8 5 Linguistic Stratare 16 7. "The Semantieal Dimension cf Seiorie a Linguist and Nonlinitic Structures " ¥. Puscacaies 2. The Pragmatical Dimension of Sion 10, Inividal and Social Factor in Serio 11, Pragmatic Use and Abus of Signe Vi. ‘tam Usier oF Seanomic 1a. Meaning s 15, Universtls and Universality re 16. Interrelation ofthe Semitial Scien a Vi. Paoseran ano AreLicaTions 15. Unifeation of the SemioticlScencex 3 16. Semiote as Organon of the Sciences 56 17, utanistic Implications of Semitic a Hetsctno Bintioonarie 0 Vale? RGEG663 Foundations of the Theory of Signs "aos We Mortis 1 troduction Morse the dominant sign-usiyg animals. Animals other ure, respond to cersin things sgn ae but such signe donot ata the complexity ed ‘Ishorston whichis found in aman spec writing. attesting ral diagnosis and signaling iatruments. Seienee inweparatele interconnected, since selene both 1 with more rll signs as emai its resay tw stone of signa, Huth civenton i dependent systems of sigs, and the pian mind ia pare funetionng of signsif indeed mentality srt tbe i with sich functioning 1s situ if signs have ever before ben 0 vigor 1s any” persons and fr 30 many pints of view eae of invetigatrs includes ing thers. mycholognts biologists, anthropolsist, preheat ‘wns sthetirinns, and soilogsts. "Thre slacking, how ver theoretical strcture simple in atin and et compre gh to ernbrace the els blaine fom diferent ‘ew and 0 unite them into «une and consistent Wis the purpose of the present sly to sogpest this thafying pia of view and to sketch the eentowrs uf the aeenee ns. Thisean be done ony ina fagonntry fashion party the linitations of space, partly vase of the wh el state ofthe since Hal, but manly because af the cans, pion Valine?