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;//.~ S E V EN T I-I-.D A Y .


·T H E


Sought out and celebrated.


The Saints latl Defign upon the man of lin, with their advance of
Gods fidl: inllirution

rnitive perfc8:ion)bein~ clear difcovery of that black cha ..

to Its pri-


T HE . Change of TIM E S & tAW


ratter in the head of the Iiule Horn, Dlln·7.'J,5'


With the Chrifiians glorious Conquell

over that mark of the Beaft, and recovery of .the long-Ilighred fevenrh its ancient glory.wherein Mr.lf[pinll'al, 'may receive full anfwer to his late piece againf] . / the S A B BAT H.



~ ...

,., .

," 1
/.: I

By-rho.T;1l1t111, MinUter of the Gofpel:. f?falm 102.·1~, '4. thou fl!alt 4rife &' batJe meT')
u,u Sioll for the ti,nt to favour her, Ita. tbe fel time if csm«. For th, {erfJ4nts ta4"cl.te4[ure in
lur jlo 1ft s) and favour 'he duft there» : .




. if!



~l.(lndon, Printed for the Author, fold by LitJttWll Chapman

and arc to.·be

p'~'~ ..

To the Church of Cbrif] which

{hy into the beaut iful or-


at Colchefter gathcJ cd by Gods grace withrl:c Authors Mini~

der of the. GofpeJ.


Precious and tber{'f(Jre Helover!, ~~.J~ Hat b,11h tbe bO(I' one done fur {,1'1,~ )O/l! what beth Gafre! J!Pf(:e )..~ .' I ~. wrw(!bt in )'011 ? who JI"; ~~ f~' -... ~~ rhcfe tint tii:: as it cloud an I
'\ ~\ r' •



as .lov.s to their


.Tj:l.6;), 8.

\~ J1flN'Y d,lY wvm tbe etcYilttl !I'hit b(u//$ o IlL' !1.JOlir doors, ~!IIrl I crt ) Oil t brolfg,b t /JI!


God by Cbril\


Rh./Jc(/ _r.'''!lJil rvbm tbc /1 !iili:~I.Jty (IiJplilj'~!! lsis bri;~bt beallls or e"'lil,:(dil'1l1Iigbt, [ormino; Chriji iil}f.JlIr [(;/it)·


the new ~irtb into

the favour


(' ,

cciued, viz. by tbc ear', (/!Iurill(( )'f.JII 'lit of e ~byl(ll1i(h Ilb'JllIiJtllti:iHS,W)r/,lly /Jolht.iJi!)) 11:,'(/ IliIr~TiptHY'dl i11,TZCS to f0/.'f;;jJ the Lz:,I& rn ,til '-'is llYctiQlls "pj)?ifltlllciltS •

I)}, tl.c f.1)lnlh~Y fhat tbc bh'D~rl vjrp)il con;








-I he EpilUe. '
beloued } from t!JC tOJ} of the wbidl grnce /Jfftb artV/tHee" YOII, ) fwd belJold tbe wofu! world jli1l wal .. JorpiJzg ;11 Wic~(",efs and weltring ill Mood 1 Cor'6. unde» tbe wrmb of ajclllo.'tS God, in « /Jope.. lefs,~rllcele [s,cbrijilrfs conai; ;011. 11. And fuch were lome of you.hut yc arc wafhcd, hut ye are {mIll ifi ed, but ye are liliA Jlijierl \ 110 mere jirt11tf',ers and forrcimrl hilt [dlow CitizelfS witb the S aint«, and of tbe hot{fhould of God)folmrlcd uponyour 1{oc'<.01 Agts wbofe 1!~)j{erioM hahitat;DJt and templ« 'e are .• Now n'I){lt iball we r~tlmt to th« 1,ord(or tbe]« i lwlzlu:1ble bmefi ts '? 1 !Jope there if not a foul of you tbllt dare fligbt /11';/.1 lmj.'rrrcbable riches of grace, I tYl{If_ytlll are tm(y eulip,lJtl1cri &' purely priJt~ fiflcd, wbicb witls tbe [ence of yonr former wcigbt of fill ( tbe intolerable burti'en of I11t ,npll keneri cOl1fcience ) }vili c(lllf e you fOY e. 'J'er to deJlgbt ill Cbrijis fTJlTdOlr', (11lrl(tt witb {ortl-jtrtis(tt[fio1t under tbe (pred wing«


Thc" EpUne.
revenled Snbbathtght nmoH,gfi JOII,ltwJ/n;d undev "limy endmrmenu, Itt. each foul ( tbn! is indeed a Saint) tlfkt up With the }'[nlmljf, Return unto thy rell, 0 my foul, tor the Lord hath dea Ir hountilull y with thee, for truly YOIl have need of rc(l a· midjt lilt ,Jony reproa cbes for the Law o/Jour God, nnd to ftrengthm JOu {or new trinlt, eJPcciallyif.yolllllld 1(who have bitberto enjoyed out prttioU11iberty ),P)()lIldexjJcricllcc wiJat we beaYJ 'I"mely that the prcfmt pow· en mllkJ no coulcimce of' Oaths or Ath j if tbi« fl:ould 1) rove fo indeed, whll;t can be cxpelled to Sabbath- k$epers but new pre/atienl perfeclltioH' 1 here if 11 jolumn Omb takp' before God ~i1d!JJelt to protte: f~ch as profe1~e f.l.ith In(ltr for In God by J efirs Cbrdhhou~h d'iferll'g Gover
from the doarine or dilcipllne of the Artie.· nation wlJich if (ecollded bJ t/.II prtftnt Pare 36 "7 lament who haveCllill1eJ, That Inch as pro" '.' felIC faithlin God, Father, Son, and Spirit, and own the Icriprures.fhall not be P arl. compelled by penalties, nor reflrained Peti; from their profeflion, though differing & adv'c

Loof{. (my


name t e live tbolt loves 110t [ucb a Lord. AI1IOJll!i nil tl» blefJitrgs llej/owed TJPOf' tnan, Gar! marie for bim 11 bol)' fabbntb,lll!d tbifO( old w." the bonour of God.d fI'.lCl,tlJlJ Jhall"be ilj!,ililr the g/')Y)' ~ffucb as fimtdilt tl» sntien: lli1tb mquiriilg .16)' tbe ;good olr! WilY. Now fince Jehovah IJslth gr{lciol~fly
, reue aled

the eternal Saviour ; tba t foul hiub onely a





from the publick Doarine, and difci-

pline, but {hall be protefted in the peac- plIg



able exercife of their religion. But 110twitbpl111dillg thefe great engage ..

mCJtts, tbfr~ would h,






liut« probability




The Epifllc. (hmfrl tlJeir I'ri1lcipl ~·sbe elf [ome arc

bo.lIIFJin, wbo ,lid nst cnelv aduance the rlcuiec or bis orPII heart ill the l ime ol wor32·3)· {hip, bu: ill!lOr!'~1 it Oil the I'('o/,Ic, "'Hl (0 m.« \t: I:,\\t:i t·) iIll. Strive wub 'your p),dyers IlgaiJljl tbc rem 7;Jliit:~ COi'!'/IfltiofJs, rijillg, O/'Prt1fi'IItI, ill" I)Clli·ii."~, f'crJCC/~ t iOJlJ :. (J 1111;lIilo(rJ C1l0 1','" 1lIitil's (l. rt'vJitmz, nnuon : God blab em: .. ncm!» Pllllilh::d the princes alld rh e King!; ZeplJ,l,S chilllr::n an. (tlJ)'CilteJIS) all fitch as 1\1'-:: clothed in {tr,mgc AprlJ'l'd : awl _yet how tbis J{b:nll;ttllt ion abilu/lIls amoJte,jflls! ),e.'J tis ft',trt'rl iba: as Jehu /,II/1cr/,dfJll'IZ one In I-JelJ/'. B.\al awl tl'/U,1JtCl'C/ twO f..olrim Calves, [o /.,ord. tbe fll/,pr!Ifio~1 of om' llro/lrll'~'tll'lte niav be Iltt!'l1r1cr: rN tlJ the l)rOlilollOJI of man» l'crfeclltil1g Prt'ib},teYs,'. aud t':t'Jl filnvell ow' l'Yecil)f{s G?[pel In:/vtlcr/g,es if. ~ve'f our liberty II)Olllr/ be lit their tt/1IJ'I.'ltIlcc; 1 b~y !.,~V(} Illy(';u/y lJ1{t [onb tl.'cir J~iJlg l~y underbtliJIJ 1!.ltClI1pts to v~!tru{f tbis great tl'lttbof
1 Emf.,

perfwlul,'r!. . '!Vberc(ore flie witb {!,Cl'r/ to yOllr ex peri .. riled City o( reflll!,e 111111 il11/1,'01'e .Jlm· iJl" td'c/i ;11hc« in' II lor the jupprl'/JioJZ of .1e1'o-


. Gol, ftd,bltth..

termer! »our C;ufpe! bllf'tifm, an d.llllllil~g doctril1l: ,r!!!l t~'c' mii:lla,i t/.'en·~f

. ' ~/I.,(i)' contrnuous 1J('(1IIYt' irr ColdJ(li


.flroJlgt:{t Itrg nments in onofillJ!, the S(l/;bllth. As Jor file/) (either Presbyttriflltor If1JY other o1linion) }~ho are of 11 GofJelJrm1le of Spi· rit (ree Jrom ljhmaclitifh rerjecuI111J'.l'rila. ciples, 1do not in tJ:e l('.?it Hllt'li "POlltb£111, but I.,ighty prize Ill! the k1.'c/y (1) l'earm1ces ofe/mJt ill tbem: Juu,wi}lg tbilt }MI;('rt.;otlg,h our elder ByethrCJt) dare not murtnure at our [atbers loue, )V/.>O hill/; t'Jdightl'l1Cd eur wi nds : wi t h tlg re-z'i'lIf(Ir,h)J oJ lus R <fyat Sabbath but willliJz.e noble Berr ans wei"b this [crious (/11Id 1hOle [cba) work. in tbe /'fdllJlCt' of tbe [tmt!llflry. If [uch as would bnuc (I precept of tbis l.Jip.h import J I/Iot b, uti or concraletl, under a /laJ of {ecl/rit} cr 1;t1be/ (;f 1lmt)' were throllJ!,bly If wak.!nea 11 'bc wbi[peril1gs of Cbr~/t; dey would readily proelilim tbis ",IM'iow truth UPOIL tbe 1. 011/6 t('P' If ibis lively orncle of Goris [euenti dfl)' Sa~blltlJ be not rlelldy llljiirlltal bj tbe F'tllher,Rlltijial by tbe Son, ApprO'Z.'cd by the [pi)'it,tllld ob.. f~'n'ed ~y tbe Saints, Let it be cOllfmed I{)Ir/ rejdicd; but if rbisl\oyd Lllw be tbus c {i"bIU'Jf:ti, how clre(1dflll 111UU be the COI1t inued wak!y pollution of it Ilfter Chr~/fs caU to ;'eteJlt,mce tlml r&fu mntun ] God batb /oug Will/.:,_cd at tbe d'lJes oj cur igl1orll1lc~ but

the Devils 1"a8:or5 ftirrillJ!, tip Rulers tr f,ail1f{- us , wlJic h prcbllbly mil) prflve tlJeir

The EpilUe.



-.---.----.'~7~1'(~,1r:;::;·~ ' ',-' •. ........ ~ Th':! EpHUe."


Jut b« will trot 10111, beaY witIJ )~ilflll}/~fs.As fotyOti the beloved fpO!lfe of Cbri{l ( 1,Jders, '~caco1lS (Olel Brethren) I do blefs tlJi AItt1iglJ~y for .Yow, I call never f1lfficimtl! ad. Hlirc tb«: tmcxpeticrlpllffaf,e of prvl1ldmce tlJretnmde plain mY,ratb IIntO _yo I. ; and truIy .{tllce God balb }o emi1tcm(y crowllell "~1 weak (but wil,inf, ) endeavours among yOtl, we emilio! wi tlJOtit illgratiwde for gel the J1lIW y (11t /;erly [auours (lud cOllft tim encouragen;mts of tbat worthy i1ljlrmnejl,t w/Jo JirJi invited me to [erve YOII. • '1he g~od Lord flre1lgtbm us by tile choice graccsjli{ bis precious [pirit tiJat we may 1te:ur jorfm our iIHcreJf in tbis IJonourtcl r Iltrlot, Dr in the /elljt b/emij1J our mOjt hO(Y profrffioll. 'lOUY gracious fubmiffioll to gofpe! trlltb betb filler""?y foul n'ithjo), ,1161 lam fure Goa bltth cJJricberJ your beans witb gilts and y,t't1ce (luce yow" fouls were [et towllrcls his S,lbbtltb,'iiJ..1!€..r2'11f1(b (or,)'OIlr fttkgs (wl)o hnue e (,(£(i(l!,:d~td it)' thftt 1haue thns JllY Hg'llg err;,: r"be ore. wi tb mdtllrcr1 bow,is-'of lov/;d prf[qt ,t to yOt" tbe good .. 'Z~~t ti'J1,r/~vlI it ill ).~)Ir b,etlrts that you mll~i ~ b !lOllr i" in your liveJ, til! tbe Lord of 'hi • ~~bflt/~crow}z (illl~M fervices Ilmi fllffer~ i w'itb: cverl~JI;}tg" re}f. Delo' Brethren, c ~/f.c 1m ~d, POTlYO,~lt)Ollr JOllls ~JI t~Je ~e half tlj \,\ : >' trCJW',lilitbf1l1 amI aD:{l101lat~ . \ !! ~/jltjjier


, Br

Seventh Day

,S9ugllt, and celebrated,

' . k of the Bealt. '

Saints obtaining ViClory over the

---~--- ...--..,._-~--::__ ...



Jehovab infiicutcd, and for, ~ (namely his blelfedS'fll",/6.

filR Royal Law thateyer' celebrated








Tbo. 1il!(liIJ.

between theSa\lus' and the Jdan of.fin.1~' ChANglt'DfTi"",1 ""~ £IIt/1,. Awake yo. flumbritlg Virgins, the ~ltlr." is apparently ~ddcd ; the figns of his {econd comin_g "ho ~~ :~~ 'I,!',it SM'.th, ~e Co {aiil,~ • 1 x,Qr~ .~...... ~ - _-. '(Wt~· ,_,_~~,

tall days become tbe la(~ greatco.~t(ov~llie

'44J $19"""h,)

is'in there ver,








(i~teith~~f,'nJt~o~glHhe ay,and h"'~,:m,' d



Tht (oltfi4tnt St'fftr~ .


cd' jtizcns of S'(JtJ; {hake off the (full and rrafh of b~amy Bilh)lo't; and wl~iles that imperious ~a~lot fll;lJ11CS, not, to afic,rt that Jg,.{)r~'J6e lrl,he M6JI1er D~ D6VO'IOJII, let ht:;w~hl}l vv.i((lomc be '!0tlr f~!c defign, with. l'a,(:(l c"p~Gbci"ns o~ h\$ falthfull perform-. l1ab. 2. at'lcc'; who lIrt\) promi(c\d, ThAt .th~IlIrt" l4. {hall,li fin~d'wJi~:lh'c-k..~wl"tJgcof thrg/~:, of the l.ord, ({.J the l~~t~rJ eouer tb« Sea. 'Drw, I 20 M a'9 foil" rll~ to find fr",,~nd !tno»ll,dla",

p,a(S),J~~i:~e~,1 ,r~I.~I'~1 t1!a~ plo~t Ci,1i)~'. ' ~.o~lrfflSalnts ~~h SI~tl~UIl,;,,R<:ft. f7 .h~Hqje;,~z~ J,p;~utf{t)~e.',,~~puf,f

do~btlcfs thisgenetation

ol Gods Sabbath , 'ris no: one ~ay in Ieven ~'ill [crvc turn, when the "OIJk.! fo·,ll f,e cptH Rev,'}. 7 cd, and that very Icvcnrh day 011 wI ich God himfelf rd~cd {ball be i01111d exprcfly co.n,..

our enquiry, whether we ha'!\.' been cheated tilt; appointed Timtl <4 God, wcrfh'p? , Iwill be fald (0 rha: (Qui chat ( after warn .. ing) (hall b, found In the wceklv pollution





flJKli pee1J&re4?d"1 ': " " :, Whilel v,~gM"ce ; fiirJ Jl4mo (han 116 iH_
RClm!lnbcr the flrgh(~ all~ deceits of:tl1J~ pofingP<>pc and, Prelate;, thdir At[~rsf Pii! Clures,Goffip3.kllcditig ~t the' Rail,Surflict') , with the whole ~JfleflJ,' of i~vetl~cd (crvlce s . and let this con(tdcrilcibn quicken all th'at fear the Lord, That the v'cry {.1mc Horn wlto

Ihe portioN of l'I~I~d1 are 4ifo/Je.ditnt aNd 'l1i/U11gl] ign,oraIH., " ,

I,' '. "

thus impofed his C~llpt1S' uPo." OL!( cotl(Ci.e~., ces, IHUft change ourJlmcs no Itfs tl~Ct1: ut o :A')(m.7. LII~/, orelfe~d' h0~ AI~ticbr1(l.' ~$~ L Si~Ee l~erCror~' ~(J$h' "tfLdcpi~b1:; t~a:t 1Who !,a~e~e~ ~c~~ye~rl. _~~~~ ~~_ _~~~~()E~

!: '


mandcd, The BeaH~ Wafer c .k,» al d Water in Read of enjoyned Breid ar:d W:n', 'Will be as excufablc one day as the change of Gods holv Sabbath. As for (ucb profdfors who Iurpafs the latc Prelates in (coffing at Gods Sabbath as an empty form, a trifle, &c. let New· Eng/41ft! (.however miltakcn in the prccifc, time) mourn over their liccmioufnefs in thcfe far~ rowfull tlrains. " No mcafure of tears are Iufficicnt to la'~melle the prefent d~~tc of times, that when " the Lord Jefus was come forth to vindicate' " the caufc and COlltfoYc:rfit: of Sion, there "lhollld .if(; up other iulhumcrirs "/ [piritN,f!l " lvickEd1'Jeji itJ high placfI. to bloc 'out the "flame and [v\'eee remembrance of this day " from oi'f the (ace of the earth. ", ' (C; The enemies of the Sabbath arc now not "fq much negligent and afpiring "Ibra,inbte;", whom preferm nt prin~iral1y ~~byaffed to knock it the Sabbath; bur t~ore


B .-, 2


., WhQ'


neration of profclling people) do Iift.uP 'c their heel againfl th(! Sdbbath: Eo that c, what could tormerly not be doue by An.' gels of darkncfs the old SCI pent takes anCe o.hcr courte to ;ftctl by teeming Angels of
1\ nd what c.,lIohtelled foul can (care co c. fi in a he art full of fl~hs, not ondy for filch frothy protdfnrs, whole c:\\'thly minds under fJ)iritual pretence s comemn God s ballov¥~d time withoUt feat or trembling; but even tor. thoft: wh'ofe ignorance hurries them (h"o~ .. \'Vink'd) (rom .'Yf:ek to week to watlo~ in wickcdllCfs, being th;tc day mort ,bufily I~. played about their pcrifiling bodies, which God hath folemnly dcfigncd fo~ his honour, and health of their immortal fouls. Ntvet more caufe of mourning, then to fcc Sain~.sin there days of light (tin honouring the lmle Horn in the oror, abufe of the L0rd~Sabbath. time, and ~lC Lords supper-time. Why Chl'iAians will you Hick here? Have yo,u sot vittory OVer the Bean, and beheld the Holy One tumble down his Im;lge, and will you now lore all yom labours for ~ant of a compleat 'iiClory over the M~rk! of th~ R'rJ. 1 S. B,,1ft, which is (0 vifiblc and legible in the :1. do 2•• head of the liule Horna1h' ehtltJler: ofTh"'1 if. d"~ £1111'1. Thcreforeh~th. the (urre dtVou~" . " - _... _ _.. d
•. t


T1Jt BtltJlt MArk ~

Tilt '~fttjDn ;/1 ;tl

rht LtI~Jf


" who have eaten bread with Cht\{t (~gc~


c, ligbr.

(h4".1 til ,hI OrJi".tnct', 6r'k.!n S. ,ht IVe.-trtfling COTlenant. You arc aflured Chrillians the Horn hath changed the I.awsj and he cannot be that Horn unlefs he chang; your Times alfu~ wifl . VOLI therefore wifely weinh that he had no t ··, t"l l unct to c I . lange, Iave the Lords Sabb.uh .. nme, and the Lord, Supper.time, nrrd rh.~((" he ~tld none bur he l-:tt,h chlnged, as I fha:! pl:unly prove under this Pofiricn, Th~ ltvmth d4J SIl[,J,lffh is II P"P"HAt r~,al Rult for ,h, t'lgh,fOUI, tflabltf1ml {J, ,,)',celt and prtftd61JI, G,ds prltifo,

ed the c3.rth,BIC4Nf' tb'J hafla tr''"f!r1ffiJ

'f4~i" a


~"J ~"ik1tJ priviledtt.


~:b.~~~~. ay ~ ~~~~

And 10 prevent a fudden ce nfiirc of Iinsutuity, let the ingenuous know,tharthis C~:Iduticnconrains not a unle dlft~rent [rom the profdfcd do8rine of the cll(cl"ned Onhodox of this 3gC, as will appear in irs parts 3' fo m:lIly heads of the cn[uino Treatife. J. The Sabbath j, o~e of the Atfemblies J. Ti, . approved points. Art. Relig. P')'" Rep. 2, The time is ~onfeflcd to b~ the very (c. '1'. Th, VC'~th d:,y determined by God; for thus 1'",.11. wrue the Elders of New Engla_ntJ (with Th,f. wkom accord our EngliCh Synod.)·' . SA6. p. ce Nor ondy, nor onely a rea day' JOG.

or Sabbath day Which


._ ~~ e~f~~e~(~"P'li


I."" l.t



1{~If-·.tfls r,mt\Jsli.

,.. ., ~

cxprcff<.d and cxprdly interpreted in the C' Commandcrncnt t,o be [he 7th. day, or a "7th• day of Godsdetcrmining, and there" lore called the Sabbath of the Lord our " God, is here alfo cnjoyned anti command. " cd .'5 generally moral. Here is a full and free confcfiion, and all 1 Ihall crave of Chriflians is bur-to obferve the true fcvcnth day Sabbath umil (ome o .. thcr day of Gods dcccrminitlg (h:111 be pro;: duccd ; but Iince that will never be done, I (hall proceed co the third point. Gods precept, fecondcd by his OW 11 pra~.The 'Autho .. ¢life gives fuch Iull honour co the Sabbath, chat I hear of none (we AthciHs. Papilis, rill' Prelates, Ranters, ~'akcrSJ and (orne Notionifls that gail1fay ire ~. 'Pe«, Neither was this ancient Law inflltured pC/~;tJ. fora year, or an Clgc, but perpetuated to all poHerity, as is (tilly acknowledged, SJ1.1od tJ61l( (If. P + ~ 8. )' 7h~ Thi s royal Sabbath is no bare or beggarly fm;Uifi· rudiment (as forne tremble not to reproach &lttiotJ. it)but an honourable perfLtt Law of libcrty~ Tptf. worthy to be imbrac«l by all the h::~,~,(;nly f~b. P'49 face of true believer s. 6. The Nut as a Covenant accotllpan;cd with lJ..Illc. thunder, denouncing curfcs for the ledl di{~ obedience; bur ~s a holy,jIlA,l'digiou~ Ru1e, ~r( arhed by the Rill 'a~}d foft yo ice of the . Go(pcl -_ .-_.."
. -,' _.. I

To per(ons princirled in Church.order, ,7. T~ lfo.8.13. (the Anntypc of'God~ Arkl) In ·'t'~/b';l. ~11Or(; renewed hearts by.vcmucof ehenew '.. Co~coal1~all Gods Laws urc-fairly (cgiCtred which acc,by othetsflighted.Hbf.8.IIJ.' And all for thefe t,:,,-,o great Ends, I. To I, iIJ,

TlmeJ~~4L4wl.And thus each titde'of:my .rcncnebcing aucHecJ (in fo m\lh!f,word)~'by (ucla as are dlcetBcd Ortbodox, Lhopeiemnj' ,freely appear wlrhour prejudice. ' .: -

~lOllourGoc:l,2.To enjoy'him for·cvcr(which Vjea"d the pcculiar-prerogarivc of fuch as obtafU En. ~Iaoryov~r eheBeafis Mark, rile ohltllge'~f ' . .

Thef,v~_~t'h·4,!-JS,cW,A";,/.s ."nJler:pel,~1 ro!III !l-NlejDr ,19, righteoftJ J. ijl,{'lijl)wd

, '" p~lc~pt tllta preJiJm~, 10 Gadl f¥4i./I
al1d,$lIirJ'~ pri''Ji!tdlc.


" -FirR, 0f,"t left.

T~ejHcbrew MlW Shlt/dult, fignifiethi ~dlactonfro~ common 1Vdr·k,and wncteic ., IS firfi found iris Gods reft; and rhe day fbt Ge» .... ever (cparat~d and confecrated ~brthe honour of the mol] H_ighJ in mcmori ,~,of his' inoA: glotiousworksof Cre ..HtJn, . the. b:c~fit whereof i~~lteiidcde"en unto us 'Ind"rilo-' rally c"g~gtth us to theRt!lioiou~Obr~t~aL' timl of.,lc~ hKth·¢af\n'evei be'ftllly tanEfHi~" ~


!l.fl~!'.!!: ~ ~a!~~;Kl:~bt retnO'~. f~ha sN itt~; .. ~1-·- ~~~_e anal





, 211

wilh_ " for' d,jfrHUion, And fo taking up the Crofs of Chrilt, with Spoufe-Iike aftc8:i· ens, enquire, as for the-place Jo for the Time , of relt. Tel! ml, 0 whom PH, foul 10~ill4t. I. 'mho where tholi feedtft~ ,",helot t~oU m4~"rfJ 7. 'hj ftoclte to rep At Nodn. Obkrvc, the Spoufe of Chrift enquires not ohdy where, bur when; not onely for hisaocks rcCiil1g place (which is his b.o(ome,) bu~ al(o for t~e Time, the refl at NOah; Clmtl hath hiS Oofpel fcafons to fie in Stare j Meridian hcighths like tho Sun in his (ircuit weekly returns [0 beam forth his grace [0 his bela1ZTim, ved. which the Spirit terms; INS E A~

therefore let the Prophets alarm rouzc lip the felf-dcnvina Difciplc from every deceit, .P1lic. i. } h .a ~ Ari'iJ')e .nil debart, {Dr tUM nat )'ofir reI- , .~o. I. 'J~ r IJ lYteaNfo it is ,olluted it fhtl / u,flr'} J~N

. . ohat cuAomt:a humane traditio~, Chadi~ fpt'.J ,~~tth. culaticn ( all which are bue v~ill wor(hip ; ) 'I $.9. and as for natural' or civil r~lalions, carnal . enrumbrnnccs, with thofe (cnNal pleAlJres which (fell I away the foul from Gods Sab· bath, they arc all but £gyptian leeds; aRd


" I :I

i·SOW ..•



.1 have heard of a filly "lift to Ihuffle off Gods SsbGath, in making ChtiH the bolRer of di(obedicl1ce,un(cripttJraJlyaffer~ing that ChrilHsthe Sabbath, [hu~con foundir q reft. f19..g }7Ia~e ~~~h t~mtlg t;tI!t. ~~. ~sfoTr.chi$


~, ._ -

images or imaginations, 'eis therefore rnoti 14. abrurd [0 cry the morality or the Second '''1' ' of the Fourth··Conrinandtment ·at. corrupt' tlaturcsTtibuhal. : -~.:,-;- .", --.,.: '~'" ,_ ,
- -----._ ~'BUt

cious Giod in a prdident, fa pleaCant: Ind~cd Natura light as now 'ds blurred and clouded is not cap able of judoina n the , t' d l:I D t IlltlgS V GQ , every man is naturally Po .. pi(h, framing Idea':s ofthe Deiey, felting up

110thitlg can be more lovely and delightf.ul co a pcrfon principled,then to follow his gra .. '

though [he Bilhop * fee not a (urablene~ in ... Whiti~ the Sabbath to pure AJ~"" yet thore who are better Jsarnc:d, Can fee it (~tablc co the glorioin Creator; who in obferving it, made hirnfelf a pattern to his Creature, and Curdy

way Iurable ro pure Nature and-Grace, and

mandel11eht' are filly termed Moral.asbein.:r indeed an exa6t rule of good manners, in: forming us how to demean our (dvclto~ wards'God and men, and it is in all things equal, holy, jufi; and good; yea and every

to manners,

as Baptifin and [he Lords "'rrtr are terthed Sacraments, in diAina. from infedour Ordinll1ces,though neithct of the terms Mo'. tal or Sacrament be round in Scripture. The word MD,"UtI, .(ignificth bdongi"g
and eheretore the ten Com-

thueof Royal Law, it is traly Moral and fo ttrmed,


""'~;"tIthe middeR of the '" Mijtt';~ reflplaecd fh


C 'r.~~


1,:h,Thret ..f,IJ,Ml!lI.",;
But this thrccf~l~ m,y{icrymay p~fJ.bly add Hreilgth to the Sabbath l.~or"Ii(y. \f irbc obfervcd i 1.,Thar innocent Adlt1JJ. h td all the ten Cornmandcnicnts writtc,n in hishean.whilcs

Rfnn.'J. his heartwas Ilcfh. , 2. When his heart .was coudenlcd Into


(lone, and thereby the Moral Law 'Was de .. laced, God condifccnds (for prevention of Oal. 3· .fin) to write all the veryfame Lawes ill Ta..' '19· .blcs of Itonc, ' 3. And, when Go~pe1 grace appears in new G?VCMam clemency t,ransformif'l~ out' hearts agai~ IromIlonc to f1cfh, the vety 11,(,,8. laws written in Tables of fioncarc once 10, II. more rcgiChfd in the fair Tables of renewed :.1 Cor. 3e hearts, and that for this end. 'hilt we fTm41d Ex», II. ces~Hd do dum. ., J 8~19J2J' He that fees not through this three-fold anyficry, depths of wifcdomc, withtlnfear~ chable riches of mercy, may well furpca an unchanged {lolly hcarr, whiles the renewed foul beholds therevived glory of Gods Ievcnrh-day Sabbath, as a Moral duty fuca... blc to Ad~m in his pure nature, and good , for Saints in the ptefctlt Hate of gt*cc, freely concuning with thiaconclufion touching dIe m~rallty ~f a Lf\w:; moral Lf4U1 ~

I~ ;" hl$ flatt-lttJ, ~fJdk!ep hi4 6raimm·

~,'t.~~~~/, ~~~flllfo. ~~~"!.~~~e.1'~' , goo~~ ~H~



whereon God r~(led purely good.t1nd therefore commandcd , thoug~ depraved Natura cannot dilcern it. .(\s the narure of a moral Law doth thU3 confirm Gods Snbbarh and none other ; So the title of the ~ora' Law, involve,s ancJ fccurcs rhisb,l{i'cd day al1lonJ!(t the ten ,r,c," ,' (('pts) termed in Hebrew, O''U'M .n'W3' in EX(Jt!.3"~ Greek Ai~J.Ao~, in Eogh01 it hath bor .. 28. rowed (he title ofD~calogue, or the Law of ten words orCommandements, all oleqaal honour and digoity ; t~ough' Saf:aJs deluii .. ons have prevailed with Iiccntious {pirits to flight and cenliire one of there ten Moral commands as ceremonial, and frern hence to a(cctlcj even to Bla(phemy" in reckoning this Moral precept ll)1ong(lbcggariy Elements, and fo chargin~ the glorious God with the obfcrvation of a bale Ceremony, finec l1ot~jng is more certain then rhac the Highefi himfelf did both (am!iifie and cele .. br:lr(' the Ieventh- day Sabbath, and [hat be .. fore lill, and con{cquently before anyneed of a Saviour f' ~r Ceremonyfhadowing him: As for the arguments levelled ~gain(t, the Morality of the Sabbath; they do moll of them Chike :It the morality of 'he ~ho]e De .., eclogue, .: ... '.' . - . 'f',' ,:'.

i, ;J ,herJore eo",,,,anJ,d 11tc.~uI6;t;/ gOM: :~ 1111 fuch is the nature of the (eventh day

The ¥~r~/iJJ'fJJndieat,J,




Dlf4t. ~.





For if the Sabbath be ceremonial hec:;u(e the Jews were obliged by their deliverance from Egipt [0 obferse it; upon the (arne account [he whole Dcc'alogue is ceremonial, (incc they arc laid under cquall <:ngagemel1t5 Eso, ZOe [0 the whole Law j J If')' ,he Lordth, Gtitl whieb6ro18ght the« out of the L~ntJ of E· itev. II. gipt fr~m 'he h~'_fo of Set'vantl, Th~N(h~/t 8. h~ve no 01htr GoJ, ~ifori ml, &c. Whel'efGre lctJ fueh as are experienced of their greater deliverance (rom all the {lavery of fpiritual Egipt, rcligiouily obferve every jot and tittle of this Moral, holy, ju(t fpiritu:tl Law, asJpirituallyas is poffible-, and 60d will teach fuch fincere fouls that ',is a nr~t1g delafion to talk of keeping that feveath d:ty Sab6ath fpiricually~ whiles 'cis prophancd litteratlYa .. 'Malh.s •. 'Tis true our Lord Jeru§ enjoyf1cth a more illtrir~(cc31 and fpiricual ob(er'lation of the Decalogue, but withal he rarilieth and c~ HablHheth every tittle, he that dare bee fo deluded as to prophanc the Scvenrh day urtder pretence of keeping a fpirimal Sabbath, dare not commie corporal uncleanncfs or murther, under the like colour of the Ipiritualobfervation of there Laws. The truth is. filch confciences dare be bolder with God ih~robbing him of hol1 time, theh the:), dare


~u'h who Rndy contemlon inRud of 0';. (i,cdrence. labour to undermine the Moralit, of the Law from that promife (whicb the, fay was peculiar co Urad) oHong life in the .Land which the Lord tby ~od giveth thee. r, Bm 6rfi, this fmites at the whole Law


ChriRiat?o thy Iledeemer hath otxflined as well corporal as fpiricual mercies for thee;wherefor, glorifil ,l) GDJ (in (aaiS\i(ying I C~.'~ his Sabbath with (he whole Law)(,Dth wJ,h U). 'h) bod].na with th, hiri, which lit hAth .,

fore 1f"l1illf'~hln~,hI "oN"d. If ,!oiir bllkittff'OHI.

2. Le; it be confidered that thofe w~rds arc rather a motive then a mandate. 3. ' fis dull Atheirm to fancy the pofllo!r.. {ion of a foot of Land thac is nor Q'iod. gift, and therefore binding as to obedience. For , he ha,b ",tlde "I on, "/~Ddall th, NAti~IIJ D/ ~t:l1 J 7· me.» fir to dw,' ~Ir All thl (tfl' 0/ ,,~ ~tf~ earth, ""d hAth dettrm;"eJ tin 6e-

cUt of hatred


Gods (ey~nth day Ssblnth.


~e~v~!,~ ~~Il~~Pgl~s5~lnm(?Jg~hd~. ~a!!!~ n.

.I ""

1. ·Iis high ingratitude in u.s above ~Il people, in the rniddeli of (0 much peace, plenty, lipht and IlbertYt to conrend againR Gods hOly Laws, rather then to fubinit t9 his holy Sabbath •. 'S" The promife of JO,ng life was IJor pe.


cLtl!a~ tc? J>a~eCl~he.~~ a ~~~ite to Jti:!s ~1t~~1


,", " r., ·£«tfJ, ,(J/,rj;

in the Wildcrncfs andln na~ t0. the Bemilc Prolclyrcs in' : ~II ~ atit?~s. ,~n~'cisworthy' our c Infidcr;J~
yeaand the ,ApoAlcrcllders ie, Not I.ofd mri;f1livf' !nl'! on tI)~ earth; and,fo the word, i"10iNi1 figtlifics,)liHI the thcllte word lor word runs

fdll. ~~).byIon,

obcdici'ie:c b6th

/J(4i eertb, thahholl




thds~ H'oniJflr thy (tither ""d th) mother 15, 17, th~t ,hq,!,"! pr9{~IJg_ th, dale; Ilpon the Pro. 20. ellrth. TnCfc\Jy treeing obedient children 20. f:~m, 1I,ntim'?ly 'death; and ' illvcfling them )1.,1at.1I 5 with the comforts of 1Ife; Hence 'cis mani4, 6,9' fc(l;t11:it hath Jews and Gentiles arc hound' to improve their b\dJings lIIH0 obedience, and ,~lOlonger endeavour to defile the whole Decalogue, rather then (ct to the {hfJ(~bfiea.. cion' of Gods:truc: Sabbathd' . Bm tbeSaQb~\th,bath another (ore of ~cl'_' . vcrratre~, vvhchi(fcrc thewhole law~ ino~ . r~l,~7rall~' Y,ft plead t~,c, Sabb:~,ths mlHa~i~ ,', hty,(.whtch fcarce f.1VOurs of rationality) And 'that 'the depravedcreature may fin with all high band, againH that very plqc~ where firH hellnncd, he endeavours [a di. v~rt~aradi(c of the glory of' the Sabbaths inItinuion, boldly a(rcrcil~C1 that mans fill was more anCient'then GodtSabbath., And (hi~ ;~ucyis fathcrcdup?n the J?falmiCt,vvhcncc
CIS a{fe,r~(~(~~ 1J~,,;, j~G,fHh.o,not~r h dIll 'JO~ alltd,# II mght, and therefore Ius hn '

creature became .yery~ba:d:,,!,,: i ,', ,

fcd, J()tt the wor'll" r\7~7:1 is flJfllrif1liplJl/j and thus word for word rcndred, Milk;l,. honiNr/hlfll r;DIIff};J,. (I nil.h't (hat if, fuch ;lS the c~nte"t memions, that nu{t il\ their wealth~ &c. Btit'l:[a{ch, the (pirit )N,f/I,nP' "(oJ,; to t~ thegener4ti~n sf hu fathlr, tbl) (hAil ' 111ver{ee 'h~ light?, ',thi' cannot' be- applied [0 AIAPN~lmle(~ lthc-Pteacher;ofIPlltr;C' CII. chef/lr, or (o,m~·.()fth~ (arne fat1ey (whom '1' would modelUy tp~voke [0; a replf) .an 'lle~ What f~thers ,AJ"'fH'couldg'6I tb:.' ' Btitto prove dHit tl'ie Sabba~hWas.'jnRicu.' ted beforcfin, ~nacocfequf:titly no ee';' remony Icadi~g ..<toa !Saviourf rake notice'. that man ( the bR arid,beR p;ece'ofthe vift.;, ble crcatlon ] yea 'and' Angels ;81f0 flbc.'td;n ' their integrity 'With:i(h'c' dd(Uti: o~,thc lixtn ~ day,. ~or then a)lthi~gs wcre.'very good. , And. h<> ro~e~ dl,~ th~,"'x!h day ~nd?la~d(g.,n. r, the.fevcllth begli1"bUt Goo reffcd).(atlal~" 31, & 2.and celebrated 'his ·holy: Sabt)tith,liiit'(.vhichi. 'Wit. ~e''1:(s r.efr~lh,tdt6r:cxceed~~lyJw~1 'fa-!,b 3B.1' us~ed Wlthtlie go,od~ers of all Ibis rteatures, LN~ .. which mUlllle~S"pr~c:d'e 6rVby whichthe 13. SOme timemu{1b'e;rallo~d!f6Hhe fin ofil An'gels; and?ftW ~~\~'lte'~;patt~'with1 • the woman' ;''I~w~5I,~dI1itcIej(pace wherein · t.A~41!Jga,~£igtiifi~~~baht,~,s~Q'~,fCrj ,~~,

The.$~~~t.',A"Ii'fliil'; ~~ Ptevc~ted the' S~bbatl1.. Bue th~te'Jt'i. ahu.



~,~!¢' by o~e. ~~c


._ ,

~ u~

.,-, .

lin.,.lf Light~.

