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Let us see your heart for the lost, for the people of your calling, for the work of missions.
Invite us into your world and help us see what God has shown you.
In communicating with the local church, nothing is more effective than your love for Christ and passion for people to
know Him, especially in the part of the world you serve. Nothing replaces the simple message of heart-felt passion
for the lost. Prayerfully consider how you might authentically convey your passion for your unique, Spirit-empow-
ered calling. A focus on your calling and vision for missions will champion what matters most to you, and give your
audience insight into the heart of the missions enterprise and the kingdom of God worldwide.

Let’s be honest: Some missionaries are gifted preachers; some are better suited for a shorter presentation (e.g.,
a brief “window” on the world); the hearts of others are best seen through an interview. It is important to be
sober, yet confident about the gifts God has given you. Strategically plan in
advance with the pastor the presentation that best fits the situ-
ation, one that platforms your unique personality,
gifts and calling.


1. Begin with your calling: What am I called to do? What are the key things I need to say when I talk about my calling?
2. Honestly identify what you are passionate about: What about my calling and ministry evokes passion inside of me? What does not?
3. Ask for discernment: What is God saying to you? What are you doing that reveals something significant about…the character of God?
The mission of the Church? The needs of our world? God’s word for us here today? What do you discern God wants to say to us here
4. Examine your dependence: What have I seen and done that could not have been accomplished without the power of the Holy Spirit? In
what ways have my weaknesses shown God’s strength?
5. Step out in faith: What “God-sized” vision for ministry will call us to new levels of faith? How can we live and serve with a “God-sized”
vision for ministry and a radical dependence upon Him?