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Cardiac Screenings

Proudly Hosted
The City of Mission Viejo

Early Detection Can Save Your Loved Ones From This Nation’s #1 Killer

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

H a v e Yo u r F a m i l y S c r e e n e d
Saturday, April 23rd
Wednesday, April 27th
Megan Myers
• A Young Athlete Dies from SCA Every 3 Days
• SCA is the #1 Killer of Women
• SCA Kills 450,000 Annually
The echocardiogram (ECHO) & electrocardiogram (EKG) are the
best tools for detection of the risks of sudden cardiac death.
These tests typically cost $1,500 and are usually not covered
by insurance. Heartfelt Cardiac Projects is teaming up with the
C i t y o f M i s s i o n V i e j o to offer cardiac screenings for a
3/30/93 - 9/26/07
tax deductible donation of $85 per person, ages 5 & up.
"I want to encourage
those of you who have
a student athlete to take
advantage of this won-
derful service provided
by the Heartfelt Cardiac
Projects. We recently
Feb. 2, 2010 lost our 14 year old
daughter, Megan, to
David Gurganious Screenings are painless, quick & easy, takes only 15 mintues. myocarditis, an inflam-
Survived SCA during an mation of her heart
El Cerrito High School Cardiac Screenings which had no symp-
Basketball Game. Saturday, April 23rd toms. It is crucial to
Wednesday, April 27th have an EKG & Echo
prior to participation in
"We never knew David had a
Saturday,April 23rd Wednesday, April 27th school sports. These
heart condition prior to him col- tests are offered for a
lapsing and nearly dying from from 10AM-4PM from 4PM-8PM
nominal donation, and
SCA. Please safeguard your loved Montanoso Recreation & Montanoso Recreation & will provide peace of
ones and have them screened." Fitness Center Fitness Center mind to parents!"
25800 Montanoso Drive 25800 Montanoso Drive ~ Gail Myers
~ Lawrence Gurganious, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Megan’s Mom
David's Dad Schedule Screening Appointments
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