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Cc dL Tzimisce By Lucien SOULDANAND JAMES STEWART Crepits Wotton hy Souihen med Jed Sesnie Additional Material by: Jess Heinig Developed bys Justin Achill Editor: John Chambers Art Direetor: Richard Thomas Layous & Typesetting: Becky Jullensten Interice Arts Gay Davis, Leif Jones, Vinee Lecke, Matt Mitchell nd Christonher Shy Front Cover ‘Arts John Van Feet Front & Bick Cover DesignsRecky Jollensten Intern: Mathew O'Connor TSS PARK NORTH BLID. SUITES ClarisroN, CA 30021 USA Game Stuoio © 2001 White Wal! Publishing, Inc. All nights reserved Rupreduction without the vnitten permission of te puls- lher is exprosly forbidden, except for the pumpees of vie, and on blank character ests, which may be tepto saved for personal use only, White Wolf, Varypire, Vaeapire the Masquerade; Vampire the Dark Ages, Mage the Ascen- son Hiuntertiie Reckoning, World of Darkness and Aberrant ine reyhtered trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Ine. All ‘hts reserved. Werewolt the Apocalypse, Wanith the Chilivion, Changeling the Dresning, Werewolf the Wild West, Mage the Sorseter: Crude, Wnt the Great War, Trinity, Chit of the Night and Clanbook Taimisce are redemuarks of White Walt Publishing, Ine. All rights re werved All characters, names, plices and text herein ute hy White Wolf Publishing, Ine The mention ofswr reference ta an coment or product in hese pages is not challenge to the trademark ar copyright Thy book uses the supernatural for settings, charactets and themes. All mystical nel auperracural slemenre are felon snd iocendad for entertwiament purposes only, Reader dis: retion is ilvise Fora fice White Wolf camlog eal 1-800-454-WOLE, heck (ut Whive Wolf wale at hip/lwwy; altgames-whitewalf and tec games lipatoryteler PRINTED)IN USA. ‘Speciar THanns, Rave Epriion Oh maven tila, Lake I Fehon. Yarsiockos! ‘That iumy, villainous puke seat.