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It is to certify that the project has been carried out by the
students of 7th semester Shruti Jain (CSE/07/244) ,Sourabh
Lihla(CSE/07/246)and Deepak Jain(CSE/07/257) under our
guidance. The report covers all the aspects of the work done
(including hardware and software details ).
The project report is complete in all respects and I have
understood the entire software. It shall be possible for the next
batch of the students to take up further work after consulting
this report.

(Ms. Rati Garg)

(Guide and incharge)
(Computer Science Engineering)

At this moment of immense pleasure we fail to find words

that would compile a sentence to express our profound
gratitude to Ms. RATI GARG for providing valuable inputs at
the various stages of development of our project.

We are grateful to her for finding time out of their busy

schedule and extending great help to us by pointing us in
the right direction during development of our project, she
was also instrumental in providing us with the right
perspective for our training. We are ever grateful to her for
all the encouragement that she gave us during the training.


Shruti Jain (CSE/07/244)

Sourabh Lihla (CSE/07/246)

Deepak Jain (CSE/07/257)

An ATM card (also known as a bank card, client card, key card or
cash card) is a card issued by a bank, credit union or building society
that can be used as an ATM for withdrawals, account information, and
other types of transactions, often through interbank networks. The pen
drive is considered to be an improvement on both the older floppy
drive disks and the more modern compact disks that are often used to
copy data and reload the files on a different hard drive. Even a pen
drive with a relatively low storage capacity tends to provide plenty of
space for a number of files. The types of files that can be loaded onto
a pen drive are all the common types that can be housed on any hard
drive. This makes it possible for persons to copy photos, spreadsheets,
word processing documents, movie clips, music tracks, and just about
any other type of file.
BUT here instead of card we are using pen drive which allow
customers to withdraw cash from their account without human
intervention. Every pen drive would be assigned a unique drive letter
which can be configured for every system but can’t be accessed by
every user, due to the authentication we are providing via unique key.
The device manager in the system will check the keygen generated by
the pen drive with the configured keygen already stored in the
memory. Later on it will convert the keygen of the pen drive into the
keygen of the ATM card using assembly.
The purpose of the project is to demonstrate the application of
software engineering in a practical scenario . The project is
aimed at developing a software i.e. an ATM machine
(automated teller machine) that uses pendrive as an ATM card
for withdrawals, account information, and other types of
transactions. The software supports a computerized banking
network . The network enables customers to complete simple
bank account services via automated teller machines (ATMs)
that may be located off premise and that need not be owned
and operated by the customer’s bank. The ATM identifies a
customer by a cash card and password. It collects information
about a simple account transaction (e.g., deposit, withdrawal,
transfer, bill payment), communicates the transaction
information to the customer’s bank, and dispenses cash to the
customer. The banks provide their own software for their own
computers. This software requires appropriate record keeping
and security provisions. The software must handle concurrent
accesses to the same account correctly.

 Data Flow Diagram

 Entity Relationship Model

 Objective Of Project In This Semester

 Output Form’s

• form Splash.cs

• form SerialNo.cs

• form AdminLogin.cs

• form MainAdmin.cs

• form AddUser.cs

• form AccountType.cs

• form Main.cs

• form MyAccount.cs

• form MiniStatement.cs
 Advantage Of The Project

 Limitation of The project

 Future Scope Of The Project



Input data, get receipt & Verify a/c, update a/c


ATM Bank

Most data requirement will be built-in. Only pin# and a amount

in figures will be required as input by the customer, which will
be subject to validation. A minimum sum is required but no
maximum or increments.

 Arrange with bank to conduct system test to ensure that

integration is smooth. First a Sunday will be chosen to do
acceptance testing. This is a day when the machines are
least used.
 Prepare conversion plan: To stay on the side of caution the
smallest bank will be selected and the system
implemented ‘cold turkey’ method because of its
simplicity. The system will be constantly monitored over its
infancy. Training schedule will be prepared for bank and
telephone companies.
 There is no db to implement. The db of the bank and
phone company is all that is needed.
 Train internal users at bank and phone companies as to
how the system works. Actions in case of problems and
complaints. The likely problems that may occur. The
developers are the owners of the system and will be on
call to rectify faults.
 Training will be limited as there will be no significant
change to the system in place, but to explain how the
various accounts will be updated automatically and how to
interpret these information for customers.
 All bank staff must be made acquainted so this will take
some time and based on the number of banks seminars
over a 2 months period will be implemented.
 Execute implementation plan in the order of training,
acceptance testing, ‘cold turkey’ execution and

Looking at the growing demands of pen drives and its various

features ,we came up with an idea of using pen drives as an
atm card . Pen drives are memory storage devices which allow
users to store data and carry it around the globe. Now a days
pen drives are equipped with additional features like finger
print scanners for security purposes , web cams etc. In our
project we will be using pen drives as an atm card allowing all
banking to be done using these memory storage devices. This
will help user to store data as well as use it for banking. The
user wont be required to carry atm cards or other banking cards
rather all transactions would be possible through these pen
drives .

