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ASSQC Assignment-3

(Identification of defects in a

Submitted by:
Dayal Kant Munda
Roll no. 05
Dept. DFT-IV
Identification of defects in a garment
Garment type: Formal shirt (men) full sleeves Colour: Light blue

Seria Defects Location Dept.Responsible Causes Remedies Picture

l No.
1. Bubbling in Collar and Fusing dept. Improper Pressing with
fusing plackets pressing while proper
fusing temperature level
2. Neck Button Neck Sewing dept Human error Proper checking
missing while attaching and rechecking
of buttons
3. Broken threads One of the Sewing dept Improper Proper stitch
button holes thread density
4. Skip stitch Below Sewing dept Improper Maintaining
collar(right thread tension Proper thread
side), Cuff, or breaking of tension while
Placket, Pocket thread while
5. Uneven stitch Button holes Sewing dept Improper stitch Proper stitch
density density
6. Loose threads Collar ,Pocket Finishing Operator Proper training of
Back, Main inefficiency operator
label, Side
7. Broken threads buttons Sewing/finishing Improper Proper stitching
8. Fusing visible Plackets Sewing Improper Proper marking of
marking position of
position of attachment
9. 2 buttons On placket Sewing dept Improper Checking of
missing checking or buttons while
attaching of attaching them
10. Oil spot Back yoke Finishing Mishandling Proper handling
during various
11. Button missing Right hand cuff Sewing dept Improper Improper
checking or checking or
attaching of attaching of
buttons buttons
12. Fabric Left cuff Cutting dept Improper Proper cutting as
selvedge placket cutting per marking

13. Unequal Both sides Cad room/cutting dept Improper Alteration of

sleeves pattern patterns and
design/cutting recutting
14. Raw edges Hemline Sewing dept Improper Trimming off
visible cutting of excess or loose
excess threads threads

15. Un-uniformity Hemline Sewing dept Improper Proper cutting or

in hem width cutting or stitching

16. Raw edges Armhole Sewing dept Improper Trimming excess

visible trimming of threads
excess threads
17. Puckering Side seams Sewing dept Improper Proper thread
tension of tension and
threads/ correct size
incorrect size of needle use
18. Hem Sewing Operator Operator training
inefficiency required
19. Unequal Left and right Pattern Improper Proper pattern
panels front panels making/marking/cutting marking and making and
cutting of cutting
20. Unequal Right and left Pattern making/cutting Improper Proper pattern
sleeves sleeve patterns or and cutting
21. Unequal cuffs Right and left Pattern making/Cutting improper proper pattern
cuffs pattern and and cutting
22. Loose threads Inner side of Sewing Trimming not Trimming
Pocket done required
23. Buttons Neck button Sewing Blunt knife or Replace knife /
missing stitch density is use proper stitch
less density
24. Misaligned Under yoke Sewing Operator Operator training
label inefficiency

25. Dissimilar cuffs cuffs not Pattern making/marking Improper proper pattern
widths similar in pattern use use
26. Unequal Hemline Sewing Improper care Proper folding
hemline width while stitching and stitching

27. Misaligned Sleeve Sewing Operator Operator training

stitch placket(diamo inefficiency
nd placket) left
28. Un cut threads Left sleeve Finishing Excess thread Trimming is
placket, inner trim not done required
side of pocket,
side seams
29. Variation in Button holes Sewing Operator Proper stitch
stitch density inefficiency density
of button holes

