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Journals Week Sept.

10 - October 14, 2008

- Journals must be ½ page in length, in complete sentences.
- Each journal is worth 5 points toward your final grade unless otherwise noted

________September 10: Write about your “Something Meaningful” item, which you
shared with the class.

________September 19: Write 3-5 questions for our panel discussion of students
sharing how to be a successful student at ELHS.

________September 22: Write about your weekend. Write with such detail that I feel I
was there with you.

________(10 pts) September 22: Take notes on our panel discussion.

________September 23: With a partner, list as many abbreviations as you can.

________September 29: Write one sentence telling me your favorite sport and what
you like about it. Write 2-3 sentences telling in detail a time that you were really scared.

________October 6: Choose 1 or 2 to write about:

1) After the hunt, do you think Rainsford will become more like General Zaroff?
Why or why not?
2) By the end of the story, have Rainford's ideas about hunting changed? Will he
continue to hunt animals? Why or why not?
3) If you were going to create a movie of TMDG, what actors would play each of
the characters and why?

________ October 14: Notes on Civil War background