ILlc C!flough is R,cwed of tbe ~ab~ath': prec;dcncf amp, and [8 (or the vanlfhmg of

'Was a Trildl(man. a fed Omen to tl}c. (fe.. cayed (Jcrgv. who fift:ntly admired hi'i .... vcn.ion while. he OPPOfld his Own N. w England pnnclples , manifdfly finning <1.. .~:lInfihIs Ighr, 10 h;ndril'g the Sabbath ccrcmonm., b caul« gIVen to the J ewes for a 'igot;. OVer whofe depJor~Jc .coJ)dhion

conference. Tho Pcdo{l chi,fI" 'flgagc4

<~ .


this invention. (' I) 8m'cis further obj.cac,d (though amt y [hat Ad.1rn having no (crvams,&c. was not ill a capacity of keeping the tcunh Com. niandcment. "I d This is {hch a (hifc chat uopenst ~c ,oor of Iiccmieufnefs too ....i4e for all per[«m~th:lt , 'have no (crvants, rich Cidsens that ulc no ri.,. So that mil caod~ firH,and mansI catte I)0''', . t' f1" bell ah~1 InoH dclighltull Law or Flrl~~a folace, '(hi"cs iu full.glo.ty out of ParlJddllc ~ nd tholloh the decayed Prelates WOIl r..ct\a it ,impr.oper for pure ."f.J D yet fillet' 114m, M nr, 2" dcr obf d by the "urc God, and dccla- . '7 rwas icrve * db' • red by Chri(l to be made for Man, aU t.... Jc.:(sif Ada".) were a ,man '~lNa!> m~dc fo~ for hin,', yea and for all his po(:lcUtf that bare the image of ~od, and arc called M~ll ,@r·Woman. The firll invenrioa thus fail·' I, a nd no noffibility of expelliog the Sab- , r d dr.' bath Gut ,>f Pnradife, a (c!on ,ulgn ISc.n, 'd voured Yi~. to confine this royal Law La, wichin the prccinac 0f P It tJ' ",#, as a lc," 31ceremony peculiar to the Jews. This ~as the account given of a pretended confe .. renee at P,,,,, C,lehlfl~, ,here they ~tre W carelull to prevent oppofition, ,by contl'f. c'd.i~atcs ~a~~,~~~ing ~~~

'a M.e'!,1 rime, when in M~fol time pub. " J,(hc:J as a Law, and crowned in the sam.e " manner as all Moral Laws, yet then they

• Q me t1She arts to blot Oijt thi$ feme Mbrallce ., of the Sabbath cI ay; they lieH ~"lI it ouc of (, Par d fe,and [hu: it out of the world umil

., ,le may aft"\.t\ ones I:ear~ with gnat ,'",,; " mourning to rc~ the .wan, hwcn:ions of sJ.·

Ntw England rh,u51amenl~.


ma'kc it to be but aceremoniai

Law, can..



~e.~a~~rc~ll: .

-~-. .

. Thus New En&land mourns OYer rudi Impleele s, and ,'eh c~ure of grid indeed, lhat one of their o"n profdfed Mdnbers {boult' fo ,opcllly oppofC! ,their impregnable d.Q~ cftnne of the morain, of the Sabbath. Ie is truth that the Sabbath was $lveh to tile Jews for a fign, and (0 was Chrt(thim· EIt.~,3.; (elf~ '{4, 7, '4' £*k,2. u. 34. bue it f"l. 11. . 1QvrCi Itc;/t that chher.Sabbath or Saviour m~(lbi "-~M' ~-- c"cmolial, - Th~ ~.' ~ 'h~~efor;..; _, Ai: " .: _. -"- ~aims .

~,J crus ..

" tinuil'lg on ely t,ililhe comming of Chrifl



- ..

. Tit,s.lliti fltn; . are ft. ror fisnes, fa is the holy fpirit. I JDh. 1/".8,18·1 •• J, Je~ tor the very fame fign as the Sab. ~8

is, ol«, That yQf$ i(n,w thllt 1 IJ 2Q. ,iii ·Lord that dOlh/4t:{!ifil )0"- There ,



Milt.,,'],. ons to flighrGod~ Sabba'th as a Jewith ce.. 17. rtn1Ol1y . bcca\tfcglv~n ,co th.a~P'CO~)~Cfor ok

The S~lbbath is indeed a Ilgnc of geed E~(), 20. thit:lgs (or&l'ICrly prodlll:cd,as the worlds ~rca. & 31•13. don, or eire of good dungs at prcfcn: Cfl;OYcd, as '<Sods f:trHftifying gr;l~c j but never was it fct for n ('gh of good thit1£s to come, ~ Com: Iikc the Ceremonial ~ Sabbaths. I might pllrl e,l. here retort the vaunting language of (he 3.17,18. Preacher of Pltt~1 (of cutting oft GO/illhl 'Willi LH. head with his own fword) for if 'he Mom4·,18,19, Iiey ofthc.Sabb~th cC:lfe ,by being a {i~n to 21. the J eWJ in che,r'gcncr:mf)tls, upon the lame DINt. ,. nccounr muH the whole Law ccafe to bee 5,6. 718. Moral, fince Gods (pirit hath fee it alro for & 13· ruth align.. .. IS, ftc. Thus while 'Wninman findes out II1Venu· /icyn, Jhe tejrltts

ing prefcne-,

the fame honour is upon the Sabbath, ,IS upon tho holy Spirit; ye,a let [he ~ff.d~ny ... ing Dlfclplc: know, that In the confciearious t)bfervance of Gads Sabbath, he thall not long wane the bi~(l"edfign of Gods (unt!lify ..


fc:vcmh day and Sabbath be term) CO"yt:I"'. hie 111 (he feurth Commandemenr, yet evelt ill the place mentioned the term fevt:nth day, is not (et 'or the fi"gn, bUt the term Sabbath, It lid whereas [he (arne perron puzzled ;lhc people by ;l third irwc nti on (but witholJt 'he Book )

Neither is ie pofbble ~ e[cape rhe D,I",,; ma by f.'lying th:lt [he Sa~ch II Moral, bI:t the Icyc:nch dfLy Ceremonial, for lhough ,~t

1.11,,11 jlil'it"'



n~l'ltlalto offer the Jws Iacrifices, J. N ..w England piv~nity might have .'1"./"•• ill(hutted him. That if facrifices could make (hI.'Sabb,tch eeremonial.rhen chey IJ11' uiake that day and every day cerernenial j bac.(a:t trifices m .ke no: the Sabbath ceremonial, rhereforc not the day. '3. All :acrificcs Were recorded types of Ne6.,. Ch.ift, and therefore abohfhed ; but rhe Sabbath did neye~ type Olit Chrift therefore Mora1,where no (),lIable is 'ootid oHa~

That if we obfcrvc the Jews Sabbath we O~j,n;

never abclifhed nor changed. 3. The (eventhday Sabbath is pare of the




C~liAalid 'alt, a~fo :mnnyl]ewi~cerell'l()w

'~eHoly fpltltfScnp\urdj

.- :,::



\: ,'~A\""


crifices, -cis therefore as abfurd (0 conclude we muA offer facrificc, if We will keep the Sabbath, as t8 fa, we mu(t keep the Cere" monla] Law if we eb(er,e tMora'. When there faacies fall' and the Sabbath ~a~ I1c!thc(b: cJPeIlc4 ~ra:ife,!,~ ~:~


:1. 0

Ch,i t'IIdlleul. ned to Ctl~atl'" A third inventioh IS found. (0 make Chrif] a boHkr to di(obcdi(!llcc, by

.. ,.


proclaiming him a Sabbath.brcaker. Who never tratafgldlcd no not ,a tittle of the le~,(t Ceremony, For had he failed of the fru~l1c,(~ {ervicc he could never have been the SavIour of:hc world. <':iod mull h'IVc a Lamb without rpo: or bit rnifh, ... . The charge brc:ught :1gain~ Cl~rJH IS. •• I. That he juHifiui his Di(clplcsm pluck. ing Ears of Com; as well he might, wh,t:11 Dmt.23 ehe Law cxprdly allow s ie,withoUt I'cllr.lIllt :2 S. of time; and wlH.H: no Law is, thGrc $ no

':tntl:i~ied (ca(on to make provifion'fQr their " pi (illung bodies: Trull 'to his word- who kith promifed to (uc~IS firft ftel(b;" Kin!., " ,lome, th~t If/J ,Mlll' neeJ/IiIl/h,,1I b, Plpp!; . bu: rather chen fail, he will pu; fotch a bl':at11 ~f hill Divinity to feed Ih~e,/who daft faith- MItr. ~,. flilly follow him. Wherefore refolve to (ave "3i. him, though he feed thee but with Ears
Corn: and this :tl(o be gtudgedby (urer~ fiiciOlJS Ph:aifets. ,; ", til, h,."ill neVI, /,~'Ve thlt ':111orfolr..ethl~,

bath days Dinner. rather' thcn'proph~ne rh: .



of :' "

16. Ex»,




. It the Pharifcos were rightcom over plUch(who had f..) deeply fuficlt.:d for flight .. ingthc Sabbath formerly ) Olatl the Lord 01 the Sabt,-,a:h be ccnfured for all~wing chac to his hungry Dilciplcs, which CVUl the Hipoc.i res themf lvcs did not deny their beaCh? jOYIl with Scribes and Pharife, sin cenfuring our Saviour as a Sabharh-bre akcr, vet 1(;[ not tbde continue bold, whiles 'Ch~iHs words make the ethers blufh, LHk,: 13. 17. And whiles Ollr Advocate perf 01 ms his oflicc in plc:fldil1gt~}c CJUre of his Di(ciplcsJ I,e( Chruiians.icarn to cement thcmfdves(by
tbat is, ~tcdraly foed,: . H Prolcfl.n s are not afhal11ccllO



the Apom~s ex ;H)1plcs)w~~h,a ac~der Sbab~





confirm the miracle wrought upon a help~ Ic(s end a)mo{l hopelt:£s creature: \ ., The !!C?~~ofGod freely allowes bear- Mllt.l~ -- C -.-. ,__ , ._ J ~l1g S!,

A fecond ChlljC jointly br(J);ghtby the Hipecrires of old, and prefent Profelfours :lgainH our innocent, Saviour, is obou: the Cripples miraculous cure, end c:1rryillg his 1(1 ;.8. Bed on the ~abb:lth. Whereas they were no " more capable of undcrfhnding the fuppofed violated Scripture, then of difcernitlg the perfon they quarrelled with. " ,, ".' , The Icopecf the Scriprure is ohdy to re- ' ttrain traffick and travel for gain in our .cr- Ja·.'~s, (!inary calJingo;,bllt net to obftmtl :thy work N h ~ I. {Huply for Ood~ glory and fpirituJl profit; c. ~ '3. neither did the man tranfgrds any leerer of lI)cr'r. (he Law, for 'tis Th, work the law forbids, ; , bur this was properly the' Lords ~or~ to

J,h.,.21 l.tig.oflurdehl for his own J'/4.6. tic..:,., i"

~8,29.o ~ngled

'2 t.

'lda"fu!J £i"I"'~
hOMur even Oft

Th~"'""It I i",pIIAtltd.
nnd day. which 4id(upporc ic are aU1tyd'd, but the (cv::nth day Sabb:lIh Will if}{ljtute4 long before [hat partuion wall was rilifcd• So that 'tIS nor in our llb~rty [0 .tleem it ~. we plcafc, Ior God himfclfbath made it ho~ Iy, and (0 cflccms it whether we do or no. 'fis God that from the Worlds foundation

so ..Jcctrler from flighting 'the Sabbath that h~ eut that Sa.,ttified {(.aron to honour . It with his chief mtradc!.Geds fp,rit r.njoyhs exatt obedience to thoi\: truths that were .,. ,~.'l. onfirmed by marieles, and asthe wo was H c ~.;, 3,4, g,'cata to chofe u.,gratcfnll Citic$ where his chief rnaraeles were wrou~hr. fo it will be

2J. ,~}(; asin Circumdion and Sacr! .. :;abb the miraculous taking of Jcricho~ • , &11. and in» W3r. And io rar WOlS OUt' dear Re-

placed holincfs in ,his day, anti what God hath fan6lifiad let not us prcfume any longer

which he hath e~inemly 1!Ir(,wu'd w'th hi. wonders; A(ccl'labour hath bin (pent in vain [0 faRetJ (orne defamation all the I..ord ofthcSabbath die next invention is UJ fal upon his (c[vants: And firfi ,lIICY reek fome fheher for~abbath. breakitlg trom the ApoAies words; Ot)i !I!~ffI.14·Mlln tfl"""th '"' dtlJIf&O'1/la"ot'~r= A. S· "o,her ev,r/ J~! IC/;~. The Apo .. Hle doth not here expofe Gods moral Sab., . bach ro oUr cenfure , or to be eflcemcd or difettcemed as We plca(e J for he had before t. RIJ1II'J firmly dhbhlhcd the moral Law • and L ~31• cannot be thought to dt:Aroy what he hath Ceded in the (ame Epifllc;o~~ly in meats and d;'ye5 cerenloniaJ. he l:aY.e. weaklings to li.

{ad fer Cuehas will perlifi in flj.,htir'ltJ the ho-

ly Snbbam,


make common. Ano:l'cl' argument, isdrawn from 6.d. .... 10. T, Qbjerfll DAJ3, "". cMOl1lhl,
7';m~J, andT,,,,,.

lie cannot here condemn the olDrcrvin~of A"fwo all days, fince Fafiing and fea:Hil1g'daY5 are apprcvcd by 'ChriR and his Chyrch,oocty weak and beggarly (c;J(ons are condemned. If any dare be fo bo'd ro reproach the fe~




vcnrh,day.Snbbath (inmtuted and obfer:: vcd by God himft.lf) as a weak and beggerly clement ~ at his pl!l il be it. 'ns a lOyal Law, and will be the joy of a royal. people.
Thethird argument afpttfing the ApoHlcs, is railed [rem Col; :I. 16, 17. L~,,,o mlln

~,no~p~r~~!!~n, fJ:((o~,sI'J~c<:s, m~~


bert,. for fince Ouilt hath rook down the


the"'I,,, jIlJI"ou'n mtat.,,''I' ;,.Jrin'<: "r * So tl~ in re{pla Ofp4"of 4 Pt.p, 0,. of the Nl.w aree~ Moo", or 'It" 8""~Athl. -whi,h "r,It fhat1()li1 gf ,billgl" 'DINt, b.t ,I" b.d, 16 of Chrifl· ,.' ,I.f ~~!~ fi.~~ ~~ .fi~ ',il ev~de~~ 0f'Jj" ~at
-~ I,













'iilla '1int/ie,lIt".,
IV fuch S~bblth!; are cealed, flow 6[gDO;' tlJilllJ s» S'1NI:
Ifl Wff' A

But the ievenm da.y was never Iuch a S.:bbalh ; a fign indeed of good things pOI(f,ann prcf~nl,:ts is already fi1cwed)buc never termed a [hadow of things to come. ,


,. The bJefI'cd Spirit by two other terms declares clearly what Sabbaths Ire ceafed; I. fuch as were againH us. ~. contrary to US ; and fuch were thofe annual Sabbaths, requiring grelt labour and travel in com. lining three times a year from all parts co J'" ,.-1"/6111; far (rom the fweet Refl which the fourth Commandemsent enjoyns upon the (everuh day Sabbath, which neVC1' was in the Ic~dl agaildl U~, er any way cOn!r:uy to ~s, and therefore not here intended, though ~e Prelates by perverting the Text would nvolve it; for .IUtO the <'ireck .i tTttl3/3r.f7c.JII, (which Gnely lignifieth Sabbaths) they have decddully added [dayes J to the Texr, as though there were no other Snbbaths bue Sabbath day~; whereas the {cvench yeal' was it Sabbath, and the {cventh (cvctltn tbe great ceremonial Sabbath or jubile, , Arid whereas by chis bold and abfurd ad .. dinen fo~ne would call0ff the fcvcnrh day as ceremonial, who yet plead llrongly for [he i1:Iorality of [he Sabbath, it is very confider ..

~fo ~ha~~N~c~~,~~S~~~~ I ~~~~!Je


,_ "



moral. ,Eyident it it, \chac :iI me (e. VClllh day points out the time of wotlbip. (0 the Sabbath denotes the wor~ip it {elf,~and the A rome hJcncionl not the day or time as , a Ihcdow, bur the Sabbaths; and (0 if any thing in the fourch,CommandemOlc :wc:re a' , lhaGtow ofChriA, icmuft beonely,the ReR, which ;s the duty, and not the Time which is the rcvcmh day. J~ i warr~ntably may they rcjelt the moral L~\wupon that elipref.: lion of II" Lllrp ",illl chlf"le~. as 'the (e. H,I.1; vemh Iby unon this word (If S""""th"f"illl 12. IIfh1dow. We: may' as well diainguilh bf Sabbaths in this "Jac;e,.a5Law,sin chat. ,. Mr. i1J»'If/ pretends to. reform the Ii;. lhol"'s ~Ibllr\:of this Col.'~and ,tranllares ir. righcly [Sabbaths.] butrenders chore words "j.',aJl, which he knows is onely PIf't (Jf II F ,an; and from hence takes liberty (to •. ) cod deane upon Fe:ifis,t:onti'ary to the WOf(t~ w-n ;arcer an attempts the7th.:iayS~ buh remains a gloriout iivelyOi'adti to Chrifiians , it is no bfe ceremony, or beggarly rudiment, fc*:God him(elf obferved ir. ahd with his OWIft ,Qice whh gr~at 'MajeAl enjoyned and recorded it amongA the rdfof I his royal perpetual precepts] it requiret~ no
Icfs co be

Tht SlVtlJ,IfJiIJJ ., !1J"J,w; al,r,bl.H the Dut)'. that i",the Sabbath, whicn; ~VCI1 mflnyenernies of d,e feventh day co~.:




~i! ~9i. ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~!e~~~i~~f1Ih)· (li~~ '

-.-_,~ ... --!

""chs ..

':. .." '. ..,.,.! :__...: ..:. ";. ' '. .: .



.. .'

c., _~.



. v'.

' .. '::' _.


. ..




vcds bofomc, (weedy rcpofing her w(.';,ther, beaten "Velfd (in this lhinillg tcalcn of aoone dele Rcfi) in the very arms of Chritt There arc undeniably the {weet enjoyments, an" {oul-r.avitlting delights which this Royal Sabbath of IIhOfJ4h opens co [he Iineere obedient foulland therefore ondy to be:flighted by (uch, as obfcry;ng lying unities, for'; fake their own mercies. When rdUefs Ipirirs find their fancies fndlrare.and thnt chey have ondy wearied rhcmfelves with thefe inven«

to U~, nlcfs we be againH God" and contrau ry tothole heavenly (pitics, who prefer om} J,fJ ill G,d, COM~" lie/or; A thffl!dNdJ in that dunghil drudgery wherein eatcby, carl1al, bafc-bern muck worms ddight LO be toiling and moiling in this bewitchIng world .. l~ mounts the Dove-like Spoute from eauh to heaven. where alc obtains a ta{* 01 her eternal glory; dwelling this day IV. her Belo ..

8Ab~Alh("ttl'; bath9) bur Ip,itlgly rclea(c:eh man from hi.. IQ!aours. X, Is JIIQ way againR us.or comrar'y

Prince of da~knc:CstransForming him(elf intet Lightt (urntfhcch them wirh tht Ja(1invendon, usder [hem.ft (pUipU5 pretence of a fpicitual Sabbath, to ljve in sbe weekly poilu cion of that blefled day whic" ~h~ Fa-her o~ :fpirits hath appointed for ,he ,.n,el of all rpmcual (weers into the {ou'. ~nd (he poor deceived No:ionitls, ( the fcrpent be;uil'd EfllIlhtough S
an Angel ot

.ttu,ollgn Lh, fe'foggy inve uiens, ,.Satan.the

tJl'I.J(1I11 tHlllt'"I~ . . .A~d fil1ding the Sabb.lchs 'uAte breakilfl


.",~ · -



'. 4; T() a(pexfc the ~po!~!cs: as Sabbath~


. ~. To impri(on it inrpllllfllnlf. ~. To defame eur Saviour as a Sabbath': I,rc:lker.

Paradirc ..

To expel the glorious Snbbath out of



~n Jies buried ill the 1fI,1- of pretended fpL. !l!lIll prayer, fpirirual fingill9t {piritu al falb I~gf fpiritual fc;aRingt(pirimal"~puflJl, (pi~ ·tltual fupper, fpiritUll (; A."IlYing all Jircl'al obedlen~e at cO() l~w lor(~h' bewi~ • .ed fancies, as if ChriA and ptirnitivc. CbrnU" .ns were hOt ..3S .(piritual:·ht C)}Jem¢nte to theG! litreal comitlands~ a, In,i>f t~re prell tendc~s; wh~ not". ithC1and~.ialll~jt b~'9 fled high tltta1h.metlts,are mpG,d dlttql'eleep.

obedience to C"ds Commands promilim! a'''!3.S. moH. g orious fpil.caal en;oymtnts) are (: . [~an(po.rrcd ~i£h the gli~ering Alc:hymie of 'lIS fublime attry notions, chac a.way gpo es aJl the trycd Gold ofche L1W and tnc'TtAjmo11J; and flow flO dUtiei will ..dolrJil with -there Jawlefs Libertines. bur all emir devoti ..

his lubr'l:y ( under me y::ry (arne bait of di(. II.


. '..


I, ~ren~td~

ca~, D~.. . ~



The Sp~iNg'f Pr~phlZi:~1JIjJ~~

2I'll. 2. '''Dm;f'll~l'tt, ttJ tJ,h,rl, tJltlH) t~t:""folf)J J g, te,e 'he Jirvttnti of corrHpri(m. 1 be fprll1g


of there dclulions ( for the molt part) break s forth from the palpable conuadictions of (ueh, as having laid ;1I1 imptcgnabl.! toundae tion for Gads Sabbath by their .cxcellcm: arsumcnn for irs morality, do prdcn:ly de .. tn~lith their own fi'l,,~lu'rc al1all'; ill aften; ifJg its mU:a\&ili(y. And wlullL'~ they labour in the very fires to find Iom; SCriDCU~t: urboa rity for their fuppofcd change; IngenIous mounrinz D refined fi[)lrics (ccilllJ not the Ica{t D GoCpcl ground for a flrfl day Ssbbaih, and beiMDr)" fIIreuldiced aoainli the !cvcmh day, I hr· (Rigmatized with the odious 11111WplUra_1, (;·har1aer of J Ii W ISH Sabbath) thtiy prcfendy become 'a prey to Saran, who P{~· fwades them that in Ilishrins the Sabbath 11 .. [crally th(:y may keep it (pi~tlially, and be" like God ; whiles thus they become mof] unlike him who really (anttdied nud obferol vcd the (ev~mh day Sabbath. i\nd thus like E'lI6, cailing oft the. literal command upon a fpirhual pretence. they break the bounds of Paradi{e , and whither will they potl? for

;nof11 and vcr mUtabk;& withal blitule,~ by Satans baits [0 eonflrue all Scriptare actor': ding co his culforne (promifing (pfritual blc(~ .'~




and flows according as the Sabbath i~flighc. ed ,1)r lan¢tified. ' Being thus cOh(ounded with the contra': . lli6tions {~tb as ~ffcrt the Sabbath to be • n_
L.... .. ~•

',is evident in Scripture, that all Religion cbs

tdhng that pJl1rifairal ouende fcrVlcc, then in dtc:crn for true Religion, binds us Oyer to fpiricual obedience, Without ddho)'ihg one j0C or: rirtlc of the Law; fevdely thrcathinl Mill. 1; fuch as thouJd tranrgrcfs the JeaR of cboli: fia'u:ca, And )'~~thde deceived foals fear ner to break all bands and bounds, that (0 they may drive on in ditobedience without fenee ~f fin; for where ~o Law iS there is no fl.; arid where no lin is, there can be no Saviour; and where no Saviour, no potfibjlity of (alva. lion, which they {hall find too true that leave Gods morel Law, or put away or deprave any pare thereof: Th~y fh all find, that if Gods taw be nothing to .t~emJ, God himtelf will be no~hing t<? them, ,but a (e~ere Judgo to condemn them by t~~t Law they rcf!.lfe [0 ~uJc their ~ives by.: ,~:,' '.,

clple h!'h even tlurricd ill1n, to pralll(c: ) "h~r'as the ~rl at Expofiror dcte~il1g and de~

to corporeal Ilncleannefs, (which this prin~ JJltft. f.

lings upon literal ditobedience It ) the, now endeavour ro fupporr their deceirs by 4.S.' dCllIIg our S :',viours fi. (i Sermen ] as if his MAlt ... ptohibiri"n rJfp!riawl.,.duJrery,opened a;q 4.6•

·,tII.~ nan..


. ~i.l4\W~!~~~ r,~h~ f,t!11s f~~~e~e~e~ ~ ~

, ' ~e«lyetJ





- .....


____ .o.




... ,·~"",","""':,


deeeiVe(Houls iii thac dC"acitlll d ..y, ( whet) _ _ 'Books and hcans 'hall be O~(;tlcd.) /'Jd»r ,,~, ~o. I'. writeit bel.' e the.;'1 A til"", II"d;.(1I ~ -S,'';'ti'' 4 b~Q~) 'hAt it m"., lJe fOF-the t"""",
"I'1JfjQr ever


7',w ,,,figtr If Jtlllp,,,;

"NiH mit hIllY the L,nv (Jf th,;, (jod. And whereas ~l~ objetled .bac our Lord hath fulfillt:d the Law; ard (I at indeed one jot or tittle might ROt p:t(!r'[i!I he had fulhlh:d' it,binthac we need not now fulfill it,.
Ltt.fllch know, th.u r,is no more lawtull

"'fJ tvry. thAt rhu u It ~t~d people IJ;,.t ch.·/tlrtlf, eh'/iYI" rlM~


now then betorc to be u'nclcan,.lyc, I-\cd, C}C , ~C!)\ICt; W<is 3S unlawlu'l now as ever to b'a~?hc::mc, make, or wodhir il1l;!gcs, and it will one day be found as fin'ul151ow as ever J. it Was, roi1ight Gods ('ln~lified ~S·SabbOlth vvhlch Chrj{\ fulfilled; he fulfilled IhptlfmJand [o mull We ;. he obferved his ~upper, and fo mull we; he fana;fied the Sabbath (and dlabhQl~it for e.. fer) and therefore [" mull wc. As to that objeaion that Chrif] mentions Mt the: S-abb-ath 'ill his Sermon, and tberefore it may be I1cg1caed : . By the ('lmereafsns the Papi(hma~, ju; 5\iiie thdr abominable ldolanies, Iince in all that Sermon no mention is made of imllgf;lo rhus while the upwary Rebel th\nkHO e.


for want of Saipture chis (:Qm:~ic: is cathie..

dangerous is ic tet plllly, ,rj~ aft, Olle of God~ Laws; Whcrt:fore ~ake heed of dif.. ob(;(hcn~c ~ndcr a ,pretence Gf (pidwallC1Jt That principle which now prompts,ou to 'he weekJy prophanation of the Lords Salt. bat~ will lead you by in(cntiblc degrees as light tlfeern of the Lords SU'pper, and u... del' a prctcnc~ of prayU1~ conunuallYt forc~ yOl.' from famIly prayer as a fOl'ma'it,..Chrut dc.llghr,s in his Doves voice, ~nd (urely our VOIce JI) not too good for God fleidler i~ mall more fpiritual [hell his Mak~l" he dla~ made l1!1 praicrh ofeen for us both with helln and voice.and fo tau3ht us to pray;and (0 be ~b(crYed Gods { Sabbath botb. lmcrally and (pirhuaUy. and Jeft us 3n example that we lnould follow his Reps in aU Moral :,lftions. Some Sabbath.fli~hters would fain affix a Type to the but are picifldly ruzzt<;d how to bring it to pars. Oee would llavc It a type of our Rell in ChriLi; but

.r,,,, tr","~.-.'"



J~"., ~




-~pe' S'lU" he wracks upon ~h"YJ6A",

: ' ,



A feeond Cuppoftth, that the facrificeg 3nneu:d to tbe S""~lIlh. made it cypi,aljupOM whIch. aCCount every· 4ay rtJURbe c,pi~al, fi n~c.fa~rllices !Jete et!jo,"e<t e,er, day. 'A tlllrd, ~hink~ th~ $~~ftt'hm"Y JJe:a type 2! ~ Iyt~llb' -die 8raV'!:j'bIR~l:- . .. !e~d



prove In its ~tare: that his rd\ in th/ grave on tn€: Sabbath CIlII" firms this Law to Chri{{ians A founh contdl'cth, 'cis very d,fficult ;0 . fin~ out this fuppofcd typicalnefs, and V~·( adventures to aftht the deliverance out ot E., gyp' to the Sabbath, as a type of ~ur dcl!vc· ranee by ChriH jbm CVC{y babe In Chnlt. adhli btu"h beholds the VCIY fame dclivcranee affixcd upota the front of the ten Commandcmen~s which n\;\nifeUiy p[c1ves the Sabbttch asfr'cc from bdng typical, as any other part of the Law. .' . . A fifth (with whom my (plrlt Joynes) ~)edJ:ArJ finding tbat the Sabb:Hh ,-,!a~ never .al'ly 1'lcf,.1. type ol Chri{l, is pc:rfwJdtd It It be lyrIC:,l, ~lison€ly fince Ghtifi, and that not M_ores but "a~l makes it typical of tha; g'){l~US which faints filan enJoy with Chfifl a thoufand·years, that as the Weckt1 labour offix dajes ends in a o£ grace, fo the worlds 600.0. years travel (hall rernlinate in a ReH.d,lY in glory. . Now alth0ugh 1 judge that as m:ttrlagc (ord :lined in P aradicc) is not a type but a fimil'!{udc'of ChrH\. (0 the Sabbath (of the fatnc dtfcent) dat\1 rather \'cfemble then 'ypc out that RC{l ; yet 1 ili,aU not comend, but 'rather conclude that ~£ the revellth day

'I'. "e~dof rff~1.6",'.Ililiall J


,. IV'"


•• r6.


~ab~at~ be ,ypi~a~ ~ha~eJpeaed h~;~


Antt.tyrt• . '. ~ ~kch (in the rniddefl of fuch uncertain; tl~S J conceives rhe Sabbath may be typical of the Gofpcl or day of g(ac~. . But what an ab(urdtty would this con'; C~lt pue upon our Saviour as if .hc Ihould dlfl:cr his Difcipl. s co pray:1hflt tht;rflighf 'mg~t 1I0t 6e in th~ Willt~r Nor ON th« Sa",!, A{~t.,. 6atIJdfl] of sr« ; ~.~. chat they llIight not' ~o. fiye lit ali, when as ylt he had commanded' diem co flfc. . 2. Ifthe day of grace be our cnjoyned S4!J~'lth, then we muCi be (ure as long as t~c GofpcllaHs to do no fervile work .ccordll~g to the Cemmanderaene : but here it's· .~!fo.col1ccived. due cheworks now. prohis J.>Hcdarc our (ins. Aflfiv• I. The Law did no lefs prohibis fin then the Gofpel, ' . 2 •. This concele fuppofcth GQd thus com; . mOlndmg.; fi:t da.ys (of the LJ~s duration} thou mayefl .labour- and do all thy. work of ~n, bUt) the, day. of grace is the. Sabbath, tn it, thoufhalc not fin" chou, thy fon ( and which is excreamly ab(urd) thy ~aulc an.d the ~ratlg~r is within thy .,a~" ElCht!r this opinion muR [C'jeCt the

R c~ ~ then of n~ceffity the ',pe mqlt. t¢t»ain un[l~IeIhall be fwallowed up of rhc gIo.ciou..

~e~ ~f~.~e'~Q~!~~~ommafldemeJ1t) as ie .. D. doth .


Th, mtrciltjJ Op'N"IJ~

dodl tbtfevcnth day,or cint pUts it [el~ upon
more then an Bgiptian cask, to keep hisfon, fcrv:mts &; {hangers Irorn fin,As for th~ poor cattle, they arc uncapah\c of £UC~l a Reit. as edT adon teom fin ; and the mcrCllcfsNouolliH is rcafotling thern ou: o( natural rd\ V\lbCl"cwith the merciful C'iod hath pl1vlhx~. cd them: (0 that if there be n~ [eli requv~ d but from fin' the ro~r bruits may rue: , tile time of Chril;s commiol', into the vror1(~, ',were well for them tlut PeW' had pre~al· led to build Tabemacles, that they Ol'ght have mil enjoyed tbe good d:tYC5 of Mo-

fet•And ,

. as for Enghlh [c.ryant~, t hei COM.dir, icir rion would be little dl{Tettllt from ~mkl{h {byes, (0 chat they might ~cll ?e.waI1 ME~ .. S 1 A H'S birth fi-lOu1d thIS opunon pr~vaIJ, for the bOllndkfs dcfircs of <-'arthy, minded MaHers. woutd fcldonlc ~e weary of t~~ way of getting we;~lth ; .ncithc: would thm prctel1dGd (plrimahty oltb,tc wh~t dfly t [pare their wearied fCiV;\otS. But !nficad 0 the Angels good tydings of great JOY f:ro l,ll , ic •• pc:op Ie, r..[v"n(s. would Icon €ty out :10 cn, d .d dines of grtlut fotrow) to be thus cpnv of the harpy rd~ for fOlll and bo(\y, 3nd con .. l\raint.d to toil and travel 0:" t~e Sa~bad.l. Thus by Origffll ane~mlcal Dlvlnlly, (rna king cc iftl~io~f!om fi,~~~~

known lin of the"fGurth Cot1lmai1demem. Cea(c from'chy 'lhallow ~o~eits thou deluded fllghrer of holy Sabbaths. The Sainii any ofclernalcefiation from fin 'andterroW ~5 not yet (orne, we fee Babylon retin bee3 .wg, the Jews'uncalled, all the eathin con .. hll!on ; the'dayof pe:tce is' iride(d,"~pproa,c1l1l1g.~hen facb onely as ~re founei ill way' of obedience, .{ball enter' 1ft by the gate 1:0 the gloriousCkyofevelJafiingRetl. .

Sabbath) the letter of Gecls La~tlJidl ~r . .for corporal ~eR and (pirigsallii • . )is vested .. (..~laS Se~on abukd; dle Itoyal ENi~SO; 'Sabbath (11~,ea cyp,:al cerCl)'JOn~)tejetted"Il-sS.1 J the poor brUitS weanld .. thvaan.deftauded --, aed manifold ab(urdicics.i.mOduced J co th; great dfhonour of the great Lawi-oiver, ~ gricv~us fin off~ch :2S aOert the Sa,.. bath IS CD abltaHl from fin, wbich chat' (our -, .' {h:lll do indeed who abfiains fr6m Jabotar '~.. ": on Gods Sabbath, (ervile work bei ..g lh~






, 'fhushavitlg thOrOugh aid~iea~ , . ted the SII"lJlltiJl mou:Utyftom thole,



O~t~a~~rh). ~ __._ . '0' .


lecend fart ift tbePolitiort" ' . '"

gc1inR it ;'1


raired ·a.

(hall nowprocetdtolhe.


lJ '
.." -~. I:
f " .,,'," .

~ .,~,-SIlIl$ttJJ'Ii'n~
• "' " I

''"hI 1!140fiA(IN 41t' pree;(i tim"

t' '.'
I •
, • j' I

. ,:',,:.
'. ,.,

:·IJ him w~ U h41iffg til thl rHi", If ·th~t hlllfplJl»Jolu l..itll~ Nor.; fir 'i4,t""ng'~fT;mlJ;sff~L",*I. ly Sabbath, from the ~ orlds ro~mda'; Saviours PuRlon IS "mIcnlable:


H".~+J .And

OlMt2"",jQn to our

_• "

:THat the feventh day was the Lords Ito.

yet filCh is (atan" chvie at the Sabbath, ·that he fuggeCfsa pClffibili[y ~f alreratlon, by

· 1')

·UHe ceRifies,thatthc holy women rep,J the LNk.. ~~. Sabbath day. ~cordjng 10 the .CommA".'. *It,: chat is. upon thavcry f~ycnth day which GQd· hHlium:d and required to bee

eonunandod it to retur" backwards another. 'his ~jdenly lengthen,thofe individu~1 days" and then returned to ltS batural motion, but altered not the ntxt day at all. . 2. It mufi be, J:(>lIcludtd ellat our SaVlou~ (wbo fulfilled the Law cx'aHly) obfetved J>Untluall, the very Sabb:tth, and the (crip·

rhe Sum ibtion in JDf/!N.·S umc, and [ctro~ cYtadatiol1 iN H':uki."It'1 dayt'!u But it ,llIay eahly bee under Rood, that 'Whell the fame pewer who placed the £un ill irs·Spherc,·fiaycd its eourfe one daYt and

Reitt1~rthe Heathens (aturcla'y«(o caUeclIdftg .",', bdoreChriftsdme r) thoTurksfriday,ihe> ':. ,; ';~ Pal'itts (unday J nor an, ocher day in the' week hath fiflce mee with any. change l {o that I lllay with al much reafon, qucAion whether my. right hand be that: the world calls (0, as I may queRion wbethet.fawr:t day be the very fcventh day, (eeing me Jews alfo diCpcr(c:d through~he-ylodd pun. ctually obierve it. '. And yet what a deal of duO hath been railed from the Prelates atheS' by an out Profeflour of New England.way againft their pnnciples, aDd his own confcience ; his great ArgulJlenc (borrowed from the. Bi~
[hops ) is this

. thi

;"'liiJ".r~ "',





...·~ '..: "_, ~

i.ia R~ligion) ~\~ giv.~!~!!efii~oJ\! ,thhat ~ nell er


And the wholewptld

(ihOfolgh difl'crefte ....

t4ng of the SilO , th~te(ore the feremh day is notunivenally moral. ) . .A,yr,. Wbat will not enmity to Gods Sabbath fct upon, (eeing fuch a one asCapr~ JelJiJo~ is not (0 u(e the old Prelates worm- eaten Arguments i.. Rat oppotition to his Brethrem Methihka it ihould wound his (oyl .to receive ahfwer Irom Mr. 5'".:. IJ,arJ( with approbation of she c()nrocia~ftt 1,Elders of New England) in ~etdtati()U of ..

That ftnce all Regio,,! cannot obferve the (arne hours for the Sabbath, by reafon of the various ri6~ and fee..


