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Brief analysis on the Hubbard Coil and its cons ti tuen t s : Lnd i c a t i on of a nev model with improvements and a Hooper electrogravitic device (Image N°l to Image N°ll).

Analysis, factor by factor. of WHY and HOW the H~nderghot gen~r~tor works; co· llection of previou!lly-disseminated data and proposal of a form~rly-unkno'lm circuit of this device (Image N°12 to Image N°22).
Using the conceptions

of the late Dr William . .T. Hoeper to indicate a DC motc-r povered by a combination of electricity and gravity that has no commutator (Image N°23 to N°29).

Usage of the healing device designed by Georges t.akhovskv to turn jt into·;] free-energy device pow!'!redby atmospheric electricity capable of d~liveri.ng at vill either DC or AC (Image N°30 to N°47).

AnalySis of the "Faraday di~k", models bv Bruce De Palma. and of the mistakes contained in their conception; correction of all m i s rak es an ct proposal of a new homopolar generatvr in improved model (Image N°48 to N°~4). Part VI!The Carr's Saucer Drive Pace N"S9

Analysis of the saucer drive proposed by Otis Carr in the late '50S: mistakes existing in the publiCly-available data and its correction (Image N°65 to Image N°76). Data on the scnappe i t er- Sphere I do possess and their gri.d-reli'lt~dna t vs i s ; a introduction of a new and improved version of the same (Image N°77 to Image


Part IX: Wild Speculations device

An af ys i, s ,comment and cri t i c i sm of the vo rks by Joseph Newman and the ~tethernita-group of SVitzerland (Image N"84 to Image H"92).


PaGe N°86 (no illustrationq)


Personal proposal on a novel kind of free-energy

~E.E~:!~~~~~':" (r)F'rom the

Sept-Oct and Nov-Dec 1981 issues of "Round Robin"; (IT)Data on a fr~e-energy device invented by Dr Niko1a 're s i a: (III)pergonal article on the Ovshinsky Eff~ct.






21 st.


( 1)


Jorge Resines

Foreword There is plenty of literature dealing "i th free-energy devices for t hos e vho are knowledgeable with the field; part of it is of historical nature, dealing with the development of said ideas and their imp~ementation. other portion is a collection (vi th some brief analysis mc Iuded ) of many different appar-at i under different categories encompassing those wi th similar features. Finally. exists that part of said literature published by those who want to make known their own inventions in this field of endeavour. If one author vants to b@ original, he/she must try hard and also sweat a lot in order to make a not-yet-seen contribution; I think I can do such thing in bringing the knOWledge herein assembled for your perusal. My contributions are: (*)Brie£ analySis of the Hubbard Coil and suggestion of a ney improved model. generator, plus tvo (*)Analysis related to the Energy Grid of the Hendershot circuits given for the readership'S consideration.

(*)The "Hooperengine", a motor based on the discoveries of the late William J.Hooper using DC and no commutator. (*)The "Lakhosvky Transformer", based on the healing device by George Lakhovs kyo capable of delivering - at viII - both DC and AC. (*)Improvement of Bruce De Palma's "N Machine". friction and excessive weight. (*)Analysis (*)Improveaent of the Schappeler Sphere. (*)AnalY!!lisfrom the viewpoint of the Erirgy Grid of the devices invented by Joseph Newman and the Methernita-group of Switzerland, with comments and criticisms on both cases· For the analySis of this last device I counted with the help of a fellow argie. a psychic called "Gerry" (he chose this pen-name) who avoided my travelling to Switzerland (r had not the money, anyvay) and "hat he ~onsiders is a waste of time in the analysis of this apparatus. BIBLIOGRAPHY (l)Cathie. Bruce: "Harmonic 33". AH & AW Reed, Auckland, 19~8. (vith Peter Temm) eliminating brushes, heat-by-

of the saucer drive designed by the late Otis T.Carr.

(2)Cathie. Bruce: "Harmonic 695. the UFO and Antigravity" AH & AW Reed, Auckland, 1971. (3)Cathie, Eruce: "Harmonic Auckland, 1977.

288, the Pulse of the Universe". AH & A. Reed.

(4)Cathie, Bruce: "Harmonic 371244. the Bridge to Infinity", Quark EnterpriseS/Brookfield Press, Auckland, 1983. (5)Bigelow. John: "Earth Energy, the Entr~cing Force with 1000 names". Health Research. Mokelumne Hill, California, 1976. (6)Brown, Tom (compiler): "The Hendershot (7)Brown. Tom (compiler/editor): book" (a BSRF publication). Motor Mystery" (a BSRF publication} "The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Hand-

. August 1980 (pp ~4-67 and 116-119).013 granted on April 11th. Field Theory". "Discover" (lO)Larsen Harvey 6th.: "All-Electric Motional Electric Field Patent N°3.. (Vol II) Equations and Ramifications (14)R~sinest blication) .97l granted on October 5th. 1972. types and pr~nciple3 of operation". DR Oleg D.610. I take not responsibility whatsoever on any accidents or disasters which source/s is/ar~ the devices I have herein detail~d as long _ as I do not participate directly in their construction and experimentation.( 2) (8)Hooper. Davis: "A Man who defies the Laws". Florida.n Electric. William J. Special Report (ll)Peterson. Walter and Jacobson. (13 )Resines. (20)Hooper.otional Electric F'ield". 1973. Saucer or Mothership"(a (16)Resines. you can keep for yourself aU/the profits. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE I.: "Apparatus for Generating P'atent N°3. :"Electrostatic Motors. US M. at the same time. (12)Ie1ly. Music from the Spheres. Jorge: "The Energy Grid (II): Angles. ~est Virginia. magazine.in heaven or death!!! A~sual. J. Electret Scientific Company. "Vi1r:torSchau berger •s Aus trian Patents" Detecting Devices" (a BSRF publication).556.i. at issue N°20 of maga:r. Jorge: publication). "HOY to build your own Flying (lB)Re!ines. N°18. a citizen of Argentina. Star City.ine"Energy Unlimited". US (22)Baumgartner. do not claim for m~elf any proprietary right upon the devices herein described. But. 1974. (9)Noland. Sarasota. William. Cada~e Industries. Clayton. Magnetic and Gravitational Electrodynamic Gravity Inc. (21)Hopper. (a BSRF publication). if you can make a better apparatus/apparati with what you r@ad in this text and earn money from it. Donald A: "The Manual of Fr@e Energy Devices and Systems" 2nd Printing. Jorge Emilio Resines. MY1best vishe3 for those vho wan t to take the risks and . Lobaczewski" (a BSRF publication). 1971. I employ the following conversions: a-foot ~----B-foot = 1 013333 ' Geodesic Inch ~:!~~~ Brit"Ish-InciiB-inch . and J. Georgia. Carr Fly~ng Saucer. William J :"N~v Horizons . Any other reference quoted viII be detailed as this text unfolds. May 1987. Jorge: "The Energy Grid: Foundation. Rhetta: Several articles on the Oti~ T. Popular Mechanics magazine. Judi R: "How Tornado Labs tame Giant TWISTERS" . 1987. Generator" •. December (editor): "The Larsen pile". their history. 1984. BSRF Jorge: "Automated (17)Resines. Jorge: "The Complex (translator): Secret of Dr Thomas Henry Moray· (a BSRF pu(a (15 )Resines. Jorge BSRF publication). (19)Jefimenko. that banana r@public South of th~ Borderland. Franklynn and Iesselman.

x Pi ~ 16. ateach la teral coil there vere 43 turns of . he "cosm. Mr IeIly's data are as follows: Central Coil and Core: 5-1/4 B-inches in diameter x 15" long. and at one of them (10) more data i3 volunteered by Mr Donald A Ielly. at least "one man demonstrated that he coUld run electric motors and lighting systems "vi thout having to pay the p01(er. "The mercury-filled tube combination apparently created an electrical one-way "system which directed the energy flov to the central primary coil. The secondary coil in one instance was wound in a diamond configuration "or wound like a b~sket.700657895 g-inches 5. mailed me copies of "The Lar~~ File". Norway. "The boat was driven by a 35hp motor without the aid of batteries.1809 = 5. of Larkollen.80253158 g-inches 4 ~ 3. California. . this is a portion of what he says:"! have a feeling that "there are many people.(3) Part I: The Hubbard Coil My first clos@ encount@r with the Hubbard Coil was when reading one of Bruce Cathie's works (3). By the end of the chapter. not far from Seattle. winding made by 43 turns of # 4 TH'W cable. by the name of Alfred Hubbard "startled his contemporaries by powering an eighteen-foot boat around Portage "Bay. ~ires vere run underground "north. Mr Dag Haslemo. This caused an electrical current to flow through the secondary coil of the apparatus "due to induction. which had "been constructed on a small area of land.:companies one cent for the pover he used. Let us see each factor 3eparatedly: It Diameter 15 8-inche9 14. The electr"ical energy vas supplied from a transducer within the boat. "The coils were said to be round-shaped in both the primary and the secondaMry. or small group~ of people. This was ·everything vi thin my XnO'lfledge un til a Norwegian pen-pal. the information above mentioned. Yucca Valley. south. USA. AS far back as 1919. Transformer Radio: 8 : 1 / Step-up.082~315e = 14. Volume la. I (Bruce Cathie) have a sneaking suspicion that the "tvo superimposed coils had a similar configuration to the Russian grid patt"ern (pentagonal and triangular). the source of all pover . "A young nineteen-year old inventive genius. by use of a free energy device.•£ast and vest for a distance of 1200 feet. 18 inches long. At the outer end "of each wire "as attached a holloy tube.25 B inches 5. Eight secondary coils and iron cores: 3-1/8 inches in diameter x 15 inches long. Cathie thanks the late George Van Tassel then-Director of the College for Universal Wisdom. "The information I have states that Hubbard made use of what the Chinese call .ic flower". but this vill have to wait until experim"ents can be carried out" (from pages 76-77 of -(3)-).. sp~cia1 reports N°l7 to N°21. t "The electrical energy which vas directed into the den t r-a coil of the sys tern l "caused a resonating pu1~e t~ned to the natural earth frequency. This device was "in exact electrical resonance vith his free energy transformer. in the world that know the "secrets of tapping free energy from the earth grid and that the knowledge "has always been ava i Lab te to thl!! select few.1809 g-inches g-in.27634352 .# 4 TH'i cable. for allowing him to quote froll the "Proceedings" he published. 1974. The transformer vas supplied by "energy collected from an array of ground aerials. filled lIith mercury. This was. who experimented with the design seen at Image N°l of next page. according to them. number 6.

we see that Mr Hubbard had built a coil adjusted (with minimal differences) to several grid-related factors of prime importance!. this figure divided by 2 yields 4.688299116. "We had known about the Hubbard Generator for several year3 but had dismissed Wit as questionable since nQt enough technical data vas available until "Awe- .200942941 which is ~ ounding of ha~onic 222 already explained (13) and (18). Florida. (13). So. that I transcribe herein: November 11. from the former analy!is. both of them already explained (1)-(4). according to the data given in "Joseph Cater's book "Awesome Force".E R o I L A L So. has given me your address "and thought that you might be interested in the Hubbard transformer/generat"or being built here in Clearv~t~rt Florida. Mr telly also wrote a letter to Dr Richard Clark.94442943'!. 1982 Dr Richard Clark (Address Deleted) Dear Dr Clark: "len MCNeill.08388158 and yields a circumference of 9. the coil'S height vas (almo9t) 4 times harmonic 311244 and the circumference of the central coil's diameter vas close to harmonic 16944. of WinterHaven. diameter of cable is almost V16. The lateral coil's diameter translate into g-inches is 3.844149858 and its ~quare root is 2.

Ien hopes to be able to provide an electronic pulse unit and ve are nov "ordering parts and material to build a true sinusoidal DC pulse. 100 mailings to universities. and though I am not "qualified to pass judgement in the academic area. where he indicated an for the Hubbard Coil as the one seen at Image N °2 of next page.-coil reversing. The response in a word "was. vhich tends to support your view. R&D groups/Batel"le. The coil'hand-windings .se. Dr Ber"ry the Asst Dean there. larger co"i1 is the primary winding. and ve nov correspond :wi th our progress r-epor t s . etc. data came from a york by telly himself (12). JR).right or l@ft r@lati~ -"to each other may turn out to be another problem and may neces9itate ~roto"type revorking. I tend to agree with your "beliefs based on Joe Cater's work and the results of a recen survey made he"reo The results of the Hubbard tranSformer/generator viII go a long way in "deeiding our future position in regard to ScienceGate. but fortunately the coil input and output terminals are indep@ndKent and interchangeable.etc. and that one was generally negative and piped "establishment theme. hovever. if all goes on schedule. A battery source (B) supplies DC which is converted to AC and introduced into a s t ep-dovn transformer (T-l) 'Which feed9 'the cen t raI coil (CC): the lateral coils (LL) act as collectors and transducers of the energy so produced and feed it into a step-up tran3former (T-2) supplying vith its paver a AC to DC converter. is nay complete. did indicate a villigness to be 9hovn oth"ervi. vith the eight outer coil! in serie! being the se"condaries. "The transformer/generator unit. as per your statements. Mutual tangency between all of the coilS vas "another question and this prototype has been built with this total tangency _"feature Since the general concept and principle of the Hubbard is basically "Simple. Yours Truly.. -only one was "received. "Some tangible results for the Hubbard T/G should come about by around mid"December.(5 ) "some Force" came along to logically explain its theory and operation. via a rotMary di5tributor and ~ultiple pot array. as you viII underst"and. receiv~d). schematic Further . "I have alSO read your views -"System Techno1ogy-ScienceGate". "-we recently mailed out an advisory letter on Research & Development in pro"gregg on the Hubbard generator to aprox. and some environmental groups/publications. . it consists of a central coil (CC) surrounded by 8 lateral coils (LL) connected in series. but "a130 shows the same brand of skepticism. Donald A I~lly"(END) (transcribed from page N°14 of -(10)-). and ve are now deb"bugging the larger DC pulse unit indicated. The response from government and ind"ustry was somewhat better on a percentage basis (six letter. as -per the enclo5ed photo (not included in this york.-(suscriber and "correspondent with Jim Stoddard/"Free Energy Press"). there should be no insurmountable problems to its eventual succesful ttoperation.miserable. "This non-response indicates to me that they vant to stick with their learn"by-rote crap. A door buzzer circuit vas also tried as a quick/ "test pul!er unit but did not work veIl enough to provide a useable pulse in"put. tvo capacitors (C) ar~ placed by each transformer and tjusted for resonance. "An interesting paint for you to consider. DC pulse unit shown. -fron Notre Dame. out of approx. 125 universities. rated at about 15 tW. did n'ot produce suf £icient pulsed DC input "for the primary windings.-breaks the Law of Conservation of Energy. "The small. I differ with Joe Cater ad to which is "the primary and secondary coils and nov believe that the c@ntral.

5. 24. or 5.074342107 This resultiis very close = 2. see Image N°3 belO1f: (D) (H) (H) Height (H): equal for both kinds of coilS. 140 millimeters g-inches.75 B-inches = 5.(6 ) (LL) AC to DC [elly (12) alSo supplies the sizes of the coils he used. and if we vere to build the height for this it would measure 5.75":3 = 1.74112 B-inches.9166 B-inch that is .illimeters or 5.6655786 g-inches or 5.5 Radius of Central Coil (R): . to harmonic 1694443:8 (about 2118). m.114782608.074342107 12 (inches in a foot) : 5.75 B-inches.

which importance as related to the energy grid I have demonstrated at a former vork (18).a little reduced. telly does not indicate the distance betveen the c*ftter of both kinds of coils (D). of 11.8 x 8 : 9 = 2.88431432 g-inches of harmonic 1694443 ~ and Radius of lateral coil (r): 15 millime'ters vhich yield O. I had first considered the possibility that the distance (D) could indicate a circumferential length to be respected.25 millimeter for the windings and this demands leaving a vide space for winding multi-layered coils.B9l4473g9 g-inch. O. first is the construction of the Hubbard transformer/generator and hoy its constituents are assembled. as shown in the schematic of Image N°4. below: CiNTRAL COIL LATERAL COIL e ® • • IMAGE N°4 IRON FILLINGS MAGNETIC MATERIAL WIRING MAGNETIC INSULATION indication by Ielly himself that he used different Wire! which cross-3ection! were of 0.4888888 cycles per grid-~econd . this yields: Second is the my 2. but I later changed my mind to what I have stated before: if experiment proves conception to be incorrect. but I have estimated it in 50.75 .79833336 millimeters or 1.8 gigacycles per common second. ~elly (12) also indicates using "the natural magnetic resonance-frequency" of 2.973684211 g-inch because this last ligure is 4 times the square of harmonic 222: remember also that the square of harmonic 222 is the logarith in decimal base of Pi. yielding a circumference this last figure divided by tvo yields the reciprocal little reduced.equal to 1. The reason leading me to choose this resonant distance is twofOld.582799891'g-inch a circumference which is harmonic 371244. I viII side yith th~ experimentally-obtained proof.S and 0.

. Ielly (12) suggests re30~ance9 to be used in the coil: 5340 cycles per common second (2... In short.. it yields I have.. - o .. ---'_ . also affects the optimal efficiency to be achieved. My proposal begins with Image N°S. so tar. -_ '.8 gygacycles 2 18). per grid-second.j. (*)Using filling-in materials within the coils diminishes the freedom of the ether flows that are modulated and turned into what is usually called "electromagnetism" by those versed in the electrical art (it should he called "ferroelectromagnetism". in honor to the truth!... below: --_. for the origin of harmonic 123 and a whole host of other harmonics see part I of my former york on the grid (18). analyzed which are the different factors involved in the Hubb ard ceil. therefore my proposal Eor improvment of the coil is somewnat limited.( 8) This is twice harmoniC 123 a little exceeded.8 gygacycles 217).. this diminution..J u o . unfortunately I cannot read the September 27th. • 21362 cycles the fOlloYing per common second (2.__ .. 1928 issue of the "Seattle Post-Intel1igencer" where the coil is de~cribed.. . _--._ --. _ . . 10681 cycles per common second ( 2.46 gygacycles 2. but there are some features that I do dislike: (*)The model used by Xelly only yields 3 times the input as output: in relationship to the amount of materials and equipment used I think this is too law...9 gygacycles 219). in my opinion.7675 gygacyc1es per common second. as it is noy the Hubbard coil can be replaced by an air-core transformer and we can save ourselves the effort of building it!.. Adjusted to perfect resonance of 2. -.._----------.__ . as it is an ether flev polarized or modulated by its passage through a ferrous mass).

"Image N°7. "Such is the Siemens AC industrial machine" (paragraph and illustrations from pages 637-638) (of Ricaldoni S "ork). N. Buenos Aires. I continue with this proposal by indicating that the interested experimenter . on the other side) : "Siemens made an important modification changing "the Shape and viftding of the coil (g@e Im~g@ K·6 at left). is wound the 1I'ire". A. upwards and downwards. with the hands of Image M07. Argentina. and therefore in parallel "to the long axis. page N°6. fixed around and "the winding of the induced portion. 3ame p~ge. While Donald A [elly (10) indicated in his letter problems with the hands o£ the windings I have found a solution in the book "Apuntes de Fisica" (Notes on Physics) by Tebaldo Ricaldoni (Angel Estrada y Cia. the reason for this being apparent from the brief explanation below (everything Ricaldoni says. S. in this writing. the difference is that there are 14 lateral coils at a distance of 2(D) of the one indicated when dealing with the element3 of Image N°3. this does not happen with the one by Mr Siemens. etc "which spins between the alternated polarities "of the reducers. 1919): When Ricaldoni analyzes alternators. B. C.( 9) The letter~in the illustration of former page indicate the same elements as those of Image N~2. while the Clarke device is sometimes shown at common textbooks. The Siemens coil is formed by a cylin"der of soft iron from 50 to 150 centimeters long "and along which have been made two deepgroo·ves "Within these gr~oves. shows us the po~ition of the "inductor electromagnets. Editor. belOW. I My proposal continues by indicating that the lateral coils be wound alternatedly. Please notice that all other features 'must be approached as close as possible to the actual grid-factors I have indicated. he deals only vitA those of ClarkEand Siemens.

around a cylinder. This kind of winding is llsed in the electrical art .existing field in tvo possible states of £loY.. Hooper also indicates. You viII understand my proposal if I digr~ss briefly into the yorks by the la te Dr Hooper: he found cut that a "B x V" field shared many of the features possessed by a gravity field: non-uniformity. when our good doctor says "magnetism" he should have stated "ferromagnetism" instead.because the field is sinusoidal . non-shielding possible.i. -50. ' But Hooper further refined this conception.(IO) can experiment with the different sizes of wire already indicated by Ielly. It is this new kind of device the nne that I vant to introduce into each of Dr Hooper . above. He connect~d a DC source to it for supplying power and was able to measure an electrical charge with an electrometer around the whole apparatus. But I think that this is not enough. where all constituents are easily seen. the result being BxV. the 10 IMAGE N°S ----~.--- discovered that tlle best way to induce a BxV field by means Of a device available to our level oi technolOgy was . etc He thus indicates the origin ot the field: "The term B x V is used when one reters to a source which causes a magnetic "flux B to move with a velocity B as would be the case when the field origi"nates in atoms of matter" (from page N°60 of -(8)-). of the cylinders ar-· ound which the vires are coiled..or a Sliding sleeve-42-. by u!ing a plurality of wires arranged as seen at Image H09.that circulates with the current and is indicated by the arrowed circle: a particle -P. and placing as many layers as desired around the coils.will be accelerated by the B-field induced which travels at a velocity V. There. saae reierenced page.ndevices where it is desired to eliminate the self-induction. left. Using his experimentally-proved di9coverie~. ve have still the problem of how we are going to fill the hollOY. This new conception is embodied into Image N°ll of next page. NOW. though the 14 lateral coils are directly derivated from the 7-poled "Deland Ma~netic Canopy"· anti-frost pr-o t ec tor that Bruce Cathie has analyzed (2)-(3) and which I elaborated later (13).a wiring as the one shown at Image N°9.which runs at 900 of the page's plane and COBducts an electric current possessing around it a ~agnetic field -B. that B x V = -B x V. Dr Hoop~r tried different kinds of coi15 to produce gravitational-type effects: two of them a~ indicated at Image N°lO of next page.. but nevertheless he discovered a way to turn common ferro-electriCity into a pure ether flow!. We can better'understand the issue ~ seeing Image N°8~ below: Here we have a wire -12. and passing a DC through it. we see a flat circular coil and a square-shaped one rai9ing each a weight..and -72-. by attracting or rejecting a counterweight -04.

by attracting or rejecting a counterweight -04. 10 IMAGE N°S Dr Hooper discovered that t_e best way to induce a BxV field by means of a device available to our level of technOlogy va! . he found out that a "B x V" field ~hared many of the features possessed by a gravity £ield: non-uniformity.and -72-. and passing a DC through it. below: the "The term B x V is used yhen one refers to a source vhich causes a magnetic Here ve have a wire -12. But I think that this is not enough. that B x V ~ -B x V. a particle -P. -50. You will understand my proposal if I digress briefly into the Yorks by the la te Dr Hooper.existing field in tvo possible states of flov.that circulates with the current and is indicated by the arrowed circle.will be accelerated by the B-£ield induced which travelS at a velocity V. Dr Hooper tried different kinds of coils to produce gravitational-type effects. but neverthelIMAGE N°9 ess he discovered a way to turn common ferro-electriCity into a pure ether tlOW!. and placing as many layers as desired around the coils. This new conception is embodied into Image N°ll of next page. same referenced page. NOV. when our good doctor says "magnetism" he should have stated "ferromagnetismW instead. Using his experimentally-proved discoveries. we caa better'understand the issue by seeing Image Nca.a Yiring as the one Shown at Image N°9. It is this new kind of device the nne that I vant to introduce into each of ---_------ .(10) can experiment with the different sizes of wire already indicated by lelly. abOve. This kind of winding is aged in the electrical art in devices where it is desired to eliminate the sell-induction. tvo of them are indicat@d at Image N°lO of next page..anti-fro5t protector that Bruce Cathie has analyzed (2)-(3) and vhich I elaborated later (13). But Hooper further refined this conception. the result being BxV. Ther~.yhich runs at 900 of the page's plane and coaducts an electric current possessing around it a magnetic field -B. where all con~tituents are easily s@en. non-shielding p05~ible. He connected a DC source to it ror supplying power and vas able to measure an electrical charge with an electrometer around the whole apparatus. by u!ing a plurality of vir@s arranged as seen at Image N°9. Hooper also indicates.or a sliding sleeve-42. of the cylinders ar-· ound which the wires are coiled.because the field is sinusoidal . around a cylind~r.. we see a flat circular coil and a square-shaped one raising each a veight. though the 14 lateral coils are directly derivated from the 7-poled "Deland Ma~neti~ Canopy". left. etc He thus indicates the origin of the field: "flux B to move with a velocity B as would be the case when the field origi"nates in aroas of matter" (from page Ho60 of -( 8 )-). ~e have still the problem of hoy ye are going to fill the hOIIOY.

