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A!I Imly mcbed ,down. tIt€· fliIpe'~ he be.3trd it IkIne1y hl1lwl riP[lllellp ;rmm bl,lIIliW,. The wiHd.'1' ,\. w~u~ Wora'\>.·\!I~e shru.g_goo of-r tim OtoUghlt 1I!Iidl'(~n!tin1!l:.m ,lijmhfng: dO'Wll,

A ~st ,ol'lIum:id wind, swept, througb ,a t1.mne.l tltmit ~illm'lWedi W, tlu!· pit. ru:h~ f~etbrusllM lbe mW'Ji:y grOl!!lJI!. In41 tn:ooght, o(lIIIe mooa,lJjoo. AJoot,i:tQl!iJ!:ht, !lQfbe !.!!'lIull:b" ihesUPPoied, bu' i't WlIS a ~y ••• perlDillips :I.!Ji an ~~lire city'! llldy:S h.@'anliilced,. tIe- st.ep;poo unto· tim mud ~OOI'. A ~l!ddenbuIi"5t .0:( how~ ,dea:i'tlllfdi hOO ~OO' a :!iocood, 'bils 'blood WII ootd.,

J'1t<{v :ti!flll:'hM 1l111kiWly, !ECn~p-_p;;d Qf.JIi hk holsttt fttp',8:nd ~rollgjh:l milt his .. 4S, as· if he npe€t-ed s()'meOltiii or -8om,etbin,g to

~nlNl:Iit Iltim. But th~rt: was [W" it

semm.ed tuo ,~~sJ' •• !Iike. Chit W'ilS jtm w~.itb!g ro~ him. As lWdjr :nuwed tollili.1Jf d tile tu:m!l:'!~ hils 'hn'dt f'iilUgl1J"t ::I sih"er glirmmer at itIl,e endlf ~Ile :pas .. s!lJge. He: teWl'OOl. Tie 'm~~allmmi? SGmJtfiling was. Wltiilig; it was jl.Ol.~'tl" eorn!

B1!IIt~'here it was, Ilmg;ing f]lom albam~,pO'1!j!;at, the md (If the _p,a:ss<lg'e, 5ti., Nlntdl1il b}' seme d€llay,r,d 'l)'lfJl1'ri!lgs oJ feather rurttl.'bone., The lJiled;al]wn tw~'cd

sluw]}' io th,~ sud)' VI'i!ild. Thrcihligbt dian.eed 1)11 its: g1e~mmg s.mfa(:e.

I .l.l'ldianll' jallllJnioo the Mreh beh,,'efl],

~WO" s-..n:es. ill 'the waJlI, aIId tunu~d. to' s~!n'e {lIt t~;e: mOOiaUi.o;'l]l. Jle< .1i1,a>d tl)!.!J:t~ it! The m.eliiill.l!Iion ''iIi'ftll ~Thtre speCltii!tular tJ.banl !he'd. eJliP~ted. n was, lOue of those ~I'eeii)'gs; lew' dt41IS tbali c3J1'iedbilitiity with it •. throughout i~.1W couLd fee~ him~~U d![;~Wm5 ~g i..JJ, l-IDt~ p!~~t, ;i~ li~~ aexe~l:his lkt,gers allld :rea.ched. :F'Q[" tl'iie rnne-fo\'~red ~wde o.f :dlver ..

Budilell~y. the wuUJ, slUfted Flwtly, i:t cinticd tluJ· cOck (If metal. eon. sbj;.nc. InKy .ditdn't "!Ml~ lot alii. inl'ilatioD, mit !lJlatch.ed. ~he lUooallio:ll, Rnd. b:riogin.g up his g!.!!t, pi~lmGi :sidew,a.ys.,. Ali :he whrirled. ms sbQUllder slam, IDled, mto It]le wall, lind b.t' feU ·to II<hIl nOM .. ind)'!S: g)g_Q bw from his ' and plGppedmt(l ~he ~.Ft mud a ;r'llwfa~~ .~w,!!'y. WeU, In-d-y tlmug'bt, :1:1 :Ieast tt didn't misfire.

"I'\1liJi, Dr. JOM;fs\ y'tUI are a, NMiIJ[J',Cf.ii:Ji1 man, Eut sllfeJy Y'1iIc1ilikllQ'\!i' '~J! oow t-hat mO'lmundi's mMe il.flea:SUf€!I,are tliey,e:r guiite S(lI€'M,Y to' '!:.{l]]}!:l by. Now. MM' ,jIjd ~'l}ll find UlJls .ea.v.ern't .. -:me VOOCle, hard as sil;eeE,. a]lli'i(lst tm.ttle,.had 00me from ~b.'~ ~~ftdns.

(:akoo will. ~1i'I~dJ Indyswod IQI. nit..

J),jng inis shouMer. HIs ol1mrhand iill iJ.o.wn to .hils wilillilP" From Uil~ shadns il.ilmt ~lIt 8psnill'rd dII1essed iii stained

safari dl!il~es. A Ituge, frown.lug !j]aJtlrvll

'I'1-~g cho&ces lih the oneaboveis whal THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES'"' Game ~s .<111 ab<mt. This is a role..pbying ga~lI~_ You don't just roJ.! dace, mo\-'I@ your plalyi~: .piece· arolillnd a board, and.

I draw cards. ,[til 'this gam~e. }'Io.u get to makecooic@s and play aut acttons (o'li an lffi:!lgmary pmo'n .. YOu play at char.H;te,r., ju:st like an actor tp]ays .a dllu;acter I~. a play 01'


)bl!l can play ~he .ptln of Inr!i;;m,,a Janes or CIne: of his

:f ri ends. ""roll: can ,deride how lll'dy w:ill ~sc~p-e the r1e.)(j!' sUu.aHOri: th@ rlllnaway truck. the ·thumlderil'llg ~andsli.d@,. e:V"e1l the foul \Naz;is. "Each advemure b more exdting and 'oofl:'ifyl.n,s tfum. ~he n-exU


Uke ,other games, It'his i a game you play wi~h yo:ur biends and C.O!l[tu).an~o!:'ls. BUll: you're no~ ttyif1\5'l' t ... h .. :;t e!ild {!tfuier eo the finish line or co]~ttt tile mCl~t pillay moniG)I. You and. Y'Q!.If fr1end:; ",,·ork togethel:, u:;ing all of your wits and 'inLasination t,o solve, 01 mystery Q!:" fj nd <II, tn;!::I.$UI'i! ..

One member of yoUii' group willi be the lRe:Lier,e·fj, The' Hereree' plays an i:mport;;ul;l. Pill',t ]0 an Indiana J(Jfj~ ad'll'!l'fllnre. He describe!l: '~d'lat happens to lthe characters, and heg,lv'es playti'S ififonnaliQl\ about the ildv~!1Jh!iW 50 ~hey can make decisions_ The ReF.e.ree .:1,1:5-0' has to ~a\re a good !idea. of what's covered in ti1~ rules so he CO'lrl run the

stOfHI, bt'hlnd illim, tiiltiing hm gleaming !o"word in. th_e tOl'cbtigh;l.

.lnd)'slfIriAtdYll!akly .at '~l1ie ~'!Paniatd. ""The liittle giils s~a,uon dii·WIl. the s:treet so.lld. ~l.e thed!!i''" W.hy, .You tf:InJ' "em, too?"' ln~J'si:l~~ 'Iillp his C:bantn {loitlldlll~ lI)ise hi$, whip· alld, get, outbe£or,e Big ugJy,ul!l blm'oo nb!OOl1tS~ CGUJd b,.e :get, tlJlhi;s .gtllll? Or maj,'be he' ool:lild cu~ 3

ll!iiaJ ~1 Ub. ~bllil' lam; ..

Wh~)t dill r~ k 1'lldia'11!Il ~ woulld do? OiUlld h.e mOl'@ fut ~m!)l!gIii

I'Ji Ilill gJllD befooe lie Sp,antMd s~ppedl bilm?Cmdd.h@ 'USle! his ~ihilp tlQ ~aike 'ClUe of both (he Sj)$niard;llndi his ··lfl!'.i:end"? What wiiI:bIild h s.ay .illtt tr~ildl ,to makie

;I deal?UlfLiiit woo~d YOU WaJII' hlrllr~ to d_~~

Mak'e lrOW' ehmt!l'~

players through adventures. Can Indy swing from that rope? Will the Nazis shoot at the truck? What's behind the next door? These are the kinds of questions a Referee answers.

Suppose that you play Indiana Jones, your friend plays Sallah (Indy's trusted Arab companion), and another of your friends becomes the Referee. First, the Referee describes what Indy and SaJIah see. In this case, they are at a cave entrance. The Referee tells you that two Nazi guards, toting submachine guns, stand outside the cave.

Next, you and your friend decide that Indy and Sallah will creep up behind the guards and knock them unconscious. Do Indy and Sallah brain the grimy goose steppers? The Referee uses the rules in the Combat section to find out.

Suppose that Indy and Sallah get into the cave without too much fuss. There they run into Limey. The Referee tells you that Limey is an old acquaintance of Indiana's. He's a shady guy, but he's helped Indy out in the past. You don't know what Limey will say or do, because Limey is a non-player character, or NPC. Your Referee acts out the part of Limey, just like you act out the part of Indiana Jones.

Pretending you are Indy, you ask Limey questions:

"What're you doing here? How'd you get past the guards?" The Referee, playing Limey; answers, "'Ey, Indy, I slipped past those lugs outside when they weren't lookin'. I heard how those Nazis been pokin' around here. I'm on your side!" Do you trust Limey? Or is he leading you into a trap?

Suddenly, three Nazis burst into the cave, growling and waving submachine guns. The Referee decided that these Na"is would look inside the cave after seeing their knocked-out comrades outside.

You and your friend tell the Referee that Indy and Sallah dive for cover. The Referee tells you that Limey runs for safety, too. All of a sudden, the lead starts flying, ripping into the cave walls and the crates that are stacked all around. You tell the Referee that Indy whips out his .45 and returns fire. Your friend who plays Sallah tells the Referee that Sallah throws a crate at one of the Nazi thugs. Your Referee uses the rules in the Combat section to determine who's shooting at who in the cave, and who catches the lead.

THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONESTM Game puts you in the thick of things, so you'd better not be squeamish about snakes or about taking a punch or two. This is no 9 to 5 jobl


Besides this booklet, this game comes with an 8-page Evidence File, which features character dossiers, adventure area maps, and forms for adventure clues. A Combat Grid, used for mapping out action scenes, is also included. A special map of the world is printed on the back of the grid. The 3-D Figure Panels feature walls, doors, pillars, and characters. You can cut out these fig-

ures and create 3-D adventures on the Combat Grid. For details on how to use the 3-D figures, see p. 63.

The game also comes with a Referee's Screen, which contains all of the tables a Referee needs to run an Indiana Jones adventure. Featured on the back of the screen are three Adventure Backdrops, which you can use along with the 3-D figures and Combat Grid.

This rules booklet introduces you and your friends to the idea of role-playing and to the specific rules needed to play this game. At the end of some sections are short episodes from Indy's adventure, "The Ikons of Ikammenen;' You can play the first episodes by yourself, and learn how to use the rules while you play. Later, the episodes change so that you can become the Referee, and a friend can play the part of Indiana Jones. By the time you finish the adventure, both you and your friend will be able to teach others how to play the game.

The rules are short and simple. As you read them, remember one thing; don't panic. You don't have to memorize the rules booklet. As you play the game, you can use this booklet as a reference manual, the same way you use a set of instructions for building a model or working on a computer.


Indiana Jones won't always hit his target when he's shooting at something, or he won't always be able to keep control of his car on those tricky curves. You roll dice to find out if your character succeeds at such actions.

This game comes with two dice. Each has 10 sides, numbered from 1 to 10. You can use the dice to roll numbers from 1 to 10, 2 to 20, or 1 to 100.

When the rules say, "roll Id'IO," you are trying to find a number between 1 and 10. You roll one lO-sided die. When the rules say, "roll 2dlO;' you are trying to find a number between 2 and 20. Then you roll two la-sided dice and add the results together. For example. you roll a 5 on the red die and a 9 on the blue die. You add the two numbers together for a final result of 14. You do the same sort of thing if the rules tell you to roll 3dlO or 4dlO .

When the rules tell you to roll percentile dice (or dlOO), you're rolling to find a number from 1 to 100. The red die roll result always represents a tens digit; the blue die roll result always represents a ones digit .. So, if you roll a 2 on the red die and a 6 on the blue die, that means you roll

26. If you roll a 06, that means you ro116. If you roll a 00, that means you roll 100.

Sometimes the rules tell you to roll something really funny, like 2dl0+7. In this case, you add the "7" to the total you rolled on the two lO-sided dice. So, if you roll a 3 and a 6, the total is 9. Then you add the 7 for a final result of 16.

THE HULKING NATIVE STEPS FORWARD. INDY'S GOT 10 MAKE HIS MOVE NOW. WHAT WILL HE DO? To find out how you make decisions, turn the page!


11jI' "," " S 01" P, Ila,)r,eT,' YO,l.I, :OOfl_tWl, OI:1l.e ~f the lIn, (J5'n' :imp(](,r~,ant questions like these by using the d\ar.a.cibwr's,

- parts 0& THE A[)VENTURES OF ]NOIANA 'th~ six AttribiJA:>e'$ (a!f!d th.e;~r .wib,reviatiO:lls)' are:

, JONES'" Game-a char,adeil" (0&150 c:aIEed. a 'pJiI!ye:r , STRENGTH {ST), MOV1EM'ENt' (MV), PRO\NESS {PR),

- rn;J[I'.ade;r, or' PC). '(au pillay 't:he grune' tttr"gI1P 'thb~ ehamo- I BACKBONlE (BlQ, INSTlNiCT (IN), and APP:EAL (Am. ter, 11Im.king all of his decisilJfi.S for him. W.illlndiall'a Jon\~-s IEElch Au:r.ibu~e ih~s a ratlr18 from. 1 to 100, The h~gh@r a

try a rUlilni[Jg leap across 'the chasm, 0 wiU ire look for oil char<ld~r';:;; AUribute Raitilllg is, th,e beuerthe Ch~tfact,eJ is

I sai;e'r way ee crooo1 As butle:ts whiz a['ou:nd him, will OIl tha.t At i rib!,lt~,

Sa/lah risk h,is, life to sprint through ttte c.leari:n;g? ,At. <'I. playef, yOU!1. mmke th>ose decisions.

Each character in ~hi5 game isuniqtte. The wodd. simply i5:1i1'~ bll; enough Ior two indjana JO.llft&P!$ .. Eo! , hplayei: hai$ to decide w~i.chcltarac~er he w~l] pl.a~" [n tl;l~ ~g;alJle, you can be any C!n~ ·ot lilhJG:' toJLownng 1P'1ay,e:r' d;.a,roder:s:

~~ ~,~

:WIll Jo;;t ~

SIJpr:t.o\bIId ,W. Sicaoi:i


Each spedfic rnd~;Jl'la JMe;: adv'e<ntttre win cnltUfie wE-deh p~;tye;r cliar.act -[[5 will participate iR that adwnhJr'e.

Aft!el' you hav@ ehesen a character fOf a game, yOUl play

the :part QJ thAt dt~ractcr for the whole game. '

A5 y.o'Uplay, }f.ilu:rcm.r.,u:t·er gains <Ind ~Q~!1 !'!1I"O!:'!l:Y.

I ~nform:ation, fr~ends, OlIfId ,equipment. You have too kieep t.r,aid. 01 ~\fhalt: YOUII ch3ra,c~el; has" For installoe,M'or.r.i01l may use sorne money to. bWlY a car. If yotlpllay

M ... r"""'" }'""'U "'<olio", ~!h,,"~ C~.:l· :10.= W<!1e~ ""","""-"' .... but shenewhas .<I, ca[", Later. in ,1';1 desperate eh a ul!1 no escape vicious

, gunmen, &f,,'fion loses oontro 1 of the ar and crashes :into a tree, 'so much lor the car, Yo!'! not,e tllis down I 'or Marl'on abo.

10 lket'lp track (JIf. .!Ill this in,for-matlon, each player' has a. .:haul; teli' dJ.n,~~~~ (fO\LFIf.Jlil11 the Evidence File). ~u 'carl IJ~' ill@, s~~ces ,011 the~ d.ossili!l'$ ~'Qreoord what ch a racrers own. km!O'w, and do. Also p.nn:l'ed on ead do~~ier a ~ a ,d\.ar~c~ lre-c's Atlriblltes_

Whme:ver y,OUlf ch~u'a~~et' 'lri.Es 50mell'tmg diffK;u~t OJ: UI'lIIlsua], yon ft'<lv-e tor'o']1 d!OO {pi!~U]e dice} and cQmpa;r€! Y'''u:r tlie ... "",,]1. t:o ~h .. prop"'" AUr.i6'Ll.1too R",~I:"8. ~o ,_ iii ~'<:l"""r cJilamcter' succeeds. This ~s ,cllilJed ITi.llking a Chedl. For ex.U1\:pJe.. ~f Y(!U are cherli~agiJ][lst. fO'llr dllilfadelr's Prowess Ral:ing, ~hen you 0II1le O'Iakilrig a Pr,owe5s Check. If YI):t:.rr dke roU .is low!!f t.han (joI' eq,llal to ytJ1llr characters Attrihute Rat~n,g, your charactsr succeeds, If your·di.ce fQn is nigher, 'Your character fails,


tJC_'" ,'h~n",~re' s:lx GharaJ::iens-

, ",. Hcslh:1l!~

, . d",flne yOJJr


:r' 3l'11d mental. abmUes.. How charIl'l!in,g is 5alJab"l HQW good is Winie in 3J :figjtt 1 , C.m ShDl'.t .

. NoWld outrun 'the gUOlM 7 Y01:1 can an!>w'e~


A lot of things can af£ecl YUDr c:harac:~~r man adventure, W YO'Il! will ·o·fte~ have to change' your characters AUrib· ute Rahm;gs, ba5~don specific sitlilations. Th.~'c'h"Tlig~s. <!iii!'! cal[edmod:ifjgl'$. SO:m~. sH~,Uiol'l$ d"iOlt ,C<l!t'I modnfy

'ym '!"hd.hil'l.U:W·~ .r':i..tL.tlILrU!ll:: :Ri;lHu~lIo oiLllIi:" UM:1!:'t.l1 U.[.U thl;:

R,e'!,e:r-eei's S~ree-.l'I.

All modifiers affoect yom c'.hara.c~~r's A;nrlbube:s the $<I,rne way. They mal)';

• dt1u6I. JfM AIII'iJur8I'_ lf~ ,. ,""", il!II AIIIiIIiI!fa RIdIgs tOl


• cut~.Atfn1:UB" •• to ~ oIll'r1lrir arigiOII" ~.i'K)

,!;;it;~(i!I~U::~ clo!O$j~ws]n the Evideilu::e Pil:e Hn aU Q\f a !~haradl::ets m'Qd.lHwA:thcib~te: RI:l~ings aext to his orig;iniilill .At1I::r,ib1J~.>i:l~tings. Mel"!! YlO!:lJ:" (lha_r<'lieter!~ Att!l!'iil:nJh:! .Ratrngsare modlifilie'd fl1'.r aperiocl ow Um~, Y'Q1l! COU'II keep t];~ck Q~ the new ra:.tingll by marking ~hebc", ~e(l!-" the "·PIP(opri~

au: l!!,t:~rilhltl!t~ 'RaHng coillJ!mIll" - -

M.OIi\e' ~l:ia:t:'i olliJemodi£iiOii!" Calf! aJf~~ Y·OIlI.' chatac~e[' at: on~' lime'. Sll~Jipose tNt i1ild1Ma:1011es,~s ~oot~ng 11 gUIilI 'While runnring (P:l'OW'B55R",tii'llll ~!~ :llQo :l! h); he ,011:>1) l\!,<liS· ,il Sedo'ys WQu'Il!.cl (P;QW~S$ Ratliig cut 00 ,/::;: ,a.garifi) , lnctY'$ Pro!'I'i!'~~ R:3Ilting is no:wcut to '~l~, of i~'QriginaJ number;

Soml1: mod~f~l"S may c3incel eO'l,c~ ot~ei' OUlt. S~(PP-05~ tNt Itt-ay is. se3_:_rch~ng fOlr a h'ap (Ins~irl'd R<lting 1S, dlalJl~ b1edl).l he also ha5 a 8;~iLo!,:J!$ W'Otllnd (h'l!Sitind .Rati:ng .c-Ui~ too lh.). Hi:5l[lSHnc~ Ra:~iJ'lg ]$. now normal.

No .AttJ'.ihU'I:-e' R~ti[l8;(;;:iln 'e:V'e:rbe 'h~ghE!:r ~an d.Qu!blil! its orlglnal !:lumber, or ]owef dlill![J -1/4, or i~s or.igiIIWII nureber,


A verygrn:ld or ViEr)' bad dire ron 01ilirul A:t~rib-u.te Check C'_I1 ~<'IJ.n 'Ii\!m~thi~g sl?~dal;

~f yO'~ iroll from 01 tlO' 0-5, YOIJlIi" dn<liracter su«~e;d~, ,00.nd he: getslll;!:1cky nreal.

If ¥O,;t roll, h:cm '96bo 00,. youl~' dhar,ad:er ~ili:ls, IiIlnd_ he: &e~ ,iii. 'Bad lh'calk,

A Lucky Break nUl,nltS l~aJl wmiElhing good has une:ll.pec' hap]Jl1t:1ed toyolJt c'ha:racler, $~truing th3it help,,> Ilim. for exOl!mpl~, he may shoot better ~hal'll

·.,.Y.!?y<=:t<.d. 'ho m~}' ~~" '" I'~"f' ;i .. A Hg" .... '" "~ h ..... ..,. ;·1' ........ ,;"',~, otat.iene:myma:y trlp amd f<lU~t bis feel. 'i,oill COLlrJ.'~ S1!~ez.e' at ~Md badk !:ike tha't:l

AB.a:d B:['ofilk means, tha~ 5ametlili[lg: rott'f'III. has unexpecbed]yhappelled to rOi.u·,ci\araoCbe:l;, oom.~:htrilg 'Ihal

I liI1akes thil"i~s t.oUl~eT' than before. P'OiJr example, he may ~ot Q~Iy filiJll to leap a Chasm, he ffi1l/.y fili[ld hii!mself cli.!'Iiging It'o t~ edge hy his fin~fttips, Or he to:"lj,gM slip .wld to l!lI:mb~iiilg dQi""'n. ;[l, $:LQP~!nt~~rn!~g.]!I; of ,~ hot chase, 'W.h~~; cam, YOI] say7 TIu~ thin,gs hlllippen,

K€ep in mm[ld [,bat tud::y B-"roah al'ldBaJd :a[\~k~, ~1wOly~ , -aJPP~'y when Y'OI.!Ill"lk!e Olil'l A~tribule 'Cihe!l;k,.:, eve:!'! if your chararter's Al:triibut~ RilJting ~5 dlouib100J \ilit the time ...

No Gille eva dlf!s ,as a; ~lOuIDt Qf ~. lu(;ky Bre .. k CI'f ~. B .. q iBre2il. Such. eV\I~lHs jll,l!:~' make tMn~ a liu~~mol'!!! int.ere~t~ , i.rIg-'O:.!'1.~w:a'ji'@r th~ Q~h~r.

Usts oj some l!.lckY<lnd Bad Br--eaks art-e induded gn the Rreref!el1's Screen. 1II1eR'f:reree may .also :make up his,'a,w.1:IJ Lucky Brlilaks a~d!:Jiad Breaks,


SU€ifI!8~m Thl:<; .AJRtibut~ ni:flec~!l h(lWmJRc~. mtu:;!crepower' " yOU]) clIDsil'ac;t:e~ hi!li~, .. fA. en.aJra.C6:-ertaJifie-asily Il~~ 3i Il1l!n1De-J of :pollnds eq;111lillfiC! t ..... ice: ~hl, 'ROlit~[i(g.

E,:t,jl._mple; Jndl:ru1il ~ bel$1lE) ch,<lsed ~l'oog ill, .• Ute

It)i}s~ fQck $t,iJIde..i),l~ ti.imb~!es ~!im Oi;"!l'r the be of tl:hi'

cUff. FJaii:ing wil.illy, h<e< ~!J:!it c ... lthe5~he edge with his fingers, his body darugllli:rn:g over the chrus:m .. flnr.1IJged natives <irf' dt<llrglfllg !Jip the pOlth h:l·w,,,,rd Mm. Can Indy puJW hbn·, ~If up'? YO!,!! mu~t'rn!ab ,a Streng~hC!heck to' find out.

Movemen~ Th~~ AI:tr:iib1J~ ;;!I;!f~~~:!;; how faJr .. rCha:rnl:!\~r '~i:'ilt'io'!"~ i<i, l~rrte tlJm, how fa:r he C<IIrl ju:m,f Q:r l~ap, ,and bow last ,~'E!' can. Mim. FOOf exa..W<!p]!":, YOl!wc'Y~d!'lil:.l,h aMo'!lerne11l;~ CheJEkwfl.en yom character ~rie5 fut JfnM an· im:PQlrtafllt exil:ra burst: of s.peed" when he is 'beil1g: .cklised, (iJ[Ji wh~n he wants 1:10 ad! fi"~ in 0lJ llgh! .. You alsemake M()ll,!'eme1"li~ Checks WMlII your char: .. ~t~l" trl.6 tiC! do !SQ!I1l~" t:h~ a[Tobatill':, or wfiLeJ:II he' dr~"\i'lf's o:l! v~:tI]Cle.

&~rnpl~[ 1IJdy h'i~~o dive: af~ :;Ii bak:ony .:miI. c~bC'l'n: .t!h~ I <lwnilllg ~']ow. ¥,QIl!l mos-i: male ;II. M[}vem.1i1n!~ Ched::: ~1Ci see'

if 1'mty !z;3itd;,~,es the <1rwruin~.

p[\U~ '1fli:IS Att:rn'bu~"e l'eJlrect~ your d~afac~ &OOifd:i.-·

I nation l1!i!,QJ Hghtt, YC:lliI.r eharactee uses I~his AUriOllie whenever h~ hit'S "t'l) :mO'Oit or beBit up sOmEOnE.

~x<lmple.: .1mli:aJ'l~ tries ~o wr~s~le a gGo:n to the gmuFliCI ..

OlJnh~ do h'? ¥ol;ll"{ll""k;!l! <:I!F'ro~ o.@I;'l:. ,to ~i~d O'l,llj~,

BacilkiI:Jone:; This Att~iblJte reflects yuu:r chaeacter's deterruination ,!lind ,8;u~'S" Ybm c:h.<trac:ter 1l1se.,s liLis .AU,[.i;Dute whenever nee·nco.l[[r.llerS some+hing, tha:~ter.;~s .h~:s wiiUP'OW'IN-lO:;i~l;l:OO, d~l;"lAgs. or some l~rtj(1jng s,lgM.

&a:mpJe: A s.!I~<!ike C()iffi ",.:roundi th~ bage of OJ. statue IndM.l'la: W<L!l'i:t~ 'Do graib" Si~ce Indy dOeoJ:n.~t m~x:h 1Jk.e SI!I:<1ILl",s, YQ!':! .nav'e to IlI1Ii,Ike a to 5ee- jJ indY'lZaiD overcome ihisc f;ear a.n;d. take the stlIDtue:.

.~l1.nrCt. This AUriibl!lt<e reflects yoWl" character's .aib:iUty I~o fH~tiD1! ~h~.rl:gIJ'<lTlld to kr;tOl'\l' .in hi~ £ut thiOllS9m~l'hing hlo't right. You make aii1LrnIlffifmd Cheek ~or )'out ,ch"i03.dil1:r wi:tl'n he, is~bou:~ tOeTIter adi'ap, wh:~1'1 WJJleD:[Ii! is :iilbOlit t.n c;lItch him off~gu<l!l1d, 0:1" wiler- he nQ~i~s,aQlne d~tan tha:~ hewoulld. otherwise i;g[iO!fe. How a ch.u:actel"s iIl}S~inEts L~nhlim dep~f:ldsOfl ~he dim'! tornl (the lower,the

bet~T). ..

E';o;;;O!mple: lndian<i JOfj'&$i~ w-alkiilg down a e:ro",rd)eJJ

I s~:n!~l. On O! :Il!e-,;;jjd"y I'OQt., a kllJ1er arrn.ed wi~h a. l:ifl.g h~'!:t'i!.g~ . I mdy :in~o his sights. You. make lIn]Fistiru:t: Ch~~ re see U Jndy not~r3f!~"n:ythi.n:g-t~ g1;:!:!lIIm_a:f!I's!>h a ,diow, or just th.€' f<f€Hng ithat' sOl}'leth:~!lig [,s w,ronS:. latK4', tne kJUer ]@llPS lOW a c,ilt iUld 5op~edsilwa'Y' indy tr.!~5 tJO ~-d the lIcense p.kibe, hut ~h.e Ed!f is fast, a;ruclllndy is doa,gi:l'lig pOO.esJl:r.iaIl!K. You ntOlh an ~nstimot Chec.k ·~o 5e€ if Indyc:an

I ma!:!!!! OW~ the~lceil$e 'plabe rn.l.mber,

App@a~ Ths,Auribut.>e .,e:flect~3J, ~Tad:e.r'5 pre~sonaility. The' higher the Af~al. R~ling, ~he- mo.r-e channlflg, ilnd llkailt!le YOUl~ &i.aracb'!t C3i[l b~" ,;,dillf~ you W<l];[~ ~imbo br.!, Y,o,\eart A:pperu rCheck fur YQiJ!,!!r d:l<lJ:O!ick~~o sec :~{lW otlle:r.- :n(jn.~play~r ch,u"<"!!ctefs ,reatd to .I:'iimin 3J tiLQ.rniI.a& sHu~Uon (on!:: tltaJt doesn't in.V'Olv>e HsIJsJ).

.fiX,ampif.; .Dr.~ JOfl~ ~dID~ u~' loa cigal'~Ue 'girl:!lrJd asks her w!here he CilIlI. find Ge(I:rg-e (<!!:l impolltant donil:aict}. H.e~ figfUfes,ht: beHu mallly hun C1I11i tlliecl\JJarnl ~noe ihe h~d]y noodsthisjl'llf(Jtttla~:io'IiI, Alhe,r t.eII~[ljg th.eR.efeit-ee wh.:lJ~ Indy i5':~;y5r you milk<: an Appea~. Ch~k to ~ how the gkl ,an~,


iPby 'thh.'~PJ~ucl!£, YOl!ln~ed ~he .r11'diaj.o.{JeF. Cllar.act_~,~ DUroSli!_1:' from the :idelll-«: File. a piece df paper, 1,1 penell, and lh~ tWQ Ui~-sideg dice. "lbu c.1l'1play t!:te tt:!pj!lO~ 'b}' YUl,lrseJf.

\Nh~h! yOIl. r-eOid the ~pisoo~ scenes, pretend thaJ~ 'you a;r-il Jndi~nOll Jones. Af~eT you r,~a(l a scene. foUoW (fie stepo: Il:liaJ @UitLme how you play the situ<!Hon descrlbed if! the scene.

Star I, by nta.dl n~ Sc€!lIe 1.


Step 'iI.: Im::!y starls to era .. i-; tlile whip'l Ma,ke an. IMlitLd Check (TaU ,dlO(l eJrnd compase [the re;".ilt Ito Iud,·~ i[nstin.d .Ra,:i!1lS)·

If 1.hf.l~!l11 is S() Of !owen Indy sees Marr1J5 Br-ody come in. Broo,-::' jaw drop~ 'wh~r1. hE! sees; W~;JIt'!l happenIDg.

If tnt! :w.>uJt is h.ighel' than 80; B.'(j~ enters tne room, bult Joot'd.oes:n:'li noticehim.

Step l~ T.he wh1p'~ <bbO'!<It to crad;lJ lrldYs aimLng coally for itu! dga.mtei:n MMs GreeMeys: llf.Iou:tn..

Did mdy ~ .Brodyent:e-:rr the fOClrrI (Srup 1 abov~)7

~; MakE a PFo~ Check"

No.~ "'Gooo iLord, jooes[ Wholt dl(;l' you

thiTlk.l"ol]';r;p dOing;?'" .Bhldy;;:nes. eareh!rig Jndy o-:ff..guar-a. Cut. Indy); Prowess

, Ralingto' 11'2, iliIld !hell make a Prowess

I Check,

If tne f:1i'Sult is 76 ()r .IOWi?t (38 or to we. d _lkooy st<lrtJOO Indy): llllt!y k,l1Iot;k5 the cigarel.te -Cleanly fl'mn Mk.,,; Crseb.ler'~

meuthl -

.ff the resli!J~ As biglul!r Marl' 76(hip~F dlo'lfl38if Brody ta.rth?d Indy); Indy mii5{ll'li) I'he cig.ltl:letk' J'

1.( file l'e.-;t!lJ~ is From 96 to 00: Indy mIss!!!!> tlil@ ciga.r~Ue, dipphlg a lock from MJss Gh"e.b,lt?y:S h,.j:r i She' diroP!; die' d:~~ retle and ,ra .. shcr. from -the mom.

I S~1? 3; I11l'ldy missed U,e f:iIcS~ tlmeand Mf5:S (;If?,I;'b.!ey didn'l take ;j)£f, 'YOIl can keep r(!]lif!~ u;1iI~1l he s'1la:eeds. M;ilk_e, a i\-t:ll"tnal P:roweS!;' IlillcI< each time, Keep track of the tll!lmiber of tries 1l'Idy mak't!l before h~ stlc~eds. Tf Indy keeps torill3, MamJ:I! Brody !lta'nds to tlite side a'nd scolds hisn,

"Dlr. N!'I€!S, I I!II!ii~t yall ~tQP this dan~:rous nonsensi!'1 This is. nnt the w,;;I,y the ;;~i!!,:jl;e W<lnt'S us p.i'of~s t'r!. beh~.'1:!'· 8rody's g~NBng a Ijttl~ hot um:IIE!1" the collarnow,

YOIII magh~ rhifik oJ !iOtin~hif'!& Jndiflfl.<I cQ'uld :lillY to calm Brody d01l,:n.

Sl5ep~: Indyf.i'fiigtn~s IIp hi~whip Iprill;lice.

"Come along, j_ndi".fia;" Brody s.ays, ~f_h!i!"f-.e·5, someone l:iere to' SEI! )1'0<1,:' Lildy ;;md Brody ""..ilk down til!? hall t:D!l't;!tliter.

~ JQn~, iJlCl, YCf.'U·lWlli2iiil wh~t ooulld ha1'E! happened :i~ you mi~edl Then) would have bern a. ]awsu:ttrl [F 10U wtt~n.'I· th~ b.e51: and mos~popu.L~J' p:roF-ei::oor :ilTl the ;lIt:h~-e'ii1ol:lY deparlm.ent, ['d have you on lh~ru;gfl;l!" th.i£st~Lnt" ,Biudy fin.-aHlI' quil!ts down a5i inUy reaches hill omoe.

Go· to ScenE: 2.

Sh!!i' ]:: (!'hher n!IJL'I to the wil!fll"

dow, 01' I'll<! can ,l;iheck Dunnil. Whkh do you "".anl him. bo d: 0 ?

if Indy run'!; ,to fh-e window; Indy sees omeone dash a:rou.ndl tn(!' comer of th.~

I b~;d[dll'lg. A -i:<lJr dOOf ~lam5, and. .·hell alit el1lsine c,i)1.Igh~.- ;s"u;tl.e~. and roars ofJ the" dii:;t<l;[ttt. There i~ no g'ne el5ie in sight Dunnt~& kill~ ha5 es4lP~'

If indy dlffb .Dml'IW: Jrl{ly finds: thin' Durellif' js deed, ,/\ map arid: a pidiIII~. dipped ~I;},gethe!.'. lie a'~ Ute dead man. 's ~I!!L Tha papers ''';Il'P'<ll'e:ntly f1:!11 from his 'bl:[~.fca~E! .. Take the KriikambQ M<lIp' and Photo from tlX! E'I'ltll!m:eFil",.

The map BflO'WS a stotioli (If ii'll! coast Q'J AJrica. The oicture is of a { ttJwef. l~ unlike 1Il'lV~hjng Indy's ever seen bef(!ll'E' •. Art address .Is di.pped to the p~.ctllri!:.

·W."a~ :shaH wg dQ,t' Mitmr$'s<l'1~'"


L",u.k!> lik~ '1hi,!> i" ~~iti!l.g nil51:¥, You'd better find out how to HgM .• , bt!!Ci!'I.I~ YOIl JUS! m.ig;,tne(..,J to know! Ttlflil tQ COMBAT, p, r.

J~. ~. sa .' i(h~i.S p!(lJ'(;~ '~.'I as ~~pp~s~d to 'be,~ quiet, . -=-_. 5ho'1'1: RKJUJ'id <!!nd W.wi~ know lh,a:~ ~he g!]nman

btl~ thie: three soons b~hil'l.d ,llId, s-eem m~Mt. i;s SI:.alkiXlg th~Wl. The' Refif!l'iM! .asks: you what Shotl ROru'la

, djs~W'b-jI"lg Ithee' peace, willi do ~n the ()omba~ ~'U.lL You C!I!lij' th3it Short Ril!Jil:l_nd iiil

u"Ibu.']] have tepardon me, boys,~ .indy says as tie rises ~Q)i:ng to roo away (Mo'Ving). Yo,u don't have to' say in

slowly from the b,..nlool. ,On!.!! of tHw goons grun'I:s; menae- which diitectioo S:hort .RoY'li'd wi]] run, )fi;1I1f' fr!~nd :J;91YS

~ngly, Another picks up a chair-like it was a toothp:ilck! I ~ha.t Wl11ie is, soma. to ,ump into <Ii nearby car (Movillli$).

\\!eJll, md:r~],jftlks. I CQukll p1i.IndCl this on'e, and bust ~ TIum the Relieree teUs: yo1ll. thatthe gunman is-going '10 fire

botUe over Uitat one's bead. _ .. 1'115 gtm ~:~ho!.)tm~, but hie diJIesp' t ha,vlll tillil !KI!Y whQ b~'$"

Your chi!.adber won't ,always have so m'lKh thne to ,gojng to shoot al.

I decide on 8J coW's.e of a;t~iQn when he get:!> inbo a sticky spot, This section gives YOll all the glJidelilines for go~tinii; yom: character ou~ of t],Je8e situilt1ons-m<l.ybe 'l'v,e<m in ,om! piooe!


'vi?ryd!t~ng Ithath~ppeti8 when. your character get~ into a fight ii& measured in oomblil~ 'hllms .

. A combat turn equab 5 seconds of game time (tl!i.~

, ~Jme 1;1 'Iif,'Q\dd iilli;tl;l_aIly ~~k~ Y'IJUf ehaeacter to pl!"rfom'l an ilcliJOn). The 'time i.t ~ake5 YOu eerell dice a nd move your dharact,ar hilS action will tak,e longer, o~ course. No millt.tifr how much time ;it rn;kie5 yOU! and yourfcie1"lds to play 1 oom'b.~t turn, ofll~i' S serooos pas$. fO.l:" Y'Q"ur chaeacter,

In Ifth~ CQi~r!l<e: of a CQmlh8!i tum, '~.he Referee dJe5oCri'Pes bJ y@u whJ<lt'sohappel'dng, and you decide hm .... YOllif characIter w·m act, Since 15.0 many tflthgs can happen, ill 11 com.bat II.I!HTI, yO'll. need to have i1j. wily to keep 'tra.c-k of a~1 the .1I;;t11}[1l!i,. 1Th~ i;;l;f,lrlbiU !litJ~p:':i belov ... · ~t· Ulut the :;~4u~n~ uf what ha;ppel'l~ in ,~ fight. 'These :steps let you play .out the fight as tfit '1'1". Il!in :;low lJlotif". Aft r the< st~p:; are

, Ji.Si~ed., eac-h is outlined m. greabe-.r detail. .

SII1P I.~ Sta~ Olimbat Actiolils. The le-retee and players :~~ait~ w~t ~be~!r d!,,,mdl?n wmdo in t.h~ combat t~rII!.

I St:ep 2: RsoIDve Onnib!!!~ ACUOllS-. ThIs SblrP is -Ike adtl<lJ combat tum, The characters dio.aU the actions that the Refer~' 11[1.0 players st~tedin Step :J..

STEP 1: SJ:kT.,CfJ'NISAf AC1IOII/S' During this step,you lIl."HIS·t saY' what your character is going to do in the co:mI~g combat ~urn, Ea.cbc"hara..ct 'r

I in,v'o:lved in ,a Eight get~ to 5tah~~ actions 10;1"- a ,! tum. , Tile Refel'ee ,1.Iiw shites. :an")' :non.-p:laye:.I' chMacrers' actions :d ntis tim!:! ..

You. marill,(lt:1: can do 0:ne .action ~n<l ~urn, Thereare ttvu:r bils:i:!.:: act:ions yo"!] c~ eili..[);(}Se I tom. ,hor ,c"ombat tW'1'hS:

Bl'3:wli!l!llg, :Sti1;ootw~ MO'll:ing; and O~her {8inyad.ion not COYt'if,ed by the fint three),

Wnen }IOU state yom C!i.Md<cteTS ;ie-tloms for a tlil.iffi,. you

I can be gt"!·n.eXld {"Indy's going ~o hr-awtIJ'J<, or YOil! can be spNi.fic (~fn.dy·s g' re pu:ncl1. the gDOD.N} •. Soilletimes yOUl :m.ry nOlt wanit Ito let the R~€ree :in 011 wha:t 'yOU tJave pl<m:ned until after the cumbilt tlllrn has actuali:y begllrn_

Exa'mple: You are playing Short Round, and yOUl:i' friend is playing WiLlie Scan. The .Re~el.'ee is ptaying a gUrlman.


This 'step is the ach:mlli oomba] 111m .. Thffil'e are four [plir!rls lIo a tt:l.!:".I'!. They are:

JL. ~cld:~ WIiI~ G~s FDt .:2. Make an Alh1!llidlli Cljj~c'k

j. Dot.1ihmmil'ID L{",,,,J. of Dun:l.;8(l

4. :De~ermlJne loGlUPlH. or Damil~'


A comba'i. buo usually lnvolves ,sewra:! dl.arllders, (h"lh sQQd @1"Id ~9.) .,.Utryirl<g to do $Omelhil'l8 wilbiin a period o·f 5 seconds, POT l!)!a:mIP1f!, ilhree player eharacters {Incilia'n.a }QIU~.s, Wi! Han. ,and Short ,R'o\[f_nd}oolJkl be fight~ng thiee '!1iIlaiil~. Wi~1 Indy get I~ff a s!I~Oi~ before t~.e yillain tackles Iltim? Cilll SOOn ROlilfldhithi:; OPPO[lf.l'It 'before be gels picked lIIp by the scruff (IIi his, Il!~k1 As, y,QU ~f1 S€!e, who d\o~ whll.l Hirst ean be very .impolllanU

I l \.. -,

.... .,

Ch.uaders do Ilotperfo,rm!heir c:o:mboal turn actiUJ}!j :iitl any sel order .. Player d'tancters (and some non-plsyer rnaJ"aiCreffi) can 'cliooselD do their actions a:t iJill!Y pelnt in the, tum .. The RefereE! sffilollll4 begin t:h~ turn by <!~ki_Ilg.

I '''W'h.o wants to go Hrg~7" [f :SI!'Ve'l3J ,c!narac~@I's ow"mlt to act at the sam@ ti:m@ (f.irst in the tu.m, last in the turn, e~c.). @3.cb of these cl:la:rOlC~ef$' players' must make ill MOV,etrulllt Check.

The- pla:,.~r whose clt8!!~<l(le!' bas thlli ~i!;he51 MO'veIDe<nt R3t]Qg c;~h flrst. U the Check: s:uoC)eG(:]~. ithait ,~lhara:ct,er acis first (or last oJ that's whllt ~he player Watrt5), If Ithe Check fails, the player 'whose dlal!""~~I\i!T has ~h~ next hJghest Movem.e:nt Rai:ing makes a OlllCk to see :if his character can act at 01 sp@dhc time in the turn, if theee players want to goO first ,and the first l"w'o fd their Mov,ement cneciCs,. me tl'1brCl pJayelatltomtlttl.cal1y g@.ts to act hrsl III the turn. He doesn' ~ have to make a MOI\l'emen:ti' Check.

Then the RIl'~~ asks, ·'\Vh~)~"afl~S to go nf!xft" All

I oHt~r players {iJi.dUlding I~.hf' Referee) wh,o' wallt their charii!~=~.r.:tn;; .'10 :;I~t Sili tCZ pEici'~c Id.IF.nQ~ ~I"L ~·~c..,o ~Ylt'i\ t.1-L~ n-tillk.c .... ,~ m'iI£nt Checks, basad on descending MovemeIlt l;:a,~ing~. Remember, Yii;ll.ld have to make this Check olllY' if·ro,me'one ,eli'l~ w<!~t'i!d to ,act al 'the same lime as your character;

The' Refer'eE! continues the- prOC~$S of aik~illS, wll:O wants ~o go next in the turn unl~i~ all charaetars have 'peri'ormed their actions lor tht combat turn,

Examp.le s .ll1'dia,rr.a Janf15 has a Movement Rating of ao.

Safla]} has a Movem I'l.t Ri!itiing, of 5.2, Tiley have come

I face to face with !two 'l'j1I~ins (each having: a M-ovemel'lt Rating of 48)0. You are playing .lr:rdy, your friend is plaryil'!g I Saf1ll'h ,. and the .Rclerec i<;; playill'l.g the vmalns,

Y.ou. leU] the Ref€I"f,"~ thil ~ JOlt this [q.] rn, lli~Y wants, to ~iJ,"~ ,

ttls gun (ShOt)lin~~.Th.'ElRefer'~el,enlS yol..l thal Villain "'I ~

'!l.<ll'lt$ h~, ta l'deo lri.dY (Moviing), a~d that VliI:lain In. wants

ro :r.'eloll,d ~i$ gun ~Ot,he[' ~. Your fr,leM says tha.' .~ Sal1ah ,

'w.an_J:s to fm? at 'III 11~m #l {ShQCItmg}. 1,/ ,

'I:O~I, tell t:h~ Refel'ee ~hat Indy wants to ad first, The ( ..... -

Referee says th.a~ VHJlall'llll also wants to lid fi~t, YOl;lr .fl'iel'ld says Sallah want:> to shoot before ViUain ill moves. Because .In.dyS- Movement Ra:t:j'n.,g, is, higbElSt, you make i3J MO'V'Qm.('I'1It- Che. "' ¥C1U roll "''' .oJ;. The Ch!::lJ .. f.l!Ilb, JlJIly cannotact before Villain If1 acts ..

Now yOUI'" 'friend makes a Movement

Check for Sal/a.l! !l'l'h~" has the ne'lo;t highest Movement Rahf'lgJ'. He rollsa . 47. Sa#.1lh gets to act first. He' cen n:Clw Hre ~ef-ore Villain ttl moves, U S:~1l .. j!i"6. MQ'\I'em~J]:~, o,ed" had ~ailed:, Villain #1 woul,d: have :;JJutomarUcally acted firEt.

Somedmes, the seq;uence' o.f cha],2I;c~,i2'rs' :oIctli:lil'l~ mI:3IY :n,0<~ be .$0 important,. 5I1PP.08(: tl'lH'jjtllldlY, SaJl~I;" and &'Uoq <111 want fo act first In a comha:t tu:rrn. Indya.n..d B'erloq wan t to anonl at each ,~t:her, but SaJii!ln

_ ........... ...._ ... - ........ _.,._---

wanIs, to runto a n;B,a:rbljT

tent. Indy and Bdloq have '. Ito ma.kJeMCI'Vemen~ - Chec.ks, to see wlxo E;tts

to ad first; but $!ijflorh ean act: tight away, since h~s action doesn't af.fe('~

<LLL,- ",f LI,n;: UUI!!;!, I chatader:>.


'The R,e(~ee now asks ~~d:lpla¥~r what ~'<ld]y his character is doing this hIm .. Since: yDu! malY ha:ve 'o[il,iy' sOlid,. ''If!~Y's gQ:ing tbo br1!:wl ~hi~ hJ!m.," dl!!!fit1lg Stew 1, 'lhe Re:f,er-ee ft~~ to km"w tiH1e det:aj~s so Infil: c~n fil'ltd the- results, of )"Qu:r character's actlon.

Keep 11'1 [I1J.Lnd ,that your characteir has 5 s€~oIllcl,s toperform ;'it'iiJ actio(i'J .. .If ~hER.tfcJt:t fbJinb YOIlr Charade:t':s acti.on t,akes I~QO (l"(u,t'h ttim~ 1(1[[ >!::O'!,l'eTS ~'OO much. ground [0 OCC:UIF in 1 eombat turn, he rnayask yon to state a .mew; ShlDn~1' act!Olfl for jI"O'Il!!r d1.:;u;a"'~e"f.

The Re4'E'J"~alsQ ,8Isks H you want to cha[ll,gl'l yOU! cheracter's adioJ'L 11: something happens in a com.Dalt hun ~ha~ makes you deddf;' that ·rOLl. want to chan,ge y01Ll.r eharacter's aetlon when M$ tu:~n eoraes up, Y'O'U have tiO make a MovemA1l'1t Ch~k to do so, .n tbe Omd:: succeeds, you G:;ID pi.!Ck ill. new ,action .• n the Crn:K-k f&iis:, yam' .cMrcat;t~t l.o~s the clulrme ~iO pe!rfOrnTli ,1IJny :il.ct'ion at all in dlall ('Qm~

bastum, H'e can &t~ ]'I;ornn1l1l1l in tihel'llf:)(!: comhllJt turn, however ..

Afi~:er yOy ~a'l,~~ expl"iIilA:;QJ your d:M'I~·a'i',;wi~ .adioo ~o ~hf! Refer~ in de:t:llil you make ,afil. Attclb<uJe C1eck to see HyoW" di'ar<lctcr~s a cti(l.i!l. succeeds. ~f y'O,m:f characteris B.r~'IV]in8 or Sh.()o~i:fl.S, you mo1l~ke a Pro'W~G$ Clbieck, ]f your character

is Moving ofp-ei:"iotming an UthElif adioo, t~f' R.e£e:ree decides if you have to make an AH!I'iil;lI,ne Ch(~ck. for e)(}I!_'rIlprue,i you:r character W.<in:t·s '10 leap over a crowc.ecI bEl.f, ym,l.'d bl!i~~r .~~ ." Mov~'n:le~t Ch,,~..:;k to

lli l'iII~ 5t!(j(;(,"tld.s. )] your ,charadei' only wa.nts to duck beiliiI'l!cl: .It taMe'. he tan. do I~hat :e~8]lcy without !/eu having to malke iI! .

MOY·E!'.me[lt Oheck,

PARI J,DrrE.RMINE UVIEL 0.( ,DAMAGIE rnf yO!lIr char<lder's. a.ctionwotrlks, he m<l(y cause dJlJmll!l}e ~:o the poor dod {Ilt'11tllite~[ltjtti,g end, There !In three ~CC1,l'el~i !i)f dam;;:ij~e:

Ugbt Medj~m~~f1d Serious ..

10 dde.rm iFlte what level or d;',~ your character ca[t~e£~h:~t1l h~ i~ B'raw.i~g or Shat1J~i.n&. £'oIlQW these I $~eps:

1. to the- nurnibltr tih..ilt yOIJ nl~l,ed for the FirowlI;:ss; Oheck. Then go to tle Mod~fi.ed Check Table 1(01'\ the back CQ~ of t~i$, boo~~d) .HiI,dfirtd the ro;:w fhal€s wii:h that num'be:r..Por exampie" .Ind'y hlls .1 Pl,,{)'W-e:s~ Rating of 76,. YOI,:l :rol:l .36 for i:ndy~sProw~Sl> Check 5iiIilJce~h:lll~ dice roll nllm.b('r is b~M!lie:!'I Oll'!i~ qtl;<I:rt{~rr and one-half of lndys;5RatiDg, you go to row S f'From 1h, ltoo Vz ~)_

2, Finel. ~he !2o;!lImn" !hat coincides wi~h the1!! ... el '(If yQu.r c.h,aF.<l!iJl:e'rs Anr-ibllt~ K:iI!hl1gs at the Ume Q~ ~he

Pi"oOW~S~ Chr:c;k.Foil ex<tmp']e, if inay'5 Alt~ribute ~.aili[lS5 a.!'e:mt to liz, YOIII use ~he tMrcl CIt:lllll:lm~ o[ the ~OIi;M~_

.3 C~refe"enoo tn.1Ii! appropriOille rcwand co~m[J1ll tOI find <l color s-guare on the !lIhle _ f'\Qf e)(,.<Imp~'~, Jfilay"s Prowess Omeck {3Qjcooss"referermoo whJh hi:> Attr.ilrute iRlItillg level (112) resultsin :<il blu,f' SogJUi1Iife on the Modi:Hea Check Ta:b]e,

4. Go to tItle Cllll~ik .:R:eSull! Table (also 01'11. the back CO'l.1'\.>fJ and hnd the co]uttlin tllatt 'ilfplies t.o :t:he type of Chedk you made . r\]lld. your color sqUOU"E iro<m !fhe MDdified. Check Tahle in that ·ooh,~"m1'll, for RXarn~ pIe, U you f:owu.ll aJ b]itl~ square- 0]1 (hoe h,']oolilled' Checb Table IlIT1Jd~ou V!'I!?1le tryi!r!g h) nne! out what ki 00 '0.1 (jjam~e Im:J:y dees, yO'll find th~ blue sqmne ilil tl:Jte Damage coffiuITlrn. o:f t!lIo1l' Choeoek Recflult ];1I'b!!~_ Thf!' b]~e '{otiJnare Hsts"Ughlt" diam<l\S~. indy causes.a Light wound, •

... ~>y~ ,. -I ~



Your Prow'Elss.Check di<;~ !"()n~~lb yougfS'()iuI't"ha~.:l.cter I 'hits O'!1l'\d how hard he Mts. Ely .reversing ~l1e h\r.(!! n,umbexs ~h<l~ yotl rolled, yuu can cide!rm£ne when your character hits,

FOJ'example, If you roll a 25 aDd hit, you .~verse ~h~ .niLImbeirs, andli:hen Find! 52. OIr1l ilhlQAcho!:'li R~SU]t5 Tahle." Cro~"r,~_fer..eTl!c:e ~hfl :1'!!,Imboe~ '~ith ~lfIe M~,tli[IiJ.n Eha[ Ijsts the lYre of actiQiI"I }1UU r ch.1lf<l.l:tn w2I5perfQrlililtng.,

You dotl!'l have: to us,e ~his table f,or aU lyp!!s of cemba!

::iIict'Jon~_ "You f:"I"i~~,~lII:r P .. ;L')~~:r,!M"p .~.Cl(!, 11t w'h~ ,?QIIgLI" ,~h'Q~~re~e.r ~

Shocdiflg 0:1" w:r~stlirtg,

our chaJrn13:t€:r carl use jllst ahOll..IIl anythir;'g In a fiight- a glllrt, dl!lb, kl'Hf,e, swo'rci, ev'en his

bare ha nl$ , There are ~W(l gen~r.<lil types of combatBrilwLing and Shooif'illg,

Whel:le'ver yOW' cll a rao(t~.r Hiles to hit SQ,meone by '1!1'~ing a I 5wt11'cli, club, k![li:~ei :r,if]~ h~~~, OJ[ bane bands, he is Hr<l'W~mg,


YOI.II'" cha!radelr can hra.w~, wi ~h __ I:iI,Qth~t chaeacter o!il1Jy wl1m he is acli3Jce'nt Ibo {right fI~;d t'O)lhe other dlilir a cter. See the Bra,wli,]"Jg Di.;J.:8;lOlm. l~ your chamcter is, Av ~U! :i~ ad:i aeent J~e characters ,B,tm'Orugh 1, In a, Q(IImoaJ turn, yoy, diar'<I~ter (A~ could brawl 'with any one of the other characters STlOwrn, (13 tl~l:"QJugh I). The IilTid shoWI1, in the

, ,diagr.1;rH ls the sam,.(l <IS the G:~mb'<lt Gr.~d on, th~ ma:psheeL

G F E There are three di!I;~ere'FIIt types, of ]3,r<lwiliirn:g: PUNCHJ~C, KlCKINC, and. 'wn,I!;;GTLU:j1Q •. ~"',! .. I,,;IjI,<!Utii "'dB

., ~per'Wl'm.3n:y one of i~hi!:Se actions when yQU have a~:a.t~d i!l') I Step 1. that ¥C1illlf character. will brawl in a comb!li,~ ttEm. There are sOmlil r€3 ttidill'm, however;

To PUJli(':Ii;YQl[lr ~~hi!Jra;C"I>eil' Ih~~ i:I!",~ QI'le h<Ao.m fll1e.c .. Th, kid(, YOIil'!' !l!ha~aufl'.r mu~i· hil\1'1!! 'i)~~ foot (Re.

roo W"!CC$',tr;e.,Y'i!H!!f !;~~.'I:c'er imw;1 li:.:li"'~ b.ollJ! !!rm~, ll\."if·,


YoU! mU$~ tift the .A.ctiQfr! IRes;U'~t6 Thb]e (en lh·~ Refer,ee's S-:;r~~n.) 'WheT! 'y,QUf r;h<tr~r;ttl" wl!'est~es in a, cj)mb,att~:IliIi, h~ciU.lse· tl~fe!>rnIls of 'Wr'e5tli~tIliay affect what harppetl5 hltN in the combl!lt ~tim. OF in ~he ne)(~ c:;omibat 1:'11m..

Exa'mple: Wu Han dives 01'1 the goen who~s aboiut to 'brain Indy with <I, citaif. The player rurming Wu Han rolls a Prowess Check 01' 25. He jumps the goon! To find oui:

Wu'H.'a'EI:':; wrtsll!lTig i'l!$iJJh, re-verse tbe dice toll i!i1l1.m:k_r: 52.. A 52 on the Action Results Tahle is a ---Hold .~' WlI' Han has SraiJbed the g.oon, ]u~~ping Mm from dubbllilg Indy;

Fior details on wh:at other wresding ;~I,IiI.t5 mean, see B:rawHng Damag,e if! :t"hen a mOi1;e,'l.

You dOl noil: huarve to useshe A,c:tion .R.eslIllts T:ablle w~ . your d1!:amc!l('r is .Illmcrung or licking, amthoughit does

I add color ~,o your game, It's more iIilile.restiug to say,. "'Indy crailcs til Na:d 5q~[\ii 0:1'1 tbe jaw,~ than it is to s.ay, "Indy hits the guy.~


Tl!Jere alie hvo kinds. of weapons thaI: YOUr' character om u-se while B~~wHflg:: sl~~ W'e;aJPU"RS andb!lunt lW~.oup- 01'15.