 Pentium III computer- 700 MHz

 Hard disk capacity- 10 GB

 RAM – 128 MB

 Operating system- Windows 2000, XP or higher

 Software- Microsoft .net framework with SQL server


 form Splash.cs
This is the front page of the project or the home page. The
name “SDS” is taken on the name of the project holders i.e
Shruti, Deepak and Sourabh. The above given is the logo of our
ATM machine. This is a splash page.

 form SerialNo.cs
When we insert our pen drive into the port , a serial number will
appear on the page. Every pen drive has a unique serial
number which is to be copied for the further use. After copying
we will click on administrative panel to proceed further.

 form AdminLogin.cs
This page will appear for the user using his pen drive for the
very first time. Here the customer has to enter his name which
is used for every transaction and a password for the security
purpose. Then click on “login”.

 form MainAdmin.cs
 form AddUser.cs

After clicking on “add user”, the customer has to fill the above
given form. The customer using his pen drive for more than one
time will have this form to be filled by the administrator, as
their details are already stored by him. There is an option of
“opening balance”, which the customer fill at the very first time
as their initial balance. Customer has to paste the serial
number copied by him for the option of serial number.
 form AccountType.cs

Here we are provided with an option for the saving or the

current account. The customers can access either of their bank
accounts in order to make cash withdrawals and check their
account balances.
 form Main.cs
Authentication is provided by the customer entering a personal
identification number (PIN). Here a pin number is provided by
the administrator for the security reasons .

 form MyAccount.cs
Here the customer enter the amount to be withdrawn. There
are further options given on the right hand side. By clicking on
the “withdraw”, the transaction takes place.
 form MiniStatement.cs

 In modern times people usually carry pen drives for data

storage. If pen drive could be used as an ATM card then it
will allow the user to withdraw money from their account
along with the data storage.

 Higher aggregate bandwidth

 High speed Mbps and possibly Gbps

 Scalability

 Easy accounting (withdrawl,account information etc.)


 Flexible to efficiency’s expense, at present, for any one
application it is usually possible to find a more optimized
technology .

 Cost, although it will decrease with time .

 New customer premises hardware and software are

required .Competition from other technologies -100 Mbps
FDDI, 100 Mbps Ethernet and fast Ethernet .

 Presently the applications that can benefit from ATM such

as multimedia are rare.


The pen drive has indeed revolutionized the way we work and
also the manner in which we work. Pen drives help us to carry
our work to our home and carry all our important documents in
our shirt pocket wherever we move. These pen drives are
immune to dust, fungus and shocks which were the chief
culprits in destroying the floppies. The innumerable times as
pen drives can be written on to make it a slower version of your
hard disk. You can store pictures, songs, documents and all
sorts of files which you need to carry around.
The newer version of pen drive with their astounding 32GB
storage capacity are capable of recording upto 12 hours of non
stop audio. These high end pen drives often have LCD displays
for browsing through he files stored in the drive. These pen
drives feature a mini USB port, an audio input and audio output
port with rechargeable batteries. Many manufacturers have
come out with tiny speakers for use with the pen drive should
your do not feel like using the earphones.

Another advanced feature in these newer pen drives is the

camera which can function as a still camera and when
connected to the computer through the USB port double up as a
web cam. These pen drives come with the necessary mounting
stands and cables for dual use as web cams.

More and more pen drives are coming with card readers inbuilt
for reading most of the portable memory cards in standard
formats. Some of these pen drives are having figure print
scanners for enhanced security of your files and access is
denied if the registered finger prints do not match. Most of
these pen drives come with special software for PC connectivity
and configuration. Even your PCs configurations can be saved
on pen drive for easy retrieval.

In coming days pen drive could also work as atm cards where
the user would be able to handle all his banking using pen
drives. This would allow user to have a 24*7 access to banking
facilities. The user wont require to carry a separate atm card for
banking instead pen drive would allow that and for a trusted
transaction, all transaction details would be provided on
mobiles through messages or emailed to users on their email