-. any of these possibilities may hold the key for the electrical utility of a home-b~sed poversource or that for a moving vehicle: whichever your election. I 48 46 IMAGE: M010 42 A CURRENTI the coilS forming eral ones: the Hubbard transformer/generator. neither can I say. 28 ELECTROMETER Hoy these devices will be connected either individually or collectively I can not say because I cannot build one Eor experimentation. .-16 INSULATION .(11 ) 60 . LINEAR CONDUCTORS POLYSTYRENe nc. for the same reason.l' 52 . The energy grid is not lightly tampered/wi th!. please be extremely careful when experimenting!.----. if each device is to be powered vith DC running one or another yay or if it is an efficient collector for the energy_ perhaps it can be used as a prime mover for the transformer/generator or employed jointly with the usual powersource of the Hubbard coil. the c~tral and the lat. --_ ----...

once and forever.~ (lst)Excitation of the ether floys in the neighbOurhood of the device. Skilling also remembers hoy Hendershot first lighted a 75 wattbulb (which fiashed brielly) and how he himself vas able to produce "occaSional shocks from charge build-up in the unit and minute indications of pover" wi tll/thisdevice. thig being done by the body of Hendershot himself and (2nd)Modulation or pOlarization of these flows by a ferromagnetic source (the permanent magnet from a magnetron) within the device.ork with anybody's biological energy!. whom I dedicated a whole york (14). Associate Ed Skilling. indicates hoy be became associated to the late Lester Hendershot and hoy he personally drev the first circuit schematic of his generator. alone and unassisted. I have gathered data from different source~ and together with my own findings on th~ner9Y grid.in my opinion. in my opinion. "Many times in the past and certainly in 1958 while Hendershot vas away from "his home YQrking. those who can afford experimenting with different circuits. he sUlMlarizes:"I have my O'IIn " "pet theories on what principle is involved but have been unable to accept "the theory of many who feel that Hendershot vas an undeveloped p9ychic who "under certain conditions eou1d produce this ability. at the July 1962 issue of "Round Robin" (nov "The Journal of Borderland Research").~ only the British ruling class and its associates were ready to understand by the '205 when Hendershot appeared before the public eye (13).il. I will include comment~ in the coming pages which will be di~tinguished from the merely reproduced articles by the lettering Let us begin to see the actual building of the Hendershot generator by the description Associate Ed Skilling makes: (Plea~e go to next page) . Though not having any oedipical fixation with him. I personally admire his courage for appearing before the public with a device that . what prevents us from "hooking~ a radio or any other electrical appliance to our bodies and run them for free with our own biOlogically-polarized ether flows. the name of Lester Jennings Hendershot evokes in the minds of those who are to a certain extent acquainted with hi~ work (0) an enigma more difficult to understand than the 'one claimed to have been laid before oedipus himself by the Sphinx!. I think that the final source of the energy introduced into the generator . It is also my opinion that this sort of polarization (in an analogous sense) was what allowed John Worrell reeley.(12) Part II: The Hendershot Generator ----------------------------------Together with the work by the late Dr Thomas Henry Moray. to be the ONLY person who could activate h~ many devices. H~der5hott·s "fuelless generator" is far Simpler to analyze than Moray'S "Radiant Energy Detector". and also a lot cheaper to build for experimentation! (in case you "ant to try your luck). About the final cause for the device to york. My conclusion vag rea"ched by means of logical analysiS. This pOlarization is.s "con~cious knowledge that the device was producing pever" (from page 12 of -(6)-). his children were able to turn the unit on and ~perate a "floor lamp and television set in the fMily living room without Hendershot ". I think they will suffice to unv. the actual workings of the Hendershot generator and alloY. the building of a deyice that can .

Moray for prime mov~r (14) and Hendershot for modulation of his own biologiCal flays 50 as to adapt the device's output to the XIND of materials employed within our radio and TV sets.the combination of the ltcndershot.cets of magnetic fields in an attempt to induce power into the device. as . transforJ'l1ers. simplicity of circuitry with Horay's knowledge and theory of Radiant Energy-wQuld astound mankind. Charles Fort was certainly oorrect when he included Hendershot among the rare individuals that have Wild Talents. Tests of the circuit in a ·strong Magnetio iafluence would not induce (l voltage in the circuit that would produce power . As an example: If he wished to build an ·electrical ·coil that would operate in a circuit at a resonant frequency of say 500 KO he would go to an electronic supply store. coils. 500 Kilocycles.s of the opinion. both H~nd~rshot and Moray were tapping tke same source. . Lester J. His ability to perform technical feats by intuition was developed to a high degree. Ferromagnetism alone cannot explain the immense amount of energy emitted by Moray's Detector~ even if NASA itgelf viII acknowledge today the exi. After exploring variou~ I.Connlusion This man. lie was able to consi~tently achieve this phenomena.magnets.hat "ould produce electrical po. to measure in a resonant circuit. to me 80TH Hender3hot and Moray ARE GIANTS!. A great deal of s'tudy was made in a search for a theory that wotild fit the components used in the device~ The electrical parts u80d in the Hendershot ci~cuit. Henry Horay. 1. vas an amazinl individual wh~n co~pared to ~en with technical abilities acquired by or~al education.(13) 1 By Associate Ed Skilling Part II. Moray.tors which Moray claims is the s~cret behind his Radi~nt Energy.\ This writer's experience working with Hendershot oombined . Hendershot did not requirw a secret. fuelles3 generator t. Examination and study of the components used in the Hendershot circuit does not substantiate a magnetic theory • . The A6Bocia t e3 rending thi s Fr eo En er gy story will learn t ha t II endershot duplio·ated the saMe electrioal ph enomena that ?foray did 1d th far si~pler cOMpohents. that his Free En~rgy device. Page 18 ~£~!~!~ y~s.' August 1962 nn. It is most un~ortunate that Lester Hendershot did not live to meet T.~er. the search waS abandoned. their individual merits to determine their function in the circuit wiring. T. Hendershot. Hendershot in my opinion was. the -Hendershot Generator. pick out a spool of wire from the supply racks. Hendershot wa. Hii native intelligenoe w~s extremely high. vern studied on . Doth men appear to have suffered similar probleJ'l1s trying to present in to the world.tence of ~agneti3m allover our Solar SysOn one item I do disagree with Associate Skilling. and as a result of it created 0. take it ·holie and wind·n coil on 11 form which would turn out. ten. such as: capacitors. as expressed to this wri tar in 1958. When compared·to ·giant. Henry. solenoids. exotio type of ionic cold cathode tubes as val1J'e3and oscilla. the ether and using a permanent magnet. Free Energy.-dth what is published in Moray's boolc"The Sea of Energy in which The Earth Floats" leads one to believe that the energy field tapped by these unusual men is one and the saMe. wa~ tappin~ a magnetic torce field. Lester J.

The magnet-ooil device was mounted in a frame 80 that a screw adjustment would mOVe the coil in relation to the magnet. the magnet-coil deTice idea was derived from a telephone receiver used in the early days. A regular buzzer used in a door bell annunciator should serve the same purpose. The second indication is better understood when seeing Image N°12. This indicates that H4ndershot kept the present deSign in the same ratio of induc~ance that was used in the early day~. when we see ~Qre in detail the building of the coils ve will notice that one of the peaked portions touches a given grid harmonic outside of the wooden dowels (represented here by the dot-and-dash line) and alSO another grid harmonic when inside of the dowels (represented here by the daShed line).experience. (See A & 3. During operation of the lIandershot Fuelles& Generator. Fig. during the late. with cylindrical oapacitors bui2t in the center of the coils. were made of the non-eommercial BASKET WEAVE COILS The unique feature of the Hender$h~t device is the basket weave coils.44444 rc which is twice harmonic 222 (13)t. this leads us directly to the Hooper findings on the BxV field (8) and. which is a representation of th~ baSket-weave coils. In the early days ot his. "parent". see = 44~. Another interesting component is the solenoid coils CHI & Cn2 used in conjunction with a magnet from a radar magnetron with a soCt iron bar between the magnet and the solenoid coil cores. vortex. he used standard broadcast radio ooils which he could purchase in the radio supply stores of that era.the following: 500 I~ per common second of Hendershot's per grid-second device. this unit will bu~z at a frequency rate dependent upon the air gap between the magnet. . "ender~hot purchnsed the solenoid coils in a radio supply store and they appeared to have been used in a 110 volt bell ringer. iron bar and coils. Like the basket weave coils. A test of the present coil design on a radio frequency resonant bridge or "Q" meter will reTeal that the coil out of the oireui twill be sell resonant in the lower frequency of the radio broadoast band of sao KC. the thin mid-line represents the circumference as when considered in the center of the dowels. A & B. Comment: Here we have the tvo first indication! -------. 1) Hendershot· did not explain his intent ~hen he designed this pal"t of the cil"cuit. below:. 20s. varying the air gap w~ich varies the resonance of this ~buzz"' frequ~hcy.(14) Hea3urement3 in the static condition items to determine eo~ponent values. this i~ ~imilar to the tvo vortexes of a tornado (11) acting together to generate a larger. We see here illustrated a sinUSOidal wave. S£~~~~~ Image N°l3 of next page ShOV5 us a ~agnetron-pcwering magnet and we notice how its N pole is at the middle and there are tvo S poles at the sides.

The handwound capacitor used in center of the basket weave coils are also made from Pyramids TM 58.. 5 15/16 in. The coil is cylindrical. Coils A u a are identical in construction so only one will be described. thiS number multiplied by 2 yields 0. 05 and C6 are" standard Pyramid TH 58. weaving in and out b0tween dowel pins mounted in the same type base to hold them rigid •• Comment:We have a circle of 3600 separated into 57 sectors vith equally-spac--------ed dowels. 04.7750639774 which is very close to hannonic 222 x (7: 2 ) I. let us gee each factor se~aratedly: (a)360 : 57 = 6° 18' 56. All coils are wound in the same" direction.1233552632 g-inch vhich yields a circumference of 0.(15) 'f> X-BAND" wAIJf TIJ13c Tf2jlVrUNb ------------ IMAGE N°l3 " RUBY M4~R Mffi.lFfEre The two commercial transformers. Hendershot used seYeral different types of transformers in the circuit but found the TV ones worked the best. Two additional capaci tors are required for C1 and 02.387532 g-inch. diameter wood dowel pins three inches long.lte dowel pins are even spaced on the circumference of the circle.84" Tan 6° 18' 56. diameter.84" z 0. . also purchased from a radio supply ~tore were vertical oscillator transformers used in a TV set and were of unknown make or brand. 40-80 HFD at 450 working volts. T. 2) It is wound like n basket around fifty-seven 1/8 in. Two dual electrolytic capacitors OJ. They have a 5:1 turns ratio. (See Fig.111 vhich is 222 : 2! (b)1:8"B-inch = 0.

(d)The height of the coil is of 3 B-inches.'-1-. involving in this instance the multiplication of the grid's time factor for our planet. @nergy center (4~ " '. circumierence would be of 18.- . let us see what comes out of this: '. Sohematic Fig. 1 B '. a~ you see the values fall well within the elasticity or flexibility of the materials employed and we have here anoth!r transformation to emplOY for linking the different factors that form the energy grid (18). we vill 5ee how the usage of reciprocals for dimen5ioning spherical radii will also serve as mathe~atical link between the different factors of the grid.960526317 g-inches 2.5.8'9375002 bei~g the reciprocal in g-inche9 of the mass harmonic upon the Earth's surface as measured by Cathie (3)-(4).13930847 ginches and for me it would be of 1'.17816879 g-inches.(16 ) This second factor is also equal. 3 B-inches we have here: onic 1594443.. 01 . the act11aJ. " L!J OU1:put· . This diameter yields a Circumference of 18.921052635 being.L4 .'. 4. . 972. the reciprocal of harm~. ~lmost.-84-0-7-7-6-9-4--'6 13. as derivated from the Metric Theorems (13) • (c) S-15/l~ B-inches .40776946 g-inches. Part VII of this writing. C2 . When we deal with the modification of the Schappeler Sphere. and twice the Earth's number.960526317 x 2 = 5. to half 7776 which is 972 x B. almost.56752352 '= l35g752352 x2 = 2713504704 being this value very close to harmonic 2693645 (cathie's value) or 269355287 (my value) For Cathie. the value for light when it forms a spherical = 2. "J A .

reliable capacito~ bridge. Short circuits of the ctt:pacitorwill render the results us eLe ss and of course make it impo9~ible to meaBure the resultant capaait.32 B-inch is close to harmoniC 31~227166.75 a-inch when transformed into g-inch yields twice harmoniC 371244 in close approximation. Hendershot wa3 able to accomplish this feat intuitively.nce vu Lu e. 4 Each of the completed capacitor cylinders Cl and C2 are placed on Original terminals Stainless the insido diameter of Coil A and Coil B. .71471858 This factor shares one of the features I di3covered when studying Darrel Butcher's york (l~). let us see each factor separatedly: (a) 91-1/8 B-inches (b) 2. the Secure the wrapped capacitor with a string or tape so that it will not unravel.0079 MFD. After eentering the cylinders. Stal·t at on~ end with the long unepli t foil on the inside and wrap .71381579 g-inches 2.42163158 of 542763158 1. From mathematics alone. wrap the capacitor foil and paper around each of the cylinders.92598687 g-inches. It is interesting to note that Hendeoshot originally used one pound coffee cans fo~ the capacito~ cylindera but found that after a period of time the electrolytic left in the capacitor paper would perforations in the metal. If the correct tansions were applied while ~rapping the capacitor paper and foil.. the square root of 10. it is a factor that returns its "starting point" after some mathematical transformations (though in Butcher'S angle this happened with an angle's sine and the reciprocalgf its cosine).84242424'e 135735929 x 2 • 2. full length onto the 6ylinder. This is why he made the later cylinders of stainless steel.25 B-inches when transformed into g~inches can be made to undergo the same transformation with mi- nor differences. 2. After insulating the cylinders. (4). Both units should nov look the same. x2 very close to harmonic 222 x 4. this kind of mechanism can be considered as an "energetic reinforcer" or "endless loop" or "Mathematical Mabius Strip". Fig.75 B-inches = = 89.71381579 Reciprocal = 5. of Steel pour melted paraffin into the outside 40-80 MFD Cylinder diameter of the cylinder and inside Capacitor wrapped in diameter of Coil A snd Coil D. The foil and melted paraffin '~ill run into the paper turns of the ~ire sealing the complete units. the figure of 5. For accuracy the capacitors should be measured with 0. It is very difficult to obtain the correct capacity and this process may have to be repeat<3d mnny times to arrive at the right vnlul! for e:lch unit. the measured capacity should be .. (d)O. rendering the cylinder useless. and a Eigure which is its own reciprocal (13).35735929 = 184242424 Vl. (c)The gap of 0.(18 ) ~~~=~~l very important data surfaces in the former paragraph.

e tc ) the feature of being composed by atoms: Each atom has the Fine Structure Con~tant_ factor 137 (13). " Some va. the Phi-harmonic of factor 137 (13). a flash On one occasion . same 'as C.at changes are tolel"able are unknovn .p between the magnet and solenoid coils until brilliance waS achieved and the bu=z~r produced a steidy tone. and also we have harmonic 222. ------- ~e.* Comment: . human beings_ share with other beings of the Cosmos (animals VI! getable life. '.. Hendershot on many occasions August 1962 Rn. 1 • > After a unit was "ired either by H. I • I .e unknown characteristics Q.ll. [eep the capacitor! Within the sealed vacuum chamber until the paraffin has dried completely.~ the pJtenQlIlens. Hathan adjust the air ga. overl1eat. place the recently-filled capacitors within a vacuum chamber and extract all air f. The schematic: diagram a s shown in Fig. 1 did operate f~r ten. as its basic constituent. As you have ~een before during the analysis. to fi.lIould glow. This ~onneot~on places an electrolytic capac! tor in all AC circuit.the unit load.rteen minutes before the capaci tor began'to boil Bnd blowout.. it 'Was a standard 110 volt light the solenoid-magnet eombination would buzz and the output 'achieved he adjusted the unit for 10 . in our own bodies. would burn up the unit by the OVer heating of. '\ ~. If all con4itions of the circuit are met with the proper component values and if the wiring is made according to the schematic diagram.Lrcuit wit-ing but' wh. It may be noted on the schematio that capacitor C6. A polarised capac! tor will not work in an alternating field and wJ. : UNKNOWN CHARACTERISTICS . of the output load.endershot. Page 21 when applying excessive output loads. but this story has been 'Writer's experience in's' ·true story' of Free Energy Phenomena. Either the unit would work immediately or not at all. rocks.rom vithin so that gages within the paraffin ar@ oblig@d to surfac@ and be dis. harmonic 222 surfaced "allover the place" and because the factor Phi is close to 162. which is one half of a dual'Pyramid'nISS.to 15 mintss and only of light from the output.riations can be. the wiring. 'Seyer'al hours later he found it neoessary to'rebuild the capacitors before any further tests could be made. The only limiting factor to the amount of power that can be extracted is the wire size used in the ooils and tranaformers. If an experimenter should be fortunate enough to achieve sucoess in producing pow~~ it may be advinable to connect this' capacitor the . depending on th. ' .is connected to one side. would full This until if bulb. . • cirthis * . . several hours. made in the c. if it is possible in your case. the positive terminal .4.er!ed. Experimenters who' have worked with Hendershot may have other cuit'diagrams that also'p~oduced results. the . the uni t should function and produce 300 to 500 watts of energy. do not forget to eliminate as throughly as possible all gaseous bubbles. procedure would take from 11 few minutes to.. . . .(19) £2~~!:When building the large-!ized capacitor3. or otber experimenters he WQuld sit down at the d'evioe 'With a length of insulated wire bared Ilt each end and begin making a) nnactions to vnrious t:ermillals of .

. s at the nearby environment and our planet'S harmonic.. The latter happened to be a friend of my wife He had printed our "wedding announceaent. and operator upon the planetary energy grid.)Food con!titution of device pOSitions ot the operator's body.in operative Qondition .s ..far free . upon the grid. He became friendly with the publisher of the local "newspaper. At ab"out the time he knew Hendershot. the publisher brought ever to me a "collection of photos he had taken of a Hendershot device vhich he had taken "when he ~tored it . There is a vague chance that the publisher'S vidoY might still have "'them.(20 ) planetary resonating harmonic (for Earth) divided by 2..when we "ere all 'tudent~ in Iowa.in his garage for • period Qf "months vhen Hendershot va~ concerned about someone taking it if he had it in "his possession. Hendershot and the publisher became fri"endly. to such a sake I quote noy a l~tter from pages 24-26 in the March-April 1989 issue of RThe Journal of Borderland Research": "A while ago you indicated in the Borderland Journal that you were wor~ing on "a Hendershot publication. It is probable that she met "Hendershot but she does not remember meeting him. Un£ortunately~ the photos did not adequately disclose any -technical details. eaten by the operator. Also the publisher' 9 priori ties in earning a liv ing did not include the "matter of introducing Hendershot and myself. "During this period before his death. above. I have a vague recollection of hi! telling me that Hendershot " periodiCally wuld adjU!l the device when this happened. This inve~tigation included a vi~it vith a Mr Aho in the -high desert part 01 LOs Angeles County~ He had a Hendershot device there .)Interaction and their influence upon all factors mentioned vi th other grid-related (Body pOlarity U also to be included when building the device.ledge of the subj@ct. its origin and di9place~ent devices. my .yself investigating the Hendershot device to a "moderate extent.the matter of my meeting him did not become a priority matter with "me. On a few occasions he indicated to me that he vanted me to me~t Hend"ershot.}Genetic (*)Location (.... "the time. "A5 you probably know Hendershot lived near here (Southern California) during "the closing of his life. At the time I made a mental note to write youre"garding my limited kno. As you see the issue is a co~plex one and we need all the data available to obtain the g~eatest possible result. as discovered by Dr Abrams). "The publisher told me that the device had operated continually while he had "it. RAfter Hendershot had committed suicide. In spi"te ot this I think it might be of inter@st for me to briefly outline what I "knew of the subject. Unfortunately I forgot about "thi~ until I noticed that your publication on this wag now available. (*)Planetary (. we have that thi5 device can be powered by our pt!rsonal biological energy atd that it interfaceg with ether flo .. Which could be the particular conditio~ of R~dershot's body that alloyed hi~ to 9ucces£Ully operate the device? 1 think the factor~ to be considered arel (. t "This led to an as soc Ia t e and m. The illumination of the light connected t~ it apparently varia ted from "time to time. ran the Linotype at the paper becaife "use of the sad state of the faRily finances. yomen and men have oppositely pOlarized portions of the body. It is equally unfortunate that he wanted and got them "back. Since I did not know vho Hendershot vas and he did not explain at .

