LIST OF SHORTCUT KEYS FOR COREL DRAW X3 General Shortcut B E C L R Alt+F12 T I Ctrl+PageUp Ctrl+K Ctrl+B Ctrl

+Enter P Ctrl+T Shft+F11 Hift+F12 Ctrl+Shft+B Ctrl+L Ctrl+F9 Ctrl+F8 Ctrl+Shft+Q Ctrl+Q Ctrl+C Ctrl+Insert Ctrl+X Shft+Delete Delete Shft+B Shft+E Shft+C Shft+L Shft+R Shft+P Shft+A Shft+T Ctrl+D Alt+Shft+D Command Align Bottom Align Centers Horizontally Align Center Vertically Align Left Align Right Align to Baseline Align Top Artistic Media Back One Break Apart Brightness/Contrast/Intensity Bring Up Property Bar Center to Page Character Formatting Color Color Color Balance Combine Contour Convert Convert Outline To Object Convert to Curves Copy Copy Cut Cut Delete Distribute Bottom Distribute Centers Horizontally Distribute Centers Vertically Distribute Left Distribute Right Distribute Spacing Horizontally Distribute Spacing Vertically Distribute Top Duplicate Dynamic Guides F11 F5 F9 D Ctrl+F5 Ctrl+G H Ctrl+, Ctrl+Shft+U Ctrl+I Ctrl+F11 M Ctrl+Down Ctrl+Left Ctrl+Right Ctrl+Up N Ctrl+N PageDown Down Left Right Up Ctrl+O Ctrl+J Alt+Down Alt+Left Alt+Right Alt+Up Ctrl+V Shft+Insert F12 Y Alt+F7 PageUp Ctrl+P Alt+Enter F6 Shortcut Fountain Freehand Full-Screen Preview Graph Paper Graphic and Text Styles Group Hand Horizontal Text Hue/Saturation/Lightness Import Insert Symbol Character Interactive Fill Micro Nudge Down Micro Nudge Left Micro Nudge Right Micro Nudge Up Navigator New Next Page Nudge Down Nudge Left Nudge Right Nudge Up Open Options Pan Down Pan Left Pan Right Pan Up Paste Paste Pen Polygon Position Previous Page Print Properties Rectangle Command

LIST OF SHORTCUT KEYS FOR COREL DRAW X3 General Shortcut Ctrl+Shft+T F7 Ctrl+F7 X Ctrl+E Ctrl+Num2 Ctrl+Num8 Ctrl+Num6 Ctrl+Num4 Ctrl+PageUp Ctrl+Y Alt+Z Ctrl+F12 A Ctrl+Shft+D Shft+Down Shft+Left Shft+Right Shft+Up Alt+Backspace Ctrl+U Ctrl+M Ctrl+. Ctrl+F2 Alt+F11 Shft+F1 Edit Text Ellipse Envelope Eraser Export Font Size Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size Next Combo Size Font Size Previous Combo Size Forward One Snap to Grid Snap to Objects Spell Check Spiral Step and Repeat Super Nudge Down Super Nudge Left Super Nudge Right Super Nudge Up Undo %s Ungroup Use Bullets Vertical Text View Manager Visual Basic Editor What's This? Command Shortcut Ctrl+Shft+Z Ctrl+W Ctrl+R Alt+F8 Ctrl+Shft+S Ctrl+S Alt+F9 Ctrl+A F10 Zlt+F10 Shft+S Ctrl+F3 F8 Shft+PageDown Ctrl+End Shft+PageUp Ctrl+Home Ctrl+Space Shft+F9 Ctrl+Z Z F2 F3 F4 Shft+F4 Shft+F2 Redo %s Refresh Window Repeat %s Rotate Save As Save Scale Select All Objects Shape Size Smart Drawing Symbol Manager Text To Back of Layer To Back of Page To Front of Layer To Front of Page Toggle Pick State Toggle View Undo %s Zoom Zoom One-Shot Zoom Out Zoom to Fit Zoom to Page Zoom to Selection Command

Text Editing Shortcut Ctrl+B Ctrl+E Shft+F3 Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+Delete Ctrl+Delete Alt+_ Ctrl+Shft+M Alt+Ctrl+Shft+N Alt+F3 Ctrl+Shft+F Ctrl+Num2 Ctrl+Num8 Ctrl+Shft+P Ctrl+Num6 Ctrl+Num4 Ctrl+Shft+W Ctrl+H Ctrl+J Ctrl+Shft+H Ctrl+I Ctrl+L PageDown Down Ctrl+Down Right Ctrl+Right Right Ctrl+Right PageUp Up Ctrl+Up Bold Center Change Case Column/Frame Break Delete Character to Right Delete Word to Right Em Dash Em Space En Dash En Space Find Text Font List Font Size Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size List Font Size Next Combo Size Font Size Previous Combo Size Font Weight List Force Justify Full Justify HTML Font Size List Intalic Left Move Down 1 Frame Move Down 1 Line Move Down 1 Paragraph Move Left 1 Character Move Left 1 Word Move Right 1 Caracter Move Right 1 Word Move Up 1 Frame Move Up 1 Line Move Up 1 Paragraph Command Shortcut Ctrl+Home Home Ctrl+PageUp Ctrl+R Shft+PageDown Shft+Down Ctrl+Shft+Down Shify+Left Ctrl+Shft+Left Shft+Right Ctrl+Shft+Right Shft+PageUp Shft+Up Ctrl+Shft+Up Ctrl+End End Ctrl+PageDown Ctrl+Shft+Ctrl+Ctrl+Shft+Home Shft+Home Ctrl+Shft+PgUp Ctrl+Shft+End Shft+End Ctrl+Shft+PgDn Ctrl+Shft+C Ctrl+Shft+K Ctrl+Shft+S Ctrl+F10 Ctrl+U Ctrl+Shft+D Ctrl+Alt+Space Command Move to Beginning of Frame Move to Beginning of Line Move to Beginning of Text Right Select Down 1 Frame Select Down 1 Line Select Down 1 Paragraph Select Left 1 Caracter Select Left 1 Word Select Right 1 Caracter Select Right 1 Word Select Up 1 Frame Select Up 1 Line Select Up 1 Paragraph Move to End of Frame Move to End of Line Move to End of Text Non-Breaking Hyphen Non-Breaking Hyphen Select to Beginning of Frame Select to Beginning of Line Select to Beginning Text Select to End of Frame Select to End of Line Select to End of Text Show Non-Printing Chars Small Capitals Style List Text Underline Use Drop Cup 1/4 Em Space