[f Y0tl:r ch.l!racter IJ!O~S a sharp weapo.r1J (kmrif-tt, sword, 0.1" Spiei'.l.If) to kit a charaster hili O'li brawl, fOlJl IDU<st use 'tin:

A I\"'~;n..." R,j>" .. h~ 'T"hl .. .(~I.""",,'':i'''B!'iJ Ih:. dot;;tI't'i'lw... where your character does damaS'e '~O his oppmileml.

If your chM a (t~ uses a 'bh.UBt weapon (dub .• bottle, OJ" !lihllmr) to hit a ~haracter in a. braw~, the: level of d<m1age he does ~() an 0PPQnt!:lt moty i~J;rt:a'~e.for examp1e, if YOUi' character hUs w~lh a,botl1e, the level of d3imase lru:ii'eases from ili;g:i:'1't to MediiUIl. ]1'he hits with a chair. the !ev~l

I inereases fmm L~ght ~(l Serious.

Nf detOlib,oll whkh ~p<m:5 can be lIli5ed while Iloraw]ing. and on wMdh weapons increase daJmag~ Lev~b;, ~~ the Ou!tiJming secticn.


Whe.rHi!V'er your ('hoii:"a~t 5ihoots a.piI, throws a gFenad~. 'cracks a whi:P, ora'ttadlb somecne :f~om a. di-da.rnce, h,~ is Slloot ii'Ii8.

h'l Shooling com.bat. )'Oil!lr ch<lractec does not have It·O

be adf,acellt to h.15, target to' bit ill. He- mwst:, however, be ill. romp of ~is target,


Befolte· your clta:ra1::ter can shoo~ something" you musr

d .. t"iI"IIn;n" ,tl. .. '.""~' ."', .h.;} ~=eO)t_ YOt:! do:. ~bi~ b·y 00'", .. ~:i"e; Are..!Js" 'An Area. is :r'Otilghl~l eq;Ula~ to .25; sqtLilfe feet, ThE! Skazy Db/ll! M.a;p iwI. the !Ev:ldenoe Fi_Ie is madeup of Areas.

The number of Areas ibe~ween a ch.aract~r and h~ t",rl. ge~ is therang,e IbO Ithat t,atget, To find range, .'counl~he iIl!l!UIbe:r of Areas between the characeer and the t<ltrget. Do not C'o'l!ln1 the Area your chara.cter is, in. 'You should,

I i;lQ'l;o,t(tv'fi!'r, I ount the Ac'ea. that the target is in ...

Ranges for aU w~a;pOI:lS are liste-d in the O[I.~fitU~.g seeno!'! .• If a weapon's ~·a~'is '·p€,~yQI[1f chat'OlclOO':r!:'an

1JlSe th.u; WiEl<aipCii!'i omywille:n .. he is adjarcentto tW]l~ldn. :S~e,el of) his target,

n a weapon's .range is ''O,''YOUf' 1;;harad~r i::0lr! 'U;[1e i~he weapon 0:1'1 .any 'I·hat is in the same AlI"ea that he is 'In •.

When a wu.pon's I:a:n,ge' i$l,ist'ed as as'l!"ties of Uuee Ilumlbersi :!he weaponMs Sh.oil"~, Medium, and Long ranges. Re-.a.d tn~r;:mg;es ftom.lE!ft to rlght, POf'!;Xample,o a weapon .havin;go:!. range of 2/~18 bas a Sh~ noge of 2.

Tbese !range numJbll'.rs repre-s.erilt th-e tiI.umlbe-:r: of Areas the

, charactercan be- from h1is target iilnd still hit. )foUir charaoter carn .hit a t<lin!~t .at Sh-Q'l't r·lUI:fii];(! ncrmallv, )b!.l! muslcut yourch~rac~er~s. Pro·wess Rating to ll'ft. 'When. he's: t;fJ1in_g; to, hiJt a I,BI:gJE!:t .tit MeruUtll.fange. '¥cu m1D5~ eut yourch~'r.!'I_(~ ~er'6 Prow<e!iS Ratmg to '1 !<r;. when he"s rry.~ng 1:00 hit atarget at LofiliS. r,ang:e. ~f you. QhElrad,e;r h·-ies i(l hit ,11 target <lila distance Ja:rthii!'1" rhaflhi:~ we<lp!;lll;l's wns ran~, he mi~

autoi:fiii.tieally. - -

P,oint blaink I'll.: U your character fir~s his gun at someone or wm~thing I1t point blank rarl1ge". h,e'!'! not

I.ikely to miss his target. Yonm'l!l$t sdll make <Ii Prowess Che-ck w.b.e~ he shoo:ts <I,t· th]s .range, h.o,we've·r, When rOY D1I\ake this, Check. ool]Me your ehaeacrer's Prowes!O .Rat~!lg. , I

Wf you roll a Bad Break. yoti:rchar.acter mlsses, -

r;,""!;nrJ;pJ .. , 1'1. .. .£li""'""n l,,,,, ", .. s-un "t: J""'Jl.::':.- 1."",1<." ''"''1/ ... ,,,,,'''''9' crossed me O\U<e eoe lll,anJ!' times, Undse_"l' dje~oO'n lrui~. He f5J)E~.!I his gun, The Re:J:e.~·maIk5 a P'row~ssCh«k f,o~ the: ,go em . He 'rolls a 98. Just as the' goon. fires, his boss clanks him over the head, and the bLind !l"koch~t5 oU ~he floor I JO'Ck sighs he-a.vily.


Anytime y·our ~hMacter snoots in oom.bllL you mlust tl:5e the Acliion Results Table to diebennin.e whefi~ YOl,lr chamcl:e.r does demage to his o:ppO'nent:.


'Taking iii' at an NPCM:i.o'smon.rmg a ~1"Q'wd of i:nno(entb'rstallldel:'$ 1.5 nut .neces§ a wise :mov·e. but iJ !lOU want, your ,rnaracte:rcafi try it.

Your C:haradet:s Pfowess Rating is cut to "lh when ht: 'shoots :into ,111 crowd. If you roll a Bad Break, your cll;:mli,z:I tl'lr 'sho(lb>e~thet a friend of hi:s" or an innocent hystander ..


During comibat, your ,character migbt be bJalSUng away at Cltl 6pI,Jonrnt who':;; bmiFtd some :ki:nd. of protection. As a. maUer oj fad, Y'Q~']l p:[I!\Jb<l:bly find U wi&e to gel Y<lUi" OWIiIi character 'b.ehnnd [h!@ 5hf!~[er· or a ra;b.ll!!· OI:'I<l::rg.e: rock

whel'l, the biU]!.QS :sta:rt Hy~. This iscallJedtaiin.g- eever,

There are 'two ~YIP~s of c.ov~r: so:ft and hard, Soh cover l(>someth-ing lhatdoesnlt stOlP' a buUe:t •. enol'\', or reck,

I SoOft eever does make your character hani to see, hQWever. A bush 0]' cUJtain is an example o( softr;,ovef. If

I your (harader is hjdi~ behind soft cover, 1ti5 opponents' Pro\W~ Ratings, are cut to liz., making ilt. harder rO'f YQl;!f chara(;te~ to. ~t hit:.


H<I.rd cover reier5. to t!lhings dUI,t: ~~'op a ip.uIIet. SUiGh as 'waRs, rocks, a:i'iLd ta'h~e'$_ Your' OPPOilU.>tIts' Pr'owess Ratings' stay the' same :if theY'l\t!! shooti.n'E! at ytl[i"l' ~hl<!l'JlJI"~p'l' 'wGor.i'l ..

I he's, 'behind, BOllrd 'co~r. However, if your character is hit ill ;ill bod.y a.l"C'a t:hat's 'behind nard.cov1e:r, yo!.:!! ignerethe h,~t.

Ex,ample: Jock POl'S up from behind the table and squeeses off <lwu.nid.. The goon ~,ith the submachiae gun P'l!~p$t:hl'\ee: shots, ana one of them hIits. The Refei1e:e checks ~he Action R.esld~s Table: the billUet hih j'm:-k. in t:he leg. lock's legs a:reb~!-iifld i:.he table" t'hough, 00 Jock I!m;'t hit. The table stops thE btilldi

'\IVherlever Y'01,].[ cha'ij'a~~H can see an appo[!(![lt 1.1;1 a figThl't, the o.pponeIlll can also ~~ your r;::harncbet Uf he'(s Lookmg 11'1 the righ~ direction). AnytIme j'O!!U character Comes from behind COV@T' to tab a shot at someone, he~$ giving oo:meQne el se a ci:llll~.ce itoO shoot al him,


/' f vou gOo into afll2:ht blind, vou cD1l1doome ,out

in :PIEil:ty ~d shape. lLk.ewis@, if VIO>1!.It...f character doosn't kooii;i!,' tha~ thli! g'OOrl behind: ~im is a'bou~ 'bl:)

bust a, board, over Ms. head, he can't do much to. estop it If }'Oll~ char<l;.Cler ha5 an idea. of what ~D expect. t:tiOiJgh" h-e can dive out o~ it~~ w.~y, Q~ ~"lal:l $wi:ill.g ,iwiLITld to bce ~M goal'! head-on. YOI] m<i_ke Instinct ChecL to see if your dil.!3racter mQUcesLft<itcrU!da:lbi~ of :information, just in ~i:nne.


fie ,R.ef'el'lllt! has you make aJ[I Ins-lind Check when:

• yt)iID clial.'a.du Is abo~~ '~Q tdgg>e'.i' ab,tlJp.

• ,5Qfl\eotle or sormelhing tries to sneak UP' on orr POlSlt youI!' character.

I. your c'I:Jarattec'l!i, about to be ambushed.

• an 'E'm:!llmy enters ~t fight ~'mm ,a direction you:r character h<!iln't. ounh::don.

• :mrneth.iog happens that could catch. ym!.l.r character off-guard at OJ. cruda~ 'time.

iBoth you and the~f~l'oe-e m.iike I~tiIld Checks throu.gilout Ith-e. g.ame_ for e.xample. :if ManQ.I'I tries t.o crawl pas~ OJ NOIizi g-uard, the Rdiel'€e mal,@san, Irnstil'tct. Cheek rof the guard, Or, jf you t.!~ p]<lyi[lg Wu H:rll'! and a killer h'i~s 11.0 him in a bar, the l~;efe:f'((i ~ell$ you to make ,an Instinct Chock to see' if Wu Han notices the kiJlle.r.


Once yol1'v,e made _ sliccessful Inst:ind ehe··', you then ,Cletermme what your charaeter 1~:aJ·!1<S, There Moe three J~~]s olf il'lf(Jo]'matio'llI thai cl':taracte.fs may gain in this way. ''''I!la,d] Fee:l\ing," "Wha:~ or \lVhere;' and "The Big

I Picture:' He may learn evea more i:F yuu roll a Luclq.


1i ,I.<I!" th. .. , Mn.r1Hi.,,~ C']-,,,,"';L,- 'f",lhr .. !>n,d ~h" Cl1.oc:kl>' .... muh Tabl,!! il;ldetettl'l.ine what y~lIn th~r()ceeJ learns as a I)E!su:~t ,0Ea. succ~~full!'lJStlnc! Ch ck. of t~eleve:ls. (If i:nformJOlIt1on wdef>CJ'IDed btiJo·w.

Bad EWing: The Ref.e'Iee 1[-eUs you tt.a.t s011\iI.lthmg's wrong, bUt tie doe,un say w.h:atut IS. f;Ollf cnaracter sel'lt;e; daJll,,"ef, but that's all. The charructe-.r bu 'to poke al\Q1md to ~1.n~ (l1J.~ .... hat·s [eall), ,g'O,.ing on,

Whaf Or Wih.ere. Your ch-ara..ctel knows that so:meth.illg's Wl"Oi'ij';, and has a pretty good idea. what H Is, The Rdei1e€ may tell yCl~ e:itheil" the '·what'· or the "whel)llt" of Hl~ cian-

I ge:r.F!Qf ~~::!Im,pl~ •. if a m.ouITti'ain liO'LlI is crawUng; up to YQ'lU Cha:ract,e;ffi' camp, the Re.f·lw(!{! eeuld tell 'YOIl the where: "Sometmng's moving: in th,e- bushes to theleft" ~f , }''Ouc characters are ·ID(plol'j~g aJ tomb IIMt has a tra,p fJoo]', fhe R.e«:'ree cOl.!ldbeU you the wha~: "There's driin:itel.y ill trap hero;'

The: Big P'iichu:e-: '("'!!If cha~actw has notfced enough to lrno,w just w:hat':s going orl,By addil!llfl ~o I~he- examplee

fmm ahove, 'the Referee could say. "The glint of a big:

eat's eyes niCkers in 't'lhe 'bushes ~o itheo lleft," or "A tripwin stretches acress r,!:t,i!! tomb floo.r 2: Eeei in front '0£ veu,"

1111[II:y B[IE!aksc: '\IVhen you ro~1 01 lllcky Break on im ]nsti.tll.ct Check, ),otlr cha!l"ac1~ ,aUbOf;l\dUr.~lJy :gets The Big Pid'W'e, and good ,happens 'b~.ide$J Ttl 'carry Itrnle abOV,\1!' lexamp~es 1tllh.I'O~B:h~ :.1. squaW:ki;ng; b:l.~d might.

I scare ~b@ :mOijfiiflaIl'I non away, or th,e' II trjpwH',e OIl the 'tIJi:nb I r.I(!orm.igh~ CO'Iltn.~t i 'tv a trap that's

already been ~prllng.


Wh.en ali1 ]nsUnu Check faJils, someone orsometbing may catch your character by s,1!Itpnse. For example, [f '" mOllull·ajn 1i00n isin the blJlshe5 near your chaeacter, '"' failed ~n5Iillct Check may mean tba'~ ,the lion pounces 011

I. your ch.aracter wrn:n, his back is turned ..

Bow long yeurcharacter stays, surprised depends on how ywl.I have 'him. eeact. Per 'examp1e, <!m.m o1'l a rooftop!' [ires a riFlii! at Jock in the steeet, A bullet ricochets on the cobbles!Dfle at JoC'.k~teet. Of! th.e flex I comb-at

, turn, JOck. whee];s around to [(10k directly beihind him, The. g.ttnman fires anothershot ,iLt'I"d dips }odin the arm, NQw lock decides to lool up to the roo.L He sees the ~UIiiIman; At tl1.iis ,pomt. lock knows what's goirng ,on, and he' C"WI t...k .. ~.,m. .. """~'.o"", .n } e ,d, h",d. lQQ~:<ii<:4 ii.ip h. th.o: rO<J-,f ri.§l:d awary. he wou~d I'i.a ve seen the ,gunman, arid he co 1I1d hal,ll- tal,.ecn actlon before a. second shot wa.'!J fi~d.


Bad iBil'eak~: These work ju!>t tl1eQP'Po5ite of !Lucky BOO'aikro £or ~[IlStimC't Chl!ck!ll. Not o:nl:y does },(I'm dLilrader faillo find anything,. he mily even learn. th~ wl'Ong-thiligl Fbr' e~ample, hem<llY hear rustltng in the: bllsh.e;s to the righl.,. whiil~ <I mQ!Iln~ain liO'n a'OuChesin the. bushes to the left; 0'1' a h:Jpwire might r'ele<llse a slM~~g block ti1a,t not ortly faBs fOJWan3, bl!1l.t brtngs part or the cem~;S 'willi. H!


ometlmes. ¥ol.!l'lI want' your cha1<l"~~erloaUack.m, NPC in OJ. p a ~icIiJ1M wary. For e1<ampl,e. you may

..... ~nL }v\.r._ whu Rl> .Iyln~ O~I tii1e noor, [0 ,gra:o someo:m~'~ , a nklesaad jerk hi m oH his Feel, Dr.' you may wllnt Indy to shoot the klii6e. out of a gCII)iI'{s hand, Thes~ would be spmric acuens,

l%,el"l.(fV~:r yo"u!:' ch .. racter tries iii specific action, hi.s Prowesa Raring is l;1ii:lt to 112 (Qr to 1/'J,ir},is rating i:1l already at II:!), [f )1Q1UI' Prowess Check is lewer than or lM1.ilal h) the modified ProWEss Ra:tir!:g~ YOllr(!

:spocif[,( action wor-ksl If YIDU fail the ChE(;k! you)' cluu',acte:r rnisS€s totaUy,

he snake sJ:Hhet'~, down the bral"lJch. tWis,ting;dose<r to S.hQi'f R'ou:m:1; whOl j':s standing jl.!lflll bene ... l:h Ithe tree, Suddethly, it la;shes outl

"Slt.Virlt :Round! [lu.,;;]kl" Indy shouts OIS !]e brIngs 'up, .his revolver. Boom! Thero>illr of tmlf' pistol shakes the woods. Tho .. ~ .. ~J.oo, ""''"P'' b,,.,,,k; ~:l"jcil ,th .. ;od-.,~Q 'J:I'W<.lly, ,,,J.cnOfly JQo~rr' ing its grip O~ll t'he bt8! It floP'S to '!he @.dh. at Short

.Rollnd'S ·feet. .

Sure. Wi~dlife PF~~.,,~ti!Jn ~::; .a Hrne thing, when it doesn't: get in. the way (If self-preservatlon. Sam" arnmels in youw- ch,""acb~r's, adventures can :POS!I1' g:Te;at dal'lg~rS, Wh@>fi yQur is fOifCed to fight an anima]. run the

I eombat <illS you would TIlIl normal c:omb-Ol.~ betw'e'en il\tuiilt<mS,

Ani:mals h.av@ Sh"(.'tl-l!jtb, Mo,vec'Il'Ul!nt, PmVi{~$, and iBac::khOiM Ra~:i[l:gs t~,at lihll· Ref.e:l'ee 1J£es, th{! same way YQIi.!i

use these AHriJbut~ for your char a eter, When.ll.ecessa.ry, these :r.atLiflgs are gi:V'en ~o th.~ Rdere~ ill ill adveraure, Unlike humans. howey;er.animals heve Datl.l.f<l]wt'apofls". S'llJcll3.'s~th and (h~"'IS. You 1I:[le.a~' Ithese particujar We<lpons as if It h~ wEl'reirn:iv€S,.

U your charactee shoots an i8J[Ji:Jlil<l], Pl.Ist use co,romor! sense to f:iguj'l~ out where he h,1l5 hit the anima], 1£ the Acti.on. ResurutsIalbl~ i>ays thllJt YOUI:' character .hits a t~~r

I in the "r~gh~ arm," that means F-t;e: hits th~ tlge:r in rhe right f-Ol'el@g. You w,{)tlld still 'h'ea:t a c:hes:t or abdome:n hit the sO'!!FIl·e, Jlo:wever',

S .... m~ 'iiSlJllm.i!!!ls 'l,f~ g9trlil! to' be lOLJ,grne:r to 01'Op t~.aif.l

, O,r_h~l."iS. For e;.;a:mp]e" one well-placed hJaU~~ sh~1Jld do :ina sn:ake, but one huilll@l will only ,annoy a grizzly bear, Whem. an anima] in aiI'I a:d'\l1el1lhll~ has !Sp:eda~ :!i~rllmgJhs ru'ld weaknesses, these deteils ;lire i:.r'il.dude:d for the Hef@:t'ee,


1Jl!i.e two major rypes of combat caQse two diif[~reF!t . ~$u1ts. B([,awling leads to unconsclousness, while S:hooti~; leoads lo death, Smlrld8, pretty cutend

. d1 Well, tin'" ,..,,1" ....... ,I way, I.,m.d;., e. Yo"

,(han.cter mi.ghlt t:ake quite <i; bll!a:tjng b Fore he actually .fa!]s, uecoascious. for each level of d.\lim1ig~ ~ dhara'Ct,~[ sU1ters, 'YOU mus~ make <ifiAHri};iute Ch.eck to seel'tow your charaeeer 1S holdllill!,g up ..

These damage rules i;lpp~y 10 both playe.r characters and nOin-pl.,..yer charaetess, In most C<lSe9" the Refe.nre' makes lh~ $<i:me ched::~ rot N1PC~ that yOIJJ ma,ke ~Ot ym,,tr characIter.


I Br\i.lIwHng damage 'is caJkdinjlJ;uies. Injudes iCaJl1 lead to' unconscionsness, but [lever ee death. I!R;juritii,.Me always temporary. Bruises and bl a ck eyes win go .awayfairl3"

, Boon, 'f!VtID, Utough theY'f'l" not very prdtv.

When your cli1amc;;h~r'is hil whUeBraw]in.g:, you check to ~ if he ~uffers .a ll;tibt, Medium, or Se.riQUS ,injury.

T . entries below Jist what you slhol!.l:ld do once you balve delerma:flJEidi the s~@ri~'Y 01 your character's

lLi,pf i'uju.ry; Male a S~nglh Ou~t:;;k ]tlhe Ch@ck SUc-

oseds, n'o~h;i[jg happrms.ll the Cht-t.k fails, YOUi!' charactee is dazed, 31fl1d all of his Attriibute Ratings are cut to 11;" f(i,l' iU'!;e te~t o,fthi::; rn.mbat hlir!'l ,00~cl;an of rhe [led.

Medhllmmiurv; Make a St.l1enefh Chp."k Uth., rh",,1,,- 3u.cCleWs, il][ of yOUI' character's AHrH.llJlb'!Rarling$ are ,cut to Ih fo·r t-he: rest of t:hls tum a!:ld aU 'Q.f the next. ]f th@

I Check fails, your ch a :raocter fans Utlloonsciolls(fiee detBHs , at the end o~ this se~tJonl '

SedollS .in~l!I~ All o,f your' ,chanili('~er';s. ,At~t:ilhule Ratings are rut ~o lh" for llie ['est of i:h.l~ I!;H'r'l and aU oJ the nexit:. Make a. modiHed Stten.gth Ch~k. If the· Check $<ycceoos, youremam com!>c:.r(l:Jllll. If the a1eck taUs, your chara.cter fa:lIs unconscious,

, MU1"1,"U11Ll[ WOUNDIi:

In sonre cases, yQlllr i!:ha:ra~ee:r may $l:dte'I more ~Ft,:,m one wQiUnd ata time.; The ,eif~octs of these wounds can combirse tomake thi;n;g5, ,e''ien ['o'Ughe:.!' on roar Cha.rader.

D your character 511Jfers two Light 1l\'IOlIDds ~Q the same body area, tilll.e: wounds have· the effect of one Medium.

Your c..hiilra(ibtr"s AUribute Rati:ng,s are I W'QUfid! ... Po!!"PI.I;rpo~5 oJ healing, you, still treat your dlar~ adEI' as jl he has two· lighJt: w(ll,n'id~,

]~ yQlI.I.t char,8Jct'~r sufFer.Si hVti Medium wounds to the same body area, th.e weuads have th~~P!e;c:l o,F one SetlQ1J& wound.

I~ yo~.!" ~h<l.racrer surfe['S itwo Se!:iotts 'Wou:nd"5' (anywher.e Oil'l his 'body). yO'1il must make it S~r~.nglh If the Oredr. succeeds, Il.Ou\i:l'lg happms. 1, ~ht Check .fails, yom character falls anconscicus,

II y01JJ" character SIl{f.e:rs. three Seriiolls wounds (any= where on hils: hod'y),. you must. make a St:r-ength Cheek. U I the Check succeeds. 'yiOu:r charader EaJ]~ unconseious. If ~he' Check falls, YOlllf dlllillmde:r dies.

If yo!([[ character ~\lff.ers fQ,m oe more Serious wa'l!J:nd~ (3Ll'lywhel'i2 onhi:s bodiy), he die$.


~f your' dta •. acter :is: w.resU~n,g:" 'you first determi;t'!I1e the lev@1 of d.am3)li~, and th@n vou cbeck the WresHin1!! rol)um[j on ~.h~ A.cUQr1. RemJu 1'aiole It~ d,'e~ermill1,e w.l:mJ': happens 'becOiuse of tne wrest:ling (folr ddails 'on how to flgU!l"I! t~is Ollt. ~ee Part 4: De~-e Locatloa of Damage), These wlI1eslling resuiltG a re EXplained belew,

Grapple: Bothcharactern, fall to Itbef]o(l:r <1:!"1d st.r1lJJ.ggl~ with each other, N~:itheli diM-ach'!r can ,aHac.k a third peF~ SOfitmti1Q.flie of them breaks' free {roruls a diJf~ent wrestrning 1i1,l~!!Iilt (tex~ Ifll.1!m) ..

Ho'J4 The eharacter hQI,ds n:lsO'pponent, keeping him (ro'm using his haines. Tb~ lileld ('harradeTc:am:"l(Pi~ hi:\e;;lk. free until. he rolls his 'OWn wresl~Ili.fl.g resulr.

Trip.; Thecheracter throws hilS opponenlt 1::0 file flOCir

I (in fh,esarn S-i.oot SqU1I!l"l:), The attacking char a d~ slays stmdmg,

Throw: The ,cliaracfer tllmw.s: h:ls opponeu' 5 feet_ The attacking character decide;;, the dit~(:tioll inwhich 11I ~hr.Qows fu]s opponent,


, S,h,o<oHng damage is called. wOIlIiJdS, Wounds can L~adt(1 U]"IconsciOll!.o;n ~ and death .. AI.sEi, your ,cl't9lrac:te:r M!,.!SI!: take H~ to recover- from wounds.

How Y'Cl'llr charectar ~5 ,affected by ShQQ'ting damage depeRds o:n whel\i;' heIs wounded_ Eill;h~imii y,oilr ~hara(ter II~ke!S a wound,li.ote it on your chara tel' dossiee, The eharscrer dioss-ier ~elltml.res 11 Plc'tU!r'E! of VO'~Er cJha:rad~iI',

, which shows wound lceatlcns (ehese, abilOtnell, I legs, arms, a]"l.d! head), Notethe S'!lwrily (:Iif the WOUI:ld! ' the proper body location, Vl1hen Yol:lr cha:rac:ter is Mt by ,![I'll o.pponenf: wh.o, is Shooting, you C:h~l. to see ~f he suff,e-r1S Light, Medium, o:r I I Serlous dam~SE'. The etlt'ft~ I:i-elow list what' you should . do once you ha .... e dele[,llJIin~d the serv,mty of yQU~ ctqar.,jic-

I IWr'S wounds.

I lifid~

Cbest, abdumell, .l£>gs, arms •. 01' .head. Your <'s Audbute Ratings <Ire not affected.

,MdIm wound:

Cl:u,:'iS'l, iiI.bdomlell'. not affected,

L~gs. Cut: Y:Q~U dlaracte~'s Movemen'~ RaHn.g t.o lh..

You:r chilrach~r can only move lilt hOlj£ his lflonn,tl!1 speed.

An:lls. Cut your cht::llnu::h~r!s Ra~ing lo J)2., HeiKi. Make.a nmT.I'lca~Backbone Check. n ~he Cheek succeeds, yOUI'" cha.radeJ's .Al!:ri.bute Ratit1l.g!l, are riot .affeded. Ulh~ Chock fails. [U~ all ,0£ your mamct,er's

I At~lfibl!d~ Rati.ngs to h. If you (011 a Bad Brealk., yOUl' character falls unennscious,

ell ;:.;" .. b.1uL",;:.;U. tvI.::!~1E d .mJOI.I.Il,<tl :D.u::kJbo;rltl Ch~k. lll" 'the Check succeeds, yonr ehareeter'a AU:rilbute R2Iting:s are' n,o~ af.fed>ed, If the Check fails, C'1,l.~ an -of lIQnr ehar(J.;t;;tet's

AL~l', Ratings to 1('1;,

legs. Cu[ YCI'I;Llf rnal'acte:r's MI:IV"ement Rating 10 11<1, Yi:lU!' ('lr;~I'"!I["i-ol'''' ..... ,;;. nnly ,.,-, .... ,.,. ,,",I, ""'-q"l:>~"otr hi""''''~iEI't,.l


Arms. Cut your characl:et'f> Proi~,,"es.sRating '1:0 V". .Head, Ou.t 011] of 1I'!Dl1r clU!.ITicrers AJtl:ibute RaU""" to' "112" ThErI make a S~j\(!'.ngt'k Check ~Q see if Jaills ~11"I.I"'Ml,~I.~n~.


Ofi,C~ y.otlr .ehata.!!:te<i' ~s u.,.,eonsc~.oI.l!5, you must Make a B.a(":kbone Cihe'C~, to ~e~ if hEreGO\ler&~\blJr eharaeter's l3ack:boIl~RlItjng ~'OLl~cl be mt leo liz, when you make t~i:s Check. It ()ithe:r modJifien;,.OIlso apply to' yO'llf d:ldiladeriiM; thiis time, his BaJckhcne Rating i:s c:tIJI' ito 1/4. W!h.~l1 y'fillI make this Check,

Yoll can 00 ike thJs Badbol'le Chlld:. :<!if the begmnJng of each cembat it:!lJJHli until. you.r character rOC;(I0i"er$, OIlJGe he d.~:5S0, iI]~ of his, A~trihute R<it~1l .are QJ!t to l!~U[!tU b~ rests fClir ,H lea~t: 6 hours," R~~i:ngm.'€'ans -slecepiing o;r ju!';t, ly~I<>" ... _Mt,;o:ii' tw;, t.];~AJH1"lb"",bo R~.t'i.n:g~ ,.,..h:.rn, to normal.


I Your charade]' suUers ilnj(uies when he's beeTI Brawl,iQg_, Trl!8's:e .l:nrjuries .00ulr:omaticllUy hi€il Olh~r ~sho'rt ~l1od o~~ time'. If Y>OUirch~u3ideFi"s knccked uncol1isciolJ~ ~[I, iii, bmwl, howev@I'; you must use ithe Llnconseiousaess rulss

, in the Damage 5E:ctilion ~o ;5e1~ how faJ5t ],O'lIT chaJr.,u:ber I'oundi.


YOI;Ut' ·c.ha:r.ach!f suffers WQti.l'l.dJ!l (110m. stLoCitins, The'1E!1'i:~~h I (!If $iilIme time it takes to ilea'! your ·("~ha:r",c~er~s Y!JOI1M

, dq>eIltas QII!iThOW!l~oC:T€ his wO'I1Ind ls and h-ow bj~1h his B!il.'!eRat~n~ 1.5. Italso de~'!ilndl$ oni£ yotltchac<'I.cter recelves Il1ledlica.l all~erltion. and w~ai type ;qJ .1I~!:ImHGn h~ receives,

_ W1l)und_!S.hea] :El~OOyal~y, goilil:lg ff\om Se:rious to Medium,.

I then. '~o Ugh~, and tfu~ heal:i"g tot:ail1y.

H~aililigll;ghl wOlUld!S: Y>OUIi' .ehar.<lid!Mi' rrU,i$l waj,t ] d<i.YS, Th~n make ·01 nonl'l;al B~ckbone Ch.edt. If the Check sueeeeds, your d:lOlJrO!ct~r- ls tQtOlilly healad, If ttU2 .c~_ecidai]s. j!'Qtu' ·ch .. rO'lder :nlu,!;:t WOll~~ lmQ~·e da,y. 'Thenm.~k~'iU'l! Ciieck" Co.nt1:lThue m,akm.g; a C~e-c.k every day U]'J.~l.~ tih,e wound! heals.

,He<!!nLn\B'~.ilh:!~ wO'Uinds:: '(,our character must wait' 1 week. The'n. makea f!ofT:!1al 'BacldJUfie Cheek. ~f tihe Checl.:. sueeeeds. the woulld becomes Liaht, [f the Check £ .... lls, y'Q'~X (~a~acte:l" mus~ wait 3mor:e days. Then makce <I![Iotner Ch.f1:k. O:m:tinue mllki"n:g. 11. Ch~k ev'e'ry' 3 c;aySi tl.fiti1 the wound. beoomes Light ..

He.diim.!!: SeFiO-U5 w0llmdl5, "iou:rcilarm'lcte:r must waH 1l w~~~. -Then walle <li nOm:l<]l Backb.Qne Cl:u~ck. H thlll Check s1.l.:cceedis, the wOiU:lIiid beeomee M~.clium .. 11 the Checl:fa:i'is, your M."!I!J;',acbe!r ~us:~ w,ah 1 f"t.lo:!''e week .. Then m.alJi~ anoth.e:r Cneck. COintirtue maLki:I'I:Mia Check: every' week u[)ti~, ~he wound beoome!l. Medi~m.



Pla]'~chamdcfs. or NPes who apply First Aid Of Mecibiean: kfiowlletlge ca,Xl makE: yO!M m,ilIrac~~I"swo1.1!:"dsheal :fOl&'tter. Se-e' the KnoWledge S'f'dion Eor det:aUs.


WOlll[lds heal In certain meximureamounts oJ tim,e'. ,~ when iB~ckbQn_.eChecks f~!iI. Aller ,6 weeks .. Ol! Se~iOU5'WOiundi 1UeCOofl1frii. M.edliurn. A'hel:' ,3 weeJ<s, a Medl;um wo~:nd becD,me:;;Light., Aftler 1. w~k.~ .;;1 tigh:~ wQUID1,daJutaITIla~kally :h~aI8.


'Tlu;;:~!i; '(;l'';:;illi~ L~~.~ ~\"YlI, Mo;"I-I!e;~J.l JI-'OU~~'I:;: Ln~hi~L.!I1 Di!lI~kbQ.i"I~ , Chocks to sue .if YOlilif chi:llracteris tuml:i[l'lg p:r.Optl'F]Y,. A

I ~'Uc1y Brealk (D~ld wean that your chaifa;ctJe::r's '\'I!'Otlrlid _ heah fastell" (g,Q~ immtediatelyfmm SeriQrtls ro Ughlt), It Bad Bir:eak .could mea.1'I.thatrour ~M!ra;de,r'5 wO\.lnd .~t:s inkei~!tN:l (goln,g fOO'rn light: t'O Medium), Oir it oCOllrnd mean

I that it leaves- ai>C<i!l'.

T~he!Refo!!ree can decide e(l(act~y wh<l!l. Lucky B;.rlf'ab and Bad Bre ... ks aJPP~'y tea these BOlddtrone Cih«ks,


De!Opi~e h:i!l bestmtel'l,th:l'fiS, YOrm' cih .. r<l:di!1: is boufld to find hilli'L~]f in new scrapes: whlle he's sti~1 :retove.:illg from

I ,the old ones, ]usl; wM.!ilmber that: U your dnar.a.<~er gei:s in~'o 3 ~ight while he shim has <lJ ~.rjo1jJ;s WOlltiLd,. lie 5tH]

Siulfer$ ~he ef~ocl!l of t~..e (!ld 'Wo~flid, F@!,f;.'xa:mp~e., ~is Athibute Rat~[Igli mightstiiU be rn.m:l~f[~dI~o ~h.


I fJ .. ·. ~r ~he p'U!p05'eS of combilllt~ thel'l;: are two itypes oJ '.' .1"I.c;m.~JlI< C'h .. rac~e.l':!i· lit'! t.hL~ g"In~;gnQ!1!1;~

... . allidl v.rua~lni.,. _

..... GOODS are iht! h.el'l.c,lm'iiUI. wl'i(j til5iJaUy olctlilsrnilusde fDf their boss. Nazi giUardsa:re goons.

VH1El.i~ are t\he ~:rM'e badg;uY's~n .. nJ ~dv@nture, Th~lr m.erlih,d <;ap@dH~s "Q£~erl S1!l;r.,01.$ thekP~ii~,a:l,ithi~iti.£;S. (which, ls wl\liy they hir..e goOillSU. Bel10q ~s a. v.!l]a~n, V'ill<'l!ins enjoy- rome benefwts in (Jomba~ th..atgoons. do ~(lIL This is be:<'Iu~e vi]!.ams ~e o.~teJ:l more rwoorce£u.1 in. a fjght tIMn thelr dim. ..... itbed aJrnp1illilio[!s.

!FOI." exa,mp.le,.gooll.NPCs do No.T hav~ th~ Op>tl(lir! ()i s~at~ifi!g; when ~heyw<m~ toa.d lJil ;l!t tum.. 1JE Salian , ~'!i[J:ghti:!'!!~ 01" Na2:] pi]Olt, S~jlah aillwavsSicts w.hen .. hewants I jl:l a hun. B~c:au5e the Na;;i piloh:S 10m), a gOQfi, he ]'t}e~ get5-ildian:Qe to perform oroy actions bdolle Sallah"

'fI" " .. ;;Ih i .. , ::>_ .... d " ,p[",y_ ih::L~eh.r b",th "'.';:oitl,t' lb::> ""d :l}~,.t in 3J hliitIl, and H bethhave the same Movem,en,tR:!JtiQg8, t!j.ep~ayercn<'lr.a![ter has tln.e opt:i(]~ Cllf a(:til'lg fi;!st.

Also, g;OOI:l!! can, l1\tve.r t~y 5ptlci£ic ;a,dl.on5. VH~ lalns fltai)l' try specific actiol1lis (j,mly if an ad,fv~lltI,lr~ iI;:;;d~~ for it.

Fin<lil]y; any goon who s'idfe!l's onl! S!!ri.oU5 wound. in .a figh~ ot!.ltom<lticallY :falls Wlcun5d!olls.My '@oonWEto raIls !.!WlconsdoU5 Ci:I([Iit1QttecoVcIil'f .OO.r the rest' of <!If light:_ Vi~·, lains, ~O'wever; ~l;J!l$er WO'l.!!_rul:s in ~he s:am~ waYi1l5play~r chOlra.c'tews.





o play thi:s. episode. you ~(..J tl~e I1i! fo'ft<!s Char<tOler D(I!Ss~~r. I h~ Flophouse M'lp, <I :pj!:t~ 0:1 p"pel" . .a :pl!'m:il, the -dice, and the~ 3-0 hg.!lIrr;:~:

~~ ~~


Read rhe bcxed t'e){t and then follow the{'tions on how to plaY' (ILl! the ~ijtu<ltiOflJ desertbed in the OOX,


0' F


M<tJl:..e ~I'I [~stLMt, Cheek .

jf !he Check. 's;!,. l1I&<.tife {but wh~,i 1.rudy leanlLs; 1}000dFeellng, Wh~t ot

WlheTB_ n!rThp., R~fl; ri"ti,'''_ Th .. nn",,.;d ,th" tftj.a~E!h!if1g e:nuy>i1. If yO'll £QnOl LtJ.cLy Steal, tH.D Tile Ijjf! r-'kt:LL~~~l'ld

, .~pp,ly th~ Ll:ld:.y .Bll'eak thars IiSl'fa wll·h . ~L

]f th~ C~ck f.ail~, f~d the Ti~# Spot ~!1iILrv., [f you rnll aBad B~;j!k, read tlle! ~.lIm~ ,ent.ry and .apply the l33;dl3in~l th~!::!i li~too Wj't~l' it,

Biidl helmg: f4il.I:i'o!' [;:),Urn hill!; been ransacked. Pa~E1i: aro sil.ilJ fll,luering iII the breese. :iornething'~ bdly heFll.

W.h;il!~ (,:rWh~lll:; 1r.heroom'sbeen ran.sacked, Thcflool"lAo<!ro.:; ~1)JlWJe]1l]y CN<li1i; b~hind YOIl]

, Th(~ :Big; Pidu1'i!: The room'$ a. mess-it's been ransacked, Y[1J1l whirl <lNlIIm:iI to see ,abl.lrly, robedl man chArgIng towa:J:Id you, LII,('kv I:l:r~a~:: Editb. gC~,md l'(]f It>]." .. .-..,,.,,nn·l)l:ioll hd'lli:i:'l!r] hel', $,ho¥es, open Ithe d08i[ lD hern;mm, A loud tllUirlk and thrl.t1.~, grunt come from behiad ~he door, nut! door qll:ln@l~i;.~l;k, ~lI:Id ~ man shl:m~k!s wloo.:dlr from b~h,in_dllt.

Ti~ht SPQi:~ fJdhh's roorn ~<l:s b~!::111 ran:gackl!tH :S(lm~or1ti! ~1i,ld!de'Illy .rush~s; Upi bii,hind Y'D1l-

l>1iJ1 Bred: J ~~t ~s th'i'l man sets near ym.~, Edifillei'!pt; back "nd UlIQW:S you. off hal~noe. So) mtlch .for !]~~HI'\:£l Qll!t Qf In!:: ~'Va;y. n"U'I€ <I~~,a£k{!x's A:ttr~b'l;l~~ R,a,tings are doubled fO'.r ~lti5. attack.]





Th~ !Sel"uir- There are two gOO!lS W~ iHniS tn attack .lndy i!ln,cl F.dhh. Nmmallll', your characiees ''',''!:JuJJlill t krmw !:his In advanee, bm in tI'lis !l!p,isod~, yuu ar~ playing the pans of nit! p!a!<,~r~ (rnfly @!nci Fdi,~h) and th~paftQf the l~eF~H!~ (ih@.

t ..... o :IlfI()I'IJ5~,

The gOO!!S ·w~I~1 ~C! Caph.lfC Edith and tnss :lilE:!r ,(lill~· !:~ 1'-1 lI:IdQW, Se\,l1cf.1l1 mare mfH~!l ;,lri;' W~I! iRS hel·!)"", I he window, !1<JMui1lg a Ilitrctt:noo t~rp" Till!!! gnOl),!; do:nit wanl Indy in ~H' way, I!ro:t Ih.ey Ih""Y~ been md~re-d no I. 10 kill him,

GOOIi) #1 is, In tll'f hal] hehind fJlldY.

C;o~m'! #z h hklil1.S t.n the ,n1Qrrn. behind I.~e dcor. G{}orllll Irie:; to W'r('~:ti~ l.oildy Out of (~e way whH~ Goo.rJ III arabs EdI!}l. [f .Ind;r ~is Il"Ibo the thick of ~hi1\S<':, lhl1' gocril$ i.-V t~ kn()(;k him WlOOrlilJrLiJUS,

i5dl'th i'5 no hdp' ,<:II ,~U. A:> woo, as ,thill!1i~ $Q~ hi'Jjil'y, sM .!MI~);i dowrr!in <! nearSWOOtl.

Th€: goons have the ~()] l,oW'~!I1i& Au ribute R .. tJ,o:s~'

1iIfcn~ oR



G~'(f,' 6111 g


The adiom To 51';;11'1' ~H1eFigM. place ll!ldv~ 3·1) fi~I.Hec in the don:r:wa].!' ':'1'1 ~h~ P:lop~()tlse .Map_ P~t E<frl:h:' Hsure ~ru:.i.d~ the :rac:rn jrldst .ll'l .. froi'l,tof .lr'1dy. fll.t t:he GoO'n #l fi:gllreuiiI the l:l!iIIll, OI:f!d p'u_t ~h~ GOOln !Ill f~ttre tin!; door III ttle: . I:r;OI'iL

]f fnay s Insti Iilct Cited: f .. iled, [hI! ~O[frn -altOl;ck. tmrnediiatdy. H 1.1\i~ Ched!.;. succeeded, foOt! Sihou]d [lflo'W' d.cc_idl:wh~t YQY w .. m fudy r,~ do. TIle fight is or.!

lRernember,Y'DtI'm runllltng beth skl!l!s nif the fighi:, "Ihu. df('ide~nc· actions f(]{r .. 1:1 ~m ~.'h~;~ .. ters, i!llitd ]'QIIII.nTI<lke <IIi the di,c~ roils. Tti1e fj.g;ht, should. <1nduli<:)~' .Ed;,tfr i5 pushied [n:ll l;fJe w~m;llow, Ulndy f"r~t5 ~hj~, 'the fight ends wherl i~ftdy 5s, knochd. !lJl,WrlsdOl!.!s, O~ when ~he gO.QItlS an: .knod;.~d. 'u:nC1lJ\II1I~iou~,.

WHO SENT THESE GOONS'1 AND WH ~(Ii' nn 'l'H(;Y " ... tl!...h!T ~"'lIT~ ~DrJ']17

W.E1al: if tlb.;e gOO<ft:'i .ge~ il:W<l.)'? Wh<lt aI'C you S<Jins to de about ift? V'kU. }'Qur~,~ g,oin@ to haJVI~ ~Q Ill-'lrn h.llW to 1'f1"¥'~ ,~,ndl!' people , .. an-d FAST!

tdY spri]!jbs :m<IJd~.ythrolll!l;lh tht~cam.PI Uee:ing t]-~e f~hQl!Hng gl1ia:rdcs. Bul]ets whiz I3imu:rtd him, thr<lugh ~eflls and chopping uplhe g~ass _ Hie SO'<Irnble:s heailllong Gown itiIM a g.dly afl:~ ClAbtothe !.eft, The !Oh&;luHng ~]@wly facd!~ aW<lY _ "_

YCIiI!llif eharaeter'sgolng bo be doing 11 ~ot of movlngin b~s adventures: ChOl~ing b~d_gu;ys, rLU11_l'lif!lg' f!"O!llIi h:O<llt~le rnti,\I\eS, dirjv:ing ~J1miughc.r;crwd.ed streets, an.dJ raQfIg fmm bll.lmil!!g buHdiings., 1\i,e5E ,ate all fO'[llts of ·mOveme:lilt.

¥cll:JIr-dharadeT 'GI~11 move in motrtiy diJferent ways" Hie can cra.".~,. walk, mfl,.loeap,!lltp, :swim, sewing, rkl.e ,1:1 ]~"'i:"~" 0.17 df,i", e ," ';;"".", .All of l]-,~~ ~yp(:;" of .invY'''mo:.l7l~ ~ divided iruliOlwo mein categories: MOVING ONf{)(JT; and, MOV1NG rn VIEHICILES, Ridjng anruma~ts indut1!ro in the Moving O'F11 ~F.oot seetkm.


{Mavemen~ is measured in SIil~;a!l'eS, <lind Are:iu;;. A

l r ~~~:=s~~!~!~~: 2~~f~~~~~a~~:;~ i~:~'~::l~!f

made lip' oJ A!lMs.

)'Qlluse Squares most often Wh~Ili y'ou,!(:han:lcter moves m dU!I'i:rng: CQimb",r. ]] Inqy runs acr,oss'" flO om oot:i!lcktc ,aJ ~hld. lie mOlY cover a d!lstan~ of about 15 k'tt U IlIqo1'lres1'.

You use AriI'laiS 'wh@~'! your cha:rOlcte:r is ~o'I.I"€rlng a ]<!J'ge dlstaacein <1l~ln~e turn, as in <I."'"~iP~Ed chase .. rna]' l@<l.p,~ ~fltQ the tn.'Cl, &~am.~ it irli~og~rl and rears OLJit after the H~l:ngc .. :!", The car is 40 (100 fer:~) .. head ·of hJm. Can. 1:ndy d,ose thega:p 7

I _


)1. Ollll.r· .. ch~radees MO~. e .. m.e. rll' RaH .. :n' e.g; de.lerrn .. ines ... hOi .. MI'," ast he ca_!"iImo'v~ 0.,. [l!)ot. Th.e foot Mo~ent

Ta!ble on lheR.efern'flf's SCfef'fl mows how fall' each. ih:aJradcr can wa~k, run, leap, a:!"'!di swim in ] (onnbaL

, turn. The tabLe a.lw shiOW5 now fa:r your cha:rateter Gilrl fU[lin ] miirllutc Oli!:ld wO!!,]k ~i!1 I heur,

To find out hQ""'" fast YOlU char<l.cb!!T rnoves, Hndthe

, row Of! I~hi! FootMov,@:m1l!T'l.t Tab]e that m.<ltc~ yuur ehall'a.cilu's Movemem R a ~ing. This raw' gil;,T~ 01,1] tb.e :in;f,ornnat:iQ.n. fur YQU[ C:hi.'l:raculI:js ITlcrvlOlmenL


SOim.etimes, your character wi~1 w a nt to leap a. ~htle far-mer, :llW'!m 01 tltUe f<U1tl'ler;. er [l:Iii'i a, WtbUe -b:it faJster tha.n, rtOIIl]IlII. VVlnen 'you wi3!nJt' YDm: character ~o move f<l;~~er ~ba:l4i htsn:or,mal MOIl.i'\'lt :rate (giV'e11l, on the Pcot Mo",e~ ment, Table),. ~1I muet make it. Movement Ch.eck ..

U th~ Ctu~ck :suc<:~edsJ. your ch.<lrac~e!: can put. ou~ tha1

e-.xtriJ bu.M o:f 1!l11lJ~rgy {seE Maximum Movem5IJtRates, to HndQl;lt j'UC$~ how much thiOlJt burst can dQ). ,I~ you mIDI a Lucky Bre<lk. 'Yuur crnaJracDeI" mig!ht easi]~l ou~dillstaflce Mi1i pUit:SlUieots, or h~~ght .IIB!1I;pil. pit .and eVen Lana. ]1!l;[J!r1i!l!g •.

If tfle Cheoek fails,. you.r d:laif.acle'l' Cmrloil' move faster

, thal'lnonnal. If yo!.:! rell aB Break. you.r character might trip, or I:iu~ might find hi~]f banging O'"y his fi!i'tg~r·

tips to the edge or a pit. .

YOY <I_W!O@, m<!kil! a MQ'v~;m~~]~ C1rl~ ;;l,ti'yti:m~ y;Q1;I~ chal'adel:' hies 'somdliil'ig l.rtllliiSu-:a1 er acrcWt'ic. For tt>i:!lm'Ipie, if YOlil wa[l~ Indy ,to leaJp troma moving C;u' o[n~o !I.ltLo\':ing 'tfl:l(;k, you must makJe O!! Mo\'elxl,entClIwdk. luc.k¥ Breaks, and 'Bad Breaks il~5C1 apply :to these C'herk~, mf you

, ro(1 a il..litcl.y B~ik., .1ndy mig}H ]mcl apl;l!ru:~ to the dri.ver ;[is he: leaps onto ttt~ truek,. If yeu roB <If H~d Bi:'talk • .indy might Hnd h~mseJf dangling jllst in ttOfiJt O:II~he taw!


rust because yom character has made a Moyement Check d)oesfi'tnul'OIin he canrun '70 m~h. The.eOlJ:;-ehmi:bs bl :how fast YOUt cham"act~r can run, how far he can ~eap, a~.d

'how Wi€U he c:o!:n swim. Th~ ~imj~s .m~li'ilted i.l1. ,the"M~~ 'mum" column. of t'.e foot Mov-emen~ Ta:M.iB. No (har<ltt:e<.f can ~~r e~d ~1Jif!se m.aldl11ums_

When yQ:ur Move._I}W'filt Checik su~eed~. YQi!Jj~ dlllrOl:~~ef cal'!" [perform. up w the max1ml;lrrL ns~ed ,o:n tbe foot MQv,~ me:nt Table. b~t hecan never do 'OeU'fT than t~"'t. amount:.


I 5l"W'1N1!!l;Ill'iU:;O

~en YOllil'-rnaradel' Swings on ,!ill rope, vm.e,orwbip, .he _can sw.ingover iliI ITlllm.ber Q~ AIJBCliSeqUll]10 t~l~ 'I}~th (If his rope or vin~ (p~tlffi I Area) .. Fore.xample-, ,indy Is sw~:nging hom iliI ?lS-foal (3-Ar~) !FOpe •. He ~iln. t~. liSle l1t1!t:r()ip~ lQswing ~;l'lfe'r- 4. A:.rllla:s ();ClO f:e!l:t).

Wf your' c:hOlrad:er uses a wmp;. he can :5Wirl&,; from '1 Area t'{) (2'; re~~J.


YOyr charscterean dimb 5 foo'! (1 Squ.<!lre) ,~..,.,e[y 5 seconds (every 1 combat tum).

You m:!.!s!~ ~nab a MO"veme-.I'!!~ Check foll" every Square your charader dim.ibB .... If the Checksu(!ceoos, no'tni.rn.g bllppeflls. ]f you roll a U!cky' Breal. your chraracler finds SQmenll.aJt1iual sta~~"aSE., ~tdmney,. oflltmer reaJlu.:re that makes d1mMng; ea~er~.If ~Iruis .h~ppe£l5,.he doe~~'t I:-J~ve to .mate ~nymooo MO'!.1\emJl?l1tI: Chec:-ks whi]e dil1l'!jhi<llg. If th~ Check r,ai1s, yoUr' dtatatile:r sliip$ down 1 Square. ]f you m~~. a Bad Break, yaLlf dnantcrer ~aU:;;" p.ani[]lg d<lma:ge is €1!:pla.1;m:ed in the DafI.gerou;s EvenJ5 ~:io:.fI,.

ANWAl: MlJlfE~:r

Ani.malscat! wailk,run,. and. ,I~ap just 1il<ie Animals also n:<!lve their O'wnnlo",e:menit rates, some oJ whicb aU nst!:ld on thie V~hicie Movemertt I:'~Me.


,.1 MQ,ving in v~hkle5 ~5~5l1Jil.Uy ~alliler thlillfl movrng 0.£1

foot or OIJi horseb~,k, bu~ :i~ can ."]$,0 'be aJ lot more dlarnS~~1!I!S·

Tlte til'Tuik {'ar~ns,wi1d]y dowIl the road and veers into a ShaqJ' rigM curve. CaR YOllkcep contr()J1 Or w'J!ll ~1lE' truck nlpoW'er,lllammil;lg into. the side or the mountain.?

Y01l;i can ca:n~roru how ~,a:'lt YOlllf ch@radei' drive!; a vehide. For ,example, Indy can drive a car r,,'stE.'r than WiUie can Tun, but he may drive s'iQW enough to Iet WilJj,~ C(l tch UI1 with him ..

~p.el1di:l"Ig on the· type (ilf vehicle you.r charaetee .is, d!l'iving, ho,weveT, Y0l!l. might. rilJl: ,8!lwaJYs, have <15 much to ~a'1a,IJ<Ju~ c(ln'lmJ]i;n,g: it a:; lIm.ll would ~jk .


Fi.rst, you have Ito gdthl:!i1ing g,o,iing, h alway:;; takes 1 combat tum to ~E awl: a vehicle, i.f your character ha~ the key. U he doesn't have a key, he'll need lio~wirj,ngIU:'lowa- 00gi! to staxt the vehicle 1~!>1!!ti: the Knowledg(! section).

A v ,ehide·$ pel'f(jrman,c~ :is based on these specinC<Ilions: ~hlcle Ra.ti:r1\l_l. AcC'eJ,erat:iorl, Braking, Tum Speed.

R@dline Speed. and Max]murn Speed. .


T!JIis nUhl1!Der is a measure ofa 'vehide's dur\'l.~irn!ty, how much punishment l t c.m take"


This number iii the milesper hcur by whlch a. veld: Ie canJncrease lit!'; speEd in 1 combat turn. A ,m~ h<lJ,l'in& <lin Aocel.era t:iQtI of 30 can go Irom 0 ~,O 30 mph i.n . .5 seconds (1 tm'l'I)l,


This number is the miles per hour avehicle can slow dlowrl ii'll eombattuen. A trI.lck having a Brnkin.:; (If 20 Cail'lJ go from 20 mph t<l (II in .5 seconds.


ThiS !'IW'tlbEc':r is the maximum speed ~d whiidiI a vehicle carl saieiy take a OOrf! .'1'. 'Most .... ehic"lf!:S h.ave a Tum Speed Oi~ 3D mph.

]f y\O'!ltr cn,uactl!t:r takes a. corner a~ a rate ~lIslier tn3JI"I his v'€h~d~',~ Turn Speed. YQY ;mY:st make a. MOWttn'::rit Check. 'M ,~ Check succeeds, yow chancier ~ales ill cornea

I wi~hout losing oo!t1!trol. If the. Check f<'lHs, YOU[ character 1055 control and MS an accldent ls~ AcddeflL~ h·low'.


Thils Iilll.Unber is the !>p~ .'1.1: wbtkh dJ:'iviIl!!l a v~:hkL~ becomes ~ if:rcafll]y riskier for both the driver arnd the v:ehk:I.e. If your chara:c~l!,ris driving at .RedUrlle Spe~d or gr.eater, hi.1s Movement Rc tIDg i~ cyt to 112. Whe.never your character 'l.Oikes a COTner at Redhne Spe~dI gr greater, youmust rn.ah.a Vehide 'Check

.MiI,khfg VehKI!-e Cn~k!i:: Whoen Y'(lU !UE!ke iI Vehide

, Clwck •. )fOU roll dice and 'COl'ITI:.PlIJro tl'lP. result ~I"l> iilh ... u .. "I,''''l, ..

R~ting of )fOUr t:haI\atCI'er's vehtde, m:F the di,~ rell is ~ow@r

tn<lOQt' eqUOl] to the v:e}\tide R!l!li!,!g,[lIol~~ng h<l.we'.I'I!s, [f the rut_.e m]~, i~ nighe:r than th-a- Whicli!! RaHmg, th{t vehill:k can't go (a!.'iler then its RJfd~i[le Sp~d.

H yo!'! ['Q~I ;:I. 1.1lltly Breik, yOIl;l.ll%'If mtF~Se tfhe vehi~ cl¢':~ Redline Speed by :HI mph. Thics~n~~ease al£ed~ '~he v~nidienfitil you.t:characte.1' comes W a :stop., If }'.on ron <li

, Bad Break, !t'he 'l!'eh:id.e breaks down: ,;) tire Mows, or It~!JrL locks,.foJ ~;OJ! 'Yq!l! mll!ilst d;n~(!m"OI!k~a MOWltllenit aleck to see if Y0<11ITcharaoter k>oops ccntl'ol ol tlli1.e, vehicle,. If he leses ,(!of!ill'Ql, he bas an ~Dc,idenlt: ($ee Accid~,~$. be]ow)',


This 'namber ~s the top speed at which a vehiele can mOVIe, AveMde ,ca:fIIf!iev~:r go fasb~r than tbis,~p~ecl,

. Whe.I:lie'¥er your cheracter Ioses ~fj)I1,~nJ~. of hd:s vehicle (as

I t~f·~lll t Qf <li.fanea: Movement' Che-~k),Of when. ~he flltf!n~ tionall)' m05 J:l!Ito 50me~billg selid Oike another ~l.ide!t maccidle:nt occurs.

: .:\COD'ENiI R'ESlJ['TS

I To find OUit wh.atll:.iIflld of aecident you_[ cl~;a[i'aJ:;t:er has,

ron dl:OO. The!'! ,;'ijdd t.o' !he dk'e[lQll the:speedi .. 8Jiwhkh VOilH' ,cllar.a;ct.e.ts 1#!ft,icllE! was mO\li~p;.Ftn.d lhe ~H Oin. rhe A(;diclent T~hle onth'e Refer>OO's S(Nl!l'rl, Th~ d~rFtt~;rd results [aile msted !h€,]ow.

$tid~ )'.011:[ cha:HiI,C,tet5 \rebide ]rnmedJiately 5]@WS to its Turn Spe.e.d.. IWlQ["€ tin is [le'.!!1l1.l if the vehicle i'-8 already moving ",.~~h .. ;~~d.

Wli'Olil:g Tum. Your character fisJ:ii!tails, s.lides, find ends up t~ki[lg the W.!I,'OIilg '~l:Irtn. The veh:idlf :immedia:t.::ly ldoW;fl to i~s Tu:rl"l Sipeed. ff~h~re' i's no other s~r,e!l'! ,for' you:r char,<,cter to t;un~(Ilnto,trea,t tThlis result as a S~~oDUS Skid.