.. ~


[Nth do.<i.iSt~~,

~---::-;-~.'-- -

.; D








·.:.-:"::.'.:.",.,...--"""'V'-------------------........,Sin 'AgAihP' C'''fe;tnte;

U afunder;

'Shl/~ . "The fourth Commandcmctk mUll {lancl Tab",,!.: firm, the Heaven (~nd Earch mufi .faU


'.A fedlt~'glJ.',_tl'jlld. .D (e ting of the Surt ac(orditlg to feferal eli" ., maces, by which the natural day, artd (0

., with fire and (word, then lec one tittle or ." hisl,awl,crifh: the Land mutt reG when "('jOt'S Sabbath cannot, gD'. And Cordy it may fadly aifecft their hearts in Ntw·E"g/(I"d, if ever this rcacherh their eye or ear, chat of their profefkd mernbers, in a gleat publick afi'cl'ubly, Ihould combat the Sabbath with the fame weapons f0yJed by them. And in hopes it will make the Captain <t(hamed, and filencc nil adver .. Iaries, I Ihall tranfcribc -the folidanfwcr of reverend Mr. SlJephMril [0 the cloudy ar .. gument, (which he faith C Ii t-piCHur and Ht}IiH compafied the whole tanh and heavens to find our. Sh,p. ." To think «('~irh he) that the Sabbath -'{"".pag. Ie was proper to the Jcws,becauft: they Oldy '148• .e were able to keep and cxa6U,V obferve the ~ "time of ir, being fhur lip '( as Mr. Prim. . _,"Dfe (<lith ) within a liule corner of the . "earth, and that the Gentiles arc 110t there, 4' fore bound to it" bccaufe [h(;'y cannot ex~, aaly obferve the time ofic· in fevcral ell quaners of the earth f~ far diLhnt. is a v~·

~"dome$, al\d the whole·Chnfhan

thc'l..ord WIll rat~cr.w.aHe Xmg-


"this of the Sabbath is exaCtly meafiued, " and which Gcd hath nppoint<:u ( without Iimirarion 01 any hour) ro be the bounds "of the Sabbath, as it [ooner or later ri'eth II or fet s : Were riot the Mariner s of the "mell of IHdtfh bound co obfcrvc d~c fell U vcnth day ill all the feveral coafls where " they made ibcir voyages? Did God IIIT\ic &e them to the lifing or lettir:g Sun' of '/lIdM


Nations. under heaven , w~ofe u~dol!b:cd 5. & I·r. o~bva(ton ?f th; Sabbath ~n their .(ev~raill. & Coumreys, IS a faU confutatton ot this ulery I i.14.
, 2.

argl1ml:l~t taken up by Mr. /eni[on' againtl th~:m: 11l[0 whoft tf.eafury f fhall tail "'1 mite lIpon conlideration of, I. The Pro(dyre! of leruJa/em OLlt of all

'~(i)ndy, (}'6. Thus far N,)'i ElIglandl




." !'t feeble argument; for why tn\ghtnot all ~~:Na!io~1 c~a~J, B~~~~C ch~·~1fifjt·and,,'!'hct• '
, . •..~I

lome vari.uion between ,i,nt1; and S;~1J, yer. the $Ilbllfth pUIlt\U;:~(V obferved in both places. Captain lenifoni5 not ignor:1r.,c of four hours difference in the fifiQp Sun between Enghmd and the .4-triciin (!rJ,lO";~f~ and yet the fame filCi day ·vbr~(ved''e and ihe«, B~ by the vVay..'we'triaYbb(tN~, ~~il~ the ~o~~~~ Dwould'g\Ye t1il,"oi~he(~~
... --


will prob:tbly be gra!it~d

& 17.1•


"'-1 •


,ctltb day SI,bf,ath, fall as heayity upon the firCi day, whereunto he prc[m~s great devotion ( with his Brcchen ; ) for If ~he fcvcmh be uncertain, the firfi muR needs be fo: and thus whiles he would weakcn the true Sabo; hll' b, he opens a gap to that impietYI of rejtaing the amho~i[yof the f~l~rth' Commandcmenr , whIch faber .fpmt5 abhor. But OUt God hath not bound us to the obedie nee or fueh hours, but of fuch a day I the CIl?Citis tlcoc[0 be our guide, but the Sim, Hete they objeCt, fhat in rome (though (c:arc€ any habitable) Regions', the Sun for ,matl)' moncths leaves not their vicw;whcnc;e they (uppo(c an impoffibility of obbving the The anrwcr is, That, In all partS the Sun is fvc'r upon motion, hi5 Eaficrn &: W oflem circuits arc not andy obfirvcd, but fxa&· Iy mcafured familiarly each four and twenty hours, {ll as f10t oncly (0 k;now their jimes of repofe, bur pofltbly to Ihamcus in (he abufe . of ours: Ihould the, clouds, or other meteors in'erccpe their fight of the Sun ( or ours.) the fowls of [he heaven would give infGrma: A nil as ,ficcping and working time is ea'; ,lily dircerned each four and t,!"en~~ hours; ,mth like facility may the fix working days
, 1
I '• .. •••


.;)1#'#" ~~, ... ,,"

15... • ...... •

the heart be free: to ye~ld obedience, it will (cafe co creat~'" arid invcl)t difflcul:it., and .. P'If),' the renewed nature will no lefs breach after 2a I ~ the (ouls weekly Sabbatb, chan the old na. • J.
rorc will cxpca its accefiomed rtpofe. The daily circuit, and weekly revolution) is noiuch di$cult1 to a devout foul, But w~ithet are we roving ~ Win not our own climate contain us? Arc we nor more inquilirivc, ( with PIleI' ) to know 21; .whar other Nations Chall do" then eo H~dy 31.21. ,.our own dUty ? We fhould even fharne to lJighc God s Sabbath, whiles the Heavens declare his glOfy; :I('Id whiles we far:" BLIgh: ~rs of uncertainty in obfe~ving (he c~;1d ttme, L(J dtlJ '111Ito tt41 Nlttrll" {plteh. P'M,I ' ~'ght flnto night (h,wtthk . ."fJwleJgl, ,lJtr~ JIl g. I~ 1J() (pIlch or 111nguagl wh", lh,;r 'II(};" u mt h'4yd. What becer directions can we ddi re J then thiSfai~'h:ull wirncfs Qf Hca .. ~Cll? by his (everal circuits tlllldly mea(u. ring Oll,C our time, and informing our eye, :1S :~ords mHrutt our car? When his fix d:l)'s ,Jlghc lea VCi our Land; 'cis chen time to leave cur labcurs e .. For then doth the glorious lamp of, Heaven like a Herald proclair1\ che app,roachlng Sabbarh, tbllt Saints, m~y fcc open, the ,cveIl~Aing Gi\~e~,lor the lCihg of ; G10fY.·t-· , .'." _I! •

-- ......,...rr··--·······,·





J~n .


'7' nen. ,


:~!l!m~~~~c:~ ~~~ ~!~~~ ~a~~a~~~ ~o~~c ~ cn~





W_~~lp;~~t !~a~~'~~!~[~J~p'Jc~.),t;7h
• • • _-', .j ..




' •••


. . '..:.





' '.'. ' .. "



:. ' ....









with the rett. c(Jndcl1ll1ing advcr(.1ry reproached his own principles, till the path rend red (0 abftlU(e and intricate, attain it,; promifed lfa.3~' pcr(picuity, even to the weakeLl (ighr, that (0 way· farina men, though fools, may not arc therein. Whertfol'c obfervc, that in the bcainning, when Heavens brieht Eye dc~ cli~\ed the (lxch E"cning in E!,n, the holy , God gave unto man not QDely a prtccpr, . but a fair prdident alto, in ceafin g from the work of Creation, to (antHfi~and O\;>fcIVC his hoI), Sabbath. Howbeit at t~e (arne hour it was impoffibtc for other Climates of the World (regularly) to begin the Sab?ath, for the more WeGern parts mutt walt for the Suns wart'ling' or eire they fhould not ('lOa:ific the (evel~b day exaaly, as mcafured and regulated by the San. vwhich <find (;tl1.1. hath purpolely fec f" figHt antl for feafonl,


P,IJ1Jt.n infaUibilitJ;

the'intcrpQ(jcion 'of 'the 'tcrrcRriar Slobe' '~Ilkcs the,ir Mcridiantflc Amipodes Mid! rught; Y,tC the fevemh day (as meafured b, ehc Sun) punctual and ecnain in each R.egt'011. God hath not- (t;oaoed us to the fame

,, ' ·4J


'hours, but (0 t~ata~ur:d feYemh day, or fc,,,enth part o~ time, tcgulatcd by.che gloitous
Lamp, ordained for times and (cafOn,,' fot days and YCH:I. Where theQ lie. the diffi. culty . of the (cv~nth da1' cercaint)'~ which ? '. ..',', '

14· and for dIlJJ(mJ.reArt., .' , Having therefore proclaimed reft rn Paradire ( man with his M~ker to fanetiftc the Sabbath) away he pofls as a B ridegro"" '1fo!.'i 9. from h,d l h:ttH~er, rtjolcing ,'" f' ,(ji~nt~' , rN1J his. yael; and (0 courting 10 his ClfCUlt
through the Heavens, be declares to the Rc ... sicns fooner or later (as faA as he can fly ) ~hen to ceafe from their fix days fcrvltud~, to fanaific the (lila Ceventh day Sabbath:

nut 'amy, the difference between OU! . Summer and \,VinterSabbath, in this licrfe JflatJd, is as cyideri,tto every: A· B 'C' Chrl. Cl"ian, .:l!: I~ the certainty' of th~ fcvznth day in "', the In!(Ht of {uch variatit3n; for who knows not that our Wi?ter~. Sabbath begins folk hours fooner thl~nIn S nm mer , and ends upz v,n thc Iame account, 'makingfulJ ejgh~ hours dlffcrlllcc between Summer and \"in~c:rl Sabbach: But [hou~h the hours fo muchdi(::: ~~rJ ~c:t the fcvenrh day furroUnded b; the
certain, as in Summer arid Wim~r (caron ~ich us, (0 in~ach, 'and Countrey !bro~JWJour the wodd. AJ1dche~eforc 'a.but ( and perhaps a vaunt ot more llr~ theWmlc9
vUI1, ,IS

