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set out reasons for selcting the scene and what your group is endeavoring to

accomplish in the performance

[20:59] - isabelle: refer to the creative decisions made in preparation. i.e.
interpretation of characters/additions or excisions from the text,interpretation of
[20:59] - isabelle: demonstrate an understanding of the scene's significance in the

We selected this scene because after reading it in class, we thought it would be interesting to act out. It
also appealed to us because it contains much action, sword fights are always fun to do and watch, and
the overall atmosphere of the scene is intense. It is much more dramatic in contrast to many other
scenes, the double death adding to the seriousness of the scene.

This particular scene holds a rather important role in the whole play. The meaning behind it is also a
foreshadowing of the plot that follows. Though the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt are the result of the
Montague and Capulet households' rancour, it marks the beginning of the terrible outcomes that Romeo
and Juliet's love has brought. Before Mercutio dies, some of his last words foreshadow the rest of the
play. 'A plague a'both your houses!' foreshadows a plague that affects both the Montague and Capulet
households, eventually leading to many deaths; including the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.