SCl!'i>Olls Slllldl ln <l!Oqu~OI.] of tirc.s, YOIl:r i;lhClfac.~e.i$ 'l~hticJ.~ slid.'5 and OOIJl'lle5 toaCQmp~ebe stup.

SpWm; ¥ourc.h"J:'ac~~r's Y~hid,~slid~!> i~n.l~ .aoornp~¢'t¢ h,Hl'fIf· lIFQUnd ,and comes to ,iii s~ol?~r's, now fa.d[lg III the dlree~~~Il! Emm wMdll i~ hl~t Cjlrrrte,

lum;p and :RIlI!II~ 'ruu!" character's veM:de slides, bounces t!,f~ 8l(fme so~id cbjec~ (.a hm:it:st;t.[jtU, garp<lig!i': cans], amd l~~'!il keeps going mote orless ~n the .tight di~ocrlo[L The veMde s10ws I~O :ils Tum Spood. E.1chpa~1'igiIT. must make an Ac(cid~r1t WOl!nd Check (see :Making .A;(dd~nt WOl<lndCh~cks b~low~,

l'i)ouhl!eBloiw'IDuiitt Two of the vehIde's tires b:low out. m It's {l; mXI~ol:'cY'de" only olle tiN b]o.....s om J The VE'hLide" cernes ~Q .<1. complete stop, It C<I[I 1i}D no fa8te'r than J.O mp], (.tot4i1 the tll:e.s "'I'~ rep:.a!lNd.

'Lo]ilisio!ru YOUI' charad~ei~ whkle hilts a soHd objecthead Ofi. Each POlSS~!1g0" l'DU~~ m .. k~ twO' Acdd.e.t'l.t W{)<u!ld Cheeks, The veihkle takes heavy damage aod does [10'1:

.• , run,

1F1ip~ 'YOu.r character's veMderDlls ov,er CHli its side .. Bad'l F'~~i>~;ger m'Ll.s~ ~a~e tw~ AQr;i.~.e'n~ WOJi;ll'iLd Cbe~ks. If

yourchar,ac~er ge~s, it hack in anu;p:r.ighll: pDsi.~i,ol1,. th~ , vehkDe will rUin .•

, I]ip, Yom cnaraCOOFS v'e<hilCL!i'lrol]so",e~ ,an its :side and slides fcnfil d:i!ltaol:e of 2; AreOMl '(,50 f,ee~), &~h passe.t'l,g;er m1!ts;i :make two Acctdent WOUind Checks, The vehicle ta1~ bea.",'Y damtage and does lIoit [1l!1l..

F.IillpO'Ind R.oJJ1: You:r eharaeters velh:icllie tumbmes end-everend (or sJ:d.e,ov'e'" ~o~m:8 thep;assen~e:rs o\lJwund. Eal;;hpa.ssmgef :m.U.M make three A:~ddJeIlIt · Cl:teclcs,. Then m.ake <Ii V>e'hid!g Check (roml, a.gainst the V,ehid,e. Rating). ]f the Check. st:lcoeed]s, l"Iolthing happens.,

,[I:' tlilf' CheCli:, .f'3illS, u, .. e gaSt;Mtt:, e.x.pJ.odle~!l <lind tillieftmde

c'_khef! H!'\e, :t!'!eHh~ c~,~h~ V'i"i,det~l;s h~.?Ivy dA'l:m~ ~e arid cl(ie~ riot tu.n,

If <lJ chOli_!:<lde!i is uaeenseieus inside the vehicle whel:'l ,it hlow!!, .. :oo~h~r d:l<lra.dJ2r mu~t 'try ~o I;'I!SCIJ!~ tih~ u'appeg

ch~racter. - - -


:MAKlING i\:CODID!l1' WOUND CHE'CKS gll~ t:h~ kader,Olin.a tfL'Iil' perwll Qrgrollip do:~th~

You m~~ k~id~~ Wql[1lf1c1Check~ t;o QeMrmiflE! u: 10tH· . I cMsi'ngh: real1ed~he fOI!l~T.

cha~~ctel' oomes. out of _:a)[Ci.d.en~!lmbiinned. Or ilf' ~e has 'l::Qu flood to .UDW howfa:r apart tt.e: leade:rand the

a Lig):~. Meciilum,. or 8€riom: wounrl. foUI)W@ir 1!~ whe.n ill! chsse be,gil1ls." Most inOlises COYeT

,",Wum yotl mab a:!'I Acci~ntW~d Ch~k, YQI] 11~ A.~;r~. b;'l$~d oJ Squares. The rliI,Imber of A:re!Ot!Stnal the

I.. h'&l' "J.iI. ."[':L. -.<1..:1 ."~. -'" f leadN (;'OVE!(l'Shefore the Fo!1ow;e1;' tabs .. Hef him. is c.dled

tne w ~~it~ ~P~y, <!it:.~!!l:,ntl~ Q~ I,J,I~ <'i' .... l'Y!m. m",,~_ Q. OIA'I.

AUl'iibute Ra,t:ing •. l'Mnk of ~h~ V'ehiid€! OI.S<I" oomb"J~ OI':P'Q- , t'n,e: b.3&r'slH~d StoUt.

nerlit· t11<1t has its own. ProWE$5 RaiUing, (Hsspeed aleh~ time Theviil.~ll:in:!i, wh:o naib!:Jea WWie are ;1]ready f:I AJ:Teas..

I of- the,jj)ccidmt). ]~ your d~~ eoll is lewe.rl:han the y'ehi~ aht<lld Qf lt1:dJ'wh~~ h~ Hmdly ~~l!. h;i~ GY>t;:l~ rQni~g,Th~

ek's ~~d,YQ~;; ciilJ-1!nc:bef ishuri. Read the: dire roU chase begil'ls wlJh ~k l£aikrsha}I'inga &-AI;!)'a H'~.<Iid

reasltanduse th:e MonuHedi Cme:cik Tahle r'~o.[" Start,

,mlulmfl O:llIly} and. Cheek Res1ll1.t: Tale ~. seewhat level of ' H.oW FASl'[S EVERl1ilODY GOl!N(n

damage you!: ·char.tctw s!,lf~. The ~bide I\dovem~;t Next. to fi,g:u.rE ouf how fast the leaidN:md

TabJe on. lhe,R;efe~'s Sc~n ~isfs Ih,;!IrB.d ll~ ."rnQtJ~.'I;$ tot Fo.uower a re going. The VehiCle Movement T a ible a[l(f the

an \!mlcles< speeds. Rd:eree's '5creen~$t6 va;riol;!s v<e'h~d,e speeds (~fb 1Il0 mph

&,iimplec: You are nlIm:inll' .. Ina.:..·.· through a ~ueli:ng . t ) D I '1. __ .l j. oll._ n' ....... :E:,"f _f ..... ""',, "

'" '" 1I:11c,r~el'ls., ",e ow .e4l!t;u fi,p= $ .• no;: . ;,,~., : "'" ... ~ n;, ""''' .,

chase, Indy loses mntm] oE his Dueseniberg: on. a carnl'l':ve'M:de gO[!lIig at tlhat speedesn co""e-.r ill! 1 comoot tuen,

<!~d £Jip~ th~ '!I;<!!,Ql7lits 6~(il. Irldy W<!IS fQUif,l,g at 50 mp.h I For @X<I!rop~, a c.u' mov.irtg at 20 mph~f1oovl~6 Mas

when he flipped th:e ,car, YQ1.l musil: maua:n, Accident ~fla . .comibJit tU~r1, wbUea car m(!vfng aJ 7.0 mph can c.oVN

WbruiLd c:!IDe-tk. ~f yOIJl ~:Oll a.bov:e .50, Indy's all [ighL )"01]. :,n A.eO!sin (!.t~~billt tU:rn.

ron :a n {l.eS!l~h3n ~;alf o~ ~Revehid",(s ~d).ll'idJ1:;;lJfkrs Htlle Leader andl FoHower :in .:;! cMse af~ on horrselJae.k,

a. Medium wQunclL You. tlJilfflche.cik ttie dlee :rol]rHu]t )'iIlU can ,aloo find the number of Areas, they Clover in 1

"":",iRst ,1:!he Action Res~11:s l'ajble CShootmg colurrmlt.._. i. '17\'" l M t "T'_t.]

..,.. oom.!.'<.!t tum. on me f~~ il-(:n~ . oV\eme.n: ~.w, e,

, Indy's wound is to .~[s eh~.,5t. The vlUilii!ns]1'I tilt sedan are 1"ollhing at 20 mph ~6 Arsas

MULTIr.m:;E ACCmflNl'S per turn}. a:ncl Jliray-s gD'~ ~:h'e cyde 'up to 3(). ! (9 Are~5

SOilla.h'S cal" is j gJJ1;1 inches {)iway f.r:om It he goOrlS' car.aad pel:' ~!.!;m). So, l1!,ow ~i;lPg wi!] it be before Indy (:;'l!l1;hes, IJI~

he sudderuy loses cOf1,t.(oll In a. si:tuaHM ]ru~e U'I!is, b;QIth h) the- e.nre~s w.hc;'\'tl got Wi1Jitil

i&dlah andthe dr.iVI1T o:f ,the gOO~:!i'~' make MOl;l1em.en~ HOW OOY:OU CLQS[ THE, 'GAP~

c.h...,k~ ,Eo ., ..... ~ d ... y ",,,,,,,,,h.. NOW Ol,ol:! you've found OUtl'lOW many Al>eaSU1;(!

IfYO'IJ.f ,~raJ:iI;~r's, eate1llJ~e-i'S an A.:rea where <in <'!(jcldie.fiit: L~ad!1!r anrlfollowoet in i.\ chase {;<l!rl (;ov'ili in .<'1. turn, yo'!.!.

:has oi;curred in ~n,'!i! 53.D'Il!! combl.'lit mm, you filUSt make- it ('-,an klf'e:p track. of t)n'll di.s;~.aIil.ce 1:Jelwee:n . .the two, To do

M~m~n~ Ched( to see if VQll[ t'El.1lrlllc;(:er misses the this, Fo[Jo""," t~lfse Si!Ie1F-

wre~k:,. If~he C.he:ek .fta;i~s,Y:OlI m1ll.~t c'beckClfli. the Acdd!~t .... ... ~~.~ L'I.

Tible ~o see .... (hat happens to }!'Qll!lf charOl;cb]!T'. 1. Add the l1l'ad.e.r's liIum~r of Heed St.ut fu=S eo '1.J.~e

!!llurnberQ! Area'S ~'Iil 1 combat WUI{based. Q[I ]lis vehicle's speed). Theresult il; I~~fl L~<I.d~r~

Chase Raee, .

The v.illaills m.the sedan haw' iii Head St8r~ of 6 Areas, Theymove 6 Areas :in. ~he f.irst tm:n. Their ,Chase llateir> (6, • ~ -) 12.


,; lJ' he v~lJaj!.'ls~av€: :grabbed WiUte aJodOlre

.' milbflga. fa<5i~ getaway in a :sedan., \!\That are YOIll

.' g:oing to do alttIJiut .lt1 How about tha~ mClbo~cyde?

···G.o04 enougb. You l~:;Jjp on~o~h€ eyd~, kick them . .Olcbih~"~ !o ]i£e., a![Id roar Ollt: a[ber lti.f viUa!n. The ~h~ ls onJ

Ch,t,€s are pretty comlIil.o~ e¥entsin the :lives o!f .l:noi~ -.'ina Jones ana hl$ co.mpaniorn>. Sotn!,. your eharaeter will do the dlJasi[lg. Othe:r times, h~'ll be fol' hils. l:if~, Whel:her it's <I. run lh:rQ!lgh crowded. slree:b.s, a dllJe] bl?~wee-Il tl"ue:Jl:s on. OI! IO:l'le~V mij!IJn;~ajfi ;~cI,!)[' <.i .race on. acress s.<!Jod dll[)eS, '~Ol] need ~o kllow bow your crui!ltaQ!>eT tafll. ~tay ,000heaQ lIn a ch~.

[t doe~!'I't math;!]:" i£ your ChOlirOl.ct(!n;, arel,l:$i~g (an,

, hQ:nws,Qf~hej, (l'Wl1! r~t in a chase. Y,Q!~t\1fl rni'l5e5c the s~rn~ w.a:y Jo'r' 0111 thre~.

,,,tl1'lt11ING' . .4C-HASE


M(!~t: ChillS€sifi,,"'Olve two peopLe, or two gt'CI!J.PS o.l.PI!l'Dp]~. ltl: either caS'E,. tbe pe~n Or group bejngGbt~$ed is,

~. SlJbLrac~ the !:11"l.ITlheI' of Aft"as coveeed 'by the Pol~oweJf (haJlilro on his, vehicle's speed) from th~ ulIder's,Cha~eRale. The .!'esull~ ~sthe li!iu.JlliJer of A:reas between Ithe Leader and Ithe FoUQwe:r, TI~I)! t"Iiumher of Areas lhe Fol1o:wru: coveted .~I:l. the ~lIm now becomes his Chase Ra.te,

The "main's Chase 'Rate is; 1.1. Jndy'~ w'i'~r~cl 9 AAa5 in the first tUfF!. :$!;lbl:r@ia 9 from 12, The dis-, I:ainCf! bdWl!erl! the vHl<J!h'lJS arid I[]r:/y £01' bhis combat turn b;3 Area:;,

Yell f"orulow' ~l)ese ~~e~8~(ir each combat tum In \vn.ic:h ther~ is aJ cbi.ase:., Ol"t each tum Ol.ftel'· ttl!! Hr§l ~lI1r[[l.;how~ver, YOu. igno;re lh;e He~d Sl'1l:rt Ano<t5. ~m~~;I,d" YQ!.:!!)'se t~e ChilS~ RaM~$ from. the previoll.s tUUi M'iJ.d add lh'em to the .new tur.l'II.':r; ITumber of Al1litaJs. covlared.

:Examp$f'.~ Thi!l viiUai~ and l1rdy g:o m~o 'QQ·mb~t t:ruTiJ :2: of their chase. The vi11a.:iM speed up to 4'0 mph (12 Areas per tum). Their c.naiS'e Rate .fQr tJ~.@: last tum. w ... ~l.2 .. The v~l]iliilfl, .. d.cl12 to n~o get their new Ch.:ilse R~te:. .24~ 11ldy revs his cydr!- up to 40 mph. {U Areas pe.r turn). His Chase Ra.Hl' ifrolliiIJ th~ ~ a st lorn was 9, Indy adds 12 to 9 to get rusnew .21. S'ub'trad 21 from 2-4. The :rnew djs~;mllce behoveen the V'i~bi:m; OIT'ld Jl'ldy~s,3 Areas,


RQ.2I!ri;ng thrQ1Jgh ti;,,Ii: $t~et5 of Hong KOll:g, Indy eleses fn "'" ~h<;l .,"' .. d'lf'l'''oj'j by irV111j\ ... ~", J.di.~f'p.~m. H;:;!'" sot h" ",!;op theml Inaysteadiie:s.hi$ :[lU)bQrql~Je w IHh ene hand and pulls outilisrovol'!l~r. CaVlh~ M,QW out O'.ne of their tinmll

I Or (; a slag iln. ~h~ ~gin~!i!!1d hr]n:g them~!) ,J I stop?

Shoolk:tgis one of ~he most common actions that takes place d:l! ~h.:;I~tim. w!'t~!1 you docidethat ycm]' cha.U'o!lJcte~ is. _g.(lrntta shoQ~ cl1Uia:.i:n,g; a. "Ch<l_~, you must say if he's go.iIlg to a~,m at ~h!1! ear or a:~ it~ p .. !Sseli!~ers. SI;ot:l!, a:im~tl a!t !he:!:<tr cannot hUJ~ the p"56eIDi;g.~[5; shut'S ~ime!ill al the

, p.asst.nger:;;, 'cannot hUd the car, d1a$~S, yO'll h<lrldle ~.(.iQI~:il1lg ,'U_s~. Oli$ YOu w\Ould

]1 L .ruurm:,:iI: U.J.~[!Lr<:lll_ Jit~m.I;:'UIn::.t:'.I· lti.;'!!t mo~! C~fS pi'Qv:ide pa~:tlge.r$ w.ith COV<E!r for

most of thclr bodreSi_

!fro llr eha raerer h~tt; , .. ear w h~D'I ~Mtin:g, i.n a chase, j'QU check Ito see what Jevel of dama~ he' does in I~hc c~r: , t, or S!l'r~om ($~ f'att~: ~lermine leve'ls

. Dam~ge in the (::Qmh~t ~~c~i:mlJ, "fh([! ]"'il5IJiJt5 of these d.i.ilm,Oige leve[s arE: as .fQllow5:

tigh~t::: The veh:iide's Mal([m~lm Speed i5 reduced by 10 mph.

M!$dJL1.U1iI: The vehk;]!iil'S .$peed is cut: Ito half of .its r'lorrI'H'~.

Ma:o::imum Speed,

Ser.iol.l!s; The V'ehide: staib; !J%lt and comes toa mmpl'l):~e stop (~l its Braking tMe).

):b~! lise the same sequence of e-VI!?[Its ['Or 't'lI.nml'l~ d:tacges that you lise :fo!!' runnlng com hat (~!ii~ StEF j, Resolve Combat At~;i(yn5 In the CiO!'Il1hllt section), However, you do not h< to. make MO'ii'~an~rlt Cheeks t.Q see whoacts nl'$~ in a hUn. TIt~ Leader's v~hide .al.ways mQV~ ftt5il;, and before- <hl'lyoneebe ~1:I::tsJ ~he Leader make.s .any Move ment Cheeks :thalt might boe: ne.~:ry, ·CharaC~!1i

who are I]~:~ driving stm get to perform aetlons as '~xplll.ined in t.h~ Cum.oat seeuon,


'"fWD goons h...a:ve kidnappedl. Prof:i"!ssor' Sit:iJ1,e_y H-er:on and h;ilV\l: hustled himinte .~ w01.tHng sedan. In.dySlIl,d lock, who a re sitting In a .~.llx1!l.ry~dI,afl parked! 4 A.J:;e<'l!; b~Mftd the gJl1'JJriS, ~~VIJP tllil.cir engine as $'0'0:11.01$ they see-what's up.

(ombill: l:t1m. 11.: )j:o~h cass speed ,away from the 'curb at topAOCli!~~r:LliUi\.in: 2() mph (6, Areas per tum.). The ,gOOIilS

I l'i!a:ve <I O];ilse Ratte d(~ 1,0 (4 Head S~a[t Ar~as .. ~ Areas I COVET€d~. J)Fl!dy and JIJck have ar Chase Rat~ of 6 •. 'The dislt'!i!OCe between the two caes is (10·.,0 .. } 4;, Areas ..

Comibl~f trum li The gQO~~' speOO u:p o1I!pd hy to take OJ! cQm~ral 40 m(l1h (12Ma5 per him)!, whiCh is faster thaI'! tEiLe1t CilJt~ffi IU;[,fI: Speed. lAdy.[(Ws.ruE! 'caJ~ up to ·30 mfjh (9'

Areas per~iUm} as he goes into the; corner. -

The- Itwo "Car~ gQi:rr(tCi~he ~Qm.e...r. $ili,tiQe I~he g90ns ~ golt1.g f,as~'el: thalfilt':h~r' ~r~s "fum Sp1ae.d" tl\i.e Referee mak:t>S a MQvem.e'Ilt CI:H~ck for tine goons' d!ri'!le"I. He maki~ itarQlI,l[ld the co:r,f,!,~1 Indy $wing~ aro!u,dthe- C"o:r~, too! {..flldywa.s playing ~l ~;;:If~, -1>0 he di&rl't ha'!l\e' to make a M{!ivei:n.m~ Check).

Tihe :goon :in t~Ul' pll~Wl@eT seat decides tlo ~@lk.I1' 11 shot at l.l'ldy$ car. ~ f.ire5. afl!dmdss~s,

The .glJ<l{n~( Ch~R..;_jh3 f.rom tur.n.:ru. was TO. Th~ :add 12: Areas ~oct this tUftl to get. a. nrn Ch~e: f~te .,gf2:?, Indy's Chase RHlh"l frum turn 1 'Was o. He adds 9 Are:;!s.· for t~s tum. 00 ~ a new CMse RlIlI:e of 1.5, The dista_n~e ,",~lW"een~h~Mt.;l >C<I!~~ Js (.41; - ']$ .. ) '7" Mas,

Comb~t tu:m 3, The ~Qonskee:p roJruin:g1!t 40 :m:pbtl.2 Areas per-turn} , .Anuther: eorner is com:iing u~p, Indy i[lc:[\t' :his ~peedbo SO m'ph {15,Aroea~ pef tY.J'll}.

The goons' Ch;a,$~ ROl~ for ~~i5 ~~n'iI ~~ (22 * 12 ~) M. .!:nays Cn8!se R.a~e.for: this tum is tlS' 15 ~) 30, .fui:ly~ 4, Areacs: behind.

BoO,~hJOck and t:hegool'lin t!h.e p~'I'!ger ~@,t de-dd.e· 'lG

~",1:"" '!1'h<;>I!'~ "'~ ,..~<ih Q,~h'l)1r. B..,,~~h'1' C':>"'·~"'~OO ~b",1;,t~ 'toQ. tl'" !:.T!;~'" the .eorfie-r! The .Re'IBree~es a Movemf'.Ftt Check .. ~Qw fhe :gj)Onl'S, beeause they are $t;iU ,go:ingf.'Ul,Wr than t~e4r lut.n Speed. The Mi!J'!'i::mffi~ ChecK felils," The R.efer·ee rells dk~on tl:ne Ao;:ldeot l' a b]e. Th~ goons' car £1i~s .and slides!


~~.tcbaTIl wilt !lom.etim!l\S 8<e~ .il'il;to :"cJtaSE!'m <lJ "City or locationwhere thE!: R~Fere-e simply had not p.lar.lned to I haveone, If Ihr;:- Rrd'~!11~ do~'t h<!'il!;! tlhc timll? 00 prepa:ru' a : street mar, hie Can use fhe Chiil~ F1{)W Char~, whkhi~, pr.in1t@c on the i:t1I'~ld,@ had ~ove:r of ~hi~l;xl,ok~.eL

The ChMe FiLow Chart ls mi!l~ up of circle:s t~alili.ow

, 'typicalstl'eet in.~lt;ions and Hazard. I.Oc.1tions .. Arrows that l'ead from :GlIe cin:::lf!' to ;'m,othe.r eonnecnall of these i:nltJe~dions· . .AnlJmb([!:' is p~~ntJOO ne~tweach .U'!,\OW. These numbers repeesent the nium~ of Arees between ~heint~:r:s~dions O~' Hazards. The letters in eiadl cln;::'le are:

I:I!S@c:I only for l'@f~r(!flC~ ill ,,"p@dfk~d~r!t.u~, You dQ!~'~

I. h.(Vle to, p' .. "y~tt.e:nHo..n~o tllemnow.

STA RenNe:;;: .~CHA.~Iir. ON THIf: J:1.nW CHART

l,en ,of' the circlesare numbered from 1 to ]0, These eircles <llllstartil"li, p!arJes ,\ begins, .roi11dJ1ll0" SI:lIrt tihe C'.ThLaseil] t:h.e d:rde IL'halt: cerresponds to I~he die roll,

'The l'lliUilhNof Head S!~O!:rt Areas that ,Ii! badJil'r~lm a. chase with depends.on t~e :weciHc situation of the chase, Playen; tbe:n make d~re.c!t1()lI. d«15tO'.fI:O, "b.a.sOO (l!n~he int~~cnonla:yout:s gi""e.~ :in .. thEchares drdes.

A d)<I;sl!:l ~I:lat's be~:lict£id. otJ~ ofl~he' CMse A.(lw Chad' en:ds wke·n, the leader ID!:lfL<!.ges to rose ~}lJ;: feJlewcr-, or wh!!n the Followett" calches. HiP' to, and stops ~he Leoa:der.

F]NmNG SPlECffiC li.OCAll0NS ON m..I:. CHA.KI

S(Jimetirneli, try ~o rea.cih a ,specific locatiQ!:! d~uj~OI! ~hase; :aJ'l;oad out of town... a cenain 't::ity b]o~t, or the docks, for ~aml:p,le_ T,o d!l!termiTle where a specilic lo<a~~q.J'IJ i'so:n the Cbase Hu--wChan, ll'{)Jl i1!dlO <r!:'ld pi'lOIll

I the spe;cHk [or;:ation ~n thf!oo.rrespond~r1g [lUl1fI!oEffid cirde." I~ you w]l ~,he same <(It,tmber tha.ttYQu :l;'Q1W for the ~ha.~i .:;;~a.ting; locatiofil,r-eroil d'l.e die.

KNOVVING .uowro GET AROUND ON "IKE: CHART ]~ yQ~r ibLtli['~ itS prelty Eammar w:illi! lhe arrea. wltil~~ ~. ihas.e h;; OC1:;'iUmng, and. if be's tryill$ to f:h;"lId a spedfk ].O'l:Q:~i¢·l"L,~h,;: :P.",;:f';:!fe~ ..,:(>;!'!!~dl yqY',~hi.,h d'~"<;i."'''Y<>'''f

I ch;affi.c~:er should. h.lHI~O :get t:o his d.tli5[i~2ItioOlii.

U ),Q,Ul' db:lITac~€!ri:!j, o!Pi]ysl.lgh~l:yfa:m~]iar wnh 'the afe!":l. the Referee can h.<lI¥e yo~ m;:lk-r::: <tl'I[nsitind Check <It each i:!liter$~'I:!iO'n, T.h~ R~fe:r~e' shoU!ld only .al]ow on~ mstJ:nct O:teck~l(lr car ..


A Hazard~s some sud oJ obstacle or e'\!e-lIi:~ ~hart req!il:i[~.5 ~h@ drive:ril"ftvolv~u.n ~ to m>lil;.e an im.rn.eqiate Movem.e'l'lt Check .

W'hieTiL your chaeacter enters a Hmi!i:r-d (;lin::leol:1l the Chase Flow Orti31Ft:, rollld'lO onthe HOI..z .. ud 'T~bje (pri!lt~d 1 bel.ow th,e chart). The Referee fIlI.ajy a:]so .cl'eate hlsow\!'1. t'la'Z.aJfI!Ii!!L

Hazartd:; ap~l'l toboth the Leader and Fo~IQWer ]n a!_

Example: lild1an,ii squeals. around t'he comer Md h~adk, I towarna crowded, b'l1:stHmginters&t'ioI'L

"Hian,g on.!" h(! shOJ1;Jts to l\4<rrjOtl as. he dQ£es hi's eyffi aIi'Ld s~evs on the ga!5" Mill'ion covers her eyes and cmitB~ Indy. Jficly~p]ayer mu::;it mal:'I': .. MO'!,i'\e~.ena ·Chec.k.. The , Qe-d:; sueceeds I

Ju:stas h@·pIQ'~ thntugh ~he In~Uun, indy hears squeJil:ing Hres aJliJd. sQmevery .I'I:istyia[lgllllge (aJII.d it's not ev-en.o()(ffii:rn.g :from MOitriDIl~, He ~ens nise)'Ies, He mooe lit th:m'l, withQut .~ ~a;:r<!i~~h~ Suddellb', from, ~.I1I!il,d him., lilildy he<rr~ mOR hr,$ 5!l:ue-alifilg c<r-.ilZ~ly:. arnd then the Sl'[nd~ngcmih o~ metal. echoes t:hrolLlgh. the~tr@!!~. The gooirliS weren't ro'I.l;u:ky.


liVhe'ri NPCs ~:r,€ ~i~g chased and yOi" are using the Chase flaw C~a:il~. th.'I'l RdeJrl1:tlmnS ldlO to'e'l":mi.llIe 'WJt~ch direction the NP,Cs;~ak~ in an in~~rs!:!cMO:rI • For exa~le! H~he NPCs <lire at a T:.ciJllte~t:iNl, the ~we rolls idl0~ 1 t,o .5 mlf!i2ilriS ~hj!! NPC:;;hufi. ~~PL i'lfid 6 t.o 1,0 means. tm(!c NfCs tu;r.IIJJ NPCl> (.II1)e. Ch.IlISlllg- rcs, theRBfer,ee d! o['il tlrrle NPC5' dlin~ction ~[Ia['j irii'f'uectiolfl by cl~te!l'm:lJ:il'!i'rlg ~J l~~ NPC:; ean s@e ~'h playe!' cho!!I1'ifeh~F$,tip. a'Blead. U the num~r of Areas between two ·ei.rd!esus lower than !he number oJ Areas' sep8.rllltiIllg t~~ NFlCs <!iO"d ili~ pJaJyel: ~bar.Aicbel'$, lhe NC.P.slose: s:lght of the pes.

If NPCs. GlUInot::;ee.whel'e playe.1l' charad~!l'5 t~rY!i!:!. ~ ci:rcl~ O!rl the chad" the lil.efer!m roJls ld1:0 to d~~e[mme. whkh direction. ttl . .:! NPCs tllillte w~.en they get to Ithl\! Ar~<li the player Ch,u:O'I!den; j~:sl :Ieft.

nlllY thl\s. episode, )i'(lU need! the di~J:it11Oft(!8 CharaQtll(l' Dos:!>iE;!'I', a Ii ce of :p;jj,pe'~, ~he clic~, ;]!'!d In,~s~ ,I}.:,[} fl~~iIeS[

WiIIiIs'~ ~

I i ....... )'v~, ~~,,, L L~'i;o q).i;,,,.Jc tl"i:'''~''.b " •• how Epi~ode 2. ~.fiI~r.t,'ti:

Wa~ :Indy .kfit'lck€d,~.c~msdolil~1 If so, , ~l~.rl 'by .ro,aJjng SOOfW lA.

Did tnr;: ~pOliiS ~.: ,&JJ.rh our '~he' windo"", whi~.e li1idy tried tosaveher'l ! r ~Q, Fital'l by lI~ildjl1,g S~!!U~ 1B,

Did indy be~jt t:~~ g9';''''~ <lnd sa,'!'!;!

SdHh? i'f S~, ~~art bV rrl"'<lJc!iflg Sa'I'IF,! lC

Wh,ut win J'-ldl;;;r,riil GEmNG aur OF. THIIE HOTEl.

]f fhpiys BO,1ng t,Oi:E1135le EdJ'.th's kidnap" ~r!;,M'5 H~ing ttl h~,'V,e to get d.nvrI§ta:l:rs ilim:! eu es ide ,

If fndy takes ~!le st<!iT"$, 5t'U take tim1;!<;! oom~hat hJHI!ii, tiD be l?X<tcL

If hTclr 5wi!llg_s out ~;!iil.'W~!\Id'uw Qt!J his whip,ml.l dlOO,nF )'I)ol,i!".ol.l-

m-M: Indy sptaitl:!i arul al'lk!~_ H:ii!; MovE!lTi]ent RiilJf~rIigi;s cuI ~~ 'ah.

C\I:;1-10; ne fOlT~ b:m(;k:~, ln~ wil:l!d.m~~ oJ .indy; HI? has to sp.e1!\ld ... Ol:I:fillb."tt

tllnm catcMn1J; 11.1& breath,

11-,20: Blam:! Indy l,['nds r.ighlt or; top (If ahe :11II~]on cart. Hils t:U"Ifoen>J .,..,. ~\~h juicy rt1,i1clunp'lllp,md the d8~IQ!I' is ocr~r:nirlg ;It him. It takecS Indy 1 c.omib<lt tUI11.1 to :set Otl~ of Ithe m~iol'l mesa, Vk~, a L 1"",,,t m .. l",,,,~ _..,..., ... ~~I"I

21 ()tFilgher: Ifldy swilllgs ,gr.aeoefuilly {lui th4!' window and hits

the stree L rlJrJming,

IIl.d:y ukt!S off across bhe sqeaee. rhm~mber, if lnrlywaB knocked: uncenseieus, ur iI hll' ~prai1:LedJ l'lis ankle,. hls MOVen!Lool R<ltin:g ls ,(;U't ~u Ih,

Indy roends a ,co!m~t an.d: ~~e:g,!lh.>e gOQI'i cii!r:ryi'~g EdIth" They ;1If~ ~ .i\l'E\i!I:!: {TOO feet} ilIhead! of him. Add i Are~ to the d,ls.t<lJnce ~or 'i1V~l'Y't:ornlb"aJ: 'tum Jndy spends g.ettil'lS OWit of' ~he ho~e'L


ifi[l.d IIJ!.lt tim .... marlY' .Ar~\i!:> [!Jidy Can r!]_n iin 1: o.1Irnba I tu •. i:i. (5 AI'e<ll~' ai' rn,Orfi'i~J slJ>S!1d; 3 Ar@<I!>iJ his Movement Ratin;g ls cut 'to uh, Qir, 2. Area~ 1.f fils MQV'em~r1t Ratj],~(is eat re 1/4),

The 8:PoJ'i (<lJ.ryiJ18 1!dj~fI ~fI''''~ 4 Aflea~, per tUlrlfl, Tr.i~ ,,,,h~se ~~ on IFor' l {,oOm.b:~J h.lrns. lnJyis able to k£~p fhl! g,Q<[IJ'Jin ~Jg~t throughout t~ oltJ.aSE!,

'Pi:!!;ilfe oul h~w hr Indy i~ from thl~ gQOIl (u.$ing tll.~ rules from [!:A!_!l[l,l[l~. ~ Chi!3~' in till! Muv:emt"'nt ~tion} afte.r 3 tOmMt- t:nr.rJS. Them read. Sc@n1~ 2.


M<lkean ~ck,

[f tim Check 51.l~ds, fi8iu!'~ oUl wh.a., Indy lel'1Jn1!s; B~dPte.ti!'lg, WfiI_;l<t of" Wh,.e~, ar The Big Pich.l:r;e, Then r~d ~neI'l1l_~!t;:tJi:~g el1~ry below, U 'you I":oH ~,

Lucky. B;r(l";I!k" reed Th-e. Hi~, PkluIit: and a.pply tine Lud\;f B'r'eak IDaJ;'S li:o;too wlHI. It.

If the Ch~k t,ail.s, read the- Deoo End ell.try. 'If YlOli roO a. 'Elad BJ"~;ik mad. 'the '.!1'I11Jle entry <lnd .apply '~h.e: B~CI Break tllilis Ustoed with it,

D:JI~! ;F@eliii18: I. he·r·.n. 4;ld'lflltel}' something werrd he-re. (Read thl!! Qui<;;lk Decision 'mtl'.y br.lo''W.)

Whil~ til' W1t1::rcl<!; l'hen:'a som L~i g ~tra~"12 ibQl,ll the gIm,tl1d. you're st ndi..,.g_ on. (Read lh~ Qu.k.k DeCil~ioo entry bellow.)

TJu~ Big Pielllll:-l!'~ You r foots'teps 50'1Il11d hQUowas you walk It(]W<lll'd the fit!" wa'itl. ~R.Md the Qil kk. Decision ,!!-nt:ry b~low.)

l.!-!~ky Bre!!l!:i You 'call hear .Hdfth~ ""oLee C'Cl!mil'18 from 'bel ow tl-u:: gr GUru:! here, Th@_lits iii sDraighi. crack rllnniX1g along t~ gWlIlnd b,6IGW y'Q'ur ~t. (Read the QUick DiI!d!:-liill1 enu;:y btiiow,)'

Qulleik DN.i~oon: What do YOUt want }§uly- to dol ]rIilIP'ect the gFC!l.I!11d1 Of !~a.p ~ekl 'Make j'oO'ur cloti~toirL

U indy ilCl~ectso ~ll~ gr.OI.J1:'1d, II?O!Id the Dead End f:J1try bdo<w.

llf 111dy leaps, back, make a MI:l"'~ R1I!;l[l~ 01~k" U the Check suu.'I!G.Js, .mad l.he ~al-e Jump m~ry Ibe.i,Dw, n the Ch£d: fail!i,~<ld rhe Dead End erntry below.

Dead bd'] The gmLl~ below you creaks"lQusly. Sl!Idclenly, ilt drops out hom IlOOM you,. and YOl,l.'re p!!mged into' darkness, Y01!l hill. tQr S:E«1"'~J;'\'!il ('eel .. and. pl~!p ~'flto a ilIo£t,

, sfXlngy :mrEacf:, The fall 5;teais your breath, just !hE! same,

¥eu, trike amateh ·and. Hnd. that yl;J'u'r'f in asmall, damp basement, ~~'I'mlm!l on aJ roUil'lg" mat~r'e5S. 11",'=5 ~:ry Q1!1t of lillie mattr!!SS an.d s-cMte'l' acress the mQ-TIl, A wooden door 'stands bl2tol'~ ,'O'U ...

T~e deo!" is unlocked. II j"Ou open the doer, read Scene 3.

IiIllldl R.realb The woMen, door stands open. :leiiJ~g to oil room lit by torches. MI o~~ :bl"tk:1TLIIJ[1 ls 5ti~~ins OIl a tihronc along the ro(jlm~~ :fall' ",",aill. Two lliant·, bl3ek tuarcd:s s-t<mci on each. sld:~ of ~il.~' roam. One of Itb~m ~s holding <1 krllfe te &iJth ~ tJu,;aat, The m.<U'I smiles Mid lPo'!nts 3. [lji!t_o;,ty-Iaokmne: auto-maltC 1lI1: you~

"Dr: ./Ol'ii!lS,'· hI! says,. 5miling, "I'm so glad: yffil C'1Hl11! •.. r'w ~~ . ...ram'iRS to I~Jk with }'au.'"

Re<ad :Sce:ne 3,

S~,£e JIi:iiiiP~ The ground before Y011 ;;~dde:rllj' 'QpeIRS up, n:v~iI~'~ng .. di!l8Y base-ment .From bey-ornd ~.I;~ ba~m fir, you·can hear Edilil' shouti.og iIllild'yellling. ·Well. down is tbJ! only way to gp, bl[gt all least you'll be~d.,.:

You climb down iii the basanelJlt. A

"'i''':!'.o-o.d.zn do.-OJ" ..,h:III-..d", 'c.l'C!!led, G.t 11.11;: !C,uJ. clthe~l'lm,

T.lii!- do.o.- is lmlQckedl. If yO'll Op~TI Ithl?: dt:lOT. r-.eaJd Scene J.,

:-: ~. -,,~,~~



W!;!II,it loo~ ~ike a shDot· ISflI.'t going h-'11 i(::li'L'~ 'y.nnr tfl,l" tiD1oQ. ]\.].!]Ir ?.a.tJ!',d

bEt.ter Hndout trues Bl.lck guy W'IlITtiL 1btl'~N! ,sm~B ~g 'h.1i'l'lll '~(l smollth~ talk your way out o~ thj:s one, And U better be good!


a/1M ]eans ovettih:e' to\ol~ a ~cl s:3I)'S to Indy,'ThIs

. Im,il:ill,We:t!lll, ~t, :lnd~:ma., he is my itil!nd',lut\ ,~>e.~$.fIIot

, an edu(;a:bedi ma_r! ]" He does nt;'lt !;ikE, We-stero-

I ~, <l~, h.e ,an'ly me~~s YG~b(!c~~se he tITL5!tS eareflll, wha;~ YOlii ~a:y~ bay. 01.' he w~U !'I,ot h,iJllp us.

lndiiIDliiI }(},f'jeB ]oob up to !!Ife a wiiz.l:![!I'fd. ol]dmaIll I~ort!1:ringpg!sl tn,e:clIOwd:ed labl,e.:; of the cafre, $'ijlJah wa,villS , him, to t~le table.

"Acnmoo, 'bLess:lflg ,of 'the FrQiP,h~t be UjlOl:'lyoluJ" &Uah toi!:i;.es the ~!i!'ly main's MifI.d. "Will. you FiJave oJif~ee with 111.:57" The' UtUe milll[l S1i.:!,S no"hi:n;giOls he sits down, He tumsslowtvt()wO!i'd [lIdr', "€,j~ him sU.$l)icLQ!:!$hr,

Can lridy :gain '~he old mari"s cC!RHdeoQ!11!f Or wiU. he say 5QIfitith~n:g ~ha~ (J;~fencls the devotitM!us:limJ

If )lQtI were Indy, w:bi,OIt wouJd yuu ~!lyl Cam. you ~hi:nk of oomelm!'lg lh!1l m,al'!,'s; su:'Opicii'Q,[Is ,and male him f~igooly to yoUl~

VOl.! ,<!ll'e~dy know th:1llyOU, co~"t~ro~ youii' eharacter In th.e iSaml2 way an. <lic~or p[.ays <l.p.jl!rt. ln 011. play Oil'l:IiLQvie. So fa"!", ,<I!Uof ~be d«1iiSOOD5 YOij'w: I' yO!lllr' char<l,cte"r hav~ be.m s:impl,em:t:uons-wEl!u 'YOU hit wibeTe Y0l!l run, aiRel. nOW fast 'YOU take.1:I cO!rIliE!r.Bu:t like any good a'C~Qr" YOI1l also have to ~peak the piI!n of YlOm dl'U.1iC~er. "f1l]kifl'g is p~ettr lm~or~:.n:l~t:,. boc.<llU!:!leits Ithe only wa)" your char"e~v.r .:';>Cl" de,,'11 =i~,'1h ",F,h",,.,,,

l'\i"Ih:y ~alk when!; OM revolver ~s worlth .arnouf><lnd WQfds1 ':V'IMI, som.eHme8 your,!r needs i:nfOJm~t'io,h IT0E111.frieTIQ Qi[ aC!qUla][lt<'!l[lce. Or he may tTY eo 'lX)nvLI'!;~ somoofle i~ hodp Mm. ~riU!~ f();~ won'll ge~ your cha:racbet too l<ll!' in sud1 enCCi1!Irlters ..

Your cmaract;er won't alw'ays~1!! dealing w.ith the gooo guys, h,I:r'W€'Veil'_ Y<:lumight w .. m:~ your .r::ha_r<!'cter ~o t~y to tmk a gw.!'l!, orY'@'lIlRay:l:iaViil: ~:im~",b .8J. deaID with a viUallin to saI¥'C ;his ffii:o::i1'l .•


WliJen yOUlr d1Laracbe(s talki:n!!: to <UI NPC, the:r-e'$ one thln,g yOI]'UWOlf1~t It;o kno-w: will ~:h~ NPC d.o w.h<iJt YOlU e,hOir<l_ct~rr w,:;Ir!Jl~1

To find out,. YO!l1. first tdl. th~Ref~iJ1E' yorl.U" cb~J""clo ler helpes to ~ifi 1Ii1¥ t,dkiflg to t;h~ NPC. neEl!, lib aiD

, .tC'!iOf,. Ylltl, ~el1 Wm exad]y what your ~h<lir-"!de~ wn~ ~YYOI] ,s.htll.!lki: U"Y :~C1 pU!tint(]), ~hes.e'W"on:ls tlhe feelirQil: iiha~ Yol.ll want ~o g,etti.cross. It's I:'lo'~ jl~no!:J!gh lQ ~.y. "Indy will ib.e really ,d1,.armi:rIlg and win say w~hi:n:g: nice to the hat eheck :girl;' er "JiJdy':,gulm:!:g ~o-get Wuii!!hr.v:iln t<he .®OOi:il ,.u'ld demOlind ~o knowWhet€ Lj Jilib~S:'

Don't wo!'ry. "{QIJ're not,be~fil:~11ldged as an actor, but you $bo~jd ~ry yon,,U' best. G(H)d. d!Ll'!dogu'~c .. :n add 11 ~Ql of f1a'!l,o:r rand! e~jb!ment lOY0'Ulr en,o'lfactels acdve[1Ju.:·es,

&<lmpl~'[ l@'ll o:I;l!e pFayj11l8 Ln&oma Jf;lnc.~'~ truly waJnis to' H~dI ii Tho, .,UlI,d h~'~ hJ'iI1lSlo~l(ll.I.eeZe a ®M:n f()lr U'iJe lnf('JIrm03Jion, You t>Eill t_ I~e:ree ~hat .Indy grabs, ~he guy b-ylilil;; shirt collilar andpushfS~im up ag,,~n$~ a wan. _ Then, In. a ~ouglruroict:,. yt),1!l say,. "Aim right, pa~, I dJon't Uh )fQ'll, 'calise }'1otl're !J:S~Y an~, Y01.1".1le du_:_mb.Bl;lt .I'm .a

nice gl1Y~ gO FusJ~ teH me w,h:e~ 1 "31'1, fin.d .Lf '!aoa:nd I wa\[J;'t U5e YOIl!l. t)D,mop the n~O[:'


Once YO:Ui rnamcl;fl' has t .. lkedl !~o an NrC, the Relel:'0e ha$,to figu.!'I~ ouJ~ oow ~he NPC ~eacts. 11:1 W!'Il!!!l cases, I~hii:

Referee al:readlJ' ki:'i(!W'S~ @idl~r hf1l1ul.CY have decided, or' the specific a:dVl!ilntliii'E! ma:y OII'LI.y allow .~OF one kind ,(If l'e1lttioi!'li froiJilll an Nrc.

J~ ~he R.e~el.'ee do~:~IkI1'ow l!IJ()wthe NOC .... i:ll rea,~, )"Q~ ;.-..",kc" .. .ApiP",":1 Ch . .:.,d" .~'" .;)o" .... b.;!!~ ].indi",j ,Wh.,;:,.;nc.:;

YOU;!"' 'rnat'<lic~er has.


Severa] factors CiIRJ 3Jffectand 'nlodlify 'y'()ur eha:r,\'!;c;~er"s Appe:al. Rating whm y;rJ1IJi make an Appe;,d Cl'II~ck. far ~;;imp[e,~f your ehaeaetee Is th:l"eaten~:ng: 50ITIeOile with OJ! W&liP~;P[, hl5 Appeall'{atiflg is dQUDIM., lIth-e B,OOr! '~hO!i~ your ~h .. :r.aderis ta]k]ng to dOO$l1I'~ trust OJ .!leS,ped: y<m!i' ciu!:rader at all, Y'O!.l!1' ccharadiefs Appeal !Ra,ti~g ,is, ,EIlIt to 1/'2_

The Refel'ef :;iholJld decid~ how' 11 eJErtaln 5~tllal~O'n hrtWOOIll: a p;II<l,y.e.fl;h,uc!!l(:~e[ ,~ru:l Nr(._He~ti>' YQQrchll:rac~ .1 ~·~r(s. A.ppe!'llRa!i:ng.


On.~.£ Y-xlU'\\'ti! Wlil!rldlho1llt YOI] rea] Cheek Is tSU.CCt!;:~·

fil!ll, you then d~He:rmine how the _ -C fnt~€ ~itmUioo respo!l'l!C!s.Wi:l! th~ NPCbe "Neutral.:' ~E"hil!P'ful:' or "P~ellidiy"7

YQUUSif! ~h.e Modilifred Qh!l:(;¥' T:ahli]lIm:l Check iResl!]lt Tah.le to die1lermill.e w'hOl,t df,edYQM t:har,a.ctel' has W~ii!!!rli a11lAp]}eal Chock is stlClOessful

ifut'C'n tYFltl of NPcffl<1!C!i'oTl ~s ,QJG.SCr:ib~d below.

N'eutraiL I1gad~o:H!: The NPC isn't too keen on V'ou['"ch,aiac~ ~'8t. He do@s.fiL't want to inv'OlV'ed. !He i~'@US YClI.1,' chama'!@:[ y01!iW:ilfilt tD .~i!ii.ow, but of.lly with great j\e!uclarroe. He doesn't vQhmbeoel!' any ex~[a iIrLfo~atien, ,and he ,dQe~[1'~ betrayMs &,ien(l_~ OJ: his b(1J$S..,.,~sthE g,oon's ami! a little hard~[. "Li Tao, !pal.

Whl'l[l~ :Is h~r'

The goo[l sqllltnrttS M~de:r. "He's a:t !the GroeJ'l1 Pa:r:r:oU" he gronts~in a Uy. Wha~ he dOI2Sll.'t 'l.en .1lldy Is tlmt U T:ao 151l1t th.f.l Gfilri·lI' P~tro~ 'W1~h 'ow body;g\I";1ir.d~,

a~~phnll~e .. !n~o:llt! The NrC doem"~ ~il!e'l ttoosl:rurt:Ql'y ,u:ne 'lViily OF tile other ,",rout your iha:r<lc~er, Be willingly ~i'!.'es }'1;I1"J:ich a :r~(:~erthe il'lfO'.r:milliof.l thatilew.'l!f:it:s, htU 6nlyli

, it do.esn't cost him any' Itime., .£J£fo!rr', o:r .mOIU1Y, A goon or VilO'lID will (:Qifli_s:lde'r :i! d)ell~ .. ¥:iln your dhara.cU!f iili h,~ :RMld$ to get out ·ofit. for himself,

The ~ol;m'~ey,e-$ w.~df:nlls Indy tighle'rls his g[[p .. ~akay ~

I Oby~:" he p!o!ladJ~, "'IL.oak, jJ:,a:$t ]~~ go. of me, [_i TlIO S h:ol:ng,ing; CllD.~ dow.n.O'It :~n'~ GteM Parrot. But he's madly for lrou~ ibJe, JOrl.f!-$_iJ )\'IOU IhiDk you Clln tOl.k~ !him,. go :ahead. alilld try."

Ii':ie-:H;dLiyoo<1leU(in~ lfihe NPC likes: aDd i'esp'ects youFclHlF-


I acl~]' .. Hegives your ehacacter lhein~orm.atjio(li O~ aid h'e wants,ever! M :it. takes him <l gN~~ d~~ of eErort or puts kim :in da[l~~r. if your c:hitfaCl@f 'offers-a decent reward, evem goons who rMC!: in 'I Fri~·fI.dly manner elm be persuaded to. berra their bosses.

The goon smil.cs brQaJd!ly o;t:t lmJy; 'l~e!l, okay, ]()['JCfl, loo,k, no ,~eed te rough. I'd have tlCld you. Iu"Stle~ ~o' of me, wHrn you?"

Indy lOosens his g)fi,p, saying no'thiflg.

"1 w;>t ao qnan:1 wHh Y0I.II,. Jones:' the goon says. "Just calm OOWTi, So you w~nt 10 go gunning fo".l.i Tao, Hey, ltiafs your peoblern. JU5t don't goo telling him who bold you ~his. He nightch,l,bs down ;2I~'~he Cff\f'lJ Parrot, himn and a. couple of his bo1{'5. Real me<lJl O~~$:' The 80~H w'1nb ait Lldy."Hey, Jemf!&. I hope he kills you.~'

!Lucky Bt'ellk: Your character learns .11[1 that he can from a I 'Frirendly reaction, and :gains evecn fl'lOf~ •. :Por example, ·om NPC might. 'be 8Q' seared of ll{i!Vii: (!n,<i~<tct~ tha~ :he acts as your cMracter's stoo~[ie f[lom fhE!'I1 tCEliI. Or agoon mi~t let slip some tidbit that your Ch':lr.ll.,dbeT didn.'t: know about,

"}.ones, the hat check girl at the Parw't used 'to .dJal1e one (l·fU #!osboys. She's lockln' to:gel even, 1 hear.:'


"FArh.en you filii an Arpea:1 'Check, your ch<l~;aJcller must hey Blar"jef' to ~. 'the infoTTn;'ltion t;!,,at be W.;)'!i'its out Q,f the NPC. He ma~rlll5e morury, th_Nl'ats. arm-twlsting, 'I_~d I!''''etl

some I!eriol:ls roughitig up. _

You'd better be careful. t!holllgh. Your dtara'ter'l> ilwthods or per5ttClSlon «(i'uJd ba.ckflr"€" "The I'iIIP'C r;mtlgnr d~rlde ~Q I!:ake :rI s,wing at 'Y\(}'i.U· character, or he might ~~I1 (Ill some crf his "friends" to help g\'!~ rid 0'£ your character,

~Iit'e' Referee decides no·.,. an ~~C il'e~'t~ to fmaher per5UaJ- I 5101\ when an Appeal. Check falls,

Oad Oreal!. The NPC jtist doesn't like your ,e"n<ll~act-w.

He's ,riot gooi:n.g, ~o 'be arIY !hemp ~t "m, A goon or yiIlain I:n ~hisl stm<l<hon m. \gh~ decide to try\'" to C<'l.use as mtllch tI'Oiu.b~e I Eor your character as he can.


'Depending . .on ~he S.iN.atiion, some Appeal Check resul!:s

FUs~ WO'.l'I't mOOke :sense: itl ~t"I .adverlilllll'e. fur e;.:..:am-pie, I

Jndy:!! p&;ty-erlitlakes an Ap:p<eiJIl Chl€:Ck ~o SeJe i.f lldJoq willl giveu p M;lrion and 1:Iu~ Ark. of .the Co~nillJ1.t. The Appeal Che<:lo: sueeseds, but you know that Bel!oq is, jUs1t not :I;loil"Ql to oblige. Wn cases like th:is you can ,eilliWr rerell the Appe~l Check, 0[' ~he R,.e!fe:ree can s:imply s;ay that th~

NrC d,l)€S not I)f."ad :favO'.fably to :your (;MrO!d~r .il.t thne,

The R.efa'eE!' should make sure' ~ha~he keeps, the gi''I'eand-take betwee.n player and NPC s balanced .. Sometimes, YOiU['chiU'Il:'b~.·s Appeal can 'pun Mm ~I:lwugh. Other timel;,1I!n NPC's. greed OI"IiIn.g-e'l' is ]rust ~(lO 5i~mng. The Re!feree sh,o.uldi rn(i)~ t!;,es@ balance adj"!JlIStments based en thl!! &ptl!dfic adveature.

I $allah looks around, and. theo whis~ i.I'IJo Jndy$ ear, "I have <Ii friend who caii help us. Omar is ni5 nam!l:. He has a: nuek ht'\""m let us use. You c,~ntrust Mm, .lnrly: He is my fr.ieFl~t:J

'tOur cha.raccl-e.r can't doev·e.r!l'thing alone In anadvean~~~, OJlOf!' lil1l a wtJlle, be's ~Oln.g w·ne~ 50i.mili: ]~~]p, Pl.l!::!,;, Jock MEC a p']a<:-e~Q h-oIE!U!pand heal, hili wounds for a, wrri[e1 Does S.aiJilbarriv·e in a! -strange ,Lit)" and need it car? Does Judy need to find i5omeone in T''Okyo? fu these cases, Y'O'I,U chaeacter ,olllld use some (l.f h:i~ (:ont~t"S for hdp.

A (Q~tactis an NPC friend of: rom charaeser, Your character ma.y have !liIe't ~ long time ago and done him a favor. Ali the Refe[·oopl~!!! ID.f"Ough ad.v~nt!J~ with you, yo,ur character mill' m~tw~.~h NrCs who could hl!i::Cf!!IY!f: contacts .~n later adventures.

COl'llaJC!s carl always pmlli. your cheractee wIth rome kin-di of help kl'I~t'I .tdV'l?1lIlme. Most Qften, they handle tl!a.vdarran:gemoetlb, stt up secret meet:il'l~. andpeovide hidi11l!,g places, Althou!5h <\ oli1bact WI,U put him~ff in dang.i!rI' to. help your character, he won't join in an

I, or go msh:ing into a fight that doesn't. directlyirr ... olve him.

:Example: Incly 3!nd Siil$l~ ~hQ'w' up at ~ia!f:!si~01ilse'.

OmaJ!' ~s &JJahlo tliend OlLf!!d Cfl(n~lId. Indy and .sal/ali i>!11f" b~irng chl!l~ by the ~~oI1l!5Qf R,as._hJd Kbt1'm, i<l!1'I!llnitiqume.s smu,gglex. Om\lilr h!l!stl~$ ,Indy and S<iln1!h VlP Q:'!1~'O the ro?~ bo hid!!:"

Th goo!'!!'!, ,arri:v~ at Omar'~ .bOll-tie rn. a .£ewllllirlli.JJte-;" diemandiillg lthillt t~~y be d'owed ro:riellll'ch ;tIte pre~ .. Qm;3I.plea}!'s 1;II[lil)lJo[]Ul(. "T1w ~){,[rn_!i ~ .. ,."'" ail~u~~t fIInl1>:ll~~ thei.r sean::h !ll:ina" .suddemy. IrutiOUla' s:ru~! ""fhi! :~11S st~u~ ri~ping the plaCl! apitl:rt. <1IIml <'II l[:ilht ~k5, 'out" Oma:r f!iets ~nto tih,e ltight. because liIe is, deje:l'I.diilUi. rtlJi$: home.

WUAIN JAer/CS roi~,ruR[

VT~!ai:1lI8 oftlien ~ind to:rit:w:l~ Ol u.[;~gl me<!Jl'I", o.~ eiClracliDg i:d~rm'Oili@ n, ;AJ!:hiJugh ~,(!Jl'ih]J)e isiUlI eftliectiJ'Io"1l wa,y ~'Or viil]aE 'to Gel; 'WQt they want, il~S, also .1iI~,y evlU

When. ,~PCis,tO'III;liIilleil: ]f' ¥il~0!~n5 'boHwl!' JOi,iIJ:' c~andell" r

, lit's up 'to f'Ollli~Q d.!eci.diEi' .i:f' YCI!!U C:i'ililliadDe!f tOlU~S:.ThIllir cll:lJr'ac~er could !;)i.rnb.aMy bep h,is,miJliI:tb shul: ea&ily dtiil!i!~ aJ fl!ormal bC<lit i~g, b'~I; 'Iortu~ eID'! :SG1!:, yout' ci'LaractlElrpel'" maneElltl,y; it~n W{!n klUb~fr!" G~v~ seme fho .

yO!!J1I" di1al:'a~d~l'rs optlOl'lsw'hern he's :ii1 <II had hi' liih! tih,i~"

U .indy know!> '~ha:l Jock is IQIJjJJ hi!> W3i~ ~o re5aJe :mm. he m~"ht be ~ble tel, I:lo]d up for Ol! """ilc_ llf tilli~g:;; alr,f' ~ookirn; bl~'lk .• hC'iwe'!lif$'.llldylUili.~t: tI>e' alb!,e' t(l<b~.y i>@!ifI!!l ~±~e by giving, his torh,u!llrs. some fab,of in~rm,aHOi1.

