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Silke’s Story

Dr. Falck’s favorite cancer patient is Silke (pronounced Silka), an 11-year-old spayed
German Shepherd Dog who had frequent urinary tract infections. “In June 2004, we
did an ultrasound,” she says, “and we saw a large inoperable bladder mass. Silke
had excellent care and was on a raw diet. However, she overweight which is a risk
factor for bladder cancer. In addition, she had been treated with a variety of chemi-
cals for tick control, which probably contributed to weakening her immune system.”
For a short time, Silke received Piroxicam, a conventional medication for blad-
der cancer, but that was discontinued because of its side effects. Dr. Falck, who
studied Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
at the Chi Institute, put Silke on a regimen of
Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements, im-
mune-boosting products, and antioxidants, all
of which Silke’s owner delivered in her favorite
food, liverwurst.
“Seven months later we repeated the ultra-
sound,” says Dr. Falck, “and the mass was almost
completely invisible. Silke is now 12 years old
and doing very well.”