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personality a drawing power that “Your mental attitude gives your entire

attracts the circumstances, things and personality a drawing power that

people you think about most!” attracts the circumstances, things and
people you think about most!”

Teacher: Mrs. Angelina Grapa Teacher: Mrs. Angelina Grapa

Section: G (AH 212- MWF) Section: G (AH 212- MWF)

Intern Name: Richjimmychel “RJ” Intern Name: Richjimmychel “RJ”

Personality  was the founder of Psychoanalytic
 Originates from the Latin persona,
which means mask. Significantly, in  was a neurologist born in Austria
the theatre of the ancient Latin- during the Victorian era.
speaking world, the mask was not
used as a plot device to disguise the  According to Freud (1917), personality
identity of a character, but rather was has three structures: the id, the ego,
a convention employed to represent or and the superego.
typify that character.
- id, person's source of psychic energy

, is unconscious, has no contact

 Can be defined as a dynamic and with reality with reality, and is child-
organized set of characteristics like in its demands for gratification,
possessed by a person that uniquely always seeking pleasure and avoiding
influences his or her cognitions, pain.
motivations, and behaviors in various
- ego, is governed by reality principle.
situations (Ryckman, 2004).
-superego, addresses the moral
consideration of individual actions.
The different nature of Personality:
 Psychoanalytic Defense Mechanism
1. One strategy (used in ordinary language)
- Defense Mechanism, refer to
2. Second strategy (used in concept involves people's unconscious ways of dealing
dissecting the parts of the word, its root and with conflict.
its affixes.
- Repression, works to push
3. Third strategy (the etymological as well as unacceptable impulses
the sociocultural meaning)

- Dr. Virgilio G. Enriquez, recognized as the

“father of Sikolohiyang Pilipino,” used this
approach when opted for the term
Pagkiatao(rather than the more static
concept of katauhan or the assimilated
concept of personalidad)in referring to the
meaning personality in the Philippine

The Three Major Forces in the Study of


Psychoanalytic Approach

 Theories explain human behavior in

terms of the interaction of various
components of personality.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)