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Berridale Allotments and Gardens Association Delvin Road, Cathcart, Glasgow Rules 1. The competition is confined to members of Berridale Allotments & Gardens Association, 2. Competitors shall be bound to satisfy the committee that the articles competed has been grown by them on Berridale Allotments, three months prior to the show date. Any members failing to do so, or being proved in the opinion of the Committee to have violated the rules, shall forfeit all prizes gained by them and will be liable to be expelled from the Association. 3. Protest must be made in writing and handed to the Secretary before 4p.m. on the day of the show along with a deposit of 25p that will be refunded if the protest is upheld. 4. Competitors may only enter one lot in any class. Vases will be supp lied. 5. Competent judges will be appointed and their decision will be final. The judges will have power to withhold any prizes should they consider the exhibits unworthy. 6. Allentriés in the flower and vegetable classes will become the property of the Association and will be offered for sale after the competition. Pot plants, other than gift class No. 42 are not for sale and will be returned to the competitors. 7. Intending competitors must complete, sign and forward to the secretary an entry form not later than the Monday prior to the show. 8. Exhibits may be staged on the evening before the show. All exhibits must be staged by 10 a.m. on the show day. 9. Allexhibits must be named as far as possible. Potatoes must be of an immune variety. Three inches of foliage may be shown on all rooted plants. Garnishing is permissible Entry Form — Annual flower & Vegetable Show 01/09/2008 Name. ___ Plot No. Section Class Numbers Entered Cut Flowers a Pot Plants Vegetables l agree to abide by the rules of the show (signature)