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Enviro Control Associates (I)Pvt. Ltd.

Solution for a cleaner environment An ISO 9001:2008

ENVIRO CONTROL ASSOCIATES (I) PVT. LTD. is one of the leading companies in
India in the field of Environmental Engineering focusing on the treatment of
Water, Municipal Sewage & Industrial Effluents. The Company also offers
Solutions for Municipal Solid Waste Management, Tertiary Treatment with Water
Reuse & Bio-gas based Energy Generation. ENVIRO employs a highly-qualified
work force over 300 people and has state-of-the-art facilities, latest equipment
and an innovative Research & Development Center.
ENVIRO was establised in 1979 and has designed, engineered and executed more
than 300 plants of Water, Domestic Sewage and Industrial Effluent Treatment. It
has provided Consultancy Services to numerous Industries in environmental
engineering solutions. ENVIRO's engineering expertise, plant execution
knowledge and in-depth treatment process experience helps it provide clients
with the highest quality treatment and standards.
ENVIRO's client list is extensive and includes many national and multi-national
industries as well as Municipal Corporations, State Water Supply and Sewerage
Boards, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Dyeing and
Printing, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar and Paint Industries.
ENVIRO has worked with leading consultants like Engineers India Limited, Tata
Consulting Engineers, Jacob H&G, MECON Ltd., Development Consultants
Limited, MWH India Pvt. Limited, Projects & Development India Limited, Biothane
System International (The Netherlands), Lettinga Associates Foundation (LeAF,
The Netherlands), to name a few.
ENVIRO offers a range of specialized engineering services and turnkey solutions
based on practical experience garnered over the years in the following areas:
¡ Water Treatment
¡ Sewage Treatment
¡ Industrial Effluent Treatment
¡ Tertiary Treatment Plants with Water reuse
¡ Bio-Gas based Captive Power Generation Plants
¡ Operation and Maintenance of Treatment Plants
¡ Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
¡ Air Quality Monitoring
¡ Environmental Impact Assessment
Solution for a cleaner environment

200 MLD WTP, Sarthana for Municipal Corporation, Surat

363 MLD WTP, Baklai for Municipal Corporation, Indore

Water Treatment Plants (WTPs)
ENVIRO has successfully Designed, Engineered,
Constructed, Operated and Maintained Water
Treatment Plants of various sizes – from medium to
very large capacities for supply of drinking and
process water to Water Supply and Sewerage
Boards, Public Works Departments of various cities
across India and to many Industries.
Apart from conventional Water Treatment Plants,
some of the technologies used include :
§ Reactor Clarifiers
§ Sludge Blanket Lamella Clarifiers
§ High Rate Rapid Gravity Sand Filters with PP
§ PLC – SCADA system with Remote Auto

Sludge Blanket Lamella Clarifier

200 MLD WTP Jahangirabad, Surat

Some of turnkey Water Treatment Plants (WTP) Design & Constructed by ENVIRO:
§ 363 MLD WTP, Baklai, Indore Municipal Corporation, § 40 MLD WTP, Podocem PWD, Goa
MP [One of the largest auto operating plants in India
§ 30 MLD WTP, Navsari Nagarpalika, Navsari
based on PLC-SCADA]
§ 26.4 MLD WTP, National Fertilizers, Guna, MP
§ 200 MLD W TP, Jahangirabad for Municipal
Corporation, Surat § 470 MLD WTP Phase –I, II & III at Sarthana for Municipal
Corporation, Surat
§ 40 MLD WTP, Curti-Ponda, PWD, Goa
§ 23.3 MLD WTP, Municipal Corporation, Nashik
§ 80 MLD WTP – III, Hazira, RIL- Hazira
§ 19.2 MLD Water Softening Plant, IFFCO, Phulpur, MP
§ 50 MLD WTP, Nimeta Municipal Corporation, Vadodara
§ 28.8 MLD WTP, MSEB, Parli, Maharastra
§ 438 MLD WTP Phase –I, II & III at Katargam for Municipal
Corporation, Surat

40 MLD WTP, Curti-Ponda, PWD, Goa. 19.2 MLD Water Softening Plant, IFFCO, Phulpur, U.P.
Solution for a cleaner environment

Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs)

130 MLD STP, Bahiroba, Pune, Maharastra

ENVIRO has very wide experience and knowledge in executing turnkey installations of Sewage Treatment Plants using
various treatment processes and technologies such as:

§ Conventional Activated Sludge Process (CASP) § Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)
§ Extended Aeration System (EA) § Bio- Tower System (BT)
§ Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Bed Reactor (UASB) § Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
§ Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) § Facultative Aerated Lagoon (FAL)

