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Resources Mentioned in This Article BOOKS Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals, by Kristen Leigh Bel. Physical Therapy for the Canine Athiote, by Suzanne Clothier and Sue Ann Lesser, DVM, Books avaliable from Dog\Wise, (800) 776-2665, PRODUCTS Colostrum trom New Zealand pasture-fed cattle available from Sedona Labs, Cottonwood, AZ. (888) 816-8804, Bioflow magnetic products for dogs avaliable from Magnetise, Wales, UK. Orders from the US accepted through PayPal, 90-day ‘guarantee. For a one-time 15-percent discount, use code 412070457 [expires December 2007). Erin Kavanagh, Nzymos {nutritional enzyme supplement) available from Biopet, Las ‘Vegas, NV. (877) 816-8600, ‘Seacure® available from Proper Nutition, Reading, PA. Mention WDJ for discount and free shipping. (800) 556-8868, ‘Thorapoutic-quality essential oils including Valiant, a blend of frankincense, spruce, blue tansy, and rosewood (dilute for pot use), AromaThorapoutix, Los Alamitos, CA, (714) 886-1586, aromatherapeutixcom Therapeutic-quality essential olls and hydrosols available from Nature's Gift, Madison, TN. Marga Clark, (615) 612-4270, naturasgit. com Willard Water available from Nutrition Coalition, Fargo, ND. Mention WO) for free samples. (800) 447.4793 or (218) 236-9782, willardswa- tercom Wobenzym and Fido Wobenzym available from Mr. Green Genes, Las Vegas, NV. (800) 588-8139, OTHER RESOURCES Canine Peak Performance Sports Medicine & Physical Reha- bilitation Therapy clinic and Carol Helfer, DVM, Portiand, OR. (503) 291-2400, Pot Whisporor Voterinary Services, San Diego, CA. Stephen Blake, DVM, thapetwhispereccom, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, Larkspur, CO. Amy Snow ‘and Nancy Zidonis, (888) 841-7211,, Tollington Touch, Santa Fe, NM. (266) 488-6824, ‘Top Dog Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness, Hamden, CT. Jil Bruno- Samo, CVT, (203) 848-2203,