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Prep – Team 1

READING: Shared Reading – whole class
LITERACY Participation in whole group, small group and individual reading Guided Reading – small group
activities. Reading aloud simple text, using illustrations, letter/ sound, Reading – 1:1, small group
word context information to make meaning from print. Home Reading – 1 to 1
Develop concepts about print, eg. Left to right, concept of letters, Sentence activities
words & sentence. Alphabet skills- letter name & sound
WRITING: Word activities
Participation in writing activities such as recounts and simple texts Computer literacy activities
about familiar topics to convey ideas to learn the conventions of Diary / Story Writing
writing and build confidence. Shared Writing
Participation in handwriting sessions to develop letter formation skills, Modelled Writing
eg. starting points. Handwriting activities
SPEAKING & LISTENING: Speaking & Listening activities/
Participation in class discussions, Inquiry topic sharing and show & tell games
sessions relating experiences. Demonstrating active listening and
being encouraged to ask and answer questions.
NUMERACY NUMBER: Oral counting practice
‘Count up’ of 100 days at school celebration Number recognition/ formation
Recognition and number formation skills. Activities using concrete materials
Use nos. 1-10-20 to count and determine size of given set, including Class graphs, charts, pictorial
zero. representation
Form sets of objects from simple descriptions. Numeracy games
Construct set of objects, using 1 to 1 correspondence skills to identify Problem solving activities
when two sets are equal in size, when one set is larger or smaller than Computer numeracy activities
another set. Rotated maths activities
Use ordinal numbers to describe position in number sets. Measurement activities

Collect and display data related to familiar activities using pictographs.
Recognise the continuity of time, routine, day/night, seasons, days of
the week.
Measure and compare length and area using informal units.
Use measurement comparison language such as taller, longer, larger.

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