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1. Charlie’s Catering offers nutritious hot meals for up to 75 people. Recently,

Charlie catered a youth conference held at a nearby community centre.
Examine Line Master 3-13: Charlie’s Catering Spreadsheet and answer the
following questions:
a) How many meals were served at the youth conference?
b) Calculate the total sales from the event.
c) After the expenses are paid for, how much did Charlie make?
d) Charlie employs his friend Karl to help him prepare the food and to sell
it at the event. He pays Karl $11 per hour. If Karl helped Charlie for five
hours, how much profit did Charlie’s business make from the event?
e) What could Charlie do to reduce his expenses?
2. Rosalie goes to yard sales in her neighbourhood. She later sells her treasures
online, shipping them to customers using a courier company.

30 cm
Lava Lamp LAVA
Actual weight: LAMP

2.95 kg 30 cm
45 cm

Antique Tea Kettle TEA KETTLE
Actual weight:
2.25 kg
18 cm
18 cm

35 cm
Actual weight: SNOWBOARD
4.55 kg
35 cm

180 cm

a) Which package is the heaviest?

b) To find out how much the shipping will cost, Rosalie needs to calculate the
dimensional dimensional weight of each package. For each package, multiply length (L) ×
weight width (W) × height (H), and then divide by 6000. (Dimensional weight is
LxWxH important to companies that ship packages for a fee. Even if a package
6000 doesn’t weigh much, it may take up a lot of room in a plane or truck. That
means it should cost more to ship that package.)
c) If the actual weight is greater than the dimensional weight, the package
costs more to ship. Which package will have an extra charge?

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