\i"fl!!em <lim NPC i$ ~mtlUjfed; \'Vll;ei:1 \1'~naiTls ~Q~lure an NfC, t'~ I,\efem: sh01iid[JllJ,ilI~,e a. Bad<lbom: Cll!~k; (mDd~fied to lI,ril)' !urlhl:: NPC.~f l~,e Ch~k Sll.l.'c'!ieew, the NfC does not Ita!ik" and lite ... ,utl.rJimaJt.tca.Uy~~es: wt _ ~f th Gi!Ck f,3.ils. lime NPC leU;; the viD:lsm'liwJiat. thteY waTlit ~~o

I b"Qw,

RlIIinmmll~i'I, IhJi(i!-UL~ t1ni:{orUjl'!l~.r.: 11'1 Ut@$~ '!;~t!!J.!Ji[om:, tJb.,~ Referee -doesn't nead to de5c;r:ib~ what's hap,lX!rringin!}!IlY de~i1n.€t,the purpo:iie o~ l~.his ~lm~ is t(lh~vlil fn.!.:t'l, ~·tll,)t to d:i~I:rl1~~ ~hll: ~]Ol.y,~.r:!i wi~h deoc.ri:pHons C!'f pain <lInd to:!",menL


JIIll!l'~ .b1i!l9Wl:lSun:s. t.ortlml OR OlJ,.i!lI~n'~s vidiOUS SC3!le is tlslri,ganoohQ~ an:C! d~ to obtO!in~ormat:io:n, yO'l1Lt cha:ra.c:i~~"

E:££eet~ !I)~; AU >oli;a~aCit~ C' a ~ haNC t'w,o d!rin.ks<C!lliLt be1ill~ ~ie(;l>M, ,As S(J>OfI <115 your ,ehara.c:!!e1' h~!iO .<I, tbird drink, hOWl;lVei!'~ Y0cJ:.1 ml!~~ make' ~. B!'Ickoot'liEt C~"Ck. rnf the Ch:ec-k stl(xeedtl" the dr,il'llk c:oesrlta!fec:-t: )'QUia: oCllri<l!<;ildeili'~ U the Ch~:Ik,f:;:!!b\, yl)1ill.r~h!lr<JIde['is drq,uik. Cut a]~ of OJ dmnkcnall"adtiil'ts M.~i'thtc R.ati.~ to 1!1l.

LOWlIll[)l!Ie ~tolilllak;e Badkibone CtU3~'k:5 ~ali !!'.1('h drin_k .. , d:!;!llrod~.take;i ,a~~er' m:;,lhmd. m£ he is druH .. his Bi!(~,-

, 'h.""",,,,, H!~ 1';'''8 ;c. ,"" i 'I,,, .. 1 f, ""Ii..,,,, )""' •. , ,..""1,, .. th ...... Chc"""'~·~ ~f

YOQlrclia rat:btr faiJJ:s <!!i H\i!ckbOl'l1!~ Check wh:er! he h df'l!lflJk. I{;U~. ~I ~[~S AtjtfgbWl:u:!R<I~ting~, hJ J/~. Now ht1' i~l'O"ery drunk, [f he oonfii[')u~5 ~o drink, you muM mOlk'\'! <I B!}ck-

,!I bone Chec;:k for 'e!i3!c'h he takes. H ~~. i'f> ve..wy dri!!'Ik, 'your c:hO'iJr .• Ii::ll1;r r;a~I:;, IUflcm~sc,j,olU!!, OI:UJe he fa.Hs.ill Backbone, I Cll1«k.

SIJ~nn8 \lip; tOo S(n!b-e.r "'P. :you~ d!,a!liO!~r must either cs.!'eep ,it off o;r 'be fQ[(;ed, by ~gm~ '~'!'~11. into «Imirii'ilg"

]£ hi! slettps ~~ ()!If. h~ m~l il~!Sp £jQl' atlJeOliSt " h.o'U!f:S.

Ef !!omeevEl'cll!!I: 'O«l!IIfS tEl fOIl"Cl!s y,ou. dll! .. 'ra:a:~~r to hy 'tiO

I SQ~el' up '~Sl1diL <!is ,j'JJ moot-out O[ '<lrI i.mparta:l1Ilt ·a:'f1Jro,1iUj!!~ trQWl), ro~k~ a H1),ckb'Q'M C:~e«::k (o:r }'01J1' charll.cter (using Y'~!.:ir c~a:r.t(~er't'l !normal B:a,c.kbonj!R:ati:rug l. n the Chl'cik s~o:le~. yJt)~,tr cha:r~dl,'lr(s, htllld 'c]{l3:l'!Oamd :hi'$[\~es strut to ,come 'ba,dk. AlliI, of ~1s;. Aurilu.lrl~I1!t.<!~'ing~. retll.ll!'ElI, ro .noll'mlal,. Jf' 'the Check, .f.illil;.yolH'h a :ra~~e[mtI.uM drnnl tIttroug._I'!O!i!~ tihe' i@f,I~!JX' !e¥'e!'It,

Eflfedli: I!I!~ ,dmgs: Thil: ef.fect50~:;peci£ic dt:~gs i'0'1i detoa:U:edI I whg!)~ d~~'Y"'¥!;! 'um Q'I" ~'(l!!fer.l)lid ltD m .. a specit:ic adveoJl.W:..e.

,a:y th.i:!ilip"~~ •. yO'll need tlhe Iall~ J~$, Chaum:ter. D<). 5llier. pt::F. ,Oli ~. and a £,~~I'!d who w~nb lOp].;!.;)" l:he- ~~.Ii!. lfyoiil Wani to use 't be 3 ... '0 f~iI:.\li~ f'l;lf this t:pisodc.. )I'M ¥I~~d;

,~'~I ~,,,,,

'Womlli rn s.mIi CllD1I'IIIlIi m~,

PlAr156 .R'HMO fJid,f'U.

YIIII1I [play ibis l!;,pistKll! dlIfNll!ntn,y- from 't~~ fi~t l~~:lI'OIJd:Qnl P!!a:y.hIOO'lf ,~L~~ta,d:. ]f'DU iiln.d a J,riil'J'id pl~!i"lthe PM'~ of R~i'eree anrll!')aillru;J Jrm'eS.

'Since 1Q!.l an:'!)i'obab'ly- frettr(~ In itiill!' wi~1k UI~ niles b;y now, you should be the ;Referee. and ,...,UlI' fr~d 5h-wL\;i, p!1"1 ll'ld~Fr!lTIl noWOIri. YQ!<!· ~d!tQ~1:d be the' QIlI1V O:l'lie~hQrea.dJl;, '!~ ~pis~ru:i)~. nw ~pJ.smle tiM!~YQ!i! wh,glTl to r~~~ !h~ ~c~fil!!s to ya1Jr I:ri!1l'id • YOl!!J C!l'.fl e,i!he.r- readl ~ ~eme ,;dou.d. M re~d il~ ~oyo!<!~lf and

:::.j~~j ~.ih.atC .. : '.' h •. ,.pe: ..... ;". !i' .•. 0lIIC. c.'e ...... '~ ~ ......•.•.•.. " 6c.UNG' IEAOY 10' PI.A,' "

BefNI: :t'Ql1! p.19iY thi§ epl~Q1d'g. gi"~YQ!J!f bi:emJ I!he Indi .. ~ .. , JOne!' Ch<!r;lld~ J)os... 5!er aoo !et himp-l\;l.y ~b(! pa:H oJ .bldy 1£1 tlhe~irst Hhree .g!plsod~. ~itD~ Iw· phrY5 l~h~spi!i(l[:3~, ad ,as; a RiE!!i~ and hdp, :hirn le~m ~h"" ;l;li!£S <ISJ n(!: goo!: .ii,. fids also gi~ Y0l,l, ~ c~na: to fmC. ,oull nlMi'ol' ~~ ·fee~ ~.1ire a ,8:~r.

OM!!' }"Dlli' frirm.iil·~ played, It~ thtrd wr~~. ymJi mJay st .. rl !!hill ,~p.lsOOt' b~' ~~.i:!'I8,S~~ .~ to your &,


Don'~ foNd 'lhiS!i'll'{'t[ofl !'() ym.u fr.i~nd.

Thl~ is ~'9r 'Y@llf IlYts 001lIy,

~t'SUp' tl(l Yl"OIl r fr~~ru;I ~~. d)ec1d'e wLt.a~ ~e ' womts, hldy llO d@'; l,alk Ito BJiu'kl' ,:Sl:u~"'t ~t:~im 1 . ~·ar!J:r d'~s:ua..!rd ~!di!llg, fdj~hl, '\i'IIJitalte"Vn he de'cides. I,e,adi m':'I!l;k~ Objedl~e::; beT!)'!';' ~l'I.d @cidetlgw Bm~'k ~J:!~ ~o lrldy. ~e'meli!1ibef: th'l~ ~. a Ref-· eeee )'\111. ,~10I1}' ~'he Ip·.ut [l!f S(llla~um


I _ BI~.~,£ ~ttrUu:!e ~i~ •. ai9 w~]1 as ,!till gu:;;Ifd5rol!~!I'!P. ,~'e b~o1:ed '~lIllW'.


~ .. '

~ 1S2'


iS~I8! ~I '1,2:

1~·t>!liWIi'I H.~ 151;

'~, ~I ,q

~ imHal~'Dliili'lJinilmlmll

~, II, I~, ..

1~!lH1 ~ 9:

I~ tm~am.n'tIIW:nl


SQJamml Blade wa:r1~~ to find :ind I:.a.k!l' ,!~ lb;U15 f[}t~jm5.ll!!It IS:l:fii:i? h~ belic'l'\ESi IlI¥a't l~hl!1 ,:m:.- i~di!Ccl ma,c!i!'bf ~olitlgD'Id. l:!~ needs ,'he l1~lp 01 DE, jMe5" h()we"I'ef. 1'0 :Se-t ,lndr~S'hie~p.\!;; ls 'qllt • .e' wjlUilJlg flo kill 5'di'rh Du.!l!1'.e. He mllil«!s, tlwu:s;liI. th.1it ke~Dia;!,1il t.~. ~i""ei~~:rooobi". ~be 61'llywlI}I' he caa beo ~.ln" ~:hilt illduOInOl wi~,1 I help :him.

SolomoJ!l 81<J~-k ~ I"I~~ a fDt1ll!. ile' d!:H!5 !11i!;:)t !ilupi.dlyrisk his Ilk If .fndly h.!!r5 '~b~ drop on ~im:, Black c:ahnly poli'lI'S 6'L.I1I:

Ith~t .Indy 'I1I:'i:ail~~'~J]:Y kUl kim, !but ~h(!," Miss D~JiltJc will s",u:I", diilt.ilt ~h,t:i,; ]i¥lldh, boe~Qn=l'rl:id'}r ~.~. ~d ..

As lf01I ph:)' SoJ!I!imoo' B1~ct. ~.I',]n

:mTndl ~I, he wan Is to :ma~ aJ deali w,ith 'I'


IW .J1lrilr .iso .re~il:l!::t~fl'. ~i) makea deal, leddl Y'«Ll~ hl(f.l'la. ~~t Black 'w:l~i mO:!:t ~~I<l.li1Jy I kuUf.lldYand .fId'itJ\ilfi tnt' SJH'Il ru.dI be dJol1lewith ~hml. i~emind '!fOUl' frLel1l.d thai Ind,. aM ,fdi~J!1m Wilt 1<1! le~fit ~i!Jve oil

c:fI~n-"e I~O 'eSC'tlpe ~ .. te~ 'irnl Ihe' a.d!v~;tjiil:re.

Y'QIJ mis'l:i~ __ lse r,~l'flj!"!~1 Y9\u'h~~J1d1lt.J<!i~ Ind,.,. i$: m!,i.ely I~Q t;}~ . .;iSi ~.JiOUi'i "O(!lut ll1~ Itoo!!;, :<15; Mr: Bl~C'l;:. and ~'1I;U8' !:f:i!.!;iOii! al:

tlnia '~ime nug.t be <I. &000 idea,

SCEIIE2; DIE WI':A!SE ~ ... ~

0 .. cc ,l",dy ."",.1 11I~,d.i h", ... " "" .. d" <:>. <:1" .. 1, ruad: :PNpare8' f.o.r t~exp~dlliOO'l. He keeps lli1dy illIldi &lith und'tor ~rd!, bU'1 nil ~ 10.0'1 :h .. rmo:r' IxIth.§' them. Oruilof

,1Sh.ik~ gOt:!(fl;o re!newe Edith's :Pialpeof~ fml!iIlh~ i'tgl-el

The' ne:>:;~momins< tl,~ g~@o1J.p,lJea,""~$ Klikambe QUI.j!J ~t;:OO5~j(l ... :a:ki1a:n 'tramp' ~te!ilim!:,.,

\bu ¢."aL1l tf;v,e ~!!!:r frie!ld ~l1i5 inrll;!lml<iti'i:J!il' in OllI'!fW<!f Y(]'I;! 'olo'<rn~. SifiOl' tliii:o;, il; ,iii 1·F!!:.!1!Oiti~~~ ,~fl: 'lIlIf the ,~d~'~~I~I!"'~, ij,t~ :~o!. featly Moe~ryt·g, gpi!'!~og~.;!It deta.i)I,


TIie(CiplilJil'!J ef the ~$JJip i~~UI~ l~dj.iJfl.;l il.nd fI.&n:.! ~_a;S ~ilcd the i!$C e;d~j;f'·!d ht· d~ J1.(lIt Wlit~~ lh~CI'!'

I ~!\ a:1IL~sbl'ld al I:h~ spool marked 0111 .cfL~ lie ,Duru:tes~. lSdiirh mfirSi~ l~lIt "M Il,~I<Ju.J '~'I!I~~~, d~dm!:lg.ll i~lu:'::!i never lrlt:t:~1. thi1:fe. She ~s tha.i: her' brotner Cim.r.Jie WrOIS rbe'~". ,~d !k~l: he tlOok tn.e PM to>~h m ~he 'm~~ Iil!~re.

.Aik )"ou:r Erieftd if lnd,v wanl'llilo ID'<!'estig;atetlilr2 ship ,MIdi ~:ailli:; t~ tIle Ul!W~ . m@mh8~, IT he dO!1:5, he find:5 out It'h.e

fl;iU[!iw!ng; tMngJ5~ .

1.lilIgl')?"silLQwa:y ~l;I ~:p'E!" Blad hali ~!!' SaJfi! thai l'tttly .. M .rt1ft~i31i'1! Coa.t¥l1iliiF guardedaad w.l~clllro ,il!I.~1I time'S. ,:ll. :5alWIIOll 81.u:k rnlInd1'licked ~ ne

crew-memb~r!i. allld t~y .a:[',ii! ~.;d:["!!mj;.ay L~yal, to hiiln,oi;l,~: ,of f'e'.i1I:. ,~ect., a.Iid s;r~d.·

3, fhNhiip 'j,5' c<!.rrying;;l hold htUI o~ e,:W:lJlooiv~:;.

4" The ,,!hip m:alnla'in$ sh'ict radio silence, ~ince irl: is CzedtO!l:lovaklan and cfue:m'11 wanl' to attral;l the aU'""tiQI] of any 'Gerrn<I1iI ~;ri"'.;Ih~e:; U-i:.o.abs.

Two di:I}".5 [par!>!; qrui:elly .alt seiL Rl!'ad , Scellle 3 to ym;rf :firientl.

The stage 'i\s ,scl f'Ql" 'mls'tery ,~,I1,d You'd beUe~ !lh<lfperl l',mlC" o':ll'cn:aexilogIeaJl s.kj,IIs,eecal,lSe' YOY. m1tli' need the:rn,wneJll y01~ start to search the Jsland for the IkulUo/ Ihmm~mel1'1


, arcus Bwdy !!cQw]s:md kmb <II:: th.~ Hgl,]!rin~lJ'ldiO!,1!a JCffJ'eS nlls handw him. ~ A!I!e }"ou Stl~ this >l;amoe from a p~CQ1QmbWi!rJ. btl.!,i:;l!l ~,b1' h 100ks more I'ece:r:lt

than else we've Found.:"

"Mar:fl1'S," Indy-says,. s:m:iling, "hey, y'ClI;J! know I'mltte !;Jest lh~ :IS, l didirl'l~ ~ t!h:is W1t.s p~~Co~omlJ~arl,

only that I fOlmd it in t~all:omb up hI!!~,~ , t44i@it4iM Yom eharacter ,can 'i,mm~i~y !'L,,~:if,<lds', 'nl(()~"

EOIich C:n.a!:,Ol.J(j~!!f in :tMs gamoe has sOmofi <lJi'~3. tut he rlUR leS€'l'1,ds, and aru:;kmrt wri~i:rtIg.s.

knows m(J;!CiO! abour th:;m ol~he~ characeers. These ,1Ire your I When yourchar,adEF W01Tlb to icle,rrtifyi'HlllJ[t]fact,

ch a :rad::et~ a~s ,QfM(Jwl'edge. Indiana JC;fle5 is one 01 1 make a _;tiI If!!$t~l:ld Cheek. l£~h~ Check sllc~~d$p YQur d]<l.r~ I'

lh~:wor.ld~::;, ~Qr:e!rIJQs,t llrCl;raeo~Qgi~bs", ,MadCJ'll ,1\'''V>f'liI'l¥Uod acrer can es,tJrnaf,e th~ a_;['nE<l>C~.'!> age" Us :pU)"'po~e, its erea-

].;n,,,,,,,,",,, h." • ..- h, p""hIO'c:;l~~ ;g~J~~ .,~ '~he~", ,,,~;'jF~':~~~ol' ""~ ~ , b:"",,,', ,,,n.dI :,t", ..... u"''"Uirn '",'",]u.G_ If tit .. Cb...d-. f::;;ll .... , y~lB

sp&:ific area of k'DH]W~e:dgE. 'Your' c.hill:r.<lide~'s. areas 'Of ~bafa'ter cannotici!e:rJilify th~ artifad. .

kl'l{lw[ed.l<1e are U5i~edi 'Of.! 'hisd'l.<J!['<'lcter d.ossiIw- Wlmm. yo;uF.cha:rn.der WaJElts to recQgnu;~ ]~ge'l'lid:;, and

Th~re are two types of h.owled;ge- GENERAL knowl- folkl.o.[\~.,mab an Insti,Tlic~ Check, U ~ihe Q~k sl,lJ(lceeds,

~e arid SPECIfiC knCill,v]edgf!. AU cht.a:l"aJc~@rs h<tV.~ samE yOlJ!t c.ha:racter has beard! the ]~~ndsbe'fo..e,a1'ild he

~r.e[<llk:ru)w~!lclg~"" sucbas how 10 .f~h~, Clf how Ito sheoc I knows the b01ic~gm;l,l;nd 1)]lJ;d d!~ta,]I$ O!t the ~~OIy,

agl..l!'l .. To gari:n a sp~-i!nckIflluwleqge, [however. y:Qit:ll' cMf"V'ilhen yout character wants '~o tli'\il'l.SJah':' ancient w:rR~

I adtcBF must ha.v:e had :Si)m~ I~rai!ling or preetlce Ina jdart1c- ings, he must take time ~o do rcesearch, ]~ i~he wrill:i;ng has

I1n;a:rf~eld,. Your chatatb1:i: C011!."\'t j:us,t Or a [plane; he beel'l. pr!iWio!ls~y translated (Egyp~iO!ifl hil!l::!"oglYI?l'lioCs,foir

w(iil!iJd'~ had ,wle.a.rn oow~o do It,~ampleL and ~f your (h;ar.ilid.ef .ha;.s a. boo$;. olil. the. ~.ub~@dt, hi<! ~utC!'rll~tk<l!ny tr<l[ls1a~@~ thr!1! W']ilting, . .If YGIJ![ chrar~ aC~gr has no books rclati:tllig to ,aprev]o,us1y traI:l51<l.bed hlIl_gllJ;<J;g:eth,ilit he's ~ryil[lg to d~p!h.I:lT, ·m..u;t: <\1ifl. ~Mtinct

C'h ... .-l U t}; .. · (1.,,1"(' 1.:0 ~'II! ..... ,,,..If'Il"iI,,,~ynll r e h:!i,~ach'1" E'.an ~r:a1ii1'<r

~ate the "TIting. If ~.]n;El' Che:ek faiis, your dharac~er must s~udy It'h~ la:n,gua,ge before he [lim ~r:aml!slat:ei:t ..

[f Y()II.l.r. c~r.'I,ot;er. its !~ryl;ng W' read <II ]ang(l,~g~ that's never b.eE!Ti1 trenslated, he rnlt5~ sh:ltIDy it (whkh means I!le'd ben~ ~t O!; h:a!.df of som~ ~s@"F(hbooks), AH~r Yl:lur ebaracter has atudied for 1W!1lEik, ru~ you It.h<l!'s. ~~$ti:nc~ Ratr"g to 1/4, all!d.makean.lI1lS~i:nd Check.

U the Check. succeeds, yOIll~ cn:ar-;lder Itri'lMl.tiltes ~he Wl:lHilj§",Wf line G..«k fai~s, you!:" Gih.o!!rad~ mtl.s~ study another w~k. You may 1Iftl"1I tnodiHy bis Inslt;i]1[Q: RaHng bo i/~ O'!I!1d make llI1LQt~e:r IIltS~i.lld Cher:::k If the Oledt J"lli~~. your char ... cl~r mU1ll~tlild:y for 1 I'f!:Qfe we;el, Thoen you make an 1nsUru::~ Ch,edk·atla:lrtst hils no.rm<li. InsHnct Rating.

Mi. Yoar dJ;[lj[\~.ebeF Gilin dnive ,any type. ·of cat;. trutk" motoreyde, or .heavy m:achi:ne'ry"Moli~ c'harac~ers knQ'!<'i how h) (liri,'l{e, u,nless tl~~ come h'Qman al'cathaJ hadM, or they :ttlil<ver had. a chance to, dIrjveany kin:dl of '!lI~'Ilic~.e"


\lVEmen r()'~j' dlOliOli:"t1[f.l' i~ krIJowledgeable in ,a ,«!,j'ta;ili\ .:;lil)e<l, thacmeans hI:: "'nu",) <I! .I;!~ !::l.u U{;<l~ <!I,",vy'~ l~~,,;; ~.,..Vjo;?"'l, ", •. ,J

he C'at] ~oo 5~dl~1l .!:ie:]a:~ed -to th,ilit l<RQW~:e w"'.U~-QID! arlvl)11hnl:lR. ]f Y0U-f ch .. r~ctt~T krIJow'~ how 10 p'kk 10th, 1 1<",,'U Hl"!idl it p:reNy -easy tou.n1oci<, a dear witihQll!;lt ;II h·y;. If

he' doesl:I.'t h.tvtill.ub.lpi,c· kno .. deoge:, your .:::ltSifaCber

m'i,gM <liS we~1 break cl)(!!Wdl e dooor or sihoob. the lock oH, becaase h'is, of 5IJicc'f:S5JIJHypicki~ ~h,e IQCk <'!I."e

prel~y slim, .


¥O"U[, (Iita~act.e:r can app[yhis know! dur.ii:lgBd:".~tures, To dleterrmnehciw YOUI: d~amde['5 knowledgr;:' is. in a :specific sit:ua.ti.([IiJil, you occilsioll a Jly have hI) make b;.sti:nct Checks. Some <lW'<l:S ofknowl.ed~ do ,[I<lt: r.equ:i:rll: you to rna!k!e C1tf!:"ks for y:oli;r~~h.m\d:~n yQ!J:e'

C"hJf:!!'~clbefsimply ;'!I.pp~i€"5 :tits kl'iO'W]sd~s:UC:c1!ssf . . aC-fl,

kfliowled,gil degcrip~i.o:n lists wha~ yOIl1 s'nouM do.

yQ\~ thar3GM.~~ri.e:5; to app,l¥an af,~a of knowl,edige ino'ilJD'I OlJdvefltlJre,

Wh~ yQIl:; charaeter ~.]l!lJEe€ds at app.lying h~s 'knowledge, th'e Rder'~ tC:Ut> y'Q'~ tx<!ct[iylilMat. yQiUf' charat:;t~r h .. s.leamoo, h~d en dre !5:Peclik a:dmm:tl;lm.For exam-

1 ple, if yOUi' clLi~ml;ter uses l:ds knowkdge~o :>u.ccEls,sfWly ~d <lin !I!I't~e:[lt s~oU. I~:~e Rd~r.·ee ('hecks h:is<l.dllO'eflh.ue notes to, SiN!: what the seroll ls supPIJ~ed it'D say;. and th~tl her:e;ads ~he SltroJ~, !~O you.


J LIst b&".:3iuse yuur ch;trlil~te[ doesn't l1!i<!li.i'~ lcrai.nin;g' IIDl .:3i 5p~k aJ'€'it dlrle:m't ITI!M[[l he can't by bib luck m ~haJ~

area, Foil' eJj<lmpl.e, youI:' . carl try to read an

,and@ll!!: scroll even if he b<lis no <'I[clu.eQ:lGgieai t:rai[Jllng. HO"",eV(l:t, y10ur cha:r;)i!der succeeds otl~y if yol,l roll a. . l':ilJa'ky B:reak 01:11. the Il'I.stin·C't Check.

~f'\l1iEF1 A INM EN,

Yuw; dil~clei: knQws-~~e ms <l1.lld ou~s .Ql '1 &.how "bil.t~inesB. and cansit:'l.p:. dan(J;l, and actpreu:y W'e'JL.

! YO'Ufcharac[;er COl~ get jo~ ini.hQ1iY~ or [li~tdub~i~ <my city tha~ has tfieprupe:f t<licllHiof):$. Yo,ur d:'laracfC:i tan also, use these i~1l1ents to 'te:aeh and train N:PCs,.

To pf~re forasho:w, yo:ur charade>!' m;U'St have, Jcilill:CY clothes,. ti!m~ to do hair <lind ffillkeup, 1100.<1 CQm,fQrla;bl,~ ~~~t~:ng~obvrou;$lytll!it'1gl! not ~<l;di]y' OI""ailOl!billein th~ w:llck>mes5.~f th~ conditions are r~ghl/!h~El'r, your -d::ilim,clt:e:r's,:,1l R.a,Hrl,g is. dkJitlb~mwhel'l witth NIIjG!\I"

.iii.@W. YClu:l'i:ha:rac~e-r ha's Jea:l'Md, P"l'J'naps tl:ll"CilUigil'l COllstructiu_i'lw'Ork 0(1' mili:ti,try" eJq)tfrigi'ltt,. haw 'lID prep-

, @1Ijty handle. eX\p.los:i .. es, Ht c-an ~-t, 'Chiil)#,-S, ma;ke bombs, ,and pftiP!i)-fie ,e-.xp!,osi,ves to, 'be '1IJis;ed as ",'eapcrls.

\.vh1l!\1'1 yeur ,cha:ralJ~r Wlmts to set .3 cham'g,e o:r make a oomb. he' ;must 'spend 1 :hQU pwcpa__run:g the ~tos'i;~. Willert, :your dilamcttt dtH,onates Ithe d~v:ire. you m!!.lSt IJ1lilk~ <:In bl!!illlmn.:t ,{jh~~ H" dl.!'~ ,CJ]IJt::":l.. :::'UlL:oL~~ du~ d~",i~1Ii:' €!XJ)clodes pIIDJ;ll!rly fdBmg 'wChat@'\l4U your cha_l"act@l"' wanted. i~ to do). ]f 'til. - Cliec:k fails, t.he el(p1osives, I :ithti fail ~o'

I deroml,tJe" or they bl,(jiW up the WIiOms thiJ'lS, (dre R.e,furee dec-mes t],e actuail. 1;'~8111h).

It ~~k~s yO!U' cl-i<lraj::~rS m;in'uJes ~o rig i!:.o:p.lo<!>lv'El5 t@ b~ th'rown, as 3, wea[p()n. Your mar,Kter can allway~ lIi~e $!u.c~

I a weapon SUQiDe$sif.LlUy (DO _mru.'!-i~d Ch.eek [',eqlJiil)ed),. Yuur c;ha:r-<a;C:t@'l,can also I~d[ <wot~ 'c''er how Il'@ p[iop~[,ly nghl a.nd hurl ~~ ~1,o:&iv6.

1 'Yo'llr ,cihaT-a:dter haJ5 had adlll1ll!l{]ed Red CrolOS

u ... ....,..' ... 'traiining. He tan ,givll: Urlta~d. t[lea~:mii:n'llto

I w'OIl:---nc:Jit;-iI char IW'S. \bu:r ,dla:ra· ter au only u ' fi I'St <!lid 01'1 :II WliiLIl"ld 'OftCi!.

1f yom ttl fiil ter is, ¥!fUUlnded. he: C3lIi iip;-ply'ilrstai!:l to . htms~Jf. as !ong a~ lreilh,e:f o:f Mil, arms i5 W-C'Ullded.

Tn\ating .!!B,brwO'llIll1d!;~, Ittakes your 5 min!.ltes ,to LNat ,8J Light wound. Make' alll1l ~nslil'l<C~: Ch~k. IE

I tl~e rCheik sllOCoe'edg, i!tI.e- wOlmderl character can begin mailting 'Backbone ,Chew IbO see how fasth:is WOIiJiTld Elieals,. mE ~r'OIl ron a LuekJf B:r-.e;ak., the wound h~ij:J~ imm~1" ale1y.

'TreaUl'!.g MIL It takes }"o.ur character MI

mJinllites to hial HI' , "IIml wound. CUt:yOUf ch<,

Instioo Rallils: t.O lh, aDd I:ltrut make an i:nslii'ld Cl:1I~ck. mf 'l:heCtu~dt S;liu'jc~e-&. Ithe W01!lRd_ed clillaitaCfet rnnsf: walt' 2,4, hOI.lf1i; then he rrnn begjIlJ makiI1g, Hackbo1it1l'! Cn.ecks, ~Oo !lee' how fast the wO'llJl'!di hea~,

_ 1:~"'t-ing S~ri~YS, ~O~f!d$.;."OOur chwr,actell" Ci:llrl <!£:~ll'(t a S(."rious wound only if you .011 a. 'lucky Break ()It'! <lin inshntt Che;c;---'k. 11 11'0'1.11 do, t~e wound"s h-ealifl8 time is.

'I lIiediulmd from .3 'weeks. to. 1 w~k.lf you ron a:!1I.y othl?f r'~ulJ~. your charaC:IIEt~ first ;a__id ill, 5 litO oi!Ueo~. ,and tihe 'wollu'Ided c:iharader heals ~.ormalll'; as outlined In l:he Healing 5Ktion ..


YQ~r ~d~r is IIir<l!inedi m the: U~ ,~,

:lil'liill.~ 'iII",V'. gclJrI6O, and other hea.vy g-~m . I I

U:yoW'ehar'-,1d~:r is Eiti-ng it heavy W€'oIpon with <!! ,o-nw '

Illt;!l is. ,also trOilLl"llOOi ~n hllOlvJI" w·apons., u . til - lciOi.Illsl PI1'OWe5S Raillng:j:n uhe cwew to d~~ermine if the Oew ~:]ls

:it:!l, taTtie-t.

If your ella radl!lr is ~h'il'l_g " mea} .. ,. 'WlIl!<lPOil1l. whho!l!It a

;fun crew OJ with a crew lh_dt is!l.'I~ properly trafined, Y'OIl '

'mul:mal.e ail [fisHnet Cl'n;eck ea~ Ume he ,fire5 Ithe gu_n. t ,the Oheck su~ds,. a!l~ YDUf' cltl,aT;lld@r"i; Pro,~ Rat~nG

to 1/20 and. '!.hen w:eth.,t _fating to ··e if h@ hi:!;s 'fn-e tar,gelt.

If thl;l Ch-ock 1m'S •. , he gull does not .fi:rE: pr-ope;rly:.

Yollif cluu,act.eiJ '!Can shut oil v,ehide without

. He' ~h!irts, ~~ by ~ iddlingwUIh tlit"!!!, ignition


it t:ikf!& ]i"QIU character JJI. ci;1:I'I~b.atium (:5 ~~coi:!ds) ~Q hO'!:wir:e ,<II 'CO!l~. At the end ~ iI:!n: ' tum. maiko!!: aiillw5t~nct OtOCk f-or !fOUr ,dtMa.~~r. U the Check 5'illc:,!;;,~~, dli!:: ear sf,outs. U ,the Ch-edk laUs. nOEhin& l1ta:wefi!;. 'Your diar.actetr fan hl" Ito hotwir-e the. Ir'atf 3ipin. the next h1_rD_

••• r'YQI;i!" i;_h .. ~-t:tu ttM br,iltl!; h.!_iJlillS;, ~en he i::; 'Birnwlmg h<a!re-lianded. he caill I:Jry: :spedfic actions,. sueh as, kicldr1\1J t!he' 8J1m O~:~ 0'£ iii goon's hand or boc}dng the wilOd atilt (If a_l:l opponent, wlthOlIll~ having: lids Prowess Ratin;g 'Ct1t~o Jh, (see Specifi'C COimbal AcJ:io,ru; m Il:he Comba1' s.ectfol:'i I.

~.f you roll ,~ L~cky B:fIl!'<'Ik [If! <'II Prow·~ CMck when rQUT tha_rOlic~er ~ usmg ~<:!ratlt. yO'iJl!r character arllJtemDlt~ caLly ~ii'b«b bilis ;L1ipp" lUil'IICon:5d:Oui'i, ,Wild h~may aUadk. another opponenitt 111'1 ~he same hun.

¥iruil'"J Ican :pkk ,.my kind of toe};. h..s 5ODI£' 'Simple klol-ill ~,lliil1Pin. ~ piece 0 . wife. Q.filllloCkpic'k.

It 'lakes-youl'" ,cltoa!l'"3d~ 1 mjll!i.lj~e (:1.1 ,com.bat tW1\iS) to pick 01 lQck. Af~u 1 min'l.ue"makie an IJiistl!i'ict IChe& ~OIF Y'OllJr dlilracte .,]1 ~l!t~ Cleek S1.l.«eedii, YOUll' ,~b:arad!l'_f has s:uc-ces5lIIJ!lly p;ic:'lC)~ ~he Lo~k, (f the Ched f<:Jii1s;" Y-O'\I:r ~I:!O!J"~ alder c<'ll'L try ~.mIlt [I~,d: hmrn '1:0 :!"idl: lh(l leek.

__ Some: ~ m~y be'll'li!;ry d'ifficul,~ or 'l.l'1l:ryca~y to pkk. ~e lock!! modify Yl()UJ character's [ns't"i1Il.ct Rating. The Rcleree [titUS you W~lI ,iii. ,lock is cilJsie-.r Or Il,l'ltdier t'Mn nOHlilla~ 1100 pick.

I Your c;h,arnCilie'r i good at alill kimIs 'ol

r:~paj!i:'S. iii'l rudiiil~ ~lKtric-.ailli'ie.pal,[s, [f be has the tool:S and t!lil.e tin:te',your character can repa:ir damag.oo Uhliimo!bone Il:ngine5 and bodies. He 1[:<111:101150' mailoe small ,eLecmlal repairs on imerns ]il"'e rr~;diQ;!i, car engine$.and !~illht fj:;i;;tures,

The anlOllloflt ef Hn:le and typ!l'! of t'Ciols your di1,311'act!er :rn,eeds,tOlmake I-epoaiJ:§ depend mairnly' 01'1 thill' il:;(b~i'1Jl of

~m a g.e'. 'J'f YOUf charactee' "\IV,ants to fj)( .iI. 8Jj_ngl~ bIm~~L~t hole in a. rllld:ia.~or; he can do U in 1. hour, n the d<ii:mage to a. car is major (br,ok'~n aldi!, sma hed I!fansmas:~j_onl). your character nood ,OIl least 1 days ;and ;a p];roe to wol'k_

I LF !i,aur maratter w,ant 'to makle repili~ a:nd has no

I tOIJ!5. h~l(ilB by io j:ern-ibui,ld. tilt! damaged item. Makem lnstind Ch~l: \\,hli!D, JlQllf Ch<l!J"aC~ef 'this. U the .item is :sev,e-reliy dam;J~, m~ Ref: m~~'~odify 'the Ci.heck [f the~Ch_eck ~~~, your ch<liE'4icbir repaii:'5 ihe i1lil1'rnI. If

~'h .. Ch""",lk. --~ti~. :ro"'''· ch:W~C"i.,r <:i:Mll:fiu<t: it,-;;y";,~ Il.h~ .1",,,,,, wi~hOl1t, tools, O[ eqliiilPment".

III!IIIII Om]}'", ~r.tined doctor 'can ,Oipply th:is kind .of ~ge-" and OJ1l1y If he hasm,edidne- and ~¥-ipl"~!'I~ .. A doctor 'who dOI5:PJ't!J'e ~he proper equipment oCain

Oldy plCact~ ell!: _first ,aid_

A k-;ained oocrolr wimh Itk !.iSh" ,eql1~pm,eD~ ciill Itreat aU types 10 - WQ'II!Tld5, 1'1ll.t:l'RenHI!: make5,WlI, Instinct Check a.g:a:im!l: tll\t- doctor's lruoti:lild Raling ,as soon as the d.odor treats, your dtacadw. Ii Ute 'Cheek !IIDL"-CCOOS. ~ou COlli"


~_., " ':n' I. '~hl'rsfth-ow'

big yowl" ~ hAhI.Ymli.em I;gn. m 'tfif,~ting :~oCb: ~~, m, ~ H&ling -:c ~iOfi '~:Ii'.g1H ~n;dlQ bas se.mIJ :i ,. = to!!'. If t _ Ch«k If' • your di3iiadu ,1iI~h. 1Iwm:~IDr ,a~ , _~::btd m IJte. He.aIing, fiedimll_

A ,llIoollor cu .ulw tl!ie an:l\l p;IDI:lm, . 0'r' wo~in , other WIYS ~ T!\,r~.

lH.U_il~, W.DUI!tb. SIlP~ tBiI_t .. d,lgaor is; trea~= msyjJm'~J"s llgtii Vi ,iI . .lfllh- ~ roIhcal Lilay BIJn!k on ItM' d~ii l~ Ohed. ItIn! up.

- ._ muld Ih~ids il'ln:ncdla:~l'~ II

T-re- - DIU, WOllJllJd! The ReFeree must ad th~

d~Eo, I _'d ltll'tII1ilH-t:a~l .. bdolil! he· mnlfS ,g-~_ mruiillnc't

G-d 10 hf'iI " Sclrl-ow WOlUid. ~l tt!!.l' CIwdk 'IlUIX~, lhe-aII~s tRl@ for th WQund i n:d~ bum 3, w~ to 'I '11\1$. The' W01!lnded dliatrac '.19' ,~tht,fl ~ IDJ!..!;ing H,u:k!bon: -' 'Dl ;.' , .olUli I!!IIiI in the HgI:iQg ~on.

YouI' ma:rall:llell' ~,;tlill ha¥'~ iI ,~ ml '11ti!I b, doc1u(

eadl ~, II:tte WIlI'IlIl ~ P bdt~ (1T w _ (goes Ifrom sm;..

OiilS to Medilim'li. Ifor ~plt).

I ¥Our dtaJUtn' CPI taJb ,;md dWllo, pi.!;-

llUlS' . yeul . tr:r ~~, <iJ pi'Ehul: ... ~ .3JiI

In:mnd o.dr_ r~. ~ in 1':.= "'"'1ft 1IIOt: . 10 ,limy OIR' '[~n If ~ O"«'k 5!K~\, ~. 1m' d'lMild'fi~:;' IOUen 1_ fQClll5, ~, Dd shott ell' spad il'ig'hl.

You must mil ,II. _ fnstind: Oh«k 11'0 . -; yuur

dwa t'f' ~pHlJ ,i!lrH:kJps, Ih! fit . If - WI' ~ m ~hirn ii1l- hr'D I", ' If' ~~ '01:5, ~' iii ~'to ~e· WD':

~ , _'s, Ii at h3Sl _ oodJ'pldwrc:.

,drnmtNil" GlII'I fly;l (ii plan: -. Yclllr ~~c,:er 'Ititl5t m.alf.,I!.OI MoIVe'IlII:a'!: C~k arnyti'me' he tri~, ~ ILricky Of d1il1n,gw~us ·rnI.III!Ilf'IJ¥1i!!I"'. l' tJi;.,t Gtecik 5U~. themall:lmvefwolfki!i.IftheCheckfai~.thl1 RefellN

d.-iid If di"" plilUlLt>: ~_.



I AQlm;;J'r_~.ABlBlfJf',I'~

Of_ • om evny tjplt limo .... , .. _.._.;

~C'-. ,-, ~mi

~ 'Or baCi'k:p'lQund' ID an 0i1Wi ~O!m~i.i!r.

I I!Il ~. PC Il!Qt tz;an ru:1\ of kno~h~(OO~~ 6

I mBod _-m into' om adRn[Wir. fi'hr adv fuR - ~ ~bin I

~~ ~ Re£~ ~ rhe HJ:i ~ tJu~;ai!N '~wJ,. II


, he ViJ,lO!iifil~ ruT!!ili.r!ig ,evilly Mil s.hidng the ~:~~'_wi~JI his ~wo~" ~pp~,@ .. t;r.~$Jock i.19wly,ll1~Hn!i;:ti.~y, Jock .","' .. !h .... ,~""i' hi ... :It.I,j'; lFl",~ ,\~'''.n'''t·tilff ... , .... , TlcMO>· tfi, jmp'J"O''lfj~ •. , •

Ob-vio!ll.sliy; ihary,i~. equipmerltmahs ¥,ourdwOIRck!is ad,..e:n!hJlres a whole- lot <e'aJ5lm. He :I1i'Iiglitl: ineeda [lope Ito ,dimb O:~.1 of a Inlit, he IiJlllgh:~ rlf!ed .:Ji nlachete to g>el rhl;ol,:lg;h ill. illn:g~e, OJi he m~gh~: rleecl a gun [ust to :s~llIy aH'IIe~

, This s€dicn flliiIl;lll'e$ list:!; of eqlJrpme.JJltthat you!: c~,a('"

.. ct~r w:ll~ find. I,Isefurn OIrt advl!:!lItul'€s" These lists iadudE' w~p.o['!~, vehiclies, <too general !!qYip.rn'~.nt. If he w.<Iuts, y'Our ~h.<lJra.cter eaa also findirems,th,M 'ilireriOjt h$tedh~,

depend!, . whe['e YOl.l:r character rs, aRd how much he

:canspe.n . .

Some Hem.s include spEciJlilcatioo's!5c.rihEt how an item. is used andwhat kill[ld 'of effeE~ it has.

. E@WI 1M!> ~i!,'U'mhe-r .nQ~~S· bow l'af ·~ch<U<l!Gtef cow, shoot Of tEiL'I">Ol'l' a w!ll<lpon ~S~ Ra;ng~ .in tih~ Cornball SIl!C·' lion 1:1011' details,.,

@0!!a-1 This 5pedfkOl.tiOlIT! refers to thtl type ~. daiIrlf<lE~" ~.;!p(jn dloes fOIlrIB.lw!.]I1g, er Sh.Qo~i:ng}. Some'Wof'ap~ om ClUi"I do b()th ~y'f,its of daMage (see ln the

f,ol det<lli19~.

Some wellpo]u. are more effective ~ha!l"1 ethers

Lll ' l~i~ ~~.dJ.h:;:@;HO:[1 mfeI$ tD t~ [I1;!Ir!ber

0& daimagl':)le-veIs ~hat a. w<lut'!d il'l.creo!sl!s or dtHClle,0i6~$ wbi.en ,i) clirtaracte:r 1!iI!!;f;§, the weapon. rot· ex;am;pl.e, when <II rna:r,i!lc~e-t causes .aJ Medium w,ound. 'With 8i weapon, tl!1at

I has a",,]" Sel,llerity" thewoued lnereases to Serious.,. When <! ch . .@!,:""ter ~"1J~:S ,!'! light W9Y~.di w:Uh1! we<!!p(ll~ th-<!!t has

O! . the' ,d'1!JaJ:t~r ,eay:s~ruo W'Ol!Il'Id,

This ~pecifkaHotlL lists how much, in U.s, del-

Ia;~$, an ' tu (;I)S~S, If '~Iack" :f,o[ln:ws thoeoos~ 1l)1:

";1'1 i~fCm, a. ·c-hair<1oerem- ('lQil[l buy the Hem: <lit. that price, bllt QI.n]y ~hn:n.l~ iliiegaru sourees (sltlch as ;gangs'i::eTSi orr

~ilpF") . ' , " " . . " .' , "

When alii: item,\; ,o~t l:iin'!: set, the Ref..e.ree CM! dioctdie

e:ti3Jc~ly how :1tl1ilc-uJ the ib;]m cests i:n ,Il;Spoc:if]C 5~t~a~~o:n,

Mia- T~i$ ~p~~iH~l"Jilg!!'!~i!>b~ 0I!1}f :!>JM~qdf?H~d~~I1,..t an 1:~(liD'i h.t'). Also, ~i'tte 'We<ipons bOlV'e OOlin~.R<lhri,g$, whkb are in the D~ef;OY& E",ents s~cti.o:n.


I 1§- .... hese are C'Ommon WI~PQru;, that your cnaradJer can

.. ,... Y,~ .. ,e, l!'l.<ldvenhtrt$ ... ' :. The. wc~p.ons~]:V\.:~_ ~~: ~~m~l<ll ($.ue!h. SiS nHe-5 and !rnilve5~,ratheF than s:pec1hc. ]1

you 'W<IIIl!t. you can describe yQ!' c'harader's, weapons ~n

I .~ealber det~il for I!)1O\!1Jilp]e •. if y01!.U' cha.:r<.!ide.r hllJ8 ,01 pi:s;bo~, YOlUma.y describe it as a s~eel':blu_1l.' .4$ (olt <I.IltOmliOlt:k:, or ~.:& a heny, Webley fel;'1ol'\i'a. These d(!:5crip~i.Qn5 cl)Ofi'~, eh.m~ hilW a we'apon ,,"~of:k!>, put they do help add! co,lo~

tn yn!iIT" ~~'!IllPni"I!lI"'iP~

BL4CX.tACKf$1QNE.~ .cNAII:t. '001 Ml9I! .,.,._




B:lali:jacke; are ~(lialj weighted dubs;ltieVre In®rmally IClad'ed iMthlead sl1Q;t (IrId ~(l to Ik~ ~p1e iJi'Il:::OflS(liO\:iS. ~~ n~aV¥ dl;lbs '[S'I!!dii,i!lS I' char:r:$ (lIr Iog$~ a~ l!I~u6'11.f ~ ~ we~fXlf1!S a.G .al~st ~1i1I;~vour cinara.;;1ar grab~ '100m illll the mftlildle ot' .al f~"t !JIIbe~thel'e':i mOlhing else

[Il1(1ounci. These Ik:[ntts ~I~tema g:enel,elJy ~rOOl.,i()e l'ef1{ ~f!sfalt;tfXl'!i ~yl~,

, however"

sow AND' ARRlOWS .11_: 21ft ~~ CoK'IOOIMI

8(1'1vs al'ld arrows; oorne in manY' d1ffuFeilts~lJIIl!S and sj~es. Thery are m.OS! i::'®mOiillilly lus.ed Ihy natiYes_

ClUS'~K. S6~"MUG}


~Braw" SrnBri't)'~.1

em '*'"

A ,olUb is anyooavy, Ihand~hel(t weapo.ntli!1)t YoOOr chatillcrer ~.~. ~t some'OlIe or 5>olineU,illf). i~fO!!lr olilara.t1!Br thf,ll!i'l8, :3 dui;i wiithtl'l a2S·i'olltsquare Air,ea and i1itJi his Wf~tj th~ ¢I!.!bca~~ '~8< same dllm:Sg9 mat it W(ll,lld C~~s,@ iI~u r ,c~~a()teJ had SllWI1Q it.

iI1heoo cl!llbfl~re d~ffe1iemffioon Itllackf,aoh ;atJoc.ti'rer 00a"'Y clubs in mat th~ Ciii:l be e-asffiV ~JMliL9 With One hl1nd~



~, :Sho!lrtin91 iCotr: t201

It deriFingsr ~a palm,:ffi:red iDislOI; it has ';IUrua~ii iL{) hBl!I'el er gOO', A cJ!iaracl.eiT CoUi tire ·tMro mOls bef~,e reioatimg. It takes 1 C\IfiI1bm wm W ~I~(;i~ ~ dettinger, A, ellfir!ltter can etiiSil¥' ~J1C!la! a dBrihger in i3 OO8t pocltat or Ilursa.


~: Ihn:Jwn'~!in fmIt·BQUIIj W 1hQwer':s;

Sti:ansPh iRmq) ~~. Cost: t5IIlb1d tnWkdJ

~ IDInger ~ ···1~,atfacb • chaacted,jn!1Mll&


An greMries; Wi' .d!Je.y are G€flflilaJii :~i~l gren@de5.{rl c,llunericarrr IplOOilpp.les:, work ill tne :SameW8'1'"- 'Mom c1ar{iGVNI~u"II!iO ~n:e pfri ~liId 1tl~Wj tn~:w~PIaOO. Aftet 3S'WJ!1ids. ~~:me .. thouS<mdl one."oliMfi'!(lIiJ~n[l two, Qri9·tilou!XIn.d BLAM~ ~,fhe gl'6na(h~< ,exprQde~. shl'l'\l!'€rirrg l!"!ilet:;l~ ~ragments.1l~ around.

An ~plDded '9'Hmiil~ ~c1Ji ijl~ ! ~~ ~mIl A~I.l. The . pla,yerwoose ,ct'iii~:3der H\1ew"'~;Oall!,;lerC.hed::s kif alii Waracmr.s atfectBd Illy tM grenOOE!!,GreFl~ecs; h..-Ij'e oil [)ang~~ lRati!lg: Qf 1;Jij" !f t1he !l1~'!(I9r rolls ~ B~d BHlak OITl ttu! ·fi~t l[)alilg;erCh.eck, ~h.e g~ 1!~~1l: II~ ii:! ®lI. if h!::'DIlit>al fliKI rJiffiillt. iln.~lle SeCOJiKl! [1.iIf\9~ CMffiCK, m~ e.tqplllimes, but Illli!> !lIliaddiljlJfia~€iffiEl~ 00 ·etrEir.JIeteF!I,

KIilFE,{SIM1IP S'lD_" ~ Uatmt 8IOICf'N',8Dnu;I' ~ ~ltElIWhenI'IInw:nl' &ft'll. I~.~

A knife i!O <!Iij' W!I]I), short~'d!ladW ~~ 1t!!M~_ It!!' C!.rru!'!gI,Oi" '1

!stglblng .. A. WIZIe:i' ~n, 'Uiili'CW nis. mifli!~, birt, hemav ;D,e' '1hr~ :awav 1115 ontv !.!Ioea.~!'

MA,r:H/NE GUN ~' oIl'8I1l C~~. !~ 'l'r!a¢j;jilli~~111 '1$ i!) ~~II)', ~y~~~c we~pon. rt4Q!Tf!a~~, h ~k'fs tw:CI

Irnl!l1 to fire illmad1inl !lll;n ~ffllctivel'l',' 008' ttl aim and i!i"lf!~ md (lne to 1~!;h8a!in!m'!rllliion ~1il1O!ltie!ilUI1l. Oial',iCleFE imu!>t :fI\OII~n ,oilS!i:t~he. 'lJun 1111 ~,oe 'tIJsin9 a ib1.p,<!d, ,ar bl<loo'lt!oe'r~re f1Jii~9! iI:.

A. ma~hloo iQIIUI ~ f~ !lIJiI' ~diile!!: :r.h!lW III 1 Q_attlJJrn. AJmmQ

I .~ !Je!fed11i!J ~ {f~ 'iJr!MIs. A drum, 'can [holdl up ~a l00,~ '01

laJ!M'!O;a OOlt tllm heidi SN!fal hurOOlEl foonds. It '~3 oomNllMfl!11$ !to ~:a ~M gJlIil.


~2!.w I~~ iIffIwlIiOg ~ iiISIIdI.1IS .al·~'

~~; .f~~~~~,dgbl

A p~lj t:~n tif·e5ix sI1!ot~ be-fwe it W!~ ~,'IO:ad!r'b'g,. tt take~ 1 c'Omoot iM!'! ~1:I1'8100id· 81 pistol.

! :JI:I1l,f

~"lmt' ,~:~

1~11~ UIId,D,ilJ GWi)

&~ ·'~",II!III'~1

A ,~~ii!;, a starlllil'ar.rl,. ~~rt,.:sI1(iit. bcl!·aclion~t:i!ny rMe~ A dlll~ei' can b!ll'!i' 8 rift1e lhat 11~.a ~siJ:.:sI:JaiI maQailflle,i'cf ~b I~ ~ti~es 1 Cll~t wm ~EI f'etl))!lld iJ iSil'!!!II'~:st!~l,ar sL:!!'slml Hille.

SIlas ~:~.

O/'I!'l by~ 1hmownj' ~,~

IBr:awIInu twMfi '1iIi8d - 81 cUll'

A~~IGan 100 Ji!1 ~refuU'i"~ waa.~ wl1:i'I a metall!ip" 'CIf 1t C<li:1I be ootihil'l@ [loot a 5biliight !J~d1'wiID I~ ~qJ pciRt S~rs. iare 1D1!@S'Ilel'fectiv!l'

·~Il~a1!i1'~I~~d~~. '


~:2N8 ,~~ Tihe iOublllla!:ili1loo gU!iI ~al ~Qll,~iglI~ '!llUOO~~ Wfi~fl, 11'rllllll'!ite· ~~ 'tel ~hfiee iIDliEfIOS "nl 11 t(jmoo~:lm1l1L SiuJbm.'mkioo >C'IlI1li 'm:lCMin~~al'll l!it.ikli ~ill'ller,ao ~1i':00 foon~, It til!~~'~ col'l\'OOit ll!nn to reload .a oolilrl'l3JChjne


swaso(f(Hl. MACHIli. SHAPSKfWEml

,~ ipil~1 ,COJ,f: ,:tJlg,


14 ~r.d ~'~f!Y ~g.b~Mg weitiW.r.!1 ~~I'Jcr wW'llI,g Qf ~I:!binti,

, Swords OIi!'.Q not p:a:ruculadil!· Wi'lwi ~ arie, LJSe>!!~,a$ QluW!,


~GI ~·~_,~~·bItowll "om,: -2:


~ lllo'gOOnllCilnnDYli ~1011m.acter·wIIoiil ._ ,Ii WIIip,. __ '_'~I_all!~a~'[~!8 ~~

.Awhip i~!lJ Sta.:OO8ld bl!illWui'p,iI1at l1as!l! s!ioliil, hB8'o1Y handle ~l'Id al0~ ttl, 1 Mo()'!:~loog b~aidi 01 rup~le le<alberr, 8esi!j~,!J!Srilg ~t flO'l'CDilfIl:lat, .13

I 'l!iharOlcter can use-a whip as a r1Jpe· in .emergenciles. A dMraC1er can also I W1<l;P a whrp,a~liIdf afllob'~IM <I nd IwJdil!~hib a shl;il~ pefi'gri Qf n:il'lle.



"11' ... ." ,. M$l~l :i~d'lMJeso tii!,fS~ I~l.l~db, .u!d .MrplariltS [ha:t

" y~ cIDlar.a,der.mar~ ,md,e1,!~l"I!pLWre~l,;Ise dluri~.'an

._" ad.¥~i1IiuJn:. As' m tll1.eVlle.Qiporuo h~tl~&S, dtese ,(I.~niP'

taofl!ii 0lIr.1: Q·lIt!y :ge[le'~,d, :I ji'Qu.V!Ii<ln:t.. YOiY. call:! j<l_;a UP' dl£

, naml!:S-cal][I1!El. ')'\OUI!' ,d'tllll;!ldreEs, 11JII:!!1I;lT}i" !il!daJll a Ca~Uac I oil'·lm..ecrn['lj.-to adfill collor to yif:ll!!!' .<.!!J:V;ernlhlires.

I Th~ d!esc!l'"tpti@t1~ mcl~d~ sptldiic<ttlvrt5 ~h.'I!t <!lre

():>;p']atn~difi.Ii:l~,orli in 'V<ebide Pe~fQ\· in the Mo~ mf1'fit :~non.


,~2!50~. ,~,~nGI_1

,Al~~20'!qI1I! .","'~·1

IMkhIr 20 ImDh - ~·D.!LUII

11be. :ilUtl'Ql'l,!1l its fllef~lbef ~. ~ 1Wll~.pt8t ,al't~'h iI: lets mars! f1M ~ Illii:ne; iit hasa 1l10~l!lf, alflaq4all1e~. aflllll ~ rca~i!afll,.llnslm o.t ha.vlng Mn,~. ~~. tnti iU~ilgil!io(! 19~: a -Ia;, '®'I.i'emead Kia:

Ain, auW!J1fI(i mall!l~ ~tf8_nd land in, ~, wrv:st!Oiii! space" al~I'IinnQ'I:I II ,~a~'l Gt!' slJafgh'! u,~, itIDW(. ®r c:ome stII.aign~ dOWi'l1 wliien Iii I!l!f¥d~, An .\luWQ1j'rQ lJJ,Wct.aSIi'!CB 01 $)'le61 for tak·eoti al)lj l)O feet fo:r 'ISfillliQg, It em ,ca~ry (me pasren1l3ei' aoo,.a·~rna(larr'lO!!~~· e~lJ!ij;l~~t, ;j!lilg, call bo fil~d iMUi .p(lrilt()~f\!S;,


,Iow:p: ·4iO!l,mllet ~.~~~II.I

~. 311'. MJ!.,rA~ 1~,3i

,~ 10'.1 ,~ !MjlDll

'Thel:V!'O-!se:l1tt!f bipiaoo"wa,s S'IlII a ~&Ig'nt [n • 1m. ~ Iqn), '!j'j(ire ~'I'm UI~~OiII and, mif'rtal'lll' f!U~, A ,l;iipiim!li"l:lIn cany ·two ~ngei'S .and 11 madeJ,ale ~tlIun,1 of. equi~nl~ Of ~h_ pa~n~ ,~~ ~Oll€! fiil1:iliiQi ~Iil tIiie w1!JgJand reiill' [ittle: ~,uLpmelf!l~ 1!I'!llih81alll!~ ease, 1I1~ f;llalll~ 'itijll1l~av~1 r(!nl¥ 11!~~ ltsuol~e. At bip[<I;ne fe(Julre:s .a! la'~.e. oi aJid 'Iilndini!;l .area dI 300reet A biplane CilI'I be il!l:!uipped wi~h ~;l\tr!!

ruel t~rvks, ~nd Witn, PiliiiltOOf!S, ' ,


UMkId,.~711 '~~'..o.

A~' 101.1 MArinlim ~ SCI'.

,~ 2111. ,No. oJ·p~ 1 tta3(iOilc:lb:I'

rwn ,!SiprdiCl mph ~ .t2;.OIII to NJIIQ

',' 11(~~ Q~ 1n!d'; ~ IlII!\: ¥i'!:!ff,dlD!1s;e oJ'l'Ii'Itit mi~lary ,~OO GDailS!rut;'Iion Um., It ~I¥ !wi, a ~f.!!nWrd nalbet!! :and iii! cailVaS top. II~ ce'~ ~ I ~ hardtoJ. liIitisI1J!U~ can cailF!f II!Qlw3 to.rtI! ,Ii~ 2Illmeo [nl !i1ie' [bgd~,




lWIkIilI'I4ring' A! ..... I~ 44J'.!

,~ 10!mpII ~"~' 5(j!!!QI;ft

-. ·111_' 1.,_~'1j'IQ:!II:i'iI~1

'1in,~2II~1 1~1"_'Il!''''