of contulton

was 111gg~ftcd cHejreopk with ruch a cloud CO

unalterably tHefarllc,and the Sabbath

,tin alefY Hourifl.l borrowed frqm


,y.ea, 1V~C.~~~~~~ng~~~~~C!



~~~£at!~~~! ~apa~ity,)~~~~mpa~s theca~~h . ~r ,r

,t., • • '. '

, 44

for an :1gulUcnt ttl prove ,~he variation of th~C', which is fo obvious' and fami! iar in qur little ahglc, and yet I fuppoCe never bcgat tht: leaR fctuple in any Chriflian. neither is there the leaR: caufe. I hope the advctfary fees sreat caufe by this dme', to be afh amed of his ~Ioudy (pec~dation (amufi ng the pcople) and llUlUbly to confcrs he did he knew not whar,

·tl.· a


Scripture evidence, ) and fo obtain the beneLM~ i3. fit of Chrifii Petition, PAth,~ forgivl t hIm,

( againCt New E",lalftb cdtimony,



,hIt! tbl"'J()r~ '6efIJre God IfnJ,h 1. 'l~\I 7/""4'Ser. C L . ".4"M. J' I HI, .fIr,H, ,,!,h() /halt itldg' ,he '1"114.tlllll ~~~ th, dClfd 1ft hI, app,ari"l A". hil KINl,
~BAS()N) OUT 01' ·SE.SON, »,«, o~ the Sabbath day, on the Week dayes, I,nGodstimt'j in mans time • and chis {qnfc will 'be found the (a,ing truth, if we t(lke that 'gltftr in the Tae for our directi • .on to the I(}[(~g,)ingChapter, I charge rhcc Ebcrcfor~, i. t. (ince rbou arc Co well i". . firut\(d In the truths of the Old TeA~.. eht .

f~om common tl~C II gehera1ly a(~ (creed and received by ScriPuare.Chtifiiaft' • and one would think thac the Levellers dares and duties, Ihould even be thuaukr .. finmcn w j( h the 1\ roflles alarm; I clJlIr 'I

",rhatthe,c is a (peci~1 r<a(?11 dillgft.d,dl.

, 'Jillt~fin,~~.• /

ft~ii; ,





PrtAch the l.v~rJ, i, ;,;I""t I K

Ii. fD' fhl)

hearts might with more reafon contend a~ gainft the Lords Suppcr in fame Counttcys .f6t want of Wine, then, Gpail1fi the Lords Sabbath for want of LIght,: Bu: when Grace lhall make Saitlts as zealBus for the' Sabblth as the: S'acramenr, they will find lefs difficulty in obfervina the feventh Circuit of the Snnllthen in fupplying the ddc6\s of their native (oy), by plawing the Ocean for the fruit of the Vine. Havina thus by Sun,beams,and ScriptUre fire ams, ~(cued the certainty of the fcvcnth dayfrom the douds of obfcurity; it will be time with all humility ro enquire at the gate ~r~ra<;e, Whether this (t.venth day be the' unalte red rolem .. {eafcih fot h.oJy {ctvice un~ ~e~the (Gor£,ell ~ .. ' . ... .

n" what ,he] do. Carnal

.a1La'!:Y accordingre '~he,,~~dpcurdl'"hith

waH a childe ] whilb dr' .11(1 II ,.'.L. ,.,..,., . _I :1.' h' h ' VI t PfJ~e WII't, rON!.• {,mh _tillI i '". therefore be tn{iantUl (ca(on,' oue of lea(Qft. 'ft ~~w the ~ndymoral' fea(on chore (aiptUfcs I~JoyJl US,IS the ~amous ,fetench:::day Sabbath never changed till the little horn afOre. No ",puder, [ile Il~hc,ra~c Ipirit liV:'n~ther ,A.. pollle highly .arptqye,our;(ulfillih~ the roy.. .

(the otJcl~ known Scripnires "hen thou

1,u".,iIH, .I'.w' .

~ Its co the {eaCon0.£ Vf~)dhipj ,is .nene other !~ ~~f.~~~~Vf ~!!~!b:da, ~e ~!~~~ iSab-. .' -~ach' _._A

'. .

r ~(

bath ~ and thetefore We fhall approve our (dves noble Bcreans indeed, by fC;lrchitlo the

Scriptur(;' whether ,his thing be fo , co~c1u.. ding that if. the Scripturci bee "bIt.: fO furnUh the man of God thtoughly to all good, ,a 1im', then the fcvehth day Sabbath is lhat , J ,cenaif) defigrlCd {(aeon which God will own 7 ':615 a goo~ work in fuchas obfcrv(! ire Proud man ',prcfumts to make AI fca(ons.equ'nt GhriH CP lead us into all truth, putS undcni.~ble(ilffcrd1ce between feafon and fcafon.
and alike, but thc~ood fpirit prolllifcd by,

And the Ap0Ale which byes (0 f?reat a (:hargcapon TimothJ, to 'PreAch in le~fon, 9J ['11[011 ; doth thus declare his own pratl:ifc.: That he had been with the Sainrs r.4l1s·2 o. At "It frtIJ[om. And he expounds hisrneun18, iog; firCl"hat, he had preached publlkc1y ~ _.e. as,in .open'placcs, (0 in ihe folemn Ica'. .' Ion dcfignecl "'y God for pub1ikc wor.fi1i:p. YI,.[.10, And JrQN-J,,/ddII/ito hDNji, '8.~o 'improving aUop~or{unitics, night .and day. Now chat the iev,cnth.d ay Sabbath was the (pedal fe.afo't1fot eiofpel fcrvicc(namcly \Hayer and


(l()nArint'pra~ire is:pregnant'ptoof;. as",m . , , '. be (hcwedJh Irs propel' " "'c :-,f~"t . Tbis. is noclefi'to th(dibcr~1 of nhy ere'a":. 3 V 16. & ture to' alter. (tho~gh'(orne who ,hereby '~1.& jllmfi~,the .~()ml~a~~~~~ ~it·~~ I ()~*e

''Pl'G3Chillg.)chc Apom~s pratli(e, yea' his


~~tall a~~~t ~o~W~~~~~!c!t!!e ,.~ fe!c:~cb

week be devoted

not that (pedal {evehth that IS ell,oyned, laut A lUI; where. as we have not Chely the Pat[~r.. in the Mount} M~dy .rhe 'prccire time of God. Rell to p~lllt om the Sabbath day, but c~ldall cavils, he points twice in the founh Co~nmandcmlnt to that ycry fevel1Fh on wlll~hhe r~~ed, by the emphatieal demoa-' lll'atl~c oarricle tl , (0 that 'ds not- a Ieveath ; bur 'Y'Jum the fcventh day ,lUIC( L • and flu, .. , rcqlllrcs that ~~ Ihould keep /, /'0f]!Je, •• fo ht b/~ffetJ.Ir,"J.,dfonflifi~d IT. And cher~ fore they had need make Cure work of a v~ry clear vy~rd, for ~ change or repeal of that feventh day, a,gamRthe day of judgc~, mcnr, (or fear of bel"o left fprecilrcr!o And as for ruch as ~pp~re A fcyeflth day or A Ievcnth part of nme IS the morality of the ffJllrd) Commandemenr, they will never , help thcm:~lvcs by ir, fQ1' if it be a feventh .; ,', ~:ly, then It cannot be A. fiX,th dill, BI' an . ~ " eIghth day, or any qthef pUO' (imply AJe~ veruh ,~ay. unlefs they ddhoy their awn morn1lcy; and fo for the other notion of ftyench pare o~ time" which: t~y confe{s i<; purely moral,lffQJ then no other, tiDle but (imply the fcyenth p,~rt, muG trom weekro
~h;ll (II

,.. 'Not II (l'li~1Ith.lnI,'h~llliJiil'h: afler: (l~~t ,Jlat for :wanc of igno...

"0 rane:)





da; to




G,od~ \'forfhip throu&h~


~t ..... .LllorAlltj~'·· ·~'Iilri



. '(

. BLtt by fuch VaiR janolina, it fccms they had rat~cr have :tny S3b~:\th.orbo Sabbath then the It'~C fane\ificd Sabb.lth, which Gmt cCrccially dcf.lgned, ,and whereon the '(\1olcdt bl, mn~s m;)y be 10 faith, expeCted. All other daye.S 'were gOQd wherein God w(oughr, but t~C (f,!v(!mh, day was and is peculiarly b!dlcd, wherein '(Sad .reflc~!.And 'hcrcfoJ't! 1\ntichriR chgagcth carthly:powers, more cfpc:cial~y co prophanc the fcvomh ~1Sthe dlicJ M;trkct day, and rakes up tl.e filth he Can finde co defile the Lords Sabbath, and affcight the SaintS f,otu fol .. lowing the Lord in obfcrvlng ir. ' HIs grand od;f4", whereyvith Mr. Afpi"~ wal hath pollUtcd his Title page, is; That it wcs the J L;"'S Sabbath ; like that (corn_fulJ Joh IS repl'o ?<;h of PjJllt~ caft lIpon Chri(lo who , d • was (indeed] ~ jew, and Lord of the Sab .. 3S· bath; in which'fenCe Gofpcl,.(aints m:ly very f.lfCly cmbrC'ccthis bldred Jews Sab .. bnb, who hath prodaimel.i hitnrdf as wen fJord of h'ls' Sabbath as of hii Supper, and chert'.; Cafe Iheltcr und« the skirrs sf chi s

be' ae(ir~y·ed. '. .,

o!fime ls altered, the Morality '~lit! needs

. .,' .

£iW/J O,A#I,; diAif~i~n .elther of Jew o~ Gentile,

.. ,




BUtin f,ripturcd~al~ct'!isJehD,,"b'l

Sabbath, and no where term'd the Jew~ Sabb~th that 1 'khOwof f but thisI know,

~hat a~ it Wi\S infUtutcd befot~ tbe((~~aS aMy' _ ~ •• -- ,,---.,-." - .A· ,_._- 'd.i~' on

Our Lord Jcrus himfelf \!as a jew and gi. 2 r/!"ij Y~n tothe lewl, and will thonJycome i. l11S ~orlto make thelll a glQrioul people .. Ilpil~ ..~t., ~ 'U 1.;," • . ~ ,', ~~~c~
;.1 , .

Wasdemoltfll-::d. . l;hrJffltlfl, is e"o fo~tfh ComfJIand for .,~e Sabbath made odious. becaufe it' was E'fcn to the Jews I tholl maif] eyeh call of' ~Uth~ Commaadements upon thtt fam.e: account 2 Why the thkol~ taw Was give" to [he }:w.s, the holy Scr1p.tul'CS was RiYen to the J,t:WIi, Tlllj ,.,rllfltJ th6/;vll, Orae/II Ani 1~ ',' l,vI "nt~HI; Obfcrve Chritlian. there . 381 lt~dy,Oracle, ale; Gods moral I.1l'Vs,whi,h b~a lIydy voice he committed to them,aQc1 rtlilt not and, forch::m(dvc$ but to ivc .~ Unto us I As ~hey received tbem from fa they gave them unto us, an,.. therefore (ef! jhou kr:cp ,heAl as they, gafe them; ahc;l amongR the r~{f" the CJpr~rs refcnth ••ia, S,abbachz And beware of llightins it bf'(aur~ ~I,en to the Jews. Lee but thistlrcotf drift! dl~' difttain what w as gitc:n co the Jew9 [0 and (~Iiving anti fo dying, th?'llhaJt aR'u; r~dly be d'¥l1D(:d ~ For the, Scriptures that ~U-~ • able through hith in' ChHfl to make Wife unto ralvation. \'fere given ro the Je".. -.

(0 it remains In full force to the people of OPCI for ever, ever filKe that wall of p.rciriotf



~1J~~,.~c ~

-:ncr" ~

1'[. 10a; to SiOi;, 'then Chrifiialls takitlg pJcafilrc

J 3,



11., 'lJ1"1~

lhat is, the times and 'Laws~chatlgcd by )\n~ tichrifi: For 'cis impofilbJc that ever that be. Jov~d people (b?uld, receive. thcM,!flah, wIllIe they fee his DifciplfS dj(obcdicti~ to <Godsroyal commande, We (who were once drown'd inthe do. I~(ion ) can now ditccrn and deteR thac Po. , pll'h impiety of im3gc~worlhip (in defiance of the (ccotld Commandclllwt)and yet they can plead,asplaufibly (or Idolatry by their WI etched diAinClion of JlI$~Ncf, and 1I«7rtiet, as Wee can Foffibly for chanee of the Sab. barb, ~s their imagc.werlhlp is one great {~1lIl1b]Jn8'block ro long forfaken IfrncJ· (0 our ~('cJdy wallowing in Sabbath JloJl~[i~ ens, fadI, obClrutls th~ hopes of their con • .1Je/J.6.6 verfion, and indeed purs our dear Saviour [0 an opcn Ihame; .as m:JY appear by a paC. (age I,neely communicated'which cX5=eeding .. 1)' affc6\s my (quI, and [0 I hope it will rAy Readers. rhus. ' 4, The Jews in Londo~ are w:ry much C( affeCt~d' with our keeping of the Sabb::tth (c and do frequent our mectilJg places ever; Sabbat~ in the Jitter' part of the day, and •• truly I hope the L'Ord will ir. time awake :~,uP'>ndte", to im~~~cethe U~th: As yct I I... chey keep' 9n ~r Hac~ in dIe time of


he&' lIone's,

and favouring the dull thereof.





, _,




- -.-

-_ ----- - ~~pray<!

j ~l:~

';'prayer; I am ¥lell acquainred with their "Rabbi, ~c and the reR. of the Jc"'s 'With (, hunwere (0 taken with Brother S"'~rl tlll.' A " prayer for (he rdbUl auon of the King. . "dome co I(r~r). as ,that chey defired thac U they 'might have i,,'M'I ..vriting. pre»mitlng ,,' that they would prine it, and lend il co aU " the places where the 1 inhabit; I cold t;WS ~I (hem :11(0 your refolurion [0 preach up che ", Sabbnth, and they arc vcry much taken (, therewith, defiring the Lord to pro(p~r "you in your endeavours thereln.I perceive c, It is :1 great Humblmg block to them as to CI believe Chrift tobe the Me{/i"h, becaufc 'e Chriflians violate the Sablhth I for (tay a, they) if Chrifi were noe a Sabbarbebreacs ker.why are Chriltiaos!and if ChriR were cc ;1 Snbbarh breaker then he was a firmer, , ., and if a {inner, what benefic can wc ell" % pta by the death of all evil docr?And thu. ,. you fte what evil confequenrs follow the ,I uon-obler vance of the Lords holy Sab .. er bnh : I hope this may be ufefulho yoUt' " Auditors, clpeci:llly co '~ore your fo. of " tiecy. , Reader, doth not thy heart (~ith mine tremble before the Lord in the peJUf;t1 of there lines 1 why if the offence of one licde ollcdcfelVc fo gk!at penUhmenr, "hat will Milt. I~ Pc ~~! ~f Sabibath~brcakers ( afcer d~o.m ' 6.




warning) ~hore weekly di(obcdie.ftC:C, to " . much dlOlonours enri!t, a,nd aUlllbl~s ~~e all , Tribes ofI(rac:l? bow vain are their rcttCl, om for Ifrads con,~rfion, tJY~orc prat\i(e Co much obHru8. the glorious work? Cap 1/4. ~7· J! lip, till WA}, Np
r .... the f/llm6lil1g




"'. ,



awake _Salnrs, the fcYcmh , {O':llis opened, and the flv~mh. day Sabbath breaks through chore Romilli togs th~: lor.g. obfcurcd ir under the Hcatbcmlh title ot
(aall'day, o~ S""rn,f day. The (.1me blafphcmous Horn that rob'd ~s of the fioly Scriptures, 'hath, long deprived us ~t the

1\ wake,

.",,.tpAr~,f the "IDCkt DIU





u, telling us that



•Iis hish time wholly to depart from PopiCh pol1~tiom. and fulfill p;:rt of 'ha~ ProZech. H. phefie in eakins fuch hold on the skins ()f 'D 'L r 3' the Jew s, a s to obferve all thel! Moral ~ws with dlJlght. Let nor the unkripturnl DA'14m of a jewilh Sabbarb, (tude us any marc then ajewilh SAYI oua : But let U5,pucon R_thl rdoludon in ?"teeing the _lews, fay..
jng: 1:1" Scrlpturel {hi:tfllll III} ScrI1'.TtI, ,hJ Prom;!11 /hlln hI ,Dr"o*. tlJ, fol,,,.,iDn {1M' /""" I:rr:ptU"ti01i, [.Vl1ItIJ 44, (bAil II, ml SA6~lIth, t/q Meft1ah (bttll /" mlS~ v10 ,,"t1I&, G'~ Gpll,








neither brook Babd. :tt;omtn:ltIons 1'1 the breach of'(}ods fecond Royal Law, nor J>ro~cCbnts weekly prophah:lIion of the Sabbadlwithdcep difobediancc (0 (f-efounh Cornmandcmcnr.'Which if moR dreadfo]] in filch as connnire fabbathsbrcakers, for ('archlyadvamagc, aftd fomelight ~fG8d. ,taw ham broken in .upon their fouls ( at leaR) [0 (ufpctt that it may be ~ods Sab .. bath. So that they have nothing to (ay agJinll it, and yet (Ihrouph the worlds Inarcs and Jove of relaiiens ] dare cominue to ,all ag~in(l it ,wallowing W~eJcc a,fief W ceke In Sabbath pollution s, till the Jlltt judoernent of GOD at la(t leave them (th~ough cuHome of fin) co a feared con. fcience, ' Another ,JUlm caR upon the ~ vemh day Sabbath, by Glfl/i~ like indofi'erenrs and Jukc~watm La~di&l~m, is i that 'ds bur a circumflance ot time: aUt the ,,,,irc experienced Prcacler doth'rced:fy confute their folly" in a fentcnee worthy our obfer,acion. :whQ IDk.!e,tlll 'he C~mmll"J,""tlt fh.ill fill IVil thil1g, wi/,. mAul' '(Jifitrlllt' TIM E Ana j"tll'm~nt, Etcl. 3. ~~ Such at dar,e be "'lcler. of keeping the Commandements,

And chus {hall ~~'ta~c up the Aumbfi"g bl?cks, obflruai~gt~clr r~tur~ \'tb? can

, N,/" ,1111, at "ijlt;'






I",,, ."J"

-: ', _--. ;-


. and

and judge thamrclves 10 wife as to cOJ\tat11f1 that TlME which God hath ordairud to make men wfer, we (hall lcaee to that wi[.. !t Cur. 3. dome which is mcerfoolifhncls with God. , X 9. even to trifle with that precious time which weekly convtys precious plants into the Palr ce, and fpl'cial prefcnce of their Prince. But whereas 'tis objctlcd, That holy time and hoJy place were both of like force: Let fuch (hew lIS the leaH fylJabJc in Gods mo-r-: r:1J cnjoyning holy place, and we fhall ~I '''''4' we II Wl:'grJ • . 1 If, an d 10 t hc mean tunc (0 OUt' i . I J: h I,~ 'duty in that holy time whic,hisexprc{ly com.o • 1· mandcd us of God, knowing that our lawgiver hath as fully confirmed this holy time, 1I as he hath hid common 311 holy place, 2.. Thus rhcfe devices failD as not able to foy 1 Ibis {hinihg feafon, Gods f.111aified (cvemh (I:1YSabbath, which {hnds with ffrength in Go(rd times t let om tleXC bulinefs there .. fore be, [0 know when to enter lIpO~ this holy reR; for it canso; be conceived, that God, who hath been (0 punau~,J in pretcribing the prccife time of Circumcifion, the Paffeover, Penricofi, and other ceremonies, Ihouttl Icave us to our liberty Ior rhe b:'gin .. tlitlg of his holy Sabbath. Bur oh rhe ;"Irr'~I{ifl8' Meanders, perplexing and diar:l~ing Laby .. ~jmhs, dJat d" even drink up rhckfpirics> who ?!~e~t the Sab~i\th5 ~hllJlge ~othe fil~wde.ek...

$4 ..

H~!J timt' tnt'AnCt~

20;1. "»S

. unch~!lSea"lf fevettch day Sabbacfy~ opcnina

ehcir fuppofcd S~bb:uh. Some affirming i, begins in the momins when [he Lord arofe,buc what hOQr they 3r~ 110[ able to fa~, (i,nee God hath rurpofely c?flcealcd Ctmfis riling, :;5 he did MDrel burial place. to prevent our I1n j (0 chat whe_ rhc~ to b7gin their Sabba h at break of day, or Sun.rlfing, they arc uncertain, and know nor what to do. Others are moved (blC by wh:1t rule or rcafon I know not) to appoint midnieh: for the entrance of their S,lbb:uh,whctJ m~{i are aflecp • A third Iore are Content to obrerve their Sabbath by halves, and havifflJ enemy four hours to t~cir own days. theyl1l4r up their Saboa'h With one h~Jf, an? f.1Y an artificial day of twelve hems I~fuffiClcnr. A fourth declares, that the (venin" is the tim? their Sabbath muli btg~n. and fadfy bewalt.~he(ecrec ~no~s anddifficurcic:sthatare Shl/. found In ~hcbcgtnn,mgoftheir fir(t day Sab. "". bath, calling (or humility and many (cars. P,34. ~ut whiles thus they are cE>n(oundcd in their language.!, JabQurino with manifold difficuhies ~o find (ome bfolnni17g of Mana Sabbath; behold the lively Oracle of Go~~

day, being not able to find when to begin

'A '-,i'l "

.~)ji rII"'rl~ 1





a~1p[!f'.?~~!s. ~eakingall bar!, untying aD ~4 ~~tij

knots, and like A'fit,J",'s Clue lea~it'lg dill perplexed fpirit O\lt of his La~Ylinth, whiles he returns ( by Chd(ts dircttion ) to 'hI IIi. ginn;'ll: where in the infancy of time we meet with Gods fpit it in a,night of darknefs 9H,x.2, brooding upon a Cll>rfu(~ Chaos, to prflQ.uce 3. a wOlld of Wonders. So that mauifef] it is, njgh~ Was the bcginuing of time, in which the
Juck mars was made before any light nppt:areel; and this darknels nith the cnfuillg light cornpleated the firH dayt and fo the fecond, third, fourth. fifth,and f1JCth, wherein the Al ..

Ira;,' . II

, Par_ailt p~rft8;',;;

,en, earth, and fca, leading man (Gmdl Mal' l1er_pitce) to the higllcH;\dmiration. And no fooner did the; lixth d~ys (un ceafe ( wiel\ the comp'lcating of this peerlefs Pot<:ncatc, ) bUt llob;", eeafed to thew his ,crtue and powerir. creation, arid withdrawirlg himfclf ~nto him(~lr, he immcdiately,fantlified the !eVe~th day, Sabbath. to enjoy his own 'Afi .. ,.he, delighting himfclf with full fatlsfaaion in the pure and {p:nJefs WOlks of his hands, for as yet {in had not {oiled the crca,. tllr~. butwhilcl/d,'vllh celebrated his Sab .... 'M~r.~. ath (with man for whom it wall~ade,) 10, b I~fl· the morning Rau fang together, and all the lqp 38• (ons of God Iheuted tor joy I So that here 0 1the lords Sabbath (witbout the JeaR JoCsa!

mighty finiili;cd the whole fabrick of hea-

'day. (Uti eM wor1sh c'r~i1ti'on tAd.; atld tbtrt~ . " \' 'i fore fuch as defif~ be ~olJ III GtM 1# /,91" I Pit. ,; ll1u{t not oncly obic,fye thiS fc,enth ~aJ,Sab. IS. bath, but begin tillS. holy ReR acc~rdllig~o 110b.l. the pattern Ihewtd In ehe Mourlt, 'that 1'8 \'When the fixthcirmlc of the filn fhews us 'lis i· time to ceafe frorA c<lrthly labors, as IIIJw4b ' in his royal Law hath }>ropofed himfdffor EX'.'JQ~ our example. Thi.s hath been the cObRant II eourfe ofbelieyers : I (upporc it will (calee be • quetlioned in M'pi time, Iince even the Ceremonial Sabbaths' ( bccaufe honoured as Sabb3ths)werefo tobeob(erved; PrDm,· Ltv. 1S.


.. ,

r,~ ]"



""'0 e",,, ","Il r ""th. for flighti.flgl'thetilt,""" rewardedS"b. BIf~JIQItJ S"l1ltetb" , did ho.,.
So after the JtWS w~e 7DN in


ncR N tlltmi~h fet'~the esat\ Obf«t3l)ce ofthis day, by cau g /""f"lmllgatcs to 3 befhut before the Sab ath, even whiks the dt:clining fixch day tim (by defc~l\ding the ~toum:\il1es (urrounding c:\l\ fome ohfcuricy upon the City gates: a good .

C~' ~- 3 I.
.% •

',r.{.t,. )

J.i~~ ~ja~tl1~e~i~~~m ~c ~Xth ) ! ~~t~

example for eatthy minds,whe wil not Iecve their fcrvilc labours till the laR minute, buc 'rei haps allew thcmrelvcs tibet" to do Iome houfhold blfincfs after the Sabbaths be ..' ginning. We lie under equal t:ngagemenu (at leaR) with anciem Ilr",I, which (hotJld QbJige U9,tO fuch evcnitfg facrifice as appears

. _.aY$

~ ~e ~~c:~~~~P.1e '!~C .p~,!~ by ~e~g:~


, r,8

,%. ed ror the Sabbarh.


' Ilrlllll J~1;.··

It It!a good 'hillg "l,vG

I. th.tfiu "NI,,/q6L~rd,.flla

Ifo·~fJ. ha'tl'" flng M ill th, Night whm " hll, fl. "9· Im~"i', is k!pt. Hence 'tis evident with' what ;ffct\ion, and at what time they fet to
the (uJcmnity of this highcC! Sabbath. Nei. thcr is '~e N~w Teltamenr wuntiug of in .. ltruCliol}s when [0 begin ebis holy Rell; (or even after the fuffcrings of our Saviour, the Saints dial not an ely ob(crre the SaW>ach, bue the Spirit is exprefs in rhe beginning of tbe {olemnity, as is recorded for the cverlaUing honour of the precious WOlUen, that having actcnded their Saviour to hls (epu1r.hrc, T be,

thJ N •• " 0 mDft Nilh j 10 ,fotlV forth 'hy lovi".l i(",fl ill morHiH(,& th) faith_ f"l",tfi Highl. This faerifice very well becomes Chriftians, who Ihould not be our .. ficipt by thofc devouc Tribes, whofc joys are further expretled by the Pmphct. r, {hafl


lojnt pr"~r"Nnl'

the faces of Juch astreadin th(lf(f SGinrs-IbJPf, , r<:pro:,chine them as.worlhippersofA'Jt.G,I.z. hrift, who was neyer· more aClia-c (heain, J 4. '.S.
~ ft,fftrer.

his bletled body. And ,ct {ome.Jcotf~irr there !aft days, arc (0 bold as co call ftkhitt:






tile vr.fJej

being (here


Do"a;Atl.:a" 2~ .


L,_k·'A J.


f..u'<: 23· there

tion dOl, thae relllained afrer Chrilts burial_ precious fouls imptov~d in preparing 54· Aromadcks to embalm their beloved j bue as the lixcb da, ended, and the Sabbath drew on, their work was done , for fo well were the, difcipJed by our SaYiollr, as not co

lind "/tId th8 S,,""alh dlf! ff6coraing to 1111 Commlfnd,mmt. That part of [he prepara_

rlllIrwtd, 111'1" p",artd fpie~/If",J

violate ~J ~Il ~a~~a~~, ~~ ~ ~~embalJ!D


. Bur Icavingthcfc in (corne1's€haJr~ the fame Tctiament 'whi'h chus fbcws us- the Saintsbcginningof the Sabb~lttt, i.. fol'iNUS . al(() of. the old by our Savlours-exampl,,; M_r. I. who having performed the publicI; dUliusof 21. the d:1Y, retired to lid".,, . honour the Sabbatb. with his-wonredimlfa_ clcs f And though the enviousPharifces ~J'9. taught [hat the people Olould nor come (Of'·LJ~~. hca!iIlQon,thcSab!J:uhday, yot hcr~by we rot, Jearn ~hon the holy fcalon- dotel'mint-S, by . the lib~rty tht: people toolf., (accordihg to the I!h"ri((cs doacinc ;) A'1a at ''lItn;n~when MAr. ,.' tb« SU11 dill fit, th~J 6r411ghl Unt, hi", a6 3~-, thllt werN/ifoaftrl. So thar 'cis abundantly manifdi, that· from Even [0 Bvcn( or from D,,,.II •. Sun to Sun, the Sabbath isto be-celebrated. I. ThlJ~ [he J ews contt~ntl1' obferve it, ~nd, thus all faithfull ChliAians ollght·co Ii\n&IReit. who by faipture 3u1horirY'3ro th,U5 (Cl f~ee from all:thar confufiOh.and.conceallonwhich.. (asafcourgefrom <tod) p~~~eth ehe ob .. fery(ts ohllc· {"!Rla'_Sabbatfifwlb







T"efi~ eI~JI {tf'fiitudt;

!cnow not begin, hot when co make anend, . . But here it will be objc8cd, That upon this acceunr the tirltdllYII'uR be utterly difcarded ance the 4th.Commandmcllt al wei requires 61 days (ttyice, as the 7th. day 3 Sabbath. TowhicbIan(wcr, 10 That whereas the' Lord doth exprefly require cetrarion from work on the Sabbath day~hc doth not (by a negative) ,rcflLlire that we: never ceafe from wo(k lIpo.. an, of the fix days j for the~ we 111uRnever (ea(t,tlor laR,nor ufe any kind of recreation throughout the weck. 2.. The Hebrew tenrc hath a various a(~ f1WW ,",ca, yee it is rather future then imperative; and ~cli ~nough point out t~e ereauues '1lyn earthy Incllnaclons, chu,o Sl~ JA)I thoN wilt ( er p,.lt ) or at it is rendred elfewhore, IN ')1 "'AI ~'r~ 6e dOli'. Go" EXO.Jlo gives us le,,- C (0 (erve our (elves fix daY!t I·S. chat We rna, not murmur or repine in deve .. ting thCJ~VC:l1th whoJly [6 his (cfvicc; but 110 is no gyptian Task.maRer, to bind lis ro ftx ~ ys inccffant labour j (or then P ,1111 fiR.u;c.(jn (L1ch a cbarge, til ",'l1ch i" ftafon ~ lilt ., fi"fi"; and God hitnfelfc fhould ccors his own Command, itt requiting lfr,,~1 to·ob(cr,e the Pa{{eoverJ Pc'1ticoll, feaR of Tabernacles, &6•. caking up a.s In~hy days

.days ChriA hath aboli(bedl and therofore we fhould not grudge co give uncCl&od eTC~ ry firli day, as an additioluo the Sabbath.
with thankfulnefs for our double bene6r, Craati9n,and RedcQlprio",c(pedaU, 1£ beth days be <lllthoritcd by the word of trutb.



o~~, rtJ~,



. As for the fcriptures quoted in me: New . T diatnel1t fOI the change of the fevenm da, Sabbath,to the tirR day of the wee1r, laball demonfirue in due time, th;:t: nOI ai, one of them, nor all rogerher ,can make up art argumetlC to Iaeisfie a truly enlightened (oul. BrK that the Re(urrcaionday is defigaed for a rejoycing day to ChriRi Difciples, (cems undel1iable by the pfalmiRs faying, -rIJN ;1 ,~, l'fllll~ ~alwhitht'" Lord h"lbm4~, w~"'ilJ,'. ' ~ JtJJ&' .. "d /" IIA~ In it. Which being com- . '. pared with fptcc:h*. muct ncetl, be * All.,,; ANd "h"relu (ome (who are loathto ap-.·'
theRe(urrct\ion day.



once in a year;) fhal forbear [0 an(wer ,helD Iii rhey cas better 3"ree about the celebration of their traditional ~aRcrJ and excite God. people [0 rejoice and be glad Qtl thcReiarrcs aion oft at the week brings ic abou~& Bur jJ this impofflble clone unlJ. we rejeCl:Gods ~ncienc 7th.da, Sabbath ~

pcnr in Gods pretence [00 Oreta) do (uppof. thit rcjoycing day to be ond, EaRcr day,


as tI,cJcar .I1athweeks; whida 'eremon~l

-. - -.



!"y m~y~~.~~~!l~ba~~~~ !!!~~~r~ ~ ~e



day.amongfl Chriflians

(;f)fl!ploSP'IIJ' tN l#Jr'-lj.
a$ it

This is (0 generally ~onfdlcd c'CIl by the adverfaries of the fevcnth day Sal'matb, thaI Other prsof would be needlef. in th" place. part wirh to fcrvc the Lard. It cannot be denied that the plimirive {aims , W df it {cans to be Scripiural chat the die' honour the Refurretlion day with the .'~ord made the Rc(urrtt'tion day a f(joy~ - '. honourable 'chle of their Lord ; fa thac it ollIg ~I~y,bu~!benever made ic aSabba\h day; became a prevfrbial queAion in their gr(e~ andif It be allowed that honourable tide of ~tTJ. I. the Lords D;\y, yct doth it 110 more calhier , ing5, SIYvAjJi D,,m,,ilM,,,? baflthou Icept ehe fcv,emh d:ly Sabbath then did the cere .. ~ . the Lords day? to which the other wour~ menial PenH., called Sabbaths of old •. an(wer, Ch,.jrl;AtJ~ [II",. itlt"mJlttrl ",,, .. ', .'. Th~fc &no~y }c\lYilh holy daycs {hcnou,'ffNnJ" I am a Chdtllan.t rna, nOtomieit.. Thi s I conceive is a fccond groued ob.. red With the tide o~ Sabb:ltns ,lid not then rerving the firfi day, nrid although tbet de .. weaken the Royal Sabbath, nor can the {tlppo(ca title given to ehe lirfi wt' . cree of C011j1tU";1U with the Councel now do ir, fecing Chrif] ha Ih for ever con .. LNJdictil do not a"y wa'f' l,,*ernu~ ~it in JAm.2,8 firmed each poim and pared of the Mor ...1 . point, yccche (\atutcs cna&!d by a Jufhu- 1. C/;,..1. 10, I r, Law. B()th days may lovingly liYe amof1gU [hority for the obfervatioa. cfdaies fhould 10. 3. Chti(iians, redeemed from the earth. And be obferred, provided that lKb deaees be N,h.9. though m~ny would be accounted Saints , no way dellruaive to che Sabbath ~f[b~ 21~ that think they fhould be undone in fo do;' Lord our God. MII'th•. '5. 2.j 9.· 1 ' Eff.~.'JO This I offer as a third sraund of rejoy. . .ings yet the fpotlers Spoufe of Chrifi,whilci (ing on the RefurrC't\ion day, tOm,monly R,v.12. ~rayed'inthofe rbyal. robes of, Slln~1ik~.Mncalled the Lords day,which "e·O)f)Uld more Jclly ,and dccketl with that diadem of 1l1f:dio readilyemhrace thenah), tcau,rtday. Aclibility, trampling under feet all f..blu~ary '-. cording to the good 014 ChsiRiiln (.uOOm of fading mutab1e.glotits; I fay in chis bel' primitive. putity,(Judng the 6rfi.dH;c¢ Ccn(utle,,~ ~i~!Si ~~aJ ~e~~ll ~~e .~~~ ~ ~~!~e~ ~rdS
. I

haly days~lmongfi the Jews, erred- '. glly fiflcc the mitrey ol a free Redeemer i. ff't added rorhc bldungs of a bounntull Crca~r .. oris r~d.[ofcc. pcr(ons (pcnd more rime m Iinro fausfic their JuHs,thcnProfdkrs can

-Hood' with

f\'. lb

• fIIJ ... ", "'. '''''J. . fuc c-onRantly obrttvcd both tbtfodayes, ifa "OtiOllt of her Creator and Jledeerncr, tiD


the little Horn 'hlhgc4 her Times. an.








I ,

~ .'~4 'Arg_tlll"', J,-"~; 1{'m~.4;day, "hen with delight ~e obrclvc lC~

6, Lord.




l'Ji/ptult Du,;lI; -,
4. The h!~hcH' pretender to fpitirualic, had need enough to get often into Gods Court! alia Saines company, [0' {hake t,)ff his c;I[,hy {hackles, the duny face of our enrrhly Mother COil frequently dulls oar af(c~iolls to our hc~venly father: we have little caufc to (OUZOl cur conkiences with with a device to honour God by difobeying him itl Oighting his precepts, under pretence of (pirilll;!l rei forrnanccs, :15 if frequent at. . rcndancc at heavens gates could hinder our 'fpititual growth, or Gods Sabbath (upprtfs
.o~le{arl~fty. 5• We are


. .Rea Cons flli obrelfing both dales




there I I Chlifiians have mere eng:1gemems upo~ them tken ever ancient Ifrr-ci halt, to devote as much of their time ,to God; ,fhall the grcatncfi of his graces Ara,ghtcn U5 IrA the ~dYOlnccm«ntofbis gtlJry? .' _3. We have as frequent nteemlY ,of hea'fcnly fupplics as they \lad; why fhould we be (cldomer at the throne of grace, ...' .~ We arc ret free from ,hofe gr_cat blar. \. dea;,and bondage" long joutnc;y~ and vall tXPCRCC', factificc:s and ceremomes, un~er which they groaned ; and arc two-dales in (even ruth a task? 15 sur fathers pre fence ....and (aints fcllowfhip (0 ~rkrome ? Doubtlers 'cis (0 to droffie Dlclples,t whore love extends nofunhet then the Leaves ~ why,


.. up Gods Aatldard and honour in the ,world for a little (caronJ and ate tWa date~ (Q~ (liod and our (oub (0 tcdiOJJ5 and ~rouble. (om~ when we hare -more theta tWlCe

.we are invited into the holy of hoh~s, tf) make (ure work of eternal manfions, to bear

far o~r l'erifuitlo bodies, we lhoutd not be weary. to appro~ch the prl!(ence of.ap ear .. .thy Ptin~e ~~~~G~D (~ ~e*" ~,.clho~


~q.ur~ _



marvailollfly dehvcred from ~111hofe Mars daies upheld by the BeaH and c his irn:lgc, to which Saints were compelled by Pnrators, as Candle Mafs, Chrift.Ma(!;, Michatl,M,1!s, and I knt>w not how n!lny M.lfles; and is it now {il~h a matter (wiih the Sabbath day) to devote {he ti(fl day of the week ta Gods wodhip as Saints have done? 1 fear filch [)[ofdfors did never C9,lllt rht' con before tbey cook up Chrifiiani:y; and.therefore they fail in rhat meafur« or Iclf:dcobt which the Sabbarh calls fSl'J! which I c0nfers is mort: the'} atl other OrdiNances; bur let fuc:h kno ..... they will find it as hard Ior ftclh and bloud to inherit the Kil'lgd'omc of now lh~y Iecl the obf~tViu,ce of G0<4s SAbbath, and rhe Lord, F Ihy~




ludg~rntnts ailJjoJts~
day. 1 know not why this tern1 or Lords day Ihould eft"cnd, Cbriliians now, more then ofold : it Iome fabbach-kecpers (ball fel uric it J y~c I hOI1(! lh(;y can .rcligiouOy embrace I hole G ofpclcopportlillitics and pr<::s cious pl'iviLdges,that the fidl d:1y afford~; tee us beware oi a ccnforious fpilic towards pcrfons of diftcrent perfwcfions, Our God wai~ed long UpOll us, whiles living in difo1. bcdicncc [0 the 1.3\,\1 of the Icvcmh day Snb, bath, ;;nd he looks for :J. (piri~ of forbearance towar cis o.hcrs, till Sabbath lioh: break in upon c.neir fouls; unlcfs Iathau t>p'lvail with them ro deprive us of our hopes, by .heir forf:lking at' our a{rcl1lblic~', 'as the manner of,kmc is; "hole pr;1~tice. proclaims they \"111lcnrnno more, nor (lIft~r (abbach~lighc

his Sabbath) and therefore'

lNill.ttilt"'; ~J

for more, BUt for the enJighr,cncd Saint, who fees the al~id.ingglory. ot Gods fe:vomh day Sab ..
bat~lln,lts mornlJ[~f cx;,~ mcafure of time_

mutt never look



I; r

Ii ,


beginning an~ ell?! Ict him proceed in the ~H:;w:r01Gods fplrIC. what eYer ht: pay for 1~. 1 hflugh parems lor(.'1kc him, he hath a Gad (0 go to, who will wiliinuly [(cCite him inro a bofome of grace, and ~rrtr a k~ Irort, wee kly returns (m the (?in(pel noonride ItcH) he and I Ihall betrantlared lt1to' Nc,w Jcru{al<;ms g1oty, to joyn'in fangs of plaICe to the honoUr of the Lord of the Sabbath, in the S;tincs everbUing rtil.' Thus throngh D,ivine affiltance, 1 have'


of their Iouls r: We alaI! Ie;1VC filch ta th:tc drc.dlull doom which at]/~f,. tends; 10. t wil/HU)' (1~,in fo"JIl~i'Jg 2.)', 2&1. ,he IIfJembliu of thl Sainf I for' whom there '27. ret/Milu ';0 more !lcr;{ice, ')IIt If certain to takcpolTdlton


(~o the rull (atisf~~ion of my own (oul)vin':' (h~ated ch¢ fllorahty of the h@ly !tell of Sames, or the Sabbath of (he Lord OUt

God, which is undeniably the 'ole"", 8,~. fon for Gofp~/"orfhi,.

indignation 10 d~voNr Ihe adverj:lrirJ, who will nor have the Lord of the Sabbath rcisn over-them, bur will follow their clrthly c~. [oymcnrs and imployme::n:s, til! he return to [ell them they have, -alrcady rrceivcd their good ching, (i, e, thething5 tlley dlccmcd


loo/tJng [or. of judg~mel1t and fitrJ

is four.told, I. The Creators inAitution. :I. The Redeemers'confirmatictll

The nex t thing is the· fpedal warrant' for Chnflians to celebrate this h61y day Which,


to, and preferred bef Ol e [he celebration of ,. hi~

4. Tn~Saints

3. The Spirir~~pprobatioo.

WhIth being ccinfirmed by clear Strip" .. a . ,u~e.,

. I

I I )


I.Ylzma of Qh.tlli~'I't~


ture ' will undoubtedly be fu1\y (atl~faao .. r.y t~ all that ate wilii"g to imbracc truth.

(~rte it, upon wHeh acccunr the Ifradices were bound not onely to flOt\H1e it them-

The third H tlS,rJ.

The All T H o R 1 T Y.


plary in holy NehemiAh. ' , NtlJ.13~ If then all Gentiles when but rcftdent in

gaccsdid cyil(ervc the fame

fdves, but ro (ee that all Hrangt T s within their


a pr:!tbfc: exem-

p,'ej!illtJ, were rcqui,red to



HOUCih the Gteat God be not cngag('(' to give any account of ~i' matters, y~t behold hIS marvnilous COtidl(CCI\t\OIlI \11 gt-


mankiudc, both Jews a~d.:Gc~ti~csco ob,. -"

dug us to the beginning, when firH ( as his firfi and his Sainn belt ordinance ) he made the Sabbath for man: tblrcby cngagingal1

holy Sabbath, in the firH IfIHIt~ltlon rcd~e

amongA: men) (veil Io doth J~IWi/a" lay the BAts of om Db~die.nee co his honourable

As our Lord J crus [\.:1 s forth the excellen. cy of that univerfal ckCfCC of,l11a~riagc made inParadiCcfor (whIch IS therefore

vmth d~,. wh,refore J chovah Me/fld S a6[,ath Ilnid [tmttl;1i!d it.

ving hi, creature not cnlly a command. but the rcafon why he r<quireslhc fokmn obr~t. vatlon of this fcventh day Sabbath (whIch cannot poffibly (for this reafon be changed) to any Other day) FDr in (i.t· aaJts Jehovah m"duh, H,llvenl and the Earth, tl" s,~ dJl4d,,{/lMM i» them iJ, and ref/,el the ft~




Comrnonwenkh ot ICrnel, much more ate we now eoa:loed, being fdlow Chi .. zeus with the S~inu.,and of God~famify. The Authority thcn( wilh its equity)uni. vcrf.1lJy obliging 311 Adam,f po{tctity to ob .. (ct'V\! the kventh day Sa!)bath, pure I,' fprings from Gods holy Rdt and Di. I. ~lJjnt vine inHi:urion,a(tcr the Worlds cre:t./l1jfit •• , tion, whichbcins net made oncly ter Ificel ti,,,. but for all people~ I appealto all con(cienti. ous uodclflandir.g Chriliians (~hat prefume 110~ to ddiroy the rcafon of the rourth Com. mandemcnt ) whether all mankinde be not hence obliged to obfcrve that very 7~h. day S:tbbath, who enjoy the benefit of the cteanon :

Gods they .,vere Aliens to the

I~(f 011


perfea: prefidcm in Obrl'IVI ng chIs (evench jil.eN'. day Sabbath, .·A 010(.1 pure pattern for his ~ain~s to work b,; a moll cleat (:oppy for .-- -;-_- '_-'- 3 his

God hath not"only vouchrafed his children I. 7J(,. {llch a precious precept with the ground of ir, cept. But is gr-adoufiy pleafcd (~ ma_~c himfdf 2. pT~m

hls fchollcrs to write after; and [ot ruch a~ t;kfirc (Q be Godly (that is (God. IIJ\c ) fo~. low their firlt and faircH ex ample. The (pI" rit of ChriH in the Golpe1 cPj0yns ue to B~ ~ " .... . foHowerJ oj God ttl dq4~ 'childrm; To ", J .p ''J 'holy M hb if hul"~pure & h,;J pure, Impure perfons pollute [be Sabbath, but th~ holy God 'anC\ifics and obictves it, that his dear children may follow him ,in ir, ~bal1 we pre:: tend [0 prefs afecr God (>l1l'1tY, and y?e moht Gods example in this (wcet folcrsni .. iy? Why C;ods rrefidct1t is the mof] abo fohne pnuern of all pedct\;ion; the ?oH of men may fail. and he out[hip~ by their folfollowers ; but who Co makes the pcrfea God his pattern, Aill prdf<;th for~ard, a.nd hath fiiJl more perfetti ons before him.which allures the growing mounting foul from grac(e to grace, and Io to glory. Since then the bldred Creator (0 complea, ted every creature in fix days, that he might immediately confcJ:ratc and celebrate the (e. venrh day S:lbbath (Or mans example s I~t not man think [0 be wirer tlttn his Maker, either in prelinnlng to his hol.y da~, cr prcctflding if. fpititual obfcrvance 111 a It.. rcral difobcdicnce, Call poor. worm" /u.Ct and nfh~s, connive a way [Q Qt: more Ipl~l~ UJi\1 then the FathGf of (pirhs? C~n Satan


• ,,~ 1''''' ~~ "'Uf' .."


PtI'Utft p'lft8,IJJlI. {c8ion it (elf? Be:not righ:collS ovcrn-uch, but lc.un cf the J.. ;,vvgiv.:r, who !II e x ['olll'd.

illg his own Law, (UrilS Up' all 10 chl~ illUItIcnon, D, JC thtrtfore perrell', Ivell tlf }INr Mlft. C;. 1J~'Mltnl,Farher i,ptrfcll ~\ lhac t~, I~ q!l;'J 48. lily, rhouvh tquality is u[(cII), impofitJle. ) Whcrdm~ Jee (hac vcr y Ievcnch ,lay which yom l'<.":.tvtll!y Fa her bath fepararcd by bi-> intiuution btllcdia ion, and celebra -ion, be Y01H conli.uu ob'crvarion, .that in this point you may /;rpe,.r~n E VI: N As lDr1~ he:lvmI


Fath1r;s f~,.ria, Here it tli'pCnfech plaint, with what (ull :luc!lority the b:C{l'ld !cvcmh day Sabbath is dlaoli(}lt.:d even from tht: Worlds founrlati ..

on r So th;l[ it may well be owned ,_S 1 fOIlI1~ He{,.4' dation Oracle inHimc((f and ob'ervcd b~'G .id ~)4. h1l1)(c;f. The royal P(.tl'11Ift c I.:g:1"d V fi I1g~, Tba« GDdr f~HndrltionJ art in ths hoI] Pf. 87.1•