.....'. f. ...AI 0 r: . /. ...-v t:._l':''2''~ ~-. ' As c:.vt:'r .. -- -p"~! _.... > .. ~ &("'"" ..._.. .....r.I'~~• ... ~ J '-"--"-'._ /.. -. ..../ x 1 . .....IO L n. 7'..._'. _.A ..v. ..... ....1 .t2 • ..r/-c.I .-'."._ .A./ ~ '2 rro ~ L ..~*".t'-r.----~...t: r • .!4r• .1. / r .... .. (21 ) o 4..../.A N<' u~"~../... . ~_ ...J?J......_ .::._..D~~.J ~ Co. • ..~~ G.r.#6....~c... " "C n ::T .. '·:... J.1' Lt'1V A -«: oa /? S ..r- .- .• ~. j..

"Energy Unlimited: A Ca 5e for Space". What . the author knew beyond a doubt that here vas in part the "nature of the next breakthrough in gci~ce: and that limits based on studies "of exchange of energy and/or quantum lIlechanicsdid not indeed exist. Inter"ested associates and advisers wanted to believe that here in this device vas "a mUltimillion-dollar invention nearly ready for marketing. Then apparently Hendershot vould get excited as he continued the "stroking motion until the meter would show that the device vas in operation ·or vas ready to go operational. "Lester Hendershot wanted to leave the world something of great value. (Ret). Journal Editor Tom Brown later asked Mr O'Brian for his graphic documentation and this man obliged by mailing the schematics you can see at page N°2l of this work. the circuit he used and a key part of the "device . vithout a model and yith only li"mi ted specifications. carries the most important data for the con!truction of a Hendershot generator capable of functioning with everybody'S life energy. California). "Aho alloved me to sketch theMboth. Bdvard O'Brian. Associate Gaston Burridge. USing instructions from "Lester Hendershot. 2 bell-ringing coils and one hand-vound electrolytic cond~ns~r. in 19~8 (Printed by South Antelope Valley Publishing Co. "However. but neither could he explain "its paver vhen operating or why so often it would not operate at all. radio and "small motors. At this pOint aender~hot would connect up "the vire he had been using to stroke with. which coris s ted i "of basket-veave coils. etc. I have not yet located them since closing my office". HenderShot had ever done. Using " his Simple device to light conventional light bulbs. he (Aho) painstakingly.(22) "which he said that Hendershot had started. He also said that there vas another circuit which someone "said vas "'The" Hendershot circuit and I made a record as to it. wire sizes. electrOlytic condensers. Patent Attorney Huntington Beach. one had to be constructed. a perma"nent magnet. 9mall transformer9. "Aho stated that Hendershot indicated that Aho had done a better job on vind"ing the coil than he.a coil. Apparently he had had quite a number of people try"1ng. "From another source at the time I learned that Hendershot appar~ntly got his "idea as to his device from an earth-induction compass such as was used in "the Spirit of St LOuigairplane flovn by Lindberg. He showed me hOY Hend~shot vo"uld "stroke" a wire along some part o'f the device until a meter started res"ponding. Mr Arthur Aho himself published a small written work. constructed the first of five devices. Mr O'Brian also confirmed what Associate Skilling indicated at the end of his article. "I should add that none of the materials I had on this have been discarded. I viII make an extensive quotation from it in the portion that. Littlerock. operate TV. in my opinion. California. namely that there are at least several versions of the HenderShot circuit in circulation. he could not doubt its reality. I have no idea if this "is true or as to the construction of such a compass. I forget why he said that it had "once stopped operating. number of turns. "This vas the critical aspect of the m~tter. AS I recall "the sketch on the coil had dimensions. when interviewing the inventor personally in the late '50s (~). "As no device was available for the author (Aho) to observe in operation to "fulfill his great deSire. "After seeing his first inanimate device Come to life under the influence of "Lester Hender~hot. also learned that an organi~ation yas selling schematics on the circuit that Hendershot himself comfirmed as being "very close" to the actual circuit.

Tvo small transformers were also used in the bask"et_weave coil circuit. as the magnet acted as "a cushion to the bell-coil circuits when they became activated. "In the early stages of experiments with the Hendershot device. an' still has.what~ver that may b~ .6'" -in diameter by 3" high. "John reeley. "During 1900 two arranged demonstrations to top electronic engineering . There were "variation9 in capacitance. In personal notes. The final capa"citance was not critical.fuel or of loss to any "of its parts and (2)there was an operator who used individualized methods to "trigger the device into operation. which "all proved that the mystery of operation did not depend on a certain. However.did generate electricity without the use of. The device also employed "a large permanent aagnet opposing two bell-ringing coils which in turn were "wired to the two banks"Thi~ arrangement appeared to act similar to a pacer. thus bringing to a close that phase of his project. "After over a year of experimenting with Lester HenderShot. The positive sides yere each hooked to a unique "arrangement of three baSket-weave coils within a single unit. at this late date.~ple tWO-bank unit @mploying "tvo sets of electrOlytic condensers. in "mid-April 1961. it seemed at "times that the easy yay out was to deny that vhich was observed because it "did not fit our accepted theories. it became apparent . which was . Units operated any-where from . but dried before winding on a metal ring. However. it became increaSingly difficult to deny "something observed aad the result vas to pursue it further. ""I find that there is a personal influence involved which I cannot overcome" "This statement was made in reference to starting hi! devices. "1961.006 mid to 40 mId "but they were critical as to balance. which were available in Los An"geles. of the Hendershot device. but all had tvo things in common: "(l)they. "The author (Aho) had. Lester HenderShot finally agreed to go all-out in revealing "every detail of both construction and operation of his device in an environ"ment including men of science and the equipment needed to evaluate in detail "the nature ot the poyer generated by the device. in inductance and even in circuit Wiring. Descriptions of other devices by other individualS show a "hroad detail of mechanical construction. is described in "The Books of Charles Fort. and all of them ope"rated. Fitting Closely to the inner circumference of this "triple coil vas a condenser which was rwwound irom an 80 mId 400-volt elec"trolytic condenser. questioning the "lack of understanding rather than the reality of that observed and experienneed.(23) "did exist vas the probleM of hOY to get Le~ter Hendershot and associates to "realize the magnitude of what vas demonstrated and how to get cooperation of "science. yhich vas necessarily skeptical that anything of value could come "from 11mited scientific background. However. and hOY this vas hrought a"bout. The tvo negative banks were all hooked "together in a common ground. but value was not critical. The device that the anthor mad@ vas a . exact "type of device. "There vere several variation. he stated thi! concerning hig personal works:"I had thought that I eo""uld bring to the world a new source of power" but nov. However thi~ d~vice i~ only so much mat~rial without the "influence of Le~ter Hendershot .and the d~vice do~s "not operate.roup! "were cancelled because of fear of revelation of an invention. Each side had to be within less than "2% in value to the other. in his posseSSion the last device which "he had construct~d. Lester Hendershot passed away very suddenly on April 26th. This despite the fact that there vas no "fraud or attempt at fraud. who demonstrated such a device for many years.

followed by a near 6o-cycle pulse. but became more acceptable after "observing and evaluating a characteristic common to all' units (devices) made "hy us (H~der. (*)Unllke the article by Associate Skilling (yho also worked yith Henderghot) Aho indicates that the critical feature of the large-sized hOllle-raadeondenc sers is NOT capacitance but BALANCE. there is a pair of transformers within the large-sized cond~nsers. The near 50-cycle "oscillation was common to all units. how this balance is brought abOut he does not indicate. On one unit a Slight unbalance of the "homemade condenser vas compensated for by squee~ing a soft spot on one condften~er. which could be heard as a loud hum "on the magnet and coil eir~uit.of this device) he died suddenly. which was "not in operation. I am nov to include here a group of illustrations (osten9ibly xerocopi@5 from photos taken from some publication) included by publisher Walter Baumgartner at i~3ue N°l3 of "Energy Unlimited" magaZine: when I analyzed the circuits therein shown I realised (by u5ing radiesthe!ia made with my fingertips) that they were different fron both the Skilling and the Aho-given circuit!. A£ter'Lester Hendershot had started the device by squeezing it. I do not know whether this is or not "The" circuit that can be activated by all people: unfortunately ~alter did not include the source of those photos: . an added surge of pover vas Nvisible on the scope pattern.first admitted to Aho that he did not know why the device worked. (*)There. but when he was about to tell everything to a group of qualified scientists (the "why and hov. The voltage nov across the load would be any"where from 90 to 140 volts AC depending on the model used.5hot and Aho) and also reviewing records or statements concernwing other devices and demonstration.. It vas a feeling of holding the pulse of the living univ"erse manifesting itself in a machine. Kor in triggering this heart with a pacer. during its activating time.(24) -that this device was better described as a living. the device ~orks without any other aid Ufttil it becomes unbalanced.in "started the output and you may be assured that it vas a thrill to hold'this "pulsing condenser. It! becoming a living thing in ~pace depended "on a factor . even as in a living body" (from pages 2 to ~ of Aho' s referenced york). so he turned it over to the author (Aha). Aho's quoted paragraph shares one feature with the illugtration! we ar~ about to see. vas first started by Lester Hendershot the homemade conden"ser~ which seemed to act as antennas. This idea geemed at first too far"fetched to warrant further consideration.is not a Single Hendershot-type circuit but A GROUP OF THEM. ~hen a device. would pick up voltage pressure Slowly "at first and then faster. his "hand tired. the main condenser. being implicitly included here the possibility of "TheR circuit as indicated vhen I transcri bed the letter from Mr o· Brian (I wan t to mean here a circuit of a device capahle of being activated by anybody). {*)At one of the Hendershot-type circuits. Its operation paralleled the relati"on of a windmill to the wind. This pUlse would surge from one bank to the "other. At the peak of surge into the condensers. From reading the formerly-quoted ther things: lengthy paragraph we have learned several o- (*)Hendershot . Follo_ing this. caged or "geared into a fource outside of itself. would do like"wise. A fir" squeeze aga. mechanical body.!Similarto that of a doetor massaging a heart that had stopped. After this happens and the vibration becomes self-sustaining.5 in the past. a condenser must be held in the hand so that the biological energy of the operator (or of somebody else. if the operator is tired/depleted) acts as prime mover.

shows us one man (whose identity is unknown to me) holding a Hendershot generator.(25) IMAGE N"14 Image N°14.ic level vithin the Solar System. it could be con3idered that when bot. smaller vortexes pulse together they interact with a larger-sized vortex. This mechanism of a tornado has been recognized as exi~ting (with geme modifications) even at the cosm. James A. see Image Naln at next page. producing more energy than vas used as input into them!. There we see the two large-!ized hand-made condensers each containing a transfOrMer within. Image N°l5. above. shows us an upper view of the same unit. belov. it is a Simplified illustration of a bibliographical reference (11). In other words.in difference to the circuits given U5 by Mr O'Brian and of three condensers each: IMAGE N"15 ----------- As I have indicated before. and . we have" tha t one vortex is "cold" and the ot h!!r is "warm". "The" Van . this Circuit reminds me of a tornado that has ~o smaller-sized yortexes within a larger one.

but marked fluctuations in this !peed "induce a variety ot collisionle5! shock phenomena as fa3t streams overtaxe "slav ones.. as predicted by Eugene Parker "in the late 1950' s" (from page N°24 oL_!he refe. Earth orbit Saturn orbit second Circle: ------------- Spirals: Radially moving ------solar wind (as indo (icated by arrows) and Archimedean !piral of the interplanetary magnetic field that result~ from the Sun' s rotation . by virtue of the sun's rotat"ion. Brian O'Leary and Andrev Chaikin. Caabridge University Press.u in interplaneta.. electrically conducting gas carries with it an entr"ain~d magnetic field caused by a system o£ currents surviving from their 0"rigin in the corona of the Sun•.r.The observed magnetic field fluctuate'3 in "magnitude and more specially in direction from point to point but generally "parallelS the th!oretical Arehimedean spiral. "The average speed of the flOYing gas. below).(26 ) Warmer Air Air Area Damaged by Vortex N°2 (Vi)-{V2): Individual vortexes the Parent Tornado within Allen has written in Chapter 3 ("Magnetospheres and the Interplanetary Medium") of "The Ney Solar System" (2nd Edition. about 400 km per second.ce~ 1(ork): t BIRD'S-EYE VIEW OF THE SOLAR EQUATORIAL PLANS: Central Dot: Sun -----_ ---First Circle: -----------. which he consider~ an extremely rar@fied gag moving through space) "moves radially outward from the sun. edited by J. the approxim.en.ate forll. of an Archimedean spir. .ty space "as viewed by an observer over the solar north pole (see Image N°17. 1982) the following: "Even though each individual parcel of gas (he is speaking about the solar wind here. The ionized. C~bridge Massachusetts. is remarkably "independent of distance from the sun. a continuous !tream of ga! floYing from "a loeali%ed area of the sun's corona takes on. Ielly Beatty.

as per indications by Skilling and Aho.s would end by orbi. giv~5 us another view of the sam~ device: this time we see the tvo bell-ringing coils and the magnet on the first plane with one of the large-sized condensers in the background. gO thoSe of you wanting to learn more will ~ave to search in indexe5 for more works by this manThough the illustration from Van Allen'g chapt~ cl0gely parallels that of the tornado vortex_ there is a difference: the Sun is at the midst of the parent vortex (so to say). Brazilian physicist Dino [rasped6n (pen-name of Aladino Felix) in hi! york "My Contact with Flying Saucers" indicated (in the 1957. the Sun would be located within one oE the smaller!:size. the two bell-ringing coilS and the magnetron-magnet with the N pole at the center and the tvo S poles at the sides.(27 ) Aslyou can see at Image N°17 . No york by Eugene Parker is referenced at the Bib~iography of Van Alen'g chapter. This is better appreciated at Image N°19 of next page. IMAGE N°18 Image N°IS. No wonder there has been 90 MUch written and so little und~!tood about Hendershot's free energy device. as has been seen. Only with the direct analysis of the photographs includ~d by ~alt~r Baumgartner it is possible to understand the depth of Hendershot's discovery. former page. next page. the man had not "lightning in his hand". first edition. ting around the magnetic center of the Solar System in Similar positions to vortexes (VI) & (V2) of Image X016. "here we see the metallic piece. cn~ of the tvo lamps ll3ed as a .we have a Ying-Yang mandala that I have already analyzed (13) and explained with the Sun at it' geometric cent~. 'please notice tha t in the center between both large-~ ized condensers (as analogous to [raspedon's magnetic center of the Solar System) is an "Lshaped" Sliding metallic piece that is connected to the two bell-ringing coils. in3tead. he uncovered a COSMIC MODEL of apparatus!. vortexes and at the ester of the parent vortex "ould be located "hat he called "the magnetic center of the Solar Sygtem".which I adapted. Image N°20. giTes us another view of the Hendershot generator under analysis. Beneath the magnet is the short length oE wire that is to be stroked. "ithout altering its features. [rasp@d6n also indicated that by the end of the XXth century another col03sal heavenly body yould come through space to position itself by the side of our present sun. from Van Allen'5 chapter . above. thus both bodie. of his book) that. he had the ba5ic model of creation upon a table!.

Therefore. I made carefUl calculation. he used in the dimensioning of this device different . conc@rning the size of the ruler with that of the man seen at Image N°14 (page N°25) and it is of 1 B-foot long. what Hendershot did vas to emtody in to a Single device not only a most basic model employed by creation itsel£ and seen both at the natural-level upon the Earth's surface but also at cosmic level within the Solar System Not glad with the former. this leads us to: IB-foot = 0.9668421056 0.9868421056 V4.221308292 .. gi yes ~ a full viey of the yhol@ app ar-e tus vi th a ruler included to shoy relative size.( 27') __ lAAGE N"19 . of next page. ea _ load Eor this device: Image N°21.4934210528 = 2.= Harmonic 222 already explained (13)!. The distance betveen the centers of the tvo large-si%ed condensers and the tvo transformers placed within is also of 1 B-foot.934210528' : 2 : 0.

(*)Condenser C8 is hand-held (W) is stroken.wh!n activated by his own biological energy or that of somebody else (as Associate Skilling for example or as Mr Aha vh~ Hendershot became tired) . but which is in dis-agreement vith their statements is that my ovn radiesthesic: analysis of the circuit in the photograph published by Walter Baumgartner indicates a different one!. we have seen that Aho himself admitted to the existence of several circuits of the ~ndershot device. .(28) IMAGE N°21 grid-related harmonics to produce a unique combination that . (*)Bell-ringing cuit.construction of the device (all elements and procedures are as has indicated Associate Skilling). Associate Skilling also learned of this game event but only told what he himself experienced firsthand. (*)The circuit coils are connected as in the Skilling-given verSe the connections (*)The winding wise. distances is built for a right-handed person:left-handed and positioning of the elements. the best (*}use your ovn psychic sensibility separating the different If I were in your shoes for experimenting such a device. I would proceed care fully testing each step to the utmost before passing to the folloving one. NOV. For a better understanding of the subject-matter I have illustrated at Image N°22. on the right hand lIhile lIith the left hand wire are placed and connected differently fOlloYing the cir- (*)Condensers ca-C4-C3 and C7-C6-C5 harmonic series 1:2:4. of next page. by means of the permanent magnet/bell-ringing coils combination. people must re- of coils must begin at the base and rise upvards counterClockor grid-calculation to ascertain cons ti tu ting elements. R~l1tt!!mb~ that you are touching the most bas ic harmonics that keep creation go· ing and if you mak~ a mistake you "ill pay d!!!arlyfor it: BE:CAREFUL!!!!!!!.collected ether from the environment and. modUlated it for usage in common household appliances. the circuit coming out of the photographs A~ you s~e exist some differences with those already seen: (*)I have indicated equivalences nth Skilling and O'Brian for a be t t er. The eircuits by Skilling and Aho are coinCident.

. Hooper are already veIl-known (8).-~--IMAGE N°22 . . ShOY5 U3 again the basic kind of wire-winding that Hooper had experimentally found (8) and patented (20).(29 ) Equivalences: Ll L2 = = '::! L3 L4 Coil D Coil C = Coil B Coil A C7 = C8 "" 20 MFD at 450 working volts CHI CH2 C4 C3 C5 C6 C7 -----. Image N°23. of next page. and I have . who has extensively and intensively researched into electrostatic motors and devices.. it consist! of a 1en9tHpf wire ended in two electrically-conducting terminals (T)-(T').indicated the nucleus of them at Part I of this lIrit ing. C8 The conceptions of the late Dr William J. What I want to do here is to unite his conceptions to those of Dr Oleg Jefiaenko (19).to a certain extent .

so that the semicircunference (c) determined by iFi of the distance (0) involved. this must be done in order to prevent the flovs collected into the device to penetrate into the wire and fusing it.measured in g-inches .(30) IMAGE N 23 • . which Cathie found out (3}-(4) is gravity acceleration in grid related terms).---------D (T) (T' ) There is absolutely no prob1~ bove arQund the periphery of A in distributing the winding of Image N°23.just for the sake of example. instead of the customary winding of coils for either AC or DC motorS ve have one sinusoidal length of wire which ends are connected to a pair of slip-rings.of 2. the wire is arranged (electrically-insulated) upon the periphery of a cylindrical rotor and allot it is placed around a shaft as in common electrical motor!. At Image Na25. for submultiples in decimal scale of it can be employed . above. arotor. below: IMAGE N"24 -----------. In my opinion the thicxnesg of the rotor'S walls must be dimensioned according to harmonic 31622776~ . The circumference of the wire employed must be a submultiple . as seen at Image N~24. for we are here using the 1Fi:l proportion that links etheric flovs yith visible light: The basic foundation of the energy grid!.824071572 g-inches (the sixth part of harmonic 1~94443. figure 5901~44574. this distance could be . This bring~into play etheric forces. At Image N°24. we see the distance (0) separating each winding.- .in the decimal scale of harmonic l~94443'9 reciprocal.

be dimensioned according to figure 5901644574 to make the flovs cour~e around itself and thu~ produce a torque in the rotor. The motor~ a~ seen at Image H027 beloy. with similar windings and with connections leading to the vires of both sections terminating at the Slip rings: ANTENNA IMAGE N 027 ----------- At the illustration above we have.. so that all energy collected may freely flov through the rotor'S wall and end coursing around the shaft's circumference which must also.. The rotor can be powered from a battery source (B) which might yell be the "electret" permanent batt~ry invented hy Dr Mototaro EGUCHI of Tokyo Naval College in May 192' (see "The Amateur Scienti~t" section of the November 1960 issue of the ~Scienti£ic American" magazine). a rotor (M) which windings are like tho~e TO STATOR GROUND . thus repeating the CYCle undendles3ly.... But the problem I see here is that a single-layered rotor may be unable to rotate as fast or powerfully as it is desired for certain applications: therefore I have de~igned a multilayered rotor with a plurality of windings. as is seen at Image N°26. in my opinion. is composed of two identical sections a rotor and an stator._----_ . former page. but they do not end directly into the Slip rings. _ (B) of Image N°24..(31 ) the square root of 10. below: (M) ---. instead they begin at the innermost layer and vhen ~ding pass into the second.

Though in this manner you vill have electricity for free there are some facts that may spoil your joy: (*)Place the antenna upon a yell-insulated thejproper protection again. lightning discharge into the ground. see "The Amateur Scientist" section in the May 1957 issue of the "Scientific American" magazine) in a manner similar to Dr Je£il1lenko's (see "The Amateur Scientist" section of the October 1974 issue of the ~Scientific American" magazine) (19). (*)Make sure that the antenna you employ be.at his US Patent If you are not acquainted with this kind ice of people knowledgeable into the art nology is available to the readership at Other kinds of windings at Image N°28. vhen th~ analysis on the working principles of Georges Lakhvsky's Multivave Oscillator is made. of protective systems !u!eJ: he advt (as I do not knoy what kind of techtheir own country). support and do all of this with (*)DO not ground into too-wet soils or vehicles of any kind. the electrical flow through the windings of the stator and the rotor in the same direction works in a manner 9imil~r to placing tvo magnifying glasses sequentially: The final yield i~ the combination of both. An impossibleto-anticipate reaction could be the result. If you do not want to use a battery to paver the motor or if you want to use the local electric field (even the establishment-controlled media acknowledges th~ existence of the Earth's electric field. also forbidden as grounding are discarded fuel tanks that vere not thDroughly washed before and subsoils containing chemical substances stored down there!.266. you can connect. as seen at Image N°27 of former page. beloy: to be experimented is good for conducting. ibed by Dr Nikola Tesla. a highly-placed antenna over the 9011'! surface and a ground connection.175 "Lightning Protector".(32) For reasons that will be s~~n at Part IV of this york.5t electricity. if needed a good example is the antenna descrN°l. upon the rotor and stator are seen .