Some of turnkey Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) Design

& Constructed by ENVIRO:
§ 245 MLD SBR based STP, Municipal Corporation,
§ 180 MLD ASP based STP with PLC-SCADA Auto
Operation System, Pirana, Municipal Corporation,
§ 130 MLD STP , Bahiroba, Municipal Corporation,
§ 60 MLD ASP based STP with Power Generation,
Koyambedu, CMWSSB, Chennai
§ 78 MLD UASB based STP, Kabitkhedi, PHED, Indore

§ 40 MLD SBR based STP, Kharadi, Municipal 25 MLD , MBBR Based STP, Khajod, Surat
Corporation, Pune
§ 15 & 25 MLD MBBR based STP, Asarma & Khajod,
Municipal Corporation, Surat
§ 115 MLD ASP based STP, Dr.Naidu Hospital,
Municipal Corporation, Pune
§ 45 MLD UASB based STP, Mohali, Chandigarh

§ 100 MLD UASB based STP, Bamroli, Municipal

Corporation, Surat
§ 43 MLD UASB based STP, Atladara, Municipal
Corporation, Vadodara
§ 100 MLD STPs at Singanpore & Karanj, 120 MLD STP
at Bhatar and 82.5 MLD STP at Anjana for Municipal
Corporation, Surat View of SBR-STP Internals
Solution for a cleaner environment

180 MLD STP, Pirana, Municipal Corporation, Ahmedabad (India's largest STP with Diffused Aeration and PLC – SCADA System)

100 MLD STP with 400 MLD Sewage Pumping Station at Bamroli, Municipal Corporation, Surat with UASB + Extended Aeration System
Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs)
ENVIRO has applied it's comprehensive know-how of
various processes to provide optimum solutions for
advanced treatment of Wastewater of diverse industrial
origins. Some of the processes employed for Industrial
Effluent Treatment Plants are:
§ Physico-Chemical Treatment Process
§ Pre-treatment - Coagulation, Flocculation,
Sedimentation & Floatation
§ Biological Treatment - Extended Aeration, Activated
Sludge Process, Bio-Towers, Up flow Anaerobic
Sludge Bed Reactor (UASB), Moving Bed Biofilm
Reactor (MBBR), Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
§ Oil removal system using DAF system, TPI unit, Belt
Oil Skimmer, Floating Oil Skimmer
§ Sludge thickening, conditioning and dewatering
with Centrifuge, Belt Filter Press ETP - IFFCO, AONLA - Ammonia Removal

ENVIRO has successfully Designed, Engineered and

Constructed various Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants
(ETP). Some of the executed projects include:
¡ 26 MLD ETP-III plant, RELIANCE, Hazira, Gujarat

¡ 62.5 MLD CETP, Palsana Enviro Protection Limited,

Palsana, Surat, Gujarat
¡ 600 M3/hr ETP-II, RELIANCE, Hazira, Gujarat

¡ 167 M3/h ETP, HINDALCO , Dahej, Gujarat

¡ 110 M3/hr ETP, Caprolactum Project, GSFC, Vadodara,

¡ 170 M3/hr ETP, B.P.C.L., Manmad, Maharashtra

¡ 1000 M3/day ETP, GCPTCL, Dahej, Gujarat

¡ 180 M3/hr ETP-I, RELIANCE, Hazira, Gujarat

¡ Ammonia Stripper and Air Striper Unit for ETP, IFFCO ETP - IFFCO AONLA Chromate Removal
¡ 1215 M3/hr ETP, Rama Newsprint & Papers Ltd.,
Barbodhan, Gujarat
¡ 310 M3/hr, Oil Removal & DM Waste Treatment Plant,
Madras Refineries, Chennai
¡ 30 M3/hr ETP, National Fertilizers, Guna, MP

¡ 30 M3/hr Ammonia Removal System for IFFCO, Phulpur,

¡ 144 M3/hr ET, VIDEOCON, Bharuch, Gujarat

¡ 660 M3/hr ETP, IFFCO, Aonla, UP

¡ 200 M3/hr ETP, KRIBHCO, Hazira, Gujarat

Diffused Aeration based ETP including Tertiary Treatment

for re-use of wastewater for RELIANCE, Hazira.
Solution for a cleaner environment

Tertiary Treatment Plants (TTPs)

The exponential growth for water requirement and
limited source of fresh water has necessitated re-use of
water in industry and in cities (non-drinking purposes)
which justifies the investment involved. Secondary
treated water is further subjected to tertiary treatment
processes to upgrade the wastewater to the required
quality depending on end-use. Tertiary treatment
processes include:
§ Pressure Sand Filters and Activated Carbon Filters.
§ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)
§ Sequencing Batch Reactor(SBR)
TTP, GSFC, Vadodra, Gujarat
§ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
§ Ultra Filtration (UF)
§ Reverse Osmosis (RO)
ENVIRO has successfully Designed, Engineered and § 3240 M3/day, Tertiary STP, GSFC, Vadodara, Gujarat
Constructed Tertiary Treatment Plants (TTP). Some of the
turnkey projects include:
§ 1560 M3/day, Tertiary STP, Bhatar, Municipal
Corporation, Surat, Gujarat
§ 13 MLD TTP, ETP-III plant, RELIANCE, Hazira
§ 480 M3/day, TTP, Department of Atomic Energy, TIFR,
§ 4800 M3/day, TTP, KRIBHCO, Hazira, Gujarat Mumbai, Maharashtra
§ 1560 M3/day, Tertiary STP, Bamroli, Municipal § 200 M3/day, TTP, Surat Textile Mills Ltd., Jolva, Surat
Corporation, Surat, Gujarat

