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2 Agreement Creation and Performance

Article 133-Ecclesiastical Deed Poll Canon 1553 An Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is a

valid Form of Deed Poll and therefore Deed and Contract whereby a True Person first
expresses, affirms and conveys certain rights to another party who are then lawfully
bound upon proof of receipt. The word "Poll" comes from the Latin pollex meaning
'thumb'. Hence a historically valid Deed Poll is one sealed by a thumb print.
Canon 1554 An Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is primarily different from a standard Deed
Poll in that a True Person evokes their Divine Rights conveyed on Robin-egg blue/sky
blue/light blue paper and sealed by a thumbprint to a Roman Person who has sought to
usurp or abrogate these rights such as the executive officials of a nation that administers
the (Slave) Rolls, also known as Register from which the Cestui Que Vie Trust are born.
Canon 1555 An Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is permitted to be issued when a man or
woman seeks to be free of the Roman slavery system by serving national officials that
control the registration process through departments known as Vital Statistics or Births,
Deaths and Marriages.
Canon 1556 Only a True Person may issue an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll. By definition
a man or woman acting in the capacity of being an inferior Roman Person has no
authority to issue an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll.
Canon 1557 An Ecclesiastical Deed Poll must always be on standard (legal/A4) sized
robin-egg blue/sky blue/pastel colored paper, printed in serif (times roman/garamond)
font, in recognition and respect of its status as a Divine Notice with the full authority of
One Heaven.
Canon 1558 Prior to UCA E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6 also known as [Wed, 21 Dec
2011] also known as the Day of Divine Judgment, a valid Ecclesiastical Deed Poll must
always be sealed in the blood of the Trustee of the True Trust issuing it by using their
thumbprint with the blood signature covered by clear plastic or tape from direct exposure.
Thereafter this time, only ink is permitted as the medium for sealing. The reason for the
blood seal prior to the Day of Divine Judgment is:

