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Door to Door
The Life of Bill Porter

“I think there’s something wrong with me.”

• Some teenagers saw Bill Porter and said, “You must be a retard.”
a. Why do you think they spoke to him that way?

b. How do you think Bill felt?

• A parent on Bill’s route complained that Bill had scared her little boy. What did
Bill do to help the boy not to be scared?

“Now we’re even.”

• Bill’s mother is becoming older and confused. She feels bad that she has been so
much trouble to her son. She says, “I’m a burden to you.” He says, “Now we’re
even.” Can you explain what he meant?


• When Shelly first met Bill, she came right out and asked him, “What do you
have? What’s your affliction? You talk different.”
Bill said, “I have cerebral palsy.”
Shelly asked, “How do you get that? Would you be comfortable asking
someone about his or her disability like Shelly did? Why or why not?
“Make a Wish”

• Why did Bill get mad at Shelly when she typed all his forms for him?

• Bill says, “I like to be a salesman. My mother taught me patience and

persistence.” What do these two words mean?

o patience:

o persistence:

“The #22 Crosstown”

• Bill to Shelly: “You treat me like a cripple.”

Shelly to Bill: “You are a cripple. An emotional cripple. If you don’t want help,
fine.” What does Shelly mean when she calls him an emotional cripple?

Below, please, write 3 things you learned about the life of one man with cerebral