thus olorl')Llfiy foundcd t For as it was the fitl1 nature decreed by ]ebov.'lh, fo its faundation [ as hath been (hewed"] t<:Ued. and infeparably the fcventh day. was firH laid

and ccrr.unly this [Oy~:I L


(uggert a ptc{jdcwt tltPiJ! p~lfc¢.\ ~hc" ~~r':o'

. fc~ J<?n

in that l~l1rc plcafan: Paradife, where God Ede". lluiccd the Sabbatq to ' .....' . . The fccond holy Mountain wherein God eflublifhcd chis foundation truth.~as Mo~nc SimlJ. made glorious by the terrible MaJc~


~'l ~~ L~~~~cr~tndifng ith {brill trumthe w .. 4 per;)

'fbt £1,r;Om,.ll{~iJntAi'I$.,



; ( I "




ing; wlure With a ,lively voice ht immcdtatdy delivered this lively O. aclc, crowning this>fcvemh day Sabbach with the very fame honour and dignity as the other nire Royal {latutcs, and rccordinf', the fame in Tables of Ilene, which by '.115 new Covenant he writes in renewed heans r fo that if Chrifiians ibnd obliged to tho{e tt:U Commandcmsms ~O1#$'3. as /0 J»lftJ) /ivel) Orscles commit I,d 10 'h, ~ Jew! to /;, given UntD 11.1, ~nd Ihlt we /hall rAlr.7. • d~/Wtlr;fl'{)/lfit'v~ng theft Laws .,ce"" . 3i ,lm.g to'th~ ~cr"tHre; that IS, according as 1~m.2.· ei,od himfdt hath written rhem ; then muff . 8 this very leylmh day S abb;\th( a8 one of thofe . • Roynl Laws) be for ever obfcrved by faims without alcerarlon or diminution ; :11)(1 the rathcr.fince this foundation oracle obtains eontirma:ion in the third glGHious holy MOlln~ lain, even in the heighths of Gofpcl SIO'I, 'where [he very (atl1~ feveurh d:1YSabbath inIluurcd by tle "ather is dbbH01<.d by the Son '.: which is rbe fecond point propofed, ,.CoN{ir. wherein I [hall prove, That the fcvcrnh day f}JIl'ltion. Sabblth (.-\nt\ificd by ]ehof}tfiJ,is ratified by It/HJ upon a two- fold account, I. H~ OWtlS it by his Words. 2. Hecrowns it by his Wo~ks. And if this be cleared, then furely Chritiians [hould prcfully ob(yrv~ it b(!J;~i~~!!!>r~and WOt;k.

rer,;n dreadful tell~pcn3J'flUndet llt1dJig~tcfl'


. .. !.:~~ '. .L..........

t. Our ble{fcd Redeemer confirms th~' {evcnth ,jay Sabbath by his Word morc gc. nerally amongH the .eft of thefe Roya-llta. tUte!l which he .1(fUfCS us Ihall continue in cYr.:.IY titt1e(not fo much as one Hebrew point to b. dimini(hed or altt!cd)lil the heavells be 110 more, and the earth be {cmqved, and all be cernplcatcd and fulfilledtChtiCiian turn to thy Bible, and behold with horror the dread, Cuidoom which thy Redeemer h:nh de noun. , (eel againfi fuch as Chan tranfgtcfs the leaH of Mlft. his Laws andtench others to bc difobedienr, 18,19. 0 howdangerous is ihe ",{obedience to this dilty, feeing it is undeniable that the fe~ vcnth dn y S.,bbath is a riulc,and more then a tittle ol that royal Law.rbc wilfull offence of one ~oillt whtteof It:~dcrs the Rebel a rranf lAm,S; grdlorof all GodsLaws. Suppofc the Sab10' bath were the JeaAColTllnandeml.nt,ytc ('ilh • Chrif] our,Kll1g, Nt that Irul<.!th Ana {ndl C~"". others bre~"'-the leAp ~f thef, Commtt"tle- M"t~ .,. mtnt~,fhfl/J 11,cutDff (',om o'h Kint.rlome. J 9 • .",;t~ NClth~r doth ChIl(! m flefh (whites the Aft. • ceremonial Law w~u 10 full fore) :onely con:); finn the whole moral Law; but even Iince 'his afCention by his holy fpirit -he l~ove5 hll ApoHic s to tfiablifh the whole & every part ofthctcn~ords,; D~,,,,,.,I;'Jf"'.l<!flDi~t_~'Rom. ; lAW through '''''h( fa.lth PilH!?) G~d ('r~liJl ;

t;" tIlAMi{htd.



yl~ ~~'JI.".~~j(/!~~~ ~~~!~~~~~ ~:ahnotbe'~hl

.~(;.~c.!ll •. ._._. •.~.~\~

ceremonial J"Iaw, Chrift h;wing Linerly abolifhed all thofe beggarly elcrncncs, It rnuf] ~(JM7- be ?flcly thac ~ holy,; jufi,good,fpiritllal Law 7.12,11. which ends WIth this Command, Thou(h4lt tID' ClJvel. AI1~ not in pare is this Law perpetuarcd, but 1'1,v4ry p9inl ( (aich .hc other 1"",,2. A;pome.) And therefore let Iuch as afrer 10. warning flight the fcvcmh day Sabbmh, make fure work t~at it be no point of that Law whore every Jot and rude i8 eftablilh.d by ChriH and his Apo(tlcs. And yet after this t~1l confirmation how fain wo~ld vain contentious fldh find out a device to live in difobediencc to that precious {,jelf. heavenly Law! for ',is ~bj,~acd,That Chlill hath net expref y and particularly clt.ibhfh ~ cd the fourth Commandement, and therefor e it may be no fin to flight rhc Ievcarh day


B~eh IiJII! lI.Jtll

Chril,' ,~,,~
tJ.((s, n1cwiog us al ie, were the 'ft,ry primo£ for ever as ~ foundation Oracle, not ol~c1y in Edt:tl and Sin4i. bUt l!) the beauty of SiQ1I_ fo~ he doth exprdly own ern: (evcmh day Sabbath puniculnrly with the honour that nOI1~ oti,wr Law ~njt)yslvrol~ffedly :tc;know~ Icdgll13 It [0 b-: hIS Sabbath~p(Q(lairnillg him .. rclf J...o~d oflt,ind molt pUl'l~nally6>b(erving H;YC:l,(o!cmnly averring.thar htJ taw; 1101 to J.ef!r~Jth# ~4Wlb"'I~flJ/~lit. Andindced this Ipo.lefs Lamb did faithfully fuUil this


nels of Chdft condcf~cClding to our weak.



fA'~ening his fel/emh day Sabbath


all their Idolatry, Iincc Chril] hath not e x .. prc{1y and particularly confirmed the fecocel Commandemem ; and therefore they may

Sabbath. . By ~hii reafening the Papifls may cxcufe

lc~H viol .. uon of any tittle. even then when thole pr(lrum~:uou~ ft'i.ri[J c~argcd bim' He Mdr. 1~ cbeeking their blind: cencen, who thought ~ ,28. ( belike ) thac Man WAS made ior ;the Sab. 7 bath.and inlorms "hem rhat thl SIJ~b41h lY~ m(u/~for MAti, fI"JIIC't. M.n fv.h4 S4b,~ "(J~h; ( that is".formaoi benefit aed comfore both bJdy and foul,) [(Vtll as the Laws of a
t\l'ltioll arc mack [or the fubje~ •. and not fllbjdts for the Laws.] ~nd funhc~ be corn ..

law p,f the ,Sabbath (~S [he relt) without the

'Tis (ad, co flrengthen AntichrHis lcwdnef. J>y weakening ChriRs Law, ,. Chrifi hath coafirmed every tlttle, and t'i~ i\p()m~~ eye!y point of the RGyal Law, ~~! ~, f~tJj~~~~~A ~e~l~ ~~ekind. ~ ,~~s ~~

we may prophaue the fcventh day Sabbath

a' Jawfully make and worfhip Images, as

pleats ,hi~all(~t:r

if he (hould (.lY, The Sabbath is mine, 1 alP the Lord of ie, I made it for Man diM h~ fuould fan!1ific it, ~Il.d tb~rtlfore hllYing,g,~

otmfelf Lord of [he Sabbatb;


their blf~ ;ccufation by


,e~ Maal a,plf~~pt 'aad DaUdn tQkcon

I -


- .............. -~


-----------f.' - -_ '-,

r (hal,


'*(-"'"* -

r .1 6

The L,rd ~ftht S,,~hiJtlJ~

~Dt p~3.l1CIt,' as

·'Tht flrl,

make my (~I,f a prc~dent to pro .. • you (up~dlltloll(1y {l1Ppo(~. c«rainly Chrifls engagement to fulfil it to the lea,fi jot,or cit,elc with his profdfcd owning of 1t8 claim to tr, a"d care for it as its the ftllkR confirmation that can potlibty'bt: dcftrcd. That which ChriA lays c1aill~ to as 1401'd, mull needs be conlcfled to be his, eflecmed. and hoaoured as his; the Bride is his (or he Pfol.4S. is her Lord; the Hnrvcf is his, Heaven and ' J I • Earth is his, the Angels arc his. and all to be cflecmcd his who is proclaimed Lord of all: Therefore we cclebl'atcthe holy Supper be .. enure 'ds the Lords SU')PC:l'· and thcr~fore we ought co f.'waifie th~ holy Sabbath, be.. caufc he declares himfc:lf Lord of the Sabbath: He gave it the in{U'lUtion when he made the Yforld, he gave:' it contirmauon when he redeemed the world, and his Saint! mull endeavour co o6ferve {very jot and titde of it to the end of the world. . For as he doth exprdly own' his holy day,in aRertillg himfclf tore! of [he Sabbath. (0 he cakes (pecial care by particular in(lru'~ ~i011, th~t his Saints migh~ avoid the viola .. {ton of this refi on earth.even whiles he himfelf Ihould rd\ triumphantly in Heaven; w~lcrcfore aftet his prcdi8:ions of the approachlftg calamities of his rcbclliotli,N:nioh, he


-- - -- - -,_

, dircets

to be IInportunate in prayer for fOft, years together, ()tat they mioht net be forced to M",.'J4 ffy intheWinter, forth~nthe foul waysand !s· fhOl:C days would make it irkfome to th~ir bodies, e(pcciail'f to brccdtno., and nurfine " 0 1110[len ~ and no Ids was the (arc of this 1 , tender Ihcphcard to the fouls of his Saints, (wh~m he bears in hi! bolome) as alfo (0 the f.ltl~l'y of hIS Sabba ih, and thercfore adds [his pelition to their forty years Prayer, that they might not be put to 6y on the Sabbath day,to tile difhonour of Ood and trouble of their fpiri:s, in prophaning the (acred fcafon (or the prcfervation of their bodies, which was ddlgncd for [he fwc:et(nillv of their f<)~11s in Hearing, Prayer, and Prai(e, :1mldddl the precious :ocicttcs of Gofpdl Saints. It canna: car, Iy be imaslned that ChriH fl10Uld be (0 carcfull in (~ur!no hi. Sab• tI bath, had ie, been ccrcmo~ial, at tuch time ~s C ,/ . ~ ell ccrcmorucs were abohfhcd by A poUoh. 6· ~ cal ProclamarionI ,X7" . A,nd yet it is im~lgincd (and the ben is but O;jla~ )(r,;'eillcd ) thar tb;; DifcipJes were ondy '"lined of fleeing on the Sabb uy wa"l v. prevention of }:Winl redccuticlI? AI~~ c~ ~ be ~,~~~c~VC~ ;\tion~ly that E

dircth his dear from c~10fe~irc~ullmirerics; but cfpedany,

"IIt, ,7r'1": 'depart Pifciptes when ~o




i ", 8,

7h~ S,,&6ilth';t,~nta., , P,t;,ttfl(1)/Arl1lic9 and 7\tHl Ehfigl1s q1o(ll~

fiXlke no more terrour,then chat the J cws in {tcad of (CClltil1g themielves fhould triac away their time il'l redeeming the Chriltians .. Had their flight been on the Sabbath, yc,c feeing they were not tti C;\uy :my thing (r10 not their <:101 he 5 ) they could not' be counted'

Morcover,fo fuperHitiolls were the Jews th:lt they dllrlt not fight for their lik,rl1l1cn ICr5 perfccure others; and therefore (his could not be intended ~y our Saviour, but his fole ocfigne was to have his Icvcn.b day Ssbbath fa'ntlificd by his Dijciples. ' And as our Redeemer thus generally and paniculady owned this Sabb.uh by his holy Vford, fo he gloriollfly crowned it ( above all other (byes) by his mighty works, oie: Mllt.llluchmirac!csaslleverm;tllwroughr. It then :l0,11,2~ chofc Cities were moli honoured and engaged where: his mighty works were done, 1I1"on the f.~m~ account is that day to bee rnofl highly dtecmed, which Chrifi crowned with his grcatd.l wonders. God forbid
thar Golpcl Saints Ihould fide with envious Sadducee, in reproaching our Saviour for putting Iorrh his grory on that blcffed day,

doth our great exemplar, (cafe her~ toh~nour his Sahbath but haVIng o,:,n~d It by In,S word and crowned it with hlf works, his cf)n(\~m care both in life and death, wasto leave a lively prdidLnt for his peoplc,_ , His conHant'cultome during life Isvlfible (0 all that can read the fourth Chapter df Saint L"~I Ciofpel, an~ for his ceflation from his work of redemption the (arne, day of the wcck'and time of the day that the fa. ther ccafed from his work of creation, entring cxaElly imo his rttt ~n t~e Sab~athJ as God did; this is ruch a mtllertouS'dlfcovery and full confirmation of [he fcventh day Sabbath, as for ever binds all believers by a flollble obligation, to this fwect (oul.rcfrefl;ting dUlY, ot which more may be fpoken m due rime. This may fuffice abundantly for the confirmation of the fevcnth day Sabbath by our bldlcd Saviour, The third ching protnir~d, is his aprr~b:t, 3 A_1P":; dOI1 of that holy fpirie which WIS appGtn~ed [,A'.'''. by the Saviour of fouls to be a confiane gU1~ to Gods people, So that' whatroe~er t~l! b'cflcd fpide {ball approvl! ?f" 'lYe; may fafe:: iyrcccivc astricd~gold wtJg~ed an the b~l. lance of the fanClhary, a lid' reflupcn ~ a' In..

'.A gl'iri'_ ",""ril~'


bur ra(her with heighrhened affs:iflions, let chat Sabbath' be rdigi'oufiy celebrated, wher~ on Iuch divine vcrtue was (hcVVrid. Nchher ..,. '.' doth,

fallible truth. bacb.


Three Jhings win


the ltol1

, (pi des apptG)~a~i~~~~he' ~et~li ~'YISHa~l'"




------~ ...

.... _.

'So 'l.Nk_: ~3;


':All high'Ent6m;um;

HIs high applaufc givl:n to the pious WOlllcllS pra6tifc of rcHing af.col(hl,lg to the Cou,mandcmcnt is a full proof of divmc aprrobation. Fot though they cclebr:HCd r,he Sabbath upon ChriHs crucifixion, yet Same LHk..~ was not infpired to Write hIS Gofpcl tilla"er COlitis nfcenfioll, as is evident itJ his preface, and G:onfdrcd by our learned ad., L~k....I. vcrbtiq;" Thae divers years a'tcr when :2 3. .. " :t1l Levitical inl.litutiol1s loH tr,CI\' power of ,c binding (he whole Law, and each rrinci. 'S)ft. p. cc pic thcreot doth bindc all under the ~:< ~h 'I fpel.;then (lieh praire werc1 g;ven· (0 the • If holy wmnens celebration, that the Ipiri: fa kn"I) alter records it (0 their honour ( That thry' reffd the St4VbAth dll)' (ft(oraing the Com",,,,,dunttJt' ); let the conc'ufioh of the parable be the obe, J~tlP.. X o. dil'n~ fouls il1{\ruaioll, G" .nJ dl) th61Ilil:~ .. " ~7. wIfe, fct to the Sabb:1.ths oblclV;\tion ~CCOI' , dll\g to the Commandt.:mcnc. if thou wouldfl have like pl'>life of God~ fpirit. Though this \Tl~aht fati~fic a VJillil1g foul, yet others fee fl\c\~ a olcarure of fclf..denial u:ql1ircd in this dmy, that either C;od mn(,\"Roop to their ~~m:i i~~:("C:Qt~ing ce~~~~4\t\O~ !hc ~th' the

I. His high Encouuum, s, His mighty operation, 3. H's conlbnt appellation.

day Sabbath afcet Ch~ifis afccnfion; 'or ~lre

and wonderful operation thac ever vificeti the earth, confirms the fcyc~lIh (by Sabbath. F,}r it was upon this blcflcd day that hr. gl~{lou{1ydefcended upglorIous manileliation

'r1S'fJeikJ M;,,;fI"'~

, I.'

',hey will not obey. , Well, the bld~. Ipiri,t (VVl elly. condtlccnds, and by the mol!

for though Ant1Chn(t hath long deceived us, IIJIfftl. ~~ and We have taken it upon trult, that Pen .. tec~H W;lS upon the fidl day of the' W celr~


the ApoHlc$~ to,the amazement of men;


which he hath long honoured with Whitfon


i\les" Wakes. and May gam~ S; yd iii plowing up the muh with Gods heifer we filfficicm!y be admired. ., At~d tf~c fid~ ~ift~ry that dirpbVtth it {elf, lieth in the tnlhcuclOn of the ~ean called
fhall Iindc Iuch trealures of lona-unv. ..iled mi Clerics ill this renowned day a~can n,.. cr v


~Cf):cco{l,orth::: £i.fciethday; for as :b(~Hf~rt'.'f1, rierh day afcer the firfl Paflecvcr and weI;. 6. ivo : derfull dehvermcc from the Egvp:i:ln 'ur 19· 1,( X, h3~C, the fpirit defended in fire upon Sin4i, to tn{lru~ the twelve Tribes of J(r;,ei; even


(0 the fifri~th day (moil e"'1~ly) after Chri(l ourPaffeovcr was (acrificed for us, and had wrought our lUjg~lty deliverance from that H eh.2,' worfe \~e~ .Egyouan ~ond<lg(', did rhc (arne 14, ~tct~allplm defcend In ,prc upon Sian, ':\l )n{pl[c ,th.c. tW,clyc ApofUcs of the Lamb.






·.'.· .·.;.··· 7.···.··


. J 51

Bartho/. And Curdy this harmonious defcent npflh d, '~Dpr. the fiftietH day boih a~ Sinai ~:nd Si,on; can, rerllm p. not burbe (o.uloraVl~l\llg rhe
• '

~ch S~bath :


reliCliol1S ChuUian, for t he confirmation of his faith in the true Mefliah As al(o this marvellous difpcnfatioll upon the (tventh thy Sabbath, cannot ~lIt afr'~a.I,lis hea~c with this-r~yal reli whICh the (pIIlC fo emlnenrly approves by ~lis,ftlp.CI~;ltiVC prefcncc, And the dearing ot thIs httICth day to be the Icventh day Sabba.h will or«' more divine miHc[ics, as 1'0 many coals from the J\!tal' to inflame our affctlions; for hence we {hall behold the ilicaf of 6rH fruits waved, and that Lamb without {pot fo fairly facrificcd In «ur bJdled Saviour, as will make every Babe in Chrifl a fum. cient l\tithmtti~ian) in numbrin]; the fiftie daye~) to finde out the f~vcmh day

Lev '23. Sabbath, ... 9. 1 5 The inHitmion of [Pi, FcaG ~f rente", S" Dia- coU is recorded by Mdes, who from God 41'1 appoimcd l{rae~ co bril.lg (O~l )Wt!~orrf~ ltv. 23. after their Paflcovcr Sabbath a inca 0 of their {)'rH fruits co bee waved by the Pricfl before the Lord; and to offer the [arne day a Lamb without bkmi{h co the Dmh6. Lord. . , 9. And from &lwt very d~y to count [e::. yen
0 0

or Weeks, and che J,lIQr;. row after the (eveftth W ~~k Was the FeaCl of P(.ncccoH or the fiftieth day. this numbrlos of (tvcn W (eki or fifty dayc~, is (tili oblerscd by 'he Jews. who every night wnen the Ranes arife, fay a CfJjl",~ praycr and conclude- To day are fo rna- p. I3~~ fly dayc:s pail of [he Omw. And here let ,",oJ [he Bcllcvtl' ( who (ees all types ended in Chrifi) with confidence behold his dy- 300 ing l\tdccmer as the undoubted {beaf of I C~ 1~ firtt fruits, .waved upon the Cro(s by the ;li cU.lcifying Pridls. the very morrow after .. he had eaten the Pafi'eover; and for the Lamb without blemilh (t9 be offered the f.101c day ) beheld the {potlers Lamb of , God t\lking away the fin~ of the world .. An.d afrer admiration of this cQtnplear Saviour, in whom all thefe p1iftcrics (whiqb point Qut this true Me{ii_h) ate ftJlly .




aCcolUplifhed. Let us number fifty daycs or (t;vcn full Weeki according to tb,e rule j that i,s, from the day tbat the Ol.caf and £,fJ .~: Lamb were pfleEcd. Now 0", Cheilf' of fidt. I' .. fruits and Lamb w~thout {pD~,is k'l6)",n to every Babe to. be offered up on ch~ fixtb~' ,,day of the W c~k corpmoaty cal~d (Good. frid~. (r~ whieh clay we m~R nllm .. bc~ ~fc, 43ves 01 k"on f~ItVI eekf, ~I"I
, I .



tho~ .


r The SevIn Wu.' t."mpltat6d~

the morrow after the fcventh Week is the: fiftieth day, called' Pentcco(l; and bc.c:lufe 'INC have been Co long dCC.C\Vld of our true Sabbath by Antichtifl, a nd that hi! Image \'Would mil pctfwade us his Whi[funday is the day ofpcntccoR, 1 Ihall take the tender I.ambs of Chri(l by the hand, and if they have 110 readier Arithmetick, let them but rake an AlmanacK and number (cVth weeks or fih)' daies. and fee with their own eyes whether the fiftieth day be the fcvcnth day
Sabbech, from the day that our {heaf of fita fruits and Lamb without {pot was of.

• puw •••

Th, DDve lif/enld,.



the fiftieth day (b.:ing the morrow 2f[e( ,he Ievenrh week) mull undclliab\y be &rantcd the WottdsSaturday,arltl the Sain's flvcnthday Sabbath, upon which Si1bbalh
the ApoHlcs were ~l{rcmblcd, with one
Aal2 •

a~cord in one place, when the er-rnal Sri. W g~~e ful~ tdlimony to that Royal (i);. lemniie, ""teh the high; tl approb:nion ch:lt
ever was g:vcn to any at1cmbly of Sailit~; and the l~nfpotrcd Virgin~f~cll(<: of t hl! Lambe', did fw(:<:tly celebrzrc the mr H gloriolls Sabbath tn", ever Clur,:h enjoyed; (f8r here heaven and eanh a<!cord. HllItUi\lIy invirinz each other. Here the p[o~nircd Spirit f~ith come, widl his qllick(~lmg motions inviting the S ... .int:; 10 ~ncmblc thcmfelves upon his' holy Sabbath. porely prc[cmmg her (elf on Gods fl venh day Sabbath, in cxpctblion of this ~lori~ O~IS power from on high: What then [hould 111~d~r the delircd in{pirati(ln? Chrifts prow


. called) is the known day from which we muR bco'n onr

A~ thus, ~ood Friday

accounc of feavc~ . complc:ltc weekeS or 'lhy daycs, and the fitA of thefe fifty dales is Saturday ( ~s Heathens term it) and ,he following Friday is the end of the firH wcck, which makes feven compleat

And here t~e lovely Bride comeo,pm:;

. , .:'

dales ; The Iecond Friday is t\le 14th daX· The third F,iday is the 2.1th day. The fourth frid..'1.y is t11C ~ 8(h day. The fifth Fr~'ly is the Hth day.

,Making up fc,e~ cowplcat ~ceks: Ah"d ,e

The fhnn Pl\day is the 42th day. The fcvcmh Fr'lday is the 49th day ..

mt(elsc~agcd)his (lints are Iolcmnly af. fcmbled, m.a (eafon fanlEtificd tkcir una .. . ' nunous (uprli~ations arc c;)latinued, their 4,£11 I. hopes are he,ghtc~ed I and down com~1 14~ the eternal Dove With a fuddcn found from ~ca~chaasa ~u~ing mighty wind, filling the



.................... ------~~~--~--------~----------The highefl 019". 81

and furnifh ng all their beans with Divine abilities to publii'h the Ciofpcl of Chrifi to all Nations under heaven. Thus while the faints are atled by the fpi .. ,its operadon , the fevcnth day Sn.bbath is crowned with the highcH approbation, thou .. f.ands this day were convisced, convened. bcptized, incorporated, and wilh rranfccndam joys tra~fported, tceding like Lambs ill' fedh patlures, c10fing this bldlcd fcventh day Sabbath with the incomparable fea(t of the Lords Supper, and Iacramenral union in", to one entire body by breaking of bread. 0 .what a day of wonders is the Lords true S:>lbbath ! inllituted in Bde», advanced at S;· tuti,owned :lndcr'owned by Chril], and thus highly approved by his fpirie in Sion, A day of marvellous myHeriesl a day of manifold mercies, Was ever day honoured like I,ho. vah's Sabbath? tl e Lord fefm's Sabbath? the Holy Spirits Sabbath P which therefore muf] be the Saints Sabbath. , J have beef) {he more exat~ and free even to the {baIJowdl copacity in opening thdc myfierics,that Cbrlfllans may clearly dlfccrn the deceits of the little Hom, in chauging timc5 as well as Laws; pcr(wading poor r~ubto. Jive by all implicite, illt~kif1g hIS Whltrunday upon [(uti forlhe day of


The RAJ " Dt1ight'~

chcrs to {buffle oil the renowned ("'Cmh day Sabbath, But fomt: feeing [hey Can no lonscr dvlude the r-coplc, it being Co apparent 'h~t ltle day cl Pmtecoft was the v.ry fCVCIHh day Sab~ bath, yec deviCe (0 detain them lonser 10 die •. obedience, obj~aing, That thOtl~l the day 06 uu. a! f efJt(coj/ was {he Sabba: h, ycc .hc Saint s 1 aflcmbled upon the o.hcr days, :'.5 appe;:rs All.Illi· XL's indeed d(cbrcd thar th(,y conrinucd A11w. with one accord in praytl', but iL's not :tOcrt~ red tbey were confbntly [oge thcr in one place. ' 2. 'fis not likely they did watch alt thore ten nights, and as improbable tha: ch:.:y all lodged together. 3. But this is manilefl, That very early tlpon the fiftic~h day they were unammcufiy & Io.. Jcmnly a{femblcd in one place, which is not days; neither was .:ny day like thili hon{)lJ~_ cd with the glorious prcfencc of the Holy Spirit. This Sabbadl was {he fidl honoured with the converfion of Ieuls, this and no day before did they break bread together; yeat mnny figna~ ,token~ of Divine approbation have (beyond nll dlfput<:) advanced 'he 010,
afllrmed in that folcll'ln manner of {he ether


'In"~~1J,i~ ~mp~effe~by, ~a~!(h Phrea~s ~-~!~

'~)'0f.this day -above all Other days. ' e

~~:~s!l1!~~~ ~jCttcGd~That e ~erem~., ~ Q6j,a~

, .. tua1

. '88

M~r,us and Ctnm~hiA/I.

nial day of PCNtt&Oft is 3S much honoured as the Icvcnth day Saobath ? 1. The Apofilcs llI:ght obfcrvc Pentleo! as a ceremony not yct buried,yct undeniably (hey would much mo.c honour the Royal Sabbath: No ceremony was ever CHCClilCd like the Law of «n Ccmmandemcnrs,

The {tv,nth aa; tht trut i?'nttllJn~ '1J

The Greek (being a Gerund in Da) (ignifies I. (*Ifilling,] and mvlt certain it is,

pentlcoft on the fevcmh day. the fpirit of ChriH defecnded early upon rhcrn,

that as (he taints

were fulfilling

the: Clue



'2. This objLc£\ion was never made a", vainfi Whit(unday, till thcglo1Y alt Gods S:,bbath difcovercd rhe vanity ol chat Anti, chli(1ian invention. But, 3' \Vc 111l1Ulearn co dlHinguifil between Ccrummials and ~ra)s ; both arc not alike confii mcd when tney arc together rnenti'A[I.~. oncd e The ApoHles preached and prQ~d iO, ;j.3. in the TcmpJcJ yet arc they not of equal 'lIauthority: ~~l'e Roy;-.\ Sabbath is indeed I 1(", I. uuntioned with New Moons and {~c(?fices ; '3,14, bur it is no more r<.ju~tcd then Prayer and J 5· & the prayer hca. il1g God, which arc menti-

2. His great miflnkcs are rtlanifdl, in chat our Lord Jef.u (who was punctual ( as he grams,p. ,.}o his own L:lw) exacUy celebratcd the Pafleovcr upon the, the Jew!; on the 7ch. ar,d fuch diClan!e muli needs be at the [rue and fal((' Penteco/l; the true on [he 7:h. the fal(e ( not ashe a(fcrrs: 011 the filll day, bur) on the fecond t (0 thae his illPFofitivn of all (hofe wonders which he would have done on the Jews Pe",eeoft* Pa do weerJy vanifh , and the glory of the 7th• rg. 3 S· day Sabbath whereon thofe mighty things

wac wrought ( as I have con"incingly prohimtdf grams (pltg. 34. ) Thllt thofo a[fI(J"'~ ( (lIthe (pir;tl eff1diol1, l,!orio1/4 cfmverJion. ".1ptifiN, hrtlfk!ng bread, &c,) ,.re figMl charflUtr I Df our C hri/fian SaMat h . • Thus whilcsw_e fC~k for wifdomc_ in Irn.2. • (JOd s way of countIng hIS numbers, we find R
v.d ) is more abu11dantly confirmed,

~J, Ob],





upon the Jew 5 falre day of Pcnt,.cof/', which ~~~a!~~ a~~.~~~~~ay'~!~~ w ~ !,!C~~. rl.

(,end upon the true day of Pent()co,P, but

A third objection is newly made by Mr. .AfpinwlJl. who grants Pellle.cof/ (0 be m· deed the {cvcnth day, hue chinks the word tfu(,('¥Allf~.'~u.1 tranfbred [flto, conu J (hould rather be rendred [ful!J pail: ] Whence he 'Would perfwndc, that the Spiti( did not de-

.! _~~ l

thc_myHcn~us .numbers of P'nt,.. r~fl, which faints (hould eflcem as highly ~?prdVC:~ by ~he (pirics glor.ious manifdlaWIt~1I1

th,(_' ~nci(m Sabba~h

of the. Lord our God


t :8.

.... --_ ...






'I,> p.1d., ~«C'~t~v ;petl'til.

bath", to~btfurc 'ds not ahy one of the fa... tti(icd Sabbaths inflitlltcd or aurborlzcd by the Lord our Goef, Father, Spn, or Spllit; neither can it be the firtl of the Sjbb,lths in their (cnre, for the Ievcnrh (lay was undeniably tilL! fire; Sabbath. If r:,ey fay it was tl e fitrt individual Gofpcl Sabbath, [hen J flip.. pole that lirlt da y in the J C0,..16. I. may be the twcnricrh Snbbnrh (ade.lfi,) and yet that alto is vfa'v q,,~,gd7('}", As for the proper (jonificaciotl and (cnce of the word,it is tre firlt of the week in Engllfh ; for Sjf~!Jltt' is an Hebrew ( not an Englifh ) word, and n:u(1 be rcndred week where ever it poin: s at any time except the Icvuuh day, or fome ccrcmonial Cabbath) as as the Pharifees vaunt {hcws-'LN~61S.
12-. ~H~~u/l) /)',.,ij <Jd/J,{Jd'1'tI.

~I .

To which may be added, 31y. Hiscohfiaht Appell:ui<1l1. ChriCh promife was, that the bleli cd {pirie thaI! be ever with us to in.. {true\: CIS in all his truth~: And finer this illfallible guide dorh contlamty call the ft vcuth day the Sabbath, it mull be received as a word of truth from God thac cannot lie. Anct truly 'cis high prefinnprion to alter the pcrb~ word of ~od, in calling al~y day the Lords Sabbath which the Lord never (~ig.. nifitd with any fuoh honourable appellation. Let but the leaH authority be produced for honoming any other day as a Sabbath day ( in the Gofpel) bcfidcs the Lords honournble (evellth day, and the connovcrfic will foon be ended. I know what (omc have endeavoured co pacific their perplexed fp:rits abou: the Sabbath; who would pr~rw:ldc thcmrelves that the lirll day of the week was thus holbldt zSnoured by the Evangcli(h in r{'~ming it (J.I:J,rt • I' (f(t/J(1d1'f.!'1 ,h, prft of the SI461Mth. 't • Bt~tfira here's Ilo"'(~irtt mentioned, the 'AHfi~· otOl'Y of tl~eSabbath DAY isondy given to :he (cvehth day, whiles the firfi day of [he week is ecrmed ( like ether common cbys )

the fita of the Sabbath, tha fecond of the Sabbath. the third, &1. . 2. Whether they tlike this lAitJ,~(fJ3~l:rftlj

~9~~e. ~~t;~~~~~~I~!~!~ ~ ~! !~~ ~~


'he S,lb!Jllth, that is, not twice in one day, but twice 3 week. The E,'ange1ill f::irly folJow s chat form of e-xprt nion ufed by the S'f~ tll.fg.i'Jt. (which theApol\Jcs more frcquehr" Iy eblcrved then the Hebrew, as being more ccmrnen amohgH the Gentiles, where e(pe .. cdly their, werk lay,) ttrllling the week (lays, the firfl of 'the fabbath.··chefccond of 'the tabba.h, &c. in'Aeadof the heathett Il~mcsof Sun.~~y~Mool\:day, tj-c. Whi~h I) ~o"e OIay lhuslie aft rUcb'd had rather ute

f"~ twin ~".


~upt~~c !~e~ ~~~~!th


~a~c:,~ittC1 0 ".S ~hccl

.. •


9ft.· i





Tbe PAtterN ;;,,'thl


See thou oblervc that Ior tM Sabbath day,. VI hich he hath (0 crowned: It is the pcefumpcion of the lirtlc Hor n ' not ondy to chaeze . D limes, but that this time of Gods foliOlll worfhip might be for ever buried in oblivi:s on, he hath dt vclled it of this foyal appelIarion of the S:lb'J:tth day, and obfcurcd its glory under the dcuflable name of Saturday, i e. Satfjyns day~and (0 Ihcweth him-' f~1t [0 be tb:u .Atlt!chnA, mi{krioufiy oppolite CO ChriH, dlVoting that very <.lay co the


tit1e of , fol.l4 '(;;~ ouCIJ:l'TW, the firA of f'd~ the Sabbath or W (;\k; P f 4~tJ'£li7dpct ,ICC {1cbw, the fecond of the Sabbath or Wc<:k; Pial. 94, 'fi7tJ.J'I fla[3(3d7'd (he fourth of (he Sabbath, or the fourth 0f l he W cck,(:rc• the Sabb.uh day isthc pLcliliar honour g; .• vcn to the f<.:vetlth day alone, r."l4' 16. .Atf, 13. 14. & ,6,13 &c. So that if we b.:: followers of ~od as dear children and take the blcffed fpitit for our vuidc in :111 our (Xpreffiolls and actioru. we l~lI'l onour ~hc Sabba.h with holy ~c, h verion, whieh he hath (0 honoured; with hiohdi Encomiums w::. muf reverence 1that t, r. . day ~lb'JVC ~1I1daies, in which he 10 g onoun y delccndcd upon the Hr(l pure Church Iolcmnly aflembkd s Ifthisbe not the pat~ tern {hewed Chriflinns in the Mount, I deiir:! them to {hew me fame other p~ttcrn of fome pure Church? if'this be the Ul\doub .. ted p:ltr<.:rn [hewed this blelfcd day in the Mount, Thcn Chrillian look well to thy ,H,~.8.S walk; See thllt thofHHake allthints ~ccor~ ding to tbe PatterH (hewed th,e sn the Malmt. And Iincc the fpitics appellation is a. fur~ rhcr approbation of the (eve nth day, .which is the ondy day he honours vmh the royal name of Sabbath day , Sec thou

day, but that which he hath

called I


vi 15, which our Lord hath ddlgn,d, owned, crowned and approved his chief day for Go-fpel worfhip, And truly CnrHlians the: hofy (~irit would not that you fhould h,wI fellowfhip I e'f.IO Devit«. Our Englifh Laws have fame20. what Ic~ened this impiety [wherein the fe'; cret hand of providence em:nemly appcaJs in prcJerving the honourable memory of the fevt:nth day Sabbath) for whereas the Hca..;

fa.her of D~ItJOn5 or chief of idolized De-


~hcnit"l names of Wed(s daies are Hill re .. rained in the decrees of the highefi Courts, pan, d on the (cYetlth day; the A~ s have the

proper appellation, Die Sll~uat;. But ',is fad that fach as (0 honour ic with their Pen, Ihould prophane it (0 openly in their pra::

prcf~t)~c~~~~~ 5a~~aMY ~ay t~c ~abdba~~




__ -----_ ................ _--------------.


~lfc! A~d 'hQugh S;ttan ihou14 pn:,ail with

t -' -



their Laws Jook for obedience, :ill by the fame power that enacted them they fhall be l'cpealed; (0 it is m()li aqual chey (}lOukl ,~a[c from prophanarion of this royal Law of ]tho'{)(4b, till a repeal from the fame power can be proved, or that the bk(.ltd f~lirit h~th any way altered or challgtd i-, How lad would a (entence of this import be, when 'cis [00 late ro retorm ? 0 thou PYinc~ anJ. Par/jlfmmt! Om of th, OHm -,as IrtHJ jlldg.: tbe«, who haft recor4ed tb« [eve"/h Jill Die Sabbui, 'I11J ~et hap prQc/clitlfta t h, chit! M iJrJ,cts upon ',his m., . SaM/(j~h.. You proicts it in words, but pre .. phane U In works; ysu honour it in your S RiN.32 S 10 I J all' 33 • upon reformation infkad of perfecurion, ill" (lead of pcoa\cics to begin with Sabbath pr;l~ tliCe. Is [here no other W'l)' co confute Sab. bath Kecpcr~)thcn by fine or imprifonmenrs? MuLl Prclatical principles appear. after (0 many Epgagcments <Ina folemn ProteHati~

'.A. wlSn'fing to $IIJII"-';I: ~ them to bcCQ01e my pcrfccurors, J cannot but in faithfulncfs remember thcn' Thar as

have already made (ome entrance: As firR, tbe precious wernens pra8ice afier our Sa •• ioll. viours (ufferings. when all ceremeniea were abolifhcd, The, "P,d tbe /lVI"t" Jill II'~ cording t, t /" C ommalltill1ll;d. And doubt.

~ The Sons col!lnrmation. J The Spirits approbacion' And IIOw proceed to the fourch; namely. 4' The Saints ob[ervatiall, vvhercinto I i.SAlMt,

SaUlt' '~(tMJII'i'1!;


r- •. ~




to Gods Cornmandemcnts, 2. It hath been clearl, and plai~ly fhew, cd, thlt even afeerour Lerds higheR exaha[iOnl;-lhe mof glorious atfembly of (amts that . day Sabbath mof exemplarily celebrated

a blcllcd china to be found obedient

ever [he

world fJ.w was upon the


Laws, bLIC Ihame it in your lives, Oh call it be hoped that a Jofi4h~like fpirit (hould fct


r:1ting, communicating, and all chis emiheftC. Iyapproved and Iealcd by the fpidts miraculous and fpecial grace in t~ COnYfllion .r
thoufands e fue 1 a day no Age e,er p[odu~ ccd, Well may this day deferve the hotlOUr of a patcetn (in the Mount) and to be ex. emplary to all pofierity. 3. The great wifdolllt of God cmit1entl,

with prayer, preachlog, baprizlng, incorpc«

ons of liberty? whyyec hCl'c'sdJiHCmtdy: Th6 'WiD"1thl Lord6e don.l. And'Co 1 have done with my three fid\ Propofals for the autholi,y 0,£ chis tn~th;

.a__ .. _~ __..

rht! ~atbe!~.I~ft\u~'~On~


I:~ .____~ ~~~,;='~r.ilJ: ... ~.

~ The. ,

~'c:je~e~f s~~e~~icf) ~!4~B.a~cl,~le •. o


{hines in concealing ther. pra~i,~ of A. , portleS deputed to fcrvc the Cir,umr.mOR ; tlAi.,•. fince it mull be a'knowJe<Jgcd,thac if ,be A.. g.. pofile of the Gch~iles (who was: the grGat aT;•• 1~






PAuli iraRit,;
brate the fevenrh day Sabbath, thcn much .

more ch0(e Apofllcs, among ~l1cJcws.w~ora forb'::ll'aI1CCwas much even II~ ccremoma\~,. : ~ The Gofpd chen ~c:ng the EpitOllll; of tPlllgS \ . :' moll n~cdLHy ,onely prcfcnts us vmh 1'11111, r:t6tice (or our ChriHian pat[~rl1, ~...ho c~. , ~rcf1Y requires om conformIty In thc~ PI. :14 9 words Tho{e tllings wbiclJ Jt bllvt n . • le..;rn.ed, and rece~'fItd, a"d IJtarJ, e» in mr; tiD, ana rhi Goa of PC'(C6 (hA/J lit WI'

/01 "-7,

lO/~. .,' ,., 0 .ncrnl H CIt i .\ DC.

1..' . wrut 11 T]uCl III ' be obfc{vcrl only with rhefc Ilmlt;ltlons, 1.1~ Pltuls pra~i(c be pllfil1, pfJ/Jiblc, p~~ce4hk, EVAuge/icaJ, tmd IInrepl4l,t4, or die it binds



be detained a d:1y from tb. .Dunghil, ycc co the (~~f dcnJjn~ Saint 'cis a' m~1t plcaCanc fCl'ICon, 8n~ his fool ~ab (eaJ' eo It a~ an eafie yoke, a Itghr ~urcht'l1. ada)' exceeding a tbDu(and, ch~reforc in this fAwl is to be followed. ., , 3' His pUaif~ mytl be peaceable, if We Ifc:1.d in his ll~r~, I'lIwl was but a man for and Iomerimes a very angry man, his pre: Aa, r J~ C<!ptmay polftbl), exceed his Pfa~ife herd,,· 39~ If;t {" p,fj;6f,. a •• lIth., jH'~M filth· li111 PtIfCIA6[) "ith tt/l till ••• and Jrt ch; ~"",.12;
rt a' bOlldage

~ay S:;!lfbach, cnollgh.3dh and bIOuJthi~

t ,"diti.IJ',J ea1Jf'~,,;IJ,~ ,


nor. It muf be p1alO) JlJch as our L 0': d hath 'l. I. • h 16 promifed to hIS Lambs; W ~ mult lake heed JO . 2 • 01 Pbilofl)t~hy and vaiu deceits of men, ~vh() Cor 5: fet up Ordinance. by .OIl(CqllCIlC~s; an~ ~ ~~ have fomc p1ain precept or prdldcm fDr Olbl~ ,. t g' prattice· and fuch is the fcvcnth day. Sa I-I "., 0 • 1. • ' " 1' . pt m ", bath. Thcrc's not a p ~tncr ptCijC,

the fcripmre, ncr any thi ng more 1a1u then ,rp"tlls praCtice n<:fcin, and therefore co b~ tlbfcrvcd by (rums who dc.firc the pEcfencl': 01 the God of peacc. hi' It mutl be dhfftble; for fotlile t :ng' l. rC f:' loh PIt"l pra6lifcd impoffiblc lor alOts, as m b t ty ~irtl~lcs, t~llv.eba &'.! ~~


and p~acc, whicb fweccly calms the perplex, cd (ptnt ; fo that thus far wee may freely follow P,tllil pra61i(e. . . 4. It mlln.~ ~ya"gc1~al,for we frla¥ not . follow P.~lln hiS compliance with the Jews, In ~P' t» gA;'! ,,,, JIW,r;and • t.hC!~t!oJ~let P",~Ipa~c,into the Temple to punfie hlmfc:lf with his Vocanc s. this is no prcfidcnt for me. But for the Iacred (eve nth pay 'ab~ath.J a~ it wal lnttiCUtfd before an,

pc•.cc of God rufe in ;Jour hC;;1fCS. Now the fcycmh day Sab~il[h is a day of relf



, 9. ~~

~o!~~e ~ev~;;~,


cercmome waSln the world, fo I' was confirp¥:d ~vallgelically by the SOh of God a nd by his hOly Spirit; and therefore in th,; .~.!l~gd~a~ claU, I Olall ~ltlcftd PIIHI,


s. If
-, .

, ..





.I iI ,, i\

: I

fer~~tlf)n of the nrtt da~, 1"11;1tP"MI ante AO" ~ct~, P1C;1Chcd on lila day, but it is all dearly ..,. dedarerl ( A(fs '18.4'.) that 1'11111 preached every Sabbath day, ond1 the Tl'an£la[ors .,:lVC nor deale (0 clc.arty ; for in Alii 20.7. tbey (cll us char PlIlll preached on the firft. da).J but in Alf/IS. 4. they fay Paul reaf~)ncd <. very Sabbath day, anti YCt th<: Greek word is the very fame in both places. Neither was this PauIJ (ingle pra8i(c, nut the 'Clm{bnt c:ul'lomt: c;rt all the D,fcipJoJ' that cV<.f accompanlcd him. we flnde one companie with PIINt .Atf,13. 13, 14' who ~;)Jc,llmly obferved the Sabbath in holy du•. ries, O;het afsociares he {eleas Alll 15.4,0. and thefc celebrate the Sabbath AEls J6. i 3~17. cr' 17. I, a. Thus we nlay follow PAt61 and his com .. l~:l.niot1s from place co place, and con(tantly fmd them obfcJ:ving the fevento d'J.1Sab ..· bath: And though he Cokmnly rrofe{fcd, He haJ Not f$JlImt6cJ '11 tUclarl t6, wh;/e A~t"afJ; COlhJ/tlof G06l, yet this great i11ghtct of cercmonies never gives tbe' \calt hint ,of 'a
cbal1ge, which undoubtedly



done, bad it been any way altered, Nay, he fthttly 'rt!ql1ires all beleevers to follow his example a!' he follQwed Chrltls; and cer~ mlnly, in che.nbfeI9ation of the Sabbath, Ill' . H~ folloVtc(l

hewolJld have

Olntiltl g/",~ followed Chrifl as dofc as ih any Ord~

nance whatCocvcr. There are cenceln that PlCrll oncly took that opponuniry \0 preach to the people. But I. They ~,c:,k without book, ami fancy is no fuel (or a Chrifiians faith. z. Tbty reader this Apo~c of the <:ienp tifes a conftanrdiflemblcr, ;l. They may as warrantably Jay this crnmc to CllIifi, [that hl:did but rake fuch oppouunuics, nnd not in conicicnce of the Sabha-h j J for it's proved, that Chrifis (IA. tlomc h('Jclll i~ vcry (.,\me with Pa,_I,. the Such as aflert that PItNl ondy obfcrved the Sabbath among the J cws, ~nd not a-: mong the Gcntib, may be better informed, ..Atf. 18 4. & 1 ~.42. where it is evident" rhat whm the Jews wIre tonI DNt ()f ,h, S,l1dgog""tbe Omti/el btfi"ght thAt the!,