A 5QhI tm~ W1'b!! ill gil'IJP, ~11i!t VA or smdlllJ,tJ !'iI' 'Irnck. ~ ~'_:~IIli!Ilhal.iting,~ ~ MQrtd~fiOOfO~ iOOII'o!'~ml'l srMU~1er.ii; Of ef)~L 0n!lI or'~ ~ CI!'II~ !JP to lllI1r. tOM 01'112 'mi!II WI] Ith!! ~

Whel'llf'vle:r a. goon hits ym.H character, the Refereeuses thegoan's P,1)0iI¥!l:S5 RM~ tfJ(jet.ern:line w:ha~ ikJllci of cl!!lm~ t~h'e ~n does 'to you["dl<arracter,

When YQtltcltil:ra:der ]$ oonfronted b, a d:anlllemm. There OIJ1e fOll~ d!'ln.gel'olI:l.:!l events thalt ~,n].n:g.e'r RaUngs·:

event, think oJ the evenlt as <l! combat OppOIll.eIllt~l:J;at has I tamil'l!l;, drowr'!:i!:"lg. HII!?S, ", .. d ~:>!:plosiv~.

Us ow.n Prowess Rating;. ]nstead oi a. Pl!owess ,iaJting. There may be other instances where Ilhe Referee mu:s;1

though,s:o:mte. d<ll!n,gJflro'US events hav~ the.~rr '9WI:ii. Dang'eT ~ 01, D<lf1~t" :R~l~~ng if,,~ ,OI ~ednc sih,lla't!OJ'IL 1fh~ <I.dv~l]I-

Rati:ng~.iFa:r e)(~mp~~, if your Chaif:;lc:bet is.caJl!Ighit. in 01 Hm., '~1I[-elIDte5 tell ~he .RelfeTI'le when these rule's apply.

the R~-e chec~sto ~i! wJia,t th~ £ire's Dan~t Ratin~ is. . ~

Then he makes. Da:ngeT Cne(:b, based on the fire's [J~.n,g~ fAUIWG

: :::.n ,gh. 'o.t:.~. ~.;I.f:t. •. '.h. ~: .• " '0"' d,,,,,,,,,,., and if "I .. · .. ·.11 J../:' ·~~.;I~~~: .c.~~:;.:c!eb·!~.~~.IS :~ d.,t~~~2.s. '0. s~.:. ','!;.'.:;~. ::~

llARGER RATlNfiSQVfI' 1.cf1'V.fil~':> D~er Ratillng by m[llti,~[yjng t!he dist~fiQe .

• . . . . . I. I . .faJlle.n (m ;~eet) by· 2" Per examp]~, ,ilf .'S~'Jlafl f<lills 'DO f"ltet,

You k~ow that Prowess R3INl1I;g~ never go< ",hove 100, so the DangetR;jjtJ~ ~o[' lti'5 fa.n is; no. In. thJisifiShU'iJtf,~he

~.efi a. ~on hit~ y.o'tn: ",na.raC'bN, dte.R.tefereemabs arnE Referc@ m2kes two llinger Chec:l'!l too S€e if Sal1ab is hul'~

dice roll agai[l3t t~e ,gQon'sf'rowe$i;i Ratting. ][1 th!? faU-[l,fi€ Ch.eck agaDflst a ])aiflg@'l' R.a~LmIg of 100,

Some dOingerol1!s.~~ls,. i1a~t', have Dan~, Ratings and <tmotinf'J" Q;ai[lst a D,lInger R~~mg o.f :2.0"

over 100. in. thi~ :;ituati:on, tl\te R~[ee diivlidestM 'Ch:t~~·r Ib;t~iIllg so t:ha~ 't he firs!!: Ch~cfl\:. be makes is against a Da![Jg@f Rating QllOO. Tha,t'~ a Pl\i!tty high r,.tiIlg, and il~ means ttL,at the da,TI8~[Jf(l"u.s @1(IeIlJt~s :pro~IS;Ny~ing w, hu:r~ youw !Ch.ta!l'O!I_.e~r in ~n;Le way.

AHer thfil R~flt!)~e m"alli~ tMfii~:s,t C~~l:. ,,"g~i;n~t aDange. RaJmg 01100, he'ta..kes the romaitrltde:r oJ the Diliti~e.r .l.liJJt[ngand m~lie.s a second Chock OiI,gai:[Ist lh,at number" The're{sa eh",;n<;e,. t •• !~ha:~ }/IQU.J" Ich~loi1!ctet!' take_s two- Qr n:Lore WOllfilcisfllo·ma dangereus event,

&ampl:e~ T~ 5.t]cbo.f dYfiami~e land ,iI. few feet from,a\iI1lii Jones! Th~ Re:feree knows th;i!Jt~hE!' e::>;:p.losivl1s have a~])01J1iBer f! ... ltlng Q~ lW,

The: dytl;amileex:plodesJ The Referee J]11aike.s, the fil[,;llt ])ans~1' Check 3;g_aimt .<'.1 Daf1,BEI' RatJil'l$ OIl ];.00 to see what kilfl.1tif da''Blf' ~nlr1p '~.~klf'''' Th .. R.,f"'lrel" rCllrk 'it T l~il'li2 the MOOIified Check "f,aMe {"fiOI:ITL:ill" 001u:fItlJJ outy) and Check Ru~Jt TaM.e, file f{il!liellee determines that indy .~~ ~ljgM WQU]1IJd!.

1Th~ Rdel:~~ then afloth~.r Dang~r Cheltk;a~ai.nS!t 60 {d1!!! n~m:<l~l'Ider of th~ DOlngeT.'R2Jt~f.lg)t!D see ,if Jilldy ta.k.e;:l, another wound, He .foILs 53. indy ~akes anether IU;E;h~wOllifid.


hls 5fl!;:~~on expla±os how to ~ilIn.dlIe c.-ei!<i:ln 'itve:fits th2Jtm~y only O"COllr Qi[l:c,e in.8I.wMI~ ·during your charo:!icter"s "u:ive-rrutll.l!l'Cs .• In mos~ jnsta:nas'J yau'U

btolpe they NSVER o«ur,I;.·llIitjust in .!C~. T ••

lr~, drowning, expkHli.v~s ... al]ate eil'mts that c<luJd ·cause 1r'(lUl" ,cha,:r<ldclr a great dea] oJ treuble, and. somedal"!t<li§'E! as well. How do- Y(.lJ.t w]l if yQ'YJ" character has been hmtby one uf these dangerous events>1

Che~k tbe' da~e!l"Ol.Is even~: causes mQre daul.§ge ~.0 the clitfll'acter t:._h0l11l llnor:mOlUy WQuld. The Re.ful'@e d~dd~ how mueh extta d a mage Itbe dlOiIl~e:rOIJ5 e'"'!'en.t '~['IUse:; in ~his~~~. When. ~he R~feree l'o'Jl5 a. Bad Br~ a k on iii DaIllger 'olJcC:.'Ck, the d;angeJ'ol;!s ,ev,eni doegn'll1J~rl~he ch~racEer ;al all.


WneTi.,ev~.r It:ne R>ef.e[\e.e£ that a d8inger.ou:S, event hal!ihWi'i~ iI CMraC'~t:i, hoe then ases the Shootln~ co]~,unn Om!

I ~h€ Aai,ofi Re::;~IDl5 Tah1ew find ~~.t Wn{l're the c.h<l.:r~ct€r is

hurt. U~" d:,e Ad:'.",n ]:t"", .. b~, 1" .. 1:.1.: ~f<>r-"JlI. P ... ",~r C1.",,1. .. , 'l!!Xc~l'wh@!Il .. cba:r<lictel:iS: Idrowni!l'lg_

'fbf'Il"if are two sltuaslons in which your character could

I drown: wil1~ .. he is trapped totaUy miiderwater (as in ~all.

I.l!nd)f]"!Natfr room), or when he has to sfray <lJbove the- ",t1:r~ faa- to .~ air {OiS jfj, a IIaCk-cor' (

J~ yuur ,[J\ia:r.tder j~.ttrapped totally uIldJeo-.rwate:r, he must Had an escape, or hedroY;;[Is. IJIIrofh.matdy, that's all tht'te is to H.

If your ,clt3ta:defis fiBn,ting te s:tarY<-I.boveo the surface, lwmay :s.waillow waler ~nd. df(wJ~. Fer each cmnib~t tum lha;t your c-narncter HQ:ats,~l\e~(:h, wa~er; or $w~:ms iio a

'O:Qd,y of ¥I!'ate[", you milJst maike aJ MO¥"ement Check. IF th-e:

Check ~gll!o~ds, your, characten easily siaY,$ abQ.v'~ thli!: surface. If the Check. fails, yOUl' character rna}f aecidenl:alrny s-waElbw wale'.£.

1b d~t~.rnl,in~ if:;nour ehar .. ,ctl1~ swa:l~ows w.l,~f'.r •. Bnd out I what l;~n.d {If water yQUIf ,dlJa:racbe:r lis floating Or sWim-

ming In, Differen~ types of water have d.iff~~nt Da:rtg~r :R.llHngs:

~msam·1 Rib' Ifi!&ti". 20 ,IiIlW:;g ~.IQ ~.,6IL'I fDm!i!Il. i!tj'

, The R~feree must then .l'tlOike a!Da:ng'e'f' Che<:k ,ag,aiD!!,'!' the waters Dar[l~e_'r R<lhn~ to see il )'QiJ:r charactee swal]o",""S Ware,r,

Once your c'fi.<1l:racte'f baJ6 swal1ow~d w .. t r six times, he drowns,. If your cbaracter swalh:i'W5 some water "lIla: 't~'Il ffi<!itlages to 'reach $aIety, he reccvees in 10 mi!'!ull:e:;;. If 1'oll.r

I cham,ttl'll!' swaJiow5 more wat~i' alfter he h<l(O rec(iiver-ed, ~8nor,e au}" , fa:il.ed Danger Checks the Re.fer~~ rolled! fo-r yo~:rcharadel' before he had ,11; ih;O'i!:1ce:oo recover,


e, .ttil'lg ,c, a'llg~ti,il, a filFe is ODJe af tho~' tbl.Ulgs thll,~

could happen to y101,1I: characrer ilnytirne""'lIh~ol;lgh

irs ned I;ik~Ly' to be .iI! common experience. ObvtQllIsly; files can be ';I'ery dat'lge:r-ous, bl;!t H y~ur cheracter lill earefu!, he'll be able to ~a:pf these dl;S:i!ist,er~ with. Uttle more than smelly dO:tMS.


.Fire~ are hrokcelll dow]'! into three. ~imp]e c.Megon.essmall, medi.l.lim, and large. l5ach t.ype Qf fire has a D.anger rt.a ~irLg;. firE!!. (bLlrnjOg cal'S, 11Il'g campf:ires" hl,a~ing (:'IJ,[~<lms,) have D'ani!!er RaHrtgs (IIf 210.

Medium fiTES {QlJ:rn.iflg rooms, bOflfii"es, prairie fir $) 11I,,,," ve Danger Ra t iIl1~ oio!l.

Larg@ fires (Hrehombs. furnaces, forest fires, blOl~lng b~jldrn,I;rS') have Danger Ratings of BO,

The Referee must

. decide jJ you r Cl!,aJ1:1OC1::e.~

. !has a chal'l.(;,e of g~Hing hurt when ~e is (lJu.!.iht in a Jock could be standing .in. ·the m~ddj!e of a 1:1IlJLrnin,g

btl! Id:ing, blJ~ he may h-e ina' :sp-ol where the fi,i!:ii!

has no~ yet [leached.

'\!Vh,en your character is (:a~h.I~ in a fir'e, and the Ref·@1:'l£!'e has determined that your character Is hur~ by the fjre, the Referee makes a Danger oClu1!ck ag.aimt the fire's Da[l~.r Rali,ng to Si1ie :howbadlly your characeer is, hurl,

Example! Wi'J1J1e and Sh'Ort Round aretrapped in a burning mOinJl! Flames lick the wal!.s and reach toward the roof, wmleand Shott .Round make tl1eil: way to the center ~f the' worn" where t~ i$ t>t·ill no ,Eke. If5 tbe only safe place fo:r now ,bu~ ~hey won't be aib]e to stay therelong,

Choking on. smoke, Shor.!" Round looks to ~ee if he (Oiifl H.n,cI Olin. escape, He sees a. 1,vim:!J(lIW ak'lng the br waiL but the curtains d\at sur.round it are ifs ~bei!r Q,nly cl1al'ioeI

Short Round til.l8$ a.t [/ViW s skirt and points toward t,h~ wi.Fldo'W" They 'ra(;~ across ~h(;! roem, wl:ap tl"l.cir hands in [<If;lS, and rip HI!~ flami:rlg eurtains down. As Aame!3etlcirde lh€ window, Shon Rou.tld and Willie leap through,

The Danger Ratirn,g fO'I' dle' (fre I1NU· the window :is 20.

The Re-j~we ro]h til) 'S'.~ H 8honRoumi is hurt. H!1! roll~ 43. Short R.n.l.lld jumps safely through tltl! window. Then the Referee rolls 1'0 see tf Willie is !hurl. He rolls 18. Willie

jumr5iilrouiirn the window.. but the fire h:ili~' si.rngro ~f!1: dress and caused a tight w(J'!J:nd to her. arm.


CDlru:",c~e:r5 c,m f'WU« dl~ CMtII!)~ ofg.;:Hing hmt In a Hre . ,by :getting. wei~, tov-eri1lg th~" il!!~ads ;and in blanI<<;;t;;:, o.r· t!ry"'!>;S ~.Q' b.,,;>~ o;!.Qw,," ~h~ n~!"<'o;;~·>

n~· Refej!~""': deeldes i~ any of thes.eprecallttiom keep ih<lI<l.Clt>e:n;, Irom ~t'~;i;n:ril hu(1~. He may il;;ult the .fi:n~'s Danger R<itirig to J h, 0'1' he ma'l(:ut it to '1('1, •

. YlnamHe,gfefi:<!de:s, aI!!d other 5Jmi'lat Hems .ar>1!'ai1 e!l:plCl:'ii.'l!es-tMngs,~hat have lhen8lsty l~[Idf![lcyro ,go .off with a greaJt clJe.aJ1 of feree and ml:!cbnJOii:s~. Th~ be~:t thing ~g ~ert'lher abQ!:.ite:>::p1oslvtts is that fo~ y~U[

,hO!.rac~er, they're Vl!l'J"f daf1sel\ous: exp1osi\l'es ,c;anlwurt !Dore than one ch11lr",('I!e'.fwhen they' go oflf; they C:;lI1I do ~ great de-al. of d!3Ptl:Jge in :i: spIDit s@cm!.d;<Ind they COOl_1"I, Vota!.'y easllybe used jn;oo.l!'.redly.


All exp.lo~iV'e,5: have Dal'lge.r R.a~iTlgs, lillie Danger iR.a:t1:ngl' iQr :sp~[~i.1C; ~yp~~ 01)£ ~~.pro9~i'll~1!r~ givoe'~ .in tm O~dHtif.'lg sedhol:'l.

Th . cmost impostant tMnii), to' r,e-memJb;l1'§ when; yOu. <lire fi~uri£lgOl]t how'e:ltpl,()sives baw hU!l't yourc:ha[,1l.C'le:ri~,

t J." ... ,tp'"' ph-.".""''''' ""'" h"wt ",1~ , .. 1 "~""'~'''F'' ,~I-.", i' <10' ..... ·1'L,,",":h.~,

whe!! ~hey go ofL For e'::<Jitliliple, :if agrenacik> goCIS off in <I·squar~ A!"@.O! oO:;ll[l! 1h_r·eet ch<lncte:ll1:;, t~,e RttiJeue mtlst make a Do!(;]JgCl'.t Cheek fur each d"iitra.d:er to see if I1Jil is hurt,

Of course, this cha:racberistk of 'l'Xp]O'SiVf1l can be heip~IJJI when YOlIT character wants to talbe out 11 whole hunch I of gOQIJI5 at 0[1(\11', I:!!'!J~ before a charactee tosses explcelves into them:udd~e oJ a .g:rotJp, h!e'd be~be-itbe sure d:'ltd ntlinii .of h;is c'OmpaJ'Ij0'rls aJi1! in !haJt group!

that has yOll!' diee rn]ll:1u.mber in ie. iFor ex.ampJe,. Indy tnNJWS 11 stkk of dYlIil.amit:e a'~ Ole rnrgeit' s.t:ra~gh,t aJlead of: h:iim. al1a :mJsl'£~., His pli3JyeirroJl8.1.dl0 on the Scatter Dlagram. He rolls 6, The d}y.rm.miih:~<lfl:clI$ on to .1ndy~ :r~g;I\J:!;.

»f l~~ Main wruch e,..;p!,osJ'V·cs l;and 0[1 the Sc:at~eqr Diagf<litJlli Is blocked by' a wall Ot othee obs'i.'J'l.lIcli'Olrl 11:'1 your .adllen:tIiIE"e. roll Olg,dn on t:he SCOiJler nia:g~m f(lr ,a tlew j,(l<C,a~iQl!'t.

'When yom: c.hLaract.erLthrow.$ ~:.:p]OSiV'~i }'QIU tllllH ~hll! R~f:,erne whi;!!1'~ VOl!;l wa:!l!~ ~~h(! e:>;p~o~iV'@$to Iand, FQre:O;:<limple, you miglfut t~n l~e R..efef€e, 7ockl> gOins to tU55 this of dynam~te ir!iothe ml4ldi!e of I~hi!i~ pa(;\k. olN azis:'

You then rnake a PIJOW~ Check If the Check.succeeds; BooM.! The ewlOll.iivPB hmdwh~E€ VOIl waflt If 'ili@ Check f.lIils" the ,expkls:ives Laine sOI:l1i!f~e["e else,


IDeca.~ e%plos:i.v~::l Mred re11t!tjre Mea.saoo)l!lJli iiU!stQln~ peraon, if-s impo~t:iil!l1~ tiO t:n.,O'wwhe[.!!: lh~y laed ~en wil1.elIl ~Iley mi~ tn.e·ir targel.Tfris ~~ect ·of e.xp1!osi.v>es IS caHed !Il(,,iJin~l'.-·

n yo~r I;;bara~~~['lhrow:s explosives and m:ii!Ols~,rnU Id10 aJnd check the: Scatte:r Diagram m~ '1ffi"e'Rektee'~$ SClJeetl. Find ithe fIlJmber tn,l:lti;'l!l:atc~~~. Y'Qt:!t 'like ro]W al1id.

, the arrow ~ha;tm;;i.~ch~ Htoe g~tier a l diil'€ctiall 0\1" Y'OIH charaeters IbJiow. The exp.IOfiJ'l'eS ~lInda!IlJd go off ifl1~'h@ .Ana


Sc;!mes, ylJ1'<l:r cha:radel: l:hrow& ~;pk-.:;bi'~s that you are Sllt.E"E C<'Lfl'~ mi~!l 't~h:ei!' ~.tr3il:!; .Whel1 ~hlS h.Ol.ppe!1l~,. ~h!il RefeiJ1e1!1 t~Jlg yall Hli!"~ ),O'llt don'!: :have ito make a Prowess Ch~k t:o ~~if th1in!J'<p]o::;jv,e;s land ~fl'lherJ,glM pJ<iJt.e.

. Rem€!Rbat, expJosiili'es are baod tl!ew.;'S~ One gl)f'!'lad~. ha:PP'Y eharacter clilliwally g~taliOi~ Ci.E .his friends b,lown up, So watch !the Q~~t pi,aye[ ch<ln.el~Si and make 5!I]I~ they ~C!lWwhat they'[I~doing when the), start li.g~Hng fll!s~

• :f;an the dil~g-ers YI:l'll r eha rac:l,er may face, poison ~ lOne or the wal'Sit. After· II., ifs bound to takg more th .. nona ,gllnrshot to take Y'O'lil.[· character Oll!!t of ,iI !!hta;j[l~~t., ,;mdia, £;i;$dii.~t :i;;l :!mI,Q.lii:' exercise fhaft <llilytmng

,eDt. ~u't poison! PlOlison ~II _ in :rour ciha:ractff in an i'P_;:t~'!:, .. nil "lith .only II''''" diahto~t ,~cr ... hlih.

'PIi1iW(1 Is aperulltibat. 'CCI_J;) a,liYi!ili\\ }'1J'i.l[[ ditar1ilcte'li at ,ellery tmm. Th.elfe at.e !;mi!!lonous SI'I3Jkes, ifiI3ti'll'l!'S whQ '~ ~j-

, ·SO'JlI.~tipped dl_rt!O.. ~$liilil<S whOSiebUves ar.CilllveniCIlIDed, !!!lIen !PIoi:§lc)!'Iou~pl_l'Its. that could tu:rn yQ\I1' sahtdilftlu a: dinner of &-ath!-

~a'l'il::u;rn.ate]y for yOW" ,Ch<lJ!'<ilI!i;lw, ~'!ID ",mOiii.[jS are nest· taflt: to use poison 3S II weapon.; They ;neVer [l\:;:nQ'W wh'C'n OM 01 ~htit gQQIlS, mi!ght g>eit the battles mix,oo I:.I;P~ au' mD:r1JY db.~ t; types of pW5.QIi! .• SQrll~' 'wOor.k 'qlJllicl<iy, vihil~ Q<~hers take i!iif:Fut g:radI!lOllUy. Z\.W5t POlOO:I'II5 'ca!J[tno! kin )"O'i!H' cl'iatader, bll't Ithey can certaiJidy mab bimsick aJnd ihleb~1! for aJ ~ol1g tim!!.

The: !~m m05<t iDl:!JlQftmt qj~ll1il~l:iis Ithat you 'IIlJeffi. ~o ii!1Il~( wirleolf'QUf" d1i.;u;a(h~f' .is :poisg:noo all?el

1. How long does ilhr poison ta~e to wo:",1:.·l

.'1 .2. How daf1igerOI>l is the :poi5lOn1'

3 .. How 1'Q:ng d@c:i! U tid::e your eharaeter' t'iJ ~c~ver {iJf he5'lLrv:i:v'f!:!I, (!it oours.e)?'

When ,i!! poiwllI. is used in <If! adVimhue., it's li!iledwi:th four nolal:io!M t!lat C(lii[lci:d~ with these q,u.esiti.o,rnos. These [I0l;tltimlS an O!'l!,ed the Poi.sOIIt Raii:ing.

Th.. i~.,. .. r ~""!~~~~Ii'!'" 'i'i1, ,. .Poi ",on .P..:!ting; r·!:'fil:i' I~<:>; 1L) tm.c ,ilr:IlOurnlt ·of Itime between ·B.ackbon(! Checks; 2) t!hepo~~'~ strengjlh (1:10,\\01 ill; a1£ms, ill dlOllJ."acter's8ackboae' Rating); 3)1 the fl1,lJ!!llbe:t of lh:c:kJOOI1~ Ote'Ck:s: 3i c-haradeli' needs, to m:l~~ Ift'om ~!Ii~poi$oJl"'5, e.ihcts.; .liud 4) how :!olll.g it takes , ,C:hatacter liO~ower k-om tliie pcIi~'n.


:Poiso!n.S- can 'takefi'Dm 2J &w nUl'I!Ultes ~g ~Vi!raJ :hour5 'to 't:a:k@eHect .. Wilen your' character is ptO~soMd in i!!'1 aa:ve.lltUte, the .IWfcroo tells you how of!!!frL you h.w'e to. mah,

I' 'Badklx;t,ll!.'e' CheC:k.~ ~o:r your charamt. For e)(i;ljm;p:le •. I~ 0>1 [poison WO.1'1<:5 'Very sl.Qwly. Y'QU might haVIll bil'rn k,e iii & CheCk every M .houts, ,f,..!!' tin:,u~;).

Mmtpoisons ,reql1iFl~ mom b·eq~..eli'!t 113ackb-o:n€, O:.eci.s, SII.diJ as, on~ 1~1I,e:r:lf 1 hOW' !l!:i 'OM every 10 mllout .VlifhI1':I'1 ,a 1PO['ii'HI ;is '1lIiSed ~n an a:dw:entli!Jiie .• the'-.iFSit not.atioo lffist,ed ill ,aJ .P'ai<Sn!i'I Ra:!'i1!lS 'i~ 11 ... ;;mm"",iti' ni~ fOm..:r ih .. · d...u,."_ct .. ", mtl5tW<ID~I: ~t .... eel'1l each Backbone Cha::l.

'~P'Oioo'nd'oes not b~in to w,C)d; on YO!.l!r chacacter 'Ilm~il your:nak~ '!:he firslibtkibone Oheck. So. iJ tbe I'oi-

I oon Rl'IJi~g requ.irces tlia! youmd:e Ch~Cb eVf~ .30 mlClllne!l, Y'OOllf cha.r,<lIcre'l" IS njJ'~ Iitlfe!ti~~ a,l ,all J:OIF tlhe n~61!: 30 mi:nut·e,s afJeil' :hi!: is, poiwiJlffi.


W~. YQ_ ,oll.o!i'OId'etris pOIOO:I1I.i?d .•. the .Refef« chub the !i\lN':ond notai~on in th~ P:ol'\;oll Rating ~:o set if 'the [fKlisQn

Is htJrem~lyWeaJk,- Weak. D!l~~rolJ~. Qr [l~dJy, These h!YIe.]saf£~t 'Y·QitI;rc:..haT<\cter's B.u::kborre Ratin.s..

U the po:isol1 is 1E1C~l'tmel.y Weak. your character's Backbene 'Rat ing is dOfJbled (':2;) when you l'Il!aike the Cheeks, U t.he: pgi$Qn is, Weak, },O!ll r ~.hilT:ad:if'.r's ~a.ckb:onft R;!!,ting ;5Oto1yS ,th~ same whe.1lI 'rQU m .. ~ the CheCks.

11 the poisen tS1 Dange.rot:ls. your ,character's :Ba~e Ra:twg :IS cut ~'(l' • /il, when :mitke the 'Lheck.s •.

II the pois.oR is: Dcadily, y~tU c:harader'~ &dibo~e R:a I;~' i:ngis nd to ;'/:twhe.r1 ''f'O'1II :mBe' the Choc:b.

The thUid fIOtaJion m ithte PQi~~nRi1u.i~g'~ 11- ~~ Referee. how many &fikbane' Checks yo:!!!!" 'Chaif<i: re.f mU!it make before ,he 'C~I:'I st a r,t rooove'fi~,g. ¥o.m· .c!iball"ad\f1' m-ay hav· to ffiak;fl h~gm 1 tlo 4: (or more) Backbone Chocks when he i,~ poisQned;,

The Uf5t tlm,t' you. ~ail. a Ba,ckbQne Check w~en yotl:; Charader is poi!!Q,ned.~~ :becomes weaJk,e .. ad, A..U of his AjIUib)'l~te Rat.mgs are ,cut to -tho

The soc.ond ~i.m@ YOIl faHa Ba~kibone IChock wil1en :f,our ch.arnder ~5, pois;olne<i. t.e' :b~cmes se' weaJu:nedL AU o,f ~j~ A~tribute Ra;~iItgs OiIFe cut tQ' 1' .....

The :t;h,im hm YOIl,.a. BackboJ1le' Cheek. wMIl your cihatroc~er is, poisoned. lie' 'becomes incapa:citat~d, He caa~m pe~'nm illil,yad:i,Qins.

The mllirth t4m.~ yQ~ :fafl a B..u:kbo:tle Cl:Jec'k whern yOI~r charader is, poiso,nOO., he dies.


The ~'IIJUn~l [lut.<1liiU£I 1:1:1 it roi5Q1'l ~a~1I1g IllSits 'the a:IIlIOUJ'lt ,01.1' time H tahs '1'01;11' ,diaracter 1:0 r.,ocov:er from a poison',s. J~ts~n~ yCH..! heve fi[li:shedmaikiJlig: Bia:ekboiJlt~ Ci1edb. "[hi;!: Iti[f!te is li5lted. in ~!l!d5,. mintlt,es, hQ!!yI'S. o,r daiY:l,.

Il ailll (If yallf cha:r,:;u~ter'5 'Bac:kbo~ CliiKks are 'il!:=ess-

hl!l. he :flID01Ji@f'S fuDy, .and he CUI 'lgJllure tlliLis,!ilep .• mf h· is weakened •. severely IN@'a:k~Jl1ied", orinto a :pad~all:€'d~. 'fi.01'oIIever. ,I

I l1i.~ :m'!.lst wait· the !ful~!r'~ry time. '1

At the end. of tl:le reccveiy tjm~. mak:e a BackbQ~e I

Check '(.ag,dnst your chaJ_racter's fI'ormaJ lBackbo\I"t,~ Ra.t-

i~h If ~, ,ch~d, SlilC()@ed!;, yotLr c~aracl)er ~5 funy recovered, U:t~e Ch.~:k, :fiiliib;, yOllil:' c.nal'act'CI' [~OOCI/Iers one levd (h>-r examp~e, :tl • m1ay ,go: h::QUl ~1I,eflt]y weakelliled to, weakenoo); Then he mUSit wai~; "M1IotneT lion re(lo\i\erype.r~ led lief OR' :m~U!I}er Choc~_ If yOiUil' ,c.haraeter ~s W'e';[kern~ Pld ~,he Oaed:. fiIib. htl ;rt\covers fullil}'; W'I.iess,you :roll <!! 'Bad 'B;reak.


[f '~',ou :l!'oU a Lucky 8r-eak whUe y:al! are 'miflk:in,g Had\d;"Qni!:

Checks for POi!SOD ef£eds, youii' d1harac;b~',r stidd ~fj.Jy rec'O'll'. I ~!'s flOl'I'I, the polson. Yoo dO:R'I: tl,ijlve Ito make any more U<I_<:kbone 'Che('b, ~oe]:H ror dIe Chock a~ the end o~ Itb teOO\/'!f'ry peri.od .. In eflec:~, yOy treOlta Lucky 'Break .a~ if

your cha:r:J!e~l has found ,aJl'l. :tntildote' lot tbe poison (see II

I A:rIi1r.idoi~ b@low~l,



If yQIJ rolla Bad f;lmitk whi1e yr,)1;1 <I~lil m .. kj!:'lgl3~el:.bonll Checks fl(lr iPOi50fl'l~fff.e('t5, yotl ha,ve- t:o add Otl'll!~:>::lTa Bactban€ Che{;l<. to the number olf, Ch&ks yQU are already ll1lilIki.n;g fOi[ that poison,

U"dl'l,.,~.n,~b" I"",ii,..nn_ ,,,,nnt..-,,,ry h" ""h"t ..,,,d 1" ...... ['1" beHe'Ve, s,ddom kills people. It can make t~,em qu,ite i]l. howev~!r_

In.his game, rattlesnake pcisen h a ~ n'le' fall,Qwi<lg Pel- 5(JIiI Ra~rn;g~ 3(l ,nin . .I We<l!k I 4 Che~b ! 24 hrs.

Ara,ttl~SIlah biites lond.ia1l2 Jones, You have to make ~our B .. d:.boiJIl:! Ch~cks, each JOmifitib~sap'art (game lime}. ,agaillist Inuy!£' BadkbO<rll:! Rating (siFu:e,!he :poison is Weak, hilS ratlngstays the same).

Aft~r 30 minll~e'S, y'O'u make ~he fi.rstBad::bonlil Ch~ck, The C~~I!_ ~tlcreeds._ ,Aher anothe'F 30 mirlutes, you make tl1e S€c,o.ndi BackiboM Cl'1eck.1""he Cheek ra:ilos, and Jndy ~5 we<lhnetL Hi£Attribute RM:ings: ar,e!'lOW CtH W"1h_

I Another 30 m;~ri!.!t'e5 POlS:;, and y"o!l,mak~ 'th\i!: third Check (remember, Indy's AttribuhlS <In' cut to 'Jh illOW), This Check alse fail!1:.<tl'ld indy is 110W severely we;aiene<d, His , ,Attribute Rali!'lgs are nO'w cut b~' 1/<1, Firmlly,atl!OIther 30. mlIilubes pass,and yml make the ~illJal Check. Dc:SiPHelh~ fOld that lni!y'~ Auribut)e R1lohngs. are ~I;lt t91/~, your Check succeedlsl. Wht~w!

tndy now has to eecover for LA hours, This-gives him plenty of li:_n:u: lo thimk <:iDOl:llt how much h.e hates snakes, AiM" 24. """.",,~ Ge,"""~ F; ""',,}, y .... .r ,,,,,,,'l,.,, '" iR,,, ... 1,, h"",,,, ('!,.., r: I.(ysing i'ndys nonnal Ba'C'kboru~ R<I'tiI1g). The t::beek $i;I:Cceeds, Indy [~OO'i,lI~rs fuM!y from th.e ~UedS of the s.n~h polson]

- ltll0" arl ordeal [ike that, you'd hate snakes, too,


Most poisonshave a.l'ltidoies IJ!f antitu:>::h1'5, n ymll" c.h3Jracret knows wlhat he has been p.o']9Cined with, and jf h(! get$ to a hospital. the doct:ol"£ or Tmr~e!O ttH:~ C~!"l pre'p:alf'oe an antidote. ,Mtidol:e:;; autQmGltit1!;[~y(ancel any Ba,ckoone Checks that n<tven't already been made. 'Your- cha:l'acb~r stili has, to rest for the p(Ji~o:n'sfilli! recovery tim~i~m .. ,~ e'!l~r.


verybodyg~t,~ scared onee 11'1 awhile. H a :pe:r80tl dQ"-~J:l'I: ,1;,<;1 ~,.,,,,o:<:;,;I.M,',,· n"'~ t. .. ,m1'Ol);'Il ~".l-'D" IS 11C1 diffel'e;lIlt. At: some point, he's bound to come [ap a,g~uflst 50met:h!f:lg tha~ ~0'1<~ the d a yl.igh~

out of him ,

Most oJ Ihe time, you,r charade]" [aces his f,ear ana gees abQ~¥ :IhLS iQ~. SQt~tj:m~s, hO'we-ve'r, _a f€a:r sJ.mply paraIy_z,es yom character, and he can't do :anything_H,[}'W do kn.ow whill',n you.r cha.rac~:Q' is r~.dly~rjght@i1ad? Artd how do you have: him :I"e'<

Dealing with inatiuMI fe'all5 i5 5(1m~t'hinl!l ItJl.:.t relies Or:! yOUt ahJlit'y h) act the ,P>Jtt of ¥on[ character, As a p]a.}"II!'F, of CO,U[Se!, yQU .know t' yom' eh;art;lcter~sF,:ear ls j"lIst 1P;;!i1"~

of the gafi'!~, bUit ~n~ t:rit;lt I'\; ~o :r~<lct W th~ !;iitlJ.<lti.orl i i:JI~~ like yO~1lT charad.~t would, is he :;('areQ;7 H,(j.:w ::;ca:lllidis he-? You decidle-, and if y(l~{l'~ a §o(J.drole~playe:r, y01JL react the W<1y you k[1oW your eharacter wou!d_. yo~ know th,a.l In~YWQIl~Jfl'l pick up a harldliul of snakesand drape ~h.€m over :hisshou]d.el' li.kE!' tt.~:yV>1le're :ElO much sp:;!ghetti" He'd ~l·(lib.abiy :ratthi1!l" s1~;p ena bw o,f :n,:;!i:I!'::['

Lnere an:~ all rtutreretlt kH],Qs(liirnitio]'],al. tears, I"~alroll snakes, billJt!.s, <lIltd, h,e.i;gh_t:s. are ~hree fai:dy common ones, ArlY irrational :fears~hat your clnuactEr has are listoed 0[1 hlslCn.aJracter dossier in the Evidenc~Fne.


mEnyotl!l' Cho;lifi3ider is ~Ii)nfroifiill.ooj by ~ome:~hiJtilf! :rue JSiillIiS, lf011l m'«k to !ie'~. if heke~5iiU:s. (Joel er SI!~rls.~o Jose it,

MaJ~~ a. Backbo:lle Ch.d. jf ~ ·O!~k S'!II:ccoods,. your ri!aractE'r .grits hi.5 teeth and p~s ollw .... nt. "lOll. CD ailill [:m.IU.C ~om~enomtaID decisions ~or yotIi.l: d1aJf.E~E!T_ :u tbt ateck l~a[]s:. !j'Q1.I1' ,c'tI_na.du :i!ll~f'OlMl: m ~aJr, Th.erie':s

I rtO !w<!i~ .~~"S gQ~n:g tc,come alny do~r to tffite lhmg he :r;eal"S." H.@ call) :run <tw.,,!!'. ~o £-·~:n help .a 0:1: s~.o1llt en.l:ollJlI';lg.~ nnmt W tile o;ther ChM.wt:f<~ bill! he just: ·c:~·t CG:n:U! arrII)' d.OSe<f,

, IWrJJPl,.;' IACflItJllE' CIIEDK;S'

SC<TII'!!?8 a ckbQ~e <C)lec.k:s ~or iirrlllio]'lla~ kafl ,;IJ11e :mooifi:ed._ ]jf 1~] ~'rom t:!lte OIboov'e e~mpl.e h1!Ji been "oil~ool ar01l1litKJi iii' ~~iiI-e. ex:o'ti:i.c <1lit:iI<l:t:it: •.. 1~d;a.l:l<r 'wl)uLdI'l,!1: (!I1\I'~n;om~

, ~]S. flli1ii!!,r "]lid t21kiel1 Hill! <!lfl[[ .• u:::t.llid",;BOlclbon:i1 R>lt:ing wl:!I1;I1!d M dOllb~1!:d in th[5i sih.l.ati:oo ..

T~ Refet& dl:!dde5~he:n and how OI! >I;'~'1I!radr~, f.a,~ w~tb S()(meth~f;I.S hllilfcMI'S !lim;. hi;& H'I!I::klt{)n(!Ra:~mg modifiect

£):;<lmpie: 11lai~.oI Jones hasiUlitrait[OIla] If,~r' of snOlik,cs. He is ,expLo.rl~g a.m Q]d(UliJ1l when !>1J.(fdel!ll}'~ the

1 floor ('oII",~.i,llnder ~im i'lJ1i!id drO'p:5 Mmwnto ~1 dee<p pit. Indy i$tn!i,S8les lohii:;. feit:t and s' his 'I,~'i ail"Ol;IlId, thl1

I pit. A c~m:1lJL1 srn~r,('asel!~;<!!ds. 1110 :3J c100r:w.a!.yoln .of Ih.epj~ ..

As lnoj' draW1> d.o~!I' ~@ the stO'll..rwal)" he sees·l;h31t

I d'Qller:m of 'nlillfl'l'=.~~y sll'aik!);s an! co:1i~~ ,u'QlHld the dM:l'.... ",,,,. nhRRRG<:nnn:i:

¥OUi mal\(!£1 O! 13i<lickbo'l1'1i' (:~!l!ck f;o~' indy; The 'Cheek hl~ls!.

A1tn.oush he knows tat the daorwayls prob"Jlly !;~m

Qnly way out, Indyean{t o.ri:rJg hi:m~IF~Q '!nQV\e;a:l'ilY closer I 10 th@ Sn.iH:k:ES_ Indy ~pi;i:r<:!lelybegil:l~ 5eillFch in~ fCJ·:r

'HIIC!'~hll'r W:;)f 01:1'1 @f the ph'.

EViI1l'1hla1l-y; wd'y cili!O(x';l;'ie'.rs til.OIt the sl'l.:d::.e-fm~d doorwa.yi5mdeed~he ,.it',s. OIri'iy 'l'x[l •. Al'tlf'l' l'Tl<lS!tirn:E,'; Siiil'l.l'ie'Jiail

I. ImlillliLItes. i:n th£: ]li~. Jndy~t!? .. cl te~ ~i[f:l!~~!f <!!nclf<'lJ:le.s ~kooill.!gh '!he dOQi",,'~Y. c:rft:iiIP"lliall th~WilY. :Im:t Ithis case .• you dilr:tJU.t !have ~o maikill' a: $eGofidBackbQr:le! Cleek.

. f1ri.oeaga, lcgcl'!>ld f<l~ry '~"iill~~ h.tli!;;l1e .hm.ted air' , . liefll!Ned I~O supemi!lt:l1r ... ~ [pIUW.el1!l <md event!&tiMngs Hkle~anl;iq: 15pifitsiW:L1I! MviIDIg gh()sbs.

E\1'~m time wiorld o~ InrJi-aJiJ'OI JOines, mJl'~h5 ed I~ds FnBt, .e!~ile the Ifaa: that. m.(},!l~ c;ivilffiz,oo men ~. thl'J5e serts of Ithingsas jl!.lS~ @! DU'nih of Sl!l.pc.f:5tWtiOU5 mu:mbQjWir!bo. MOlg[e [s just tn~~I)i'. spmlli:5 iIIlii! c:OO.y· i:magill.ed, .ami tI~uti~3m~¥e .. ts ,"<In ,a]w..,y:so, ~ Ie>!:l:Illalinoo by ~he ~h~1~~aw5o.f scienlle ..

Cmn they1

n your char·ader ~$ C(llliifffro~~~1 b, 3J11i e,,·efl~ t~,at fu.s~ ·(:'·af!'~ be ·ex:P~OlI~mlied by SciMCe', how d(lle5 :h.~ [1ellcH M<l!t

WOiUild you do? .


V-oml'r lif'·h:;:,,'r::.r~'i=liF" 1F1p.:;pj.j""'\~'~ ,~o '~~~piP.!rrt!:;III~t.Ii'~1 ~~~'6~ ~"d 1IiI~~-

h~f;5 m.e- Silmeway .be-lieacts tooiu<l!lionru:£ears.

MlIll<e ~ Eia<C:iiklbo[1l! Cli!~k fer }I0·WJf charil~~el:'. rnf tih~ O!,Kk ~(>~s. yo_;[a!e~er Colli easiilly de;i!1 w~lh :wha~

, ha:~ ,~o.nJi;oililred ~i_. YOUll" '~~;:I;cl:e',!:' ·i;t~'t haiV!e ~:o exp~.;alill ct"iRi3Jl~' the event; ~e oRilly .i't!uto d~alI witffiJI its ilDfi~~. if there ,Mt <l!ny. If the Chock. €;ili~ls. ¥O~r Cba~(I!B GlIWlCt: d~.d :with he~:; ~n, He maCiI;s <!~. if he 1:101£ begn Qvei)oom.e by_ w;ra~ic:ni:lJL f~~r+

.Mrm:· :liB, wh:lJ!: wmdd yo!Udo.iH1yol!l! su:ddenly C<l!me !J~H 3 .. 1Iea1'lIiVie-" ~Oi!it?


: r- good .. '" an d tho bad '·Y'; ev "" l~.""h l~ mo,

, . 'be hard t.o te.,U them apart so,, met~!f),\WO, thear aocHoi:'ls .alwa.y:s give t!h{!1fl!Iway. Indy and :Be!Uoq may both Wllut rhe slime artibct bu~ IndJ' won't be willing to IT!.!.IJI!'. del' ;1l1il'iOCent people. to get. it. After 01:1 , lil,diana /0II'e1i is iii

I hero,lIn.di Belloq is a dali1lgerowl. killer,

'to·tlT eha'iacter's ~oals ~I"I an. adventlll,re- and hOlw ll;~ acilllle~ tne·m are in judgl:t'lg, hoW' YlfJlilI pl:ilY the ga m.e _ There are rn,aiCiY d'lff'~IIe1'i ~ types of go.ails in this gam!:. SQ1me i]PP[Y to your II;h,;mlct r, i()m; apr.]}' to you :ali< <l p];tyel'i, and s-omlf! apply to ~he Referee,.


olllgh thermal)' be ebvious, the most [mportaml ;!loai.s in playirng this game' ::ire to havIQ fun and

to .set into Ihe spirit of til€: adventure,

HAVitiG rUN WHILE YOU pur I ):'otl obvl ouslv wafit to have ~L111 game, Otc,er;'ise. Y'UI.I'n;:

R~memher, Ithough,. th!!l;l yO'll have, 01$ well as ..

U; you spend a about the


, When'Y'0ll play THIE ADVENTURES OF iNDIA.NA , JONE:Y" Game, you'!:!!: not .just deciding what Jnd,y's

I g.oing: ~o hav,efo·[ dinner. You'r·e making bold 1Illd hercic cleci:sio'flS_ Manythru1:~. 11'lt11i1rn1 J()ne1> and his companions are up against 1 i~e-~ ad-de til slW<ltiom;.s, i!J:ilJd it'll he up to

. yOtt, w(I'rki[l1'l with. YOIW[ friends., to pu[l yom characters


Sur,!:. 00 me :si tuatiom .(;.eil:l be prel ty risky, even treacherous, nilt" Ithalt's 'what 'maJ'esiil8ood hem he moslt dall'

I gel'Ollis of adverrt'ttures ale those II ha I. pH YOli en ract iii liIlZ::;l,ill,t"iI' an I!"vill. p('l~O?''''''''llIfl~11l' vilhil'1. ,,"or th ..... ",,, t~,,~ "';0"'" ·j,t. r.1i~~11' lor vo'ur ch!lirac~,er '!'1) r~ue S'OUlI.eQ;ll@ £rom certain. d~alh,

I.EI thli'se adiventLir~, your char than Iuslprovidi

a,~lt!il',i\lit.~::!,.;S!"he:lce kinds of a.d ... e

I sho1.tldneve:r lkdl a:IIlryOil.(l llIriLess.he's . to, and. that he

~hl!:J'!lddbeiJS fair- and honest as JIGssHil.e in all his dellli:n:g:s"

Wh.e!O}'o;u~'la.y you!: ch .. r.n;~~r, 'YiQ'U'.~ pla'Yj~g O-f!;~ of ~h~ !ilOOd g1;ll!y~~ one 01 Ithe people who has a c(lo~le t)( nanor. Yoll. ha'!lle tiP m~'-$~re t1laot YQUf dce.c;isi,Qrt$ :in tihegamercllc{)l U'OlIr oodle.

[f the Refeil"ee ItJiiinh trnil!t ¥CI'!llJ are halving; yo~.lI character , do oomethlnB be wu:uildn't liIQI:I!li a ~ly d,Q, h~ ~~. ~k y'o!;! to maka OIJS.a;tkbQI¥! OllJ;:ck. U th.-e Check 5!JlCce-eOS, yOUi!' cha~aeter does not !pe~rm t-noeactloX1! .. H ~he Cheek ~;ails, YO:till ean have YOlillr ch:iJradll1" do ""hal: YOI1 wanH.'.

b<l.moJe.'lbu are o']av:inl2: lridi.m.a T(lll~S.):bU ~en the R;~e'.ree that .lrj(j)·-tsg~i~ ~os~e<i] <Ii! little olt1iady's ptiri,'S~.

The Refe[leel deci.d~s. that thi:~ ac~i.QJl, :isn't something Inc¥"

, wotl.ld no:rmally do, and he ash yon te make a B:a:ckboil'l.e Chock The CheCk ~u.cI;eoo~. The Rekfee~elrus yOU! that indy !'::;:;!.n'~ f>t~~l f!l'Q:trI~h~ ]~cly;

If you Watt~ yCiur C\};.aI'.1.e~:eT to do. so:methilingwrtJn,s 01.' IlIInuSlIJaJl :for a s~~dfic re.a!O~n, Rllake Stm~ you. explain. the cJl\t:Uffistarll.:e·s bJi ~e' ~fC!ffie. He may decide: to .Let YOllr c:haradl;~r perform the actien,


. hes~ rules ere orpHo:na.], If y01J~ don"t W<l!!'llt to earn p~inh~ ;;fi = "d.'"W'I:~"£"', 1~Q." C':u> ~:ki:.p d,d ... p:.~t ,.,{

the: rules .. HO'w,ever, these eules can he~p y,ou:r cooJ'a<e~ I~ aTtd maybe @:'Il.€l1l. ~aw his llie whlil'1ll d:rifl~ get sticky.

I Now }1!OUi'f:f' iflt€res~ed, i'lght?

To s1crw tha~ yol,1 8indyour ch.<trader both been doing w,~n i[lan- :U:lV8']'t~IlM!, ·you call ~:::Im PI.ay~rP1Ciil'ii~$_


Phy~ PQ,][II~.!: a,r~ rew,OIros f!(llr!i@'Vlil'l;g your characters g-oal$ ~<liil .i:ldve'ntl]te,. atld fur iha'Vmg. fun aad p~,Q/y~l:Ig the , ,game .intelli;geht]y; Both you and t'h'ii! ~~€! call! ,~ar~ Playel'Puin!:s ..


At the end of evE!£}' advent'!ll:re, and. a :t It he st,a:f;i of some ep~s:o.d~s, HSt5 olf PC M'iid NPC obje<:!:tives .1;[\egiv:en. These objective!> ]is~ the g@~i$. thail }'iOU' .ihaF'aders; are $!1Jppo~td BO <l!chi~v£' d;!;l.r.lng U'lt;! Old!V:e"I,l;I~ (n e[(l'lsode. The. Rd~r:eE

I moyl!(]notlE: what 'frnost: Q.b.~e(U'l,'es; <lin-, bUll he shQwd ['I!O~ ~el] thl! pi.aye-rs WJi,OIIt theya:reootil !the: end of tlhe adven~U!lfe,

Some common obj,octJII'l1!S f'Or fes·art f«o'wIing an a:r:~if'8ict[ .re:;:c!']'ing :somWfi~, .and !i}srnptng f:rom'i'il]<1!~t~~, Some CrnnffiQn. QbjM~i.v~ [Oir d;i~ NPO. a:rE ,cap~'ll_fing the playet tluilt:aNe:rs, makm.Q. surethe v:i~laiI1l!s keep an llEHfact,. <>lIM::! gemng lln.epllayell' c.nllmaCt:if!rs tiO ~o ~O-lIi.,"poclfiiC h>catlon.

When t~elld:ve:o:t(lre rs.o"~r, the Refeilfees,ho:u~.dI decidle w:hich objl~i'!jj'~s ~he pl:!iy~r chaeacters ml~~',Oi:nd wj,Jch objec:t;i;V'es his NPCs meft. objective .is. worth a. 5plli?cUi", IlilLimhe:r of PtaJyer PO.iIliitS. Eachp~.ay~r gets-til.e ~peC.i~

H~d numbe!!' ,QfPI.tyer Points for each oibjective' his I character- :meets,


TheplaYli:[!J ,ilM Referee aTI&O aw~rdPfuyex .PoiJm to each other at- the ,end of MI. ad"\l'el'ltuJ'e (Oil' ep:l50d~), Had! pel;;$QlI C<l!H ~ !liP to 3- Player PoiFiits, based 'on. how ~11 h.e pl<tyed. and on how mueh hm ih.e ,added~o the game,

\OUigive (HI:~ :8!nd telEW PI:atyer Points by 3JnsMreil'il'lg t~thI'ee queg!i.o:ns~

1., Did th.eper$(l~ make the ~i!lmf:ru1li. to pJayl'

2., th.el peraen play lithe par~ ljJ~hi:s player o:narader ( ... '" ~i~ 1'1PC,,)~.~!l7

3. Did th'l': pe,f'S.1)!!,!! g9@d ideas?

F~l'$t, tll.€! R~f~[,feappBes tltes:e qU.e!lltiori;s ~o e8Jch :p!.llyer_ 1'0.[ €<I.chqtUlSt:iOr:L H'<lJ he 'U1!JS'VII,er.s "'Y<e$N I~O, bE gives ~h<lil pl .. y~r m poillnt, ThfllJl. tne--pl1aye(l'S, i:rn; a g!;'Q!1!!IP, a.ppiytile same que~tiom to the R!J£eree. K«p .iII! micid. t~at if YOIll. WOlJ:l!l tb!1! .~~l'eebo 'De fa~( with )'Q~" yo~'vegQt ~o,b~ f<li!r

.... ithi. him., - ,

5pli!(;ial, !lw'ar~:[: ]JF:a p.1:ayeir :sa.crillHoes his ,charactds ~ih~ tiD 5~'II!.': enother Cb.uOl(~r (PC or NPc}-, he a!lJt!O:mliillficaily e~ms :l[S H.iilyem' Poil'll::; to 1;lSi~ !For' his !rlIi0{i character,


In most: casts, theREffi~.r~e!5Ihollid try to ~ from awaed-

I jog mun:l than, 5 Fb¥~r Foif!'l:sto each p~.ay'~r in '<)11 adven- , ti:1!I'e air episode.

You. can .tccun~!;I10!be Ftli .. ye.r Pa·if:1its :fm1'lladvellltu:re ~D ad.vifl1lt:ure, but y!li~. c<tl)'l have mQN !:h.m 15 .P1.ayer PO~[It:!l I 1Ii:: anyone time,. You1~ :prob~bry· earn n'lor,etihan 1.5 PlaJ}!€1f P:Ol:ilIl;5 over the course .~. 1!'@ur ,charll.cII~r''S HFe,. hut yOIll ~h(),u]d tllti!l!l:\:e sur'e that yo,~ dlo.l)l't go o"!,,er I~he Hmiiil: <lit one time. ]£ YQ(le.arn 'l"I.a(yEt Points. t:]UH 1,\!l,t;II)~dpy~. YOLlf.' (I'V~[I' 'l'mu nm_~t yo·u ]ose the 'extra polnits ..

Obviou~y, YOI:I'11 wan~ to s:~aY' IIilnder du~ :limit, So .how do you ~Em,d Player Poil'llt.s7


PlaJ!r'~r Points ;If'~ .a g.ood measure of how weM you plil.),! thegame •. l:lrlattbey,do se!;'ve Q'1lt otih!e:., very sp<ecilihl purpose. PI<IIyerPamls. canbelp hei:!~ your character,

~r oevery"S·PI.a;Ye!!I" Poinl:s yOU! spend. yOIl. can reduce 'the severit;y 0:1 one ·oJ yO<Ui character's. wQ1unds Or' itljud~s by O,Ilt~ ~~'!T!~l tmwfiS~ Serious, W(lund a Medjunl wound,

for , Onc-eYOIl~pend. the r[ayeT PO:ints, tn.ey;a:N: '

gorn.e. is them. trOlYt U!@ .P.I~.Y'~r .i:"'oi:TI!!' ~o:!:lIrn 'OR you:r

chgrart8l" sheet.

[f you wanl to sr~d PJ!aN\(\r FQi~l:shJred1Jcelhe severity iI)!f a w[llllnd OT ~!I1j~ny~ you must spe<nd tl:1em ,;lIS. S!)Of!! as I your c.ha.r~te!:'is hurt, Yo!], c<IIn't df1c~cleta spend the

points 14 roumtclsah:e.- yoo. dt<'lractef' washufl:.

If yOl1'~ dmraderls kme-J· 3Jru:ill you sHU haV1ePbyET Fbiints, YUli C<lJfliil.W]Y Uiosepcio~s eo yot!!r !:i!e:w. ,~haract€]'_


~rt look Mar.ion, I' d like to. st;~nd In!e:re and tallk ,to yol.!! all day," ill(iiam ®iYS, "but I've .:g()'~ <liI class !~O teach, Ami H I do:n't ~each, the college do~'t. pay

Wen, ,HOW your ,dl!i!iII'aC~If[ knows how to, go on ,a:d'!.i'iIlt'l~ tmes,aIll.a if~ .. pwtye.xp~r1I&~'l1~ b1.]s:i[j'll1$_His,do~hes keep :8~UiOO'lg r.uined, he has to Ilw~p sprll:lgLng torpla",e tickets and doctor hiills., and ,hey, he's, g~tt(l,e<lt! So. where !S all the mQ.rliey com.tng ~rom1

Let's J a ce iL Y(}u1:" ehasacter I:I~OOS 11. ~lOb_ ]drtalhi'. he'd find ;aiob toot ~tl;Mm. travel al:~ ,over lhewor1d1" going I f'rom one adv@nhu'@ to I~hel'ie)(t, U[llfo:r:t.l!.IJ'.i;~ilI.y" aren't miilny ernpleyers ln the world who are wm1ng to pay for tl-tal~!

Characters in I:his game- can earn :mol1ley iIli.SE!·we ... 1 w,a,ys. .

b!.l~ lhe I~W'O most ene~ttvlt ways are £ind:ing a, regular job,\"i

iilrld~i;[ing Q!U~ilS, .. an arcb<'lJe'O;IQ~i;!lt or Jigger." ,II '.

!REGUlAR 10185, • t

,.,' '. , . - c' ,I I,

Indiana jrnJ'es has .:I reglJll,ar iob !:IS; a proJesso,r at Mar~ ,.;

shall C(l:i~J~,e 11'1 CQnrlllictk~,~, Be.~ide5 ~,eaC:hiog courses, ,Jndianli'i! travels the wOIC~,d, ob'tta:uD'ling :rafe, tor 'tj:lle

NaltklH<ll M'r;l:Selllm. whid~ is :<Issociia!t;!-d th(! college.

ify()]j[[ eharerter has. <'I. regularjoh, ]tis. listed 0111 his ch .. ~~~w JO~$ier.


'i.Qur characterma.y be '1'llh~e to hire hhn:seU 'OUI~ as am arCh.aeo.lo,g~~, flor ~iilmph~,a ,coUco!;torm.7l.Y h,ire- your ~.

character to find <Ii r<!re~taJ~uoe. The fe~ ~ha.t the collector \'

PIliYS YOlJJr c"hara{'b~r ~(lr :ii:ndi.n~ the statue snmdd cover'

of y\Qur cba.ractll!lI'ts ex.J!gn~el>, i:n .. duding; food, I.Qdgj:tl!g~ travel, and guides, Thefee s!lriOlild. abo belarge e-:no!!l;gn ~o_ ~h1):l a nice s~m i~, left C<~ir for y~ur ei-ta' ~fter hili: hOI!) - pai.d a.ny debts t[~al he runs up on th~aJdv~nture.

. ItuN~na JOlle5is ~he ,['b!l.r;1lc~er most: lib?!}' 1.0 be !h:ired ~o ~CO"l'el' artHadS_ AHl'f an, he's H'I~ bQ$t a:n::ha'l:!oiogist <lmill"l~.t He ('ru:,(,~ do it aI ,;!llorle,how~V'Er; he 1"l~5 n~lp. lndY!5 p<l:ymcn t fQ;r an 1;;;>;,ped,uwl1 has t-Q cover hi!> ~11m~ PaIlllO[lS' ~penses. hecause indy is ~pmilsib]efor pi1liyi:rug his friends_

·tbll,l.~- d]i!.r,<ILn~[" H!;:V'1;1r l~;I~ It.!! won:)' .. bm,l~ p.;:ty,Ung :~~[" h.RYiJI, ~iOdging, doth ing, and ~<lS[1: supplles, Shu::::e yoU[ charaeter s~arts. mesc Olldve~ltl!J,r~s by bei:n;g hired !~or ,I j,ob" he d()esi:'l'~ tweed t{!WDt':ry aiboul trav'e] e;;:;pelliseos, ,either; his e-m.p]oll~,r takes cafe oK them as well In racL whEn your d~~racter begins ~I;l <, his,emp'~!)yer probaibly takes case of aU yOlJrc:t1.3.r,~c~er'!l expm5~S (With11l reason, of CQUBeO,

Money beeomes apro.h~.e'fi'I. f'o:r vour d:llilfacber ~f he suddenly fin~hinls()H withou~ a ny t)'JnpIQy~r 01: ""]'''1'''''',_

, The Re.fe!:'~~ 'COI1:! !tryh) help any <:lh a rOlctelt' who @i!l'~$ j:n,to ,~:hi.s ldnd of I?nld[came1"l.t,

Just becausemost of. yOur[ cJhaIader~5 tfxpermes;a:re ~akel:l care ,of dil.'le~in'l~ :me~lh1!J he ii';.U'I forget abo'ut m.oney a!tQge'fh~r" You !ihou]d 5til]koop 'tt:! of how

, much money YUill: chaeacter has in an lIdy~[Ih.lm- _ For ~x;;i!mlPl~, if ya!;!r dl! a r<J;d~r h·i.~ to briN ~ ~Q9fl1_ leI"!. the m]ad~e oJ <li:'i~pi5~de,. yQUr (ro,OIIrad'er h<ld beN)~r have fhe money on him..