Ho. think al90 that I am not as much of a nut". I Inow it i3 .. at all model5 of Hooperengine seen. Tom Brown has compiled (7) plenty of Borderland-file information containing many difI~rent facets on Lakhov~ky's Multivave Oscillator snoving different vievpoints from BSRF Associates.(33) Taking advantadge of the Metric Theorems (13) w@ can design a Hooperengine which stator and rotor are wound at 90~. of next page. gcience c~ . rotor is wound as has been illustrated at Image N°24 of page N°30. we have that the electrical commutator is altogether eliminated!.. perhapg.yet!. or not. but as the text unfolds you will notice the logic behind thi3 conception and.pUZZling the idea of transforming Lakhovsky's healing device into a free-energy one.. the stator hag windings that go 900 to the rotor's and are separ&ted by a gap.-_N°29 ---. in thig ~anner. who have experimented with this apparatus in different fashions: Some did it reproducing Lakhovsky'~ U5~ge of ferroelectromagnetism as prime mover. vas the . ghow! us the different apparati used by experience. GROUND Th. -~!!!_!Y!_~!~~!~~!!!l_!~~!f~!~~~ Yes. th~re is no objection against bUilding one with multilayered rotor and stator._-..at least . Before passing to the Lakhovsky device as a free-energy apparatu5 I viII return to the experiences by Heinrich Hertz in the XIXth century which yere employed as foundation by Lakhov9ky for his device: Image N°30. below: " ANTENNA IMAGE .ever. Though I have illustrated a single-layered motor.instead . I will quot e from Te}tall!o Ricaldoni S ItApunte3 De (referenced on page N°9 of this york) to shov the readership which explanation given by the early XXth century.. others . the example being the device illustrated at Image NQ29. ~fore censorship in me into full sway: his I Hertz in •• F hica". please notice that the electrical flovs in rotor and stator must be reversed from those already seen.using the oscillating circuits as wrist-bracelets and ascertaining their pOlarity for etneric flOWS by means of radiesthesia (7)..

"The device emPloyed by Hertz is a vibrator composed by two rods. "In order to study care£ully this field. "If. a~ the Image above indicates. spain). the spa"rks that happen in the resonator are due to Electrostatic Induction. "and to achieve this it is nece3sary for the little spheres at (C) to be high "ly polished so that a slow discharge may not happen by the small coarse "Spots upon their surfaces. accord"ing to their source. an electric "and a magnetic one. ve place any two metallic bodies. of which he said:"Hertz'. ending at (C) and having at their other ends tvo spheres (A) and "(B) that can "be Slid to regUlate the duration of vibrations. "AS the small sparks that jump at the ring are due to a phenomenon analogous "to resonance. because of this the ring is called "Resonator". we will no "tice sparks jumping between them due to the variations experienced by the £iHeld every time the vibrator's sparks jump. "These rods are connected to the terminals of a Rumkhorff's coil (R). "~hen the resonator occupies position (E). The electri~ lines of force are upon the infinite planes "that may pass through the (A)-(B) axis and the magnetic lines of force are "circumferences perpendicular to the (A)-(B) axis.er illustration is Hertz's OSCillating circuit. This gap can be increa"sed or diminished by means of a micrometric screw. To achieve this same effect of sudden discharge "the vibrator may be placed into oil. and "when it yorks you will see jump sparks between the little spheres (C)j and "if vibrations are desired it is necessary for the sparks to jump suddenly. see Image "M030 above.(A) (M) (E) (D) (B) ------------ IMAGE N030 "Experiments by Hertz have made manifest electrical vibrations which. he inCluded the illustration faithfully reproduced at Image N°31 of next page. vithin this electric field. George Lakhovsky used the above experiment for his ovn researches and in hi! book "The Secret of Life" (I have a 1929 edition in Spanish published by Editorial Aguilar of Madrid. the sec·ondary circuit of an induction coil i3 connected tvo tvo metallic spheres or "plates forming capacity by means of tvo wires (a) and (b)constituting the . with its center perpendicular to "the (C)-(D) line and the center of the ring placed upon said line. vary between 157 cycle! per second and 4000 million per "second. Oscillating "Circuits: At the up. "The sparks vill be at a max~um when the diameter containing the gap i~ pa"rallel to the (A)-(B) axis of the vibrator and vill be nil when said diametMer is perpendicular" (from pages 675-678 of Ricaldoni'g york). Hertz used a copper ring (M) that "possesses a small gap. "For each spark that jumps tvo vavesystems come into existence. because Hertz noticed that UV light has the property of "gradually discharging the vibrator. "It is alsonecessary to take care and. preserve the interval (e) from the ligh "t of other sparks.

"At th~bottom illustration.s referenced vor- k) • IMAGE N°32 ------------ (-) Lakhovsky further refine5 his idea and.35) ( a) (b) Q'____---Q IMAGE N~3l ------------ (+) (-) (+) (-) 0----------------------0 "self-inductance. on the circuit illugtrated at Image N°32 above. The frequency "of oscillations has increased" (from page N°85 of Lakhovsky. he states:"Schematic of oscillating electric circuit.(. the plates are reduced to the ends of a metallic "wire. tvo plates is discharged producing a spark b@tv~*en the two little spheres. a !traight oscillator formed wby a wire (self-inductance) that joins the two ~tallic plates (capacity). "The capacity formed by th. This oscillating circuit can b~comp. Capacity does not cease to exist. In this fashion is obtained an open oscillating circuit. The mid-illustration.mi- . shovinq the "analogy with the filaments of cells. but it is very small.

from the secondary of the Tesla coil arrangement (L2). this indicates that Lakhovsky'S device is grounded upon etheric forces D1 RECTLY £~r he&ling. and a Rumkhorff-type vibrator (v) yhich is us~d to produce alternating or interrupted electrical flows charging a capacitor (c) that discharges through a coil (Ll) into a spark-gap (E).962. Please notice that rings {a)-(lJ ARENor directly energised by the usual home current . the ends of the circuit are placed next to "each other forming capacity between them~elves and acquiring pogitive and "negativ~harges. the ends of (L2) touching alternated rings vithin the usual La~hovsky-type arrangement (a)-(f). IMAGE N°34 Image N°34. . However. out of which are taken the three next illustration for analysis: IMAGE N°33 ---------- ~~~rn -. as correctly indicates Trevor James Constable (7). Lakhovsky used this fundamental as a portion of his Multiwave Oscillator.E'-inductancein the .hows us another embodiment for the LakhovSky-type rings (a)-(f) already !u!en.either AC or DC . this time they are arranged as if placed upon the diminishing periphery of an imagina. "In the case of the illustration. vi th a transform@!' (T) possessing primary (p) and separa.instead. above. here self-inductance is localized along the wire" (from .5~.but. ve see Lakhovsky's preferred embodiment for his healing device.(3~ ) cr-csccp Ic. DC current-polaritie5 (+) & (-). "Apparatus with Circuits 05cillatjng under Multiple Wave Lengths".ted secondary (s). this discharge induces an etheric flov into another coil (L2) which must be inductively coupled to (LI). page N&90 of Lakhovsky'S referenced york).ry cone. The small condenser thus formed discharges itself into the ""ire. and NOT upon Eerroelectromagnetism. directly above.'same fa!lhion as an ordinary o!'cillating "circuit. forming sl!l. being they alternatedly connected tn the secondary of the Tesla coil they "ill collect etheric energies . p~tented at the USA under N°l. ~ II E L1L2 At Image N°33.

into this spark come many different vibrations and in this manner generate a vortex with many different etheric wavelengths!. for each «ell Yill take what it need! from this variegated collecting (the vortex may be or may not be visible. a simplified explanation of how the arrangement ·of rings worxs. This is akin to done during the ~pyramid mania" of the '70s. abeve . Notice hOY the rings are not touching directly the ends of a Tesla coil seeundary but. IMAGE N°35 ------------ Image N°35. depending on the powersource eJlployed). Lakhovsky vas right here. . at Image N°36 of next page. But not all of the collected ether leaves. in 50 doing. . it is "crystal mania" what is fashionaole: but I keep on thinking most effective devices to be made vill be those constituted by vacuwhere the ether i~ freer to flo".of Lakhov~kY'g invention. a portion goes again recirculating through sphere (El) and. when it was fashionable a cardboard pyramid upon a certain place of the body to balance eththerein. Remember that some ASSOCiates had to establish polarity with a pendulum (7) in order to have the greatest possible efficiency in their non-electrical oscillaring vrist-vorn circuits. here is the same case. this. in turn. I give. is another embodiment . produces spatial interfer@nce with other etheric flevs from the environment provoking a spark at space between both spheres (EI)-(E2). Vhat i. the ether collects around sphere (El) and begins to flow along the outermost ring leaving into the nearby environment through sphere (E2).upon a portable and height-regulable platform (B) . the vire is bent upon itself as did Dr Hoop@r with his "B x V" devices!. to wit: By any of the means indicated before a current is induced in tht'! system'spO'IIersource and t nus 'activates the Tegla coil secondary. produces an etheric floy from the nearby environment into the system of rings and out of it. that the um tubes environment for concentrating it upon a given place. not clear in this illustration is whether the bent vire is from the Tesla coil secondary or from its primary (as the constituents are not clearly indicated): in both cases a gap MUS t be left for energy to flow into and out ot the 'Whole arrangement.( 37) from the what vas to place er flows Nauadays. instead.

possessing many diff~rent wa- . (*}Part of the flows is recirculated es. reach until the center of the ring-arrangement. after a sequence of and part is released towards other stag- (*)The system is not clo!ed but open. thus mobilising at the saue time flov~ at the nearby environment along a given spatial pattern. velengths as its cons t t tuent s .)A vortex exists between each pair of gp~res.08 ) At the same time the floy in the outermost ring (for :the sake of explanation I Yi 11 cons ider the I1 OYS as going invards) indtlC es a simil ar one at the midring. (. (*)Etheric f101ls are collected from the environment and. notice hOY the existence of gaps holding spheres at the end! produces a partial recirculation and an etheric exchange of flows between rings apart from the usual vortex bet1leen each pair ot spheres . coursing around as u5ual and l~aving at (E4). penetrating the floy through (E3).and the environment ~ this is an open vcr tex vhich possesses the £01101ling features: stages.

(39 ) ('11 r..ll t--I I oI 2':1 I HI I ~I r.!ll .

. hut it is not for thi3 reason that I want to draw your attention towards this apparatus... below: (A' ) I . that it is static: The Field is WhOlly Dynamic!.."" The field moves constantly around·an imaginary axis (A)-(A'). taking the utmost care in the full elimination of all gaseous b~bbles from the interior and surface of both materials Otherwise the resonance of the !aS1!5 may produce puncturings and breaking! in the s tr-oc ture . -~.. the Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator has alSO be@ft combined yith other technical devices. In modern alternative therapy.appreciate an antenna .. . through a reversing switeh (RS)... do not think for an Lns t ant.. '--. also how he implemented it. The alt~nated connection of the electrodes generates within the interior of the device an etheric floy. nov it is time to direct our attention toward implementing the appapatu5 as a fre@-energy device: Image N°39 of next page shovs my conception. is maintained stagnated lIithin the system. (A) " . ...not indicating oth~r incoming and outgoing etheric flows .. as can be seen at Image N°37 of former page. I snggest the body of the device be built of glass and the inner electrode! of brass. rut it mov@sconstan- (*)The shape Or the field generated locally .connected to a ground through the primary of a transformer (T) ..all individual elements constituting the apparatus viII be explained in greater detail later in this part and a variable condenser (C2). the dashed ellipses indicating only its general outlines. to such a variable condensers (C)-(Cl)-(C3) which.(40 ) (*)NO ether tly. There we . IMAGE N°38 ----------- ". Firgt Or all we will deal with the sizes of the glass-structure. and outside Qf it the conditions already explained. his device as shown at a patent and a simplified explanation of how the ether flows within his ring-arrangement.in the manner outlined for the Hooperengine of Part III in this writing . The secondary ad to alternated electrodes within tvo large and hollow Lakhovsky-type rings termina ted in sp he res (Y) . le- oE this transformer is connected to a Tesla-type arrangenent of . We have !een the origin of Lakhovsky's idea.at the rihgs is indicated by Image N°38......

the center of the glassy tor-us will .577161518 g-feet so that the central circumference of an idealised and closed circular ring may be of 14. a submultiple of light3peed upon the Earth's surface in grid-terms.---~------IMAGE N°39 (C2 ) ~ T GROUND sake. below: IMAGE N°40 (N) The distance betveen pOints (C)-(C'). The diameter of the ring (N) will be of 0.379577 g-feet. please see Image 14°40.316227766 g-inch so that vertically-incoming ~ergies may get directly into the torU!5 while tangentially-flowing energie! may ~ .9392759063 g-foot 90 that its circumference be half of harmonic 1694443'3 reciprocal. the thickness of the glassy vall! viII be of 0. be of 4..(41 ) ANTENNA .

diameter (Ill) of 0. before the Institution of Electrical Engineers. BeFore seeing how to tap directly the electricity generated by this device I "ill explain separatedly its constituents: In his lecture of May 20th~ 1891. this yill produce an energy floy inwards/outwards the electrode that "ill form a layer of protective nature around it. In case you have the technology to build hollow bra99-electrode~ dimension their wallts thickness according to harmonic 316227166 vhile keeping all other sizes unaltered. of thick boards of hard "wood. to do away with the metal cover. I~ight be advi~able. as it "might introduce many errors. will have a. page N°41. When th~ coil is used for such experiments as a- . The electrodes of Image N°39. in a strictly scientific investiqation. finally diameter (j) of the metallic shaft hOlding.93927590153 g-inc:h 90 that its circumference be half harmonic 1694443'5 reciprocal. "when accuracy is of great importance.(43) The minor circumfuence.'the large brass-electrode will be Hm). here it 15: factor. covered on the outside with zinc sheet Z. but remember the ends of the ring must be cut to place the spheres (Y) which lllU~t also have a portion of the ir mass eliminated to . are separated 300 for I designed the apparatus for an idealized torus of 12 electrodes. principally on account of its complex action u"pon the COil.fit the circular-section of the glassy ring: it is a factor to be ascertained experimentally both the amount of electrodes needed within each glassy ring and the distance of each end-electrode to the respective 5phere (r). which is carefully soldered "all around. -DrSRUPTfVE DISCHARGE COIL. see Image N°43 above. yith an oil-filled transformer of his invention that we will employ in the Lakhovsky Transformer. "It is contained in a box B. London~ Nikola Tes1a dealt. as a condt'!!'lser very small capacity and as an electrostatic of "and electromagnetic screen.

"five centiJ1l!tres. This disposition. upon which are sc~wed two flanges F-F. but I believe it is a good and convenient one for the production of e££"ects in which an excessive potl!!!ntial nd a very small current are needed. thi~ allOYing of turning them Hsuccessively into different pOSitiOns. "Th! coil consists of two spoOls of hard rubber R-R. not the best on general principl"es. by !pring pre5sur~. upon a "ooden spool -v . Th@ secondMary S-S of the best gutta-percha-covered vire. "The pr imary P-P is wound in tva parts t and opposi tely. and for this purpose principally the wooden b~x B surrounding "the whOle is used. "One of the changes is that the ad jus t abj s xnobs A & B of the dhcharger are "held in jaws of brass J-J. besides being convenient.7 and with the primaries "in multiple. and the four ends are led out of the oil through hardrubber tubes t-t. has 2~ layers. and the in!Ulation betv"een tht! primary and the secondary need not be thicle. Each half of the primary ha~ four layers. held apart at a distance "of 10 centimetres by bolts "c" and nuts "n". which are at right angles to the axis of the!!! coil. "The construction here shown is. the thieme!s of the insulation. When bo th the parts are co nnec ted in seri"es. next page). likewiSe!!!f hard rubber. 1:5. -The en~ o£ the secondary TI-Tl are also led out of the oil through rubber "tubes tl-tl of great thickness. but this is not always practicable. there being about 5 centimetres thickness of oil all "around. the middle point of the gecondary may be co"nnected to the primary.there is "not much danger of breaking through to the primary. as. as otherwise they may impair its action and "be a source of loss. Each o "spOol comprises a tube T of approximately 8 cl!!!ntimetresinside diameter. a "In connection with the coil I use either the ordinary form of discharger or "a modified form (see Image N·44. The tvo halves are wound 0"ppositely and connected in series. and the space "between should.4. 24 turns in each. when both of it s termi"naIs Tl-Tl are connected to 'oodies or devices of equa 1 capaci ty . it is only in the hope that some experirlW!nter may find them of "use. the connection betveen both being made 0"ver the primary. not be toq· small.""hen the capacity of the terminals is not equal. certainly not less than. To avoid this. 24 centimetres "square. say. the space is filled vith pie"ce! of Yood. g:i'lingfor each half a total of 260 turns. should be gufl"iciently remote from the latter. sparks viII be apt to pass "to the primary. of course. but in operating vith very rapidly alternating currents "this ratio does not conven even an approximate idea o£ the ratio of the EMFs "in the primary and secondary circuits. of course. thig gives a ratio o£ conv@rsion of about 1:2. the employment of the ~tal cover offers some practicHal advantadges cut these are not of sufficient importance to be dwelt upon. In the former I have introduced "two changes which secure Some advantadges and which are obvious. and "3 millimetres thick. TM primary CIld secondary layers are insu.l"ated by cotton ciot n. The coil is held in position in the "oil on wooden supports. Where the Oil is not specially needed. hag the advantMadge that wb!n the coil is veIl-balanced ."re here contemplated. If they are "ment ioned. "The coil should be placed symmetrically to the metal cover.that is. . of course. the space betve@n the l1anges being about 3 centimetres. 10 turns in e"ach. "gi ving this a total of 96 turns. . but much aore if possible. especially the tvo sides or the "zinc box. and 50 doing away with the tedious "process of frequent polishing up. In using the coil it is "advisable to attach to both terminalS devices of nearly e!!!qual capacity. bearing "some proportion to the difference of potential between the turns of the di"fferent layers.

Tb! pole pieces of "the magnet are movable and properly formed so as to protrude between the br"ass knobs. 51-51 and 52-52 are sere"s for "fastening the v:ires. as I lack the proper means of cai cu ra tt cn .page N°41.. which in such case are insulated and prefera"bly provi ded vith polished brass caps. all other siles for its constituents remain unaltered save for the si:.for large and the other "for small vires L-L are scre . The variable capacitor to employ is also given to US by tHlcola Tesla and it is illustrated at Image N°45 of next page: there we see a box (A) emptied of any gaseouslcontent and filled completely with oil (G) as dielectric. "the other change consists in the employment oE a strong electromagnet N-S.)discharges betyeen the knobs may be so small as to render the curr"ents produced in the seccnd ary unsuitable for many experiment: s . in order to malee the fie ld as intense a9 pass ible. sue .fixing in position 5 the rods R-R. There are som. "In another arrangement vi th the magnet I take the discharge betlfeen the ro"unded pOle pieces themselves. page N°4l.e features here that cm only be adapted to the full-scale usage of the Lakhovsky Transformer by lEans of experimentation. "which i5 placed vith it5 axis at right angles to the line joining the knobs "A & B. for . I cannot say whether the logarithmic progression indicated by Tom Brown (7) .is the best possible one or not for the Lakhovsky Transformer. .l. In such a case thf! nUJ1lberof the fun"darnenta. of sufficient thickness. The device of Image N°39. Ins Lde of which are tvo metallic plates (B)-(C) which distances of separation are adjustable by means of knobs (L)-(L) regulating screws (H)-(H). for example the application of a spark-gap to the transformer (T) of Image N°39.· of aperture bet'fl'een the outermost pair of spheres. and the £Und_ental discharges occur in quicker 9ucc:esion". and produces a strong magnetic field between them.. of course this must be done taking the utmost care l . is calculated for a diaJnll!tl!r already given at the same page for the innermost ring and its double for the outermost. On each side of the screws is'".(45) -ARRANGEllBNT all' IMPROV. but to prevent "the discharge from jumping to the magnet the po ra piece!l are protected by it "layer of mica M-M. being this because of thl!! duplication. "The @mployment of an intense magnetic field i9 of advantadge ~incipally ""hen the induction coil or transforml!r "hie h charges the conde'l! E!r i9 opera"ted by currents of very lOW frequency. The intense "magnetic field then !Jerves to blow out the arc between the knob! as soon as "it is tormed.. the distances betyeen plates (B)-(C) are varied until the best !uitable one is found for the production of electrical elergy at its optimal.KD DISCHARGER AND lUG Nn. the knobs are separated from the box'! material by insulation (t)-(r) When in experimentation.or any other not included by him . anothl!r feature that must be ascertained is whether or not the major diameters of the torii employed must be in harmonic progreSSion and of which kind. which "support the knobs.

that moves a Tesla Alternator (H) .(46 ) IMAGE N"45 Electrical EXCESSIVELY undependable) as seen at Image N°46. as seen at Image K047..sotitat the AC Yill reach di- There we see two "spiderweb" electrodes (SW-l) and (SW-2) placed between a pair of internal electrodes (R-l) and (R-2) connected to different polariti- rectly the home (I): . this gen.-----1 energy is tapp@d directly within the torus (outside the flows are LOAD (5W-l) (8\1-2) IMAGE N"46 es as is known. a household can be lighted. perhaps a Hooperengine.by a Lakhovsky Transformer (LT) whiCh DC output powers a motor (M). ANTENNA IMAGE N"47 .er ate! an energy flow that CCIl pever DC devic es. below: ELECTRICAL .see next page . below .

(47 ) .

being ~oved by the electrical charge from a battery. in "diameter and about l/Sth of inch thick. here they are: (a)Experience of October 28th. mounted on a brass axle. seen at Image N°48 beloy: IMAGE N°48 ------------ A toothed-wheel (B) is placed between the poles (N)-(S) of a permanent magnet. at left of Image NG48. the sizes I have given for the different portions of the apparatus are merely indicative of those belonging to a given model and can be altered to suit smaller-sized ~parati. 1831 (please gee Image N°49 on next page): "(99)Made many experiments with a copper revolving plate. This York. directly above ve see the Barlov Wheel acting as a motor. Tvo of these "vere attached to a piece of cardboard by a thread at such "(END). and the ends pushed "forvard until sufficiently near: the bars vere prevented from Slipping down "by jars and shakes by means of string tied around them. its midst crossed by ~ movable shaft and its teeth touching a pOOl of mercury (A). "(lOO)The edge of the plate vag inserted more or less b@t'll'eenhe two conc!!nt "trated poles thus formed. trans"verse to them and vith their flat sides against them.belongs to the interested experimenter/so The first motor known to our culture is the "Barlow Wheel" invented by the British inventor Peter Barlow in 1822. of course . .(48) This has b@en my tran3formation of Georg~s Lakhovsky'g h~aling machine into a true free-energy device.as all other tasks not directly covered here . at right of the same illustration we see the same apparatus acting as generator when it is moved mechanically between the poles (N)-(S) of a permanent magnet by any mover. and then contact vas "made with this edge in different places by conductors formed from equally "thick copper plate and with the extreme and edges grooved and a~alqamated ~ "as to fit on to and have contacrt with the edges of the plate. about 12 inche. It vas also well amalgamated. To concen-trate the polar action tyO small magnets 6 or 7 inches long. about 1 inch "vide and half an inch thick were put again~t the front of large poles. Peter Lindemann in his learned "A History of Free Energy DevicesK (a BSRP publication) has quoted frol1l Faraday'S diary experiments related to the improvement of the Barlow Wheel.

