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Std: X


1. Cell Division


Section A (All questions are compulsory)

(15 marks)

Q.1 Answer the following MCQ with correct options.

(5x1=5 marks)

1. Multicellular organisms grow by mitosis & cytoplasmic cell division of:

a). Somatic Cells b). Germ Cells c). Blood cells d). Sperm Cells 2. Which of
a). Somatic Cells
b). Germ Cells
c). Blood cells
d). Sperm Cells
2. Which of the following makes up a chromosome?
a). RNA
b). DNA
c). A large number of artificial nucleic acid d). All of the above
3. What is the region with attachment sites for microtubules used to move
chromosomes during replication called?
a). Centromere
b). Anchor Plate
c). Telomere
d). Spiromere
4. How do egg cells and body cells differ in chromosomal terms?
a). Egg cells are 2n and body cells are n
b). Egg cells are 4n and body cells are 2n
c). Egg cells are haploid and body cells are diploid d). Egg cells are diploid and body
cells are haploid.
5. First essential phenomena of meiosis called synapsis occur in
a). Pachytene
b). Leptotene
c). Zygotene
d). Diplotene
2 Define
(4x1=4 marks)
2. Interphase
3. Karyokinesis
4. Diploid Cell
3 Answer the following Questions
(2x3=6 marks)
1. Explain the significance of Meiosis
2. State the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis
Section B (Answer any 3)
(3x5=15 marks)


1 Explain Prophase I of Meiosis with figure.


2 Explain the significance of Mitosis and Meiosis (4 points each).


3 Explain Cell Cycle with labeled diagram.


4 Write a note on Amitosis by giving suitable example.