¥:i::JotIII: cflI<lIm.ctre.f ma!V start the zame wi~h 11. se~ a m0'!1fIt of money, which is l~sted 01'1 his c~atacb~r dossirt.


Your cl'm.'.' ._rne,, awo" :.rl.,d, ~~V,' ~ .... lel'_. ~hi!.j'~~I.,l:1-: h.: B.'~

to: be, TllQSe:r<liN: a:rchaeo]ogacal fmils won ~ Just

snQw up in hfs 'T.h~ OIh'l'OI}is seem: .to crop up in the most i:n~Qspii~,"'b].e p:la:c,es: kllTlown to mafl~ st~{I!I'!"I!:Lng f tltII~les., 1b,Iisterill,g deserts, and mgg~"fti)'Zenm_(lIlIl-

t~i[][a~@!1', Th~!iE!: aN~ the hO'I"JIUl5 to' the wonders of rrlOlJ,krnd'"..pI1li5l, <m:.d "your c~ar~.clt1e;r has W g,(d 'to thll!m s,lf.m.~()<wl

Wh~n yiQ'!:!l' ihl};'(icti!:rka.'i"f"is over lang d.iis'iiil:IlC~~, h¢ 'LlsuaUy ;s(!es?ls, <'I, pa,sseflge:r. Th~!1l! a:ro feuJ· wayl5 y'D'ur character CO'Ill travel 10'Etg dista:rl,Of!S: by s1ilip, p,IaI1~ .. train, or car,

'Wh,en YOll!' charartee l~rlilv1!h bvses, he Il"l<l!Y h",we ~ warm,. eomlcrtableeabtn em one of' !thl1: fjn~l IUfiU!:yiill!lers ot the <iilY. Of couese, he, may iilJlso Hndhirnself sltt!P'~ irlg in the eargobeld of a !,lISty. broken-down fr<l:1I1fI freighter manned by" a bunch ,()fpjra~es. It an depends on .... I]f;"'T .. 101,.1<; e:oifiS andl how much he ca,lIl afhud to !>])I!'nd.

IE YOlU chara,ct:~r is sailing between major ports-NiYW 'OOrk to Calais, for ~mple, or Sarti :Frallchmo Ito Tokyohe eamy Unds a respeG~abli~ sh~.p on whk!n Ito travel. Once :yo!Ur ehaeactee gets -off ~he bearen path,. howCV'er. ~Mngs stad gemng i'l1lt.e.resti[l~ a.ran~ ara that any ship [,ra:am Macao ~o New Giui:ne'a is [10 'Yacht!'1

tiEl ~h". 1 ?::lQ~, <:·onl;;rn,<:;"",:l .. ~, ""rr tn>-.-d, '''''<1" ~'n, .nd ... ~h'y ; n rit~ :iirfallcy. Planes If-a:~ly ~['av'C'1ed.l,o~ dis'~iJJnoe:s in ttho~ days; instead, a1rliru~s made severail stolP£. bl'tween major cities, For&;tmp~e, ;t N~ York-to-tQl.iJdorl Iligh! mi;ght make refueling amd rep'au- :;;tops in, Ne"~lfoundJalld and Ireland. Your character can 'easily Jirrd seats on commercial flil?;hts b. tw~n rmlljoT cities. The broken lines an The WO·lfl,cl of /ndian':l Jan~s map denote these commercial aiilint: routes,

Once your charact:~'I' st,m~ loQking for night'!; from places like Tunis to Brn(ghazl, ~ood luckr In th,~ situa'lions, youI' character'S' best bet is to try ~o hire a Pll{j1t 'to

~akC' him ~vhere hi: wa:!1l:~S iro ~o. Keep in mind tni!lt $om~ of these pilots might' be f1Y][I,g two·Sf! held oo'gether by c-1tde[l wii:'e arn,d ~Ti[l.g I' ViIh~ your cha;ractf."F wants t.o Hnde pilot, ~,e's goi[l~: tohave ~!) OI!$ka~Q1M1,dl it~jj'! local. airfEe1d and hope ~harr he gets someone deperl.dabi1e.


'T[aveling by tr,a:in is far and away the most dependable way for you. character to gel f.rom one place to IDothe..[, In most cases, yQur ,c:h"fii.cbe'r tiM'll at 1~ .. !t find a thini

, class seat on a t~ain that'5,gor~[l8 whet!'e' he wants eo go.

U!'I1fO!rtun.3Jte:ly. ~ra~rIS, cliln't cross oceans, so not <1111 of YOW" I cn"tractet's tralll$PQrtatfuo:n. probIDem,s at>e :flol.voo.


Tr<livtliirug lOrIJg distOlltlCeS by aut.oroo bile is best left to the adventurcus eharaeters wiliH) haN' :lime onfheir hands .. In rril<!ny collnl:riB, roads ill the 1930s were Hittle more than did :pi!l~hs. Ctu:s b~!)k ~ei'.i'ible poundill~s on :t:he-se · .. oads .. Also I(eep in m'iild that the.I"~ wcr,en'l a l.o~ o'f servtCie' stationsalong the way at that time. What happens i.f your character's out :in the midd!.e of nowhere .<llto. his car br,ea_ks down? H~ 'C;l!:f1'~ nag a t:axii[


The World. of i:mii<l.ll,;,! Jones. map ispnntedl on the. back ,of the Combat Gnd, The map giv'~ the' world politice] boundaries that existed hi the late J930s. At the bottom of the n.1,!)jp i·, <l) m<tp ~41e yql,llC;1In use: to detennine tmveJ time-s and costs. The Map:S ale I.ish. fii,gures for sea, air, and rail travel,

To, determine t-nfvei! time and ·Qist for a, first pick the type of transportation tha:1 your cheracter W. 1Jslng. 11-voo me2.· the ,dii:!li:ance between your ,ch.m'i.cter's s,t .. rtLng poin~ and his d~~in a t]ol'l. (You ca['l lise theedge of a. pieee of paper te do this.) Next line this measarement up ii1_gn unst theber 0''11 the~fup Scaile that matches th~ typ~ a£ tr.OI:!:lspor:t.<Jiti.orl yOI,U: charader is using. The number abo v e the bat' is: the trip$ cost (in US dollars): the number below the DOlT; is the number of days lh€' hd,p 'lakes.

YOu don't have to use the Map Scale when your eharac- I tef 0[1 a regular, eommerclal Right. If your character Bies on 2. commercial plane, the lrip hom 3 10 24 hours and costs between $100 and :$.1.'000. The R~fer'~ det;;icles the 'exa..d duration <lind cost of the night, based on ·""h~ .. ,," ':r'~-;ur ·d·""If~·~!>(hf' ;c 80<;"8,

Remember; .. yOllI'',=.r~5 emi=lkl'yer covers most tr<· costs .. U your character ts (lin his ()wn, ho.wever~ he !ll'Iust' pay his own way when ~:ra\lelill:g. Of COlUS~, he can always s,tQw ('ayo[! 01 ship or jwrmp:]l fr~i~t train <Ind tra.wl1ike ~ hobo, if he's: broke. Tl)ere'!l: always some '\vary of gettiing around,

Th~ Creal: Depress.iion. grjps the worM . " . Adolf Hit]er :1'.ISes to power .... Ga.:ngstor,rs enjlcry 1;1. reign of 1~e'r!"Or on Aroelic!U'\ s;tr«ts . . . Prohibit:ion is repealed. . . . Th~

I world was far from asleep in the 19305. 10 fact, that decade was OiRe of the: most huln.l..l:ent in worMI hisltory, serving as an ominous prelude to the Second Wodd War.

This is th.e wot~d in ",'hich indiana J(rlles lives, il. WUT.IiI. of economic um:;~r~<!!nty ,and politi,a1ins~ab:ilil:y. Whel'il yoll,l run adventures. ift 'Ihis world., yOY sheuld IITY to

I remind Yolll.r pJaye~ aOo.ut som.e ot t~e histnric-al. eV'ents I~:ha~. m.ay shap,e their char.fl!C:ler:s' actions.

V!lCltimflOTS i~ 'mE mlOOIIMW. OOIT IRllKiIll

JWl!:!i!.I_Nli DI~ PUa, iN I,Cum, 1m:lU, MrmmIM,M1DI~ ~IJJf. 0mIr~0I'" ""'" btI,~· CIuI, ~,~i!!~ -,II:!II~ wiihaiin:,a, heii.

1lI~~UR:IN' 8W11A:M IOONGDl !IlBUUOf!IS .ME CRllSliIiD :iill muON..


RtWWI"Iil!!NS "Wit] PLUE ~Ni~, fillW\, CKIII, ~.AM!:I . EllSAWAOOit

I'nt!d!l iIjgl'r! ~ 1M worldlll' ~1M1!n! iii ~ IDy',

1i01l,NIA. AJID ~y mlt1l1'l!E OOCO iiUR. I!!tJVKHURiM Will 'CQlmNUES. JA!MN.~It$~


ii!lEW)UJlIOlIS VOIiI'fIIt!l!E IN CHIli! MD' Pl1i1li1• MOM UlJ!RlSIrtG:!! '~!JR UlIIEltiNCI!IfIGO,

~P,~.D ~'~I'rf'hl ~SIIIM. ~~,~$!n DnI1!Ir,iI'JI' ih!i ~ 1hIftI,.

The!u In 1929, the world eCOJl,o:my i:;Q]lapsed. The v<'!I:~@ 0$ Money :plungedi, and f.~:u::I~loriies. bUlS~~ nf~~e:!.and bifJJnb werce forced to dose. Tn . [lepress:.iofi h<!id ]ong~la5~;ing, Vlfor}.dwide effects. In fact, the Depressien gripped the werld f·or most olf the decad.e.


MIlRl!i IIIP111S1NOS OCCI:I! 1111 SEUlO COJ!~~ CWOWUi ,00000000UES. Pi!i !!I!!._..'1:@!!tmul'!8C!Qlt .... "":5Mt UIiaII.

A'!k!I HI!II' ~ ,~mG'_".

GI!ml!llllIt nI'."lPi Ifi!e~q!.~

llIil, MIrifioa wiihIDw 'fiIIm~ At!M1IEirnin .. tCI ifIe' iliA




CHMO \!WI 'COfmI!jIll~ ''IiIIi SiMtt un"'.!h1 ~I 01' NIifiiM..

eiiililllBii~,E!!,~1iI SJrI~,

U';$,~~ ItiOm IIhiiiIIi

1tiklt!1.;f.Ie __ sl''I'I.IgDo ~iim~1n FnIii:&

,4!!dI',!I!!k!I iIMIR,1fM 1~.Ih!!, '1iIIfi1: ~ ifia, i.oog 1li:iWMl.~ -

I~,~nhtt~ nlmv MIn:h 'ill' .'1IiPII ~,_


Ifll.,~g ET1!!()J;iIA, M.WIJU, iU'llJPMe ·!tJ!i'dlS CEJiI.ON..

Rliliril. B8E'AJ! M. III!I:o:IiiIWL.tRilNH CMBWNI Willi 'OF Si1:I~

RMIl.mO:IIIS,DIE PLlt!lIit!~Nfl \liUiU\IW..


HOOw igJorR h~' vi VenIIiIa. wWdI ..... ~~!:I!'.!!'!!i~ ......

M1 ~ lUD'IoI dII ~~~ ~~inN ~:~

IU.lPil"~1 ~1iIe'~,

~'~!ItyEqjherii .-ihn .• ,~Gf 14

1iht 1m MmIIII_ KfCMISlIbe, PI;iiIic:,I~ Mlliiai i1 r dBJ1" htiiIu.,lMa;l ~!!II!J omo '1hI!' fIIIPe 111 ~ ..

- - - -- - - --I

~ - - - -

liI:mcmpo!oy-mcmll. iimd: W1liOIi'i6.11I~ The h1.i~h I:linemp!lioyme[lt: caused by' rh~ D'eiP\[~()', lncreesed ~nli{)'n ad~vity in mdus~TiaJ oati.ons, such as cl'I,g;1ial'lldand ~he Unil~d St<![t!}!;, ~'!iI~e o~ I~he: 'Mrd time:;., however, tlil'l:ion acti:v:ity 'IlWt with bHte.f resistance from business owners. Strikes occurred ohen, ,and many led to riots and bloodsMd.

~ of E'l!5<ci!SIDIIDd ·tolllm,un:isw: Not surprisl[llgly. the

I IIiJi ... errnnents jn PO'WeT at the time of fheDe:P,r''l'Sslo,a w,we blamed fQf'mUlJch of the hardship. laereased poB ticC.}1 disWtltcn:t led I~O increased pol.iti!:lI,lad:ivit.y, and one of tine

, resu!t:s was the r.iM~ o.f faSGlsm and oomml:mism"".0:1 'I:he """",":Id. F .... ,dbi: d',d .. ,~~'_""",.AA {<I:::I I !I;ill.::r in ,~..J~ .man.y. MlI~lini :ii:i ]'Ifaiy, and: F(a~,(i('I ill Spa.j:n-looik

, cemplete eontrol o~ t;hei:r Gm;ln~!l:i,(ilS. These dir:tat!JfS built , 'U"p t\"l'ill' mi~it"tI;l' for~5 d:ra:m1.ltic:aJly during the 193~h, hr.irlgi:mg~he world closer' ~o 'Wa.T~

ColltttlllniSiii'i al'pMled ito many people durin;g the Depression beeause it set forth the id\e.a ~hat weallh should be shared equ.alJy by lill, As areselt, communism in industrieltsed nations grew as a movement dlll."iQg t}.,e

I lQ30s:.



!DU' OONiil.i1ER!i!miHJ. ill;"



'~'~ ,~, dit.1IiimIIrid· 01


&Ii Eft!IIi(d ''lin '~' '1!;Qm ,till *-111 ~ ,!!II!! 1!!iInIII, [I~.

PmiIJmt ~III is It~

AUImpi!IdI'tGiipii Iha. I!I!t lok~-cI,,1IJt ~

IAOiJiioBWfn tills ;;. idimi4 ~~,nII.of~ ... iliCiitim Oti lixittI ilJ.$. Ol!I$'IIM.t!II,lIiI_ '~ lndiIi!nI,.b;mf7llUinn dHI Mottl\M;~·n., !!!Is" '1I!)WIIiTI!Id IIIIIIII111 1hI1'~



Co~OO1i;jI: ~'VtiSir'i.i!;Sl C~[Of.'l~oet> aU ' Ithe' tL<wd: been

!~ryi[lg 5li[l(:~ the HI':!i~ Woddl Watr to g:aiIDI. indepeadence ~romtheir eropi.res. S~use {If the Depression, rulers of :many ~{I"I.pill)illS had .iiI dHfi~ult time "ontron~ng !.u'!.r,esl a~ ho:me, and thus OOtl!od. it even har·de. to maintain control

, ,over ooIQni,es. As a :res,d~, uprisil'lgs, we:11t! h~lIjenl and Moody.

lndiallil 1(}!1~$< and his, (owpaJ'ljons oitell have adven-

, lures in thesecclcnies and th,~ aren't a!;ways welle-orne. in the 1930s, whi te men represented. the oppressors ~o those who, lived in ~he colonies,

nMEtINf; ',m ., •

To hj;:~p you .put ~me~ of these mO'''''~ment5 into perspective,a. ti'meUne oJ e~lS fOil" the decade is given here. Eyenbstha~ might dir'l!d'ly affect YOllilr charilCb;:", aee il] a~1 capit,al ~ U~r'S. M,.ny of tl1e evenb.s lisled took place in Ute und~rdevel{)ped nations ·of the ... ",odd. A good dBa~ o.~

I your ch;Jralct~.r:g' adventures ar@ likely to take pl<l.ce'in

the8;~ natices. -


Slfllil"MPOE 5Ii MA. lEGIt£.

.5~ ~rL I!Yl_II GUtoiIl!!K$. ~,K!Iu UIA !!lll1Imi i!!i'IiIiII_

~ GMt 8ridtt is ~ ·li!W~'H~1 ~M!!bn! IIrI rtMi ~

....... ,·~I~qI: ~ ~,.il!!!m!fm.lltll i!h!ri!J W 1M "'!'IM.!lM!!' III~"

IOOliIrtG 8I!a~00iII' ~NI 'I\IMS; TIJ~ R'1II!5M~1, Wl.aJ ~$. hlfliiliT¥I~ ~~nI ~

(!ERMOl' IliiW1l£S NlUflD.1a'I'IIiI.D WlR a BEGINS.



~-~ wtDiIiiiiilW Iir ~

~IiYII~iGIt£ECE, IRJOD 1191: 0U'Ii 11"1 IQ!lODeSlI.

MUES~.!'!'lWllll EMlUliICi.

~'\!!~S bENMAN(. NCRWA1. illIffi ~,

1liE: S<M~ U!tKlIN ~~~ 1!!!ITH!!l_j!U~I~ iMll!! 11lAflU"

RidIIi-.dl 'VII, In u.s.


_- - - -- -


jJ~lIIlJ!:edl. K[lowF~d,g~\l)Je ;g:iJi!de r~Q :inter,jo:[' of

rl.-' lndbduna. Mustbe[expe~ie~ced ,m~a-vai~ab]~ £Q1:' ,.

, om: mQlnl.h or'ilter~tlld parties contact .Profe8-

[ sor .lones, New .Peace Ho~d, Hanoi:'

Most of .Indian'a Jcmes's ,aclvell:tUJ't5 centeraround th~ dis.cQ'lJIeJ)' and exploration nf :<l:nde'i:i'l:ftl:im:. These: pbi.'~'e5

, are the sites of strange and wondrous mysted,es. :BlIlt fust, In,,}}' 1.>'!J>:! t,} CIHJ Ihot:lJl, i!lmI d!i Rrit['!~,. ~"" de you.


, i By llhe 19305, ;;Il'clJ:i..a't\olo:gy Wil$ om afoc:epil:ed and popular sdcf'IIce. Since '~he ~a:le 18005,. <irthaeo.logi!1i!:s had made fablitlotl.s d:is()o\I'ef"j~, ir.II:lli.Iding, King, Tutall.khamen's Tomb,. and the seven ,d~ies of t.roy. The w'Odd. wail~d ~<I_gl:dy for the next bl:'@,at'~ta:king treasure, 'but m01;ti discoveries were of the type that could. excite only a, tr,ainedi i1:i'cmreol,ogjsl-thili'tgs, Hke'a m]lecliion Q£wrihng II,abM~, an a-nd.ent brick ... iUag~, or a rotted Viking ship ..

This l'i@ctj,c;n:)ieall.ii'e5 a list 04' two [type of attihaeol.ogiical ~H;~-hh~Q.rkil] and LegeDda:ry. Many' o.f the historical saes h~i;lbeefli (llscove!'€d by ,H-Jldy:s time, others had yet to be found, Th.t: kgrnda:ry sites are those :~hat Mve o[l~y b-eellfUm!l)J'eiI ~o exis~,.

YOt! can use ~ !:~Pll$ as. a,dive:f1hi.N backgtounds, fo:r indial'llEl' lones a:ndhis(:ompanio;ns, .. For more infonnatiiori. <I[boUl~ 'l]'lChaE!o]og3f and! th~' sites ~bed here., cheek you local Ubr!lry.


Aball!:;'~;I~, 'IWjsd~i A !m1ali burial cMrn~i rnSlllD'll'!!foo t.~;oe '" ]9;lS,. rQ~"$iL riddl:l!. In the to "" I:, ~'?!~ the skel;.:tol'l of ,3 mll weman, The 5h]~lOO is ~_l'lilk iiIly oJ IbE \')Ih~r:s .fO!ll!!liI m tbe 1I!["lI,'ll, The kiol A.J'ails h3V'~ Soil idltna't F'rinc:;;u Titi~ l'Iin,'Ul Il'I<ls buried 111 Ihe ,3l'e3J wb!!:r>I! th~, !Qr~ wt!s Found. ~9 6h~ tbe tall \!lOman l

An,gko.[ Wal,lni!o(iJ'!jnii; Thili 11;1111*0:' ,"i[ly. ,...],[ic.h~..iI been ai.'!llil·' doned :for !C('l'Iim'1l1~, wa5 rsdiseevEnd in :r.E&8, II W.M bum· by 'the V..J,"""o::r.' ;a..n.;d. """o;::i~ it;L~ ~hh:: .. ~r IJ I"~I

d....-iI~tiOIl. 'TIte ci~y ~ b1.inM d.,~pin the .!nick.. Asi\tn jll~O~,

('{!!it; ~rii8. S;:,;;!!limd. Th-e ~alll, .~ thj~ Cclu~ fort ~-~m!!!de ,o,f fused. ~I.:l"~, ,mo:h:.:d gli!lsslI' Sli'nAJt)lh by·tempgF,l!\!!rei j)~ 1.300 d!l~ Cdsil!l:5or Mgj1er., j,t:QIII,' W,iI)J !hisoon~l

J;",n OUrn,o, C"D.~.da: ~rnoo diiim Ilh.illt Ihi~ oo!llilC!!tw'j_ of rock w;lJh and pilei! blocl-;!l W;i~ bllm by !!i~"I:, ..... +m ~ole an U~~Q,S_' l'1iublel;a!m;gu;jl~.VI~5 or Indisns :rrna~ have l:il~ru ~Iite!it:l:'u"", tl.l'~. blJit ~eri! is no IPNQf,

Gc:tl:l51lmiliDr" P,aks;!lne;: TI~ btl!l~l;1 cI1'Ji't~, found in 191,1, ~' .hidI:L!1:n under th~ itilllndillion d the ChU!l'Ch ~ Gelhsl1'milI1!1!. It has ~~ '!iLiiiI, l:J]<tt the Virgi'- Mary 'w'as. burled 'In a ~oml; much Hike OII,I! I;)If lilies!! .•

h_ rillu Ill· Me~r.ar_ Nm' Delio]. ~ndi.c This .12-~t-hi8h iriXl Bha:h 'W~ ;I(.i;lilt wmdimc: in th~ fifth cmlm-y act a. mM'l.orialto J<Ji'l.f/i Ch~n;iba.Vr,Ib!l!tiTili'~ th~ p!llal[ unusual IS Ih<!t, 8~r:hg\l&h !:he' if(lfi ~p:vear.i, ~o be normal. it dQ~ nQ~ rust. V'o'hy1

M .. dl.'in S:lWl. 5"rww ;uilJDcia:

T1h Q~I«J1:ion ~« ~{>m~ t'oIlm::d nr;tto reeks ~,hldld.cb'l illI ~. 5maJl. diry vaUley. Th.e natlvts SEI.Y II:m~ ,e.acll tomb holdS iI s;acrea .~IOl'it Is th~ ItlOlJ'lJl! !:If .iii g:od.

MlI~~~ ·G_e: nis pile''G:!-eci~ rI ;;i 111' W.IlS di~x!",-eroo: In unto, :~q!l~ru:b ~!r!lllt '1- k was Ith~ cily Ill! Agamemnon, il Gr:ee_k hero of th~ Triljs;n, War, The dty W,3j~ i'Jbwtl:ned ,j:n tb~ ClJolUst of a rew !r~eiir~. and th~ culture thaL thrl'VOO tbe~1!l ~i!!'!ply YaiJ11i5heid.

Na:t'IIIfI:SII(I\f.. :rli!ilq~ ~landl in.ll\e Cuohne: :~!;md~; HiddE!n alWay

Qlii this bopil:;<!1 ilS.LitOOI i~ a, SIIllle ,~ 'll"lila~ t);~~ ,M!i :r6fk 'y.;~!~~. <t sea 'W<!U, ;!Ind ~ -t,u,il. The cily,

..... lh.i-ch w .... "'h"rulin .. ,.,-I .... "".., ;, 'W$ Jlmsl'll!d, Is ambk,e, ,arw olllrt 'in t:titI! area, W:h<'!lt rnbe or grou.p Ib-uilt this t!OWII .• aitd why did ,t~, :t1."iI,'i'e?'

:NEmml' ~.IIS~ '!:'!IiIiktl': The fi!mains of !ilI!'I>I!'rru ll);.fl}oit~ti!1I sti!tlJ'Ii~ iU~ 5Gl.tle~ed' (l:Lroll~ol:lt tlitiI. l:'<lCli<y. mC-W'ltai!I;(l14!S Utili" An :;ill_t~r ,ab" .,t".mls he!J1L This area ~ ru!rul·redi to be l:he s;t~ <;)1' 'Ihll! iornJb 01- AIUi()(;nlls ~~, 3n iir..;ii~nt Syrian H!1$. D:l.lif:iii:rnu~ E!1!I.rlh_oi:l~;I;"~ iKti.vity :~ ![ll't!.'Vrntoo an:hae<i<lg.!llisl·6 ffllm, f:lfpLOoriFig the' l:fea;!'jjl'i!~ d till!: a:rJ1rii?lil~~l"s's klm1:o.



.llt!!;l'~, ~ouhm Hi:ddl!fi '~~p, in ibe dr:;"Yilillejl!i, {If thi~ area ts il CQUii!£.'" tiOfl ~~ b[;ljidil'ig.i (aF ... ed r:i~ll!: 11'11'0 the mlJ1.llnt~il1llSid(!. He 'building;;

... "",.., di!;.c;ow<m.'ei ;n ista. NQ!:I!Ile 1<.in..o1l"S what the (>milt~ bIiiL<;I~~ \~"tri: used t()r,

QUIII .. '."I· a,1 Ib.I.~3iit, D.I!Illra iI< .A. se1"11!S or unexpieren mmllr'i~

I covers tm~ eml of !hi:; ilIl<IJn<l_ E"icie.LII.CI? !lUggesls IhaJ tne. mQtln;!~, ..... hid. W4.:":'I) ,,,,,,.:e' thO'ug]il Lo be blllrial sitl!'S, mjglit. actually b~ Ih", "''f1+' i .. ~ <:>f " .;jly, A,..t1i~nl S~lmfflan l*f.1i1s truilif2tE' that ~h~ dty 1IIIiII~ one", thou a!f1~l!rr Q' .I~~ad~Sil ,)~J was. Ih(' md~' land to ~l.Irvi",C! the P.~aod. .

St, [l'eINS, B~5iik., ~id~: 'Nhc:ti l!"xCil!,,'atioo.s 't;C'rt made in 19.i39', arc iIlealogi s ts Iound iii crypt under tilEs C IJrm';Sj fOllllilatmi[l, Pop"'LIa. "~"cil·""t;; • ..,gil",,1 th,,1 ihe bones Found there are the fl!n1litins

<:If- St. Pl:',tll'r.

SillI'li;Jg>D Q,e Compa~I-d.;,., !:ip' .. 1rl:

M egilitbfl {J:LlJ.I}e ostBod.llll.g S!;;)fli!S~ ami rock paintir:l:g5 'boy !;!1T'L~Clvrris-

•. i';lIt I:rihell i.i1,II:hi.~ area, B..f-at'e tl..! ~~r:ning ,of CllristiElllily, 'Ibis ar!!ll.

' .... ...,. ~ui'1,.kI~n;t.I 'I" 1,,, It fl.;;""edwJ :mY!ltiGIIlI s:it!?, Priimi!.tve lli'i\grifl;1!1 '1101"1;1 all 'Oller Westerm EUliGpE'

h~ u, •• 'I ... r', j I rr ,j·h;-il!.:: vill!:t3t,~

I\tla!ll~I);;: 1"lll!> c-lvilll13I'I(lO \WI~ Mtd 1.0 it~V1!!' e:xilstilid bd~ t'h~ G~~~. Th!l s~t (JI,>1~'\!!'-e Qf AL!~!Ilj!> suppm;ooly V~Jli~hed ~\I"hcits iSb_tl,Q sank b=t:ath t}i€ sea .. I'm eentu ~ie~, men h;;:\l'e top1"OVI1' Itlil,ai AtJan!15 nall.y "";,,;L'W, b'l'~ me,! 1J!1~ t]i!~ ... =.~ ",11Id,

Smn 5<1)' AJ1 a ntls was a .v elcank island ill; the Mecllten,me<m, whil!? •. dhe", b .. lli .. ....., it w .. ~,~ ~"'[l,,1 ~ ,D'I'Ilin"'.nt in !hoi! ALbniic Ocean,

'EJ 'l)ornd(~: l'I'l1cn ehe :5p~.tiis·h C:()n_q~i$'l;'ld(>:rs ro~cIIEld f~l,fr N~I"J Work!, they heard t.a]eg.<!,oo\J.! m [X.rilao, O! fill:nlloUi' dty {)~ golld.

The oi), ,,,'~~ ~ilitl to be' sn rid, will:n g{]ld, the ki:n~. W~9; dusted ..... [111 g!JJJ l!''''l!ry morning. The

I)Ol>Q.l.1i~l;td(l~ p1.I~hcd loiLrir...:f"'!1m1 r;lI1~\l:her In:to II:~ lung1 !!l Qf C~ntrl~! and South Airm:.r.ica, bet they J;1l'-,,,,r frH!!ld 8 [)or,a.;t<'!"

TIL<! I'Oi!ilH~11\ Q'r ¥"U!(h, Ponce de Loon ~0<1Ig,h~ ':hiJ;, fabkd foulltain in t~bC' ~wilmi'll' 11I~ Hlmida.. A'I!b,ol>Lgn d~ Indi;a:rm said the ,~'<llJlM~jlll ,~i~,t.e:d, 1'10 !Jf'I~ eVi!"l"' foJ)llI1d it. Of '~lJm', l;;le,rid~ ~'Qd~y iIll CI'I,>1li:l.o!d,. so it's; 111(;1 likely Lh~t

, ~uc-h GI fOllJmla:in l!'XIS!ts. la li:7

510nt!h"",,84', Em:sl;tre& llie 'm",,! I"mow; of H~ .1It!dllnI tmt"~lililh structures, Sto.neJ'I!!rI,ge is bufh oL' s~~' r~n~ (If s.l:ilndiil;li: stone>. H<lW Sb:..nenenge W.!l~ bullt :I~ not a m-VElIl!!'J1I. but why il Wi35 bowj]l. giU k \..;"rll~ H ~n (ll;~I:'\!::!u,(l<l"}'f.o r ;ancient asrrologars, or 1:1iic! :site ce4 m~ca.1 D.ruid ri 1u.JJlsi

:H'1U1J.~I.rlI)'~5J :N~~: 'rl1(!;1.!! mom:.· ~~in", ~I:.L" ~igh.o;.!. i .. ~E~ .... ,r1t!, "r~ i:':iJ,nllnld ilL'! be I:h~ t;t:Im~ <If d.,~

f~h!lltd ~ti, <:Jr ,,l!,Joomi:mbl~ Snow- II mao, Thls cr~lur;,> i~ :\!I gl~m 1l111r:1.ape thal s'Up'posedJy lives in Ihe snowy highla!t1' , M".ny £.iisl\tli'tjl;s and:. Lil!'l'lB harv~ been rnllde. some

or lIiltich have DTOwd to be'

hoaxes. [s till! Yl!ti ITa!?

The HaUlow 'Eiltthr: There are ID10~e wbo !i1ILl b .. lle'il~ lofl~v '!h~! the o::ID1h is, I!Q]iow and [!bal 'I!:J'ILirn lanf~ 'Woll to b~ discovered itl'Sid~ Sl.iJl;I'p~tv, 'the hLlllow earth i:;.ll! by lIes (l1W11I sUlm ~i',1 ;:~~ :!f,.e ,e-i:ik"l"td through {]penj~!lt. ~h~N\Q,Nh and South pooks LegeiiHl~ also say '!tll<!t !kghl ~rorn the intcriial ssm ~SCllpeglil rnign,1 ~(j fmrn Ib.;, 1ti,J.ror;l !!, 'iiI' nortibern 'I11l)h1~_

l'l'l! Il::lng.dom ~f '<e., rohn' ~dlev~jl scholars, ihetr IIBl1aIlS :pr"'-'''~ by ;rr"""d'ins MO'I'I~[5. 'b.JIM.~",~.._:i ~"'t .. Chrcil't~all king,dom ,f'l:f ~aSI p<l ..... e.~ a,;,;;1 w~.lJh lilY (a~ io th~ @as.t, b@yo·nd too pb[mu-. Q( AIIi,,_ M~I'1')I EIJir<JJl ~l!!11lI tried d~eIa'tely t.oflnd. ~1'1~

... ,BJ,I,'I!Il:: ruler, il ",_ilS rumored, ~';!8· !h~ ant)' QI:W,l wl!;(> ,::o-i:I.!d Iturn b<" l:he ~o=ingl)' ~!l!"'~l1ciJ;.le Monll:ols, No 'In~ t'-'~'i"' fOiJ!OO in!!! Ki~m 1f'Ir. I~ .. ~i'" .ll1ilUfi M::iny ni"'1'W' bdiev~ fhal Ihl! stories were tli'l$'hllrteti l~ll:~ '~"l;cribmg. Ihe CibineselEmp:1 Fe'.

The bnds 'rt.E the Od.r5~)'= The o.:iI}~·('-y WIi£; 'Ib!: ~ktry, (If Odysseus' lO-yea;r tra,,"d'J i!ifit,~ tho,: fll,H !:'f Tr~y. I-listruians hava rom;;.i,d.. ered ""","" ~ '~h>:, ~twi~~ fl'(ii,rn; Homer's epic ~{'1 be- ~i!llp-ly f~~'IGn:, 1:1I.I~ "5Gm.e Qf Ole '~qc;rlH:;:nS from The Ori,mt,y hir~' prffi'@c1 to he ,re~l. CQuJ.dI tll1: l4:I'tl'l o.f the 1i.ui us caoolS <I(ltllatly E!),'~t1 [~ there an ls~ of Grt.:, '1J\r iin bk of' PQ-l.ypher:mus'/'

Lcd'llNe56, SUllland; Si: .. t~!m:n 'm;:slnt .. in Ith'ilit :;iQ"m'E ,..reilieto.ric creMure live., 'rl tb:i$ I!>~, dr:~p lillkl! in ~I:rE Sco<ttish b!jUs. Imt no CJoi!Ie nO!!;, ~!:j:1 ;"'1; to providl:; .aIT!I' prnl!lr .

.sc.w]] O!~ ~ G.;dd, NruH'L'1l'.l ,d"'lm that ~he s.evm dl.i.;f!~ (j;f CilJiOilllwc:re 'II'~ri!" magl1li:liculit IrieacSure t.rove~. UI«! lEil! Dt::II'';Io!Il), th£- Conquisllilil.or:!l IJ100: to' fl'rlil lit.e~.e' cllle~ ul $liJd,whldt Ii"'IilI"e lilt ought to be 5(i~'fe ]n til>? SoQulllirwESI piIIl't of North A:m~riC"il, 1I:1\I1 tne,\, ru:voer fo..,.nJ Ihem. Were .tbey anly diff-dwoimmgs (;as romi! han' ;!i1!J~troL or did tht'lj~ tre<l5tl'f,!!:-.filloe-d ,cities rEa:]lY' ,!!Xist 1

rna.1\"! jXU.I a~rl8' Jaokl!1g for; he"s. siWn;g ,at f.h!E!' f'lJr el'1ld of'UI~' bOlr:. YiilJu wa.i't 'lAP to ~i'1Jd s.ay ,n,elio.R,e liMns Q,tYOil..l ,and ;turns away. Thr,ee lar.g,e men

I frQ maooar by ta:b~e $'tand up and com e over to yo;u .. Chl<e oj ·tfi!em say,s, "\iV,h)! d,oo"!; you II,eall'u iOU.r fr~e"d aEanle ?~.

NOit ",·ery ~citi:rl_g:. isitl The d€:scriptiongive5 YOllr plaryers '~he b.asic i[\~orm~~ion, 'byt:it doe5n'~ gjve ~hr:m any Ilavor. So how do you spke Httpt By a..ddiing d!i:taib and cu.lorfuill .1;'1[1gwgi:!, you caR Ir:lliilk~ Ilhi:! same en(:'01l.I:f:i~ef

I WIIIlGlNGl1 much mlore ;e'>ldt:ing.R'~ad this rf:WrUtiiifl version .

.,. •• ,,,,,",, .. ,, rll!ih~: an [he m.lddle' Qf arlp.-fQiQifiirlg YOu .R'lck OpBI'Ji the door and :!irfiep into the' bar: 1':1;'8

a,d.'Venh.u~ Whiftlll one o!f ¥,OW: pfa1i"er~ ~~d);i.eruy ill d.inky jai rd,. w:i'th. a h.,l;laVY, woode:n bat run:ninE:

drops , a bomb. He wants !:tils ch".rct,erlOdo some- along' W;i)U< Thilny mu~~c bl,aresj:rom Q r(ld~(J1 in

lthi:t1;i'l, that isn't explained if1. th-erules; it'si'l:Q~ even soll'ic;'-tke CQortlil!'r. There's' Oii~'y~'oout 20 ,peQpl~' hi the

thi~g 'lfOU thought could hOlpp~Ji, What do you do? plae,e,. o<ut it 8e~'ms Uke U's' packed. CM:oom~rs ~re

Fif$t, don't tdll your players,. n,No! YOIi: can't dO' tha:t. ' talkin,g • .$hoiUting~ mid .fcl1,gMI'!.g 'in coa:,.~,e v{lice~. A,

It's, not tn th~ rules:' If a, player 'OOm~ tip with .~om,e ul1iu~ I CCltlpi[,e oj' b~g, hllJry doo~WQrk.ers' (lre strainit:lg in. il

S1lliii! and treOl!tiv<e acti'on fo:r h:is .cMl"adN, let him giv'E! i~a JiercJl o:rmw,.~'S' m{.1'~c.h nEII!l.r }''Ou. TJ:HiI'ir p~ls

l:ry~ Don't bind yOIll' pl:ayeifS ttl mUQwifll8 the rules to the shou:t e!noou'j",agem,ent$ and s,fap' mOoney d(jlwn on

I.fl:tter,. _ - the table. In ,)lour' Winrl jacket, battel",~d ih!(lt, £I:nd

Second .. don't panidm.Jst"en,to your pnaye'r':s idea, and dill"ty bDotsl you !it right in. N:ohody 's even looked

mal,€, a deciSiiitl1'1 a:bouJ~. hlOW hils ci:l~r<l!c~tt~ght beab]e to up' at you.

perform the on;i'iorl.Any decis:io{n f~, bettEr dim mo:ne at _ Throu.ghUu~~ hacz,e (iJf ,c~g(,il reUe $ m:Q~e,. Y·QU see

.,:11, , yuu:r (;u,J'twr.::t-smau. :rump,l(~a., ana lUlShaV!i!!tt-

'T:hiro., y·otl ICaO all ow cha.raderstQ' do just about. Uly- sloulChing on a. ba rstool at· the en.a Qf fh@ ba r: He

t·ning., The emjph! is o(j')"~.j~t .about:" Ind.y want!; to dlive I .j.umb'[efl for the glas8 iN front 0/ him. Great. woks' off the skysU<!!flllli', cabih the wing or tn€! biplane, Hhl<! he's l":ipped. YO'l~ should~,. Ull'OUgf:l the patrons" and rthe.n, use tetepathy too step thepiilot'!; heart. There's a I ~c r,ape Q barstoolacl"OSs,tfle wooden floor; and sit

chi'iIl,(e (a siiltf! conc'.i) thall; ,indy COfU]d adually ha:ng onto (town be:s:ide' hob». Thebl!!!rtEl~!' a ~red-Jac~ m~r!

I the plaoe, ~I!n l~hougb tlhe .rule!! dQ!:lI't C;0V'1lr that sort of with 11 hugti han.d].eiJar mustache, ,~Ba:l1S across the

action. There's no way he"s going to be able to' 1Il~ t~epa- har: "WhaHya fl,aV"e, b,ubo?'" he shouts. Yllll. wave'

thy;.howeveF,. That sort of adlofi: 15, :simply beyond I~h@ bim 0'/1; }1Iou~'lJe gOi~ b~8ines:s.·

scope or the game. You turn to' the little·drliFilk. "Lon.gtitt!(! tW see,

USING ATIruoUTE: RAIINGS pat. Let's t.a;lh:." you: sO',. He looks: orf yo,u wi:t'h

Almost:my ~tl!;Hon yow dIlaracter :pe:r.forms, .no maner b~·ea.!"y eyas:, m!:4mbles sO'meth~ngunpbi!;j']8Ia"t a.bout

how crazy, is based on his AU:ributes.\!\IhWl, a, player your pa.rents, a:nd t!len :wrn$ '~n\l\a)'. Suddenly; .(1:

""' .. fits his character to per.f-O-fm aM unusual action, pick bURCh a/thugs. ge:t up Jr-om: a tabl~ 4rld ~Y1'round-

the AUribute tlhart m",st dose]y fit~ lU:!a'~ ,action,. Then. you. 'Tille big,geos::t wans over you-so crDofMt :that yau.

dt!cide how diHimtt the a:cHoJ'1l is and modify ·the dl.a;r::x:- can s,rneU the sour ooorz:e on hb b.rea,th-and ,11

• - .L. R" ~"1 ,-.1 "iii'! ~II h"1 h dfrty,linge,r right· ! .. u;.aer your :~(l'se'.

ter s Ntrl.LIlllte .. .ahng a .. cco'-~iniYY" .~e~. t 'f! P. aye!:" W ,at 'iiU d ~ -j _

f ·"You.liTe .' on.·t I.nw.'"ou: ."e drawls B_l.o_ 'W .. _-,ry.~ "Wh'"

A~trih!lte you are using and what' m,·odi'ief you'v,e app]kd ~' t J'

to bL If'tlw odds fo:rsu.ccei>iO are slim,. the pJayer' m.ay- don't y,ou just buy usa drink ,and c'l:ear Qlut'?,··

decidie to·lo,r!d ~t. If ~epen,~ts, met hlsn t'ry it., Wf lle'$.u~- Besides. g~tt~ a iot more .irarormaJIiOII f.m'm that

ceedls, mo,re power to, .him. IF he fa.lls. welL those are Ihe diesc..riptioll, YQ,ur p]ay,en alse get <I tot more I'!xcibement

breaks. rro·m it. Try· tn. ~,;>'mh",1\" Ii!.",t· ¥"""r f'b}.,.o~., h .... , .. :moo ... ,

I fli'a:r1 one se~. UiE! des'C1":iption~ thaI!: beUthem. ];!ii'hat ~he.ill' dh,Oll;'a..oi,e:n> heer, ~!l!lel]' taste, and :fee.l as wen as what the,y SR'_

I tl.· S.OI. R.e.JeTte. you're in charge o~ It. he ga:~I~ .. ' .YO'. w. r. polary-

.. .I!r:s .ce~,y '0'1'1 you to keep Ifhe a:C~l;QIl m~v]ng and keep

theadlfe'nh.lJ"es interesting., :s'Qcund :si;mple'? w~n,it 15, once you've learned some of th..ebasiics. soctiolJ!l explains bow you run adventures t~at !IlN! ~lroducEd as suppi!en1. nts to THE ADVENTURES Or ]ND[ANA

I JONESi"" Game;; it also give:> details. an how youcmcli'·e your OW!I1I. adve:i'l1~ure-s"


AsRderee,you are a. 5l:oryte:Uer <1M iilC~Oil" • .Most of wh>at· I yow players de .is bas~d Of'l, ... halt; you say arnd how ylOiJ say H,'s;m e'!t,Hnple of how your WQ,!Irjs can make a, diiferE!.l\Ce to)"olllrpj>'l}yel!'s_ First reed tliTliis des-cr~pt'ion:

You.'re ~1n a kmg, irlla:rrQW room •. A. bar runs dowill Qne WIilU. There' amn. 't tOQ' m.afil:)' p~ople in the bar. ThtU"i:;!:'sone ba;· 'in. H~~ P,'QiC~. You see the


You eanuse props to ~Ip make the g<l!.me Vi51ii:aillly mOire exciting for ~he plaryers, When tM ch.rrachm; <ITe fjghting

',or e.xp]oring. ·you ma;y wat to use the 3-,0' HglUllleg 1110 ~:t up roam£ or. stOOEits on I~he Combat 'Gdd, [f 'YO'll W·,;;I.J:1I!~:,.

yoo !:ian a~o 1!itS'e. the MVer!:w~ B;ar:k,droIP8, IOn. the Ref.. . !!!~'S SC:~l'Ib(l p'rQv.l~ ba:cilgl"Qund'lli Ifo.r '~J!;¢ roam" and streets tb~lt you build.

The ~videnCE .F'mJe also in~ludesp['ops tfiartyou cen use to pass i[llformat.ion to yOUT p~ayers. Details on iJIOW to use t'h~ EvideD"~ File' Me given on the 6rstpag'e olE It:h,~t !booklet


'You're iiIlthe middle oJ a hot car chase, bwt YOilsuddeniy ~olilet: what: klnd of cars your ch . .1lractersare . TJlm you ~(I'fg~t who ;15, .~ the car-'Si. rultd Ullm YOt] ~o:['g,tlt w~ef1e' ~he chase is t~kin~ p]OIice. Where does thatIesve yOW' :plaY'er.s,'? Frush·abed a:nd. bored, while 'YO!.! fI ip Jev'erishly througb :~h: rules bon)deH

He{orc' }-'Otl Tim <lin adventure, take the time tlto pa:par'i!: for the game. If 'ylOUi do, your-players wiilil ap:pr~iiare iit. Here are some of the s'rel?s, you can take ~o male suse yo. :re're.ady for an adve:nture'~

• Have the place wlwl1'~ you arc playing r~ ... dy to· go aMa:te SI,lfI!fl: t:h iii"e·are en.o'-l.ghchairs, dl:ce, pOl,p~:r, and [pen,dlls fol:' p,jayers. Have yC11IH Ref,eree"s Screen set 'IllP and your lI'iIil~s Dcokl.eil: at hand.

'1 • Read the <iJ.t~tiJre that Y'O~ are goiJli!;, to rurr, If

you otrerurmii!fig 1m a®e:ntW'1f th<r~ you. crea!!Ied! YOlllrsdt have an of yQu:r I10t,cs ai 'hand.

• If yo<u ape U5£ng .my PiiO:PS, such as 3-D fi!g1JI"es or char.act'er sl:i£eets. make sure- you have them ready to. go"

Event in. It he best-run adventures, problems can arise, Here :il.i\O! "tJ;O:'iO c",rrn:n.,.i"L F",bloOD'wo " .. <I. 1:.0 ...... · ~o .1 .. ,,1 , ... .it],. th.."", __

'CllARA.CTIffi .. nUTH.

Player ,c.l1,alractll~ >!;,,gLI;I1(illi~: in ":1'1, OI,dventu.lV. aJtfl,QJ.ligh ifs a pWliitty tMe OCeu:uenOi'l. N~nna]IDy, wllren a. pla.yeF rc'kra.c'00]' dies, !~hil: ~l:1:v-er just takes, 01'11 iii new ebaeaeter, But wha!lll'lappen~ wit@n a ph'l!)I'tr :is ntisera~bJe over h:is dlara,c~ ter's ,dle;i1It~, and that cliara;cber is ve-il'y import;U1lt to the !tdven'tlJr~7

If you think :it's important tha:1 iJJ particulae stay a:liv@, you can ~lain tha>t (he' char3£t@r r,eailly isntt dead, butthat he co~lapged .. Tell theplaye:1' thallh~s. character stow:~y .£e'V:I:'I'es later, opening hiseyes to f.ind that (for example) he'S: m a hosp'it~. bed,or is- bein~ h1l:-hJ OI.p- 1Ii!l'le byt:he villains,

'lOu Siho-ruld:i'l.'lt re'vt .. ,~ dead eharaeteesvery GIRten, however.From rlime t'O t.ime" dmraclers are jlll:;>,l g'Qing~Q die~ :mo. tha.t:'s Utai:. You don'l w,m'~ a p:la:y'~r to ~t;"!it t.h'iflli::iog h+~ ['""I1:&,r.lIii"tl!'i"" ::e; =il-rnrnnrt:iit h~r-~n(l;ip ~hp :::'I~h:lpnlh:rr(~ 'wi'ln IF'!lI;;~

ail I. theirsense (If danger and .caaUe:llge.


You might fHod that OM of yowr players doesn'] agJ'ee with S().melhj~ that h.aJPP~fiS, in it game, to sueh aslituaticn, be fa:ir. Listen to the'8 argu,trIl!l1Ib s. S'l1'm,di!E@'S

,apL.'iIyer might present a. sensible pO:in,t t'at you hlll.oo"t ,cO:f1si.'d.:elied •

O~her p]~y@T.S nruighta~'gUe' abOiut eVf!.ry.thing li;Iecau'~ onetbirlg didn't go th.elr way. That's j'ust toe bad. ¥Qu're the- Referee, ,and YOW' decisions are Hila]. ~xpl:a.m yom crecisio!ns to the p:lay-ImO, and try :to get tbem to understllnd, but don't Jd one u:rlbappyplayer ruin the- .game Ior everyone ,else"


You'd better dQ YQil,ljf best te seU e a:rgWit\ents, when ~hey comeu,p, Ol:htr.w.tse, they eeuld tum m~(i feuds il;l, whld,

" two p!ayer~re£Ul:se to cooperate with each. ot~eTand threat:m to rni!n the w~IiQ]e l§ame. ~ ItM feudillg p]ay-en to be fair ~D ,the others, ]f 'th~ sHU keep leuciiiin_g, make- ill: clear ln3il the villains could ea:sHy gain r:hf,! tlpp!!'!" ha.nd in thl<t adV'en~tU1l'e becsuse lhe chara ~Em" aren't stickins togethl!r'. 'This :!>o;rl of acuon 'uo'S'lliiJI[ly ,ca~ms t'hm~ down.

If you're afigry at ,<I playee, dlon'l take ~~ o:ut on cb,arader.~ 'Don't me 200 goons Cln Ithe charade!: jt!stSQ you can get the player out Oif'ttlll: gamr;t. That :im't raJr.

, Tak~ t:ime to GOQI do'wrt. These problems u5u3illy pass, in a f~w mi~,I,I.l~, <J!r.IywO\y.


:RellIIJ;!'H:llber thll~ irrl this game. there <lire 00 wifll!:!ers Qr I~. Just beeaase YOIll of~:e[l p.~.ary the bed ,g;uy:s d!D,em.'I~ :mea:nithat you're golng: to have .0:1 lousy Htne. All -01 the pl:aycl:.s are workil1g together Ibow"mi a, omrnot."l goal, al1ld you sh.cu1d try to make it lIS fun aad as chaUIen;giing for them as possible.

ItVhefil an adventur.!;! is over, your pl,ayers may halve achieved a go:a~. boil: tbey're not 11:lle winners, U y:Ol! pby , t.h~ game welt YO(IJ're aMw:inners!'


l'M~ ls the o:ttly t'!.lile ttlli th<e 'e!ltiu rule~ boo:krnet thaJt REALLY ceunts. FLa.y the ga!l:'l'e ~o have fun'

Rem.ember to !iii5€' the niles i'n thi!s: hook,l.e'~ H ,gurid:elines, they're no'~ S@II in st()lll.'e. If you o;!nd your playe[s ~et into the spirit oE the game, you'c~ bound to enjoy YOi!lf3elve-s.


Q what do you do wben you run out 0IIf adiventures.? Whiil~ happen:> wlhm. your player characters have .1Je<;:ove>red.-the l.,Q~1 AJ'.k, found the' :kmpl-e 01 Doom.

- and disCCive~ !~h:e Ikoi"!S' of Ihmlitlla,nen?Weli, TSR. Inc. willi be produdtlg more adl'!;'1~'I1tures for TH~ ADVEN~ TlJR~S OFIND[ANA r'QN~N GaWle, but ln th~ meant:i:me, yOLl cal'! i;;~.d~ Y'OI!.!.r 9Wf! t

Deslgni'!1g ym,lI ownadvefl'tUrES is one of the best 'WaVi!l :for you ~o gt'i: even more om ot Iins game. When you _ create an a-dventlll'e.}!,ou'[,lf rllsin,g your ima,g;ll'la;lIQfJI a_fld ymu own ideas, Ther.e's no limit. to 1:I(;I'w tar y,ou C~_n take

Indi;rn3l Jones and his c6mparuons. -

There ate aceuple of ways; to creMe' adVtlfiImfS. Oll~ way is to left them create themseh.r'es,-l@!t yo-ur player

_, I

cmuar.adml PJlljlffimewhe1lJe they W.0l1fll, fOT 'Wh"'~~e:r eeaseas the, want. nlis Cl]]iI be fU[I :iIDriitetime5., ']"ld i:I ofhm leads vJ,IQ'ngaf!}d bo!!~g Oidv\eni:q~s. The best way' to ereate <lif! ad!;'ll!!n~1;,IN isfol" yot! to p~par~ one a},ead oj '!:im.!;i .. F(j~low t1tt~ 5tep W~'1\ you prepMe <In. ,advent:Ol'e.


1., PM!: ill seniJIg. Dm~ where 'YOU waitt 'most ~f th~

. I:iol'li t,OI 't<tb 'PI<!'~. ~1,Il ~ Il$@ 'the ar..chaeol~ca1 s:ite!>, f~om The World. ~~.llldl·aINI JOll'l$ S(!ction as possible Sl't~ hngs. O[ you ClUI ,c;ilIoQ;!>e ygjJ,f iJWIIL.

2:.01100 e :~me dJ!!!~g'!::~, 1~9' l;U: 'you seUing. I~ <!if! ,atdV'!!I:Itl;j~' i'lllik!es: pbee ~n .Africa" )1'01<111, cm bwe d13racte;rs ceme IiIP' aga:iM:a1!1(~fY ,[l!!!lfiiVB, JiOM, poh;QtI..o~, ~e!i., uiJ!oCGdiles. er lltrm.y[\eljJdI~hlifi5. Make S'iL ,that Ute ~ri1s fiit the ~locati:(U'I" howev,eE.

3. Ch,o(l~ an alilvmI!ton! 81031. Decide why the pJa)fi!l!'f' (ham~rs IOU' g<llng wh~it;! they are" Are t!r:IiI~Y tll'Ying ~o

IEind a lo.'S't 3iritilfru:tl RooQve~ ~ :rare i~tlil!1ll from ,ii, mas.le;r crimma'il' 'PreV€Dt i1ll'qilO:rlilfilt' dOOWfi~nts from falling ~nt6' 1.1 'the wrong balldisl Make~. tni21t yoWl" :uiIJIlIUJI!'e":s

ls easy Ito u!II.die:r.stand. and p055ib~~ to ,adlieJ.!le.

4. Ciieiitli! II major 'vWatll\. Q,f C:QU:rsi!!' YOllrplaye~ oha:r1i<:~ ~'i'ii, C\iUll'~ j,ll;5t waiH.z, in, gil'ab what they w'ant:, ~nd head hom!.':. Every .. dvel'ltl!.re .needs a su:cm,g {aJlLd pJ:ltkrabty wUm~1 1I!'~Uam,~~m~n~ whose G,Citilh;, iii ,e al 'odds: wiUlllhll: , dhar _ C:llerS . Use lib _ rul:es:fOlr Crceg'!:i:n.g, NPCs (siiV'eR illaw

iJII. Lhiil> ISl:!I,!LJYIII' Iv '1..t'l:'.lIt(; <II y'iIOllm'l.

Take' some time ih) gi'Ve'yo.u!r :some personality.

After an,~ou1W be piayi1lg the ro,l!;!, What a:nl!' his goal.s~ Wh,,1: are !:lis resources? ls ~e rich1 Does. he-Italle a failh{tit baRd of folll)wt.rs7

S. Wom\k ~U!~ ,;Ii ~queifiu of n>enb. Tih:is is tlile, :realmtty.lriny 'of creating advenhl'fi!S. Ni;lw t~<!It y.ou have: ~hl!!' CI\l''@:mn ,ad,ve~lt1lU)e pliain. 'YOlil, n.eed '00 d.ecide wet evewlltis '~ab ~maceduring th~' ad.\I'e[lt:JJI~'<I.nd W~~iriI they 'OCdlr. Ho,w do th. pl,<!iy~!, (har<!ctcr. be~Qme ~nv9]\!Il!!dl in tn.!!! adve'.iIt!;IIi\e1 'What killd of clues; £lathe).' fl:lltdi7 Whm do they tint @llC01!Ul~], tlhe vi!ilarilill How can ~:h.e 3chi:eve d\ir' Span How can Ih:ey~pe'l'

&e. S'mf:that }tC,u p~~e aD of the evenrs lin a ~o.gica~ order; aind keep ,inmiRdi tJh:at fOU 'W,mt Ito buiIDd timi5ion and v:ciklID@Rt as you go ... '~F the mai~.r viDa'in ,~ts w!SSed 10 the sla:mmt:r 10 minul:es i[l'hI;I ~:tl'e ga01lJ~,thelJe' won't. be .""")""",,,,:: Foil': d".:, "B,,;U:;Clct;:; .. iI' ~\Q\ o:;;!ni£:rQI'\U

1&. 10Il-.w 111£)1' ~~ d@'S '!I!~dl wod: 'tihellD 'o~!t~ 11I1tis, ;it~p bu:i~ on the sequ,etlDe i!:!f evmts. Nc,w' that YOIl know ~t_ will bOlIJll.~f1' OIml.d when if:wiU hap]pen, d,edde on which a;d:""~~l:!l'g ~p~des you actUla1lly ~"imt yoW' pl .. :yer· ch~racters; to. pta)" ot:n. [Ii;l c_hal!'ac'fl@:l'S 'OO~ upon a really strlmge si'le"/' Do ~ confr,oril the viUaiin ~ta l!!p@cmc tiim~1 U a_o,ep:isod.e' is fi'lO.rt dCllilfil jLlSI!: ,e:xP:13iI\iU(l~ 'Of 'tm;;msition. YO!il5:bg~ plo!'JII 0:11 mruUng th~ episod.1! fur your '~i.\yer clianderS.

'Tr, t,o':fIII~ke eachietli~ IUl'ique'm 5cmeway. :Far

I tJ!;;l'!1!tI'p,ffil;:, if ~h,e e.p~scde i~; Oli stamldlard or,awrn, ~e!. lit :in :so:me 'j!)(o'l.ic locarioa.