. IMAG8 N°50 --------_-- . liRen the magne t and "disc rotated "screw" the marked end of the needle went East. and the wires of the galvanometer connected Yi th the "edge and the axis of the copper plate. 1831 (please ~ee Image N°SO. Hence moving the magnet causes no diff"erence provided the copper moves. di- "fferent parts must move with diff@rent angular velocities. When the magnet and disc together ro"tated "unscrey" the marked end of the needle vent "'est. "(257)The disc then vas loosed from th!!!' magnet and held still whilst the mag"net itself vas revolved.( 255)A copper disc vas cemented on the top of a cylinder magne t. but nov no efleet upon the galvanometer. of the metal circuit in which the current is to be formed. A rotating and a stationary magnet cause "the same effect..(49) IMAGE N°49 (b)8xperfencl! of December 26th. Hence it "appears that. the top being the marked pole. "(256)This direction is the same that yhich would have resulted if the copper "had moved and the magnet been still. paper in t"ervening. If vith the same . below): . the magnet supported so as to rota"te by means of string..


"no current

is produced,

ie when both parts



to t~


The result of these experiments was summarized by Faraday in the folloving quotation: "From this (kind of experiences) only one conclusion could be "drayn: the curves or line! of force did not rotate with magnet" (from page N°242 of Lindemann's york). Commenting on thb. at the sane page, Bruce De " palma cO!lllllents: "Maxwell, in his Treatise on Electricity' and Magneti3m after "Faraday, did not analyze the rotating magnetized conductor. Yet every book "! (Bruce De Palma) have ever seeR says that there is no difference between "the rotating magnet and the fixed magnet with a disk rotating between its "poles. A 1915 experiment was repeated in 1935 by cramp and Morgrove "Some "In~stigations on the Axial Spin of a Magnet"(IEE, Volume 78. year 1936, page 481) and Das GuPta in 1962 performed more experiments in "Unipolar Machtn""es' Association of the Magnetic Field with the Field-Producing Magnet" (see "American Journal of Phy~ic~, Volume 31.,year 1963, page 428). What Da~ Gupta "found out vas that the disk ...ill rotate but the reaction torque Ls not (evi"dent). His conclusion is: The.Purpose of this paper vag to deaonstrate through experiment~ tha~ unipolar machines are not similar to other machine~. In all other machines~ the rotation of the field-producing magnets alvays causes the field to rotate. In the unipolar machines. once the field is established. it is not possible to cause the field to rotate. The field of the unipolar machine does not partake of any rotational motion of the magnet, even though the magnet is the instrument for the existence of the field. Thus, in th~ unipolar machine, the field-producing magnet does not exp~ience any reaction or torque due to the action or motion of the rotor vhen current is passed through it. "This is really iJJlPortant~ because if you had an electric drill, the drill "tends to go one yay while the bit goes another. But if you had a unipolar "motor in that dri II, you vouldn' t feel any re ac tf on torque through the case t> bec au! ether e is not hing trans IIIitt ed back to the rna t . gne "After thinking for a long time, it occurred to me that what ... really happas "ening in this thing is that the reaction torque of the rotating disk in a "magnetic field i5 being transmitted to the in@rtial frame of the earth the "game way that the gyroscope locks onto the inertial frame of the earth" (quotation Er.om pages 242-243 of Lindemann's work). Seeing Image N°51, below, will lead us to a better understandinq of how Faraday'g unipolar (or homopolar; whichever term you prefer best) works:






the flttfl('i'(Jh' u..,..,,, winch mhcr ('1e-c:uiC:J.l :app;1[;3tU!l~

"hiich 'C'mho..tic!II hi. diM."Uvl.!ry ir1 lR31 .11 dynamo. ,..ork. 3" ws:-II :1.:11 if'K"uction


"'~tro(Jmrltr"'ic ;rHJIIC. coih .• lr.n..'Co-rmert. an6


You s~e that a disk is rotated between the pole~ of an U-~haped ~rmanent maS net and, by thi~ action, both draYs with itself a portion of atmospheric ga~es and at the same time ~%'@ates fric tion again.! tvo brushes. One Brush is pLa t ced at the edge of the disk and the other at its center, both connected to a galvanometer (G) which indicate~ vhen' a flow of electric current happens. Though this is, apparently, a Simple pbenomencn the~ is more Lnvo Ived than meets the eye: The portion of atmospheric gases dragged ~tween the poles of the magne ts is compos ed by atoms th at 5 pin wi thin an ocean of ether and therefore become resonating with the modulated ether £lows of the permanent iron-bas4d magnet; this modulation is transmited to the bru~he! frictioning upon two places of the disk and, in turn, activates the galvanometer (G) indicating a £erroelectromagnetic !low. Bruce D. Palma investigated thoroughly on Faraday'S discovery (present-day eelectrical motor~ an4 generators are based upon the models by Gramme and Tesla, for DC and AC respectively, and NOT upon Faraday'S homopolar generator) finding that replacing the copper disc and the permanent magne t! by a whollycemented set things could be improved, see Image N 52 below:








Mo.(!h iVIe.


D. C. §e\'lero.1or

mAGE N°52 -----------





Vol bog" aI'P""r!! between center aDd edge






IMAGE N°S3 --_- ------... The N Machine


Ring Magnets AGURE 0

Two Ferrite Ring Ma~n .. !! t

A simplified view of the subject, at Image N°53 directly above, simplifies De Palma'S conception fo~ those who may find Image N°52, former page, a little too complex: One sliding brush at the edge and another at the center of the permanent magnet are located, respectively, the the points of maximal and minimal concentration of modulated ether flows, The material of the permanent magnet is what turns the nearby ether into ferromagnetic energy; Figure A shows a basic model and Figure B an improved one From this latter design, Bruce De Palma passed to another better model which is shown schematically at Image N°54 of next page; in this instance the groupings of permanent magnets are sandwiched between copper disks which are in turn connected to Sliding brusheg,

C..l.f. a N ~E "AND COPPer( IVfm .ited" ~gazine. aeAl?f/vc. the results are shoYrl at Image N°56 (page N"55) and Image N0'S7 (page N"56).. and high amperage. issue N07). (some till"!S .ooo De Palma"further refined his conception as you can plainly See at Image N05S of next page. @ fl.ArJ~~ RPM /2. unlike the usual electrical be reversed into acting as motors. ~ 13RVS/{ES~ iV~ I'1/1C/IINE 3 ® B1l.OC-1T/ONS --------- IMAGE N°54 peRMfi~ENT FERR IT£: 4toao MAGNETS. and according to hi3 opinion: "This machine is capable of amplification of e- his explorations . needing a high RPM {·)They act as generators but.(53) P. VOLTS O. De Palma continued machines. (S.le 20 ENERCY UNLIMITED NO. sOJaetiJIIl!!s ceseated together).. Being an indefatigable researcher. cannot and "lectrical parer Signals over a frequency range from DC to an un~peci£ied up"per frequency limit determined by the electrical inductance of the macnine" (from "Energy UnlL. please notice that all o£ these devices share the fOllowing features! (* )They are all tormed by J\lassivepermanent ognets eopper plates.eparated by (*)They yield DC At very lor voltage for working. B A.

ll . carry ferromanetic charges through ~pace and provide lubrication for the disk-bearing shaft TO better understand my idea.. in turn. please go to Image Ka58 of page n057: Tner@ I have illustrated a Simple Faraday disk (V) which has electrically connectea to it two sliding brushes connected. to wit: his pa th have done is faul- (. bu. this being experi~entally proved by 1919 (and with a hint of b4!!ingknown by about 1891) (14). (*)Their devices do generate excessive heat when the high RPMS friction against niding brushes. . to a galvanometer or other e1ec trici ty -!lieasur ing devic e (S). The three above-mentioned thoughts led me to think oE another approach that might eliminate all the hindrances and thus create an improved ho~opolar generator..t has the .te i friction.eliJaina. 5 V + But what De Palma and all thO!le who )2ave folloved ty at some facets.000 RPM [NEJGY UNLIMItED NO. to do this I have included into the De pal. ~ HP' 20.at the sanae time .(54) P3ge 22 PI~ POWER GENERATION SYSTEM 14 KW • 12VDC . )The ir devices e!lploy Illassive perillanent magnets. disaavantadge that the fues o£ overheated mercury are danger-ous when inhaled thus imper-iling the experilllenter' slife. tme (* )Not knowing that lRagnet1sa is a !Nperfieial effect the De palma-based machines are excessively bulky and "aste a space that can be used advantageously to place llIore electrical lIlachines'!l parts and thus increase overall efficiency. this led to using mercury as vetter.a homopolar generator other Ee~ture!l that . apparently they do ignore that magnetisM is a superficial effect.

being this situation illustrated at Image H059 of page N°57. Notice that thi3 m. but it is greatly inefficient as the COllection of charges tor usage goes. This new kind of collector is bett~r than the two isolated brush@g but it has . we can do better by placing .7 roDDCdioo oltop splnl 10 boUom B !Ipiral ( ~~~Dt c rommoo ter~ ror N genftllior cenler connecllon and Input to bottom !piral mqndizUJl "Iodinl nd'" slob em la N gefH!rator dUe 9" Fllure I I liken the device to placing tvo probes within an electrically-charged vortex.(55) ENERGY UNLIMITED _!~~~_~:~L the new-age science magazine OMEGATRON Electro-mechanical power amplifier NO. where (V) is the vortex having two probes connec t ed to an electrical rueter (5) of the kind you like best.as seen at Image N°60 og pafe N°57 .a "Z-Shaped" brush (D) over the shaft and body of disk (v) vhich ends are connected to the usual electrical meter (S). energy-den5ity.ay be good for measuring the difference ot po t en t i.a (or. ve are not measuring qualitie3 but quantities). I better said here.

(56 ) .I transformer Square loop / magnetic core I Figure 2 ENERGY UNUMITED #7 Magnetic Oscillator the disadvantadge of covering a yet-limited portion of the disk and of frictioning against the shaft and the disk's edge. IMAGE N°57 -----------Omegatron " active element Amplifier Output>- 1 Input i /V L Oscillator 1 c rv Output Output S1J1. half of them will be made by an in~ulating base which interior (facing the moving disk) will be lined by a layer of permanently-magnetised material. My solution to the. The other half of the portions Yill be a130 made of an insulating base with a metallic interior lining.e tvo remaining problems is to place around the disk another larger disk-shaped thick cover where I vill divide it into 8 equally-spaced portions. . vith the same letters deSignating the same formerly-mentioned elements. one of them 13 seen at Imaqe N°~l of page N°57.

co nc~trating in this fashion the collected energy into a single spot and achieving a greater efficiency. farms a~ not possible.age N°60 . he tended to concentrate the flow into a single spot so that t~concentration could bring the greatest possible pressure at one place and the greatest possible suction at the opposite location so that a non-uniform field would be thus created. Only exp~imentation may indicate which i~ the best pos!ible existing form for the upper and lover electrodes. .and narrowed toward the disk's sha£t portion. and more efficient. Image N063. with an electrical meter (5) connected to the tvo electrodes. at Image No62 of next page.thus collecting more energy than the "Z-~haped" collector of tm. Notice that I have illustrated there only one form of electrode but this does not mean that other.( 57) (5) IMAGE N°Se (5) (s) IMAGE NQ60 We appreciate better. I have thought of Viktor Schauberger's deSigns (15) when drawing the device of Image N°62. shovs us the internal configuration of the collecting portion. of next page. the shape of collecting portion (D) which i9 broad-shaped at the disk's edge-portion .


The airflow can be so designed in this improved model of Faraday's Homopolar Generator that it is unnecessary for the shaft to protrude outside of the apparatus and will make it function in the manner of a Tesla turbine-blade. 19~7/68).(59) IMAGE N"64 Compr@ssed-air Supply The convection of charges will be made by a flowing gas that. the flOffing air can be recirculated within a c tosed system. during 1950. the '50~ nevertheless brought into public light much information that vas later censored.and later reported to Bruce Cathie (2)-(3). Only experiment will ascertain vhether air or another gas/es is the best flowing medium. if you prefer to believe that tvo teenagers. at a somewhat secret US military installation located at New Zealand At my first writing on the energy grid (13) I both included Cathie's data and elaborated a little more on the same. to a test related to the then-public (at least more than it is nov) US Antigravity Program. But. could ~laborate by themselves using a mathematical principle that was revealed at the article on liathematical Manifolds of the JUly 1984 issue of the "Scientific American". Another feature that can be made· better is placing several of these dis x-shaped generators together se that the air enters by the first one and leaves by the last. alSO at a further writing (17) I elaborated how to use grid-related factors in building a flying saucer also includingverifiable data on the now-secret US Antigravity Program (which must NOT be confused with the Avro disc!). moving all di9ks at the same time and yielding a great~ efficiency. then feel free to do so. ---------------------------------- Part VI: The Carr's Saucer Drive . perhaps an expendable apparatus used to test a powersource. will maintain the disk floating within this iriction·less fluid and prevent it from touching the electrodes. Considered by many as a "boring" decade. of next page (taken from the book "Flying Saucers" by UPI and Cow les Educational Corporation. AS a further improvement. New York. downright guppressed (together with its originators) or changed by the mass media. a~s@en at Image N°64 directly above. The device found by farmer Royal Douglass belongs. the interested investigators will have to determine experimentally the best grid-related sizes for the apparatus I herein propose and which amount of ~erially/parallelly ~onnected devices propelled by floving air is the optimal one. is one such example. in my opinion. we see that the gaucer's bottom is 7-sided and this leads us to the 7-poled antenna discovered by some New Zealand students. Image N°nS.

"waiting to be tapped. At the same time It nearly destroyed the assembly. when completed. Menger said he spontaneously built the first Instrument which would. ut. Immediately rising from the plywood base.ml.. "the disc produced a glow. the aluminum plate was surrounded by a bluish.. Articulately described In his 1959 book "From Outer Space': Menger Invited scientists to "detect.. Menger said he was able to duplicate the original test without movement.rll ich» lit'rd nenrb+ 11'"'" rrspon . nt..' n hnn:..n. s "r. deflected off the rooftop and returned to Its original position In the wooden platform with a heavy thud..." permeating all fields around us. "a key" capable of discovering some type of free primary energy which emitted "a splning. /l~ -'rrid th» pranksters t'-" lutd ~nnr I" tb« " 1"".'A~~~" " FINAL CONHECT I ON TO COMPLETE CIRCUIT 24 PLYWOOD [3ASE l' . N.l« nil! '~·a able 10 grl them to "dmit it." As though controlled or directed. Once he made the final hookup.." If possible.nr II"Tuh~.'r." A second attempt to reconstruct the model failed to produce the origlnallevltatlve effect..•r. ""'I" "I!"" APPROXIMATE RE-CREATiON . __8~' LONG WIRE E~JD .... 1:.- BATTERY CLEARANCE DC FINE / .•cnrrhi"l( 11r../i.. /(T"''''''I'' rorlcrt "'n .'f~ say» rh» "saurrr" "'n.. however he claimed. 1<1.. 1'..-n collrrtion toerthrr "J i."tulit': mnchi nrr r.(Ilia) IMAGE MOoS ------------ Farmer R"ynl DOllglnu shotus I'oiic« Chie] Marcus Dilmore a strang e contraption !mm.'y for r "(.50...."t "1''' I.~t<h"'fffl. o] ..' PEN LI GilT SA fTEHY '/0" -l~'.. ripping through a ceiling of aluminum paper. of Howard Menger's seU-destructlon energy device with flying disc.{ in "fi"'d n.. LIGHT . errrly on AWilll.1>1. spinning Jlght. Dilmor .I.. rest within the shape of an Imaginary pyramid. Menger suggested "space people knew of this power." More knowledge from the 'SOs vas released at the March-April 1976 issue of "The Pyramid Guide" (issue N°22) as is seen at Image No66 below: COPPER WIRES FORMING CROSS m~ DISC WITH 1/8" CLEARANCE NEAR DISC EDGE ---------- IMAGE N066 10" DIAMETER ALUM I NUM DISC IBRASS CAP FROM FLASH- ~~--.' II"" "'I!f!..•il. At a later date.~tinflhn'M~ in "nt. bluish light.. !)ir".ro/"Ilr ..1 tn IfWk Jill" a pirr(" nJ r.nnlt' rhir] n/ plant s." s .

and the 24 B-inches in height are very close to 23. in short it vas a chapter on hardware and not on intellectual ellaborations on the origins of the flying saucers. " AS it wa$ taken from NThe Pyramid Guide". the failure w~s due to the dissemination allover the place of the energy that the rotating elements should have collected and directed upwards to generate the gravitationa~effects associated with non-uniform rip.93~2l0528 V4. next page . along with the saucer-shaped hellicopter-type of craft created by Paul S. page RO~3.the US Navy'~ "Flying Flapjack~ This chapter did not include anything else but techniCal proposals.as seen at Image H061.lds (17).1233552632 g-inch . Walter Baumgartner published more articles on the Carr saucer (22) and even spent a whole Summer with several coworkers building a prototype of the Carr drive as seen at US Patent N°2. And I let the matter rest there until I received the illustration of Image N° 68.9342l052S' ~ 2. the Avro disc and'.221306292 yields: = 0. al~o the square of harmonic 222 1233552632 x 4 = 4934210528 The 8 B-inches of distance at the wire end. yields . from my Canadian pen-pal William Whammond (of Eastman. Not having read "From outer Space to You· I cannot reconstruct the missing portions of d~ta. in my opinion. .wh@n tran~formed into g-inches .8~8421056 g-inches 2 = 4. being this an expression of harmonic 234 of which I have already spoken (16) and (18). Also I told him that the rotating elements should be enclosed into a resonating chamber vithout any possible leaks and the output directed by means of a hollov tubes vhe re it would do the most good.912.The disc's diameter can be analyzed as folloYs! 10 B-inches 9.twice 3. the Menger apparatus needs a lot of elaboration to yield the original results.244 "Amusement Device". experil1lentil"lg later with it but obtaining no antigravitational results at all.i ty of C"alifornia at Davis.4 g-incnes.868421056 The 1/8 B-inch clearance 1/8 B-inch = 9. being the ring's minor circumference dimensioned by a r~ciprocal and their mutual distance by the grid factor of 1694443:2. Quebec. but it will help us to elabor~te the data on Otis T. In a personal communication I tOld Walter that. To anybody interested in reconstructing a vorking device I suggest to eliminate the penlight-gized battery and place around the carbon rod until touching the 1fire~ of the inverted pyramid rings connected alternatedly to the pOles of a Wimshurst electro5tatic machine. thenprofessor of aerodynamics at th~ Univer.Moller. and of which is taken Image N°67 of next page Notice that this apparatus was inCluded at the chapter "Man-Made Flying Saucers".Carr'5 saucer that viII be given in the coming illu~trations: My first encounter with the Carr saucer vas at the UPI-Covles book referenced on page N°59. as of this writing). but vhat I can indicate is that the inverted pyramid beneath the Aluminum disk responds dir~ctly to the divi9ion of the meridian into 4 equal portions for Earth becau5e of the Metric Theorems!.928371 g-inches f the difference between the substraction between Cathie'S "A" and "8" fields (1)-(4). but those already reconstructed indicate that Menger wa! guided to build a grid-related device for purposes unknown to uS by those who were behind him.

Notice hoy Carr also placed at the central hub of the rotor another. this.311 vhich I have fully reproduced before (17). in order to understand hoY the heretofore shown model can be modif- .(62) This helped to further clear the subject for what I saw there made me understand that it vas a variation of the electrogravitic motors described by the late Tomas Townsend Brown at his British Patent N°300. in my opinion. T~refore. largersized. bicone. vas to conv~t the cylindrical motor described in the end of said patent by Brown into a biconic one which had the feature of creating around it a non-uniform field by virtue of its shape combined with its rotation. What Carr. in my opinion had done. would serve both for local energy distribution and to create another non-uniform field at the c~ter.

(63) 1 (01 \C'I· rul 01 1 ~! ~I 1-41 .


ied into a working device (of efficiencly each constituting portion separatedly:


I will proceed to detail


IMAGE N°o9 ----~-------

Image NC69. directly above, shows a cutaway of one cell of the modified Erovn gravity-engine; notice hov each cell is designed to fit around an axis that is free to rotate and how electricity is made to flow through it by ~eans of two widely-separated rings, one topmost and another at the bottom.