'Word.might /Ie preach(d the nO.:& SAbbath.

Here the "pume h: d the faird~ opportunity el!\!}: Illofliblycould bedelired (in theJewl :lbfence) to lnfilua the Gentiles in a filH day Sabbath, if ever fucha cha~'ge had hen intended; for why fhcsld publick preach, ing be ds'erred till the t1c~t fcvcnth day Sab.. bath (erpc'i~lly to the Gemiles ] if the fit ct day had been a S"bhath? The ApofiJes fiJ~ce ntthis time and occafion, will not aI, 10\"1


··~_l ... _"_

lion nt:~ filii day Sabbath. . • But Iwrc, i~!S objcchd, Tha: the Gw.k O~. fI ~:ra Il.trll~U fJ~(j{3d.Tr.J' fign'ficth~bc week between, or Sabbath between. ,' 1. 1 rlcmand between what 1 The (~irca 4 ,r. conj tfwc is, that the Gentiles might.b::n(~. fccch PAul to preach the Sabbath be:\v( en their ddire and his depanurc j and wirhonr Iome (uch fi,ppolltion, this rranllarion of {.I.&T~" will {c~rcc be good Icrlc. ~ 2•. If wC'·tllay rely on the Ichollarfhip of Arill6 MOl1ttlflll4 (who was a profdfcd cnCluy co th~ Icvcnth day Sabbath) he will tell us, .'dsfi'lUIIII S~{,PlltN'nJ the following Sabbarb, 3. However, this is manifdt, rh ..: the Act. 13 next Sabbath day Paul did p each, and ci.• thor it was in an(wcr to the requelt made, or 41, eire if the ~tntiles defired him to preach to themonfomeweekday, and ycr .rhe Apo. deferred it to the known Sabbath day, this ~ill much more abundantly tt. Ihfie his Ipcclal rcfpcEt to the fev,m~ day Sabbath. So t~at r,cYOt1(i all ct>ntradiCli<,?u. the A. poHle and the C~tiHians with .hiJll did a" e:otltlat1tJy obferve the (eventh day Sabbath as ~h.~i(l himfclf; and if none other ground
I .

Tow aft, ra-Ional Cotlictlure of fuch an inten-

. 'M''1K;J mtarurtJ.·



-.--__ ..L-_.


(next . __...


s,/;/J"th tJnt'-StJPptr~
( next,to Goos command) be givel1l1s why they did [o, bur that we Iheuld be followers of Plflli as he was ofChrllt, We nlll(' crtllL: rrel~ after GUt' pattern, er ~dolve to teft III dl(obetficl1cc to fo grt:a.t a Commando-Wltnt.



Me t~inks ingeniolls faif1:s [hould even


,t'c;:.dChrt~S coofirmauon of the Ievcmh (by

Sabbath [he ApoHll s pra8:ice, for un ..



doubtcdly f~b as Pafl/I con{bm clIHolVl! was, filch was his"Commlffioll. It wav nc t oncly irl the Lords Supper that PalllUdivct, ed the fame to the Church ( by precept 'or pre(1~enr ~ which he reccivcu of the Lord; but his conftancy was equ-l in obfe I vino the Lords Sabbathas the Lord 5 Supper .'~ "rId (', or. . rtqu:nng the (arne Church ')0 I(he "Iarne In ~,2, Chapter [0 tollow him as he followed Cht'lC1 in all thin~5,. There is ,a hC:lvt:n1y hatrnony
between Chnftscommlffion, and Ftmls

b~tJk) of (he J\poflle:~ con~t ~~c 6Lub:1i~~,io jJrtifie our own plophl hche{$, btlt bct,11lnkolii' felves wlrlt we (}l:lH anfwcr in the <,Ly of judgenlC:~I'? ~hcn It 'h~n fct f.urly before U!*j be that as It wa 5 Clm[ls cu(lomc to 'cibi(;rvc [he 'Sabb:lch, even it it was PAuls cu\lome with his companions ,p~1"J811ally to [rcaa in the ~.tmc {lcr~: anp finee t~e Sphit of truth n~:J ~er gave other ,cca~on why, the AppAtc did {i.), btlc that we (hould follow hhil 'as h~fo~ Ii)~cd Chri,llin th!5,d'jvlliedmy.· ~hichi~ (0, plain , pofl1Jl~ p~ea~~ab,le,!cllangd!cal, unrt.~ pealed, AhChrlllian, ask thy confcicncc if tbou ;:aoll judge this a fuffcicm anfwcr for thy wetkly pollution of the ft:Vtl1th day 'Sab~ bath, That tbolibadft thought Paul 'haa ()1#t~ /y pr~Ftjfod it to pleaft the I t'WI wl#" it Will appear plaltJl, tha'~ 11, dItJ,~ P'{eIJ for ..
rca(~~H (with?ut

fo was of

" , tl;tilt. tt us ll~t 'coitl"6t1'tl\iel\~



(" ,#


{lane ()bbv1tlOn

,Home, beth in the obfnva.ion of the Lord ~ Supper and the Lords Sabbath, ' A nd feeing it is fo l't1anifetl, that P .t141 and the (:lllts" with him did conflantlv cb .. Iervc the known (cvcnth ~ay Sabbath; b6:h amollgH J cws and -Gentiles, and that the bIdE d {pirit gives us none' other rcafon of , ,(flJls CIl(iome, but [hat' we fhould foJ

pat/ern to the Gent//a, And thac



lowers f)f that blelled 4poftk even as he a~'


dt be Utterly filenc, and for eyer iLf~ without c,~crifc, fake nodcc ( if thy' rpirii be not tOO nluch p'rcjudi.ccd~ arid thy heart hardened ag~iC1~ this t[,Ut~) th,ac one of the faireR pac. terns of lhe ApofUe~ (for Sabb:ith.keepip,o) Was fct before' th'.fo. ver, G,,,tIl6 Corilflhi ..', ~hom, he (q'(hi8:ly t.njoyns to follOw

him astie foltoWedChrifi.

': .'" ,- -




I.' " :'

them rnihd) that the word is the very (arne' which is rcndred prtachillg A~s 'lQ,7. Wen, to tllcie Greeks he gives that pattern, which he commands them to follow * and truly Chritiian out, beA way will be to walk with them in the fame narrow path co new ] trll~ C . (Mcm,dpecially fccitlg tneil' Epj{iJe is exs I ,,~.I, prdly dirctled reus, as vvt'li as tothem, ". w~th Under this fourth point df the Sainr~ m,. tl,l. (crv,don of the fddith day Sabbath, next to the ApoHics conf lIle tutlor.oc, t {hall offer the pra8i(e of the purtft times, as the bdt :in'iquicy' afl"(}rds. And in rhe £ira place that bl.Iled ct,in,,,t ( whofenamc is weir .., ...PlJil4_,. ten in ,..'dte book of life end hill1(cJf hOW '3. in ~lory ) innnl8~us in that. undoubted E~ piRie ef his co the Corind\iar1~; " How, God, hath ordered that oblations and Other du" Clem. Cc ric of his wOI'Chip,bc preformed accordit1g .

l10r in their hmouJ Ci(ie i~ that the W1S . ,. bldfcd man abotlc, ,md pre4ch,J in th, Act/lS $itJ(ll.ogHe Evr:a'y S"fl6.f,hdIf.1, l~ 3, 4' thl1 ),WI Ami G ee~/. If' ~ny lhouJd c?htcnd ;hac 1 term that p~c1ch,n8 there] which IS tranflated rcarontn~, lee




~ ~~"~:,':A,~;~~J~;",tj:, ,,_ ~,
'ha,hclcotdingtothc ~pPOINrED TIMRS' .~ arc accepted and blcffed. ; Here obr~rve, howrhis brciTed MiniCfer; , of Chrilt (econds tbe Apoftle ih Jabou.ri"g, (0 lcrarlr.J that great diforder amongR ehe Cc..


,h, r

I..ords Supper, (ollie (ooner, fome lat~r, whence Cpr.lOg that confufion, u,anfgrclft. en, and wolull dcroJacion, amc;>if&ft them, . .
Whcrfore he informs them t)rlUus chac our, oblatio',l, (0r (acci~ccs of praife) ar~ not .'0' be perlorrned at our libcrry~ but. that t~e Lord hirnfelf hath ordered and appointed ret
; ,1.,\ Ii
I Gar. II.

who came as they !itied to jhe ,

1I, 29,

30' .'

; ,,','-



finn of the ApoUles mighty charge co. 7·i~•• rhf, 'iI,,,. I,e /hQHIJ he inp"nt ill ,,,,,dJi"I, ;fl{eafonollt of II.f",. 'And the hoJy tHmt aftures uS,thac in ob(cryiilg the; ~ppoin.; ted (cafons we Iball be accounted ~'et:r:cd. J Now what ehefe appointed (caCons ~CI


and hours, which undoubtedly i~ the




to Cor;lI,

~,ft Ep, I, cothe APPOINTED


c'S E T TIM (IS and houres . t~ey ~.~ Lnerfore tha~ perform "rhtir GbJ;JtiOhs ac.'

as ic happens and di(ordtrly

but at

~. ' ~~cord ing

LQI, r htJ S A~""t ill "f;l"!'f" ~fth' C.r,,.t'IiI, t: h Il Ima t hi LorJI JIf) in ~~m'r, DIeh~;', R.t·; ~ % JNry~(l;''', ,C;¢.~~~i~l1. ~is aDci~~;I;>![.cjpJe 7' • 4<c of P6fH!diddearJ,. ,u~4~rRaftdthe[~f}~le,.~"!

time that thisgre,Clt G04 ~~th orJere~ his Safnts Ibould ob~[Y~J ,~he.,fal1lccle~ Celdeclaresin there ~otds; ,;,~iJ, ~'P E,ijI.




~~o,r,d~~c~i·a~d._aplPl!!~~ ~~d ;fi~n" . ~~c~e

, ',mee

fil1c~ a perron (0 arsur~dly (an~tified woul<1. not deceive us, ,I,.ct U,s follow C lemtMt nllo as he follow~d Palll, and not dllnk tw~ daics time too much (or our fouls,whilcs we: lJavc more then twbc as many for our {,o .., dies. Another famous Difciplc of the Apo"'\ Hles, and holy Martyr of Jelia, even t'h2t! heavenly IgnlStiHi teatheth the very fal~c_ dot\rine in this Dialc:tl:; Ne~t ftf~tr i't~f Sabl1ath aft" lee ever) ft'i~nd 0.1 Chl:iff maf<! LordI drfJ II fll,mn PI/hv"!' r..11~t, the fatneholy man (lid Philtp ). (b('w<;. hl~ his det~atiOl1 of Sabbath POlll111011 hYing. ",d If a'J) 0111 (hal' k._up Iilap (JIJ tiHJ l.o,'d)· ~/4J; IgHit'. W en thl Sab!Ja,h Jay, l,t him b, I~ccffy{td. Mtl(Ho Certainly he tbat Ihews (itch indigna!ioll; 30ainft rhofe ch;tt p'ervcrC .~hc taw of the; S~bbath from aF('aR to a F;lfi, ~Jould mllc.h, marc abOr~lin(.ue vhofc that turn It from (pIe rimal dcl~gbt to corpor.ll1abo~l1·Q . TJlUS were th~re. two appolll~cd days honoured in rbe Vlrgm flare of the lIo(pottcd ;( • ", 'I' ,,' ) S poute Til' ctcJ'.EJ.."'IJ~. Gerrnat1;rlllrt11 like hj ' .levely twins Or 'natural bre: ren , t te one_ bOIn at tli~ Creation, the ,o~her at the R~-. demptiot) 6f the world. ." ','" "I But in th~ third C~rl.tUry' f.~h too~_ttPPii\him to be f\1ore rpi~~tU~.(~C~~li M:JC~t'>a~~ ~


Mi/lielil mAiJfJffl~,'

Th! H Will Jt(t't'~"',

X,t;JI flUcg,rica! D;vi"ity, 'taking liberey to P' ophanc the fcventh dtlY, under prc[cnce of keeping a 'lIy\~ical Sabbar.h, by cefsaden Irom Iiu j while they 'lived in, the manifc(4, (1II offli'(Jh:irl tiwSabbach. So that the mi, ftery ot GJ;(r\~Y f!~t grcU)ld. by this miflical notion I~laklllg way for the lifing ofthe prt(illtlr'lI()tls Jilck Horn, to change Timtl fwd {'flll'!, (ill at hH he prevailed with the bllpcrOIl[ (:,b01,fi1iou the (evetlth day Sab, LrHh) hy aDecree t~ dbbiiOl thc'L.ord<Eul'~"~ d:\y, III firH day of [he Week, for the gre~~, it.Conv hoy day, :lppointing a fe: form of Latlll/h.",.l. prayers to be ufed upon ire 1.c•17And this was done the 530' year after of 1)11£ Redemption, But m:ugre this 'pr(!. ('lIIlpdoIJS decree, many Churches Hill devoted ehcrnfelves both daics to Gods honour, :\5 is evident' in thac.;lf A'mhro(e. Salr,.,' 0, l!poll the ntxt dJy (fait,h he) bcil'~ the t'i,e,f. ' 'i Sabbath.and after that all the Lords day 1 " will treat of the order to be ukd in praicr, Andl willi I could inrreae all that (cad this holy' ref61~tio~,.to re(?lve ,to ~alk in t~c Iunc order, and rcjea thoft; ~Oq'll{b abonnunions, as /?'9",e r~jeac~ theChdfli:m ru~ Rome of faint5'witoefseci'by :So6raUJ tour 'hundl"~dyear:/afccr Chfifi.i "!~o:l,lgh (f~lth ~~lie) Irlll1aliner all the Ctiorchesthtough. • ~t


/>;,ome pates bcaan te·bc' 'I~teaec!With O'ri~. _. D~. _, "~

. Ie out ,e the


" rer other, yet the people inh :lbidng A.le.x _: andria and ROlne, of an old rraditiou do S~Cytft. Ire not ure it. The Egytians adjoyning Co fl. "holtlft, "lexaJldria, life tocelebrate ehccemmunlon l·s·c,~r."uponchc(utJday, Here you may (ec how Ions t~e Saints honoured ~ods Sabbath, f<l( the °generaticy of Chrifliam ahnofi throughr: our the world. did then communicate ill the higheR miUcritJl of the bIt!, Il1Id [,/olld'f tJNr 1l.,d,cm,r upon the Sabbath day. w hiles onely she apo{fatizing Church of Rome (whh Iome few of her adherttit'J did cornmunicare upon [he titnf£.lY, (0 called. Now which of the examples we Ihould follow, the good Lord help us to confider, though me thinks it might er fily be determi .. ned, if we well weigh the pattern in the Mount (where wee finde th~ firlt pure Ath ~.. Church breaking bread upon the fcventh d,lY Sabbath. I may not omit another ihlbncc of the f.1n1C aurbeatick Author ( 404. ycau af:cr Chrifi ) who being one of the beH Hifiorians . we can bO:llt of, thus writcth. .. S~cr. Wh"'{tJr6 ",h,n ,h, JljlifJl'/ rH6"ifll

holy mi(ic(ic~ every Sabbath day, at.

the world, do celebrate and rccdw:.


. Since therefore th1. was the Saints coAotnu through rhofe purdt times, even 400.years afrer (J,tiCt, why Ihould noe we al(o be fol10"cr5 of ChriLt and hi. Scripture Spoufr: with them? Efpccially, if we confider thac lived from under the power of -"",e,docOil" lialJ{ly celebrate both there days. Ie is the '~Himony of MtrclltDr, HI,/i", and orb« Hi (tori ans of good accounr.That tbc .£chio. piah' do (onAantly obferse both the Sabbatll .... day, and the Lords day, without doing any Mw_'

""''11,t, 'ff,mlll, ill ,hi C".reb.·

IN.,£ifh d~1 ,h, Ch,.;pl"",

}£thi"i"" 'tl",;
IIYI ",0,.,


.~ ioi

. '~

unto this very day thof'eChrilfians ch~t ha'e

work, #fCCQrtling * th, Chri{N"ns.

This IF..,hiopiA j!j dcrcribed to be as large 827.

'0,11, fllti,"t "''''''''''1c,~,"fI. . p.


as all the Empire of G"",AIf}. with FrAnc,~ and bal" having threelcoie aad ten Kingdomes tributary; their King is called P,,!ilJ'tr John, exercifiog both the Legal and MilliHerial fun"ions. Ie was their ~ecl'l "ho travelled (0 far to hear the wifdame.r SolomoH. ;nd {hall riCeup in judgement (0 MAltA, condemn (uch as wilfully rcfufc (0 wait u~n I L42• the Lord of the S.balh" To-this peopJe"zd Gods fpirir pun6lually fulfil that royal Pro-


""t~ war CO"'., I "II" ~ ({(lith ~')'~"~4.tNrU) ~~th.~*.,!JA/lII," S -, . g"

th,au!.h~fI' ,"ery

,'petilt, [JEthiol;if

~",!J!,~G~,J d~~c:alngcheE,angclifift~~:;


'.'1' P{416 •.


lIlO 'Pr~'~Jttr ,hn~ 1 (A,vl.8. flrutl ;COhvcrt, and ba'pcizc the Trcaferer t() 2&,21. another of tldr Q!!ctns, fo that the Noble Eunuch returning' with joy: into hi~; own 3S· Counrrcy (as their Hifiorics intorm us) convcrred and baptized ilis Prince, who with jayne endeavours li)rcad thr. GolJ).:J ,hrouglt, rhofe largt territories, likely to abide in the faith ofChril\ until his b:or.d comminz, acco:dillg to-the ancient Pl'Ophd;c, Ze/,b. J. SI, 10. And thus I have tUilhfuIJy pertatmed my rask, ill vlndknd::g the 31li1ple :lu:hotity of tke Ievcurh day Sabbath, as being In(ljwtcd by the Father, Etlabhlhcd by the Son, Approved by the Spirit) and , Obfcrvcd uy the Saints, And if rhetc will uot prevail with Chrilti. ~ltl3 call~d, [0 break oft their weekly pro ... fo phanation of chis (;lI1clificd, Sabbath, I (h:111 leave [hem co the righreous j\ldgement of the grt:at day' aed for their t:lk(!s who obrailHhl~ wace of cali off (heir carnnl enrumbranccs, and JOYll with [he ancient Gof. pd S:1j11t~ abfcrvingchc S;t~b~{h. I (hall in now dc'cend co the 4th.J1~rcoti Iitly gb~('ral P~tion; and :15 I have c confirmt~, the Sf,bbaths Authority, fo'ldoubp~oHhrotl~h C~Ml (lrCllgch,~'ill~ ~~ Ill. pr(JY~:~s CUlt'" ..,' .t> /r",~,;

Th e



, 'v '


" (~ "I


,/,' ,



I {"


Fourth head,
j;n1)c,tllity oflhe flvenlh d.tJStlbb.llh';·
" ' the Sabbath) forcfcciog the high pre .. fumption of che Imle horn, Iuch 85 to, dHlngc both times and lawes , and knowing, [hat all truths ebbe and flow ( in the fonls

,..··1'·' he inlinite wifdome (who Is Lord


ellecme ) as holy time is fleighted and ob~crvcd was gra~ioufiy pleafed mofl flrongly, to fecure thac Jaw. ~gainft which Saran and his eldefl Son, would make their firft and fiercefl affaulr. " , For tis to be obfervcd that ehe horn at-' remptcd, firll" [0 ~haRgc times, and ~hFQ', ia\IJ~,well knowing that holy Jaws are t2lugh,t' and learned efpeCially in holy times, an~ therefore he firft prevailed wi~h C(l~jllfN,. tine ( a, is declared) to ,hange the Sab-, bath time into [he firft day. . ,.' ," , But ar,ainft this defigne doth the, goof! God gra'~i?~f1fguard his S.a~~~~b. and , J ! _~':..'P_



'Tbe b;,ghcJi Abji;rditj. limn his Saints to be efpecially mindful] of this truth, fcrringn fuperfcription ( as it were a watchword) upon the pDrcalt of this precept, It E ME M B E It the Sabt}:tth d?y to keep ichoJy, telling us exprefly wha[ day it is; The /cvemh d.ry t4 the s(,b{;l'Ith4 the L(J~·dthJ god, fo that if'the Lord he indeed thy God, thou mnf obferve that

fcvcnth day for his Sabbath, which he hath Io carefully required thee to remember, as knowing that Antichrilt would doc his utmof\:: to caufe thee to forget it, either in n:ghtiflg of it as a ceremony or elfe in changing this bleff€:d day Jcr~boam.likc and h~lryingits very name under the odiou~ and motl detellable name ofSarurday that it may therefore be known to his Sai~ts, as no ceremony.but a perpetual unchangeable Royall L1W the Lord hath fenced it above all other Laws, ~rfi pofitiveJy,kcep it b'ol] ; Secondly, negatively, doc IJ~t work.. IIpon it. and that thou maitl never be iofnarcd eo change or alrcr it: I charge: thee carefully


to Rcmcmbn' ~hisLaw .in a Ipeciall 1ingular

manner. This may for CVCl' filence their conceits who would flight the feventh day Sa~barh, ~s a jewifh ceremonv though their confciences know it was inllitured be .. any: Jew or ceremony had being. Ten


Me thinks gracioli~ hearts (h0\11d tremble PUt fuch an abfbrditV upon God himfelfe as, binding usto remember that, which as ot mutable cdemony fhonld be forgotten and
.._- ...... -•.. _ -- .._._ •._-' -

that, befure you doe not fhre you remember that, nil command upon your rriy mutable ceremonial! bath moreefpecislly,

ferve all my nine royal! precepts, but efpe .. dally obferve my perifhing Sabbath,' which is but a meer ceremony, before you fa ntH fie'


more.or lcfle obfervcd as his Sabbath fhould be fallclificd or flighted, he bids, lie for .. b.ds, he marks it above all the refl chat it may be remembred, and, yet difobedient fpirits dare reje~ it as ceremonial! and put upon the highdl an abfurdiry as grolfe as likely can be imagined: As if wifdome it felfe fhonld with Io much care command the «:xa& remembrance of a ceremony above all his moral! L:HIJS, for thus vaine man would render his maker. I your Lord God doe here deliver you teo precepts nine of which are perpetuall, but one s achangea-

Royall t aw~tile Lord delivers to his Saint. 210r.i knowing that all of them would be



I chatg you to ob ..

prophane tlur, be.. I la y it as a Ipeci.. fouls to remember feventh day Sab'~

buri~d in oblivion!


yea 2!i' - -.- -_.. itIo'ld an' yeo



__ .-


'i-he lively Oracles,

more abfiird [ ifmore may be ]they render [he reafon of fana:ifying the fevenrh day Sabbath on this wife: For in fi.\· d'9tJ ,he Lord made Heaven lind Eerth and re{led th6 firft daJ whenfore the Lord blef!ed thl fidl day for his Sabbath. and fanttified it, either we mu(t PUt this abfurdity (alfo ) upon our God, or elfe we mull £a(t off the fourth cornmandcment ( at lealt the reafon ofit mutt he reieded)o» elfe (which is better [hen a thoufand fhifts ) we mutt return" from [he little horn to OUt' fidl: husband,

'lhe Jares gift.


remember the feventh day Sabbatb to fanctifie j r. lfa. 6,,;~. Thou rmetr{l him thllt rejoyceth ami WOyk!th rightcoll/mjft, thofe ,hilI t"tme",/;er thee ;n thJ wrJJCJ.. . . Ifir be objed:ed that not Chrifiians but 16JVe.r arc commanded to remember and obferve ehe fevenrh day Sabbath ,. I an- , £.

~1I1ddo the Sainrs firft works, and t'cligioufJy

cornmandements ..JfChriftians are to walke' ~y the (elVeS nine commanden:tents (as f) righteous rule ) the~ are no 1effe oblieged to every rote and ~~~~~~ f !~~ ~ ,ew", ten

, s, That not rhe Chrillian's but the ewfl were firft commanded the reLl of the ten


comm2tldements. -__ -_,-,-...-."


. thg

..;t:........~ _..


rllC Royall Law of God was difpenced to the fe'wel not only for thernfelves, Bile An. '.311• to give IIJJtO ttl, as that firft fairhfull martyr of the Lord Jefus, taught in his funerall fcrmon, when filled with the irrtlifiabJe wif~ dorncofthe holy Spirit, he Iealed the faith ,of the Gofpell with his blood, and amongft the relt of thofe E vangelicall verities which the protomartyr prized as the Chrifhans privilcdgcs, chis is undeniably, an erernall truth, 'Tkut thl 'lewes did receive ,kg fe /ive!J Qra,c/t'J from moan» Sinai to [.i7/t Hnto III. Here [hen 'cis evident, firfl, what Lawes are Gods lively Oracles, namely, thole precious precepts which God him'elfe b y the Angd} of his pretence, delivered wit h a lively voice in the mount Sina;,one of which lively Oracles is the fevenrh day Sabbath. z, To whom thcfe lively Oracles were delivered , and chis is agreed on all hands, that the only people fo highly priviledged above all the world we~e the beloved 1ft"... elites. 3· For whom and to what end were :' ~hefc live~y Oracles from mount Si'1ai dcl~-, vered to lfrae!. And [his is as cleare by bleffed SuphenJ divine Tefiimony, They reqeived the livclyOraclu (from the raoune Sl~mlj to give IInto us, tha.~is unto me. Ste· )


, p~~~

'1 be

affimblicj con{eJion.

phC1J an ~ffiiccr in the church OfC!II:i~, nd a w a\l my br~thrcn.· for whore faith III the true Melliah I am now pltaJing my lall, they received the lively Oracles to give U[J~

JJ, ~oi'all and pe~etuall (:omm$nd~ment doth Idom. bind all men In all' ages to .~bat .particular Pag 39.

'Ihe ftrJt E».tllJJpk.

to us. Chriftians this is ~.lcare that the Tewes received the lively ()rac\cs from the ,M.ount Sinai. co give unto us, though .we have no heart to receive them; yet God hath a heart of love to give them. not only ~othe fewcs, but even to us Chrifiians. . 4, Then the fourth inquiry will be, whe .. thcr tbefelively Oracle, from Si,1t1i were r,iven us to be broken or I~cpt? to be flighted or obferved ~ Ifco,be kept and.obferved,then either we mutt deny the teventh day Subb,)th to beone of Sj~;(ii'J livelY,Ora· des) or deny Stephenf doctrine of rheir betr.g delivered to the l=: to give unto us,

fcventh day Sabhuh, This divine truth or [he Sabbaths pcrpemitv .is in words confeflcd by our EngliOl nffcmbly, who that the Law(in Confef, doe not only acknowledge gencrall ) doth for ever binde Chrifiians, ~Jg, H and that Chriil: did not ,A NY W A. Y diflolve it ,but much more firengthen this ,. (lbli~~.tjon in [he Gofpell, But 111 part~cu"

el fc we mull become followers of God as dear children in fantl:ifying this lively Ora-

de of his

mull prove that God hath'made his moralt Law muta~le by appointing ferne other day, or clfethe feventh day Sabbath mull

pel], thcr~ It IS impoflible to prove any kind of alterationj vet further, If God by a pofieive moraU and vrrpcc_uall cornmandcmenr doth binde all men; tn,all ages [0 Iuch a particular feventh day as himfelfe appointed [ben either thev

be found ~oo fhallow to fsrisfie an awakened c~nfclc~ce" for ifChrifi dothperpetu, ally ~l21d his S~mt5 to exad intire perfonaU his lively Oracles, then furely .10 power I,Sable to abfolve his people from that obc~lcn~c, And if it be as they fay that Chnft did not, any way dilfolve bur: m~lch Hrcn~r~e,n this obligaeion in the Gor-

fevcnth day which himfelfe hath ~ppojntC!d. And whereas tbey fay this is chtlbge,d in th,e Gofpell from thae cothe fitft d~y of the week, I 01all with the candle of Gods word [earch cheir grounds which will

be reftored to Its primitive glory. The' fid\ g~olJnd,for _change of [he Sabbath ~I~ !I~efidl: day IS rat fed from Chrifls refurrectron, and apparition to his Difciples.

.c.o!l[dfe ~ha~ .9od by ~

pofltlVC ,

Aut the very grc:lt difference between


mora 11 .' ~



Chrifl.r Jour~ey.

the fathers example at the worlds creation, and the,Sot~S ad ion a~ his rcfu,rrettioiJ will foone difcoverthe vanity of tills argument.,;' For upon the Creation ofthe world, God did folemniy fandifie the feventh day for his Sabbath and rellcd on it, giving as an example for the ground of our obedience, but upon the refurrection there's not the tea{\:fyllablc of a change, inflirution fanttification, or celebration, yen Io farre was Chrifi: from rcfiing upon his re(urrdtiol1 day, th~t he travelled 15 Miles npon this fuppClfcd New-Sabbarh.and [his not to any Church. meeting but from 7i~ltraltm (the ~ nkc :1.1. place where moll of his Difciples were) -q. 15· f/h. 1(,. purpofcly joyning with [he two Difciplc~ that were journeing on foot (7 miles and a Y1. halfc) into the Counrrey, pi WhyChriClians awake in the name of the Lord, and pol utc your fou'es no longer with weekly prophanarion upon Iuch a falf (upp.ofition of a cbange'.at Chrifls r~(~lrred ion \'OU fee your Creator far.dlfLd Ifls feventh day.Sabbath and folemnly rciled upon it, but for the refutrcdion day, you havenor one word of a command to keep it as a (ab~eth,and {or an have indeed a livC!y'or:Jc, in your Saviours rcfu-


'I!Je Firfl d(lj endeq.


~ing to 3ppca~c ~I_lat d,:lY~~ his Difciples,' ~~1

at rcmfalem,and travelling with two(upon •. their priwite ()c,c~fions) not gIving them , ~ the leaft admonition about Sabbath obfer .. vat ion (which undoubtedly he would have done as frccl1 3S in other things had he intended that day for his new S~bb"th. Now I beficch you confider, whether thii be likely, that Chrif] (who was faith .. full in allhis houfe) {hOllld intend the ~dl day [01; his Sa6bath:and yet never leave one word of inlliturion, nor any other pattern hue journeying I j miles. And whereas "ris gloried that our Lord appeared feverall firft dares [0 his Difciples as they were affembled, I believe upon diligent Iearch, 'it will be found but a val". flourifh, and that he never appeared co any affembly, no not anyone fidl day. for ~t is moll certaine , that the day upon the Scripture account begins (with the eveni,ng. . And now let us obferve t.hat upon t~e Luke 14. firtl day, he arofe we find him at the VII.; 29, ~o" lagc 7 Miles from leru(altm, when it' was towards evening, and the day Iar.fpenr, af..; Luk.24. . ter which he fupped with the two, which :19.30• ~tooke up fome time; then they returned that, 7 miles and a halfe, to fer/lra/tm 00

. • .. '


; foor, ~o !~~t, if_~h~~~y ~~r~f~r fpen~bc-

. ,ore

,nas 20. 7.

fore they entred the Village it muft doubt; far from believing Chri~ was rifen, that the lefle be quire (pent before they could pro~ womcns tydings chereof,{eemtd If) th"n M vide and rate' their [uppers, and returne idle tales, Y(a, the fid\ day was finifhed 7 miles and a halfe. before they beleeved,fo t,hat they could ~~t . . And (0 before Chrif] appeared to the eLu k • ~4. in faith, doe.any fuch tiling. But .here us ~2. leven, the firfi day mull need" he done, and evident how [adly they are. put to it, that John 10. whereas 'cis (aid, he appeared the firft day mufl f.1Y fomething for their fid\ day Sabat evening yet you muf] know.that the firR: bath and yet can fay no better, Mar, I. d.v. was then as fully ended, as it is plaine For although they would make Iome the Iabbath * was ended at evening, when {hew of'Scripture.yer all amounts to a bare ~ 2. .the ,SUIl did fet , and the people brought endeavour [0 draw forne fupporc for an untheir Iick to be healed, which they were wara~[ablc Sahbltth from ar.y Text that forbidden to doc on the Sabbath day ~ doth but mention the firlt day of the John 1'1, As for Chrifls fecond appearing to tile 16. affernbled Difciples, it's exprefly was Week firfl from the Difciples occafionall, As after eight daycs, and therefore could not meeting to breake bread upo~ Tau/'J debe:on the firfl day of the Week. . paning by Sea, they iuppofe tlns.may make John 2(. And for his third apparition, furely they fomcrhing for a firll day,S4hhath and truly will not fay, ~cwas on the firfl day, feeing they may .3S groundly plead for an every they were at their trade. day S'lbbath, fince it is as clear rhat the Alh I. 2.) Bur indeed the Lord was feene of [orne, Saints aflembled, and brake bread every 3' or other of them" fonrty dayes, never heing day, , c: idle all the time, fo that his apparations 2. V'lc find the Saints at TroifJ ,n%on~.r ~. .r. I S. prove not any tbing as to a change of the aflemblcd but many lights are Ieen inrheir , SaMt1th. ~ppcr cha:nber. So that "cis ,notpro~abl~, There is a oonceie .that rhecaufe of the . they met till cowards evemng, which IS Difciples a(f~mblil1g on th.efirft,daywas to no good example for celebrating a S.bcele brate the new Sabbath, in honour of t' • CQrifis r,efurrcCtion; when as they were Io IMt h.
oj( lJ


12J Lk

u• '

Mar. Ii.



All. 7.$;1.

All. 2.26'.





3. lfbl:e~~ingQf~;c~~had bef~d:fi~~~~


1 ~4.

I CJr.


I. 2.


I Cor.

16. J,




J CO(. J I.



binds the Saints ) fo d)at his deferring Phil, 4',9.. breaking of bread , tilllMter mid-night, when the fidl day was more tP~~ finifhed, Olews plainly, that this was no duty proper 1::0 the firfl day, or in the leaft, pointing it out for a Sabbath. 4/ 'Tis flrange that once menti~n of Preaching 011 the fidl: day fhould be fo Hood upon $ when P aut' J conftant cuflome (~

Ordinance)would not have deferred break. in~ of bread, till the fecond day, efpecially, now that he was to fce them no more, and . to give them an example ([0 which. he

dcfigned for the honour of the firllday; the Apoftlc who fo much preffed to Church. order • (and particularly in this

lection, (hews evidently,be intends no Sab•

hath dllleJ work, for there is not the Jeait flint of any affembly; though cullom hath prevailed fo far with moft I have met with

dayesduey, the ApoftJe would nat have 0: mined it either prefenr or abfene, where",. he plainly declares his diflike of gathering at his coming and dcfires it may be: thcn in a readinefle, . . 2. The diretiion he gives for this cor-

that they frequently urge [hie T exe thliis.

Vpotl.fIJC firfl daJ Of the 'Weeke 'When JC com, Ibgether& &c. Though there's no (uch word as)coming together. But/et Ifltry ONe of JOtl

d,lY Sablnth (with his company) both a1\/1516. It 'I ',. ) '-I. J 6. & rnongn ClVtJ, an de reneues, IS not on f y ! 8, 1. f1igbted, but oppofed, as no proofe of the Sabbath. 0 how indulgent are poore creatures to brats of their own breeding! A fecorid Scripture is produced as though it fivoured the change of the Sabb(tth,h('cauf~ i Cor. 16. the Apollle f:ave order to forne Churches 1. a. for laying afide relicfe, forthe prefent necefliries of the Saints, in J4ldea, t1pO~l the fidl: day of the week. But firll, Let I[ be' .

of preaching, and praying upon the fevenrh

fie doth not enjoyn them to 2 Churchmeeting, nor to lay it before the Deacons (as doubrleffe he would had there bin a Church meeting that day) ILet t1Jcr} one of yOU/flY hJ himfelf;n /lore, That is,at his own houfe in the poores box, which truly, every tender Chriflian fhould have alwaies with every man to take of his owne eflare ( that fie may give:I:hef(~after) doth notably overthrow the conceit of a firft «lay Sabbath,. for he orders every man to lay (omething
~y bitnfdfc: ill ftOl'f', As God h.~ -, prof~" -.. -" - ... _ -'''..---~red-

lay hy * Mmfilfe .11 /lort.

(orne ftock by him for charitable ufes, '7. rm. ~ 3· The Survey (r.he Ap'oftle exhorts Tic. 3. If'f


ccnfidered, [hat if this hadbeen


- -" -.-- .-.'- - .-





J 1 ~6

Cor. 16. I~~;

?o. 3· r,

'I' according as his yearly rcred hun, t tat IS, I. kly nude proves venue incrci\(cth,?rf Iii wee more, o~ «;;d~~ 'had been a Sabbath, Now 1 oftle knowing the pronendfe fltrely, the Ap . d 'u'thly things, from of au' nature, to min e. would nat h .~e which he roufeth 51 "nt~~(jdcrati()n afthe.. . Puc upon them, tnc C n: outward crateS, But this done 011 the' h Why lhould he ave firft day? 1 b n dearly flltWed" dn(w. It hat 1 ce. was to preach


Il.c~rJ~ I. 10•. Opened. fo well fiorc«1at prefent(upon the SItMllth) he would II ive it to be their firlt worke, tilt! very nell: day, whilefi the fWlee fence


All. r~.

Church of (orin~h,'b~ar~~Kercifc,) who ing the frnir. ofhu; Sli as he followwere enjoyncd to fo, ow Ica'~believe dlcY' i ed'Cnrift So that '~ wepraCtice in keepwati{ed in Pauls co~ ant may eafily judge' . i'ngthe true s.~bbat ,we 3d in the Church that Plmll EplIHe was ~e on the Sabbadi Dt their Iolemne a«em~ Y~bt that the Tea.. day, and we ,?ay not ~o le [0 liberallityp'. thers would {\lr up the ~ P ami the rather upon the; APo{\l~3EO\tl~~ with it:, that it feeing h!=dofed IS P U 00 their hearts,

that 'p(wis (ouRant p~~~bfcand ~hat it wag on the feventh day,Sa t~t ~~<t before this the exaCt: e";lmpla~, lC. ~dal' ( they be-


of the 12pifik, and heavenly reJilh of Gofpel Sermons, and other Ordinances, which they enjoyed the day befQre,were yetfreCh. 'lid d iYinely pleafanr u pan their (piri ts, and before they lauched into rhe world. weekly imploymcnt!; (which puts Coo arear a damp L I')h e would efp{'cially b upou our lien purpolcs make choiee ofthe firlt day of the Week, and have them mj~kcie rheir firll ,bufi.n.e~e, (next to the confAderaclon of their abilities, how God hsd pl'OlperC'd them in worldly goods) to prefenr unto God (in feeree by thcmfclvcs) the firft fruirs ofth~ir inCleafe, far the rcf""hing afChria, bowels, and a. anearnefl of their duties towards him unto whom thl'Y owed all. Thus with very good reafon did the A .. poflle make (hoke of the fira day, for. tbig duty. . Bur to affere tit.! fil'ft day to be 3 Sabb3tb, bccaufo [he ApoHle ordered every man by llimfclfc to l~.ylip .foll1ething for the poore Saints there being. not die Jeafi: mention of
a Chllrch;meetinJ~ that da}'(and y~~ I fay) 1[0 affert that day for a S,,6hAlh) JS alto.

:I~~~~:~~~hn:1 liketo~~. ~l~;~~&e not


~:Itl~e( irlatIon~1Iand, ~Icetly Unfa:i~~;


[lev. I.





The third Scripture abuf-d about the. Cup; poCed change of the S,fbbath only fpc ilks, thl1s much That fohn WM in the fpirie on the Lords dlry, but that this was any individuall day is ut1certa~l1, or ifit were he fay~s not what day it was,and therefore we mu(t, enquire in foine other Scriptures (. feeing they arc able furnifh us th.roughly to eve .. r, good 'work;) ~nd if the firfi day, 0\311 any where in Scripture be caned the, Lords day,let it "!ctlre theGarlandas a day devoted :to the Lord, or dcfigned by the, Lord to be kept holy~wh.ich yet I hope ~a}': be done without rejcttlnG or prophsning


Tim 3'


rhe feventh day Sahbath. ' .. '. ' But if the S'cripturc may be our gUlde.l~ will inform us ,but of two daycs honoured as the Lords dayes, '" And the firll is the anticnt f.1IH~l:ified fe; venth day Sabbath roya\ly dignified with that title of the Sabbath of THE LORD Oil It GOD, which is owned by the fa~ 1fa.51· S· ther for his holv honourable day, and by M ar, 2,11 I, the Son IS exprefly declared to he hi5S1b,M bath.The Son of man 11 Lord ~(tl)e S(lbbath, and no other day declares he to be his throughout the Gofpel. S9 that,thc Ieventh day Sabbath, and only that (as an.indiv~,

Greeke, I was in [he Spirit, '1n xu· fl")(~ ti/(if~ I N the Lords day. . But grant the firll day fhould be here in": tended, and called theLords day, y~t how dare any ~VOlJC~ ,icto be ,th~ Sabbrth day, finee \V(~have pot the leall hint in Scripture
'l1n~ tbe

iflolm intends any fingle day, ·cis moft like it was the Sabbath of the Lord that here he calls the Lords day. . nut I rather think he Ipake of that other Mal. r 4 .. Lords day owned in Scripture as the Lords Luke',17·). jl~d.gmcnc day, and this the Lord himfelfc P:lil.I.' 6. calls his day, and this day ~"S moll dearly I o, Ihewcd unto [ohn in many glorious vifions, and in the Spirit he was in this day for fo

Rev. 1.10. high title, of'the Lords day,. and therefor.






~~!~~! day )'i~~~1~~u~~d~lth"l.hlt9 ~~~ ~~gle , Mlgl

to warrnnt it? much le(fe [0 reJea: the true Sa~ath, and ftC up the firft day not only as the Lords day fOf Chrifiians to rejoyce and to be glad in; Butas the Sabbath day en .., joy ned in the fourth Commandement .;1.. gainll the' reafon there rendred, For in Ji,: aayeJ the ,Lord made ,heaven and earth, a~d ~efted the fivcnth day; )vhereforc the Lord blef{ed the Sabbath d~J~a,ndfanajfied it... , Saints 1 For your fouls fake fearch the. Scripture, if ever yon find the LO,r4Jcfiing upon the firll day. I have prov~ unro you,

~t!a~when h\~arof~ the

was {~

t~la[ very .dIY, and cllcouraged his Difciples 10 to doc i Ask your conlcienres in the fear of God, if chis were fanctlfying a new Sabbath? The ancient Chritluus who called it the Lords day, did never terrne it the Sabbath day, but religiouflr celebrated the feventh d:!y ~a~ba[h with it. But fee what partiali .. ty ~f1l6 I,S to avouch t,har~to be the Lords day w~lch IS fo uncertain til Scripture, 'and to

Creation asul R~clemptio,z. far from I't:Hing, that he travelled I smiles

. , :Firjl


. '\'


\v2.y to ~ea~.'u.~ t}le h~il(>~r ~~,,~ ~r(r~rve the

called the Sabhath.

the feventh day which is conftantly


~aked? who told thee the work ofRedempthe grt.':ttcr? who told thee the greater~~rk (ifit were fo) deferves the. honour day ! ~ath God no other way

S~nptures which neither fingly nor joyntly ~Ive the leaf] ground co obferve the firtl: (jay asa Sabbath: So thae Scriptures failing they flee to unfcripturall confeqsences Iupport their fuppo(cd change. Pirf], They tell us that the worke of Redemption is greater then the worke of ere. arion, and therefore the greater worke d~. ferves the honour of the day. I may demand (with the Almighty to 10ft Adam) who told thee that thou walt

J_\ndthus I have faithfully opened the 3



for ,tl\~, ~f?itllnemOl'a~lOn,?t ~hc graclO~li work or. rt.ed~inp[iolJ~ .lte invites thee (af thou haft grace ) [~h,~.(au~,dSupper. " Wherefore ceafe Pl'(.~(~np',tuom mao, t,O fer.up t'by pofhby O.~ds .. ~!!lars; blc~e, hil nauie for hi~Royall Sab~at~. to m(~ltah~ 011 the\aJorke. ofhis hand5~ ..,and found forth his prai'fc 'for his ,. p~,eclou5'Su~p,per that fClt forth t'I\q Loye, of hiS h(~rt, , . A fe·col)d/,e,~ron is raif~dlrom the lfrae. 2 Argi J'ICS obligation to offer t~cl~:~~.ft·borneand fil'llufrlli,s and therefore tis thought ~Qre l~~quall to ~tf~r the tid\: d,ay: for a Sabbatb; the» fldl to {crvc our felves fix dayes, and , put of GQ4s ~~bbatp till t~e feventh. f . Anfw: tit ti~ c'qualltp offerunto Go~ w~~ nlO(\ ftc requires, ' and th~refo!,: n.01~e other Sa:bbath will b ' acceptcA blltJ~a~.very f~ventb day which Godbath fat1~~ht1,t:d...,. ., I freely joyne thus, f~r W'ltl1 the, ~\(fqet.. farics ar&umcnt,,t ins tncet for man to offer ull~O God hl,1ifira~~~y'.~ ~ fflr~ :~Ilt toy Antagol1ifts will no·~~!~k,tQtheir own conclufions, when they are remcmbred that

