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yourself russian goal | all-round confidence category language content + learn to speak, understand and write russian e + progress quickly beyond the basics bea + explore the language in depth be where you want to be with teach yourself. teach yourself russian daphne west Launched in 1838, the teach yourself series grew rapidly in response to the world’s wartime needs. Loved and trusted by over 50 million readers, the series has continued to respond to society's changing interests and passions and now, 70 years on, includes over 500 titles, ‘tom Arabic and Beekeeping to Yoga and Zulu What would you tke to lean? Tie pblaher has ued is best endear b onsie thatthe UL for edema webs refered to Inesbooke cost enact etme cf ang press. However, publoher are euthor th webstisand can mate no guerartoe tat ste wi remain eo tat Fer UK order enqies:pleese cova Bankpot Lid, 190 Mlon Pt Anger, Oran, O14 453. Telprone: 444 (0) 1235 627720, Fac +44) 1285 400454 Les are open 02.00-17:0, Nora to Sturdy wih a24-ho mesage answering service Detalsabou ou Bes er hon ‘de a eee 3 Fer Seder erques: plas contact Meta Caster Sens, PO Box 545, Bacick OF 43000545, USA Tele 1-800-722-4726, Fax. 1-614-755-5848, For Canada orer engl: plese conact sre Rjersn Li, 300 Water. Wi. Ona, LIN 985, Cena, Teloptone: 905 430 5000. Fac 906 430 5020, Lang renames faut source or sl qu amin nt moe then 50 lion pes ol wee ~ Eo tach yourself eras inudes over 500 es inthe felts of languages cas, ais, busines, computing and odoaton. ets ray Catan n Pabloaton Date: caelogue record otis ie fava tom the rsh Libary, trary of Cones Cataog Card Nabe: Fest pushin UK 1991 by Heder lon, WW Festpubished IU 1622 by Te NeSren-Hl Compas, Ino, ‘Tis extinpbished 2003, ‘ho teach youself name rgisred trade marco Hoder Hea Cepyiaht © 1801, 2008 Daphne West ‘In Al gts reserved, Apart rom any perited us under UK conn nw, no part of his {abicaion may te rerouced or tensitedn any fom ory any means, craic or mechanical, ‘ude protoxpecting or ary informatio storage and rebel im, at permission, eg fom te pls ar nd fcence trom he Coot Licensing Agency United Farner ‘also sh foster reprgaphicrepriucon may be oblanad fom the Cop Lenin ‘ancy Lio Sten House, 6-10 ty Steet, Londen. ETN BTS. ‘nS Alig resid. Goer as ported unde he Unte States Cong Act 1876, ro pat citi ork maybe eprouned or tbe nny fm or by ary mens, sre in ada or ‘ee stm wit por wien pmision of pubis, ‘Dpesety Tarst Lined, Covey England Pied I Great tein or Heer Education, an Hacetie Lime UK Company, 98 Euston Roe, Lado NW 36 by CPI Cox and Aman, Reding, Grit, AGt BOX Hachete Line UK polis to we papas that are natura, renee and ele products and ‘rate from wand roan fn swsidnabe fess. The loging and manufacturing processes ere ‘est 1 can toe errant rua of the cour fag. of Hecht Live UX, 938 Euston Road, ‘Bau naenopr, noxanyieral ‘Your passport, please! 1 ‘Mena soByt Mpa I'm called Ira 2 ‘using some more forms of courtesy ‘ecb MonHO ipororpadnponaTe? 7 _may one take photographs here? ‘ asking/stating whether something is permitted ‘or not * asking/stating whether something is possible, Impossible or necessary ‘eKoMbKO CTOMNT? how much ist? 49 + asking for and giving simple information about cost and availabilty * using further ways of describing where things are sinpepnownraio nnasare Ipreferto swim 61 ‘+ asking people about their preferences $]U9]U09; 5 or and neoessity ‘70 ecto cBoGoaHo? is this place free? A ‘obtaining information about avaliabity, «talking about days ofthe weak. + expressing approximation with regard to time 270 saewcuT OF norog ‘wrong numbers) «taking about past events and actions awe HyAHO K Bpawy? must Igo tothe doctors 7160 * seeking and giving ecvice * taking about necessity ‘cowrep Te6e oven Mat the sweater really suits you 163 * talking about clothes and appearance * asking for achice about size and colour ++ expressing simple comparisons and negatives ¢ ca Poxpenmsl happy bith! 178 ‘saying when and where you were bom and state your age * asking other people about their age, place and date of bith 101 * indicating preference in arrangements 7 hopes and intentions about ‘hypothetical statements © expressing statements contrary to fact asait sarnanen 8 topo nyrewecranis *