IMAGE N°70 ------------


Image N°70, former page, show! us how the different cells are assembled - in my opinion - into a type of device called "Utron" by Carr (22): each Utron is connected by to shaft~ with an electrically conducting ring. being thi~ better appreciated at Image N°7l. belOW:


IMAGE N°71 ------------

In my opinion the Utron rotates upon its axi~ by being connected through an . insulated conductor with a metallic ring at left and another at right, so that a current-flov may be thu! established. Apart From conducting electrical current, these metallic rings will turn apon the vertical-horizontal axis as seen at Image N°72, below:







IMAGE N°72 -----------

Please refer to Image N°72: The UtronS (U) will basculate as indicated by arrows (F) as they spin upon th eir axis. being the basculation directly proportional to to the speed of rotation; the sets of Utrons and Turning Rings viII be placed embedded into the main rotor - a! seen at Image N°68 of page N°~3 and will contribute to its rotation(mor@ on this. later). The arrOW5 going from bottom to top of the Utron! (u) at the illu!tration directly above indicate the e~rgy-£lov as the units spin upon their axis; r obtained a clue to this working when seeing the behaviour of an 'pinning qvro9cope between the tvo poles of a permanent magnet (page 112 of -(12)-). AS the gyroscope turned on its long axis. it balanced rightwards and l~ftvards as it approached each of the pole3. At Image N°72~ the Utran's (u) energies vill also interact vith the environm~t this being indicated by the double-arrows in

(056 )

the same plane of the insulated conductor. Let us see Image N°73, below, to better understand

the differences:

IMAGE N°73 ------------

At the illU5tra~ion directly above, we have a top,viev of Image N°~8 at page No63 (please rela~e to both drawings); we see how the elements called Utrons are generators possessing commutators for making them spin upon their-axes directed towards the central cone. in turn the c@ntral cone directs the collected energies upwards thus creating lift, but no rotation for the roto~ My proposal. is viewed at Im.ageN°74,__EelOv:


viII di~ect the enl!!rqiesupwards for a levitat- tonai effl"'ct o T.OU. O:.~ Jill. 1.JI.also powered.31] (17). ghOW!l the Utrons vi th t hl!!ir axes directed 90° from the central cone. l§HAFT nlAGE N"7'5 . for it i9 no mo re than a largl!!-~izedUtron .GE N°75 ------------ At his patent.eI !.l!. placed in thi~ manner th~y viII make the rotor spin and the central cone .1IT I'lVlCE 2. I propose otherwise as Indicated at Ima~e N°7~ below: ~ENTRAL ~.~~ No" 10.. 11. 1959 'll.iJ'J!D.2H <II IMA.Imagl!! N°74. Carr plac~d the Single ~in rotor illustrated occupying the whole central llov~r portion of the craft. in a manner 3imilar to the gravitorg locatl!!daround a whl!!el at Townsend Brown'S British Patent 300. former page. see Image N°75 above.

ggested my conversion to publicly-aat vailabl~technology of the flying saucer describ@d by Gecrqe Adamski (17).ment viII shov which i! the ~st) and place three lateral containers (A-l)-(A-3) around a ce'1tral one (A-C): th i s is an adaptation of the structure I s. Mokelumne Hill.!-. Q ~ar I I I [ . I have not been able to relate th! "Equatorial Field Correlator" of Image MQ 68. USA) vhich vere connected first vith the three lateral field-geterators and by means of these with the central one. circuit and "earthinq" explained in text.S not C1 from my analysi5 of the Carr saucer whether he ~mployed gaseous convection'of charges or not.------" I IMAGE: N °77 ---------- e \... only expen. .------ 1 I I I I I . PO BOx 70.5 cycles per geoond~ thus combining the Schumann Resonance with the usual cyelage for electrical current at the USA.appaz-en t.(158) I place one copy of each rotor vithin a suitable container (the flat-CYlind~r !hape is merely indicative. Itp. Lininq in which tubes are as Hollow Center 1I'i th poles filled vith gloving magnetism vhen stator is in operation. The !aucer vhich schematics included Lucchesi at his vork u!ed qaseous convection by a pressurized mixture of non-disclosed composition which constituting gases were modulated by two superimposed waves: (a)A sinusoidal one of 60 cycles per second and (b)Another s. neither is it cleared the role played by the so-called "Equatorial Field Correlator" and if it yorks a~ I think it does.7.i nuso tdat wave of .---. California 95245. Only carefully-conducted experiments viII tell us the truth. vith nothing rut the tori seen at the model of UFO included at "Flying Saucers from lhabarakh Xhoom" by Dominic Lucchesi (puhlished by Health Research..- .-t o I \ (A): Steel Outer Casing. (c)~ (B)=Sp!cial Ceramic embedded. (D}Tubes. page N 63.I y .

but ~hich is said "to have hardened under the influence of direct current and a magnetic field. year 1972 page 1. vhen reading what he says: . L. The coils were of copper tUbing packed vi th a "permanent electret material of unknown composition. . also made from copper tube and packed "with the electret.(69) The first datum on the Schappeller Sphere come! from th@ articl@ by Don Reed on free-energy devices and alternative pover90urces at i!5U~ N°15 of "Energy Unlimited" magazine. This con~tituted vhat "Schappeller called the "Dynomagnetic Generator". nor hoy conventional field5 of electricity and magnetism ac"ted to prOduce the effect" (END). tarl Schappeller. Reed's bibliographical references were: (*)"The Phy~ics of the Primary State of Matter" by·C navson . Basically.. de~igned a device "to test his theory of ether-compre!!ion and implosion. At page N°3l of this present work I give bibliographical sources on hOY to make an electret. 1955 and (* )Article in the NSRC JOurnal (National Space Research Consortium of John s~arl) by p. Bigelow (5) tells more on the same subject: Please r~fer to Image N°78. directly above:"From a book of 1930. . Elsevier. London. "These are filled with a material not named specifically.it cJsisted "Or a pair of coils wound onto a hollow ceramic former shaped spherically and "contained in an iron sphere. _!~!~_~~~~EE~!!~~~!_£~~~~2~!~~~_!~~!~~_ "AlSO in the '30s and '405 an Au~trian. It is not known whether Schappell~r ever SuCCe!Fully tes"ted hi! device. former page. issue N°l7. please refer to Image N°?7. To convert the dynomagnetic energy to "mechanical energy a rotor was used. for those interested in experimenting.Barrett. so named after the force he "claimed accompanied ether compression. volume 4. the device "is described as a IO-inch steel sphere vith quarter inch copper tUbing coils.

"The same material i3 in!ide the rotor.934210528 11'4.25 B-inch = 0. and as a diode. I will make a different proposal of an altogether different device. and "the magnetic field of the sphere combine to turn the rotor. 144 is the grid-related lightspeed factor and 7 is the energy factor (13). it might be guessed to act like a dielectric in an "electrolytic capacitor. the remnant being his opinion on how the device vorxs: I do respect his opinion but I would have preferred some more data on hoy Schappeller'g device worked!.868421056 g-inches = 4.8~B42105~ = :2 9. No direct conver"sion of this energy to electricity is' described. but the rotor could be at t "ached to a generator" (from page 1I-9 of -(5}-). beginning vith Image N°79. bil!low: g-inches. The above is all the factual data you can extract from Bigelow (5). The tran9ier of electrons upvard.221308292 i~ ct os e to [1008: 2] cubic to 144 x 7.Ground .from the '19305" Bigelow mentions. beinq Antenna "Vent" IMAGE N°79 ------------ :' Sphere -=.(70) "With such polarization.934210528' 2. I will have to analyze from this meager data: {a)Diameter of Sphere: 10 a-inches 9. As I could not read Reed's references or find more ample information on the "book on Schappelh!r .934210528' "" 2.221308292 = (b)Diameter harmonic 222 in diameter of copper tubing: 0.2467105264 = g-inch again 24~7105264 x 2 The volUme of this sphere 4934210528 harmonic 222 1008 equal 14. A~ I have not enough data to improve the Schappeller Sphere itself.

nested b~tveen the pipes are tori containing (as viII be seen later) electret material and permanent magnets in combination. Also. are t~o cylindrical hole! called "Vents".m1spAeres. . Cable! ~oming.with an ~l~vated antenna and the ground. at opposite positions. an array of metallic pipes p@netrating the valls of the ceramic sphere and ending '1. we have a ceramic sphere connected . Yired-~. beloy: TO ANTENNA We have at the illUstration above.(71) At Imag~ N°79. former page.a! th~ Hooperengine of Part III in thi5 york . at the equator of the sphere and at opposite positions. The inside of the· sphere i5 5hown at Image N°8a. and finally exist tvo holes (V-l)-(V-2) acting as "vents" for any possible energy-e~cesg that may happ~n. respectively. from the upper and bottom hemispheres of th~ spher~ lead to the two terminalS of an electrical load.

above.875304794 g-inches. . making Diameter of sphere (E2: will be of 11. 81694026 g-inches g-inches g-inches 23. the solar number. a submUltiple of the Earth'S diameter expressed in minutes of arc (1)-(4). being 48 the lightspeed factor divided by 3. as it is the reciprocal of harmonic 1694443 this size will act as "insulation" or shielding against the energy-concentration.908470131 i i . A factor to be ascertained through experiment is the separating-gap's distance between the tvo hemispheres. 50 that the enclosed spherical volume viII resonate with the planetary mass. At the same time the diameter of the sphere at (a) is almost the reciprocal of harmonic 1694443. Diameter of wire-hemispheres (W): viII be of 6. Diameter of vents (V-l)-(V-2):vill be of 0.63388052 Volume at (a) results from multiplying 36 x 3. And I want to digress briefly here. volume at (b) reSults from the multiplication of 144 x 6 and at (c) from 144 x 48.9167324722 g-inch so that it viII yield a circumference of 2. reference to Image N°Sl. 864 144 x 6. the Solar number (13).'901644574 g-inch. yielding a volume of 864 cubic g-inches. vhich surely will be extensive to oth@r grid-related factors. Thickne9~ of Spher@'s Wall (T): will be of 0.-- (72) (~h) IMAGE N°el (V-2) We viII analyz~ now the dimensions of the sphere and its constituents.88 g-inches: twice light!peed factor 144.8l69402~ g-inche9. Here is another mechanism. look at the volumes yield~d by spheres vhich diameters are grid-reciprocals: = DIAMETER a) b) c) VOLUME 108 g-inChes3 864 g-inches3 6912 g-inches3 5. the value for energy concentrated as a spherical volume.

(a)Composition of Torus: -----------------------vall-thickness (T) and a but important.32 cubic g-inches . Shaft (Sh): At. The sphere'S <e) volume viII be of 4. A factor to be ascertained through experiment i~ the distance separating the ground and antenna spheres (e) I suggest to build .5908534459 g-inch for the same reason outlined above. rori (t~: their major diameter is a factor to ascertain through experim~nt. We viII nov deal with three different. a metallic shaft (Sh) viII be placed.Metallic pipes (p): vill course through the ceramic thickness (T) and its length viII be ascertained through experiment: they yill be cylindrical and have a diameter of Of'908'3~459 g-inch so that their circumference viII be harmonic 371244169 divided by tyo.59 g-inch for reasons already seen. Insulation (t): has a length equal to the sphere'S cylindrical diameter of tvice that of Shaft (Sh).if it is possible.I suggest you to dimension the minor diameter so that the tori'S minor circumlerence viII still yield a reciprocal. its length vill be of 2. of course .by means of a radius of 1. to accomodate more tori nested by diminishing minor diameter obviouSly the dimensioning viII be changed: on this in!tance .if you so choose to act .shafts (Sh) hOlloy and their wall'S thickness dimensioned according to harmonic 31622776. A factor to ascertain is th~ thickness of its internal ya11~ because within they'must conduct an insulated conductingcable and outside its metal mu!t be strong enough to support the yeight of the tori (t).59085344. separate factors: C .010334181 g-inch. say.IJ T 0 S~N Permanent Magnets ( Oriented) (as shown) IN VIEW FROM ABOVE 6 N p p R U E S R ~ 5 S S I S N ~ 1I1"GE N 8 2 -----------& N~S . both where the antenna and ground connections are. disseminated as seen at Image N°SO of page N°71. their minor diameter I suggest it to be of 0. This is to make any energy falling upon the tori to go into a circular cirCuit and thus induce a greater d!nsity upon the wire-hemispheres. if this factor is changed. Please notice that this is done because the central wire-hemispheres (W) have a certain diameter.592 g-inches (inCluding a little sphere (e) at one end) and it! cylindrical diameter of 0.

r@s i~th~ on~ shown at Image N° 83. in turn. against the ceramic !lphere. d ir~ctl y above.and ballasted so as to float in the midst of the torus w~n the electret-type material is fused before electrical current is applied for polarization. only experiment viII show if t h i s is best). The composition of these ceramic supports and that of the 3ph~r~'vill he treated s~paratedly later at point (c). former page.3eparated between themselves and will have to rest. finally.ldot and the eight im:mediatly-surround inq it are to be el iminated to place the shafts connecting to ground and antenna and their insulation My preferred . The electret material and the ferromagnetic material '3 fields will overlap to produce an •energy concent r-anron upon the "ire-hemispheres which. As the electret-type material hardens under electrical current the magnets will become stabili%ed in their central positions to remain there fixed afterwards. in5Ulated ceramic support! vill have to be placed holding the tori. As th~ w~ight of th~ tori may be too heavy and thus liable to break the metallic pipes at any time. The black dots ghow the eight-fold diviSion employed and have no ether purpose: the cen t ra. The permanent magnets viII have a cir~mference half that of the copper torus and this viII be made to prevent the collected energy from penetratinq with~n them. shows us a view of each tori within the ceramic sphere. inside each torus will be placed permanent magnets as indicated (though I used an amount of them related to the Metric Theorems.their wall's thickness dimensioned preFerably by a reciprocal . i~l~!!~~[~~~~£_~:!~~~!S_!!£:~~ ~bodiment for the omnitriangulated-qrid constibltinq ~~ch of the two wire-hen isphp. agnifier Transmittl!!r (l~): all do t s illu~trated M above indicate the place of the vjre-hemisphere where a metallic pi~ terminates. and which is taken from the Tl!!sla. is to be conduct~d outvard5 by the m~tallic pipes.(74 ) Image N082. these magnets will be made hollow .

see either the July or:August 1955 issue in English for a full translation of the rna terial I am about to condense). that she weighted at that time ahout 50 Iilos or 132 pounds) and the little sculpture had no problem at all!. after Yhich they are finished. this making the £ irst stage of the preparation.! shape to dry for some hours: when dry the SCUlpture is placed (unpainted) within a ceramic oven at 9800C for four -rou rs . author Elliott H McCleary 5tates he saw Frances Poe standing upon a 6 B-inche5-high moose with her full weight (I calculate. Part VIII: Ockam's Razor and Free-Energy Device5 -------------------------------------------------Tvo subje c ts vill be dealt with in this Part. she first applies the colors and aftervards -when are dry . the ceramic obtained is harder than steel. Apart from th is. Jose:ph'g N"ewman energy machine and the free-energy device of the Switzerland-baSed Methernita group. illustrates in flat a spatial di!position that is to be made upon a spherical surface.ousLy for th~ int~rested experimenters only experience viII indicate what is better.:. former page.(75) Of course.ceramiC as it i3 drying· after you have modeled it to the necessary shape and made the neededholes for the metallic:: pipes. of course. undergoing the usual. obvi. Author MCCleary comments that thi! process gives the sculpture a great hardness: but he does not indicate yhether it is jus t the first cookinq what does this or the combination of both cookfne s . To pain~the sculptures. deformation vh en this happens. vets t~m yith vater and mixes them thoroughly. the ceramic sphere must be model~d and baked divided in tvo hemisph!res so th at all other consti~ents of this freeenergy device may be assembled later inside of it (unless. (*)25% of flint. Frances Poe first grounds all material! to fine dust. if YOUYCllt to learn it i£lS~!~'!!!~. can you believe it?) that is j es eph Nevrnan and his over-unity-output devices.places the painted sculptures within the oven at l2~O·C from 7 to 9 hours. Her ceramic is composed by: (*)47% of British fine Yhite Clay U5ed in pottery making. (*)25% of feldspar and (*)3% of clay boulder. . Latt!t"she proceeds to shape them and alloys thll. There~ it is aft article dealing vith the yorks by us sculptress Frances Poe. "hen 9truck~ resonated like a bell and vas also un-attacked by many powerful acids (composit ion unknovn ) .to put it mildly . author McCleary indicates that the ceramic. I will not examine his devices from his v t evpo tnt .. Q " Obvio~ly a very good ceramic is needed to build the sphere and the insulated supports of the tori: I obtained a good composition from the October 1955 issue of"MecAnica Popular" (Spanish Translation of "Popular Mechanics" maqazine. from the photos. verify also the degree of contraction under~on@ by the mixture after it is cooked (either once or tvice) so as to dimension the sphere properly.selves! (I could find no other reference to this woman's work_ try locating another one on your own). the arrangement of Imag~ N 83. If there is a man who has become "controversial" . Obviously. if you all~ me: Eliminate all air bubbles from the. you have found a yay to introduc e all el ement s by ~ an! of the hole !I!}. One adVice. "hieh sculptures of animals are a miniature "onder all by the.and under the spotlight of public attention at developed countries (Nor A SINGLE 'WORD ABOlIT HIM at Argentina!.

Donald A Ielly publishes (pagl!! of -(12)-) an analysis of a Hewman-type de45 vice hI!! built to test Newman's idl!!~. tva harmonics!. . with the follov. (b)Central coil of copper. turns.. turns.80263158 g-feet of harmonic 371244169.turns. 50 feet I rill analyze. stranded wire. Lucedale. fifty.ne time."" . 24 gauge.i. about 22. is take'l from [elly's worle (12) and is a reproduction of Newman's granted patent at South Africa. cloSI!!to the square root of 648 or 2693645 (cathie's value) value) close close "1. ill do here is to indicate my Personal vi~paint of why and hoy his devicl!s work: Motor FieldCoil Induction Field-Coil Motor Field-Coi Lat@ral Field-Coil Permanent Magnet Rotor D Battery Source Image Noa"".694443' (Cathie's this length of vire touches.800263158 (b)260 B-feet ~58327563 658327563 Apparently : 4 ~ 3. What I . stranded vire: about f0U7 tal length of '1' running f@i!t approximatedly. viewpoint.5789475 2565789475squared x4 x2 s = g-Eeet. stranded wire. (c)Lower coil of aluminum.ng lengths of vire: (a)Coil of ferrous (steel). for a totat length of '260 running feet. about 50.700657895 submultiple 658327563 to harmonic to very close to a decimal = 256.(71'i) his viewpoint and theori@5 on how his devices worx you should order a copy of his book "The Energy Machine of Joseph NEwman" from him at hi! address of Route 1. tWl!!nty-two. directly above . (d)Replacement (a) 15 B-£eet of coil (a) of tinned copper solid conductor. total length of 116 running feet. the armature is usually made of many turns of very fine metallic vire (soml!!timesnot copper wire but an alloy of different elements). Box 52. Mississipi 39452: send a self-addressed self-stamped envelope for him to mail you an a~wer. . His motor uses a permanent magnet as rotor. trom the elergy grid" each length separatedly: = 14. at the s. 14. for a to.

close to the reciprocal of lightspeed upon the planetary surface. The above-length of wire is half harmonic 222 (13) to which is added a gmal~ length related to lightspeed's reciprccal!.4. actually could be made to yorle:together. york! • All this combination Or . page S5 of -(9)-). This nev addition makes the Newman motor york very much like the old Ieely machines Yhich were described by contemporaries as "breathing bodies" when at has ar so a "rejuvena ting" or "rech"rqi na" ~ffmachines are said to exhibit ~ hiqh-frequency Malternating-curr~nt spike that's enhanced by the gudd~n COllapge of the maq"netic field in the coil a3 the battery svitch is opened.77777 M. precisely"hy is a mistery. page S5 of-(9)-). he says" (from page 55 of -(9)).(77 ) (c)llG B-feet : 114.4736842 .221308292 = 49. I'd rather not get into it" (from page 60 of -(9)-). This t s a further exp!rlmental confirmation of the experien:es made by the late Dr Hooper (8). The ener~v of the MAC current spike in the coil supposedly exceeds the direct current floy from "the battery This radio-frequency energy appears in bursts. the Fine Structure Constant (13). "According to (Roger) Hastings (Manager of the super ccnduc tive ElectroniC9 (TechnolOgy Ce1. It's not at all Clear to us hoy the batteries get rejuvenated when "they run a Newman motor. Ray-o-Vac' s director of product development confirm~:" I have se"en enough to be convinced that some unique stufE is going on dovn here in Lu"cedale. Beyond that. giving a pulsing effect" (fro". = 22. that'S been tried a fe" t irne .2222 again we have here harmonic 222!.is in the midst of sevt!ral convf!rging and grid-~lated difft!rent enerqy field9!.34210528 g-feet again we have here harmonic 222.ga~le5 per grid-second 17. But s "the resistors keep blowing out.whiCh relationship in frequency I have indicated before (14) . (d)50 B-feet ". the NeYntan motor has a commutator that reverses the cun-ent flow every "half-revolution. Neyman alSO adds another feature:"Like any old standard DC mot"or.77777 : 8 Being har~onic 222 the Phi-harmonic Or harmonic 137.4736842 3473~842 x 2 % 69473684. we have here that the "AC current spike" is actually related to atomic structure itself and thu~ contributes to integrating formerly-destroyed materials in the chemiCal reactions happening within batt@ries.fields ect upon the batteries~"N~an So.III g-feet = 3.4736842 114. why just "not hook the motor up to it~elf and get it going with a Simple kid:: Hart? "A transformer-rectifier system COuld convert the AC output to DC with a vOl"tage and amperage equal to a Battery's.934210528' = 2. at frequencies "ranging from 10 to 20 Megacycles per 3ec:ond" (from. And David Noland asks:"But why are the batteries necessary at all? If a Nevm~ "motor really does create more electric paver than it needs to run. Let us see how this converts to grid-related factors: 20 Mes = 17. who discovered that fields of dilferent configuration con sidered as separate in common Physics textbooks. To the above. . Pat S p@llman. Some Newman commutators a130 interrupt the current flow s@"veral times per revolution.terfor Uni!t~ in St Paul). we see that in Newman's energy machine the rotor composed by a permenent magnet .

if you aren't you may die SlOWly of radiation-sickness which is an even-verse fate!.either related to harmonic 129~ or hannonic 316227766 (13). Image N 87. You may also vant to place these different cr~tals (resonating at different frequencies.nd s • YO'i can Is it possible to improve the Nevman Energy Machine?. the prinCiples found by Joseph·Newman can al!o be incorporated into many other kinds of devices (transformers. all of th@M in relationship to the~grid) at diff@rent mutual distance! !o as to produce variegated ether flav~ or to build p5ychotronic devices of different My I do all of this.be placed at a resonant distance from the Newman machine which input would b~ th& output of th~'vacuum tu~e~!. I say again. as Dr Ni~ola Tesla is reputed to have done (see Appendix II). (h)Another improvement would be to adapt the motor invent~d by Chris ~anlrtS~. The battery could paver the vacuum-tube array and . and Q . though only embodied in a motor in this example.at th~ same time . I want to digress briefly here on this subject: No doubt many who are on the "crystal mania" will read this writing and think of convertin~ the modified Schappeler Sphere and the N@V{TI1annergy machine for grovinq crys tals vi thin e them by using also frequencies related to the energy grid and thus grow qridattuned crystals as are said to have existed at Atlantis. vhich can be resumed as fol10vs: If you are lucky you viII blow yourself and your nt'~arby environment in a flash. BE VER Y CAREFUL ON THIS INSTmCI':!!!.in my opinion . qridrelated ~istance between the battery (8) and the corresponding Newman machine (N): this distance is . Thi s kind of device has several problems vn i cn are vell-kno1Jl'l and need not to be de t ailed thl!'"re. induction motor con~igting of three (or mul tiples of thre~) wind ing s in a rotor. but remember tha t you are faCing terribll! dangers reSUlting from the sudden and un-controlled release of atomic enerqy. BE CAREFUL!! l. as seen at Image No85 above. ansver to this question: I think I have a "Yes" (a)One improvement would b@ to power it by mean~ of a vaccurn-tuhe array . !!hews us the tmp roven en t s made by Mr wanlass. three-phased. also next page. I must apolo~lze to the readership but the scarcity of data has prevented me to fully analyze it. which workings can be und~r~tood by looring at the illustr3tion~ of n~xt F~ge: Imag~ N°8~ shovs US the common. thf!!'t! ig a. etc): inCluding those which can be used to influen ce the grovth of a crystal in supersaturated Solution. k i. you are touch ing the vP. re t ays . Obviously.(78) Grid-Related Resonant Distance view of this effect ~ that.ry core of creation and one carelessness i9 already excessive: so.