&iltfTlory·oHt~dcml)[lOn,:~u~ thy fuppofed Sabbath .? 1hen le~r.ntit~j~~~W lh~,t fo~ ~he honour of ihe glonous ,w,ork of creanon God ll~tt' illlHtuced his h~ly, Sabbath •. and


(K 2)


l1tb~ 4. opened.,
the feventh day is mans' firft day, he being made 011tile fixeh ~ay, and immediately the feventh day Sabbath made for him, to offer his fir It finites unto his maker, who in very dCfa accepts no' other Sabbath but mans flrft day, fincc thee the adverfary himfelfe hath concluded th1\t mans firft day is molt equall [0 offer untb God for hls Sabbath. Job S 17. let him either fiand to his own argument, J 3.' , • and fcc that he offer none other Sabbath to 1 CO" lithe Lord then mans firf] day. 01' elfe be for J. ever condemned by flis own mouth. Thus the Lod di/flppo;l1leth ,JJedeviceJ of the tt'lIfyet will they not (cafe their vaine jangling, But tell the people dlRt as no Manna was [0 ~ Aytj. be found on the feventh day, fo thofe that obferve the feventh day Sabbath cannot,. .find Chrifl the true Manna upon it. ~. Then the Apofile was unwife to preach confta~tly upon that day, whereon no IpirlAlt. :t'41~ tuall Manna fel~: but bl,elfed be rhe Lord of 8{.) 1. 4~; the S~bbath\ that multitudes of jewes and
&: 41. 41'. Gentiles have foundfuch plenty of the hea&.6.lj.14. venly Manna upon this ble(fcd feventh day

I !'

""J {mlreth

Ihem ;"t,~eir



!Lc fr.~~~!l~l~n'O!Gofpe~·gr~'~ che: ~pon

..... '"

Sabbath, that the adverfary may ftop his mouth with fhame, yea, litany living wit. J1~(fescan bear their joyfull teftimony to' true

and 13. and I ,. and 18. cap. Bu t 'tis fllppoftd that ferveing God on the feventh day Sabbath i& to put new wine into old bottles; 014 thing! Are 14fed ~nM.1. ~"th;'J~1 are ~e&omenew. .
.. _ L . _ __-

venth day; inflances, whereof have been a~ready given in that famous ~o day .AflJ z,

other dayes, and he that commands the word to be preached in feafon, and out of feafon, will not faile [0 follow it with his bldling at all feafons, witnetfe the notable fucceffeof Lcdurcs, But if converfion of fouls be a feale to Gods Sabbath, never was day fo crowned with true converts in the Scripture as the f~~

fairh,afld order ofthe Gofpell, which many IiJppot{·d converts will be found fhort of. If'more perfons be trudy converted on the firtl drty, [hen upon other days, the henom is due to Gods grace in that memes which more abounds on the firft day, then

Ma1t1M. fl,,"d on thf! S ~bbat/J. true fllnttified {tventh day Sabbath. Another reafon is rendred why tile lirft day fhould be obfervcd, ui«. from the fucceffe offermons in the converflon of fouls on [hat day. It may be feared many are judged (On: verts chat never knew the power of the Spirit. Convci fion is a curning from fin to the


(K 3)


~nfw.~ ,

sabbath Conver{ion.
fTis true, Old' flog arc prdf~d ,a~ay, and all old Ordinances, Curfcs, and Covenants, but Iurely, old Scriptures, ~,nd old

"J m


promilcs, and Gods old lovih~ kl.ridn~~~s

are not pafled away, The good old way prowifing reft te our [oules , is none other then the GofpeJ New,'and Hvingw(ll, 'rhe

take off the Tranllators vail, and let but Gods Spirit fpeake in his owne I:lnguage, wherein the holy Oracles were wrirten.and

(arne in fo many words, give me leave to

i. 9.


you will foon be Informed, '",';ro~il'll)'£m Heb, (JCI.{3{3:f.T.IJI"~f .;r; A':J.~ Thero remaineth

6. J If.

17. •

Sabbath, as we are directed about the true 1\1 t.I4.5' marriage, [i.e.] locke to tl:ebl'lJnni~g; (} we do no more p~t new wine ~nro old bot. ties, by celebrating the Arment Sabbath, then by joyning in [he antient W<;IY of mar-

new commandcrnent ofChrl{t,S Apoftle, is the old commandemcnt tlh1t'rrtu !i'm; ,he beginning.", . And the very firll inftimtion that we here of in.the b~~inni~g, is [he {c,vc'~[hda,Y. :f)abhath therefore If we arc Chnfis PIICI ples indeed, let us reform in oblerving [he true

therefore the celebration of the S a6bllth to the ptoplc of qod.


I know 'twil be fuddenly objected.there's no mention of the Sllbbllth in our Englifh Bibles only there rC1!Jailltth a rep to thl


1 J~.

fin who liave abufed the word Sab.tthifmol, w\~f1ating that (only) rep which fignifies
the-celebration (ftbe Sabbath, as any Gram-

'Pcop'; of qod. Indced'the greater is their

mer School-boy may fee inhis,co~rnon DiCtionlry, and the greateft Adverfaries of the Scaven day Sabbath.are not able to de •.

Mar. !8.
13' Ilf.


24. Let tJ;at thc;'{foye auidf in JDSI, ')vhichYri11 'heard (i·om' t bf}lJ{'ghmin.~, ~f ~bat which J'C bnue heard from the vcginnil1f!" fl;all remain in JOf! ; _7C a~~),fo:dIComintlc in iJ)e don, { the Fllth~r~ , ..

1 loh.2.

The purell water is at t,hc. fpritig head,

of the Sabbath is a Reft .cherefore [he Tran- 19,10, Haters may be excufed in rcndring the word [ReftJ let them know .rhat althou~h every , Sabbath iii a Reft, yet every· Rcft 1~ not a
Sabbath. , \Vc ref in our beds.yet.who is fo fimpfe

ny. . IfaQY {hall plead.That feeing the keeping prat


'~I~'kh from [he b;gint~i~g,dotb Hill r,e-· was Wilhw to be o bfervcd, un~c1re hear f:thc yO\!

If you will notJ)ellc~~d~at'tl1c


to callthat a Sabbatle'Ihat word which [0 ofrcn is rendred Rd!, in Heb. 3. 4. is quite another Gr~eke word; So that, their fin .1( K -t) , cannoe

~ 3 t,





cannot be cxcufel, who llave perverted the fence, and by mif tranllation.and their own additions [0 the Scripture, have obfcured the Si.hbuhs Gofpcl-glory.more then once or twice, as in Col.2.36,thcy have deflroy;ed the A polllcs fcopc, hy their addition of ['D,1yeJJ fo in._// {fs 18.4 they have tran .. flared that word [~caf0njngJto the under7. they Englifh r Prcachir.g] for the greater
valuing ofthe Sabbath, which in AUs

cele brarion 0 f dIe Sa bbath.and findirig many perplexing their Ipirits to find out what rdl is to prcffcd by [he rpirir, In !leb. 3. &

c,til over the Sabb irh,' bv cranflating that barely nfl, which fignifi.·s (0 clearly [he

ac'vanrcrnent of the firtlday, But fince fo great a cloud of ()bfcurity is

Ilandings, who rhrough ferne curlorie confideration of the Scripture havefuppofcd tlHlt it only intends (orne one finglc Ref], whereas upon a Ierious (carel! into there two Chapters, there will be found a five-fold rel]. I Typicall, 2 Spiriru,dl,3 Evangelicall, 4Morall, and) Eternall, thuugh in.

I fktll


to helpe their under-

and the book of the Rcveliltion, ~hich are purpofely fo esercife the faith, and mind ofwifdoms children.I (hall there .. fore through grace lay open this five-fold rell, as it appeares to be the mind of the Spirit, by the Apo(lle; whofe fcope is to Hc:b. J. warne and admonifh Chrif\ians ( by l{rll,II ver.~. S:. woes) of falling {b~rt of the true Rell, and 6, 1.· haying fhewed the difference ~etween' (.:hrifi, and Ul1ofu, with their two houfes, tIC takes his T e~t (as it were) from DAvia ffrd. 45. 7. e~horcing Chrifls houfc by faith to walk in qadi 'WaJes, ~ from which. vtrf. 10• Jfr(lelliN('rved,~nd Co fell Ihort of that Reft n, 13, (termed another day) whereof 'lOfhUA/tl I. Van(lfln was only a Type. This being the Apofllcs fcope by that Typicall refl [0 {ha. dow forth that other day, (v~-t:.) Gofpel grace and Glory by Chrift.


dicti'ons of our Lord ]eflls,In the 4 of Mat. '- -- - . ._. ~ J:, . and

cuoufly held forth as thofe interwoven pre-

deed [her are as mytlerioufly,

and promif-

This is chat promiled rell to heavy-laden fouls,thc delightful fold of believing Lambs, The very fame relling place(fai[h Chrift) my I'athcr makes for me, have: I prepared for ~'OU, even mine own bofome, and all I . look fur from youin Ji~~ of ~~!sgrca~Jove,is lohn as

We ll'hich JJll.Vt believed doe enter ;nto'l'tfl.

Saints fpirituall relt, For (faith the .Apojl/e)

The entrance into which grace i s the


I' • '.It",



.I •


.......J'--- __


yon ill I may ren in yours. Wilerc. fora let each fpirituall Virgin Spoufe, COil" lude, jU, beloved foftll lye ItU~bHndle of Can. 1.1,. myyrhe (Ill nij',ht between m J breafls. ' , And having thus attained their spirituaU r~n by Paith , the Saints third repofe, :J R~~ )J•• l'tcrm,a Church efhte caled by the Apo{He vangellcal. Tho h911{e of Ohrift, the Z loti of God, built up of Spirinull Hones, the rettwhich God 3 I .«. bimfelfe hath chofen, and all fhould choofe

spifitlull Ref/. as thus as I re~ in my Fathers bofome


t.MoraU Refl.'
At this Sear on Chr'ift firs in his meridian glory, 'amidfl his flocks, In his weekly returne to his beloved; ,.this I call his Mcnall reft,<?l' the mannerly attendance which the:



}>f.~~·1..~~·, that.have entred i'Y faith into that Spiritu14. ;l\lreft ; .For ,JJe L9rd h.1th chofcll Zim, he

.Math dfJired it for hi$ ha/Jiultirm, thia u ml rrft for euer, here l"Pl/1 I dwell, for I ha'Vc J'Jir~d it. Here Chrifl hath promifcd his

to every tremhhng Hefter. . ,.:: The negletl: of this rnorall rell was woflllllfrae/J Iirnfor which [he Lord dcftroyc,", them in the WilderndTe, as is plain Ezek, :?-O. 13. and chis being compared with rhe

Church owes unto Chri(\ entring hi. Roy~t palare deckr in robes of rjghtcotif~er5,wh~" the Roya.J1 SceP.ter is gratiQufly'ext~de.

preeiuus prefcnce to the worlds end.and t!ilis {h(~l1ldbe that on thing ill believers defires , whl!dl pretenders ItO Spiriruallity , are


paf~lllg f:om monnteine, to hilll forgetting their reJ!tl1y, 'P lace, . 4. As Chritls Church is his rcfling place where we m:ty find him.and rcfl in IHm, So he 1,13th 11 Iolcmn relling time, or GofpclSeafon, which is the noon. time rell after ·which the Spoufe enquires/no] only ~hcre, hut,when) Telllm, a thot« WJ3OIi) my (o1t1lo!IJvnh, wherc th~'1 fcedeft, wher» tho» tlJak!ft fl1C~! to rcft at 1100n ?

Apol\lcs, Admonition to the Chriftians, plainly pointJ oet the $ahbath lhl4t rtmAin, to the ptople of q_oa. He lets forth J!raelt fin and Ifrtlels forrow, 011 [his wife. Although God finifhed his works from the foundation of the wor ld, and [hereupon fpeaks (gen. 2.) 0nd god refitd the the [eventh daJ from aU his 'Work.,!, yet nei[her the glory of his wonderful! Creation~. aurhority of his inilitution, 01' obfervation of his holy Sabbath ( [n keep up [he Creators honour) could er.glge them to follow hili example, bur ff) highly did they provok him in the wilderneffe h] refil .. fi!Jf, h£s SMtllleJ,and 4erpiJing his jl1 gmmtl (Ill gcncrall) but efpecially in polilling 6i~'


Sqf~~t~JJ thllt li~ [Wf4r1 in hil wrn,h, the,

-.-. '-"_' ..- '.



Hzek .
! ~.


t-ema;nnh tkertfore the celebratio» ,1 Slfb. the "atlJ to the people of god, [or he tlMt id entrul int(} 1)/4 reft, he alfo hath eMled /r9'" hiJ )porkJ, 1M god did from hi1 own work.J. And here we have confiderable, firfl, the continued duty, that is The celebratio» r:f the Silubath. .

creation, But efpecially for Chritlians who by entring into his fpirituall rdl: through faith are become the people of God ; T'ber»

believe ir.rhis is the Iunune of [he Apoflles (0 to prcfle after our eternall reft, chat we filII nor afrer J(YlfeiJ example of difobedicncc, ill rrjdlmg godJ j1.wUe.f, defpiJing hi! judgments, and (in particular ) . polming hi! [euent]: day Sabbath which he made, and wherein he relied for a pattrrne to all that enjoy the benefit of his works of

EVftlJgi>licall Reff. flollld 1101 enter into hid ref/, but for their' fins, ( and particularly fabbarh ..breaking) lt~con/limed them in the Wildermf{e. : ' Whet'efore theApofHe concludes in applying all unto believers exhorting them to labour ( in the u(e of chat meanes which JfM rae! neglcCl:ed J To enter into the turN/fO rejf after the [rue 'Ie/IU, /MIt any ml4nftill /Jy the fame e.'l:,unplefJf IIHbeliefc (or aifobeaiM ence ; as the Grceke fignifies ) Chrillians !


-., ,~-


riruall reft through faith Ire .he 11topl, 0/ God. 3. Heres the groun~ and rcafon of the duty, and this is twofold. ' I. Gods relt from Creation. 2 .. Cfirifts reft from Redemption. . Firfi as to the umaining duty, the cere; ,f,rating of the Sabhath, I need fay little· having a1.ready fhewed that the feventh day Sabbath' is one of thofe lively Oracles that Jlrtfelnctived fro,,!' Sinai to give NIIIO !lIIo' And that our Go" hath efpccially eomman .. ded us ( to whom rhde Oracles are given), to R E ,M E M BE R his feventh day Sabbath to fa nCl:ifie it, and til our mercy thae his holy (pirit doth here record(what the ,tral1flators were loath to reveale in cpgfifb) That there rellJlI;lItth ,hI k!eping' of the S Itbbath to thi ptop/, of God.' I know tis fee downe in the margin of our Bibles the keeping of A S~bbath, whence they would
ev~dc the feventh day Sabbath, and fer Lip.

and they are (ilch as b\, fntring into the {pi.



Sabbath of their

:2.. The perfons exhorted to the duty; " _ .. -' and


of God celebrate the (evrmhday Sabbath untill they can find the holy Spirit ulling any other day a Sabbath,.and then let tbC!m ~~R(Jge'. . \J~b~

<maries, and Lexicons render it pf3inty the k!eping"f the Sabbath. Bt)C let the people


(although the nidi..






ttd to this duty, and the9 'are believers ell~j trcd into their fpiritual~ reft,; and the_refj)re into which bclicverti enter, \1crftj ~t·.na: fo become, the people of God; and as .pj>ds people they are to celebrate th~ ~3b~a'~h; There the telebr;atiq,: oj t.·~eS,.bbatbto (t~:ofo that are a'rea~Y')!'fh,~ "e~ple of God, And 1 hope fueh ,a~ a,r:e ~he peopl~ .of God will remember, ~o o~l~rv~ jt; as' being undtll) adoub\e~bhglltlOt1: t. ODds in{titution. ,knd ()bfervatlon~; ma~nn Ilil\licifeOllr prefid~nt of which al.. rcad}',(poken, 2,<;bri~s. ceiIation [rem, 4t!!. gl'~~t, works,t .al1~i ~ntrjng rhereupon ~f,\CO ,t1is[eft, and,thii ,.,is laid down as the .. Gp(pel. ' .,. >_, . . ', ,rea'foR' ~hy, the S,abpath remaines- to the peop\\! of God •.For, he thlit u entre.'" in .. to hi&rtp, he't4lfohAth'~e~a from hiJ 'Work!, til g{)a ~itJ.from hiJ~'!Yne wtJr~/. " _ . ' .' Some ~onceiV€:, ~hat behevers ar~ '~erc ,{lltdto'enter into r~(\; but thon it would he ~~u!dlcfsto excite them to enter in the vcrfe fllcb'4,1 t following, It is Cbrift only * whofc-en~ f)t:snceinto rellis here intended;who ceafed (rom his works .as God did fro~hi$~ ~nd ~wefore _- ,h6YS remllil$ct~ ~he. ~elebrlfti9»~f: __ ...... ' ' th~
tis moil irrationall ~o a~rrn .thi~ I~emain~ng Sabbath [0 be nothing but ~.fpltltu!\"t~ .~eft

' For the people.of Go~., .. the t~cond tlling. i6, tiie perfons eXrbor.;

Here then th~ ,myfterwJls payment mans Ranfome IS matter ofl,bigb d . . on ' b em g t be lame d/" that man was miran' a made' , e farr ay and that very da~, and rime the da wher~on God fimlhed the glbriou; work cation ,: and (o ceafing from his labour; l' Saviour fxa~ly enrered.inro his reft that very day and time as God be h" fl' Id 'II' rde ' 'I gan 15 re u; POV! cor. a y? ,ermA ~i5, be !aken down, and Jal~ to rell en his Sepul,bre l~ the Clore of the hxth day, tharno part of his Sabha.,tll fuoutd be violated. and h c~~fing ttom.. his :Works God did, and' e u~ . t\:~mg l~to his Reft ex~aly,as God did hues belt.evers under a double en 'a J, to Iandifie the Ieventh da,Y Sabba~hgcmcAt.

cef!a.tionfrom Wtn'~. inuStlbbillh tq.j~,Op~ple QIgo4'- . ....:










the fabbath becaufe he r~fte4 on' ie fr~ the works of Creation. So <,Ktt9~,) even (0 . the Son,eJ1gager~~ to {an¢lj~ me.)-f:lrile John S. 23· 1y fabha~h, bec~'ufe he re(l~d it'Jearn : , ,t e works .of our ·redemption;. r;rIJ . ,,,,a;mth thirefoTl rhe ~fP;Ng,ofi;h, 9;;'/;;'

engagcrn us to honour him in

they h,otlOurthe.Fathlr, ,i.,. As the Father


Tllat alt men fo~NiJ

honour ,h, S o~,



the peop/~of God.





us {without one word from God ) that thrift entred into his rea' upon the day of hili Refurrea:ion, whereas he jour~ i1eyc'd fifteen miles i:hat very day, ~hidi was no faire prefidcnt for celebrating a Sabbath •. ' /' But [hat he entred into reO: the hue fc~ venth day sabbath when he had fini.. filed his gr,~at worke of Redemption, the : Scl'iptur~ giyes full evidence. . .~. ., Our deare l\edc:emers foule was no foo .. ner ' feperated from his body, but his better part immediately cntrcd into gto .. ty, by his own refignation ~f it into Gods tuftody, C1}1i11g i Fathermto thy hlfnds f 'cornmetJd ~1 Spirit; And now the COny verted thelfc reaped his prornlfed frlli,ts ; Tn d~J foatt tholl be with inc, in Pllrfldife·· And foon atter our Saviours foul had taken 'poffefilOll for, us of glory, his blt'fic~ body was laid to reft in the grave, the ql.lict cell of'a weary fo~l;-7'hcre the wic~.~

:. Arpi"~"U~ aud others would perf wade

l{ra,cll Woe~ -

Job.', t3.

__ +

CM/e from, WM"J ,b~ Itt rtfl. There


are Iome t~~t dcnyt:hritts ·reft in the grave, mithklng that t.cxt of Gods looling 'The ,ains 'bf ~tllth; ..... ., '
__ •• __


there t~,


of death, when Chrift rcligned his fplrit Lui«' 2'F ill to his protL~joll; and [or his body, 25) 26. t.h~~t\1(0 was far from paim, for having , finllhcd his work, and by one oflcrina John 19. for ever Ilcdt8cc! them that arc (au8ili "0 . ")' cd,. he .cnjoyed rhat rcll from his lal)f)lll'slftb. 1which IS the lot of tbofc that dy ill the 14. Lord : yea, thc Spirit fpcaklth exprcfs- :Rev. q. l~, (hat in the grave, his beart rejoiced, 13' ':'1& tongue YV_l/f g/(ul,(11J(l his flefb did J( IP 11t bop". Whiles the Lcity hc)dChrill;; bo- AU "6 dy and foul afundcr, like a man with a -2 .• drawn (won! in one hand, and a Scabberd in the other, which the third day he again put into hi" (heath. Since then it is Io Iully manitcl] that Chrif] cealed from his works"sGod did from his own works, and (0 cntrinu into his ref] ex .. aWy, cekbrared the {~vcmh Sab~ l~alh(lllictly (allll ont ot the reach aide .. fper.w; cnemics ). his foul in glory his body in the f~ravc;we mui] cO'lclude'that then; rcmaincth therefore the celebration of the Sabbath to the people of God. And fo accordintrto our prctlous Saviours example, let us refolvc thronuh grace, with the clofe of the Iixt day, 'to recall cur better part) and

A perfd! ., «uern; As if Clod had not rhcn loofcd the pains



<J'be jqy{u! Jllbilt'e.

rcfign it toGods Icrvicc, C\yil1~ ~ Return If 6 unto tby lleft q my foul, .for the Lord b.uls 1)11.11 • de,,/~bIJu;lti(t"(Y witb tlscc ; and lik cwi]c with (he lnu ial 01 Chrills body, burying all our earthly bufmcf3 in rhc gravc of oblivion. La us at bft begin to conic(('atc th : true Icvcnrh day-Sal buh, as a lil~;ttion) ,

No Cbfmge.
rcmaincs to the-people of And in, teed it is Impofliblc to change it, wlthort vlolarl n to the (on" Idl-::d morality of the conuu uulcment ; for whereas our a dverfarics a(fcTt a jllft Icvcnth p.\1 t of time, yea, and a Ievenrh day, as truly Moral , they know the fevcnth day from the Creation \V.IS illllitllt-:d in Par.idife , and the faille day C011lIIHI1tled trom Mount Sinni ; anti ccrraiu it: is t'vat if rhe J.:wcs h.ld obfcrved ahy other day, they 11.1d dellroycd the morul ity , neither call the wifcf] Chriflbn in tile Wor Id c~)neriv.~ a dLlIlgc, but he d.flroys the 111000,: Iity , f.J1' lI:t him change the Sabbjth to the flxth da v, and that cannot be a fcvcmh day ~ or tcvcnth part of time, Let him umll.itc it to rhe eiphtl.l day, and then [even d.lie.; p.tff! without ally one Sabhuh. LeI him keep the tevcnrh day, and the' eighth (or til'll day ) at his


~. 1; c{l

day of dc\it!;hll) to t!lC Lor.l, a:lll.u> obtain mercy tor the S,lbhath pollution of om daics of i!~llor,l1lcc~ and ChriH will Hot Iail to P~lll' oyl and wi!IC iiuo thofe our (ouls have received amongfi TI\icv.:s, who have Hollell .:,lIld t1ught us to Ileal holy time from CJod. And .. rhus !~I"ICC by wcekl y returns from Sab- , bath to S,lbb,~th, (hail Io flrcnathcn our '. hearts, that at lall we {hall an ive at DIlL' n:pcch'd homr, our jovfull jllbilee, a S.liJbath whole Sun £11.\11 never fer, which is that true eternal felt whereunto
the ApoHk prdl(;(h~ 11. Lvt us thcrcfo. C labour '·0 enter Into t'rat Ken, lell any 1II.\Il Cdl after IJrilcl6 cx.nnplc of Difohcdicnce. And thus in O~h~II:Il?tht: fivc.lo,]jd )I'C!~ C,(lIlt..i}I~cdl ,I (thollgh prornifcuou Y. III me t urr J and f'o~lfth to the Hebrews ~ I hope it is


If I,


ot the Iabbath

, and

then he

keeps rwo fabbaths within the circuit of

fev: n dales.

cOllvincill.dy manifdtcd, that the fevcnth dllY Sabbath (by a double oblig.\tioll)

So that cia what he can, tile morality is (ubvt.:rtcd) either h~ mull delly.the mor.i litv of a teventh (by, or f evcnth pare of time i' or elfe he mull Hick to K? the

~(hcJi,'lICltt'J drr)1 fe'em'ell. the goO(\ old Ieventh I would not. [mother any objdlion that might carry the leall {hew Ior any other S.\bbath then this lively oracle of the Seventh day, knowing ehcrcforc that fame endeavours have been uled ( by filch my foul honours) [or the image of prchcnlions as they are declared,and
God upon them) I (ball wd~h their ap-

. ]Jllty
Jf. IS ~\1!'~S wh,\(

lt1ulVay diftinEl.



from M~rJ\,I6, 1. Objf[1~ I. Obj"a, r- 'Iis .filllpored tlsa; tbo )vo)"tt Mar"- 1/~'i4'O{l.t"1$ 1111~y J&;~l1ijie king dWt)lvcd : I


ttl/d·fo It mlly be rmdredH'bm tbc Sabb,(tb w"j diBo!ved. AiJ{n) , AJI{w, Tis Hl'angc that any . tender conference Ihould t.\ke Iilx rty from a ftl'~\incd p.U'liciplcto live in the weekly nolhuion of the Royall Sabbath, but t,bc word is fairly tr.inllatcd when the ~).\Luath \V,\S ralt ~ or the C\bbath being p.llk(l over or compkuly Iiuiihcd. 2. It oucly imcnds the l'afiing OVCL' ' ;111-1 cotn\)k;a finilhin!', ..:~ (T,,-CGd~ti) of tbut 011-: individllal bbbalh, then: is not the leal] app.:al'<\lh:c of abolilhing that lively oracle which enjoincs the Icvcnth day {abb;\th. BdlOld the \iVifdome of the fpirit s· ( overturning this device) while he IeT.

. ...

4· pl'c~.:me(} the womcns applicati(:n~ of their fplces, and that W;tS the I.u~ 23· {.lhbathda}( or the duty)not one fylhb1c 1I1t. ('xp"t{fcd of the time ( 01' lcventh day) and thouah I a III aboundnntly fatlsfyed that: the fabbath, and the fevcnrh day, arc unteparable never to be divided yet the ()bj(:~orscal1 ,.iifiinguifh as cle.:rly) as ,Illy, {elf b,ctwcen the Ievcnth day, :vlllch rs the time.and the Iabhash.which IS .the duty, Co that if they'I ditiolve any· Ihint; from a fqu(!ezed participle, it mull not be the fevcnth day, which lies lin.. ~mlltioncd, llllt the hlbbath duty)which IS cxpr~[rcd .• '\nel doubtlcfs many great

4· TII~ Icope o! the Ev.lIlgclill is to hol,d forth the pafIlIlg over of that rcl]

the Obj-,etars llrlke at, for nor the Sabbath they contend aaain(t lllt,tlle, now it ,they'7 will 111';lll1 at the word" let them lliclr to the word, which mentions nor the (cventl~ day ar all, l nt thehbbach, St. Mark" cloth not fay the Ievenrh day \V.IS finl{~J\:d, llUt when the f.1bbath was ended, 10 tlut they cannot hence reject: the fcvcnth day, and retain the fabbath.

prnfcfTor),liad rather calhlcrthe labbnth



morality of the fourth comm.mI( 3 de..


TlJcS ,lMat') eVt1Zi1Zg.

dement yea and the morality of all the
<;, ( as no WJY ronceruil.\~ Chrj{thns,) then fet to the cdcbl'llrion o] 1 he (cvl:"th <laic.



~1 11.(( 0 elm.., mily


The LOl'dr1Ly them; whiL:sl return to another, ( preciolls to the Lord, ami hithtull amonvl] (he Saints,) who vet Obj ,'I. O~lj a '[11 tba: .\'tlillt Mf1tt'Je)~S '~+.A' cuC· •
a v; I 0'



ultinuue ena oj'tfJe It b.ueucr to be cckbrilt cd »u» C 1111l01lgfi


Ii THijit'




This may receive the Cune an(w~r,with tilt: fm'mcr, for it it ddlroy any thing it mull be the dury, whicl: is cxprfly in the word Clbbaths, and not the (hy and t imc of the rdl,which is not mentioned. H },Cl'rOIlS will ill\li!l at cxprcllions they mull: keep to tilde cxpl'cllJom. This advc~'b, 'q.• doth not primarily or prop,Tly l1glliti·.~ end, l-ut the ge(he nuinr iignific\tioJl ofit is vcfpere the cvcninz. ~lnd (0 it Ihould be rcndrcd, 'Viz. the cvcnil1f',o; the S.\bb;th~. Let the fcriplL1l'CS be conlulrcd where I call Illl:i in the new rcll.uncnt, in hnth which places it fi~!,lliIJ·.s the cvenilH!, ( for the {<.:I1CC \\'Olltd be mar',1 to r .ndcr ir olhcl'lyj[c,and (6 here the cvcnina of
this a c]v

b is uf cd whIch is but twice

I i, 19. n uri 1 J' "



the S.lbbaths, (termed Sabbath in tile ptllraJ,as lJting not onely the fevcnth day fabl.Mtl1, but the .T ews paffi)ver fabbath, as is cvident)wdll hope it isnot poflible 101' Satan to delude tender confcicnces LI!k:~23. ]OIi!~ with filch (ory fliphts,as to nerkll:a r;'itb royal (lature of Jebovnbllpon filch Ilen- Jolm.19. del' r erms.But [ince the (evcnth day (ab. 2'1.31• hath is lInci(Jlll~tedly one of rhofe lively orac lcs which lfrne!,'cctived from Sill It to give unrous.O Chritlbns embrace it, love It"lay it in your uu(omes it: in vires and will conduct YOll weekly into the Princes pretence, where it will open un ... to YOIl all the reft ol thofc lively oracles :\1~dd.ivinc .myne~'ics tlia t arc coupled with If, whi]« filcn as Hight and reject th!s heavenly law and fiill ,,{fert a chang without book.fhall run rhcmtclvcs upon many dangerous rocks and ,fmds which tender hearts Iliould tremble at. As lir:!tlhey mull affi'ont the holy (pirir, who was 111011 punCtual in fundry fcrip .. t~Il'Cs, fO!' the f~l~ll1l1repeal and abroga .. tron of CII"CUnKliIoll, and all rho!e typical Sa bbaths which were agalnfl us and contrary to us, Ihaddowing good tl; ings to come with the viiiblc burial of the whole body of the ceremonial law, and K .~ yet



Paul relJroacbcd.
yet this blcffcd (pil.'it(pmpofcly
ted to lead us into all truth) was (0 far from repealing the '{cventh day Sabhath, that he conflantly calls that (and none other) the Sabbath day, that is , the Lords holy rcll-day.and pom's down his graces in moll abundant rncafure that day. So that if the (abbath (hy be altered, Gods holy (pirit cannot clcapc an af[rout for cOllcc,din~ the change from


us. Certai1lly there is need of a clear word for the change, or repeal of fuch a r2)Y,111Law, and ltvely oracle. N 1''Xt to their traducing of Go,h (pi" !'it; The Iabbath changlrs mull needs A () s 20'1''I'lIwa I' I1 C!' . fll llg large ;1?-illl1 fl: t Iic ApOll c , for calling God to r-:cc,rd that he had

not Ihuuncd to declare all the conn Id of God, :111:1 yet never opened his mouth about the challbc of the royal Icvcnth

dav (lhbath· He m<111ifdlly dec bred the nullity of :\\1 ceremonial Laws, but as for thiS lively Or.iclcfwith the rdl) he termed it a il()ly~ jufi; ~)irilllal, good Law, .'Il1l1 ,Rom. 3 [o (\<:iLbollt the Llft e'Xception) dhblifllcd the whole taw, yea, :lI1d tile {auuL\th in p:micul41.r, declaring in ex .. . prelk

G(Jd, and not only Io, but having laid fitch a high charec upon all Chrlfllan Minillcrs" to be Inflant in Prcachinz.ln Con'jr.lrc . fcafon.out of (eaton, he plainly {hews 1Tim.a. by his conllant prad ice inl'rcaching eve.. T, c.wirh ry fabbath day both among J~ws8{'Gell' chap. 2.7.~, tiles this which is the very Gofp-l fcafon of Preaching, wherein he tollowcs Chrifl: & binds believers to follow him. So dlat if it be true as (\bbath changers Cly,whcl'c can we find a more dH[<:tll .. bllm; perlon then the Apollle P 11,,1 i' Neither do they rcl] here, but even accute Ghrill himfelf who is {aid to be f"ithful in all his houfc.cvcn asf!rloJeswas faith Iul ill his houfe.Now we know that Mofes hath moll cxprctly {et down from time to time the very folcmn fe,lfon wherein his houfe [hould all-::l1lbleand worlhipGod.BlIt of the tabbarhs change, eh; jfl:never fpal{e aile wCJI'J to his houfe, nay on the contrary he declarcd.tlut as lotH~ as Heaven and earth baed his Difciples ll1ull not break one jot 01' rule of thoCe 1ivcly oracles that [[rile! received from Sina] to p,ivc unto us, yea in p.lI'. tlcular he owned the Icveuth (by Sab,

ClJrijf Itcclljed. prclfc terms that there rcmainerh the celebration of the Iabbath to the people of



J 2J.

T!J(:"11/bores ,tr~ M
h:tth, as his S~bh:lth)and {(-)left it under his h,llld, nnd fealcd it by his marvel ... 10,s mir.iclcs, and with tt n IeI' fatherly cure rl'1\1i1'cd his houfe to pray that they Il1l~~hl net be forced to tlce lll)on it Ionic years after his death. t\nJ as for the day which (;Ibbath chant~w) acccpt,and arlert [or their Sabbath, l;,; n.vcr g;lvc them one Cylbble ola pre .. ('Cpt"lIld fc'!' hi~ prclidcnr it hath pl;)inly ;:p(l;;an:d) th.u he [ourncycd freely fi,teen miles upon it. So that if the Sabbath be
ChriH is far enough front l\Jorcj {.1irldttlnds in all his lioufc ; But iurthcr how dreadful is it to father that

and mifcrYA
catogllc.VVltOrc {he hath ffi')l1 impudently changed the fourth livdy oracle into this d mnablc diaJdt.Rememher to }l11llithe holy (tfl(/iunl,. Sabbath changers! tis high time to {pit in the whores tace, Ilrip her naked, hate her, burn her 8dh with fire?


leave her now that 'he is (0 manifdllv marked out to you,l lhal! even leave yotlReV.18. ill hcr lufhul embraces to (h,\rc in what
{he rnul] lhorrly (uff-:r.

It you will not deretl and



1\11,1 turn me to my dear companions who hjve obtained arace at tdt. to fee and fal1t\:ifinhc true Sabbath or' Father

l)an.,.25 -ous SOil of Go.l, which

cbafJ!~~of the Sabbath upon the prcci .. is the dctcflable ddi~'n of the link l1CJrIJ.The chJlIgcr of

and (pil'it,with whom I Ilull go 011 with wcckl y expdtation or the d:l Y of
our 'ull relca ((',when vengeance pure and

'he III d be h-;:,\rciJy albmul, whileHhe (V .n !"~ the f l vcnth fed Oltwcs (0 of ( ly I.h~ Stru.npets BhfphcllIy, that tilt:] may run and read her III irk as ic . w~n; ill t!le heart of bel' dctcllable de ..

times ~l.lldLawes what ! charge that up· (111 Chril] wl.icli is the proper prcliunprion of t\ntichriH! is not this the whores mark, to change the Saints times? the S,l11J() S,thhath time, and [he Saints filp" p~T rime. M.: thinks Sabbath changers

caloguc .

unmixed (ball be poured upon rhe head ofthe f.lhuath changing,whiJes joyes un- fpc;lk:ible Ihall ro{fdr~0111' hearts as our 20. promifed portion. R':;r'yce over her thou Heav-n ilnd yc holy Apoll les and Prophets for God hath ,\V n~ed YOll on her: Th,.TC ar-, that think the diffrrcnce of a day is no Iirch great mati cr;. 0 long a~ one d.\y :n {even is l.oncfl ly obhrvcd • And truly no wonder thcy can fo '!aliJy


'.1 fJC ,'/t1»ljfh AllticbrHl. pence with the chal1g(~ of a c1ay who can (l) freely cllJllgc the {[lbjCl~ in Baptifrn. C It rift cal S' -!()l' bel levers and they hin~~ inCHlts, Chri!tcals for made him dift:il,Ls an.l they king him flicking rhil.lrcu , Chrift commands to teach r1.,:111 Jir(l and baptil'': them after, and th,-'y frrinlde them lira and promlfe ro tca ch r!1(:111 to be dirciplcs after whc, the!' they will learn or not ! So Chrhl

(I (hallow lordl the impu(_lcncc 01 the ~1.1n of lin in changing the Ievcnth ~hy Saohath into an dgtHh d:q of his confe-

llllmaJIC devices, , .. to the eighth of hi~ own mvcnuon



n:Ltl\Hcd by the people of God,& they vied;! y pollute the ievcnth day and puc
Lcv.: :,;.
:; 5, i (..

(or the fcvcmh day Slllb,lth to be

hi iJ':uJJ'co the ci gill Ionic ha ve eager1'/ Clh'C;)VOlll'cd to prove by the gron::

n(' 11' ':dnh or lirli ,lay,which they call t !\:: Lhrilli.lIl Clhh,nh. B~lt that p~l'l(}I1S may ICll' ever dl'~ad IllCh in.liricrcncy nnd ~!11:,i~(y purt in: ofTthcAlmighty Iro:n in ;\ f~V'~lIlh 211 eighth,l f1dl [>l'cfcllt you

:d'uk of Cb,l, precept, tor rhe Ccrcmolli:J I:hb:u:hs orthe feelft ()(T:lbcl'luclcs, \':hi·..!, dwy would (.iin h.ivc to be typical

but he Iurrher prcfiimcd to chance the Ctl'i;11lonL\1 time of the feall of Taber- Lev, 2~. naclcs ; for whereas God commanded ~3}4. / lIrael to keep the fifteenth day of the I hll~. 11 {cV(;nth moncth,Jcrobotllll ordained the 31.·33' fifteenth day, 0f the eight month-and (cc how God records this in his book of rc .. mcmbrance. And Jere-botHu ordained a feafi in ihe dght moncth on the f Itcenth day of the moneth Iike unto the fcafi that is in ]uria!;· •• -fo he ~ff~l'cd upou-v-vthc fifteenth day of the cluhth 1110'1c:(.h evCll,
ill the moneth which he had devifed o]

onelv chan~cd Gods C<:l'<.:mtHll.ll Lawes


This wicked JcrOboal1~ had 1101:

tlIl11.11"11Id \ I J .Wilh A wi d n'W }, who(e t .r; revolted Tribes did as nor-il-ly I..~bllhk the 1<11 horns of the f'l',lIi'illl !\ntichrill,as his chalH~1?of the Lvcmh IlIUIl ..t!l of app(')imr])(:m

'wit!J th: h:irriblc


of that

his own heart. Take notice (\bbath changers ! who plead for altering a I11o~'alLaw of God from the Icvcnth to the cighr, behold th,! Idolatrous ]erobqai/l but changing a ccrcmonial Law from the fcvcnth to the eighth and he i.s for ever iHgmatizcd Iqr deviling this of his own heart. And if YOll w iII not be warned but go

on in polluting Gods fcvcnth d.1Y and



l-Iif{b rlilJlenfrlre. put 11ilil 0ff Jeroboam-like to your iti. vented (i hrh or {irH d1y fabbath, YOll will Ihon lv find thatGod will be as exaCt in reckoning with yol.1 for YOllr A11~
tichriHi.lInlevice o: chart~im~ hi s moral Icvunh day as with the };',vilh Antichrift fCJl' Ch.1Jl1'ing his Cer~moniat fcvcmh l]l,mc{h'Y()lI fay youI' eighth or firlt day fabbath is like the lc~r:I'lth day

'1be diiJl~cr' o( V;[f}rde)'. .29 tvith 3o()OO. chofcn mel', f; ts the A.l'k 2 Sam.6. upon anew C,tI r, I he oxen they Ihake It,
Vzz"lh endeavours, to Iunport, GoLi



him dead, and Ipoils



fabbath, there is lut a dry difference, and you pcrf.,II'IH "the li!<c Iervices ~Il your Iabharh ,IS (1'ld cnpyned on his, And ;n(l in did {,robol1lll, his fcaft. ':Vas like the feafi 0: jwlab;,1I1,i the faClltic:S likely the Iame.l-ut when alls done I~c IS branded (0[, ,I timc~c1ul1gcr,who dcvifed the time ot his OWIl heart? SlIrdy he that fees not this Jewifh A,ltichriU (in. II is
chanze of the (cvcnth month to the :?lgl t

mirth. Bur what is the C3U{C of all thi<? why it is theil' invention of {(·rtin!! Ih: Ark UP()lJ a new a cart, which Il.ould ondy have been carried Oil the Lcvires Ihoul .. del'S, of which errour holy David b::il1f;

(t:llfiL1~ humbly
f.lyjll~~ ,



the Ad{ of 'G~,l but th'! L(~vl((;S-- -Ior 2.13. bcc.U1C,: yc did it not at the J1l'll',ti.c I.ord

the Lord






moneth ) fh<Hlowim~ forth the RO~llifh [\michi'iH (in his chanze of bo~s feventh day to his eighth day) hath littie I'piritll,t1 cye fight. Bur that Godschildl'cn may for ever beware of chal1!'.ing his ar~l~intments.,lct his .u (plea(il1'~ that brak? forth agamfi: holv Dnvid G:: 0111' admonlticn-

{oJcnmly prof:ff.: uuro you my fldh trcmbl.s ill writing rlus f;td e~:arnrL" and clare ally cont:lill'~ by wekly difo.rlcr to provoke this 1'::111oils God ? belicve itChriftiillls it .s not ',Ill your rloing that will avail, it IIlLla be fa daill\~ that God will accept; Let all things be done decently amI in order,Now all therl! thilll~s were written {(W our admoniri011. Therefore think n-it Clft~r admoni- Rom.IS.
tlon ) that

Go.l made a breach lIpon us fer that [olfl~h( him not after the due (jydl'r.l

David had a piOllS pupolc to [etch the Ark o] God uo Jerufalem, he g~C!) with

but that alone which God 11:1thonia ined, God will at Ian make a breach upon YOIl



will be ~lcccptcd 4-

if ;




him after the .due Order. I have nowrhrough grace fully pro ..

Cords dud Stfz'I\fS. do not repent in time; and feek

feventh d:1Y Sabbath. That it is Gods fpedal command to rememhcr ir , That. it is one of rhofe lively oracles received by IJrael, from Siilfli to gi ve unto IlS, Tha t we are under a double obligation to obferve it; Fit'H, from Gods ref] at the Creation. Secondly, from Chrills rei] at om' Hcdcnu-tion. There rcma incth th crefore the celebration of the Iabhith to the'
people of God.

ved the unchangable perpetuity of Gods

~,,~ J~"~""'J J~". vr·ur- .• changed Laws, and changed times too, and in kerpin~ the roy~ll Law, ( th~fe livdy Ol'acl.:s) ,accor.:ilOg to ~the fcrlprures (hey (lull do well, and oe blelfed in th~il' deed s while.s Iuch ~s. content itt. I. ~S. themfc1ves with partlal obedience fhall e- . 8. know (when \..orci,tord will beto lace) 10~" • th at whofoeverfh .11. keep . the v.:holl,! • taw, and yet oft·end i~ Q1t: p011lt (wil.ul- . J y ;J Iter w;trnitw) he 11 gl1tlty of a~l. Now that nncere [ouls may Iweetly contorn~lhemre1 to this Royal LaY" this lively Oracle.this perpetual r(~!1l.lm, ing feventh day.S,\lluth, 1 fuJI ~n ~he power of the Hlghefl afsift themin the I~cxt part of my Pofition.

Undoubtedly SiJlflj's lively oracles gi .. veil to Chrillians? arc Ionic of Sions cords 01' Hakes to fallcuus in obedience [0 our God; and. it is his faithfull pro .. m ik, th.u rhcy (hall be perpetuated. it: 33. Not one of the fta!<es tlnlcr1c1of (hallIevcr be removed, ~ neither 1<\ any of t ie 20. cords thereof be broken. PIt ... Let Antichriil coulpirc with earthly 1'.2 '. o- rowers to break rhcfc bands in Iundcr , and edt away thcfe cords from them. 'Tis but fat' a time, times, and half ])a 7.15' a time ~ The faints Ihall rccover their

Theftfth Head.


the honour of the holy God, ~y a holy Peopl~>, in a holy manner .. TIS no {mall mercy that God hath WlO~ed at the dales of our i~norance" while we were weekly wallowing in S,tbbath.,poI ..



the word f.tbbath fignihesl~oIy Rell, (0 this reR is to be fan8:16ed

lution . and that now he calls upon us




'IhuChriflitl1tse1JaraGler. 'Alls 17' to repent, and reform in Sabbath fan .. 30• aUicatioll. The fcventh {cal being undoubtedly Pro ..9' I" opened, hath difcovered the fevcn PilI~OIll.l~.lal's of WHC.tOI~lCS hOl~(c, i. i. Thofe Ie..