Waste-to-Energy: Biogas based power generation

ENVIRO offers bio-gas based Captive Power Generation
plants which can take care of almost all the energy
needs of an STP in ideal conditions. Such plants are cost
effective and provide clean and renewable energy
based on latest technology. ENVIRO designs, builds,
operates and maintains such energy generation plants.
ENVIRO has designed and installed economically viable
biogas based power plants for following clients:
§ 625 KWe capacity plant from a 60 MLD ASP based STP,
Koyambedu, CMWSSB, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
§ 750 KWe capacity plant from 66 MLD ASP based STP,
Dindoli, SMC, Surat, Gujarat
The state-of-the-art: 60MLD STP Operated through electricity
§ 600 KWe capacity plant from 84 MLD UASB+MBBR Generated from Biogas Based Power Plant at Koymbedu, CMWSSB, Chennai
based STP, Variav, SMC, Surat, Gujarat

Biogas based power generation system – 66 MLD STP, Dindoli, Municipal Corporation, Surat
Automation & Control of Treatment Facilities with Process
Monitoring Instruments and PLC – SCADA System:

For the first time in INDIA, ENVIRO is implementing

PLC - SCADA based system at 23 sewage pumping
stations and 6 sewage treatment plants of SMC for
centralized process monitoring and control. The
operation of various STPs and SPS of Surat city shall
be controlled from a central control room (CCR).
Remote access and control of plant process
parameters like TSS, DO, TOC, pH, flow etc. achieved
by applying superlative online instrumentation is the
distinctive feature of this project.

Besides providing a central location for management

and control and ease of operations, the objectives
of the project is:
§ Improved monitoring and control of the
§ Lower cost of treatment process through process
efficiency improvements
§ Optimising manpower requirements
§ Create transparency and accountability
§ Enhance operational safety
§ Remote monitoring and MIS report generation

Enviro has implemented various Sewage and Water

Treatment Plants with installation of PLC – SCADA
and Remote Auto Operation System for various cities
which includes 363 MLD WTP at Indore, 180 MLD STP
at Ahmedabad, 200 MLD WTP at Rander, 150 MLD
WTP at Katargam and 200 MLD WTP at Sarthana for
Surat City.

Integrated Solid Waste Management

for Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW)
ENVIRO offers the following services for MSW:
§ Inventories and waste statistics § Siting, Design and Operation Procedures for
sanitary landfills
§ Cost effectiveness analysis and user charge studies
§ Introduction of cleaner technology and waste
§ Solid Waste Master plan
minimization programme
§ Design and implementation of Incineration &
Composting Facilities
Solution for a cleaner environment

Research & Development (R&D)

E N V I R O i s co n t i n u o u s l y i nve s t i n g i n
developmental research in the field of
Environmental Engineering to promote
technologies for cleaner production.

ENVIRO has financially contributed as an

industrial partner to Centre of Relevance and
Excellence in Environmental Engineering,
Surat launched by Technology Information,
Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC),
Department of Science and Technology,
Government of India, New Delhi along with View of Research Centre
Sar vjanik College of Engineering &
Technology, Surat.

ENVIRO technocrats in association with TIFAC -

Centre of Relevance and Excellence in
Environmental Engineering, Surat conduct
short-term training courses by a guest faculty
system in various aspects of environmental
engineering to the participants. The objective is
to educate the users to adopt the latest
technologies and grasp policy initiatives. Many
eminent engineers and scientists, both from
India and abroad are involved in lecturing and
course delivery.

The content of the different short-term courses

are regularly updated and modernized by a
Quality Control Committee assisted by external
advisers. UASB Pilot Plant for Sewage Treatment

The Centre offers Post Graduate Courses as

¡ M. Tech in Environmental Engineering

¡ M.Sc. in Environmental Science

¡ P.G. Diploma in Municipal Infrastructure

¡ Ph.D.

The Centre also offers Consultancy, Testing &

Monitoring Services as well as Research and
Training in different field of Environmental

International Short-Term Course on "Anaerobic Sewage Treatment"


An ISO 9001:2008
Reg. No.: RQ91/4893

Enviro Control Associates (I)Pvt. Ltd.

"Enviro House", Opp. Bank of Maharashtra, Ghod-dod Road, Surat-395 001.
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