"OR B IMAGE N° 86 ------------ Donald A t@lly so analyz@s th@m:MThe energy-gaving electric motor d@velo~d "by Chris Wanlass improves the operating economy of motors in several ways: "(a)Conventional electric motors lose efficiency by being unable to regulate "the volume of iron-laminations which b@com@ magnetised.. In the Wanlass motor "deSign the volume of the iron-laminations and vindings closely match the re"quired pulling torque on the motor. "The addition of the capacitor in each of the spcond-coil windinqs rrovides a "current-storage factor for higher s t ar t Inq torque plus producing th~ d i ffeor"ence in the magne tic fields between the tvo field coils set'.fer of "electrical flov from the first windings to th@ second set smooths out the e"nergy £lov v i. thereby causing "less electricity to be required from the original source.(79) Fhase A phase A (VI-A) Phase C STANDARD INDOCTION MOTOR ==~=====:=:=====~========~ -------- Philse C --------::::::::=:::::=====~~~===== WANLASS MOl.. "(b)By adding a second s@t of coils adjacent to each of the normal field coilS "this new type of motor avoids back-EMF (per Lenz's law).t h i n the motor to generally increase efficiency and pr-oduc e 10"wer heat losses. The addition of the"sesecond coils allO'll's normal current the flow to be unrestricted by the back "EMF and thus improve efficiency. "The back-EMF is shunted into the second coils as ¢Urr~nt. "In the Wanlas!l motor the amount of copper wire in the second coil v ind Ine s Ls "much different than in the fir~t coil windings. Both sets of winding~. rather than the usual conflict between the input current "and the back -EMF. in con"junction vith a capacitor. as rr . The tranc. with no unnecessary iron-volume being "magnetised. i ou s t v v . produce tvo different magnetic fields that comple"ment each other.

For noen er delte i dag dertor et drama med forfulgle oppflnnere 09 edelaqte laboratorler. frykten for jordskjelv i Vestens ekonomler og noens overbevlsnlng om at menneskeheten ikke er moden for en slik teknologl. Andersen) a Lesnlnqen «Tyngdekraft-energ i» kan avlese olje. Det n0dvendfge utSlyr ber vmre blllig 09 file ressurskrevende. bfllig elektrlsk energi i store mengder. men mener ~t menneskehelens holdnlnger ef silk at tlden Ikke er moden for Ie utenlorslaende hi vite hvordan Inmetnlngen fungerer. Dramaet har trader til romNylenkning springer gjerne ut av Ideer om at ling borde vmre annerledss. "rtf!' . Men teorien er Ikke I orden. Menneskene I Melhernlla·gruppen I Slieits kjenner teknikken. . teknoloqlkapptepet mellom est og vest..fine 34 rl~t"'lia"i . Energikil· den ma gime oss IHlvl. kull 09 atomkraft? Tekst: Lars Erik Mellqvist pa -drlvhus-probtemet»: En oHentlig hemmelighet? Forurensningstrl. r lIere ~r har maskinen leverl :3 kilowatt. hov lor energi. Oppfinnere har gJort jobben. er gralls <1 tappe. overall hvor del er be- vapen.(81) ENERGI FOR EN BEDRE JORD? 100 mennesker er selvforsynt med elektrlsilet fra «scalar technology-..'ngrg av forhrenlli"g~rro~"'~s"r Forts. (Folo: Per H. sterke olJeselskapers okonomiske Interesse. En dram er en Iorurensningslrl og uull0mmelig energik!ldesommedsmilellheter.

. he thought it might be a great hoax or just delusions. he said he changed his mind". The people of the Metherni ta-group in SlI'itz"erland knOW' the pr-ccass . but gives no indication of how the Methernita-device works. b\lt feel tha t the attitudes of humani ty are su:::h "that the time is not ready for letting others know hoy the machine Yorks".---- "he could find. Dag alSO translated for us the lettering beneath th~ photography reproduced ff Output (AC) (Me . The article men tion! Joseph NeYman. Viktor Schauberger. IMAGE N°BB -----.( 92) at page N°Sl of this vriting. Nikola Tesla. Thomas Bearden and others in the free-energy field. Albert Eins tein.. Shinichi Seike. accordi~g to him it says:"lOO people are self"sufficient with ~lectricity from "scalar technology". In several years the "machine hag produced 3 kilowatt.

but I do not register any pu t s i n q action in my psychometric analysis of the device. these energies are. one disk (CP-F) is at the front. but they must vave throuqh some spa tial stages . Othervi!!! the analysis Yill b@ made in common text. accordinq to Gerry. Part of the charges collected by the (LC) capacitors goes to power the grouped-magnets (M-l) and {M-2). do these charges upon the "vavy" disks reach the output ly?" direct- Gerry: "The builders seem to bel ieve 50. The ferromagnetic energies possessed by the tiny magnets embedded upon the SO sectors of each disk a~ "vibrated".!orge:"Gerry. There is absolutely no friction between the parts involved. At the output section. i non-lett~red. it became clear that it and as it vas a too complex I asked my friend Gerry to join into the work.!'i7. ma mat er i at s and have at their midst a cylindrical qridded-enclosl1re. I After seeing the photograph p Gerry: "Hi. as usual. ~nalyz@d the device of the Metnernita-group (12) but evalua tion of vhat hi'! indi~ates 1 do disagree vi th his opinireproduced vas involved much m. There is also vha t ve call "Out put Coil". Part of the energy collected by the grid-chargers (GG) goes into the large-sized condenser! (LC) which are filled vith tightly-packed pO'fldP. and the other (CP-B) at the back. to the output. No past or present pul· ging at all".involving capacitance Yi~h the intervening medium .(83) Donald A. which motivated the fOllowing question: Jorge: "Gerry. in turn collected by induction through "charge-grids" (CG) located at the ends of the horizontally-mounted braCing!.ed cne t ic-.ore th an vha t Iell'y shoved. there i3 a "sandwiched" magnet (8M) vhich th~ ~Jilderg vant to make act as a "diode". The ~ollected charges are led.xelly briefly after a careful on. Gerry:"The builders vant to believe so. and fulfills the mission of cOlecting Charges accumulated in excess at the disks (CP-F)-(CP-B) w~ich flash-over. both turning in opposite directions. doe! the output Coil (oc) pulses because of the complex-energy input from the machine as a whole?". at ea~h step of analysis ve made it became more and more clear that indis~riminately attributiftg inborn common sense to all people of German ancestry is a terrible mistake!. (oc) at the illustration. Please refer to Image N°SS. so that no back-EI-1F' creeps into the machine and generates an overload. The ferromagnetism gen~raten by m~gn~tg (M-I) and (M-2) creates eddy cur r ent s upon the pair of nL-shaped" strips and . device to attempt using my personal psychometry at page N°Sl. Whenever a certain point mU5t be cleared independently it vill appear in a dialogue vi thin this text vi th Gerry and myself as the ones doing the tal king. Between them are placed two disks (ee) vhich are composed by an insulating base vhich ha~ mounted upon a ftvavy" massive m~tallic cover. divided into 50 sections each and each section' possessing permanent magnets of reduced size. by a permanent magne~ (BM) located at the base of the disks.before they do so". so to say. former page. the remnant is "bled" bv the aridded-enclosure into t~ central point of the bend at an "L-shap~d" ~etall"ic band rer-m na t i no in ot her . charge distrirnltors. see (11)-(111). this is there instead of the vjre-grids indicated by lelly (12). Borderlanders!" . yhere it is illustrated "dis-assembled" the free-energy device: It is composed by tvo metallic disk. all charges fly through space for transmission-purposes.

When the den~ity of charge reaches the necesgary level..has within an oil-fill~d cond@nser connected. Gerry:"The builders seem to believe they can make the blockg pulse through '(ferro)magnetic eapacitance'.. .appreciated easily as shiny at the photograph of page N°B1 . The upper coil of the self-transformer (AT) end! into a sinql@ thick-wire penetrating at the upper half of box (AC). alternatedly to rings around the uppermost coil of the selftransformer (AT).a "square vave" current. respectively. TVo charge distributors (CD) Collect more energy from th~ rotation of the frontal disk (CP-p).. the rings conduct electricity enough to produce a discharge of the tvo condensers (MC) and thus bring about another pulsing action. ithin a box (AC) which lever-half is filled with magnetic-materials a3 the tvo large condensers (LC) Its upper half is composed as seen at Image H089. but what I perceive is that the ethers 3urround the block! by the outside and are dissipated into space". The cable uniting the charge dj_gtrirutors (CD) passes . The energy passing through magnets (M-I) and (M-2) activates also a self-tran~ sformer (AT) which . and lead it into tyO medium-sized condensers (MC) which are connected. into the box (AC) and before endinq at a d Ischa rce electrode and contributing tu the final output. according to Gerry . it is ~urro~nded by rectifytng diod~s arranged in the manner seen above so as to produce -for the bu i t der-s. Between each pair of magnets at every individual group there are mounted plastic blocx3 . This condenser is adjustable by m~ans of a servomechanism pl~ced within. to be analyzed later. below: ~---i. aft~r makinq tvo 900 turns.which mptivated this question: ]orge:"What are the plastic blocks for? Have they any special purpose?". ! Central Cable The cable of th~ self-transformer's upper coil penetr~tes. to the beginning and the end Qf the lowermost coil.at the lower portion .(84 ) thus contrirnltes with another kind of energy to the compl~x combination produced by th~ device as a whole.

the origin of this device is in the old electrostatic machines of the past century. S"it z er-Land is too small! ".?". as seen at Image N°90 below: I -The Toxl'ltl·1l01tJ electric mochi"".as seen at Imag~ N°9? of next page . AlSO. The combined actions of all elements so far analyzed brings arout the final outpu t of the machine which l! of 300 volt ~ at 10 Amperes. motivated the folloving question and its answer: Jorge:ftThere is plenty of equipment in the foreground. we aqr~e on that the rings placed at the uppermost coil of the self-transformer should be ~placed by another ooil shuntedin the manner of the usual Tesla coil. Gerry: "No. between the tvo disks of the Wimshurst machine was replaced .by tvo charge-collecting plates which constitution is appreciated at the bottom of said Image. and that several la~s of diodes arranged a~ seen concentrically are only capable of achieving th~ maximum effect. can you d~tect anything behind the turning disks or within the board upon which the device is mounted. as seen at Image N°91 of next page wh~r@ I have dashed one sector for appreCiating better its size relative to the disk's (b)The original grid-lattice placed. -Principle 01 1"«Pkr·JI"Us However. I find nothing but what i9 before. AS the reason behind including a ~rsonal analysis of Joseph Newman's Energy . and grounded afterwards. One of the most curious things about the vhole Methernita-group free-energy device. yielding 1 J::W cons-' tafttly.(85) Both Gerry and I think that this action accomplished is done so very inefficiently. If they had placed any equipment behind they would have been forced to invade a neighbourinq country. the Methernita-group lost sight of the original 5implicity and made several changes: (a)The copper-formed sectors of the Wimshurst machine were replaced by permanent magnets.

Be very ~aref'ul vith reduced knovledge. in a debunking fashion as you must have notic~d. I gave an abridged account of this personal theory in my writing on Dr Moray'S Radiant Energy Detector (14): and I want noy to use this propO~al in explaining the reason behind the free-energy device built using un-altered chemical substances. As I had no personal opinion formed on the reagon/s why this device should be a working one. I refrained until! could accumulate more knOWledge: once this vas done I wrote the article on the OvshiASky Effect and chemical combinations fully reproduced as Appendix III of this work (plea~@ read it and later continue reading). what mad~ m~ analyze. As Bruce De Palma.(86) IMAGE N°92 ---------- was to bring more and be~ter 1novledg~ to ~he r~ader9hip. H . it 15 alvays a danger for the ignorant t • I could not end this writing Yithout including a personal and wild speculation· It all began when I read the editions of "The Journal of Borderland Research inCluded at Appendix I of this work (please read them before continuing with the text). the Methernita fr~e-energy machine is the amount of wrong conceptions involved. these people seem not to know that ferromagnetism is a superficial effect and thus that only a thin superficial film of ferromagnetic mat~ria15 is needed instead of massive amounts!.

r\t'e (-*)It t s never shameFu 1f~ are!. remember that you are on your awn and should better . in my opinion. Does the device describ~d at App~dix I work?. have your Last Will deposited at a lawyer'S).e]( thp advice of those who mot""'! learned than . either for good or for bad. your level of personal avarene~s and technical knowledge remember that: (")Nobody died because of prudence. factor 144. at the pres@nt and the future. "ill add the final yield of the suma torv of ( e ) Same as (a).make your experiment5 at a non-populated place and keep a means to kill you fast in case of failure (aJ. indicating =========== ( a) ( b) amount of UPAs.ysis 8014 + 2886 + 1012 + 992 + 8014 ~ 20918 final result is close to the sumatory of Cathie's "A" and "BOO fields (1)lIhic h contri but e together vi th 0 thers to keep rna tter as we knov it whole. if you do thi~. Of course. You can do as you pleas@ in terms of variations to carry upon the different apparati herein inc1 uded. S (d)Origin is close to (222)2 x 2: I involying harmonic 22.d (b)Origin is ~880 + 6.( 87) My an aj ys t s .cosmtc f actor Iii (13)!.. but the analy!is points out that a certain confidence can exist. of each subs tance i"! qiv~n belo. ugh integers..~~~~. t and many did becauge of the oppo si t e . to sp. (c)Origin is (LOg V6.so. Whichever be. many will think of fusing the materials together by using either a modified Schappeler Sphere or a Newman En@rgy Machine to wi Ld grid-attuned crystals.to the individual all factors involved: The a'lal.~= 1422 + 580 + 3780 + n32 (1008 992 1422 + 580 + 3780 + 2232 above I ~:::::==:::::=== Resul t 8014 2881i Bi Se 02 Ph4 Fe2 03 = = x 2) + (290 x 3) (c) Mg 02 (d) Mn (e) 432 + (290 x 2) = = = 1012 992 8014 Bi Se 02 Ph4 Considering that my theory i5 that the amount3 of UPA3 approach.954301}:4 . No'll.2 (13). throof the Unified Equations.954307 the reciprocal of lightspeed upon the Earth lo surface in grid-related terms. in decimal povering. being 288 twice lightspe.both .: tht'! Substance =. but I take no reponsabili ty on whatever may ha ppen toyou. (4): CONCLUSION Many great pr~mises are contained in this writing in terms of free-energy devices. on its success. being 6. it is difficult to say without building it. just in case. as close a~ possible the grid-numbers then I theorize the following: (a)Origin is (288)2 x 2 . to twice lightspeed is added the . factor 144. they must be implemented through experimt'!ntation.

( f3 8 ) APPENDIX I: THE NEW AGE BATTERY WHICH RECAPTURES THE SOLAR FORCE Technieal Bulletins From Outer Space By Berne Through Betl King "There has been much material sent through isolated people there on your earth regarding Solar Energy (such as Dr. Salt Lake City. he left the front door open and went back to the office.the dl'l%'k. At that point Dad s right arm began to function and he was able to get his own gun out.' And Henry Moray recognized the voice of fin Ffn Sept-Oct 1981 RR. grazing the side of Dad's leg as ~. as most of you realize. Moray) over the past centuries which. TIle ~lllet traveled vertically downward. Utah developed and perfected a. Dad kicked the second man. T. a second man. lIenry recognized this man as Felix Fraser (supposedly an employee of the Rural Electrification Administration). As he turned to see who it was he was hit on the shoulder by a heavy object. he had the impression that someone was coming up behind him. Because the material was bulky. he returned the fire. nAs he fumbled with the keys in . 13 years old at the time. carrying a gun.Free Energy device in the 1930s. He gained control of the situation and showed the two men out the front door at gun point. PAge 19 . knocking free the gun he was carrying just as the first man's gun discharged. itA fourth man rushed up to help the wounded gunman. He was silenced by the FBI in early 1940. came running up. The second man said to the first assailant: 'Well.•• My father's account of what took place was very simple. so we will try again. knocking the third gunman down. tells it this way: "The incident of March 2. However there has been much progress made in your country regarding freedom of speech in the last ten years. has all been either buried or silenced." Dr. Henry Moray. entangling the assailant's gun in his overcoat. "As the first man struggled. Be was irrrnediately fired upon again by someone at a distance. He had gone to the laboratory just after dark and on leaving. particularly stands out in my mind . In a sequel to Moray's book: "The Se-a of Energy In Which the Earth Floats".twent and ricocheted off the concrete floor. you weren't as quick on the draw as you thought you were. with his good left arm he grabbed assailant by the hend and held him pinned to his left side. 1940. unlocking the office door. Although the blow left his right arm numb arid h~lfparalyzed. had found that he had forgotten to pick up some material from the one office that was kept locked. his son John.

"The heat is not present on all the planet except in the daylight because of the movement of the lines of force as the planet rotates around the sun. ferrite. WE LIVE IN AN UNNATURAL ENVIRONMENT tlBeat in mind as stated before.which leads your director to believe that stories of joint AmericanRussian space bases on the Moon are just that.until backed up by believable factual data!) "The solar energy will be used through a battery.. (January 27.Ad of water. who in a shoot-out had gotten the worst of. the doctor made no direct report. we will still call it a magnetic battery. with a silica base instp.it. silica and manganese. "the sun sustains a man-made power plant. These will utill. Henry was severely wounded. Yes. The heat is caused by the light rays bounding off the magnetic lines of force. he knew that he would be completely at their mercy. Henry locked the door to the lab. You see. "If he had fainted while these men were still there. no police report was ever made .ze Sept-Oct 1981 RR. S. The doctor came and treated Henry'~ wounds. The doctor knew Dad was doing government work. Enough for today. you will be allowed to use the magnetic force within your own planet -..but not for inte~lanetary purposes -.." said Berne. but they are not right obviou~ly for they need to be recharged in the direct light of the ~un. Page 20 . The light emanating to your planet is there all the time even in the dark. You are not ut i lizing this energy at all but are rather trying to use the 'heat' factor of the sun. 1975. So in panic he told them to get out. stopping the bleeding. At that point Henry realized he was all alone in a very dangerous and difficult situation.man he had known at one time as a security guard. As far as I know. eare all attempting to correct. and Dad promised to report the incident to the FBI himself. 1975) January 29.. Your small solar batteries are the best technically on the planet at this time. supposedly FBI agents. selenium. But you live in an unnatural environment which . The heat is merely a result of the light rays and not in itself of any importance except for heat."Yes.until your people tum back to the Law. stories -. On other planets the hent and light are sustained all the time because our power supplies rotate with us. pretending that he had not recognized any of them.. and it does use bismuth. He thought he was bleeding to death and he knew he was going to faint at any moment.. (Here again WE! are to ld that man-made Flying Saucers will be allowed to operate only in a limited way around the earth and not out into space -. You need to go back to your basic elements to recapture the solar force..Brlnghurst.. and the men promptly left. Here were two men. E. Consequently. went directly to the house and called his doctor and his good friend. these are using only the visible light and not the invisible light or the magnetic force • ..

who 1s now pnrt of this group. Insert connector of clear pl~stic coated silver rod in other hole. and can be designed to plug on to the outer power connection so your current house wiring is not necessarily obsolete. There is a difference in ferrite rods in density. It is still a slow process at this time. Clear plastic is necessary to allow light to flow! Okay. for those of you who remember the 'Smith antenna'.spilling more waste than even the know ledg eab le people realize. (The so-called antenna was described and published by Van Tassel in his 'Proceedings' And by us in our 'Journal' in the early 19608 as the Caduceus coil. except that you do not use the time factor. We are working to restore this awesome damage and. . Drill two 1/16" holes in the top of the Ferrite rod. Drill~" deep and insert one copper connection. "To continue with the light energy: NUCLEAR WASTE A NEW TECHNICAL PROBLEM January 31. (Wlb Smith did add the time factor to his equations in developing the 'mathematics of a Free Energy device in the 1950s and claimed to have made a successful demonstration of it before his passing in 1963. one foot long to begin. to do Sept-Oct 1981 RR. but a transformer -. hopefully.received by Wilbur Smith of Canada -. However. Again. -even used. Back later. politically. r~ge 21 . This is a similar energy force that operates our spnce ships. This was not an antenna. these units are not nearly as harmful as the new tclean'weapons and machines that are being tested and. Now do the same on the other end of the rod.16 or . which are your three forces at this time. let me state this is a fairly new technological problem to us. 1975 "Before conlntuing with the power plant. I wish to assure you that the nuclear power plants are not the answer. TIle unit is in two parts: 8 battery and a transformer. by the way -. So much depends on how the so-cfliled fission is released. Do not despair.18 density rod.) CLEAN ENERGY FOR THE HIDDLE CLASS AMERICAN nOME we are going to build A dynamop a generating system capable of supplying quiet.let me make a correction. There will be a transformer needed also.) "The Ferrous Fe2 rod is'the basis of our transformer system. It has not been possible. we can solve your energy problems before long. ~e need a .which is why we could not complete the tests at that time. For every society such as yours has its own individual problems in the technical area. using epoxy or other or other glue if necessary to hold in ferrite. They are'. Make sure end of copper connects with ferrite.' magnetics and gravity. making sure they are separated for insulation. "First of all.(90) the light. in some instances. This unit must not be under cover. clean energy to operate an average upper middle class American home. We are restoring as much of this waste as possible. We will use a piece one inch in diameter. to supply 10 to 12 thousand watts of energy per about one square foot of spaee.

and mix with two part BiPh4. It NOT HEAT. The rod becomes a transformer instead of an antenna as previously believed. Use copper wire 1/16 dia. but now I will try this method.February 15. of course.50 pp. or battery.ery itself is completely nonmetallic. . 1975 "The transformer is made with ferrite rod. October 31. Do not use metal.reation of matter. while the light-generated power system o f f ered by Be rrre uses the c. Both ends are the same with Ferrous in hetween. "To make a small battery take 10 grams (~ oz) selenium oxide. and a transformer. The battery is formed in lAyers. The two methods are polar opposites. in a fashion similar to ~le Wilbur Smith antenna. Place Bi and Se mixture -.mix thoroughly with glas~or wooden rod. This includes your infrn-red and ultra-violet and all other 'invisible' light rays. First let me reiterate. 1975 "The batt. We have parts of it recorded there. ~e will use simple old cardboard to begin. 1975 "Beti. FOR POWER October 30.ted energy means a profound change in not only the mechanical but ~l~ the philosophical -basis of· our society.( 91 ) this up until now. we will utilize light. Page 22 . as our power source. explosion or burning. but it is felt that with the fear of no power very imminent. winding. The wtnding of the wire around the rod captures the magnetic lines of fot"ce Sept-Oct 1981 RR. Cylinder is to be made of cardboard or inert plastic with both ends clear transparent. Push through top half way down into Ferrous. we can switch to plastic for production purposes. Fill with Ferrous fine pulverized Fe302 and place clear plastic over the other layer of Be Se mix at other end. Also used a re your magnetic lines of force. Then. We will make this unit in two pRrts. (No more regarding this came through until October 1975). LIGHT relax and let me through. The Bismuth and Selenium are mixed. That is. The ends need to be clear transparent.Jy the ~hange from destruction-generated energy to construction-generr. TIle transformer octivnteq the battery with a perpetual source of energy. Place in bottom of cylinder. $3. for those of you who remember.r'u ly want to give you the complete information on how to build n solnr energy system. I will describe this. thus eliminPl. The shift from explosion to Imp Los Lon was pioneered by Viktor Schauberger in Austria and can be studied in BSRF~1~Q "IMPLOSION INSTEAD OF EXPLOSION". for positive terminal. f It is appropriate to point out here that heat-gpnerated power is accomplished by the destruction of matter. Se02. On bottom attach SmAll thin lead rod only ·into the bottom layer of BeSe. a cell. not heat. For experimental purposes you con simply use your transparent plastic wrap. Obviou!'. Use aluminum for negative terminal same dimension and same distance.tlng the need for any moving parts or liquid. I t. together with the new freedom of speaking. that it is safe for you to proceed. you must not use metal covers as you do now.