.F-IP.4.11~ forts of ofheel's , IIHO whore Hearts ven H. . God will put grace to trumpet fOI th the g10ry of the,whiles CaJ.!,S.5' faithful fouls coming out of their one rhoufand two hundred 'and Iixry years wlldernefs conditioll,leaning upon rhcir R ,. beloved, wiJIreadHy embrace and keep e. J .... 17 the commandments of God.and the ftlitb of]e/r,s. Obfcrve here the bldfed chara-

Faitbfll/ Followers, a"~l !JiJ. com~l'a'1Jdtl~e1Its are 110t gri;vollJ. } 0 be Iiirc this command of Lu,8:i .. fyilH~ Goris S lbbach, is nor. g icvous gJ',lcious fouls. As the Jer"es 'in their I'Cturn fl'lltl1 literal Baby/ull kt to the ob • f crvatlon of a11 they found ell joined


them ill the holy Scriptures -( though [omc thin~s had been difcOlltinllcd) a long tiIllC.) So the faithful ChriHians



1Jo m 3' tI

Chara8:crof a new Creature, that hath a faith working by Jove, he knows that C circumcilion is nothing., and uncircumt .IompftrC • 'a16 I'. fi' ISnot Iltng, b ut t 1 '~I . ron ic {cl.'pmg 0 f t1ie (J. IJ comm~nd~ll1cn~s of Gocl:All the tongllc }Vlt ~, • protcflion 1Il this Worlel is nothing, all & 1 Cor. the PI'ctCllCCS of [piritual Sahbatizers 7.19. ;Vilh their gllH(~ed c~prdfiol1s ofIivlng l 111 the bolom of love isnothing. 7"/JiJ,jl tbe

acr ofthofe blelled fouls that come flying,as a cloud out of Baby/ouijh abomina .. lions to thc'\jVindows of the Ark ofGocl. 7bcfc arc tbt~y tba: k.r.~o/, Commandments tbc of God, ant! 1/.1e faitb }eflls, Here's the


"S. Love ot Co:li/J,tJ: rPc.k.frp his com;11twdmellts

tlIlCl •

comins out of myfiicaIBttb) 1011, Iiich asdo Read not only hclicvc inJe{us,but arc Iikcwite Neb.S. 8. [onud ~jththe commandments of God) 11' 17' t1lO(C lively oracles, that lfr'lcll'ccdved from 51 111IIi to give limo us; Wherefore feting how ~michriJt violated the fecon.l commandment Ly his idolatrous images, they til'll caft out the Llols , and kept the fecond eomm.mdcmcut , they aIfu rdinqui(}l':d the horrible bblphcmics of the Beafl , 'and (0 obfcrvcd the third commandemenr. An'~ at Iail takin~ a fcrlous view, how Anticbri;i- had changed times as evidently as lnws.rhev f.t 'oug Iince to the fanaifica-' tlon of Gods feventh-da Y Sabbath ac- Rev. • 2. cording to the fourth cOIl1tllandcn~ent 17' upon which the Dragon was wroth witl~ the woman, and went to makewar with the remnant of ber feed, wbicb k.'cp tb« L2 com1

Sabbath amonglt his commaudemeots,

'Ibe j'eveHth A1Jgels oatil. commlwdemcnts of God, awl bcu« tb« ~imo,!y of JcJiu ClJrif/. A remnant there was in the Prelates elates that endeavoured to keep Gods but the Dragon in Lawn


Ilceves was

the Lords Sibbath , (wearlng hy him R ,. that liveth for ever and ever, That tim'. C.IO. fhll!! be no longer. Me thinks none fhould be fo fimple as that his Alarm mull yea pars among MallY peoples, and NlltioHS, and longues , Ytrf. 11. 'and I01lgs. But in fwearing that time Ihould be 110 longer, is meant that the ll1)'ftCl'Y of God by his Prophets Ihould br. fi'lilhL'd, which is the myflery of iniqll'ty ., and the mvfterie of ffrae/s Vet]. glory ; and fince it is impoflible that .' 7· Siou Ihould be rai(ed, but in the ruins of Bahylon alter a time, times, and the di .. viding of tlme.the feventh Angel means that the time changing horn Ihall no longer prevail, but the Lords Sabbath Dnn, 7: time, and the Lords (upper time Ihall 2») 26, be recovered by the Saints, who keep 27. the commandements of God, aswell as the faith of Jefut. Wherefore awake, ~l'ire,and arm your ' (elves, ye obedient fouls, to Jeb9v~hs Sllbblltb, at the dHHntl: found of the. fcvcnth Angel, Who twears for your
to fuppofe the fcvcnth Angel Ihould puc an end to all time, teeing it is evident

Time reflored. to recelvethe Alarm of the fevenrh Angel, founding forth the anrient ~Iory of


wroth with them, the Proud image of the Beall pu(hcd at them, and undoubt-

edly wharfoevcr

relique remains of the Beaas image in the prefent powers, will be putting forth the horn to pufh at the
obfervers of the true Ieventh»



, ,

penalties lIpon them for obferving Gods S.lhbath. But whiles thcfe go 011 in fin) and make Englmzd to (In, in the weekly pollution of the Lords true Sabbath, handed from Silln; by IJrllClllnto us, and whiles ochers have devifed an every-day .. the Lord will pcrfwade his prctlcns ones

But to pull: at God s people, and impofe

bath ;' whatfoever is of Amichriji in the prefcntAuthority,wilJ nor.cannor indur e to fcc thofe times reformed which the little horn hath changed. It is the naturc of all Jeroboll11ls golden Calves, not only to oblcrvc thofe times which their Founder hath dcvifed of his own heart,

Sabbath to Iecure themfelves under Ii)j. ritual pretences, in literal di[obcdicJJcc;



, ."":""'

..... _ 'o-_",

." .. _.

.. ,.,



11JCS~bbllt1J.f di.~l1i~y. longer (kprivcd 01 your arll'ointed

ch,\t~~~,{ ;:'1l1 obf curcr!
CIl("O\lr,H~cmcnt~ that you


be no




on ,

n1111lb1illt~ block to lfwfls

as the



the myfli'ry




I\nd to quicken yom' fouls to lll;s he;\v,_'p!yroyal duty, confider; tis the j:'5 2~.. will of one l\.oy,tl L ,w·(~iv:r, who is ,IH;~ t·) (av: an.] to ddho,{; wH1 you not [c.u: him? wi 1 yon not tremble at hL; prd~~nce, who illth de.:LII'~d himk! LoU 0: tilt: Ctbhath ? nor to break it Jt,1,II. :~.~. (1\0, nut in on: tid: ) but th;lt hints tiJnll\d (;lI1.:titi·_· it, k(':\ufc it is hi' wi II, \l;'ho'Nill fh:)I'dV kt forth hisHily.,l \1 [c-





C'Jrijli.Jm 'Duty. IJ7 ob(cl'vinf!. his fabbath , becaure it is the will of the R0yl1 Law·givcr. Hcc(lu{cit is a ROyAl Law, a lively 2~ O1'4\cl~:, the ChrHlbns Legacy, a holy, juH, fr)idt~lal comnlJn~1emcnt, a p~rfca !{oill,1' : Law of l,lb.~rty, tcuing the heaven- 12,1<\; bow ()1I1 r l'CC from tha t earthy b )ncia~e . to which lhl1l':~hil.drl1dgcs, would willilll;ly k fl,lves, bdn~ then chiefly/in br)il(l;-we, when c;dlcd from the World to waft lIp0'l God. But the foul th~t is
a Saint illlked takes fwcet dchght in this I\.oy~l Law which not onely allowcs him the open frccdome of hovl1h; Courts, his clr,his heart, a whole



day 1O)"ct!,cr, but fends I~im av:~y laden Ja.1.2).

with bldhngs, frauf,ht WIth {plrltual favours, lharnin~ hirnfclf that he can yet he no more like this Royal Lnvgi\fer,

I, I


ofhclv'cn,widl p(~\\er . ,,1\(\ !'''c'at :~liJry, to take accou: .t ot all his Citiz 'm, who thew (heir hatred to Lo;,1 (which h:: bath f:,l' (,vel" t:lLbli;kd by a perpl'tllat dt·('I'c~,,) A'I! b ~ expect.:,\ by 1. bluth. br ea .. kcrs, wh rn t!,C ItO,>"l} Lord of the LbI bath tlt:1\ apr'l".ll': _ [jilt tl.·oJi: mine CJtt'~"k.!' 19• nuc'. : W')O )V~1Ii{i Not t IJilt 1/hOfJ!f. J' n'tpt
I '/

fly ill rh;:(,k;uds

h iru , ill Hi ~~hli1\ t~ that (.,blnth, whereof


in the ctI,mfication of this Royal Law, whiles his foul labours to be trwsfol'mcd 1Cor. 3· into the (arne Royal image) becaufe it is 18. a Royal Law, and yet
Bccau1c it is ordained for a Royal 3'

M't;'" tl.'t'i11) briilf!, Ilm)J bit/m" awl fll!}



l-LiPPY fouls, who fhall then he found

Ob[I:L Ying


p'o~)le; ~ .... For 1.11.e Lord dldnotlllfhtutelt till he \w\ made his Royal image torllic as Sov2rai~nover all hls works, and when he had made man, he preCently made L4 this

1 •


r'1rt1t Nobility. this royal Law of the 'abbath for'rnan.






Th.r Lord did not afterwards dl.. Ipen(c rhis lively orade (\!lith the refl) ~111 he h~J prepared a royal people to Jmbrace It, and when he had hlllrutted tht!l1 as h~s peculiar treafure.hls royal E."-:od.19. nation of I rietls.his ~rrne!((hat is in the 5. H.cbrew A Prince wlthGod ) 'then he dJ(penfed. this Law in great M..jdlic and fJory to them. 3· 3. He did not bequeath it under hand and ,itat Ul1to us ChriHians till he had fllrll1{}l.::d his new tpoufe with the {_~Iori. . ous gr,\ces of his holy fririt : But 'when great r.r,lce W:lS upon atl {he Church' ~Ild f'VCI1Il1Ol were fingled our.the moll .AUs 4· l.oyally adorned of them all , then the 33· fil'tt and mof] Princely of all there (even Was (d,tted (whore name fi!Jni6~s A -:JDJ 6, 3' C:~~wn) AI~d ~\'hi1es the POWF.I· of the ). . f I:lll~ ,,_p~)catcd In th, pllrdllllltr.' 101' the VllldlcatlUll of the faith of ]r:fus by I P ... J r.: p , [ H~ ~~I CIS •. rotomartyr', this J!,JOriolis deed of gJ~t was made to all ChriHians blr the precious Dofrrlne ofStepbl'1l who . .1 'r,'~sus i.n the word of the Lord: that lIme! r~c(;lved .the lively oracles ti'OI11 the Mount of Sinai to give unto us, and

"avin~ declared this bleffed truth he Alls ~ tuddenty (~a.h:d it with his ~JooJ. ~8. And noW it cannot be but Gods fC,)Y· a1 people {h ·ut,. ~ethillk. themtc:lves this royal D, [trme delivered ~Y the firU ChriHbn Martyr; .nd asb\.comes a royal people fet to the fanlHfication of the royal Iabbarh of our royal Lord Jebovilh In [efus the Lord of the Sabbath; And Gods Saints {hall no fooner Iearch the Scrtpcurcs whether this be fo or 110 but prerently they Ihall be made nobl:ll\cl1 and women \ and when once Atls 17. they arc brought int? obedience of t!'is r r. and the r ell of rhofe lively oracles/ which feeming S~ints mull fiumbte at) they are prelcntly proclaimed A Royal frieflhol}cJ, 1 Pet 2.•


a cbofm gOlerlltion,a holy Nation It peculiar 89. \ Peoplc. Anti as thry grow \10 in obe?ience to


Stt.pbem lively Or.1C les (all which arc iee op n,elpecially on G?ds S.b:ath) they {hall he rransformrd Into Chrlfislmage 31111 the (Hue Char,[l:er lhmp~ upon them as once upon Gideo~ts Brrthren ; A~ thou wtfl (}:(\I~;) fo nrt: they each one Jud.!. refti11blillg, t'~e cbildren oj iJ Kinf! : ~nd 18. whill's this royal race are fanlbtymg the Royal ren of their Royal R.edeemer Behold 1






Nu», 23. Bc'/.)(J!d! t{li! LorrllJJJ God is lVith him mid rJ. . the Jhout of tt J( i"~'f «mon« tbemi Now who wOlJld not I;~onl; of there (
who would not ilwt)cili:: this (rue Sablarh, .a~ becometh [",:h a L!\V, filch a !,awglv.:r,lucl! a pcopl~? I. Til;! way to P.:r(OI'IlI this is by pl'qm',lf ron : the Lord our Go[f would l~av(; us to J'cmclllbn' fo to fanttific his bf:,b:1l~l as to l'L'flIOVC alt impediments that Il1lght :lily way ohHrufr out folcmn

Preparllti01l. ] 41 No work m;JYbe done in our ordl- 1 lYorltJ nary ealluurs : unlefle in cafe o! ncce~ of ~lfcef. Ioudiers in War,Sl\~lers In their [uie, voyagc5;tho\l~h I fill,ole no warrant can JoPJ.6. b,' loun d for fctting forth on Gods Sab- J 4' !c;.
bar') . and ;Iny other in Hraits. .ACts ZOo Miuillcrs may aml mull Labor at all 6.& 27' fea{ons,but efpcciatly in this Ieafon : I 20 mean Minillel's of Chrift, who Preach 2/~(jrbJ fr-=d y and live .hoTiollrably of ~h~t fi)· of pttt.J. ever is Ircclv p,lven : hut tor hirellngs (h,\rg,l.inilll', Prcachcrs ] who pret~nci to Gods \Vork, yet dare not trul] him for W,ll~lS)thc(e do their own works and not Mic'3. (},;ds work,hkc to the n-adetman that 5.11. labours 101' advant"g:~. This h·ly dav the poor may be fupplied the lick vilited , and a Ial.bath <.hy::; jomn::y,lnvfllHy pcrformed;wh!ch I conceive L~(0 tar as a perfon may r{(~c or go without toil, to fuch meeting whcl'(; his foul m<ly be moll re'rcfhed, 1"01' wile!';: no Law is, there is no tranlr:rcOJon.A Iabbath (hys journey is ScriI'J/ 1.. -' . nturc: the extent or(. 13 I c. to con- '2 Y .orKJ 1l . CIt 7' J. '. oj conueiClcncc.. • • l'ti8Uc. ConvcnlcnrIcod IS to be receiver' )' with

Phylicl;; ns Ch lrurzcons , Mldwives



that is 110 (crvile, !~,\l1I:1I1 work. Sx davs thou IIuilt do all I hy \\'ol'k~ in llx dllYCS thou mull (0 lillilIt tily I'.or/( th at the Icvcnth llJay be who! .. ly, d :Lg'l"l! toMywork {aid} the Lord: \\'1 () (,' 11'1'11 J CC t S pure (r,;:edoflJ.Saillt, IIl11ft G"i/ 2 c' (01 Ic.ivc lheir labollrs;ls Abrllm left his tcrv.uus . at' the 11Ott0l11 of the UII ,~:lliLs he afccn.lcd to [tcrittcc his (011

Jov:'~'~llVi!I)v/'._{!J mille bnnrl: in innocencie Pftl. 26. [0 will.I ('omp/~[fi' thine All III' () LorrJ. Sin 6. ',s dOll~~L:d :1 [he f.lbb;ah d.iv. Sin is {in. 0 iull ,t< all L:ali.llls hlltcxcccdinf'fii,fqlin th is (ad1:ii;;_'d fc.don.. ,) , AWIIY wich <!II your I.ibOlll'.~. In it
fll,,/t do



aw.lY with 0l1I your Inns and





P reafllres.

with thank!l,which each finccre Sabbath,' keeper' will. rC~J)cmbel'(0 to provide and,' prepare before the (abbath that his fer .. v.mts (OllIs be not deprived d: (it(lenall::e by fbying at home to provide for his body. We find the Lord of the fabbath blk,.C 14,col1tcnt with bread, and his DHdplc" I. with cars of COl'l1 on the fabbath d.1Y. A'i tOI' the .JcwHl1 prohibition of IdndJing afire, it is not mentioned but ill the ceremonial Law and (0 concerns not Chrifiians who though notin danger of fi,mi ng yet I hope will find fomewhat ell'~~o do then gather flickcs on the, lab ..





111 brief I doubt not but a pcrfon prlndpIed with the love of God will [0 rcmember to Llllctilic [he to or .. del' all his buiinets to be as much as po~ Iiblc in the worihlp of Jebovllb. 3' As we mult leave 0111' unlawful. JlI(tS and fervilc vte mull part with our own lawfll1 plcafures, and be fure we plead not for any palluncs or whattoevcr may pleafe the flelh further then Gols word will w<1l'l'a.l1t,<ltld whali can ple.ue or delight a devout foul like. C~lI'il~spretence amidll: his laints, intlJc uk of gtJfjd ol:dillanccs?


Tis the revealed will of God,that we Ihould UlI'Il away our foot from .( LId!l .. ilH~) the Sabbath, and from do III~~ cur pl~l(ilrt:s,ol1 his holy day;that we Ihould call the Sabbath OUf deh~ht,thc holy of the Lord, honourable', and honour our God upon it., not dolng our 0 Nn Wayes, nor finding OUf own pleafiires.nor {peaking our own words.. If.)S.l~, And therefore belnz thus pl',by removing all obfirucHoils. ~lak1l1~ ,\~l poflible preparations , ~nd ~cll1g furniIhcd with heavenly dlre8:1ons, let U5 rellaloufly fet to th.e obfervation and fan8:ification of this b~dre~ Sabbath. And upon our entrance mto Sab~ath duties, If there be ihe hapy conv. 11lcncy of frints that may aflemblc together \ as through mel'cy is our Pflvtlcdge) when the Iixth day is done; then be fur" t.o (Urn awaythy foot from fabbath poll~ltl .. 01\ and being {hod with the prc~aratlon eel: i of theGolpclof peace take the WIfe: mans Ec .5. • prcccpt,Keep tby foot whm tlJougoej/ to the !Jollfe of God. • If thou Ihouldefl have no foclery to f.mB:ifie the Sabbath, with th~e) yc[ thou canil not want company,havmgthe pro .. mired pretence tii the Lord of the ,sab. bath


P crformltJt(, c.

fleb. I.




ofthcA;rgds.Remem. 23" When thy beloved hath been lodge~ a~1 deportmcntbccaufe nighr,bltween thy brefls, and thy foul ls her thou ,in upon a moral dllty,whcrclore 1 Cor.lI. do all thing~ decently "n.d in order, p~'''\Y10. warmed with hirbofom embraces.let not when the f alnts pray. Saints mui] be like the fun flume thee Ly his (llure? bcfor~ Aaron &Hllr holding up M~res han~s;t~ey I COT. '-i' thou hlll1tf' rhyl.ord in fCCI,1t & III th; pn mufi be like the heavenly holt hn!-,mg 40' vatetamlly (if filch advanrazc be given fOITh nhe praifes of God together; (ht) thee) or clfe the garden, fidJ~, p:,l'OVC,or mult doe things as becoms the bleffcd water Iide.may furnifh thee with matter communion of Saint~.,& breath afecr til e cnouzh for meditation. Indeed no place 'futldt communion with God.that is at .. can c~c1nde the Creators glory from a rainable in this flare o( gr.lcC', the (om .. contemplative Iabbath leeper. When the munion to be fought by eVf.ry Sabbath do~c~bcgin toflee.t~ theil' Wllldows~l(t no keeper muf be,. . Iccrct or prlvatc outy (llIllch Idle ernI.A choice communion.fuch a <: the (a III t cumbrancc ] keep thee from the flocks of mull prefer to all enjoyments. Never let Chrllls compmions.and bdng~t{r~mbled the {'alII think to fanaifi~ Gods Slhbath flit' up the gift and grace that IS m thee~ till Jacobs ladder, mount thy Ioul to Ja .. that docs not eflcem one day in G~ds Pflll.84. courts better then a thoufand. Let 111m 10. cobs height olarhutrarion , How dreadlul never imaginc,his Iervicefhall be acceptis tbi« place! Ibis is none other bllt tbe !Jollfe ed unlellc he endeavour (at Irafl ) to of Gorl, nnd tbi« if the gate of Imzvcuiurc. make a MoJes, a Maries, a 'lJavids choice .. /y the Lord is in tbis place. One thil1~ have I dcfired of tlH Lord tb~, . J\nJ now let the awfull dread of the )PiU I fee"'- after. He that makes filch a Lord of the S~!bbath (bd()l'c whole 'a choice he enjoy the comforts pro- Pfillm,,27 peil'cing; eyes thy at<tiOllS and atfcctimired to Chrlfl ians, that keep Gods Sab- 4· ems are naked and open ) em~age thy foul bath from polluting ir, euen them (faith If.S6.4t and body to fuch a mannerly demeanour tbe Iord ) willI bring to my holy moun- s) 6,7 as becoms a faint info great a fervice.Keep rain) mJcl mnh! tbem joYflil~ill 111y hOllfe thy heart with all dillgcnce .becaufe of .. of

bath, and his holy A ngcls to attend the,'.

. S"bbatiJ Commullion. 1 .• 1 the A1mighty,kecp thy body in a comely Prov.z+





-., .


. ,I

;n thdt toul, who makes his choice of Sabbath commun'on with his maker. '. 2. 2 It mull be a clofe communlo-i, Th. ,8 S .bbath kctp::I' m.rlt be in his S IV jOllr~ (.I11J. • i· l otorne aIl the day. 0 (faith tbe [pr ufe ~ tbn! ,bouwert my brotb tr; "JIlt IIl.ked "h'" brej!s arm! motber-- I would I<jfsthee &c~· It IS good for m~ ( faith the: Plalmui, ) ro draw near to (jod. 0 ChdUian keep clofc alia In him not ao.rlll he fend t.hee to thy houl e with a bleffi· gin tlt ine heart. 3; 3 ' Tholl mutt labour tor a clear comPf. 63· 2, mUl1i~n. Content not thy (elf, till thou feell Ills power and his Alory,as his faints 2 Cor. 3· have: (cell him in his fanCl:ual'y.PJ'clle afJ 8. tel' prlmhivcexpcrlcnee to behold as in .I1{fs 2. a J!I :If<:the glory of the Lord, till thou be changed into the fame image, from r,lol'Y to glory, even as by the {pirit of the Lord. 0 the clear communion faims enjoyed that blclied fabbath 011 which the r-r= Ipirlt dctccnded ! , C 41 4' Thou .il't invited to. a compleat :,~1ti5J. communion, E,lt 0 [riends, driJlI{, abunr osn I. damly 0 beloved The (lints have fulndfe 3~4ft of joy in their fcllowfhlp with God. . 50 c:; •. Thy communion muf] be conllanr, Never leave loving thy loving Lord, [Qr

SaMatT.t C011l1111111i01l. .oF prayer,G()d c.innot choo(c but .delight

SlIbbath Commlmio"~ 147 he h~th ['tid he will never lenvt thee 110r jiJ~fll~ tbee: the virgins. that arc redeemed Heb. 13· [rom the earth follow Chri(t conftantiy; l(ev. 14and (han the love of this world jnterIllpt thy communion with thy God? P fnl 4? That famous P[aIm for the fabbath, (ets 12 '. .• forth the conftancyof(aintscomnll!llion .14~.rith their Godday and night, and let this b.: the meafurc of thy fouls dcvori .. on rlicboly Sabbath. And if thusthon obtai n a choice, .clofe, clear, complear , conllant communion with thy God,1 am fure thv communion will be very comfortablc, fo that having rhus {anaifi~d /ClJOVll!JS Sabbath, he will fend thee home with a (lnfrified foul, and renew" cd Hl'·~t1gth,wherewith ev'ery Sabbath, thy veffd [hall be rep1enilhed tillat Iaf] thou (halt enjoy immediate communion with thy God in tdl eternal.



7heJlxth Hcacl~
'[be Rille. '''If 'His royal Law was unto I (i'ad a fcbancl ,


vcrc School-matter,

and flriCl: huf- GI1I'4- &


obedience, and denouncing dreadful! Rom. 7' curfes upon the leall tl'anfgreffion.. But



and punctual 3·

Ghril.t having drawn. out that terrible


14S \ B_elltlt, mill 'B';ltds. Bs», I h fiin£!~ and turned it from a fiery Ser .. J,2. pent to a friendly Scepter.thereby meatilring the Temple, the Altar, and them rIal. ~3· that worlhip therein, it is now the joy t/~j {kITe fball com/art me. ' At n tlaffe 0' B~~lIty it dircas the Zecb. 1 X. new creature to obedience. )11' As a {tdf ~~ Bands, .it only enzagerh as a rule o( h.l~htl!ou{nefs, {hewing our dck8:s, we may fee OUr need ol a Saviour: The thunders of Sinni , the blackncfs, darknels, and terrible trumpet; arc' now by Chl'ilt (0 fwcctned , Heb, 12. that all it can (pcJk 0" (\y to, , I( ye fulfill tbe Roy a! taw, accorc!;tlg to 7ft• J, 8. tb« Scriptr/rc) Jefhilll do well. But what it we [hould fail of fulfilling it, through humane frailty; Why if any man Sin we have an advocate, with the fath~r. II JO.2 I Well miy we (\y here is an cafie .• yoa l.r, a light burden indeed! and yet to') hard and heavy for Ranters, [f)Jlfl~el'S, Notiollijis, AmiIlOl11irl}1s) &c. who ( though contrary to each other) will not admit of the royal Law, 110 not as a rule of l'h~hwlllftlcfs:> but pervert the Scripture, which Iaics the; Law was not
an.l (ol rce of a (;l11aifi~d foul, 1byrod,

'fIle Itightfolff Rule.

. ..


madefor a righteous man, and Pharilce


like concluding rhemtelvcs rlghteous , I Tim, I. they utterly l'cjett the pretious Law of9' God, as nor made for them, to which Luk! 16. I an Iwcr, 1Sf 1. Tis true the Law is not made (0 bind over the rlghteous man, to its curfe and malcdi8ion, Iut to be Iurcthe law . was made forChr.ifhi difciples.aud wI)?,,' [ocuer fpen~ 1ZOt acc()rdiJt~ to the Law F 8 6 (though he boafl of his light within, la. ·1 • yet) be bas 110 light ill him, nay marc c~ 20., tpccially this very taw of the Sabbath , M was made for Chrills Dilciplcs , and ar.2. furcly they were righteous men. '27. ~. In the very fame Scripture from whence this objeflion is made, his manitcll, That tbe Law if good, and to be ufed by Saints if they ufe it lawfully. Now the Objc8ots will not ufe it at ull, but though it be proclaimed a good Jaw. a holy, jult, fpiritual Law, yet they will have none of it; but will join with An. tichrifl: in breakina bands afunder, and . r I cafl:ingaway ChrHls cords from them, Pill. 2· after he has told them, that wbofoever brellk,., mzd teacbetb to brea~ the leafl of tbefe lively Oracles givC1t 1I1Ito Iff JhnlJ be leaf} in tb« Kingdom, I Ihall leave tuefe Libertines to their lulls) and {hew the orderly Saints how this good



, I SO

is nOI: made for a righteous man. It is not nude Icr a righteous man in ,1". Clnil], as a minillration of condcmnaz Cor- ;3· rion, For vbere is 110 condemnation to Ihem Hom.S.I. tbat arc in Chri(l Jerro) wbo rVtllk.,11Ot after tlxfltjb) but 4ter t/.e,<"pirit. allY alJllit.Y given to obey) t01'\v(.. .ue now delivered from the La w , that bcim~ dead, wherein wc )V,'YC he/ri(ls ;:), covcuam ) tbn! we jholl!d [ave , in Jlcwi!Cfs of fpirit, antl not ill the oldllefs Bom'7·6 .•oftbe Lettcr ; he docs not undervalue the letter of the Law (110 not the leaf] point or title) but rcj-,:lb the oldncls ot the L:.;ttcr as a COvenant.

'{beLnvs lrtwfllllicfs. taw may be lawfully ulcd, and how it


it is nor a covcn.m; bindiJF~ ns to o-

bc:dicncc: without

faith, it is neither under us , nor over us, we ,U'\: not under-the Law, but under R.o,6· q., :~r.lcc, neither arc we above the Law, CXC~I)[ We bdllll!! to that Lawlefs one. 2 'Ibc]. 2. As we muf} llor.l'cjcB: the lcafl point ~)f th:: Ll'.V, unlefs we would be IC:1fi 111 B», S. 3, the hil1gdomc of/God, ncithn' mul] we 11. Cor " l'dlllP('~l1 the ~~l'catcfi duty of the Law,
I ,


The LlW is nor a foundation

for om'



: 'J' ( lIO nOL'

~ 12.


(Iiorr o{ "I 11'1 .r, arc bE' Igyptlif}l 1) IS • C '11 ut« . The Law is not made lor the right:c .. ous man to Bivc him life" 01' rightcoll{~ nels

ol the Golpcl )


all rclls

rigbteol({iteJs to all them that believ6; He fa irs not that ChrHl: is the end of the taw, hut that CIt,.ifl is the end of the Law for rtghtcoufnefs, for the Law can neither givc us life.nor rip,hrcoufilcS,bllt, Cbrijr is made 111110 rtf of God, fYifdom I11ld IUglJtcoufi/efs, SrtJt{fljiCrttioJt, and Redemption, in none of thclc re(pcB:j is the Jaw I11;]dcfor 11 rirhteous man, and yet we Glll.3. IJ know the Law is rood and may, and J Cor,.. 1 mull be ufed Ia\VfLlIJ~,. 30. Then it is utterly unlawful to dellroy OIlC Letter of the La w LInder a pretence of worfhipplns God in (rJirit, he that worlhips God in ij1il'it n:ulhvor{hip him aIfc) in truth by theLaw of trurh, it is a Ilronz ddufioll for Papifls to f.1Y they 1<rlOW God is a (ph'it, whllcs they make his image, it i, aufill'd to Iay we keep OUL' hearts in the Spirir, if wctr.U1l~rc{f;: the Icttcr.anr] commit corporal Fornication; it is no Ie[fc ridiclIlolls to afRn we keep the S,luuath in tile (pirie whiles we live in rite wcekly pollmlon of the Letter. The 1awiiIlu(c the Law is, I. To make JWOWIl Iin to the mofl: rif'.htWllS {oul,fol' tililh that eliccllene A~Iofll :', J bad not iv/own flo, but I~y law; tbe If thrrc be 110 Lrw, there can be no fin, M ::; if

Chi-lit 0"'" 011/y Righteotlfilefo. »lcf.q, But Chrifl u th~ end of the Lan? for






Crestures rule.

The Law of Li6ert.!. and foul is wounded

amonz ri~htcous men and women walk .. illl~ by this moll riehreous rule:', why he is om of prHon and at perfe8: libcn:y, thouzl. hi" feet were ever fo {aft in the
of God blafph. me I.

:Rom. 7'7 if there be no (in there is no Sa ViOUl' iot'. & 4' 1). filch a Soul. ' Milt., 9' The lawful \lfe of the Law is to dirc8: 13' a rightcous foul , to be a rule (not a 2, School-mailer) to the new creature, and If. 8. 2 'J. this new creature Is he.whofe faith works by l.ove, Ilwl this is tbc loue of God, tbllt G ft1.6. 1'5' we hsc/, his connnnnncmenis » fliZd i1f elI' S. 6~ ml1/~y Ilf ~vlllk. .1ccordil1J!, to this rule ( of & I Cur. the new creature) pellce be 1111011 tbem,mtd 7. 19~ I l1lC1'CY, flwllljlOJ1 the [fracl Gorl, Chl'iHs Job.)o 3. death hath nor opened a door to our diC·~ G'l-6. 16. obeJicncc, Heb, ~. 9, 10. The good law of God is to the ri(~h3' teous I1U1\ a p::rf(:8: LJ.,woflibcny. 'AI) ]tr.?y.2), fidr it would t~c filch a bOlld~lge to bow 6" 2 8, to ;\I1Y other God; that with the three child[\.'IM'I<: Clint wouhll'.lthcl' be hound 12 ' Iikc a r<t!~got for the tire. '}.. Should he be confined to S/,fliJ! 01' 1·»: his (pirit would be perplexed like Y'nuls , to Ice their abominabll! idolatry. O! what .\ l'i!!htcCllS rule? O! what a Lrw of Lib:l~iv is that whi~h calls the Ans u," (0:.11 f~'()lll the'lolldage of Bilbylolt ill g hrcak in« the (ccond COlllmandment? ,If). .And alas what a londane i~ it to his bLfL'd r()IJJ~ t:> hear the third 1\)'\11 Law broken by Blafphcmcrs, his H :fh trcmblcs, his hairs fhnds ill! end, his heart . , .. . and

to hear the name Bitt when he gets



But amongfl: all Gods royal Lawes none fets the righteous foul more at li.. berry then the fourth lively oracle.whlch therefore he cannot but eflcern as his blcffed Legacy. 0 how the feulng of the Iixth d.lyes (un comforts his Icul ! why now he is cal'd (rcp,ul"rly ) to call: off his carnal encurnhranccs, and to meet with his fellow citizens aff:mb1ing weelcbr.ue the (evenrh day Iabbath which God hath f.lnEtitied. Now he (hall rell: at noon in his: beloveds botom and get lip two or three rounds more at Jacobs ladder towards new Jerulalem. Here is the perfett Law of libertic, here is the ri ahteous rule of a Chrhtian, here is the hwlul life ~ the good Law for a righteous 111~1I1, who is the perfon, [or whom the fabbath was fpedal1y made, which is, TIJe {euentb Hcad. I have already
. The Per/ons.


fully £hewed that the M4 fab-


For R i ~}..teous Melt.

dent that in the firft inll itutiou it was' :(!,~·d'29., made for rizhrcons M~\1h Ad,Ul1 wag not oncly M;lll but good man, upright M.\Il) when the labbath was made for him. The proud Prelates have indeed conJdfl d thZ\t Arl'l/Il \V.tS then a ri~~btc .. ous man, but they would. perf wade their profdytcs, that the Iabbath was not Iutcable fo!' pure Ad/wJ, and that lie had no need of dlC Iabbuh in the Il.itc of inn iccncy. But fill'dy eve.. ry faint C;~I\ lee (fi,rthcl' rhcn lllch hliml ~~ui 1::0 t1';lt the Ltbbath \I!,tS as Iutcablc ;\1\\\ needful 1000the PU1'..! creature, as
for th e tl',\Il{l~c:ndantly pm:! .. rhcr ran it cuter into a wife mans heart, that /lfl,1Iil Ihould be dl'dllll~~ gardm , his • upontl«: Icvcnth d"y,whm Cod \V;lS till-

fabbath was made for Man.and it is cvi..

SabbAth aJ1d Supper: W righteous StephCit and all his IellowesThe Clbbath is certainly



the lame

to whom

cIJ'oyn<:d; Our Lord t-Is f.lbbath WAS made for all!\ wornan , and the fame J,3-eJ"O~ man an d woman upon t ic c cclcl.r.ition of his filppel' : they both he- ~8 or. II IOI1l~ to the Callie perC<,I1S. Not but that ~ the vlleIl mcn in the world arc bound to obfcrve the f.\bbulth,thc pollution whereof Ilull cncrcafe their dammtion , for tho\l~~hman hath loll l-is ability to obey" yct God hath not Ion authorltie to comThe Sabt'ath is a precept as ancient and univerfal as uurri.izc . both nude for Adam a publike pcr~(m, and for all his poih:ritk. Bur none csn ( thouvh all thould ) r.\Il3:ifi~ the S.lb1.l.lth, (,IVI! Chritls l);fcipks : who are redeemed from c.urhly inr.rclls ;111l1 hrollght out of Rev. 14.. lhb} lon , th tfe il} th,ek I.dt dayes (l.1th + I God ddi?:ll.~d to buihl the ~)Id wafl 12012.1 •
places to l\lIlt lip the [oun.latiuns (that Alltichrill: h.uh djlJ'(/Y ~d ) 0(' tlI.llly gc!u<llions to r~r:lir tht.: bre.ich, and re .. Ilorc T,athes to dwell in, by uu-ni W!; the 7 manri.

fot' the (upper ls us rlia this J,$p~'A"o: man M Lord puts u It.. ar.3. ,

fib. j8." ttityi,,~~ l.i: holy f.tlJ;\th WJJCil tbr moi'J!;;'e,' I il,{r.i Ili!;~ to(1,ctl.,c't',amL (lll tbc JOilS vf God F j,b. S.} _I!) .utc.! rot i» ; ccrra iIII Y if Ad,WI were a rollo-ver o! Go.l as a deal' child, he rhcn kept C\bbath,.wiLh his father. 2. 2, When Cod dif pcncc.l his (abha til Fj.b. 19. upon S iiZ;Ji,it \V rs to rightcous 1frll('/, ;H!d when they de .~cncl'.!lt:d, the Lord did 5, even a1,hor their Ctbb.n!Js and icrviccs. ,.. ~. W:1Cll thi: lively or.tcL:( with the J' l'~lr) \V.\S «ivcn unto us; It was inrcnd«! u

foot (of tr.\nf~~LHiQIl) from ( allY fur. thcr pollution of}chc 1.lblMth. This h a Ifll')7~ geu::ra .. 1113·

S /lints vitlory. gencl';ltlOtl work, here is royal Iervlce Ior cnl i~htened fouls. G lorious work for fuch onely as l~l·tvHlot'y over the B.!,lH his image and his marl<,vi:s::, THE CHANGE OF TIMES AND
Bilt bl(r! 110t· ntlt' Godly Ff&tlJcrs ui« iiov» OVtT tbc B((Iji /.IjJ 1111ilge. Ilnd bii milY/z: Anj))'. Tiley have worthily perforllled the work (II" their gcncl'.1[inn in their con .. ragnl,ls rvnouncinz the B cans dctdbblc Di~cal(\gil", an~l l'dh~rillt~ the ten lively oracles to their .1I1CW1t gt, )1'\', that all 1lli~',"t hc.u' in their own Llllgl1.lg<: the 1'0· ;\t LlW 01 the Lord. ,., Th;~y have molt g'IIl.mtly contended wh h rhc proud imaac of the BL'afl for th e lllor.t1iIY of the Sabbath, like (0 J1Unv D,r7,id.I preparing Illatcl'i.,ls Ior the roy.ll luildinr , and fomc of them As l\k wuh « p),ophttick {pil'it !UYL' forcfeen . J\(lf'Jrs of..n..l tori.told gloriolls thill!~S (uch as Deif.,.tiIJ. thcmlclv.:s never kncw , h t now when 01,jetl.


l' rttr~(Jrcl/s Prrttlice. piHf, SlIbb(lt'!, or reproof


{or Sab: before tbe taw at




E S,


It is probable that Abels f.1C! ifice was AlIJW: on the (\bbath day, Ior thol1~h the word be tl,<\I\{btcd [ in proceJJe d ti!"t' ] vet the Hebrew is [at the cud 0/ days J ;llld ~lJhat may this end of dayes mean, 11l;.ill likely then the mel of the week d.ivcs when the time came for folemn (\crifi;::es. J 1£ the old Worl.l dirl [as tis like] pro. 2. phanc the [cvcnth day fabbarh, no Wall" del' God poured the deluge them Gm.7· on ihc fcvcnth day, as is evident in the 10. nl<\n~el1t of our Bibles, It lS_ ~10t rrob~bl~ that E~IOCb W~\lked 3. with God, fo as to pIea{e 111m; or that Om,s. 4' Nordl (hould be efi'.'cm~d l'i!~hte,)us, or that Abrtlf.J(lm 111Oul(1be recorded for one Gm.S.14 who kept Goris colllm~lnd1ll~nts .. his {h- & 7.1. . lutes and hi3 Laws; unkr.H~l'Y llbftrved & 26. S. his {;,uctilied Iabb.n h \,·illl h was lin .. doultcdly one of Go-is commandments . If they wcre tabbath bl',:~l1d were 4'
without reproof, yet does it not follow thnt the C,bb:\th hat! then I(ll! its ;1.11t\:O~ ririe any more then m:n'ri.'.gr,which was



di{<.'ovt'I'Y of the hl';\fh mark) the !~l'ca[ uf OUI' Ltthcl's are become the

rhofc ulorlons

things .u e in vicw(by



oPI'olers of their gloriolls pre..


in Iull force from the bcginnini',

though the Parriachs

llh' [,,',0'

of tbe Patriarchs.


tl'.tllftl dr~d, but were nOJ 1\ proved. Gods Laws do not . {hnd


l'rimiti Ire llejJJ..oo(. ·'1h1.1.H101' faU, as nun either'keeps them Or' IS l'~Pl\IV2d ,rOt' til:? tr<1n(gr::(fion. Bllr;







th~'111 01' not the oFGo:l arc Hill in fOl~c:e.

ohjJl:,_'d, 'liNt' Gofpel nrc not rcproocd , or t1d"ll)lIijbed auottt tbc 1~'(tUJdtb, iff probllUy they wOHId, had-it been IZ ditty incumbrn: f/p,~t is further
•~ 111i!t~'



tbent •

Primitive lttproof. cepim; of the iaLb:!th, or the reproof for l1<Jl ohtcrvlng it, and yet that per .. on mutt renounce his l'C<1(OIl, and Rtli .. g~olll:hat lhall deny. ~hdl' kcepi.l1r. the iilbbath, much more If he {hall rCJca the fabhath, becaufe ill fi vc hundred years no mention is made of it . 4, But if a doubting l~yrlimuf will not believe unlels he Icc the print of fome
admonition to Chl'itti,lI\s abollt the Subbath, 10, the Ipitit condilcends, and lip·

• I,

./las I"

the ApoUlc of the Gentiles compa1lions coIJ(bmly ob~ (Cl'v.iI1~~ thl: iabh;lth, yea and the Gcntiles tllcmfd\'cs ddlrill!' to {cl've On the 'l tJ • ('.tu Lt'). ,
ill1d allrI,

poni1>ly it needed not", lccini~ we



r~d ellt J/fl<1l15)had they done any thinr; . ~ I'm" he: let for our enfarnple , and their unl.iwfu'L ,) {.1d amy be written for our admonition, .., It is cv idell !'I liar (01' alrnof] tI v I_? hun- -1;' as is plain, then itt us be warned that "). WG parta!;e not of their iillS)lcaH we p3r ,1.'1 S 1 3. drcd ),(:,\1 C, ( dui inr; the llldges ill 1(.. . toll:a r.~d) \V~: heal' nothing either of them . ! ';'0'

2. H:d any of the Chritlians pre;. ph;m':d I Ill: ('ll~b;lIh doubtlcts the pl'icHs .AU.I 'l I. ;llld Iq",:1 jlJ'ofc{f;ll'S (that VI :I'C {() hot !:I/,.},g. ~!1.01l1:cCl'clllol1i",s)WOllld have Ill;~dc the \Vorld l'in,~~wiih their clamours. 'Ibc I'ric.i, I!ili l'ilIt! fitcncc, a not.: blc An:ll~ J))CIH: that kept the fcvclnh d.lyht)I):1th~th ...ythat ma.le {uell noire a{~.dll{(C!lrifl-,(ol' doinp; what was lawful 011 tl~~ f:.:l,:!Jlth- (by would not have [pa-

on ferious Icarch we 111:111 Cilrif1:ians find ;ld1l1onifhccl to beware of S,~bbath poIlI'" (ion, for the: Apoftlc prefcnts the Chrilli1 Cor. ~4 nus at: Corinth, with Icveral inilanccs of ro. to u. l.frttcls miferics in the wildcrnefs , and pta inl y declares, ' Ill! t /JLfc things btll'~ nen un:» tbemlor our cnfawples, and arc , writtc» for our admonition? therefore it behov cs LIS to (earch the Scriptures for II' I, ,., r . the CHill: 0 f thci ca 1· t leu' anuty, an: I·in {' car- .z e,\: ,,"0. I chinawc {hall lind that the caulc 13' of all t!Jdl'ptlgllCS was f.lbba\.~l pl'opha .. nation (as I have already proved by aI

nether warning



pr,)tc[for:: oar of

[feb. 3d and 4·) Well , if If·



160 Sabbath l1rclll{_ersjudgements) Ncb·9.i4· take of their phgtles, wherewith they lS· were deflroyc.l in the Wilderndfc, and

HyPocrites difcovercd.
ced of JII dgcmcnrs upon the lidl da y, we have both humane and divin r , of high dHplc,\fure of [everuh day ..Iabbath breakers. As for Divine vengeance poured Forth by Scripture, proof enough hath been Ihcwcd for our cnfample and admoniri011. 2.

If any humane tcflimcny he produ-

breaking.· . And rhereforc let this be a feafo .. nablc warning to ~11 that fear the Lord , that they no lonaer provoke him with Ij"racls Sabbath pollurion, leafl they bring fJraels punlthnicnr upon them(elves, tor God will at lCilf!,tb wound tho . hili!} ft:illp (If [ucb ,If go on ill tbeir )vicked .. F/.64.21, ufJs after warning. . ObjeCt. It is objdJ:d,l'bat Gotl dotb mt 1J/af!,lle Snbbiltb bUllkps ~ but blltb poured dowa jll(~l!,cmeJJts UpOJl [ucb 11f bau« flig&ud tbc fitjf day, . AiJfiv. r. It is true, God doth wouudcrfully forbear Sabbatl: breakers, it is his' great. voodn~is. to wink at p(,l'fo,"s in the days of t1~el!' 1'~IUr,\IlCC; but Ihall the delay of his J:ld~refllcnts, let thy heart fully Eccle]. 8 to do cvil i Bccnufc God is fo patient ') , .. art thou l'cu)lved to be frill profane j ! I. build upon ir, That afccr a Seal is ope. ned, and Gods trumpet proclaimes the truth, and gi ves warning, the next LO be

& '3,17, aircrw.uds caprlvared in Bnby!olhlS god .. :t8. ly NdJ('rr,inb f.idly hewaiksDlktti:l~ forth the fpechl caute of both to be Sabbath-

~xpcC~ccl)is the out-powring wrath. ..

(birpcr~) W.1S the little horns prefurnption, in cbanging the Sniuts time and Imps. Rev. I h . Here are j.,dgcm<:nts with a witne~,al1d 2. now the only qn,.y t<.> ~ai f.: rhc dctolarion D an. 7, of many generatIOns 15 to advance thole 25 holy times, and Laws changed by eAN. •~ TIC 11 1( 1ST. \ There are already fince this truth (ourHIc~, many Iians of high dHplea .. Iure upon Sabbath-breakers. No plague like that of a hard heart, no judgement like tliof e fil'()n~ dclulions , which have . already (dLd upon Ranters and ~:\. kers, whofe enmii y never appeared Io of a vial of ~ eminently againlt any one ordinance

to which this II1.1y be added, that as the caufc o ' [Fads ,le(oLltioll fur one; Lev: 26. generation was Sabbath polurlon , (033, ?4, thc grnnd caufe ol thc wolul defolations 3).2CO~·~ for many gcner.ltiolls (in trcadinz un.Icr 36. 20, foot the Temple, the Alr,ll', and Wof- 2 r. '

Icarce again£\: alJ,that ever I knew j