'1. S·t!JIl.'t Y'O",fpL1,~It.nill. tine IlIfi1j;'e,lJltllL'e. Tryout$Qme of Ithi'!3d~eJ1:tWi'e on Y01ll:1: p:hay ~rs, but ~o,n"1l '11 bJ ~~a1 U ail] at 'Oi:li.CJe. M'Iltr ycru',,~ play@GiI aln ql'i.mde 'Or two. t~,

", .. m .. ti.,., .. , ,~, .. ,thin\- ;;,h"nli, whjU'~, h:li~p;>nHl. BI' wad." to m;OIik~ som:le ehanges, as the p'lay'e'rs may !'lot be doillg what YOUi'1x.~I:~d. If ~h'f!'Y area't, dO:I'I"t !rorce them Ui c:hailgg; al~r the :~~ o:F }IIour adivenhJil'e 'beo :fit wfiafs, gi'ling


I, I

Don"lt I:Kl ,:ilEr3iid ~ 'this:s(IIunW; l:ib' OJ 'lot a~ WOilil,

I iI..._._. ..• • , Th- . . . .11... l...~ "!I"C:OI '1'~ . JI

,~a:~ I:t liSll L .:.: 'Ii! .i1,IJI!o!'IB1ItI:o~ ~'I'llIit' I W'~". LflC •. lIlIro(.r~,

for l'HI AD~ES OF :lNDtANA JONE.&" Ga,me

lil!tdu:de many d.ei~ns, and. ,[:al1efu[ly prepared liliLapsaru::i ham~ol1fs.Th.e adlVlentu.iiei'l· lhalt yo1l,l cr,eate dbl'l't ha:v!€' ~o' be' f1!ea!rly' !.l_S detiiil~. In fact, you ont'y!'1~d to wrire do,wifI a. few major pc,iota,. as long as you'vg,o't ... good

idea .in YOW' mind Qfw.bat YOUi. want to h~. 1[1 ~n;el1'aJ. it's, Ibes!t to ,~~e ~bese Ilh~ Eo:!" yOW" own ,adventlUit!;

• the 't..h,aI'ii3__£tefs ggal($l,

• ~b m,,"'iIl!.v1illJ~iii and his .A!~triblJilili [!tail'i.IlI,Ss" all well ,il)i· iiii'l:Y g>!J~::Jn~ he h.;ls <lind tltni.i:t .Aur.i1::mleRati~.

II, E:l!J~ lmpurtal'l.l, ]ii3p8' (rl.iirulO, :;t.l'eds .• Iilt'!::,).

III, S:i~U:h:'IlInt e:\IIfl'tt:s -and! ,d~~ od where aJf!d; w~~ ich~· p~,)Iti charmj~ rome u,1];I'0J:I them;

U you. want ~!1l wrll1l 01illt ~'OUlr ..QwntW'e i.n gre;t~ detail, thaI's okay. tM. ~u t be ~reJi!W'ed to millte some iiJ!;aIlge5~

When YQU il;lI'eare fio(i,-play,er cila:mctersfor yOW" a.av'e'nlurts '(whelll\er ,thcr ar~ villains" goon<s. 0[' contads)', fol~ow ~h!lS!e :ste:ps~

J, M~e a ·,.ho:~ooopy 'oJ the' b:lank NFC shed f.roml fhli1!

Evi.~e fIlle. -

,l'. Deci:d~ if 'the NrC' is a villial:rl,. g.aa'!1l, or [\Iot:mal pef:sOlIi. 3. .Ro,u dlOO for each 'Oil' the MPCs A(trib,u~. Wribii!

, do,WIiI ttl@' [I~i!lIts in the "nonaal" oolWif.l:ll, urul' r '"Attrilnl!;e lit I~gs~" mlilihe NPC ~ a :goo:o, add. :l!Oeadri, to 'hi:;, SU'iED8lh .and Pf'oWe5S RaUrrig~U: 'the' NPC is a villain, add , 10 to ,each AUri'burte R3.iOng,,-Md:e SUIII!., ~OW~ "",. tihat no

; r,!lItin.g :gOfi '!:IV!.!!:' 1001 .

Go.o'[lS :get Stl'!!ftIIgth a:l1IdP'rpwess bonuses ~aU5e they

, .aJl'e Ihired ~O~ their m~es :;r_nd ~ight!;!'Ig "biiUy, No viJj~ lalliJis,gomg, HI !l;1JUlii)UMh:I.msel!F With a, l)'lUlcb, of nUIIE!I wbo, 3!Ji',~! V1UJanns g;et Nlri'l:nDlte OOt:ruses~1I)~ r;hey iiIDil'1JIStI:ally sg, ,rdever~ lnlDY ,and! m~ (;1)ffi~ii!:!l_wfuU, 1i'!,3/'Vle ~~I' h1!!Jl.& f~l wi~~h Ithese SUysf

4', M.ultiply eacl:l ncrmid Attrlbu~e Raltjng by 2. Wri~@ theae numbers iin the "x2," column.

s. O:iv~de each norma! AUI'.ibut@ Rat;inS iln ,halL Wnle

, these numbers in the -1/i.R C'O~lUlllii!Il. 'Wf ,3. [lumbt!r is .a fra('~ LlOIl, lI'oWlld it off 'to the ne.lJies'l; cwen nl.lrm~.

I 6,. Diivid\e (he Attribu~@ Ratmgs iF:m'.m1 the· ~1'2" oolunmin

hal], Write these: aumbers i.rn the~1/.j,w eoh:JImn.

7. G1ve the Nrc a We;:!PQf!I, U he r1,e(& one, M<l:ke sure th~ w~a,pO'I'I H~$ the character. DOCkwork.firS, :fo.r e~ample, 'Wouldn"t hll'\l"~ piisto]s; tney"d have boards, pipes" or

c-haJill'ls_ Gu::trd:"wO'l!J],ld have flightsH!l:ks;, pis~ol!s, or if th~y'['e really natity, s'Ub.n<i(h.';II.H1I5.

:8. Giv'e thte NPC ~ome ~,p'ocil)l koowle<lJ~ts H'L<it hem ight l'Iill~ rpr <l!f11 ~dVl~.l"II~;lt!lil" ObViously, tn>E! captain oEa sMp has Sa~ili11l;g knowledge.

9_Gi'l,l'>e' th~ NPC iI:ny eq:ui,pf:ii'l~rit he news, 8,uch as a C~r

10. Give the NPC ,(ljI:'lY sp!lc]a]clt~:raderisHcs ~hal you w.llIl~-feahJlres ~hat m",k~ him~fll~erestii'!ig; and, fun ~o p,la),. ls he Ffl~cI.I""1 ~5 Re loud and ho:is:tre:roUll1' Keejll ln.mtad that ,ies r:lOlt~,-eQel!$!lry too develop a persenall ty rot evel)' N,pe in yO[l~ ,:lIciv-e'nJun; your pbyers dof'l'~ itleed t,o krn{)w thOll,t tffii.e guoFl,abollJt to br,aitl~hem ~niy collects teddy bears and likes 10' tap dance,


Cr83Jting adventares is alearn-by- doing precess. D~Il'~; get . d~s('"agro if yo~r first few adseatures .are 11 liU~e ragi",-d;with practice, 1i"olJ'~1 ,g~t better. Here <l,re iii ~~ tip'S, .for yOl!~ f~r$r .. dV,lm'tU!"@:

, 1.1 1(~!!!1J the Hrst a dventures simple .. DorL't everwhebn

)'!Jur p:~<l)'ers wHh .an inwQs.sJib1e m;ission. Micra! whiil.e, YOtJ.'1t g;~~ a ~~, *r.;Ir how mud, }"l)!;Ii1" pla~n ,~aJ!:llhandllil itt m.advenh:lil'e.

• DQIrl"~ .!'eward th.c p~,a.y~fS too h!!avUy:. rnf they ;g~t <I lot of p()lmi~'S ~or .<In easy adv,e-mtu[e, I~he:ln ex.pect to rea:ii.y c:lelll[l upwheTl the adventures ~'~ to'IJgh@:f',


A s~ries ,oJ ::tdv,en~!l:res th<lt link ~ogethcr;md contInue the e){p']oi~sof iJl'Q!i41nO!' JC11e1}j and his CQmpaniafi5 is (aUed ill, campaign. 'YOIli can link a.d ... enhll.'esin many ways;; by I:im~ .• by allea. and bygorus.

When yo:u lirnl adventeres by time, you ereate a cam.· pa:ig!'lin wi:nkh ,on~ adventure take:{pl,ace ri~ht .dtf't another, Theemcueu 'elf t~me thai passes between advearnrces ~hW1 be,cmn~5· v,ery .imrorla~L

W:hoo )!''QJI!1 li!'l!k adven:~u~ by <lJlleOl!, you Cr,E!<lit>e a C3m7 p.<1iign lhat takes pEace in one pint oJth.e· wCI.ldd"

Whe;n yO!!:'] link adventures by goals, you c['eaibe (IIJ I:am[,~;8'-' ;" ""~kh -~lf;_,;,; eh~,;r:O'~hiln; "",",," Bi,,,,,,,,,,,,, " ~"""I in.·th.... Hr"t adventure: Th,ey m~y w.ork th.rGlIgh 'rni,~rlI'Y aciv'erJtures, tryj:lll:g to' <!.c~hieve that goatandm';3IY not succeed iU1ii'ti:i tl:1ic' ~hird -or fu'udh advent ure,

K~f;Ip in mind. that when yrou run a campaign, tne characters can c.arry ln~OrITrl<lJtiIOn. and. equipmenl' ~Iu~~ th~Y' ha'l.l~'~u~qujlr.~drh:'O'm ",\e re ,<.IId'li'lll'ntUfil:.

Don"t wony tOODIllKh _.ilbout sett~ng. up a campaign Wlti~ you've gotJb~ com~orit.<1!b]e wj:th cfieating and running YQUi ad!VtMum'S,


AhEt you·ve(rea~eila.[),d p]ayed a f,ewad"1entures, YOI] beg:HI1 w, cI'eate 01. speciJ~ wurM all YOJlJIjf own_ LocCatkms <!i:tl.dl NPC~that<l.ppe~ill' in one adVel1i;t;ti]~ Call also .i!jppeilr in others. ,il'Qr' e-xa:mp.le,chamcte'fsma,y bEtr.iend :!I eCiintill.ct h'l fb@ Gree:ll Dr~()n f'tib iIi! Hong Kong. Kee-p track of these details, and .i:E the enjilrn,c:I'ers arein Hong Kong in a.rlOit~.€.r a,dveVl~ure, thoe;V mOl)' ~QQ:k I,l,P Ih~i r CQIi'I,~ .. (:t,

Keeping h:i'!.c:k o~ Ithese a-dvent-ure dieta]b gives p]ayers a SietiSie ·of cClnti_tlrUJity;Jhtiu~ tOOT' cootat:~ers aitld wfla.r ~hey' h!l!ve done. S,OOfi,!..h~'Jl have frietled:s andenemies ,0'1]1 across tl:'afglob~1

·, "'Pi~od .• is ,,, ~ '!'.,,,,, ""~ • fi!["'I!lE! .. To nm trus, e'p1S<)de, 'YO'\,!

. eed tile Urdlami /o.nt!S Cfu11'ad'l;!!F

DQl~~:T ,"'l1ld, the IkgJ!ji~m<l'rlM Vllllag4! M:.a1P. If yoX! ""'!lilllt to 1L!J5e '~'he' 3-D flglll'l1~ foi' tlt~ il!pi!iilde. "yOU will need:

,t.dms,~, WmiIn ~



rc OBIE'C'f[V1S

Ha:v>E! lirrdy dis:oo"'~J' the D:.afiS without !being hurt (worth 1. PI!l!yer POlitI) ..

Hav-e iruJ,,·liBs!m. how t~e Ikons W{;.rl; 'made (won!i 1, PbVelP P'!:Iwu,i,


&\I"i!: nativ(!s capture InJ;y and .Edltn ~""\O.l'th :2 Fl;a:!,!;r p.grn;~:i.),


Ha'!!& ,mays pli~,yet' make :;m lJ'1J~lim'lct [11e;;:k. Uiw 511,tte!iid~, beJ] him that Indy t;,'hnult-l J:..·V,(.i' N .... ~a.r' 'rl· ."9 !,~pu]~· ~g. .rrWh:9I.t Of Whe.Ii!l:,~ liiidy hears ,dicks In tl\e jungk g~ lhe fi:l'S't gp·l]<rI steps 8J5h~I;~, If the I" i.s "The Big, Pi<:ture," Intly S~ al1fOW Ji.loin~ srkk,ing Ollt thW1!lBih ~I:"I~ lie.1lJves. U the C1w::k flli~:5, d,o:n'tgive your pl.l]'""e.r any dues. Ju~t ,desttlbl!' what happens l'te->:t.

Thr: b(!<!ch is b(l<oby.~r<ilpped. WheLi the' fircst gIJQ~ ~1!.'P5 ,aillOfe, a shoWE!' ,of 100 0ll1'OOW-S flieS from tile iun,sl:e, The goun is il'l.!St:rmly killed.


If does.Il'r 1<111t OO\F!!',c, :1;0," IT'OWS

~Jn;)~t ~QW".arn him. Each arrow ba~ <Ii Da:ng~t Rating of 30, .fiditJl automatically .. does whatt;:v-c:r indy-does. Indy,cM tak.e ("Ovel'~y diving into tile boat or~yimg behind it. The floo:rn sleedlllg the boat di:",~!;: fQll1 f;Q'VC:r. a!> scon <I~ the arrcws fliy.

.p ........ "''''' 1'1.a~~o b., ... c",~l, .. ~!;., "",,,.iI ~".i,sg€r the a,rm,., t:fi1!~~, ,A.ti.ytime a I;hair<l.(;tfJ st~5i on (moe m cheseplaifS. a.!>h.ilJW~f (j~ 100, aH"(}1;'I{; me5 forth. The ~t..,.p Can f:i~' 11U!~~ mo~~ HIDes before it runs (lmt ·!tlf arrows,

Ib.e~oQ.r! j11 th~ bw.t lPe~~· over the :rim an.d seo"""ls at IMY: "Well,wl' are YQg waitiD' :OOf" :pa11 "'rem heu,er b.e careful :g.(Jin' ;lJSh!,Jl'!L I'm staylilJ' here!" ]t" ,Indy' :refu"sll$ to 1&'0, the &DDn. t"t.ffiat~ti!; "1) iboot, .Edith,


SIInngIh •

~I; '"

~I, 11


Il!Io:tbtinl ~ ~'

If lfr.dy 'trLoes 10 dash. .acr~!l ~he beach, the ,1;!I!lTO'W ·~rr.a:p fire:;; t:hlW more times. {"l!O , al'l!'QWS eaeh ~owa;rd lady and l:b!ithl. lrrd-y;;an alse move f''O'l"Wa,n;! C'arefuily,

, !OEfi'n;h~n~ for "ros~titl1 plates. ~E he does th~, double .I:ndys ]n:5tinJ;;t Rating and have his playe.r f1ia:b an [I;!~!·inct. Cf"lro'lo:. fQ;r each Sitep Jndytakt.':S. Miler lhree !;'l,u:;I;'es5iul Ins!:incl ChIllCks,. cQ~d!er 'Ihe a:rrqw traps empty. I)f 1.ndy5 pl~y~ fails , ,aD !nstin;c! Check, it.h!! tr",p releases a:l'ul;lhGr 'S}lOVi1er of arrows,

./:ndy:~ he5.t bet is to, ([mp~.'Y the Iril]J by thmwi!llg :i~!lm!l' Q1'Ito Ihe t..eO!iil before 1II'0I1king- em it,

SCEIIE ~ 'THE UllIN VILLAGE' The tlilcl, black jungle ~h;;ltlies b~J'ond the beach slopes up'w~.t',d ai~eil' a few f~d , and I,ead!l to a small. slanted volcam

eone. Th~ .e i-ll eerily gu; After

i Indy .il.",d ~·l!ll.V·e iJ.imJl,~d the brcl-

ened mounds of I~v~_ fur 3{1 minutes or ~f.'.I. th.,.y 'rp,:..l-rh i!'h_p ~'n~ iI-';~ r-hP.ll .... ,rlol'l'iiC' g:"QE.iI:!

you]' p.Il;I:yer the ika:mmaJ1'€n ViII<I\ge M1!!p <[1l,dI r<l!a.d alQud. ~he foUo.wi.n.g OO)c)E:t1iltll"J('t,

~: Ym.ll [Wl't dm'>"11 nnW lh(' \·ok.JilJo·~

r c·u·.d~·~-. Tiwre' it is~ .\ tbn~ "ina:;e sm'rmmil~ Ow (O\\'t'r th:;JJd ;"(lU !;;aw il1l ('Iwrli(' HrwJl"it" \" photogu' .lph, It rt'~lIv d~H'!; ubt!. The. li[Jl~ (If ~~a> "'v~Ja~(> :Il1'1' <In !)lit:' HI" l\'1,'Q "tm'it',~ high,- Somll' h.a",'(' ~lig:h, triall~lliIi<l1' rliioh, ."" Ill['~' ol'he-rs r,;,iI H' rJ!Hmd NI

If linT}" :su(>[.'!:::s:;fuHy uses h~!l A_x,ch.aroiflgj' kl'll}wled#, teU his plaYE'"i: Ithtl!l jndy hOl50 never seen an Ah~t;;ajl!l village similar I.,", ~hb v,·,<;, ]! .'~iJI'·~<:;o;;:nb a; ~n!l ~1S1t', .In!fW· Cl!lltu:re.

]1; takes Indy i!JJI!d .fkfj~h .:lItHJ~h.i;!r ],,5 minates to dimh diawn th.12 Cl'a~er. Tnt: villagll: ,000p~a[5 to be df'Si!'tletL If ti'tey plOke lllro!!.2nd the huts, 'lney find tl-tilt the ~!'I:m, are furnishgd w"ith !.li'p'iC~11 item!O-,.l.u:h .~:;' mats and !1()!':.-tl1at are v'ery old, but lIippe<l!r to have been used wCe<lJJlly.

Thl! wlltrnl ,tOW'el" ~ iI mi3i~ilJ1e' Slimetl.l.FE! . .of wow and §t'Ol'Ie. The il'lJ5ii!e zyf tlle

, tu<w"l!r'i~ (I Imllow ccme' ,that rise5,~.P eo <l stlilgl~ ;:)~nint ill !Eh-e rooJ. A circular stone' . 'JabrisE!S: up in 'the' center of the flQor. A li(1Qvy, i'rof! chain; ooliln-edIi:9. t,{l

I a nearby w.ind'l on ihe .floor; narng5.fmm the roe>f bove ItM !>lab .. l':lartk.lled blobs 'o!lf gold Q(I\l"et tire (;l1d of the dta.i n .. DtI~s of ~old'.lt~ are sC<lu'e~d a.round the ,g~ab, 'W.Mc'n !!> rin~e·d by a rais1!d. w.' Of s.tcme, St:l"anse in,.s.ci1po~l(lll5 are carved. ~[llJij· th~ Vii'"iI~kw<l'Y's .ilnlFL'tr' :rim.

If' I",.!y rn" .. k. Ilh.::. "l.:..""; ~D.oI" 11" r;>,u", lir' is hoI' 1'0 the !'Ouch. lr"dy Cll:rt.t'I,ot: .ra'lOgr.i:u! t"h~ li;mguaoge of the inscTiplii.ot'!!;. Mt.hfi1;llt I "kins: Itim,e ItQ 'I;l«:ipher .il.

Most slrikJrlii; of .til] .in ~h~ tower. nowev~l", are i'he S!tatut!<S., Go.Lcleill S't.arue-s of umans, twii~ted in h()l["ribB~ PQ5e.S (;if

, 2igQl1'Y. fiilll'l!irne.s alOlig, th~ illl.l,t"er wall in!Oid.~ Ithe towe;r, The ~tarue$ are f:riglllten~ , ingly re~listk, .. these are the ikons af Jk~mma'IIEU,

The 5~.atlJ.eS are all hum;U'I·S<ized, A.

, she:ri' 5!eMl1'S oInn!lcri~tion5 is Ci~VOO i:nlu the :bllJ~ of'ilWch ,!>ti3itt:.lli! _ Male 5tUrey;cl'll nl)te if YClIJ.r· ~lay,~J' wa.n~~ Indy to' Wl'it~ do~vJl these :inscnptilY.ns.

Large Ibto~ QfgoM hold thelkons to, ~JlE! w.lil. If Inays pJaJyer l1t'Il;,]k~~ a. successfu~ Str~n,gth Check, fJJdy C<iJn p!Ill'lcnt! of

th.:; ~":JIlfll< ... e Eli" I! hI? '1:.i:''i!llL III 1.411 dQ.!U.i: CCll!~ JtJ,g; I

lken snaps Qf~ <It the legs., ~v-raHng: a ~mrrL'ble :sce;r'Gt, "Human. b01l'r;:5 f .. n from the goIden, >casing. The. ~koos are hl!lm!il.ns covered ilii. g;o.tJ!

, , Whj~.e fm1'y <!Jrnd &lith i.nvl!Sligatli'~hl!

, ,tow;er, have Im1Y~ an ltL:stin.c;~ Ch~ ,at 'h ]f t~ Check sue· ~~ a:nd ('he oos:ull i5 "1'\Inal Qf Wherc,~ Inriy heill"S Edith S~r>l!.am i.[1I ~m:fpdse, Then h<1: J~aT~ the ~un.d of SlOm("On~ fi!! ILiI'llil 'IQ

~ the £loo.r. ]f the rem.l.~ j)~ "Th~ Big f:li~- i lUre," indy 1l~!f5 Edith f<iJ1I .and sees ,~Ul' S '


llaU'I'ri.'G oiltl ot tnl;' 'Qon'le:rr of hls eye, Tney are a~1 ok! fne:r!,. d!!'t!Ssed in el~bomte fe'il:~her headdressea and C<IIpt:'5,. One (If

t hem knocks EdHh unconscious. "The ether three arc s.wi.:ngifl!!. ropes wei~htw wi I 5tii;lfiCl over their heiiliQs, They a.t~,ack by thrQ\'I'i:n!]:r'Le~ al lrldy. The m~n

h"."" m,nr ..... 1 .... 1'11· .. under their T'obI!S_ Thev ;lLrQ biod:ine. Ihe on]: I!~dt rom t .'


"If [nay' Ln~tim;l Chccc'k, he is st.rud:; rfJ;,m:l behind, taking a Serious

i n.iu:ty, If Indy .falb U~~)i.'mwcjQ'I,I;;:, go to SCl;!rne .) b-ehJ,w. ~f Ind!",i~ ~m, t.hl1 natives f1u~ck him,

This H@;ht e~&Dti~'lii!Jes IJ tltil fIla}, escapes.

DI' 'ilE! is Carit ured !!lor knocked unconsc:i!OI.JS_ ik J.rld'y escapes, reed Scene J t ~ Y'OLll'Self. 3'~ thi~ is §dUNs fat!:!'. 1e~1 r!'ldy~ player that Indy races 01.11, of fhe tower and right into· tile arms of l:'l!'1e QfSclQlI'Iml mack's men, If lm:1y is. captured or knocked W'l(JO[]SCi(lY5. read St:~l'1e J. a loud 10 yourplayes,


Mcwem!lll: t8

PrlnliSi 1601

~ ~~sln[1I~1

1II1J1c I'hi" t'lpls.:ode, you need the di'a.liIa Jor;~ C~Olir<lt;~~ D~s:l'filf', :1£ VOl:! ~"ant to lllse I h.e 3-D fitl!U~ 1m' Ith.b ltpeocirJ:, you wi!] :m~ed;

~~ ~n.

lGi:l!:n ~lItd-

sm.i'CI!ItM l?:IiNImI

n.. Ullft.'l. rt v,t.!)

H3\T~ .1JJdy ~Scape (or [[(\!'1rIdUh) f:r'o,m tile gold batlh (wonh 1. Player P·oim)'.

Keep·lifjdY and &:liM (~111 b~lng wounded t 'Worth 1 Ptaj'l?r' Point).

JJI .lndyi$capc'ill:ii. th~ ila.:!lt e'P~J1', he

ls (;iIlI:llJOt oUl;sJd@ {iiI! boWE!~' bey S~,JOfIl'@!1 ffl<ld~m.enI. who ~:n lJ.~in.g dyn~I1fI_~tle 1:0 blow[t 'Ilii!' lowc!'" in hopes of f.rightmilllg, oa the !Il4l!]~~"~. lady must figur-.e so:me way to teK~e .Edith from her fst~ ins:OOe' 'the tower •. Modify Sl;ene 1 when youde;sulbe to Judy'\> playel"wta"r. hilP~1l5 in:>id~ the towel" when ~hl! explo-. !>~o.m;; 5!tart,

]f indy (]lid In'ot escape during the last 'episode. st<!,rt this EPi5{lde by re.~clil1lg the boxed I.e:.._t ~n Sol2ii€ 1 tn )"fum Il]a.yer,

If YOiU pla)~T . figured 11 oo~ ye-t.

IlOW is, the tim;!! f,u~ Indy ~Q '!'~ to es.C1.lp(!. Indy- c.aJii'I escape by h.i5-l!:iwfE ach(ln8, !Or by w'.!u:t'inil; for the tower to ~OJlIiIP:;.e. YQurpla:rer emib:ols !he fj~5! option, while you ccntrol tblil' :!1~roJ!ld!.

Re.I.e.;uli~!: ~h_g wi!llt'Jru: By $k'.i.rLgliilg to g<lln mOl'iile1itL.llTI, l!JIdy and Edit.ll e<rti swing to ~he wlneh ;:I.lid kick a~s le'Vel:. rdeill5ol:118 llw (!ltairt.t-I2rv,~ Indy~ player m;!I k~ .a Movemenl Cl:u;OI;:k. If the Cheek 5uccl>ed:., lrJdy and Ed,:th kick t:he lever a:nc;l,!,i.Vo!1·~ {>lJt trom ;;Iib(J!ve the pit 01- ~DldJ. "T.hey Iall teo '!he' 8n;mnd. s~iIJ ned rogeth.e:r, ]f the nl1~Lk f .. ils, lrr.dyand f4ith manage to l:j~-k the le-v~r, bur the c]] .. in d'(')il!5!!!'lre]ease Iltuzn'i1. l1mtiJ I·hey <im1!' s.w.ln,gun@;b<l,d:':: tuwara IiliIc pi!'. They rtjl:ii.'61e ,dowrt;,b.'lr,ely milSs:lii'it; the .p:i'~ and J!and:ing en the m;ll'er rim of ~'ht'! sr,oIW slab _ Clil10Ck a!;a'!!'1~~ <l D;ln!i~'I: .R<lting: ,or 30 w see If ,{nil, or Edilh ishur] bgm the faiL

GIrI'Im!: iI)I~t of (he ropes: Indy can try to get au I of. the f'OP~'ii if he and :Ed;.t1i' "'1ft;; IIUJing,lng Q'i"Cf thE! pit, Of if they ha tf!. f<illen 10 the f~ool"_ ]f rndy:~ pLa.yer make5 a ~u<1ceSS£ul M(:r ... ~met;!t Check at J-I~

!lldrg~l:s {me hand free, Then .h~· can J.()~ Ill? th.!;! Q~h~r l"QPC:s" If Indy ,0100 Fdii.11 arE! still h;1ingi,ns (!vE\[' !1~ p'i~, haV'e ImJy'!; player make a normal Mowe-me-n! Ch;(.--ik ~n~~h_~ ropes are loeseaed. U th~ , Ch(ock: ~utteed~, Indy and 1£ditb fall safely to the gro-I,!!ild. If I he Check t:llIl!Ck aga:llls[ ,il 'D'IDg<E'[ ~;afing of oW to see if either 'IS hurt ill' ahe htll,

U Jndy cannot Hnd a way to escape, the ,e~l{)&!lilns oontil'UJI! • Sudldenily; otll: o.! the tower's roof ~upporh5 giv~ W3)'. TI'te dtain lurches and ~wfJilgs; a~ JJ1dYOllDd fd~th~aJ] to, Ehe fioor I'lIINll: the'flit. Have lndy s pliiyet 11I1<lkie a Mf)'ljIQn:'i,~I1t Ched;; a!. l/a_ If -t}1.I;: C~.::k ;';!J,l«e~;;lji, 1m"}, <Inc!

Edith :~,aIl ,safd·Y'. ]f ItM Check f~ih" i:i mower of EOiI;Lr :n;IC'ks· '(each with: 1l D.a:tl!!;,e.I Rat'IDS oJ 110) rains dowtl QIl .fna}' .a:. d ~

. (male rom Dange·r Checks fOol ead,.

lif 'th-e ch:uac~e~slip, hee 'of I'ht' ropes a!liu:1i rul1l out of the '!:OW!!,. they run fight into Sa[,cI\ITlDl1' Black, who Is stafid,1'1iS -peacll'f'l!ill:y I,l\II th.e- lowElr steps:. The explosions stcip_Fi.v~ <l!I"ID!!d .gMrlS s.t1l'lid in <I csemlCbrcl:@ l:!@jM th.e large bl.altk man,

If t!h~ characters <Ire s-\ill iruskLe the I,owet jJJ~1:-e1" :u~ b~jJ1:5' oo[ap.sin;g. ~ ,~)o;;plosi'o.n:s !;ibop,. and Solomo\IJ ~cl anclnlni:;; g9{l1!1!'i emter the


.Read the~olJ,owin.g bQ>llld lie>::1 to Y(lU:r pillye,r,


run this, II!'piS{]de, you ' ~he

a_I .... C,",,,,,,,, D","",,, }'ill! W,a!rI t w us ~ J,u 1ii.gur(!~ for

I this eptsode, )", 'th.,. Combat Gn;d 3;llIdi t'h~ fle;tlre5,: ~~

Wio~,1i! ~'Cio1lM~. ~ilIMrth.

[SIG0an1 ~~

lie OB1:EC"IlV[S

H~,\I'1l' Im:!y keep' S&O!l1'o.n Black from killing Jj]tly- .a.t1cl, E.:li,Il'(w(in&l 2P~ay@r

P!3iints}, _

Ha:".!! ,Indy keep fdith ftOlm beiing hurt

(wun:t! 1. f'!ay~,r YO!f1.I r. '


Have Solomon Black Itake lrrdyp:m;l Edith 'b< to. sltip(wof,th '] Player Point).

Start 'this ep~o(b~ by l11&YSpJayer make aJlI Instinct Check, to, see if hrdYinotires, tihf! 11al:i"'11;5 l;l.<I<ihering near th~ huts, The ~aJli\Jl!S a:r,e OIbout to iiIIH:adk the '!I-tmngers: w,1\.0 have invadN 'the tOIl,ler. IE tkCher.:k :51.!.!::u:OO , give I!lays p~Olyer 'WhiiJL~"'~r il1f(llrm!!'~~(I:n )'00 ~eel is approprtate i3J1ljJ then r~i1Jd him, t!h~ follO'l'!l.lIl!!t bt!xed!~"!:t

you .[[;~ U~JlS 'the 3·D figures, s~~ ~~p fJ\.Q fiSI)lt-eSi OIl the Co,mbat Gdd <r:i' ~QV!'Il i Iii the Combilil Diagram. Us.e tl;~ h.'IIQ N'.d;i'l'e fi~u_res tOl1i'eIii"CS~"l1I: the 8!ngry !u.l<rdes,

There lire ~ n.1ti1;le~ aHacldng tlte J!i~cup oUlside the ~oW1;~. These' lililil'ives ..... ant to kill (if capture ilny's:tifBlng;ers. th~ c.;i!!Il. I:i!lch Ilative I1,i;lS ~ihe fo:rlo;wif'l~ .rn~i.ngs..;


~ om

I ~I!!'I ill

ftQwess '601

~. ·~·Iilnwn:OJ~.i2]

Dutil'!.!); lh~ natives' attack, Blad grate!uliy accepts fnd,lls!h;",lp. BJa .k dOllsn't p'r()t~t if Indy ~'1'ab5 .. gun [flOIT.! one of h~s, gcoas,

.Ahho:ugh tMl_e. 're 30 o <!th·-'es. !.lldy inl.ltil: fight onlv 6. ,\,\iht:fI he has beaten 6

lit!.!;! . is 6v~r. 'ft;lliitidys

ptOlll'!:1 thOlt B}ack~ goons i1aV(l taken. ca~ of Lhere;t Three of mack s &;oono; ~tr'e kmerl Of' U\ie n .. rives, how,erver_

Make it dear tlO YO:lIIll'pl.ll.y,e't tni1lt ~.hc. !1a:~i Ve'5 surround the g.rol.lp .. If .Indy- ;;1'1'10 ,Edith try to escape IlrIIlo 'Ih~' itln.g~I;!. ,they

nil'! intQ (> JAilti.ves. -

Dwwij the battle; mOIlle :il;lire you Lell Ind'y:i; player what Er1i.rh is: doing, She's. I10 help .air al~. In. ,fact, if -.lndy r;1Q~,5I11't [eH her wh~t 10 do (Hike ~,GE!t d!llW'l'ln, she s.ands nthl out in th _ open, too scared ~ftJ. Ic!O!r'1ijj:~I5;a:d. 1.0 J;u;..C;Ii ......... · .... 1"1lAt ~;Gi· ,d.Q~ She

.S1lJy-S, th~!ilgs Uke, "Why- did 1 ever le:t yOUi talk m~ :Lnto ~_trisl" and "You ne-ver tald IJ~ in class thilt <l.I'r;haeollogy wag Ul,t~ thls!~ iind "]f only Charlie could've rIlOlik it alive (lui: 0'; your oEFi'1J~ __ . you'", bad luck, Jooesl"

Aft!;!! lndy' ,hal> def'!i:atea 6 nlltjye~.

Edith laps him ol1l:ne shoulder,"Pr.of,es· si1r}a'ne~," :she ssarts, Nave Indy!> P~Il~i" mi31k~ ill'! r['[!;~lruct Cheek to see if lndy liwtices ·,hilt BJiI-r:.k an.dl his two ,~~u· viv:ing gQ~n1; are 5tandil1ig behind him,

their gl;ln!; duwn.

'·w~n. nOW th.erl, v.m WGl'i'~' h'yl:nl't h';l !mlve the problem of whaftlo: do witti you, \ .... er-eI1'~ we, Dr.. jOIli!!J,'1:" Bfa'ci: !lays, QI11y rruldly i![it~.tod OIllthe d Jay calls.ed ; by the natives,

[f liildy nas ag~['I, he cen hold i.t Ol'i .

. ; IturniPl!; l&l~,sj watioll into a staoo"

orders iJ(i!l ~cm5 to take li:!dy ;Illld ,tZ'aith to thl!' .~Mp. so h~ can "djsp~ o-f the e'Vi~!Ia: OIl sea;" rf indy has ~ We'OIP'[]!Il, .B1a~!; ;g.oo[Js take it JlW;'lY,

lJ1a'd.llas Indy and Bdith taken to the ship ana locke;::! (.rri9 fdil-ll S CCI,bin" He pests ;;I guard: outside ~}u doolr_ indy orv~heiil'~ lJmck tell!l:illlg, th~ gu.a;rc" "SOlon, Wd~ will take' care of this tl'Ou:bL~m;ltke1 Ds: Jon!!!>. Do n.ot Wtltr:lt'

'iaiU:r -p-]ay~:I' Itnut 11:10""'" I:ry to p!i:'fSLJi!lde ,Black 'bo let lndyand ,Bdith :H,,~_ J.mJ:y must bluff Black. If he 3ppe.a~s to BIa.rk'g.

~'1!:.-=J! ~~. dll:.:lI;~ ~ {V~ ,!",V¥It"CI ~ D.J~>,J,_ !."dl~:;. 'I,)H

his ~CI<Qns. I-IC .,~U: If!dy and BJdfi taken [li"liS.One:f and! ~t back lo the ship. ,If .Indy ha!>, <l w.eapof'l .•. Black tahs it away.

If Ifldy(afl't oome up with a good!

I:!.lulff ,Iri;;live :B:la!d:: ~.ay (in lljsillilClSll siIJre~ tic voice) e.oe' of thQ fo.~JowiI:l.B {YIOlli' choice~:

• ·'DIt. JOfl'f.·S, yo~, , .... ouldn't bekeeping sameothin,g .from me, would }'w.l'l.:!l TImt would b~v·e-ry' 'kIllWir.e,:'

• np~r"aj:'i~ the,r~ i$ ~mdh' g :in the tower that tl!lls more than you care lo reveal. Tell me, J'o:ne!;_ 'I'm. gel~ ~iM:;!~V!~

I. "Perhaps [ sJ-iouOd k.'~E!P y~1,!I ~'ClF the tiIne belng a!i_ _ _ 'insu:t"al'u::le.-

Then a'How .f.i!jdy mare ~LlJl)e to COll1tl! up ~'19th: another bluH _ [f he sUI] Ca!Il't_ mad;.

ad Ith~ ~tire ep:isQd'e belol"!e you run yillU!r l?la~f i:h:r-<iJuSh 1,1.

'lil :mfl t~i9 <!pL~de, you ~eoo. the mdillna JOf'li!S Chat3ct,er Dosster. If y<ou ~'ia.tll tel 'use 3-D Hsmes fQr thisepiwde. !fOUl net!!d. bhl!! C'f)llIIiIOOl Grid and lliiese :figu;c;s:

fiilii:iij1 . .Iiirto:iiJj. ~~ ~Glacnl

~ik'i SIIItI~ i_Capiln


H<t"'I;1ndy OInd Edith escape the ship urI.Ilurt t Werth 1 !"!ayer YomU.

Ha .... e bid)' a nlcil.:Lo message .f£,~ hi!Lp (wortn 2. rJayll:O fuifltls).

Have indy I;»~ptw;e the bridg;e (\;;,ortl ;5 PIa:ye-rPoir'lt!;:).

Have .lI1dy obtai.n one rnf th-1!! ]> (worth t rli!~r Pollu).


Wf Irr,dy escapes, .ha.v'e S'I;IJornM 81'ad ree.api:ure :him -'~worth 1 P.laye:r P.oin~). tliilive 8dii.h try to kill.Dr_ Jon~ without him ,gettill,g Sospici.OU5 {wo!"th. 1 Playex Point).


R.!:!ad the. followmg boxed l:exl to yutllr

p,la~'1!1". .


Ha .... e YOIll:r .pllOl.y,~jf ll"l.I!ke a. Backbone Cb,Qd, .a!E "li'1!. [f t"hJ1 Cihe~t S1lIOOBIi!Os. Indy si:ay:s, aw~l!:@ th;r·l;l~hQut ~he njghL If tIll::

Check t<l"ils. hldy falls asleep f~r' sl!ve.ral

bc-.,...l!i=!'~ Wh"ii:F1l ih'i: ,,!¥Gk'ii:~ !LIIP~ hi;. ;:.,z."I!f! .. hiilil

fdil':!J h!1i5 a~gQf<J1lefl asl'ee.p. il!nd the 'ooilll is out t.o sea.

lhll YOlU' j:ilayer tika,tIFlOYf'l> [hI;: '~ime to

IP'lar! IndY.:! i:s~ap.:.. if he wants to. First, ll'ldy aM EtJi~:h ha"li'"le to get out of tbe ca.bin. The po.rtholeand Ihe Sliardtd doo'li <lr!! til 'gbin{s Qilly e:d!S. Th~ g,t1.udi is alt'i,ltled. Th~' porthole· is. 50 fee[OliIb~lfe tl'l!!." 6~l!".'iii" aID'ld 20 feet be]ow lhl! s~ip·1!l

I ~k. fuel}' can squeeze t"1'l:l'OtI.gli thll? porlI hole. v.'itih dHfiru.lty~

If: l{6Uf p]ItY1!'r is having ill tm!gE:i thou: ·1lliI.lki~s: 011 decisiu.l'l. hi!l'li~ .EuiUrmakre ill ;5UggeS.ti-OIfl..

~Perhap~ I enld help .. ] milCin .... U!h _ .. wilil. I eeuld, er, »lItl:: tine gl;l<lJ"di with, wen ... ~e.rndlli1:"1(1 wll~r T~n the player that evel'ything fud}' ~1i3:!i :SWI1 of fdj~h Ieeds him ro wOfid~f rw1i.H ~e{\lil'li:n} w:i1es me~s talkfing a~otlt!

")!\kIt Dr. lu.liC'l;', I'vg learned a. few Ililings {jilits..Mi!' .)'0"1l1: c'las~rocm, you MOW. [ am ,:rl"ter all, 11 wuman. Now, 1:1;.In1 yQ1Jf pil.elk whlle I chang@' into the ~O""'l"l I have in. my lllgg<lge.~ Being .proper, .f'JHh ciJol!'Sn't cliJa!nglg'U!!l t"~1 Indy .a~I.I];'e5 mile will. beha ve plj"j)pE!t'ly.

Once Editlf C:h;m~ . .Indy: di5(;Oovers i·hat fditj,'is n'311y qtlliil:e he~utiIwl when. :s:h~' W~lIt!$ ~ b~. Sli~ is -wearing <! pille' :pjnk, Icn ... -eut .• din:gy gQwn. U's ,iI hn!lg way from. hcr si.lly !l9;~ad dQilies, that':$ Icr sure I Sh~'~ let her lolli.S hr·owlI hatr ·d!UWIiJ,iH~.Jirn.g th~ .fiu.ishiiil1lg totu:lh to her appellrance.

'1 d.on.'t think I ~hQ![;ld wear my .glass.t"S, :!1!!i l'm gtJdng to nave a ltt:tte' troubLe sfli1il'lg,~ !>1i-I!l !ii<l!Y'S 3,. ~he $l~P<!l' f(lrw~., :a::r. ~rQrU%' ~fLr'C;i:" ,u5,r,'-=rIiii'i:!!r IikJUlr ~ri,c;.a' ·to lure Ih~ guard i;rit£l tb~ roern, She :kno·ch on tt 12 dioor and ,a~b 'the guard, in h.(!ir ~wi;;~~e5l ';'oi.c;e, teo openthe door. Adilintl

·iI $ulJry rouch, pmmlses ~Clbehaw_

H Jmi.Y~til·~ Q'u:i~lr .he guard IJ'pil;Jl~ the door,

'li1lelt hellor' Edith coos. "I'm so tE!m'bly .lo!'i~ty. nl~t awh:ll Jo.,1:'5 m<ll1l. ls asleepimd so me.iIl[l and- rude, W(}uldyoll keep me t;vm:panyl"

The gU<ln;l, \",h(l isfl't 1t:er:riE;!;]y <:.mti(!oU5, j' fa.~ls fot the t-{fjck .. eli! oon:te~ into th~ 'ilbin. Here's Indy's chan()e-i

GlI8m (goon~

,SIMniiiII, ·110

MoIremiint ·110

:~a :5&



Once Iitd'Y' and rujti~ e5£a.p~FrQm tfl

~·ob'iin,. tJ],lIii:)'" ri:Q(IJ, i1il.'O'Y"-;:. r.:_iaI'u,L h ... lI,,!~ if 1I!ilI ......... WJ~ ll!te :Wlp. T~~ dO'n't Illl""'!: ·~i"lyon-e ell!ie' as, tine}!' :mO'ill! thr'ollgn the oonridon o:r thE dJl:cI ..... ·IIF. thy SQ' to· any of tb.~ flll:I.I.I;I'W~ iog areas, rUr:I the ,efll:O'l1n:ti!r:.; t.1~at are listed whh thliilJ ;aNa.


There· is one goon. ·on. d.UlI:y· :here. He's :si-I.t:ing w:lth ~i~ back to the door, ear· :pnoJlI!!; 0:1'1 his hwd.lf Indy tries ~o s.neak


LIP Ol'l him" .. mak@ an Inst ilnr~ Check ~o.r the goon, Bcc<uj:~e th~ gooil:l has ear,phones 0['1 '(anG, bJ;-catli5e 'he'r, ~Q' bored), he nO' lnd:r ,,,lily U 'yo I !loll <I tll.cky Ent'lik for t~1? !:l(]QIil. .

Once Irtd)ls tak~ care oJ the gO'O.i1" lfae can 1Il.~ ~b(! radio ~t ~Q '!illimd a m(!gsag:1f! to any shi_P05 in range.


~ ,.0

Mln'tIni!d '.

~jj 10

11'R iJII*I g ~


BflfotP' Endy reaches rhe hrkl~, I~II yQlLI!f pliil)";o-r thillt· severel m.rn i3J1"(; htr~:

S'o!Qmo.ll Black, the srlip's capt<lin, ,;I!I:101 four 'Sditoft; (lIill !loons who w·[]l'k. rlQl' mack),. The s~j:J)o:rs.-Hfl;ht l:nd'y if he' odes· to ~ak!t overthe ship, 8'liidi: -~lnd Ihe

rapt ... f tJ doo"t brawl, but ~~y do usetheir !,l,u;n5-

4- S6i~ IlgconiSll ~ lIIM;k

~ ~~ .5Z

~ g, MIn'~ ·oM

~ 10, f'IviiMu. .&2

~~i~niioir,g .. ~:~IM'I 'CM_<li_'~

s~ 41

MoflimMII 56

~ 4Ii

I~' Ji;lJ~W4JSl1

If lndy Q'Ii'e"J" the br~dge', h~mlllit use fo~ tn h-ep OJ t roli o-f ~he: ship. The rest of Hu~ en!w-m~bers def"~ifI;d ~h~ sh.ip and head lq,r the bdds'f: 111 fe:w m_[nul'~Ei aFti!'.r a fit',hf hnrOib 0 . II. There am .2,0 ot~1' "'feW· members aboaed t!ha; l!>liIip •.

OI'liOIO llid~v is eontrclllng t ~ lu.i.dge. get rC2Idy to :sl-ad Episode 9'.


Indy.and Edith cain. ~I helle without

!;."''''Iii ... <>ti..-c.d .. ~'i,,,,.,.,,d he ... ",.,. l'iil U, •. m", ~adl. pa>cked ili'l a h~<I:"")' c:ral'i;] .. lite rest of. tllle hold is fHled\'1ith ~m31l crates, aU sten.cil6d in C2)E!cho!ill~vakiian .. These: sm;l]111'T ~:rate,s, COflt:i In dlf1'l~i!ll.~I:e·., ,.-

Dt tiIJlc~s. ,:nay 10 min.1.ll~G!s to ,o.piI!rn ;;![ne (rat·e ... If )lou.l' 'PDare-rmak,~ ~ ~l!~~ ~ Stret1lgtn Clteek... kldy af1.dfJit,h, can p'lIIlll {ln~ of 11"h,e ('!ilIliii:O IkOns out onto the deck. l~ t:.1J~CS tl;~ dla!l"adelCS ~(I mim:ttes

, to dJo ~h:is.


, [WQ·re yell rul'l yO'lilf pla}'1!r through S~el1le 2, you n.e~d te kn.a-w ~he truth ~hoLlt Eilith.

AII+LOUgh indy shouldn't know it yeol, Edith want Mm out ()f the way. Edith was the CJJ:le who arranged ~o have her tirO! her CllarfJ!" 'k 1111!I;Ir_ ~he W;!.!US a II [1m

gll}ry' For the d~vE!1ry of tliIl! lkons, and ~he'5, not ' .... n.ling to share it.. So tar, she·oS '!iL<;eJ [tid.' to ~t what lilli! waRt:!:, but now tlul't the ikOO5 have been foun.d. she's ready to wrHe Illdy off.

if !Jildy and .fdi~h !-'O I~Q the 1'00.dil;> mom, b~, or hold in 5cI:I11i: ~, 5'he tries ~c

I kill .Irl'dy. hut !ih~ :mah>s si.i~~ that jf sl.t~ hils. ber secret i5;fl'~ exposed _

EdIii h in .be radi0 rOjl'm: lSdit'll follow indy lnto the HI"dllo room. but she doesn't heolp him loa'k,!! care of!thG g'liIanl,Whlln rOO}'5- in t' I! rl!liddll! of sending hi s meso sage, she fires a. shot at him from bebl!nd.

Since she's nq.1 ~e<Lri~ her gI_"SS!l5i. l1o~"'_ IE!'V{!r, hler aim is t~miM~. li!;~ gunshot whkze:3 pil~t Indy <Ina blasts th~ radie biJi sm1tfil!!]l't.."-eI'Is_ Edith immt!c!iately rushes ' into tilt! hall.

lE Indy a5ks what the heckshe !5 doing, Ern/h· whlspers. "Black's guardsl They're herer' fdhh doesn't "_[l&wer Jnd'v if ht' 0I5~5 wli!en~ ~Ile- got Ime gun.

ldith, '!;I:1'Il Ih~ b~i. Edith Hres at Indy wl1l~J'l he's on thl!' br.irl~. but the shDt

!;':d~ widi!_ If Indy asks !!:tet about it ~.M~r, Edith C.'i:plaLn:s that she was l1'ing to help, but ~ha;~ she's 110 good without he]' !;l'I<I~~. S~~ td b Mdy tif h~ asiks) 'that she iu~;t "Iouad tine g,tl1'l IVii1i$ on. the hrjdge."

Ed'~th in the hald: EJ;tflhl:lp:; 1lltly lug one of I:h.~ Ikon natli$ onto the dock and stlg!l;~~t~ tl:i@t tn~:ylo-ad it i M:O a lif(lb-Oj!j~. Theil she tries to knock Of push Jtldy overboard. and does her Des't to make It seem like an acciden] (Ihe glasses story again) if she ~a i15.

G;OONS' O:N fHE. mAll

[l' lndy and EdJth haven't alrr~adly shewn th~~l;,r~!i, 3(1 m!n;utes pass hefmecln€' of mack'!; goon'~ dlscovers that they've esCiIlped_

No ma.~ter ....... her-e J.I1dy and Edijll are, S%moIl Bhtr;;! and three oaf hi!> goO'I1l> ·j'luo.1 il"tllll jUM:' !!IO: ALI' ;'-'11(1;; R..lh~ {"<'>'" Seen 2:, 8ridge "ncr.IU!!'!lt'~}.

8J.1;;k. is ver'j' angry. ~L am .. as you A~rkal1s say, FED UP. Dr. I·Megl" .Bliid and his gOo:m; I ry 10 c.ajptlife or kt!J 1mly and ,lidiIJ'!_ ~f Ella}' ;1i,re, arr.u'l.~ a f;as~ deep sea ouri,illwalking 'the plank I

Ii Irrdy escapes, .2.0' 8.0011'3 {led by the dt~p, (',apt<llin. if ht"~ ~~ iii around) chase aF!el' him.

If Indy <lnd Edith are about to wi!llk (he pl';mk, 'Of if more S.OQIlS ;;In: ;J'iI;l;cik:ing. I.h~m, start. Episode 9.

l:~ dlorl,'t ruN!d any ,~xtra pi~Wll' to WI tfIis e.p'iJ!lOOi!!. T.".~.El is no bo:woed . xr to !'ead 'to ji'O~ pI~yer, :RathC".I", .. yOU snouLd T-ead the ·entl:JI epiSQd.e, and Hun. "II1Ei! yOll!r own WQ;@, 110 describe

w:hillt':s tdl':Ilj~hI"l'lfl: }cm'ieti.,


Tnu:l;3ialc. the. ,n.i,['it=.!i a,1 d" l,..R~1iiii y( ill';:;

1];;01:1 ~w'Onh 1. ~y~r Pomt~.

S;tarll~hts, et:llSlOcie rig'p-t in ~he· middle of tib.'l;! a<l;tk)!l from Episl)de ,8, w~i!ther .lndy afid6dith are wa[ldngth~ plallik, fighting off goOi'lS, QJ oom:mmcl? Ith~ :ship'ij br..Ldge.

SCENE'1: fORfifDOl

lHllJJdy tht he "1'I:a Edith can ~!fe Ilhi! OOi)iihl"l :f"[!~m wh!iT~.,e;r they 3Ii"e, and that tltey cam g.@"t Q\le.rlbO$d e<!sUy from Ulat posillOn.

Blli'l'f ;o'allir pll<l)'1!f mi;lk~ a,n lJl_~tim;t Chedk. I); 'the th{~d:.. siIl.ooBF!ds, 111"dy sees a 'tQrp~o slicing through tile water, ecmh:l(g straigtl"1 a~ t~ g,hip [ Ilf hr! gli!ts The fld:g,, fudy also sees 111 sU!bm.ariil'lensimlg !:Q th..e5u.rfa(le o-ff to ~~(: ~i~ ~t!he :!:l'iip.

I No- ina.llt"ar ·wh;,;:t lh.e reS'uLt~ of th£

I Instinct CheClJ.: are, allow yOW' p,la},€r I:Q dmQ;!i~· w:te· OJIDbat action. :If 1~,oo~$:5i1I)1:.. ~('1~'.rlli'l1 ~b::llf" thl!2l1'"lP.l' .... 1nj'I"'iI ~J jim;.;.. + ......• ~r I'r~' :{pl'!t

tln.e ship out of thE' lorpedn's p<lEh. ]f .fmly l.!NIpS overhoen;l!, be ean hurill him~lf <ind .Bdhl~ far @Ilti'u,gh out if:l~"o the w:H.e:J' to av.o.:td. bt'ili!'ig hurt by Ule e:~p,l{lls1o:J'I.

The ship ~p'JiOd'e-s \.,iJh iii dWenllfl.g KA":OOOM! The !>hoclc w;;tv,e' llin!!;$ thl! (;"i1a!l'dcte:rs. through. the ilir I(wliretheli th@}l we' $~11 0"1'1 bf»;l,r,clm: ,airea,d!y ill the w,arer) and s'larms them into the ·1it5hinl! waves, If Indy.a'fId Edith arr~ !Still !JIn, boord when the' ship ,e;.;.pl.oo!;l15, mil:ke Dml~r Checks 1ls-armst <il1J.a:l'I.g.eor .Rartun:g oJ ,fiQlto see if indY.and EdIth arte hurt by bile b]aSlt,

Smldenly, a second, !!-W:I"ft g;reale:r I;!x;p!ooioo rips ahroi:lgh the dia:m.a.:geQ S:hjp ,8~ I:he- divlliarn,i~e iii'll th~ :hokl expllodes~ Within ~gnds, Ute gr'indin,g K;I"'I:l~ of metal roars a~I'"O'U the wa .... 1lS .a.s ·Ih~ !;in:!p, ilS k.t'il!1 bl'ekll!!fi,beJ1Ji:ll":> to ~() dGwtli.

WIw.n mdy bobs, too Ih~ 811ffaC@., th~· firlit h""~ Hlrngs: :!"le seesaI'e· 5dft.h and 01'lE! ·oJlhe' Ek.Qn !,;!,,!lles, Elooling on the waVie~. Ed1~h swims mOldI,. lOW'lllrii the crate, spuulf!rJng."'\\I~ can't lose the lkonl It's the .oruy .Pwoaf ·of Ill'I.1i'-'O!!['r OIichl'ev~tlu:i:VU" Sh.e grabs th~ erat.oi:! and: tries 'topWl her~ll O!l'll~O it.

The w.a~i!l:rnext Ito Indy a:nd: edith :rud!tlel'lly bi!lgiM to roam. An omill1oU5 gray !i'ubtil!;llMl1~ break:;: the ~'U!rlii!l;G" of tile

wah1: a. .~w hyRd~ feet away: As thE! sab's t6Wet tlse~ ~~II. 'of the "Warn, tln,Q I!airt:tedleuer:s "U·S01~ ~·!i;)mlillnro 1{~e\i,",

rh~ $ulm'luin.4?llakh pop:; 'QP1ill <lIn.d II I.!pjfQrrned man 'frn~.Fgl!:i. " AhDY ilier, ma,t;h, ~uclt "~litig tim df!"oti~trid.. tn! bckommenl" he sh01lts, to lndy aQld

I Ft:l,th

Si:l'i~@ Intiy u:nde:r1i~am:Ls, Gej;'~n. ~ell. ],'ou.r p]alifl!t· that the rll1.3rL sald he ~s going to, Inflow .lndY ,ahrl eQitn ,ilime,

The Gerr.n:!lM 'bring Indy. Edill:t. <lIlld the ·1l:J:illt~ ",board tne suh .. One of the 9'1:1 h'~ oH"ke~ e:o:;pla.ill5 ahal they torpi?dli)ed I'he ship as a. "5~nric·~t (Iof :s.orts-~I;i<'y· clairn the", WlI!t,~ only riddliltl tbe oeeaes oJ <Ii dan;gerullis pirate .ship·. The Gr:nn'!ns

offer- to ~:akltZ IMy;:m,g to New·



Tn~ 5-I.lh!iJl~.:ri.!1e voyage to, Neo'\' York takes 1 month. During: :lim!l1', there:is little rlQr ltldiaflil and Edith to do. The '~p.ace 0:0. tihe &ub ill· ¥f:[],cra:mpl!i!.l, .<Ilt!w·ugh the first oPfioer gradou!iJ''l'' !lives his eabln rn Edith. Ina}1 U!&fS the CtleW . qu:UH!t.s.

. If .fndYll'!oi!d'e ,Ii copy o.f one ~ ~he· iru:c1':ill·tk!rns ~.I;illt weT"" wNtt.-n ...... th .. bases of tine Ikons, he calli spend the time

, on the sub traf1l5I:aii!lligit .. K lnd} didn't m.ake <Ii copy, he remembers .it if" :!!,our pl.ayer makes OJ ~U~:;['I1r llllstincl. Check. [f th~ CliK!ck f,;lil:;, Edith rem.embcts the inscri:ptiorl.

By In@' end ,o( th.e V0!l'~t!, indy trafiSilates 'l~te inseriptiJil:I'II.: B~l.!ld.ii K.wd Dily

. Hars'. Hven if 'Your p!illyer':;[Iuti:nct

I Cl1edks f.a:lll wln.t! may ~ tran.sHatmg, t~ll him 'Wh,'ll the. translation ls, If YOIll- ""'"illfI:t;, you C'<llL .ke1.'lP Y1;lyrpl'otyer "Wondering fm a. while by rnllinJ.g .a lew ·woe (a .Iinl!!: bluffing ROW and th~l1kee:rs playe.r.s honest), but Indy still gg!5 the correct info'llTI3JiioD.

" ~b..ilt heknows from. hi5 sh!LdY' oJ tilE!' lkOimrmmen legends t:l\at Ille i1lilOC.fipl:ion i·!) il cemmand that !:U.ppo~ly ru~~~, tllfte ~oldert Ikons tolif~ ~Q.'!f'\i'en,!l'f widoointnldefl'l.

'\oVhfl.i'iL dle ~yb i~ n~r New YQtk, the eap:tain mde.r\5i a ·b~t 10 t,a}Qi! Jndy. Edit_h_' <1II'I.dI the crate ashore, The ca!ptaiilil ha~, ~. (:el~il;I1.!J> and ~o]j if: up to 'Iih"is poi!"!!. and hE! exp~i;tS. Indy [10 ketp his m1ioulh shut about the whole ilm:1dent. Afl'fr~ all. thls 'Wuurld! onDy be honorable. The!n did Sillve !l'Idy:~ ~ck!

