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1. Goodorwell Better Best

2. Evil, bad, ill Worse Worst
3. Little Less, lesser Least
4. Muchormany More Most
5. Old Elder, older Eldest, oldest
6. Nigh Nigher Nighest, next
7. Near Nearer Nearest
8. Far Farther, further Farthest, furthest
9. Late Later, latter Latest, last
10. Hind Hinder Hindmost, hindermost
These have no adjective positive:²
1. [In] Inner Inmost, innermost
Outmost, outermost
2. [Out] Outer, utter
Utmost, uttermost
3. [Up] Upper Upmost, uppermost
A few of comparative form but not comparative meaning:²
After Over Under Nether


The regular way to make
comparative/superlative adjectives is to add  or to use . A small number of
adjectives, however, are irregular and some of these can be regular or irregular.
Themostimportantones are listedhere:



good better thebest irregular Tara is the best athlete in the school.

well (healthy) better thebest irregular He is still in hospital, but he is better

than he was last week.

bad worse theworst irregular You are the worst driver I have ever

far further thefurthest irregular My house is the furthest one.

far farther thefarthest regular My house is the farther one.

old (people in a elder theeldest irregular Ram is my elder brother.


old (general use) older theoldest regular Your teacher is older than my teach.