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Here’s Your Flight Confirmation

Thank you for booking with Tiger Airways on Thursday, 10 March 2011.
Tiger Airways is a ticket-less airline, so please print this page for your records.

All times displayed are local.

Booking Reference A3HLLX

Passenger Names Infant Names (if applicable) Flight Seat Services

TR 2327 30A XX15

*See below for an explanation of Special Service Request codes.

Flight Departure Arrival

TR 2322 Singapore Ho Chi Minh City
Singapore Changi Intl Airport (Budget Tan Son Nhat Intl Airport
Terminal) 04-Jun-2011
04-Jun-2011 14:05 hrs
13:10 hrs
Check-in at: 04-Jun-2011 11:10

TR 2327 Ho Chi Minh City Singapore

Tan Son Nhat Intl Airport Singapore Changi Intl Airport (Budget
07-Jun-2011 Terminal)
09:10 hrs 07-Jun-2011
Check-in at: 07-Jun-2011 07:10 12:05 hrs

Note: Early Morning Check-in

Payment Details
Details of Fares and Other Charges
Ticket Fare SG 114.74
Australia Airport Charges (if any) SG 0.00
Airport and Government Charges SG 43.52
GST (if applicable) SG 0.00
Service Fees inclusive of Tax SG 47.00
Passenger Movement Charge SG 0.0
Singapore Aviation Levy SG 2.2
HKG Air Passenger Duty Tax SG 0.0
Insurance (if any) SG 15.00
Total Cost SG 222.46

Payment Date Payment Type Card Number Amount Charged

10-Mar-2011 1-Visa xxxx xxxx xxxx 4435 SG 222.46
Total Paid SG 222.46

Insurance Policy Number (if applicable): HB452112

Insurance Amount Paid: SG 15.00

Name Address
HOAI NAM/Dinh blk 19 Jurong West , Avenue 5


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Please note:

Check-in counters open 2 hours prior to scheduled departure and close strictly 45 minutes before
departure (for flights departing India only, check-in opens 3 hours prior to departure and closes 1
hour before departure).

On international flights, each passenger is allowed 7kg of hand-carry luggage plus 1 laptop
computer. On Australia domestic flights, each passenger is allowed 2 pieces of hand-carry luggage
with a maximum combined weight of 10kg, with no individual piece exceeding 7kg.

Changes to the flight, date or route are accepted up to 4 hours prior to scheduled departure time.

If you have opted for Web Check-in on Australia domestic flights, please remember that online
check-in for your flight opens 7 days before your flight departure date.
You can access the Web Check-in service at:

Smoking is not permitted on any of our flights.

Passengers are currently required to pay local departure taxes directly to the authorities upon
departure from Indonesia and Philippines. Local departure taxes will be pre-collected by the airline
for departure for all other destinations.

Taxes for flights departing Singapore include a S$2.20 aviation levy per passenger.

DG flights are operated by SEAIR.

Thank you for flying with Tiger Airways

We wish you a pleasant journey!

Special Service Request Codes

BMF - boardmefirst XX15 – 15kg Bag upsize XX30 – 30kg Bag upsize
INF - Infant XX20 – 20kg Bag upsize XXAC – Airport Check-in
SPEQ - Sports Equipment XX25 – 25kg Bag upsize XXWC – Web Check-in

Problems viewing your itinerary? You can reprint your itinerary confirmation on our website. Simply go to and select the View/change/resend itinerary link on the left of the page. Input the
PNR code, which is found on the bottom of this page, next to the page number, and your name to view your
booking details.

Passengers may retain this email confirmation as a tax invoice.

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All Rights Reserved 2011 © Tiger Airways Australia Pty Limited ABN 52 124 369 008.

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