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Date: ____/____/____
1. Company Details
Company Name (abbreviate were necessary):

Registered Address



Email address:

Postal Address

2. Details of Solicitor/Accountant

Solicitor Accountant
Name of Solicitor’s Company Name of Accountant’s Company

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Solicitor’s Name______________________________ Accountant’s Name:__________________________

Address:____________________________________ Address:___________________________________

Telephone:__________________________________ Telephone:_________________________________

Fax:_______________________________________ Fax:_______________________________________

3. Privacy Acknowledgement and Consent-Corporate Guarantor

By signing this application, you authorize us and any of our agents to give to and obtain certain
information about you to allow you to be identified;

 Information that you have offered to act as a guarantor;

 Corporate information and information as to your capacity, for the purposes of assessing your
guarantee for Students loan given to the borrower/s.

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By signing this application, you acknowledge that:

We verify the identity of guarantors via the collection of private information;

For the purpose of assessing whether to accept you as guarantor for credit applied for or provided to the

For any purpose related to the subsequent management of the credit guaranteed by you;

For any purpose related to the enforcement or proposed enforcement of your guarantee.

Declaration-Corporate Guarantor

By and on behalf of the Corporate Guarantor

I/We acknowledge that I/We have offered to act as Guarantor in support of (Applicant’s Name)

application for loan.

I/We acknowledge that you will rely on information in this form and any additional information to make
a decision as to whether to offer the applicant a student loan.

I/We have been truthful in all information provided and have not given false names in this application.

I/We understand that this form does not constitute an offer or acceptance of loan as defined in any
legislation relating to the provision of loan.

I/We wish to state that the company is not in any bankruptcy.

Signed: Signed:

Name: Name:

Position: Position:

Date: Date:

Stamp/Seal: Stamp/Seal:

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