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MARTIN 8/7/08

3:29 PM

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ny for 15 to 25 years. “While we have a core group of field employees, we have the ability to employ, manage and run 850-plus men in our field operation,” Ounanian says.

Competitive Edge Advanced in-house resources have been a boom to business. The firm’s engineering department and design team are, in large part, the differenti- ating factor between Martin Bros./Marcowall and the local compe- tition, Ounanian maintains. Using 3-D design modeling and advanced soft- ware, the firm can minimize time spent on the design phase and accu- rately provide pricing for its clients. “Preconstruction and design/assist projects have been a trend and focus in our company over the years,” he says. The company has taken part in sev- eral design/build projects. For exam- ple, it was asked to help conceptualize and design the unique wall systems in the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Cal Tech Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics. Working with large, well-known general contractors such as Turner Construction Co., Hathaway Dinnwiddie, Swinterton Builders, Webcor and Bovis Lend Lease has given the company the experience over the years to tackle any size project. “We are prequalified with 15 of our core clients in the Southern California area,” Ounanian maintains. “We also have very good rela- tionships with our material vendors, so if we need certain materials on site and on time, it is a phone call away.” In the last four years, healthcare and multifamily condo projects have pro- vided numerous jobs for Martin Bros./Marcowall. Although the company has enjoyed a steady stream of work, there is some speculation that business might slow in the waning economy. “The Southwest market has been strong in the last four years, but what happens in our market is when people are looking for work,



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they dive for jobs at cost; we don’t do that,” Ounanian says. “I think there is plenty of work out here to sustain us and our competitors. While the market may be softening in a year or two, there will always be a niche for Martin Bros./Marcowall,” Ounanian says.

Should the market soften, Ounanian says the company will focus more in bidding jobs in the public sector. He predicts Martin Bros./Marcowall will expand its portfolio to include more education projects within the next year or two.

expand its portfolio to include more education projects within the next year or two. 2008 fall



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