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Model Nursery

Project Based Proposals by Public Sector under NHM

Model Nursery – (Project should be development oriented and not a research project).

Basic information & implementation guide

1. Department/ Organization seeking assistance should designate technical experts, malis and office staff exclusively for the project.

2. The project should have distinct identity with clear sign boards and should not become part of other facilities of the organization.

3. The nursery should have minimum area of the 4 ha.

4. The capacity of the nursery should be to produce minimum four lakh plants per year.

5. Planting material of horticulture crops/varieties recommended by ICAR should be multiplied by these nurseries.

6. Mother blocks to be maintained at each nursery by obtaining mother plants/nuclear material from known sources recognized by the ICAR Institutes/SAUS and other research organization of Central and State Government.

7. Nursery should be located in area, which is accessible to farmers.

8. Nurseries should be self sustaining after the initial grant and the revolving fund needs to be created out of profit generated from sale of planting material.

9. Approximate cost per plant at which it will be supplied to the farmer has to be worked out for the crops being produced in the necessary.

10. SHM must ensure quality control of planting material through regular checks/inspection. A committee need to be constituted for this purpose.

11. Implementation of the project should be monitored through regular checks/inspection by SHM and Central team. Regular reports to be submitted to NHM (New Delhi).

12. Funds to be recalled if project is not being implemented as per guideline or schedule of implementation.

13. SHM will follow the proper procedure for selection of the beneficiary after giving wide publicity through local media. Preference should be given to Agriculture Graduates individually or in groups.

14. Organization has to maintain proper record in stock register for auditing purpose.

15. Organization has to submit quarterly progress report to the Mission Director.

Facilities needed under the model nursery –


Fencing Assured irrigation facilities through out the year


Green house


Shade nets


Drip irrigation system


Fogging system


Service road.


Overhead tank


Nucleus/mother plant block


Equipments like power tiller, manure mixing machine etc

Estimated cost is Rs. 18.0 lakhs available as one time grant-in-aid under NHM.