30. Puckering Side seams, Sewing/pressing Operator Operator training/

shoulder and inefficiency proper pressing
sleeve /Improper
attachment pressing

Garment type: T-shirt Colour: Light grey with design prints on front

Size: Large

Seria Defect Location Dept.Responsibl Causes Remedies Picture

l No. e`
1. Excess thread Shoulder seam Sewing /finishing Improper thread Trimming of
trimming thread
2. Excess thread At back strip of Sewing /finishing Improper thread Thread trimming
collar trimming
3. Excess fabric Left sleeves Sewing /finishing Improper thread Thread trimming
trimmed trimming
4. Excess fabric Left side seam Sewing /finishing Improper thread Thread trimming
5. Excess thread not Bottom Sewing /finishing Improper thread Thread trimming
trimmed hemline trimming
6. Excess fabric Hemline Sewing /finishing Improper thread Thread trimming
trimmed off trimming
7. Broken thread Hemline Sewing /finishing Improper thread Thread trimming
8. Excess stitches(flat hemline Sewing /finishing Improper Thread trimming
lock stitch) stitching
9. Excess fabric not Right shoulder Sewing Operator Operator
trimmed off seam Inefficiency training required
10. Mismatch seam Armholes(both Sewing Operator Operator
sides) Inefficiency training required
11. Uneven Back bodice Sewing Operator Operator
attachment of size part Inefficiency training required
12. Improper placement Back bodice Sewing / Marking Operator Operator
of size label part Inefficiency / training / correct
wrong marking of marking of
points points
13. Un-uniform neck At sleeve Pattern Improper Care in pattern
14. band width attachment making/Sewing pattern/improper making, use of
stitching folders for
turning and
proper stitching
15. Unequal front and Visible at hem Pattern Improper Correct pattern
back making/marking pattern /marking use with proper
marking and
16. Improper wash care Wash care Finishing Improper Proper wash
label label pressing or care label
attaching of label attachment
17. Stain marks Inner side of Finishing Mishandling of Proper handling
back yoke garment at various
18. Label width not Back bodice Pattern Improper design Proper marking
uniform(brand label) near back yoke making/marking and cutting
19. Thread colour not Collar Sewing Improper thread Use of Proper
matching(flat lock used thread colour
collar stitching) matching with
20. Unequal sleeves Left and right Pattern making Improper pattern Proper pattern
sleeves use use
21. Stain marks (pen Back bodice Washing Improper wash/ Proper wash and
marks, oil) mishandling handling
22. Twisted seam Shoulder seam Pressing Improper Proper pressing
23. Fabric gathers Along side Sewing Improper cutting Proper cutting
seam (left) before overlock
stitch is done
24. Skipped stitches Sleeve hem Sewing Operator Proper stitching
inefficiency required

25. Unequal sleeve Both sleeves Pattern making/ Improper pattern Proper pattern
lengths marking/cutting use/ improper use, marking
marking or and cutting
Garment type: Denim Trouser (ladies) Colour: Blue

Seri Defect Location Dept Causes Remedies Picture

al responsible

1. Improper back tag Hemline left side Sewing Operator Training

inefficiency required

2. Wrong/misaligned Near coin pocket Sewing Operator Training

belt loop inefficiency required
3. Excess thread not Embroidery Finishing Trimmer not Use of trimmer
trimmed portion near right used
front pocket

4. Ravelling of seams Right side seam Sewing Improper Proper secure

stitching stitch
5. Misaligned/mismat Back yoke Sewing/pattern Operator Proper
ch back yoke making inefficiency/incor alignment /use
rect pattern size correct
6. Misaligned belt Centre back Sewing Operator Proper
loop /marking inefficiency/impr alignment and
oper marking of marking
7. Stitch break Side seam(left Sewing Operator Training /
side) inefficiency proper thread

8. Uneven stitches Side seam(left Sewing Operator Training

part) inefficiency, required
improper tread
9. Broken stitches Waist band Sewing Improper thread Proper thread
tension tension and
10. Un-uniform over Side seam(left Sewing Improper thread Proper thread
lock stitches part) tension tension and

11. Unequal Leg Legs Pattern Improper pattern Proper pattern

lengths making/sewing use/excess use /sewing
cutting during along marked
sewing patterns
12. Excess fabric not Placket near Finishing Trimmer not Trimming of
trimmed zipper used excess threads

13. Un-uniform over Side seam (left Sewing Operator Training

lock stitch part) inefficiency required

14. Change in Near thighs Washing dept Improper use of Proper use of
colour(shades) dyes dyes and
correct wash

15. Broken threads Waist band Sewing Operator Training

inefficiency required

16. Excess thread Waist band near Finishing Operator Proper training
zipper inefficiency
17. Excess thread Inner side of Finishing Operator Trimming of
waist band inefficiency threads
18. Loose threads Back pocket right Finishing Excess thread Trimming
side not trimmed required
19. Uneven seam Back pocket Sewing Improper Proper
stitching stitching along
20. Excess thread Legs (hemline) Sewing/finishin Improper Proper
g sewing , stitching and
cutting of
excess thread
21. Broken threads Right side panel Sewing Improper sewing Proper sewing
22. Ravelling of Along Side seams Sewing Improper Proper
threads stitching stitching to
side seam

23. Interlining visible Button hole Fusing/sewing Improper fusing Proper fusing
and sewing and sewing
24. Improper cutting Button hole Sewing Cutting not done Cutting and
while button holing after button hole stitching of
stitch button hole
sides to secure
25. Excess thread Inner side of Sewing/finishin Improper Trimming
/fabric visible placket near g stitching and
zipper cutting of
threads not done
26. Skipped stitch Along side seam Sewing Operator Training ,
inefficiency proper
stitching to
secure side
27. Tearing /worn out Along side seams Sewing/cutting Excess Proper sewing
fabric cutting/improper
overlock stitch
28. Piling of fabric Inside of pocket Finishing Improper Proper pressing
pressing/ and handling of
mishandling of garment
29. Asymmetrical Pocket Pattern Improper pattern Proper cutting
pocket making/markin marking and as per pattern
g cutting
30. Improper Along side seam Sewing Improper Proper overlock
overlock /loose overlock stitches stitches to
overlock stitches secure side