To nlDl this, e;pis~e" YQ1! l"Wi~dI ~hre .l!ndialil';:;J' !f:meS Cn_~I"~~t:er Dos~~:r. H }'~t1 W1I1'It to use 3-0 figUIT£!S Jm'

t~l$ episode •. you need th~ C~·mh1r~ G!'1d ilind (he!>!! F~glJre&l

1idIn.I'.i't;nM W!:!mIn In

GitMxI !~~

.PC O,QU;;crrVE5

Have !J1dy ,.iI:&'UV!i!i" or pl1nish Charlie DU'nfile'i>murdeil'!!1" (wor~h 2 Player'

I Points).

;rLlve hid,. Ibmg ,tb.>!! Ikol'! to life' ,(w,[l!J'th " f'Myer :t"Io:ln~.)_


HlIve' Edith or Jerry ~W'Id! IndllM1ilJ 'rm~ (worlh IP1a.YeJ: POiE!:tt)·_

Si!f Ilidy up for :his Mi'>t, ~V1enN[c (wDrlh 1: Player Points),


StalTt by readiDli tIlle following DDx,ed t'~Kt to

Co;ntiri1l£! to thts scene to'yo r

player, and! h_,avoe .Edith !iitolrt "' COrt'll'eIMtion witb .[tldy. Y01!l[ o.bieiCt in tms conve~l'inni5 to ilIrutLiili! ~tt~pieiMS if!. your player' about l!did1's mGtivres. [f ~QU W!Ll'J:t:, h<!v~ ~,fl~ s~y sO:m;(! oJ tM WIIOWD!'lg mm§5 ro dirl:v·e [h~' P[]l.[J[ horne,

"]1:"5. so ,e;!(/!;it!ng'j 11l!!y'i"!' gOlfi,g t,Ij), citevo,term ffil,iI'~ wing o:f !he mUJiel!lr.l!1 ~o U~. On, 1 dOIl''IDI1t1an lr'I1JUI er poor ChaI1i~ , , . l mean. the r.k!:rn and mel"

~I. :kn.ow i!l.'s too bad Ith:ilJ~ ClI..uiie was k:.m~d lind t'Y1!Q'thilllg like that" but I did ~h~ \«.ork, you know. Aliter 31]. 1 was t:lile nlii'! wlto lookdl tJI-~ .r:ifOks:'

"Ivr;:rybQdy \'{iU be"..,'!rS, :iiJII<lgazirui!5., n~srOOls-why, l'U he'

seen eye:LJ'w:n~re! A!1Idi [ ~~ it, e'ileli'Y btl oJ :il, Y{ll!,l AAOW_~

M<lIM'l (,l~H t~ilI~ Indy ~ollJi:ld! accom.piillilyruitli ~l1d lludkon back: b> ahe mu~m •. Af~r lllidYMJ!~i!; tl:tis, 11:01 ...... ev-e.l'~ n.a'll'e Edirh r~ptlru:J, "Wnat doyolJl W<ilAII to lagJJlo:n.g for, Jooest This, openiflg is Iormel Do ymll w'a.llI~ to ~,teal 5Q:!!'l.e of my lImeUgJln .n

EV!![1 tl!l'il'ugh Edith doesn't wan:1 11;l'cy , ahlDig, she! agrefS IJD let him.jom ~er M

" thE! fliglnlt tutb.e museum.

Ch!,l;ie ttJ~'p&ari!1f!6~ ii'l! ~h~ a:hr,. Fdil<h decides to take eare of Pro{e50.or}o.Tf,J;<S- on~a,11ldl foral!L

B~k!N! :ll'lytb,tn,g. happelii,s., however,

give Indy' thechance to comront 15dl,th wi~!h <lin}' :su!J'1do:ns tllai he might h",v.~_ At firs!. &lith p[3.yS innflt:el1lJt. buJt once she reallrzl:!S that Indy knows ~bewhQJe 5tOiry, she 1;00US fat ~h.~ pilot.

U Indy ~tmisnll suspicious of he.r. .Edith tI.1m$ to Iltim and Sill!!,!! kll)'. "the ;grei!~ JlIldi.wo;! J~. You .knO'W, 'l;'"on we' ~",.~I" " [ ... ",1 .. ~, ... · ..... n1 Ll ...... "'bt. ::You'd find CM.fIJ,~~ :mu:rderer. I'm w:r'8id l c;m't lel yQU dQ tlla!, Jtlcry, set: inhere·[N

Af'~l1r J[!~y a:IiIJ Eai'.th's oonFr.cmta:tiL::m, }f'1'l)'"step$ 'mJ!' of the ooekpjt,re~'ol.'!.I'err in hand, NOIk.ay, piny, Don.'t move, I took care of 01' Cba.lj~.tJy. and '.'m ,gofina I:ake eare ,of YI!;IU, too." he s;a.y:i>, grinning as &lith eemes QVeJ to :P'iJt her- arm arrcm.ndi IiLim _ "I fi.:g.ti~d1 w,e might 'need serne ~drn timlt" do.lI, so I got her ,on a,utIQm~Ht pil{l~. h:n s,wll:l,gin' heir around 00 ~i!!ke 'her ova- the Atlantit:. 1I"11'~ ,emil dump tlte b~m mll there."

[NUl"S, CHOU::E"S,

In:dyh<lis three ehotees ill! trnl5 lalhel:"

M@SSY :;.ituiltion, He can I t himselJ b'e kmoo. try te f.ishl his way out, or repeat the words of the ]l;;on'5. inscnptiQn.

SIn.ce Indy' might not c(l[lsideil' :r..epe~ltLng the 'trnnslat,iO'.n, have Edith t<!ll,l:nt Indy by 's.a.yin;g, "So, Jonesl YOur goll_,e ;!llVe;n_g,er:s, {'MI'i save you now, I 5'I.I!I?JIQ<5e YV~l~m t~!fJIk they !:;<tn OO~iIN~ to life. Wi;l'JC'e>ttliO!: to tM ~,:tJI \~(ll'iI.;;I, ~oJl"ile51'-

.H Indy ,S<[¥-s tM~ne-is going to :repe<lt the tralilsla:Hofl, EdIth ;Ln.di J~rrylau;gh Illt ' hi. Both thili,ll; IIha;t tile }@gerul of ~hl! &QJd.en a'l'enseP-i i~ jlllsl a. bunch of h.ogwash.

If Indy repeats th.~ iru;c:;r11P'£ilJ'IiI, tb.!!

IfIt:Mi>y t"rntf: begiru; ~o !~h;!;~ omgn,l]us.ty_ , Aheif';li ~f\'o' seconds, ,a g>clden hand shoves aside Ute lid, ami Ute L'kQJ!, ib glassy s!leaming with ~Fury,Fh:e5 OUlt

oE (he'!:r.wle. The ]1.0171 imm~dl;lLbe]y !1lIl0'!le:ii, tOW<B:ro Jerry a:lild1 Er.f;'1Ji" hut you mO·!,;I!.oe l::lea!Jj to rOIl.1" p!a~r i:haJt Ure [kQ'" isn't mike~~l bo s~cp W1t~ those two.

6rawli"g or ShoQtjlID!g, dQ MtaFfect the Iko'll.


I~ iii:

I'r!iIn!IiiI "12~

,~ ~'IJJ4III'

s~ 401

~l U

~ ·10


Ii .lndy deitreats Jerry amd liditn ill 011 fipt, thep1tane' is, spinmirngou!: (Jf' OOJl~ro'l fuy th@ 'I!!itd of tliU~ Hght. ]f l:ndy brings t:ne fkon.oo life, ~I!:II YOlll player that 'the' plane 51<1115 tg.5pin 'ouJ: of' Qji'ltrol tiS the Jkonanacks _

U yQtJ:f' pJaye. ;J!;ik!;' i;l!60lL1 t w,al'~ ~Q eseape, tellhi:m !that there is a ~.n:OIdlute hy !he cargo door tffil.~ Indy can use.

]f Indy .rrurachutes O;ut, lie lai'id!i~fi!ly_ " lust .;!loS hacndS, ihe he. rs the cllfstilnt roM o~ <I plome a:sit spLns vi ol~l'I!tly tQW.attl ~ Will'E!1'Y g,ra.:vll!'_

T~~ i~i3rte cradttlsinrn th.~ ooe~Jl 5 :minl!Lt~ m~r jenrYlmdi Edith o~J1Ifri:)J1lt Indy_ Jf .hidy goes down wI~hihe plane, he is '1lI/Jtb.8~rC(: ll:f tl'i~ wrl!:c:k~ as the pl;ll.J1>e hit~ the' watei', Make a. D3flrger Check a:gainst CI! D<l!Il31l'r Ratifli8; of flO lio see j,f Indy is wounded in th~ Q'.~. If Indy is cunscioll1s, nil!' i!'..barely able to, [iwjm to :sihot,!.;! and dra~ l:'Iims.ellf 0:. to a bead,_ H Indy l'ii unoenseieus when the plal\i! gOl!ll d!own, he wake!; up, some tiIlUJ' lawr" 'I"OI~hocl1;l.p en.a bt:ad'l. and blU:.ely a.ti ... e_ &Itt!,., !(!;ny, and ttUl:[kOrlS are .::lJU .Iost fo:n:r~~L!!f in, ~b;~ SIllty WOi~en; of the .Atl<mti;;:;,

-r: !"',_ '""'.' J~S, to~her. Y(ltJ will need:4' S': ·····5' '" fM.····· B" .... ··l· . f- "

'~~~.m~ '. . .' . .

'. '.CU.t';d.o:n.' g.thesC;Q[~ bdm;m I;)al\,el~ 1 &: 2 ,...... . ." ' 1 '. . . . i , .. ' . '.' .. ' ..,

lind 3& 011,. ¥O'lll 1I0W have f01!1r ~p'a,ral)l<t .1

f~g;u.r~' psnels. . . ,.... .... '. '.. .. ' -.' .. , , .' ..


, PANEL 11:

,Cbar.act8r Pc.-, IDetmh DIKH"


lhe hlankpaMI aii'!OI!l!:ih of thesefigllMS [ists UW! dta:racte:r'!l fi<lme,

1, Cyt illp!lS thi: 5Q.lid, liIlef> Imlll yO'll a.'l'f' 12. OOpal"alte i?i~.

2, fg:ld al(l'flg the dot~ Hnoe:s on each £igu;r-.e, as Dia,gli<lID. 1. Eta.d .. of th fi1:l;uns ~oJd~ iloilo ~ I:oonflll!' ~hat ~ho'Ws III cha:ra;~l:er'!ll :ri~'ht. lefl'., ~l'Id back sidML Tm, show thai: a, character i:s moving ·~oll", p6ilnlt i~, figure' .ir.1

~he dir&th:l'L'I .nloled b,y the a1'l'{lW om DiagJam, :2:.

3, Apply' a. f®v ,c:lri!J~ of ,~llIe to- the ~ri<llilSl:le's. bbfl'lk paTte.1 ("'[" .;:~:rt Dia:il;l'am n. Then roId th{! fi~rl! 'bo,gelke-I" into a,'!s,le Hid pl'~ filfooy. If you use ~0l1P'tll •. wM th~ figLJi"e together and V'Tap a small ptec~ ~~ t!' a:rollJllId the &onJl. po.ult Qfthetlriande (''1'' Oil Diagram ::1:). The ~apeshQ'lllid I:JIHn@ the figlll1'e's nglht a!l1d left 5ide.i togettD~r.



1. Grit <tilong ~hl! 5:olod lines on Double [1001' A&: 5" and .liLolAg I,he ~oli,-d lines 00 tl1-e Right and LeJJI Double DQQI" S~o!!!'lds.

2. Gut out the stlCticmsmaikcrl with ilifl MX·' on tifle IDm,l.ble [)·i)or ftalmes.

These Sp'<lIWS, wr~1 form th~ ~oQ,[ opening, wh-en ·th~ dODI' Is Pl;!t ~ofle~~r,

J. App~ya ~I!lW drol'S of glli~ M,the baek ~~d~ 1!1£ !OQuble DOQrF£arrte .A rr On DEilgriiliJR 3). ThellhJ.ll.-oolo:r sid!! of the .frame' i~ Ithe MONt :;itilll. Apply the glue' ONl.Y .dong tlitl! liinl2S n!)acked b!" <U[[{IW!'l on Dtagram 3. D~ fiQt ,apply glue' a!n!;"!I'll'h(![',(;! cl!;e ,(J[lJ Dg'l.1ble Doer Frame A.

4. F'ross DoUble' DQt;lf (l'!'<lIDt' A ,fjrii'l'll'y ll,ll!e:ther ~th Double DoorF.rai1'l!l!!: B {"'-2" on magram 3)'. Mak@ sltrce ~h3t the ,fIlU,-oolo.f' ~id)!!!~ ,a.te' slwwins on botb. sid'@s of t.I'i.1! d'tmr t["u;-nc. If'lrol!l. use rape, wrl1P s.maIlFi~celi o£ '~are: a,QIlIInd the 'ends of ilhe, doorf.l"aini~~ {lop ,a~d ~o~rom). Use thl:3ifl"'OWS ilmI Daall,r-am J illS' guidelines 10-£ plad:r.g the tape'.

5. F.olcl.alo-u.g tke doued: ~.iliLe!i (Jill the Rlight and leftDoub~ DM1' S'~and!;i focrming: them. illJlo triangles. Till!: Leff [h:l1.~ble Door Stamd l1l,H3'~ 10;1'1 DJ.a~ gram 3, andiffil~ Right DQ"bk DQ>Ol StaJld:is nil" On Diagram 3,

6. Glue or ~pe th~' Dl'Iubllf. Dt1Ior Sta:nd triil[nsles ,tOgether: as you wotildl the Cbar:actf,J:' F~tiires m Di<J_grcilim 1.

'J. Ap'ply .. few dl'ap 'Of' silL1\e to ~h@ blank back p . .mel ,ofbhe kh Duyble poor' S~nd. Press c:h~ tri31'l.gJ.e .fi!:.rn~y -a@:a..i1W tlw lef;ts,jde of Dotib~ D{i~i' !Frame B.

e. Apply Il few dl'i;I~ ()fglue to th.e

D .• oJ( I:}<jt:k :~~! 'cl' th>e !(ight: VoobJ€ DoW" $f:and. ,Pmll ~he It';!lc ftrlllly i!gail1l~!he dghl side of 'Duub1e ])QM' Feame 8.

1~ yQU !lise lilipe. alttaoth tlit DQIU'ble Door Stand:; to Double Door 'F:Jtame. B as Y!lIt! ""m.lld ahe wa:JIl lirJalngjl';!;. in D1agti,Lm :S ••

The dOlilolie door' iihlliild nDW :!it.mel on if!; QV\fll ..

'iI' • Cut Qllt '~he- Door Ins eT~~ aillorng libEl !;ol~tru ]i!ile5.

rllt .~'·D fIG/·.·U .. ·llfS·· ••• ••••·· .• · •. ·

- - -- 3 - ---

10. Place th DoubJ DcOJ:' lru;er;t. (":5t on Diagr:oun 3~ I!II l1he §!QtWt'Wl:en D!!!!.t'Mil! OIlO~ mmes; A .&: Il YOY s_hO!!!ld be~IJIi!'!Q freelym;Oli.·e the l:)Q:g_lIle Dg;gr :~t U;J' " d[l¥!'TIbf:lw~1'11 ~ ftan;.es, When tM ·d;Qyible d~1' is o,plm. Q [:J!1~' Oo!ltJl~ lDQlDIJr ]m;~:rl' 1[,;

(!iUUM :tiD, I!he W,ay u]:i). YOUJf Char<!lc-

t~ f"~ she1J!ildlili ~flr ~hwuGh the '@pen doorwa,y.


Comer 'fW,Rs Sing" DooIr

I 'QIa-rac1er R'gUJes


1. Cy;~ ,mllliJt!ll~', ~ .....•

'I:ll'l '!l!<I[;:lIJ ,!!!f dlf Canter iE11!,u.~eS:"'- ... -10..0. ............ - ...... ~

2. I.' !,II! a,long the wlid li!"le nM $I~I"!1g t:!w lllarur. [piiiiell3! ~e b()lt!Jm ro~ the Corner ~~.

, 3. fold Ith-.:: Cl;1I1ie1' F'~ t~lh D' 'ii!!~MI:g the dol:led iin.e;!;" illi 5&Cl-WD in Diagram ,4. The arrows '00 D~m -41 how how'Ih.-e Ciome-r Fi~s Dallam panJels f.-O ld tOj1:,eth.el".

4. AlPp~y iI !few d"i:lp5 of glue 00, ile b1ad: pamJ ~ 1M bMtom of the Corner figure. mid th~ Comer Figure' blil'£1thao M.d pre&!llr~rmly. If y,oo OO! '~ilPI!:. f.ol'd Itht GiJV,!i~ FigIWt t~!&t;r amid wt<lpa p.le~ gf tap "_!'i:lY,I'"~ lite bQ~!iClm .(lC 't Ii! (\Cm - r. whe~e fhe two ptilels ('orne to.gelhN,

5'lNGLE 00011:

Cll.!: out •. fold, and .~!J!. thEse EigtlJ:e5, ~!i ),,(IIU wOIi!dt~ D~lIii~}JO D-Q-D!" {Pi"@;ti!ITI ::0.



II , WIll ~

I W8III._.

Shan: WIlli 1"", lDaQr'''_ a...ctar' ftgIns BREAKAWAY WAll nGU.RlS l!. 'Cut a'LOfi1!& tiIle !l~d, lines, Qf tbel!3;11m1k·

a,wa,)! \;'IIa1.1ls..

2. Fold along l!:he B:JI1aik WilY Wali's dotted lines. as shown in ~am 5.

J. Appiy iI few dr,ops, gf wue:lo, ~Iill:

Breabway Wal1~ , blw panel. 'fh.en press. t.hewH1lI tr~ll_]lGle >( Dr 00 [):i:a •. Sii'llitl 5)' fimly ~_,garn. ~~ .tih~ .. ~r. 'e~<!k.ll_~.: 'f iVIIa!tI ~lt:lI 511!OWIl! bll'tiEte arrow I~ [lIa-

;~f<!rn S).1lf '~'Q1i.! ~l<!PI", P-l.~ '!iliJ~ '"-'aU 1!;ri3!1gie again!>'i' 'tlh~ libe,d,:.!\",'ilj' \-'\lalll ~d ..,r .. _p iI im.aU pieCl~ 0'1: tllpe lll"oLmd the top cd l~e Bl'robwaywall, where !he trhm!!~e ~d 'wall ml!e't. Then v;'r,atp an.other smaJil p.utCl!' of J:.apl! ar,Dlr dI [hI: bo'btom (If .tfu! ]bc.i!_k,aw'a)' WaIID. whll'Hl the· ~Ie ~gd. PIfill~ 11'1 t,


'L C'II,t along thi1 soHd :Uln.e:s en earh wall pi.eQe.

2.~~d,~ lhe douedlIDe:5! ,as ~OWIl m Dms!'<!m '!iI. 'Mla__'_~1i: 5«re ~l'mtl1he ~<lllil lriuI:g1es tlmt border each 'waJil f~GI biM:ndi thf (uU·col-Olr wlIl1 8~tl:on. The Qllle-oolor lone paUi;'m 18 mal'k,E!G by ,a ''1'' .on Di::lgram 6,

lI. Appl;y a few dmp . ,m glue to the wall 11I'iang!.e's, tlJJank .vanels. lbellJ fum)y. 1Pnl:!!S till': w;aIllrWlgl~ ~~t the' wall (f YOIllIJiSe I:a,'f,. wrap sll'il1IH _pl.wes 'of tOllpea,ro'UJllld ':h.l! IIOps: and 'lboi:i,'IS, of lh~ wall w~ft 'Ih~' ,Im'lal'l.;gf~ 11iI:t.'I!:!I In!;!' Wi!l'~.

:3-DR&WRE 'SilEElf:

Pillar IRguresi SU9aDoor ',fILA_I RGtJUS

Cu~ out. roM. ilnd ~bl@' tt..- ~~ aSYOIl wI1mld th~ OIIiliJractM lFi~l1l!!l-

'(D~~Sj!';),1tt 1), .



,~" ••.••• , ...... _ .... __ .. _M, ~ .. iign ., •••••••••• , ••••• 181

A~*!iI"!~~"a~.,~ '----20 I ,aD~ioon'i::!l •.. " ••••• ' .•••••• ' 19-c~ ,1I~~idllf]Ju,. !TIli.!lliple '-",." - • 2-{I , Acfioo Rilsults, ~tlli!i ...•.. 9, 1 '1'

I"!fIlilt6'l ... '" ., ' " • ,,,~5

aIe;ohgl _ ,"'_ ... __ . 27

arnima1s; •. il'1!iI1t1'j~ , 13

:l~!$" !IrIeV:~""t •. ,.,. 17

.. n~I~, _ •. . ,_ .• _ 4(1,

A,~~ ., ••. " ... " ....... "",, ... 15,

A,~~ Chock • • •..••• !ii, ~,2S, 8rC~9i"i!1 !!~~~,. l~tQ!i~l • <is'

I' 8rdijae~D1!Ii(!a! sites, 11'~efl~rv ,ofel AMh~ul~ffi! ~owl(ldgo ..•... 30

I A.o~B"!I ._ ... _ .. _,,"" 'n, '~I)'

,arglll'l'l!llMs •• , .•.•••.•.• , •••• 5:1 ,i~ '. - ••• - - -'- .• - - - - ... - - - .. - -~I~, Anribut!91 Che.E1!; _ •• , , , • _ •• , ••• ,4

A:urfl!M.Ul} 1I'iIIitlIi'fi!H"S ", •••• ,'". ~ I AW'!~"'iIe lR~ti~ -. - , • - - -', .. - --*

Atll'iool,P9, ... ,., • _ ••• , , , •••• , , •• 4

iIi!IJI~O, • .o" •• """""-""~


1l3Qk!!i!g!ll'e , __ ,._,', ... , ••• ,_, •••••• ,,'5

8:atl~M ~ ••• , 5. :21.~]

I Bool 8!JE;;lJ,: ••••• " ., , _ ••••• , _ •• + 5

EI:a!:I Feeirl11lg ,.,', •••• ,., ••••• '12

8ig Pil~rur.~ ",. ,," • "" , , .•... 12

bTP!I:l!l!l ••• ".',."."",. -, !.:J:4 IJI'eclcIruck • , , , .••• , , , • , ••• , , " 33

'I blum _Wt:'~F! .... " , ..... , , , n

OOINan[lI3FfEM!!i __ .. ~ •• _ •• , , • 33,

I i!!i'i'I'h.!iI'I!ljl •• " , , •••• , , •••• .o •••• lS,

I Bf~j~ .-- ---. - ----T· .. -- 7,1(11 1


I;:I;I~' !tIa¥e! ' •••• " , .••• , •• , , ••• 45;

CiI111~ Flq"", C:hillrl: ••• " ••••• ,:22:

Cihaoo 'filate •• , , , •••. , , ••• - •• 2@

e~ - .... " .• '" iill

CIil9C1d'lM!!.:ifl~b'!e! •. , , , , , • !II

I!l~ • __ • _ • , • , . , 141

iGlilfnliiUll;lI •••. ,_ ••• , , • ,. ,." •• 17 mloi!) ." •••• .o, " •• , •• , , ...... ,:lI3

eo!~"iI!!' Yl)lislfig"!l - - ... - - - ,. " ., ., "'7 ~ombat 8~Etc!I!i. _,_. _, , •• " ,." ... "}

~cm1Ja~ fUfn!S _.,., " •• , , , ••••• ''1

oontlll"lun'ism ... , , ...... , ... _ ,,1'!\"

OIl(j~na.c:t:s1 •••••• " ••• ,., •••• 26

I ~ ." ....... "+-.--._ ... -_-l~1

~1i!'191 ,~IiIt.u!~ ,_ ,., , _ , ••• 5~


mTlalJl! ..... - - -'" - -, ",". I!I. '13:

D<I~~l'Qh!l!cl:: ., .••••••.•• j6

,I)amr,et lRlati!TIg """ .• , ••• .o." 36i

I!lI8alli •••••.• '" ••• ,.o •• ,.'," .'._ 1$,1

de~~rI!Ile, ... __ • _ " ... , , .. _ 23:

di\::eI .- ••. ,,' ,., •• , ",.,."", •• ,,. l

l)FMng 'krrro"Yled,~e .,' ••••• , , :00

liIiWWrul\Q! ••• ".', •••• '", •• , •• ,:36 dru!ilS. " ••••• ,.,' - ••••••• , .. ,.:'l;l ci!ml<limile •••• , , • , • , • " , ,,. ••• , , 35

'S\lq!IA'it~Ei~ " •••• " , , .••••• " , ••• :gs

'E..>;p!Mi,\iGSi kl;1J~dile ,." ••• ,' ::3:1

f~ ""' •..• " •.. , " ••• ,~,7

'firre:!, .'.' , " • , , •• , " , , •• '. '. :37

'FuS'l ~fa ~~M'MII;dlitl' • " •••• " ,J1

r,ol~~ •••• ,,,, ••• ,' " " •••••• ,20

~001 M~t"fullkl _. _ ..•.. 1'1 IfmiBlfiii!ity marion , ..... , .. 2$,26


9~ab ,. '" ... _ .. _ ...... __ " ..... < <1l2

00(I1'tlI .,."., ••• ,', ••• "''', •• lS '9JaP,pN •• ,"', •• ,." •• ,"' ••• 1'~,

Gfoil!iU O!lp"e~!l •.•••• , ••••• 46i

grenade, .. _, •• ,_ .• ... _ .", __ :33

i1ardl{.ov.ef •••• " •••• ," ••• " II

Hl8:ia'r~ .. _ ••. __ .. ,_ Z2

Il!li!ld ., "", •• ".,, ••• ,'" ~4

,Hle,;;!~ S~~ - - - - - •. _ .~

'hlH'~ truil:k "" __ •• , .. 25

i'leOlV'lf We'apons,I~~ •• 31

~~fiI" .,.", ••.••••• , ••.• , ••• 46,

~al'pM l"le<I~iIict!!l •••..• , ••.•.• , , •• 25

h;Ol\d1 •• ,' •• .o ,,", ••••• , •••• " •• 1<4 If:ljlll~"' ,.," ••• ",., •• ,., ••• '1:~

ill!.i~ries" ihe'<!li!'lQ • '. ' •••••• s • , •• , 5

1t'J!l!t'ii'\l!l1 ....• _. , .. , __ •• " • __ .,,5

II\1l'1'irMlfl'©~. , .... , .... " 50, 1 ill

iA";l;ti~Fi;3ltE;3ts ....•• __ , .• 4$41

iob·~ .o, .. " .... ,", .. ,""',"",'" 4i4

It!::~',,~ tlll_~ , .•. _ ..• " , •. 31 ~~.-.j".:nr.J '~ifj

I-;}l'I1le' ", ••••• " •• .o ,. " ••• ", •• 34

Ikli1!ew!:e!i!~ _.,. _., ,._ - - _., • - 3(11


1Aad!!lt;' •• " " ,,, •••• , , • " ., • • • • • • :2:CI ~.$, •••• ' •••• _"'.".,_ ••.••• ,-' 1:~i

1.1~ht iniv"'l' , .. _ • , , ~i3:

fi:gin~nidk·, ••••• ,' ". ,.".,,,. 35

'1.1!jIM: wotHlid ", ... , ..... 14.~5 !.oCkr;llcf;:iI1~ l~n!)'IIitet;IiI3e •••••• ij;l

UDIiliQI raniJ9 .. , , , , 11

lI.!lM:!k'f B~Mk •• , ••••• , ••••• ', •• '5, !!.fcw!Y sed!i!~ "' •••• " • - • , ••••• ~,


mtlU!iil!e'llrlll!l ',. -. -, , - -~

1~r;tSeale _._ .. , . _ _. _0\5,

1M .. ",ilrnll!lm S;peet! __ , •.• , , • ~., 19 ,M!ti;;Mflieai ~~c;gll ... ,. ,. "31 l'I'!e~ica! 'aue!'!~Tonl __ ... , _ • , , .•• _ 15- Med\icail km,ll .... l!3d!¥' " , •• , , , •• :9'~

M~diiJ1l'Iiil:il~"!1 " ••. " , , ... 1~·

Mc~iiJr:n, ringO. • ,,', •. ,' H

Medl\lm'w~~fitl ,. ,_ -, •• , , •• , ~~,

i!I'ItII!IBy •• , .," _ , _ ... M

mo~ "." , .. "."'~

M~emelfl1! . _, __ . '5.117

~~I!Jlie!M'~ ., •• _. __ • '5,1:1 m~a.M r~!I!$,. , __ ., , , ' _ • , , liT


IN PC •• ,,, •••••. "a, :2$,29" ,43 .• 52 'NPC Ql;iJeoc1l~ ••••. , , •• , ',., ~43:

N&'lOs. e~e<lti~ _ - - - ., , • , ••. , , 52

IN~I!I1Ii111"r,EI~i'lilTl • ,. ._.,._ ~

loon'p1a\!t:f C!h.1ir:lllt'tler' '. , ••• , , , •• 3:

~h' ' , ,",. .J __ •. , • '-

I/~" . ; " , , " ..... ' " ..... ' , " . - . .II,

flC. ..... ,' .... " ..... .o" .... .o ,4,

PC~~ ---------- .. --.<11:;1

r-g:.g~n.I:I,J~1IH NII~~ ~ .. ~

~r,t:!iIil]IliI'~8!i, .. _ ••••••. " • _ , • '3 l)e~wnl;!l rJ;lfil{;f~ , . - ., - - ". " , - - - ,. I'll fP:h~llli9ilapnil!' kinO!!JwlB;[ji;JEi . __ .. ·32 lPicl<:inl,l ~pOClKet!1 I!:tiGWiedge • , , $2 iPii!O"lin~ Ikn()wled(le , , • , •••. , , 32

f!~oo!1 .'",' - .. , '" ''', - , .. _ •• , ..... ~ ~r,~~., ... ,' ..•.. "" ,4] ~I' ,ch!!!"llOetef ••••••••••• , •• 4

If\la,~ !i'\b:i~ teO!mirl,'lII •••••• , • ~ I~f i"o.iFti$, gimits " ••••• ,. 49, Il?l~fI!I' PCliiiliIS, ~di~ •••. ,' 04G,

IP'D!SO!!'! . , •••• , •• ".' •• , " •• ~,

"(iliacI'! ~",~i:ng .. . , ., ., ., _ 3S'

IPi'~jj$ ••• " " .-, ••• , , , ••• , " " ••• 00 f'J!Q~ - ... , ,--,. "-'.,. ",,--,-'~

p~ CbeCk _" .. " 'S

IPlJlfId1iF!91 ••.•• .,,,,, ... , ,,, MI


rail '1J'~"'IlU .... " ••• , , , ••• , , •• , .,' ,~5 rll!n'iW", ••.••. ,',.,'" ,. ,.o, II!

R!ld!il1le! 5!pe!;ldl ." •••• , , •••• ,~B

Referee .,, __ ._, •. . ,.2., !jI!)

Rmroo~·Ji5 .. _ ..... _ . _ .... :, 4J

fine • .o •••••• "., ••• ,'" ••••• " 14

r.~' __ .~,_. ._ ... 3'5

IiiJllIlililil.QH~:i!I",mll.l~ • " , • , • , • " 00


S:allil1l!) ~wWliIel . , , .•. , " •.• 32 &aIrel' D~,~m ..•..•. ,- .. - 00

sellll!!'1i!'!f!l! ".'",. _.,.'" _ ''',",. _. <li5c ~1iI __ ,_ .. _., ....... _., ,., • _ 36

'~(!!lijS inkUI'f ••• , • " ••• , • , • ". U'

Senioot~ Ii'IOlIIn.d ... " __ .. , ., N, .1

SBwr;ilif " •••• ,', ••• "', •• ,, ,. 8$

'sh~itp we.<J;.fJ'OM " •• ,', •••• ,.!11 ~fJhn9 lilllO. e ~O:\lVc!s , ... - , , , • n

SliII(lrt ral:lil!l8! _. .. .,_ 11

ooi'~m_- ,., .... , .. 11

~~' ',. - , - , - - . - - - - 34,

sp!eciflili: <!etigon;s .. - - + - - , .. , •• 1:3

:Sql!Jarel _. _ , •• , •••• , , , _ , , , , _. ]7' Sitl'ie'J'igU, • , , " •••• , , , •• " , " ••• , 5,

SiI~ng~ O~k __ . , • _ , ... ... 5

sui!i~;cihin.g, gillil .•.. , _ , .. , .. , • _ •• ~ I>UpBlltiial'liif,al 'ellVl1lIS ••• , , , •••• ,'It

iSlJ!!iIl'1$e ... - - - - __ - - • - •• ~. _ ~l~

$1!Jn..l3yilll!lk~ •• " •••• " !t2

:sw;Illl'!Ii.M'lgl' ..... ,,, ..... '" " , ... , , '1':1' ~ld +'"= _~ _",,'!- ~,,, __ -1"1- =!-_~~ ... ~ ~

'11ii1'OW .", ••• ,. '" " , .... , , •••• ',~, IOfluJI!! • , , , ••• , •.•••• " , ••• , , .'2:)' 'I!~! .•• ,' .. -- .... ' .... , -- .. ,4<[,

lJiip •. .. .. _ "l~

'Twa 'Speed ••• " ., " ••••••••• , • Ui U~~~~i ••••• " ••••• , , '~5,

1,lIlEiIinI1lIil)'jI!'IIent: " •• , ••••• ' ,~it I

Ii!Ill(lf!i~m ••• , , , ' .... , • ",", , , , 47

'\IK1liol!ld:':lwc1: ... " •• _ .. " , .. '18: ~ ~O'!<'eIll~Jilt1ra!:4e, •• 1?, 2ij 'IietIg it!I~1 '" ... " ..... , .. la

veln;jcl~ •.. ,,_ ...••. , •..•..• -.34

villlli~ ... "_"" .. " .o" ••• ~:5

Yffl~PO-T!~ • , ... " • , , TO " •••• ~ ,

'!'V1i1i1~:cr 'r,IVhe~ • ' •• ' ••• , '.' • , •• '.' 11~:

whip ... " .. __ . _ . . 34,

VI',ouf:lds, '" •• ,. " , ••••••••• ~a. '~4

'Wl!ll,Jl'lt;!i, ~ingl .,.,." _ •••• 'l5

'!WCun~, rnulIipis , .. .. _ 14

","~i!l!9 ..... ,,, .... , , ...... 'U)

wl~!ffI~1 ~~i:t:o .•• _ ..•• __ " • "4

JI2 ••• .o.- •••••• ,'" ••• , " ••••••• ,,*


~I R!IiMI ~J ~ !iIInil iIhNid! 'Iiiii! rnm IMlII'!ftI into 0IiiCCIm1ng ~I Mae I Miil'oi8ilillft iCil'ildi 'to .if yoo trMIL

Z ~limWgl""lI1IIn:t. _111,11 M __ cr.- m _, iI filii crm.,

3 ... ,~., '. I_tund'¥tunlidll iMulmgl.

4 1fm& jImI'6IIWr a:mI to 'II dMd,_1 Df ffilMM BIIIiDqI ~ '!hci trl!f& _ !IIIIb. Mir". __ ChId ,to_If


(Ii 'Iiock; _, • d Cf:ICkI,:au' widl'lilkl. MIkti III Mgt ..

IMnt ICIad!: 'to ... lIl'" ,cqlh,

s IU *l!ii · ... ifilhidi tbIItI, Ui liidl. PiWI]jll Ma~11!DlIIn'I ChId! '10 I_If 'fO!.I !:rIII!h.

'1 lin" ~ I'D iimllht I'tIrHt, I .... JIiI ball

,I ~!l!'!H!' .... wt 'I "!Mlin mm lilt 'foo..'lI(III!ig IiIIIIY 19 !ilfN ~ yOO! ~ !bvn'~ 'm n!iIid ~ ililtO

tIinl7 '

'9 IF*! atijKt _, 1I1h1 ~ b.lINliI;,lNt I;R!P'~ vi yom'.~

10 ThI"',on hlctnv.1's 11dI""1Daai a1d .... ~!






V I ,DI E N C CE«RA,crm OOSSlms~ (1:ich. 4;;11",aI;~r d~r'iDld1J:des Auri:bui~.~ Ratin.:g:s, p!)5&e5!Sio:ns, lnowLed&~ lind O!!hl~f ~ed~rn ~.haradeJ;i5hCll. Haad U~ ,ditJ~l~iF~ mu w lihlg ;plil!y~r!; .U. '~:he ~i1I.mOOg oJ a! gIImfl! ~£sio:n,Roemi!V!;jI th~ pllil;V!lrs tOIlOO pt!rld~whw they mak~ additioml:~ tl'il![f drnl~,

Piayersmill,? 1!l5e th~ NOT1!$; ~~Ol'l to ~1'11 ~ny ,~tra]:nforti1l:il!tl~ ;l!OOll,lj their eh;:;r.a~tel'$,ilnd!J,dingJl<lsf' ad.V'mc ruHs, UI11iUS1lli!ll,I:I05iS~!;.5iion~, and conla~ts;.

'When 'Y01!l wMlj t.Qtt-e~t~ NPC$fur

.. ~ ~~~~nturt:, ~e It he 'l:1liank NPC Sl'i~'!l1 It,Q ~p 't!r<'!<::b; (lf~he NI''Cs, Cn;lfact!1T.ishC5, Sim.ceYQ1ilU pmbiilbJy need: mo.n ihatl Oil!! of th.e5'e b]rnksMeIS, yOI.lJ shoi.lJt!maih ~e''il<J lihQooco[pjesoif th~ Q~nal, shee~ :fJ"):1i!1 tih~ ~j]~,

MAI'S~ '{,oil, carl. use tilti! FkjiPl1oJ!I~ i!lild Sleazy DM ffi~P:~ wnii!f'i, '~nE! ih8!ril[ite~ OI~g iii! ehetel, b~,1ti o:r restlm.t<;tcfli aifltl YOQ!'! ~V~, no' mOl:p to charHhe 3Ci:1W1"

i'[KONS" AIDS:; '~llieKrihmbo MaJp aru.i ["tool!O' :md thl: Ik.:i'mm.allrm Vlll'rt~·:Map as pla)i'liI'I:g aud:o;; when ¥O~

.I' I -_ ~. _;_.~ ..... -,. .

~~!TLQ"'~ tM~~<!Ipl!e~ ~rcom the eenrer of tlIil.sbookiet" Thfll'll (:l!!t~LI. QJ the 5'heel!5 m ·haM 80 YOIl, .Bl<li~ se~D i!iE!p.!![OIJe ocllarac~e1' d!c~~el'S" The (llh.erp~ay~it'I.g ""id)!; iDiW (11:1 tiite backs of ~1le::;11~ dQ~!I!fS_


Indiana' lone» is an aKhaoo~ogy

p'ro:fre~Sio.r al Marshall Colle;ge in Connecticut.

,Ji!I:QF!MA;L 1:] '2 CI ~, D 'v.., 0
ItI '·38; 34 'n
80 ,,80, 4Qi 20
7S 152: 381 19
12 10 38 18
8!lI 180: 4111 20
BEl 11ti 44 22 SInHilglh MQII$!J!i!!nt


Badlibone Indmct


MOV'!E(w:EN'f RATiE (n!linrnj!ng): 2~ Sq;I;:l~~ (5 Me;!i,g~j hl~fi WEAPONS: hllHw.n1p, ",istow. knife

MONIE'!] $(500

kNOWUIlGES~ Mc::h.I80!ogy. D:riv[n& Pa~."!i6hl,lt:i:n8, SJ;ti'Vey]:l;~f:! lLAN{;nA~.E5! En~lish, Germal'l .. 1Fn:~r.h". Sp:;!It~s;h,N~p.'!Jle~', C~ne~ mltJ.I.~ONM IIlURSG f;~F !Df ~mOl!ke!i

NO'l'ES: Jnc:Jyw~ffj gl!il_s~ to. ~Qrrect at'! ast·igm.atlSm.,



rutl t~ ~Vlll!rn;twe epjl>a~\e5 From the rules boohl'<!L

O'm.£RFLA:YfNIG A~IiJ& "rOil c~rl, uss '[ffi!' '1;!!o1 !~el\l;!gr'i!!lim, tllf'ea<5'ure map', ;m.U staf1i.ol'l.l?J), !n !l:i ... el,gutp.'loil~J'S inliornmtiol'l. :iifl. al'lJ ad"'e!'lh!t~, f'(JIirtxllmp]e, .if 'VIoIl!" charaCil:1lB, jj~cci",~ .. ~eleg:rl!ill1llhltl: tens'lh!Mli'll abOtlta !>ecte<t <5i1ti:p'm.ellt of .pxice~e1ls arHf.act:!i., ]'Oil em ~~l~1ty ~ompa.$;e: ~~. ~~ltg,I.i;lJM YoOwmf and !nand. it ~o ~tIP11II'}I'~!ii,

If y.ow dhaJ~~rs find ,!!1l eldtree~ur:erntllP .00 3. 'hiddbn rumiy'l;)l;1~ oI;O!II! ::l,chlijUY dl!'aw .J. n1iilP (!!f !the rui[l!!;, '1;1;(1 '~he ~]I;g_n_k rn.a;p' and ::live it h:lH1;{t p]av!i'!['S_

~k;-e several 'Copies: ',o[ these shoorr:s ~o~Y'Q'y ~' ~hell1l, ~o' 'thiilil yO'll alw;;Jiy,$ 1iI';;!I"E!e;!(~f<l bfilIlk cCI[p.lesHt 0'VEl't_

Ti)' to. t:hinLk of o!:l!i~iI'b,L:wk fOIT!l;~ YOI,l. oCo,u~d l]~ £Or elees w~ you.rtI,I'I asiv~i'lJlj;jjjti!S,. By 1J!~i~g th~ cl'ues,l/''O<IJ. CiI[lget 'yoLlrpla~~~ int;;; the .spJii'illt (II

th¢~<I]Jltm{l'foe:, e a _~i1y, _


~~~.t'l'DIIi!I~~'-lIld.~~1 ~

_---' WO'UNID' CHlAlRT







Sallah is a digger for hire.

Cairo is his home.

Strength 88 176 44 22
Movement 52 104 26 13
Prowess 60 120 30 15
Backbone 16 152 38 19
Instinct 68 136 34 11
Appeal 12 144 36 18 MOVEMENT RATE (running): 20 Squares (4 Areasl/turn WEAPON: knife

MONEY: $50

KNOWLEDGES: Driving, Surveying LANGUAGES: Arabic, English, German NOTES:



..___~~ -......__

-- --......... WOUND



Marion is currently between jobs.

ATTRIBUTES NORMAL 0 -20 '1:z0 '14 0
Strength 52 104 26 13
Movement 64 128 32 16
Prowess 56 112 28 14
Backbone 80 160 40 20
Instinct 60 120 30 15
Appeal 92 184 4ti 23
MOVEMENT RATE (running): 20 Squares (4 Areasr/turn
KNOWLIDGES: Driving, Lockpicking, Picking Pockets
LANGUAGES: English, Nepalese


THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES. u-me ctw.ct.r._.... ..... __

.. tndMn.II. 01 Ltd. u.ed ...., ~ r , tuc..farn Ltd. AI fUvht:a~.


p HOT 0

, M,' , .. '

~.fs,E;ti#,LJ' ..... .

. ~~JoC)

, ,Wla, ~.-'. -

, J#-II- ..... '- .

• •. -~I'


t ,



CHART ____

Strength Movement Prowess Backbone Instinct

NORMAL 0 -20 'kO '/4 0 11.-
48 96 24 12

76 152 38 19
80 160 40 20
72 144 36 18 II.UO
44 88 22 11
64 128 32 16 ATTRIBUTES


MOVEMENT RATE (running): 25 Squares (5 Areas) I turn WEAPONS:


KNOWLEDGES: Driving, Karate, Picking Pockets LANGUAGES: Chinese, English


- .. _,......--.

THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES, ...... ~.1InII c:hM-Kter ,...,.. Mel Ilk ........ .. ~. of l..ucadMm lid. ~ unct.w Mrthoriz8tIon_ e , ... t.uc..Nm Ltd. AI fIivhu "-vMl

__ .........._ WOUND----

/'.........___ -......... CHART



Willie worked temporarily as a singer at the

Club Obi Wan in Shanghai.

ATTRIBUTES NORMAL 0 -2 0 '/:z0 '140
Strength 44 88 22 11
Movement 48 96 24 12
Prowess 64 128 32 16
Backbone 112 II. A_
56 28 14
Instinct 52 104 26 13
Appeal 92 184 46 23 MOVEMENT RATE (running): 15 Squares (3 Areasr/turn WEAPONS:


KNOWLEDGES: Driving, Entertainment, First Aid LANGUAGES: English

IRRATIONAL FEARS; fear of insects

NOTES: Willie can speak some Chinese.

8' L EA

1 Squ3n! .. 25 fleet

WOUND J-/" ~------ --CHART--


ATTRIBUTES NORMAL 0 ·20 '12 0 '14 0
Strength 7& 152 38 19
Movement 72 144 36 18
Prowess 84 168 42 21
Backbone 72 144 34i 18
Instinct 44 88 22 11
Appeal 72 144 36 18 MOVEMENT RATE (running): 20 Squares (4 Areasr/turn WEAPONS: knife, pistol

MONEY: $100

KNOWLEDGES: Driving, Hotwiring LANGUAGES: Chinese, English

NOTES: Wu Han has some knowledge of archaeology. He is a master of disguise.

,..,._. -


Jock is a pilot for hire.
He owns a biplane.
ATTRIBUTES NORMAL 0 ·20 '12 0 '14 0
Strength 80 160 40 20
Movement 72 144 36 18
PrUW6»S 80 180 40 20
Backbone 72 144 36 18
Instinct 5& 112 28 14
Appeal 60 120 30 15 MOVEMENT RATE (running): 20 Squares (4 Areas) I turn WEAPONS: pistol

MONEY: $200

KNOWLEDGES: Driving, Mechanical, Piloting LANGUAGES: English


THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES, ..,. -.m.m., MId chM'8Cter __,.... .... tile ....... .. trlldltrnMl. of LucadiIm lid. UMCI Lnder wthorizMion.'~ 1114 t.uc.Nm Ltd. AI Rivhta ~.




' ....... ,



~~JIA1'tICtml~8ll WEAPONS::

MO!Nn'~ ICNo.WWJCES: :tANGUACI& IlIltRAnON.U n..uts:


=: ~ j;!io
"II .."
c' .... '
," c'
n 2!
,~ -, ,;po
Q!IOi '='"
., ~
= Ic::Ii;
lIi ,I(;!
CI "" ~
...c, e,
_, 2! ttll:,_

A' !h~~~~! !a~~~~~~~~dbute Rating. The

Referee may create other Attributemodifiers in special smtllations.

.In "",'I1'II'IRh'T.M

011 ia;J~ ltr.d:boJ'l..e "JJ~k~;·

Srtrihr.1S wound in chesr or .abdomen •. lh Mttdil1f1l wol1nd in .hBarJ - l h

Ch actl!'r ktlock!!d IJfiCOFlS'ciollS" - 1/" SflriQi;I~ v,'Qtrlla m hl!a:d - If ..


Using NpJ!!S {II' jI:~WfS - "2 Using' D:riJy Cilfif' ii.nn - l h


Driving at Red1itll!' ,~V!d - ih Cacl'ying JilIC~ Ic"d ~ ~/J Mdjum wau~d ill J~g - 112 Serious '~ratlnd in kg • 11.c


~,¥,OJ1 .~U{1,g(jlil 5",lfrJ object - ·2 Medium wO!.ill'ld ill arm· lh

SlunJling iH' mOl'tr:tg tatt;el- II.: 5b.(l(l~ .at Ul~ behind 50ft ,,,-,·- i",:~ Trying !!pirific ,c:ambai tilc'Hon - (2 Fi8hti!ilS ill' the diJrk - ]t~

Movif!S wilen shooting· 112

Ta~ a~ Medium r.J'ng<il- ~/z

T~~ at Loog r-;<m;!.l' _ l'l~

Sc.'tf;OiJS wou]'ld .Im' iiml - l/~I


Cillll!"ilcler .ham ~t s!epti'll 1~ l'W,u'lS - r /r Chari1.ct:e,r .Ilasn 't skp~ in 48 h"Lrf.S .• I h


C11ar:;a.ctCJr ~l'C:I1'ing for It'fJj:J • ~2 Ch.1mde.l" on guam duty or w"tdJ;~g l.orilmb!l',sh ··2

Ora'l::i'.ctf)E iii m.iddle of a fighl' - liz Ch'<l'f'iKfe. blirrdloJdffi • i /4


Ch.;l'r.<ld~ thre.lte:ns Nrc ~ ..2 Or.1lil."a.d,w is rode O't !n,S' .. ul~il'ig ,. J 1.<4 NPC is a 8'i,l.Oll ~ l/4'


,I.:, This is a list ofpossible results when a Lucky Break. or Bad Break ws rolled on an Attribute Check.

for STRlNGfH CHft:D. Li'Jc:-A;y 8reaio:s •

ell, r,lC~C.r i8;no~ F?ffe.c-.ts' ,Df Oil pl;(f!,h, ~s;)y Uft5. .iil'nd th["~w;$ a !l~rY he-'ll¥)' objrM:t_

Bad Bn~ah-

Chlu,fol,er;pu.l'fs a rn~k .i:rI borck arm, leg,. et(',

Ch!'IJ'l!cl~r':!: gll"Jj:l s>~"r,tli 5'i:fpping. ChiU'ilcl.f'rdr,ap:; ml!Y item on foof or hand_

FiN MPVlO"MI:Nf t!iJl£CHti; Lm:,ky Breaks -

Ch!ll.r.lcier i¢ts exira bul'st of speed, Clrarac,l'l!r .c.;rt~hE"S iremand' C'<l.l'l IhrDW J'~ b\Jck,

Cha.racif"I" lal~,ds OJ'l! teet, .roe:lld'y For iictiOJ:l_

E'tttemy fiiJhi~lld (rips up 80mf' of hfj C!UlIk-S_

Ba.d .Bna'h ~

Ch'il.rar;i'f'r 5'p.riJ:m5 a.nkJe or wr[ t:

Ch'B,rac.ier ,rips . .ina .fu1Is.

Cha:.aQ:ers foot slips off lU1Jkt!' .and hJts :1cce!er:atDf' durill.s' an accident.

f« MaWESSCflECIt$; !~d;y .8ruAs -

Chi;lJrij'Qfl"" Kf.!Ot:!:Sf'l'l't' y Ufletirr.!;-cio!1.!L ChaE':Ull~f .kllorf!i ~ap(m {['om enemy's 1P~'p.

,!.fila .Bt't'akJi •

Cha.r03\tt'~r's g~1:I i8.~~9.

Cha,lrii!(t~s knife OJ' !!w.oli'd gl!ts wedged mlo walL

Ch<iJr<rd'l'r~k[1'i{e QT sw,ard VINJ,'S_ ChaJf-alde'F rnil!Se~ enenw ,and p,unch~~ wall, cau~illg lisht: illjvi'}' ,lohim~N_

for ,flACRSONE ICHECK.f£ LYcky /Jnlfi!'.s •

Poirot1 fails fo ,t .. k~ ,effect_

Chall'J~y,~t retai~;_,; o;ili5l;:IC1W;neSSl <lnd' {'fiefs ".rear'=heac;kd.


Lha.II"<i.ct~, !<ills. 1J1iICiO!'I:IlC.fOOS {r·om pa!tI_ Cha.l'act;er .ii "o~t ooJd~ firr fbe l'E!'t ,of,.!! .fight,


Lucky Breaks •.

nap Fails to w;o.rk,

Cliarncter totally ,s,Ul'priSM lifoIe'my B~d lJ~{,J.k~-

Trap p,r.otks faS,!i!'r w ki more ·dlmii'f'roU:!l 1':J!t~llll'li(lrm~i.

CllanlcN?r j'"" tuta.ur· ob,'ivi-iHJ:l: to' I:'lilemy;

Char03!:ler tr.ust~ lillltd belJ~",g j!Jj~my

fiOr AHEAl CHEClts:

Lucky .Bfi!aks-

NPC completely tn:J!~~ cnarlUtelf, NPC .:I!fiCJd'li'lIr"iy spif1s ~bf', ~yin~ .!lfilJ'n ~harr he m/ends: roo Bad .tlf'BlIl,ks -

NPC ,fifl'fif! l'oo.rj'lcw;~iI' .nt,pl! Cha:rnder maI1\IJrn ~v mai&e a fuoJ 0& hImself,


t A fJ L e




Ot~20 ~,.w 2;'(~4cO

41~50 51-60 61.:'"0 '7l~80 ~~ 91..Q0

che t c"he:st abdomeiJ:l a;bcloln@'TI Mt.lf$j: right leg

Jef~ aifm n'lht itn:II head

chest jaw jaw

gltl: gut [I0~

grOl(1)le b01if hold


eYf! ---~



.. ~ Aw:I'onxlIIII i'iM

~ ~, ,..








M '15


#:II ",«II ~ g

fr~ ,.~





&w:.IiI! ifti

HIlII.,. D!dI


". ,laItNi!ft'

H (JI!r !* ..





f5I'l'~'~ 11

,f~!lDI.~ ,$1«1'





,u,;ntu:k ....,~ .~ MirIIN' i!I!II ...... ,.




.. R~ Rr:p.. ftW fMt , ....


"'.-3;M1' _.g;w


«!i!NJI1!*ct mnw ..




",.,~ $'"

iOI UA9,,,~

nD ,_,.,RMrt-nl'



~----- ---~--~

'MI' T~!;lU.~


'ti:I";~ I -A,- G R A, M



shin grom groin

gUlt &out Fool!

knee kl'l'@' ,hand!


'1"4IMEJ' ·SQilASf'



AI'IWIt' MMlVS ~rcm:l!I ,Of







,mP f: S~ ,CiMGM' ACWNB: The: R~feree and p11llll'el'Si stat:@ 'l)\fhat th~ir chair,lc1e:n; wm du' In d:lE!: c(lrob'a~ nun,

mI' I: ,1£:5DJ.VE ,CrOMg.4tT AC1'f~NS: This

~~p is Ihe <lelual combat tum.:

:P",rt 1, Decide \;<,J'ho Goes firs:!

PiITt 2; M!, Aurtb-ut'~ Chcd;

F;rrt 3; 'Dete mine Level {If Oam~\E Part 4; D termine Locanon of Da:m.a~


Except for the foot and mile measurements, numbersthat are not in parentheses are Squares. Numbers in p·,arentheSfs. are Areas.

lIfOVfMiNr IlIIft .,.. rum.I'
,RIrTWG IrAlK RUN H'AliP ,m",
01·25 sO) 10 (2) 1'· ]
~~l;f;'b' :O"t:IJ 1,::I..(5~ t" :Ii
51·'75 SO) 2lO (4~ l"~ I
!16~ HlJ is (~) 1"" ,2
MaxilI1ll.lm 30 (6) '~/" 3 #lUMMI.

800 ~t, ~,~:rt. t.ieou, 1.Jf)Ht. 1,600 ft.

2mi, ~·ml, 4mi, 'Imi. 51'1'11,

l'Etllelf MOVEMENT

'If_: r A. f} c r

• l~hillra.tLer can leap ~ ... il;l:' l!hi:l ,~!~t",r>IlI! if ~ hi.~, :fUMing, s~rt.

,", ch ' ra<lber carll [""EO ll.= tim~

Ihi> di3Lilltce Iii has a .... "_"'iI!S st.ut



'D tQ lfi 3D .. ,StI' eI :N' ID 51:1' 'WD j~iS' 1m J3:l' 't." fiJ
D' ,6 f8' H ," 1"5 .. 3S Ii) .-s' Rl' 55 Wi " 11 7i
I ~ G , t~ 12 a ~,'f ;!fJ tsl' es D' H :tiZ ~ 6c;
Q 3 " :9 f2 g " 2f If 2'J 3fJ 3:11 '31 3! C! 45 AmlO8J"r~ Biillla:ne

Camel .ElepIl,Iml Heavy Trud _ Norse

USfll 1trm:k. !.ID;;'W}' S~oon Moro.rC}rcie


R --

------ .~ ... ~~ .. - "~-. ~ ..• -.=

------.-~.------"-.-. R --- •• _-

--------.-.~- R .----- .------------

----.-'--.-.-~-. R -.-~.

S~an -' _._-- -= ~~~ -_.- .R ---,- -----

--- ---- --- ._- -- ---- --------- R ,--- -- --- --.~--

ACCID ..•.• tNT


I -

DI!i:;ol""'" --

02~6(I e]~~

91-'.(15. 106-120 12']-12,5. 126.1J5 13D~145 n1J,~],,5J 1.S6·


wrona' rum iI'li,~ i!jJ'~L!I ,~b..WA1


Ibwnp and run double bJowout. ' Qull,i5i1'H'l


fEjfl ,aj)d ,~~ :i'Hr ~d roll

1 II [

;.. i <!


I. •.


. .


Or •

.' J

\ \

<, \


Cur-.v-- _ _ ...""do __

Curocn __ .d

with .. ··X,'·

aW. <hi. ".n.'

to $iRf1l. ()oo.oo F,.m. 1.

APP/,Ulu. ro this IM,..I.

J'JIf ADVEN'TtIflE$ OF IlllOf.ANA .JOfV'$. ..-n~ etWJ dW"C1'IIW ,..,.. fIntd ... .". ....... ~~. 01 t.u.::a.Mn t, __ UIMd


Apply gj~. '0 thi. pMJ.'.

Gh,. rhi. ptln.' r"SingH DOO# Frarn. J.


IIW'Y"'" "'~_'.

-"PI>if~ ",~~.



'M & © lfL 1984.


1II'i!!I'iIo '.


lIpp1f "... tothio_../.



rM & © lfL 1984.

1M & © LFL1984.

A,l'PIrgIrM ... rn;.._""_



...... I!III!!I' •• I1!1................. t

1Ipp1~ ,fINe ...rn;..~ .

TOO &© LFL 19S'1.

IIpp1y~ ... -~.


-"PI>i, .... ,fOrnn_.- .



.l1li ~ I!!I I!!I'...... .' l1li ..

IIppIfplw "'thio_'-.

... Pf'lf .... ...If>i.~.

-"PI>i,f1/w ... _ _,_



lippi, pIw G"'" If>i.
r .. _ _..I, ~ ... -
CIo&ibM a-
"'_. g

RIfIII· )0

lippi, "... G __
"'If>i.,~. _..,' to ,!I1<t
h ......
L.ft II:


Cu, . .Jonv ><>lid _.~ Fold.Jonv dotted [1 ...... Cur ~i .lICfton:J ,,,.,.,..,1 wiflr,ltj u1C:~

AppI, gfUe ",-~.

Appll'giw ,,,-_,.,.

AppI,QI<HI "'--'.

i i I: ~.


Appyg4N "'-pMtiOI.





......................... ' ...

••••••••••••• l1li •••••••••••



Apply """" te rtoi. ,..,..J.


~l' I

1. .5 .2

j! II