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Name: ____________ Date: ____________

Grade: ____________ Teacher: ____________

Criteria Value
1 2 3 4

Content Content is Content is Content is Content is

inaccurate or inaccurate or inaccurate or accurate and
invalid in more invalid in 2 invalid in 1 valid.
than 2 regards. regards. regard.

Appearance Page Page is somewhat Page is easy to Page is easy to

format/layout difficult to read. read, the page read. There is a
make some part lacks balance good balance
of the page between text, between text,
impossible to graphics, and graphics, and
read. objects. objects.

Use of Graphics Graphic use Graphic use Graphic use Graphic use
appears appears appears appears
excessive. somewhat appropriate, but appropriate. All
excessive. some graphics graphics are clear ____
are unclear or and easy to
hard to understand.

Navigation All hyperlinks are A few hyperlinks All hyperlinks are All hyperlinks are
not working or are not working working and working and
are not easily or are not easily easily identifiable, easily identifiable.
identifiable. identifiable. yet navigation is Navigation is
inconsistent from consistent from
page to page. page to page.

Grammar and More than 3 2-3 grammar or 1 grammar or No grammar or

spelling grammar or spelling errors spelling error is spelling errors
spelling errors are present. present. present.
are present.

Total:----- ____