-. "The battery is to be made in a clear plastic container. We are also utilizing the area of the field. Layer 2 is Fe203.l sandwich concisting of 5 separate layers 'separated by fish paper. fHSeOZ Mn [e ru. In this case we are using a container approximately 8x4xl. The larger the bnttery the less Is this necessary but for now suggest separate. Same diameter needed AS trnnsformer. Bottom end top layers are the same: BiSe02. suggest 8 in. This accepts the light rays which are unseen andactivates with the Ferrous which is magnetic. layer 3 is Mg02. which We will discuss later. contacting all five layers.. It Is more efficient power-wise to keep terminals apart.) The transformer connects to the battery at the ~l terminal in center. connects to layer 3. drilled ~ inch into tne rod and set firmly with plastic glue into rod center. Wire length from transformer to battery not important -. which we are using: (Cardboard or paper does not block these rays if made from wood. Connect with Ag covered wire from Ag And eu to Cu on transformer.just ease of handling.Oz ftBring both wires back to both terminals. AI. r ] Ac to l. wind as below. Leave silver terminal on bare end. These should be l in. contacting 3 layers and Terminal 3. Terminal 1. Wind 6 turns per inch for 6 inches.eu plus. "The battery is a horizonta. . Using one l/S" coppt'!r and one 1/8" silvot'-or silver coated wire. then straight. r~ge 23 . Ag. (To be concluded in the next Journal. in diameter. The 3 terminals are subsequently nm through parts of the sandwich. The Transformer connecbs only to the battery. eu goes to layer 5. and layer 4 is manganese (crushed). since battery underway is·8 in.yu 1 F"ZOJ BIS . With 1/8" wire use ~" ferrite rod and. Opacity in any color will block the invisible light or color rays.. The terminals need to be \:" round wire. supplying the starting energy.. simply connects to layer 1. Terminal 2. Longer is okay but not shorter. Battery terminals need to be round also for greater response. rod for easeofhandUng. We use elear plastic for purposes of non-interference.h.l) ""soi Cu tt) layer S At to Iay . leaving one end one fourth bare except for straight ends. OK to plRce transformer A on top of Battery B.(92) in a fashion so far unknown on your planet. Put both straight wires on the silver terminal.) Sept-Oct 1981 RR. long. This we will call Negative.

We will make a mass l~nd10& only if we need to. The energy is measured iu Watts is directly related to the surface area of the BiSe which absorbs the invisible light energy and the arett of the terminals connected to the chemicals in each layer. Sept. Berne speaking from the Ex-l Space Ship: First of all. Do not be misled.ECAYIURES THE SOLAB. 197~. we will land. FORCE Technical Bulletins From Outer Space Part II.. many of your planets nre beini rehabilitated and they have life in 50meform. and s~pes and other ac equipment. We are from planets out of your system. We are here. 7. Back later.t time) Nov-Dec 1981 RR. 1975 Output 2S0 watts.sh to clear up a very important point to all UFO fans and groupll everywhere on your planet. The manganese and the Fe203 both have magnetic properties. of course you will try different forms of your battery for more efficient· serviee. (We suppose he means 3-D life as we know it. the eps are different from your measurements (60 cps for our standard house current) but can be utilized with your 1i&ht bulbs 15 . other than on your earth planet at this time. to prevent your planet from interfering with other systems. We Are workini on earth with restoring your oceans and other hi~hly dangerous areas. or in the event a nuclenr war should break out here. By exciting these two chemicals through the terminals a force is set up that is almost perpetual motion. 21. Make no mistake about Lt . There is no intelli~ent life in your system as you know it on Earth. rngE! Nov. as stated before. I wi. even though your scientists have no means at this time for meB8urini the ultra high radiation. color and magnetic rays. however.as I was on eArth at tha. We (or 1 should say they -. In the event this gets 80 far out of your atmosphere that it is a danier to other systems. 1000 cycles per second. This method will not ~rn out any equipment for there is no overload possible. All the nuclear activity going on here at this time is extremely dang erous to all life on your planet. for there certainly 1~ plenty of intelligent life at other levels of consciousness on other planets in our solar systeml) The other planets have been harmed in the past by nucl~nr holcausts. See drawing8. but I believe this is the most efficient way to prove the theory (described and drawn in the Sept-Oct Journal). By Berne ThroU&h Bet1 Klni As you experim~nt. The current flows in a circular motion since it utilizes the light.(93) THE NEW AGE BATtERY WHICH R. It flow8 off.

1 will isse as fast as possible because. As 'more cnmes though. Bismuth Phosphor. It Is to be mixed in equal parts by weight with phosphor to form the needed compound. this came through in }~y.is now. becau~e those with some technicnl 'knowledge will know wHat he means and can begin work. let us make oue . is personal choice. which I regret. However. I dont know what they mean.correction as fo. Remember. non~nuclear ene~gy is one of our most important problems on Enrth. of course. Page 16 . Simply mix the BiSe2 compound with plaint phosphor (gray. AvailAble in those areas but hard to obtain. COLOR AND ENERGY This is Berne again speaking from the Ex-l Space Ship. " ' e.though it is incomplete. Berne has requested that I publish this even. but he said to leave everythiDg in that comss through. First. the markings before he begnn speaking.pows for: the original cell in Bulletin #1. The Bi~th Selenium compound as listed in the bulletin is correct but incomplete. NOTE: The following information came through in ~y.' . Let us proceed with our technical data. which is residing in your atmosphere now. We are attempting to s~nd you infor- Nov-Dec 1981 RR. • • . as we all know. The phosphor neutralizes the Selenium as fas explosive qualities and separated and increases the light and magnetic receiving abilities. Enough of that. now MAGNETICS.( 94) did not land in 1943 because the bombs were endangering no one but the planet Earth and this. 1976 but' I did not keep going at that time because of personal r@a~on~. used by Sbme highly advanced electronics firmA 8S a paint applied coating for some sophistiCAted boards.. powder form).

but they have DO "proof" and so Are ignored. as you know. silver. . magnetics And energy that you can make as individuals. . the actual separate color particles of each electron are being separated. When 1 say light. The beginning is the laser. and we are trying to rench th@11l. invisible as well as visible. Page 17 . Your people cannot measure this. for this is COtIlDODI terminology· for this ene r gy . However. F~ch of these three fields have made breakthroughs. but the nuelear testings and use for power must be stopped. The laler is breaking into the field of color electronics. in this method of transmitting light. However. Everything comes back to itself in a spiral motion. which is a separate function. and also include color. We will use a silica base. but there is no infinity. • Once again. but of course good if available. they will make rapid and Astoni~hing progress. Thi~ has all the colors in the spectrum. ASTONISHING PROGRESS COULD BE HADE If the laser people will get together with the mngnetic and optic groups. You will again need a small transformer or magnet to act as a starter. let us get to the technical data. S11ve coated wire 1s okay if properly coated. These e"ch emit a complete rotating field back to itself that has not been me8~ur~d yet for it is not recognized to be associated with magnetics. It ts not necessary to build the transformer as in Bulletin 11. copper and alt~tnum. there are people in the (&tomie) l&borAtories who are afr&id of this. but it 1s not being tested yet in this area of electronics. TIle use of the laser in the photographic field is the beginning.( 95) sation once more regarding energy for your planet.Le r cell also. even though we will use color and magnetiCS. and m8gnetles. I inelude all the available electronics force. Einstein was right as far as he 'Went. You are really endangering the planet witp a possible chain reaction. That generates more power than 'We need for this experiment. your gravity 1s the result of the motion set up between light. We will c e lI this a ao. the case. I quite realize that this effort mu~t be accomplished by the technically advanced. ~e are here rehabilitating the bad nuclear areas as rapidly a9 possible. magnetics and gravity. The color particles are broken down into lines of force through the use of electricity. TI1US DC is Nov-Dec 1981 RR. Let me repeat: Your planet functions on light. Each grain of silica is a complete prism and it is this qunlity we will use to utilize the light for eneq~y. Also needed are pteces of wire. which is a separate function. You see. this i. but do not conn~ct with each other. At any rate. however. We are getting '~ck into Direce Cur-rent. which is not properly used there on earth. I am going to give you a simple e~periment to show the principal and the connection of color.

phone 714-232-7391... 10~ O... . 2929 Commercial St..!lnd will break it down for use we with coromon materials... h . IlI!'1l(Nt._'.. H I~J. San Diego. A magnet .AW 71.. '01. 1 5CIO.!lagnetic source.. Vandeytuin's New Age World Serviees and Book...df..K 5. 1_._" 24.) Graphite may be used instead of ferrite rod.. Graphite in tube with copper... . f1I' 1~9. " . Huntington Park... ~~.I.'... PO Box 3086.1" ..IO 2). ~ . Sub. J[ 1110 1 I" S.'M ...n . More at all... 4 "t • OlE !I·UU· .floats?) . OO~~ ·. .4' 46. II MalP'e"-.. nU..o. 1 flu...... . 213-685 5280..E.00 "" • ..~ • .It . O. but only unmeasurable there (on earth) 1\11 yet.. Try Desert Specialties Co.B 35... ~.· . OO~" O....96 eopp_ •••••••••••••••••• Iron ••••••••••••••••••••• L .. PO Bo~ 7203. t6 Fun Feme Odotfo. T~ . tim. lA.. this came a~ nn afterthought.. •.tN .91 i.... I II> 9. ..• ' n. " e_~._ .'.r s-o.... lIb "" o. III 4 It ~ III %:I III "" • :II. . 4" I • :II: 4 "" $3. who probably have reps in all large cities. 4 n __ 401 • ". .. representing MeB Manufacturing Chemhts. II 5il line . <In IlP'ili 11 . 1 It 4 n lib 4 )I.lledfor."'".. .. rag~ 18 MaP lAa Aft H. ~t! 100 .. ""._~~ A"" 6..15 I !I'" • ot "t B..'10 0.. phone I!I.. O. . )~ ~L 92 _'. 00 111. These are from the 1972 catalog of the Atlas v.... nor do we know 1f R&D has proved out Berne's design for a Free Energy device...O.-ell.... :II: 4 os 1110 ~I"'t""... In Los Angeles. 1>180 in net Lo .!lbleverywhere on the planet (the Neutrino e Sea in which the earth. zip 90022.. III II 110 5 III "'" .. n :e .." ~ OO .M ~21 H.90 17. "'ftal.. Cft11fornla 93501 or Rev. ... have no more information on this.tIIl 0.... PO Bo~ 787. a small =agnet 63 decibels or transformer to be used &8 .a.41 11.. 1 I" ~..". . ._"24. California 90255... .1. .. • H. At thi.. 1'1 _Xl· Nov-Dec 1981 RR._t. MIl ~u-_ l ~~ A1I'54. . Sol"bl .... Bi A. California 92lt2. ...••a... nt".vall.60 30.. u 19. Berne. silver and aluminum terminal •• This current 1s 8. Mojave.10 I III 12 ... magnet and m silica in strong acetic acid with ferrous SUlphate added.12 1". ••• Ct. lotoo. • :II: l1h ~~. r" ." 4 :II: 1 .93 ~l. on""." »9... 4 I __ •.. F'" 110. Sln". * Chemical Co... n ic 4 " I '" 99.. . ••••••••••• . for later communications. ~ ..00 "'a . t.X1T2 . V.not direct later.1~ 124.OO!."I_...... Pit....2I 1211..915 .00 1""".6D :.OO~ O. The director of BSRF 1s no chemist but below are what we be: lieve to be the appropriate listings of the uc01IIlIon materiels" Berne c. (After he was finished.001" ... 100II D~ Ab8o". .00011O OO~~ O.. ~! H.&D F""l! p.c....15 U.l .. .00 46..M..00 10.ls needed.20 20..•••. s.

Power seemed at least as good a~ the normal Pierce Arrow engine. there vas a Slight hum. There vas also some kind of hydraulic pressure gauge on the dash. Dr Tesla thereupon said "The engine is now in motion". Peter asked what vas the fan for and was told that "the engine is running pretty hot". testing the car. Peter asked its purpose bu Dr Tesla would not tell him. and light up the whole house. Dr Tesla commented that the receiver had enough power of reserve 30 that you could drive the car next to a house. (3. To start the car. after the engine vas running. Dr Tesla handed Peter an ignition-type key. brake and gearshift were unchanged. Peter described one incident where they stopped the car at a traffic light and a bystander commented . He said that he did not know where it came from but that it seemed to be available in limitless quantities and that mankind shOUld be thankful for it as it would soon drive boatg. Dr Tesla asked Peter to look under the hood to check whether the fan vas running. power rating was 80 HP. When Peter questioned the source of the energy to drive the car. The engine could not be heard from the driver seat at all. Peter inserted and turned it and a green light came on. there vas a voltmeter which vas used to measure paver output for the receiver.his day a t will make history!". Dr Tesla seemed enthusiastic on the first tf'!!st-ridend said "Pf'!!ter.). Maximum engine speed vas 1800 RPM. The motor vas built for him by some unknown company. Later. connect the Wiring.(98) ANTENNA PO'tiER- HOfOR "SPINDLES" NOTE: The illustration above is a personal one and vas not included in the copy of the report about the Tesla power-receiver I received. The standard accelerator pedal vas used to control engine-speed Clutch. Peter drove the car for about 50 miles at speeds up to 90 mph (the speedometer vas calibrated to 120 mph). Peter said that Dr Tesla buit the pover receiver himself in his hotel room. Dr Tesla and Peter spent eight days in Buffalo. trains and planes. Dr Tesla said: "It is a mysterious radiation that comes out of the "ether"(an expression of the 1930'S referring to what is nov called "outer "space"). R. Acceleration in second gear seemed particularly good.t say it. The motor was completely enclosed and vhen Peter fir. However. and carried it to Buffalo. cars. The instruments on the dash appeared to be standard ones. it vas stopped. When listening under the hood with the engine on. on the dash. Shifting gears seemed somewhat smoother than with a normal @ngine.

r. Netaneon.lr . lH. .h ~r"H'<._~ 1said book. according to different scientific author-ities of the> tim'"' (yes. ti''"')' are: Occult.-'ICn . Wheiltc·n..on" until finally it is confirmed. vh i ch 1 f'"rmulated myself after having read about three different cherni s try t e x t boo ks "I' different levels (that ranged from Secondary School to un Iv er-s i ty -Levet ) . titled "The Variability of Chemical Species". they are not mentioned at it (the first glimpse of i50tO!~S W~~ had by Dr Gustave Le Bon. Metargoll.11'" of completeness I included the possible l1J110unt of urns for th~ Fo l Low nq f'1'"'nli ents: Technecium.:lrly!). 'J!hi"h amoun t of UPAs you can see at the Table.1r:-rnents are grouped.idered as Radium in "Occult Chemistry" is actually Actinium. 1 question that is well-answered at plenty of science textbooks).lllt and HI' T. 'lr'I.i. ".tlgether. It . the "established authorities".)lizatlnl1 nr the amount of UPi\s inside different atomic elements.di tion had been correc ted.o l u t Lon of Matter". '>' metallic or not. employ the term "elf'mentary COlllt..JUB e xpl a in".·1". and the author. t.r] I:fll"i chemical reactions and alloyings come to happen. a list of which je.. to 1f'1J or his conceptions). and T think I should. I The origin of this article was the question: "Why do chemical reactions .. who later made a smaLt chapter of his boo+ "l'Ilf' r-. from now on. (3D ico n Il~ide)..rj 1.1nd allays come to happen ?" (please notice that I did not ask myself "1'1(1')/7" •. a 1920 SpiTni.l1g1.sh ". I-Ietakrypton. I must make cle-ar that under the term "alloying" I also include c ombi n. well i. Cesium and Barium..ld no l been discovered by the time that euition was published. vh i+ h had been done hy the Spanish Teosophical Editorial [(. ".J'1aytlud~ and t}. Get Out!).n~ 1. plus making a visll.se mentioned elements wr. for examp Le Sodium Chloride. illinois..re then unknown to science and so r emai n t0d.il\:'tions" th<lt will encompass the gathering together of different a t oms. r"l~ta){enon and F'Lat i rrum n . Tantalium Oxide and Quartz. has made this correction. existed even that €. SO!lIP of fl~r. i. as J have no t . l'"r.e t e r I discovered. by EXrSRIt-1ENTATIUN. i\s at the time of the edition I do possess atomic isotopes were on l y . l'" til .11"'il" t coro ) in each atom there are groupings of subatomic pa r t ic Les t hr-y (>111"') "Ultimate Fhysical Atoms"(UPI\.instein.(100) APPE!ND IX II I : The material of/this article must be Labe l e d "personal s pecu l a t i.s detailed in that wor k what clairvoyant visions of the a t orns lit"".eadbeater had and they found out th a t (apparently.ly.1 v'2I'Y vague notion. r-emombc r t h-i t 'JI'"' rlr'" all serious people here and not somebody whose opinion is swayed by wl1i'1 t t:lw media says or by the words coming from "established authority" (Albert F. or rejected..1))tadge of it was that the mistakes that had crept into the first I. the other elements of the T'1]..1ation of "Occult Chemistry" by Annie Besant and Charles t.e adbe a t e r .$ speak only about elements and also shell IT the readership not acqu a i n t ad with old science the conceptions of 1\0').1 ('\'!'Y of it.ailed at the Table in this article.md though all of them indicated the mechanism of reactions. and also r think that the elplw'lIt r:f)J!:. collecting dust at a small library.. therefore I proceeded f as t to mel e 1110 a xerocn!')' k . With respect to this table I must make several reservat ions: r'or tll(.vt ion« o t ho r-s than those that happen between two (or more) metals that a ro rll~r. which h. I ignore if the 19516Dof the Teosophical fublishing ilouse. for short). ..

:750:1) and we rise it to t he ~V[U'lr8."i~ '-. 01)[' closest star (the most orthodox I'hy s i c s t e x t boo ks 'J.i at .'. "r """h o:'!lpltlcnt. as determined by t he Hr?tric Theorem. which j-rom i.-.1l1t to relate the amount of uri\s in both each Lnd i v i rlua l . In this article I only intend to rel~lte t11~ aiuoun t of UrA5 COlltain"d i!l~ i . "" their own"? I think it is possible.lti- .r cc t t y From tllr I:ntri.111-11 d Ls c ro paucy with the works of Bruce Cathie.:.lllJ-Ec1rth relation.. but I have not yet reached a reasonable I'ound a t i on upon wrlir:h t() build a tileory or speculation...ry combi na ti on "'111•1T'tZ". '.lch atom.:)un we 1ve"kell arul .i. First of all.tbillg 'very Cnl11Tll'llllll. plus g. hence I can think that (unless proved o t he rwi so hv (">:'1 ""'ilten t s t ha t I can perform for myself) 'lie can pslablish il. (Jut 2. of whi c h the t o t a L of UI'As for '1uart7.. 1 think there may be "something" to t he belief h8ld by many t ha t 'IP. '.tOril "'lid t:l1"".!1 r:l. I wc. VriJIiP! s i mi te r.an the arnoun t of UPAs also ex p l a in why two "1 ~1!I('tl t s cornb i It" tog".~t.1052817324.1!·I:l a uecimr:ll submultiple. t )1" r' .:-Ike the rnurth [.1['!:i.'11('. w i Ll SIIHr!' "i' rliI'Fe r-en t maladies.f til" op i n i on t hat the different ways of s pa't.":i (">1:).~11.')1' '118 U["\s ~ 39 UI'.(101 ) those widely known to us.se s to yield a veritable t reasur enouse of wonclr:rs for 011f' .v!lit"h posed by one atom of Silicon and T'IVO of uxyqon . of '\'1.! I w i l l issue a speculation linking all of the above wi th the ov s h tns ky r~rrP. let us take the eletlll?nti1.- me. I . who us e s the vo f urne Jy){JI)ll: 1 I··.· the . :.ingl rer~onal opinion on the possible existence of '1320 d i Ef c r en t r:lf'Jn('11t.irl-I'(llc to (1 !:V'()~1".ltiotl5 of Hruce Cathie.llll ('one very serious book to read on this subject is "t~ryr. eventually.!..\s 1057 Cathie of ClrC of UFi\S (Total) ".ct that we only see 1% of the whoLe r ad i a t i on spec t rum r'llIittr'l ".e into consideration the V01111Jl':'tric relation <"ilt0in ttlr... is we [jgllI'r IlIl'l:.um i na ti ru < i rn i 1ar to the one given by the . or e.. is of i'lS ttl!':: distance Loqa r i t hx of 0.11'f1ir: II ''''''.. link 01' son'" l'i". (:CH\ !!" a link tQ th~ subtler forces of natur~.llts <lllrl ttlP stnJl:Il1t"'-: t h-vt grouped the url\s a re r-es pon s i bt e for thp pa r t i. let us see sOlll0.)uartz If i~ t_"r '·"11.r).1 >'.dI1 n o t d~rtv tI'i")...c Theorems and the Unified Grid E'lu. You will notice 11"'r" .1111 trl I'll" !·. J !'''III t he :.95'130/) found would we o bt a i n O. 111 the ('lI. as vi. '.=l.IJ.· '" gl'. th('t"f('.l<.\s we tak.c hae I Gary Smi t h .1rrangenl(.. in minutes (16. t r-ans Lat ed into tir" the Table from "Occult Chemistry" We? ho ve : Silicon: Oxygen: Oxygen! (.til1 lo'v'?r'" (") ll i.fr"r' (>!'" type of solar system.l: Sodium Chlorine tlaCl lf 'OJ!? (33.IS "h'~I't I. of th". Llewellyn Pu b l Lc a t Lons -in vh i cn tile unJ Y til i 11<1 I r i wi disputable is his "middle class mythology"). and it has a l s o been discovered t ha t if \lie do not have <111 iLl...i")l !I".eadbeater.:>9·1.cu Lar I't'OI'nr'ti('l'..t" lll" 1.l 1.e'"ed by the team llesrlnt-l.~I!I (.. It is <l f-'l..'f 520 U f'i\ s 290 : U["\5 (Total) ---------1100 llI'!\s 290 UF.' "I· elementary combinations with those f i q ur-e s that arise d i.. and uo t w i t h til" rlir-Ie r-cn t s pa t i a l arrangements and su bs t r-vc tu res t ha t c on t a i ne d th('fll..:lrt. m and I. ineral._ twoen us and quartz through the energies bo t h tY1. 1\" a bo ve value UI'/\s for table salt he il c Los o valpe (in (jc"'illl.