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One of the causes of STRESS in individual and global
life; is; we have relegated the concept of yoga to mere
physical postures, breathing techniques, kriyas and
dietary fetish. This is largely because of the influence of
reductionist way of thinking; revolving around petty
personal benefits. This is not unnatural and we need not
condemn ourselves for this. However; this is not
justifiable also; and hence we have to (not as a matter of
compulsion, but as matter of opportunity, choice and
privilege); explore, understand, appreciate and practice
yoga in its entirety without losing the essence.

Yoga has to be seen as a kind of behavioral ascent

embodying individual and global blossoming. It is a
program of individual and global welfare; that can not
be separated and isolated from:
1. The perspective of global unity and harmony,
2. The thoughts and policies of global welfare,
3. Motivation and concern for global welfare,
4. Healthy and mutually gratifying and
satisfying instincts and
5. Sharing of resources on a “just” basis at
personal and global levels!
Yoga should never be reduced (in our own best
interest); to some mediocre techniques; hyped and sold
for mere petty personal gains or gratification of ego!

Hence let us understand that yoga is a connection

between global perspective, thoughts, emotions,
instincts and actions that leads to; their concerted
manifestations in every sphere of life. Yoga is
connection between right and left cerebral cortex and
yoga is also the connection between metabolic,
endocrine, autonomic and central nervous activities.

Yoga is actually the experience, appreciation and

manifestation of the essence of individual and universal
consciousness; in every walk of life and through out life.
This becomes possible by clinging to the core of yoga
viz. NAMASMARAN, which is remaining connected;
with the absolute, objective or cosmic consciousness!

Therefore yoga and its core (NAMASMARAN)

constitute the connection that ideally wields our life;
with no “room” for deception, deceit, delirium,
delusion, despondency, despair, defeat, degeneration,
degradation, destruction and devastation!

Let us try to practice NAMASMARAN on priority

basis; whether we are completely convinced or not; and
verify this process of individual and global blossoming;
(Total Stress Management) by being part of it;
irrespective of what we are; or irrespective of what we
think and feel; we are!