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BE project report

Following will be the order of the report.

1. Cover page and front page as per specimen of the college.

2. Certificate from the institute (separate page).

3. Certificate from the industry (separate page).

4. Acknowledgement.

5. Nomenclature (separate page).

6. Contents.

7. Abstract

A brief abstract of the project and should be between 100-150 words.

8. Chapter : Introduction

9. Other chapters starting on new page.

10.Chapter: Results, conclusion and future work.



1. Prepare two copies and individual copies for the members of the group.

2. Page Limit : 50 – 60 pages.

3. Paper size: A-4.

4. Margins

1. Top : 25 mm

2. Left : 35 mm

3. Bottom : 30 mm

4. Right : 25mm
5. Font: Times New Roman

Sr. Topics Font Bol Alignme

No Size(p d nt
. t)
1 Chapter Heading 16 Yes Center
2 Section and Sub Section 14 Yes Left
3 Paragraph Text 12 No Left.

6. Format for the chapter


Chapter : 3

Chapter Title

3.1 Introduction

3. 2 Section Title

3. 2. 1. Subsection Title

7. Spacing between two paragraphs is single line.

8. New Paragraph start with five space indentation.

9. Chart , Figures, Plots:

1. Mention Figure number (Figure 3.2 : Title)

2. Figure caption in 10 pts.

10.Use SI Units.

11.Page Numbers starting from chapter 1(Introduction)

12.Symbols and notations if any should be mentioned in the nomenclature


13. Reference should be in order as they appear in the report.

14.References should be indicated/mentioned properly in the report (eg. [2], i.e

reference no 2). If figures or tables are taken from any paper or reference
then indicate/mention the source(in square bracket write the reference
number, eg [2] after the end of the sentence or key word ).

15. Format for the reference

i. Format for Books

Author name, Edition, Publication, page no.

ii. Format for the papers from IEEE, Journals or transactions

Author name, “Paper topic”, Journal or transaction name,

publication date, page no.