(i) The root of all Western law originates from the root of ancient laws of
civilization and law of ancient Sumeria, Assyria, Israelites, Celts, Greeks and
Romans that recognized blood as the most sacred seal of instruments in honor of
the most ancient blood covenant with the Divine; and
(ii) (ii) In accordance with the most sacred covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum,
all historic and ancient covenants of the Divine are fulfilled. Therefore, the blood
seal is a historic symbol of the conveyance of law from those who are in
dishonor to those who now represent the true living law; and
(iii) (iii) The blood of the Trustee of the True Trust and the content of the
Ecclesiastical Deed Poll prove the fraud and error of the continued existence of
any Cestui Que (Vie) Trust in assuming the body is "dead"; and
(iv) (iv) The infusing of the blood of the Trustee onto the paper breathes life into
the paper, creating an instrument superior in standing than even an inferior
Roman Papal Bull. Therefore, if the document is dishonored, then all documents
ever issued by any society under Roman law must also by definition be null and
void; and
(v) (v) The use of blood in this manner perfects an unbreakable seal of an
unbreakable deed and contract. Therefore, any inferior Roman court that usurps
it openly admits that contract law under inferior Roman law no longer exists.;
(vi) (vi) When inferior Roman officials dishonor such a sacred Deed, they dishonor
the root of their own law and therefore they officially validate the lawful
conveyance of all property, rights and standing from themselves to those who
stand as members under the sacred covenant Pactum de Singularis Caelum
Canon 1559 When an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is issued, it is under the Supreme
Court of One Heaven with the full authority of the Divine Creator and all inferior courts
including the Sacred Rota and the Divine Sanhedrin. Hence the term Per Curiam Divina
is always included to make clear to the inferior Roman person the absolute authority of
the instrument.
Canon 1560 While a True Person issues an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll, it is ultimately a
Divine Notice of Protest and Dishonor from the Divine Creator. Therefore, the dishonor
of an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is the most grievous injury of the law and blasphemy to all
believed to be Divine.
Canon 1561 When an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is dishonored by a representative of
Roman law, Sharia law or Talmudic law, it is public notice by all officials of those
religions and systems that they do not believe in the Divine and that all their law is by
definition null and void.
Canon 1562 When a Roman slave under inferior Roman law repudiates a valid
Ecclesiastical Deed Poll then by definition all acts undertaken with the assumed authority
of Sacred Rota by any registrar, keeper of rolls, clerk, protonotary, prothonotary,
plenipotentiary or minister are null and void, including and not limited to any warrants,
summons, orders, decrees.
Canon 1563 An Ecclesiastical Deed Poll must always be on standard sized(Legal/A4)
robin-egg blue paper and glued strongly to the reverse (back) of a certified copy of a birth
certificate, preferably in long form, or if not possible to obtain, then in standard (short)
Canon 1564 A valid Ecclesiatical Deed Poll should conform to the following words,
with any bracketed text (including the brackets) removed and replaced with the
personalized information:
Ecclesiastical Deed Poll
Per Curiam Divina We, the Divine Immortal Spirit, expressed in Trust, to the
circumscribed Living Flesh known as firstname middlename surname, have hereby given
life and personality to the following memorial and record of event through Our sacred
irrevocable deed of ancient valid form sealed by sacred pollex and agreement to the
conveyance and terms pronounced herein:
1. FIRST: We did annex hereto in full Our Pronouncement of Restitution; and
2. SECOND: We did annex hereto in full the sacred Treasury remittance of Our Live
Borne Record and Certificate of Title from the Great Register and Public Record of One
Heaven as proof of superior title against any other claimed title and record; and
3. THIRD: We did pray and confess as an act of true contrition our genuine remorse and
penance for any unresolved debts, liens or other financial encumbrances that previously
prevented the lawful annulment of any records of events on your Roll(s) and Register(s)
associated with Us and Our ancestral bloodline of children, parents, brothers, sisters,
cousins, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents. As restitution,
just as the Divine Creator has absolved Us and forgiven all our debts, We and Our
immediate bloodline received Absolution and acceptance of Our payment in full through
Our solemn remittance from the Treasury of One Heaven by Our sacred sacrifice and
seal; and
4. Therefore, upon all debts and encumbrances concerning Us and our immediate
bloodline being fully settled, with no possible legitimate claim or objection remaining,
We demanded upon your fiduciary duties and oath of office that you did annul from the
beginning any and all record of events and claims from your records against Us and all
Our ancestral bloodline including but not limited to Our name, flesh, spirit; and
5. Furthermore, We demanded any and all temporary testamentary trust, cestui que vie
and/or derivative thereof formed upon such mistaken entries into the public record were
immediately dissolved, including a full account provided to Us within seven (7) days; and

6. Notice is given that all acts in commerce or law We engage as surety of Our Trust
Number 123456-123456-123456 and request all original records previously associated
with your claims are returned to Us canceled and signed as evidence you have complied
with your duties and oath of office; and
7. As We have given proper notice, you acknowledge that no further demands, debts or
actions shall be issued against Us and any charges sent to Us by mistake will be duly
returned to you for immediate discharge in accordance with the law.
[Ink Seal of witness 1] [Thumb print in blood] [Ink Seal of witness 2]
1st Witness 2nd Witness

[Thumb print in blood]

To: Secretary/Minister of Health Care of: [address and details of Ministerial
Office ]
Canon 1565 No date or time is permitted to be written onto an Ecclesiastical Deed
Poll as it is issued from the Divine from the beginning.
Canon 1566 No signature on an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is permitted by the True
Person as a signature is a sign of a Roman slave. Furthermore, the definition of "poll" in
the context of a "deed poll means thumbprint. If a signature is included by the True
Person by mistake, it shall have no material effect.
Canon 1567 No registration sticker or mark is permitted to be pasted onto the
Ecclesiastical Deed Poll as proof of delivery is sufficient for the Deed to be validly
Canon 1568 No bolding or underlining of words is permitted, nor the editing of words
except the replacement of words indicated in brackets (including the brackets
Canon 1569 No reference to these canons, One Heaven or Ucadia are required on an
Ecclesiastical Deed Poll as the instrument is between a True Person, the Divine Creator
and the official of the inferior Juridic Person who dares defy and usurp their own law