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Increasing your chances in obtaining a one-night stand

Kezia Noble

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Although the vast majority of my students ultimately want to find a wonderful woman that

Although the vast majority of my students ultimately want to find a wonderful woman that they can have a meaningful and long lasting relationship with, there are the ones who come to me and say, completely unapologetically:

“Listen Kezia, I just want loads of one night stands, how can I achieve this?”

Even the majority who want the long last relationship, are openly not apposed to the idea, that along the road of finding the one true woman of their dreams, they might be keen to take a few paths of ‘non committal pleasure”

First with the bad news

Let’s get the bad news out the way first.

‘There is no guarantee of obtaining a one night stand with a woman, and any one who preaches that they have a technique or trick that can GUARANTEE you this is a LIAR.’

Even the most skilled seducers out there, both ‘naturals’ and pick- up artists, can go home empty handed. Ultimately it is ALWAYS s up to the woman. Nothing out there can guarantee a one-night stand.

Sorry guys, to start on this note, I’m sure you wanted to hear me say something like “And now I will share with you the 100 percent success technique in getting any girl in to your bed!”

But if I said that, it would automatically make me a liar, and as everyone in the community knows, I’m famous for my 100 percent honest feedback and advice.

And now for the good news!

Although there is never a hundred percent guarantee, there is however some great ways that you can increase your chances of attracting a woman for the purpose of a one night stand, DRAMATICALLY! And what better way to find this out than a women explaining it from her point of view.

I have taught these techniques/tips/methods of influence (or whatever terminology you wish to use) to a number of my private students, who have told me that the increase in the number of one night stands they have achieved as a result from carrying out the techniques that I gave them, were unbelievable. And now I will share what I have taught them with you.

Three different types.

First of all you have to understand your target of the evening.

Lets narrow it down to three types. There is

All Rights Reserved © Kezia Noble 2009 |

Woman Type 1 . The woman who wants everyone to think she is wild/naughty/filthy in bed.

Woman Type 2. The woman who wants to come across a good girl, but secretly can’t wait to have a no-strings passionate evening with a man.

Woman Type 3.The woman who wants men to see her as a good girl, because she REALLY is a good girl, and for her, one night stands have (so far) been out of the question. They are something that she thinks only ‘sluts’ do, and she prides her self in being ‘girl friend/wife material’

In Part 1, we are going to look at ways to increase your chances in obtaining ‘Woman Type 1’ for the purpose of a one-night sand.

“the woman who wants you and most men to think that she is wild. naughty filthy in bed”

Do not presume this type of woman is the easiest to get out of the three. That is usually the first mistake men make. I know a lot of women (me included) who dress up in sexy clothes, flirt with lots of men . Me and my friends included, promise them the world with our big baby blues, and then when we have had our fun , we leave those men standing in the club on their own as they recover from the aftermath of the dizzy whirlwind we left them spinning around in. We laugh in the taxi all the way home, as the guy wonders how on earth he couldn’t manage to get us back in his bed!

If she is a girl wearing a very revealing outfit and flirting outrageously with nearly every single guy in the club, you might be forgiven for thinking “BINGO” and believing that getting this particular women in to your bed will be a piece of cake…WRONG!

Lets start with what every other guy around her is doing wrong, and why they are most likely going to be prick teased for the remainder of the evening.

They are all thinking “BINGO” too. They acknowledge that there are other men competing with them, but since men can sometimes have a slightly inflated ego about themselves, they subsequently believe that they will be the one she ultimately chooses.

At this point in their mind, they are thinking one or more of the following:

“Look at the way she was flirting with me, she is so up for it”

“Her skirt is so short and I’m sure she loved it when I brushed my hand across her thigh. This will be easy!”

“She is flirting more sexually with me much than the other guys here, she is probably just being over friendly with them that’s all”

Guys are turned on by the fact that a sexy girl is flirting with them, and as we all know, when a guy is sexually turned on, his mind can sometimes not operate as well as it usually does. The mere thought or notion that he will be sleeping with her that very night fuels his ego. And having a big ego can cloud ones judgment of the reality of a situation.

So what do these guys around her usually do as a result?

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Here is the most common list (me and all my girl friends have unfortunately experienced at least one or more of these at the same time)

experienced at least one or more of these at the same time) a) Buy her more

a)Buy her more drinks than the other men around her. b)Increase the sexual tension to the point of embarrassment. c)Become a puppy dog following her around where ever she goes. (more like a dog on heat than a puppy dog) d)Keep telling her how sexy she is. Offering her endless compliments about how beautiful she looks. e)Tries the ‘love tactic’ by telling her he wants more than a one night stand, and that he wants a relationship with her or wants to just ‘hold her hand’ all night and ‘cuddle’etc.

Why do none of these work?

common techniques

Lets start with

point A. If a guy thinks that he will obtain her

loyalty by buying her more drinks, then he is TRULY mistaken. We women can get drinks from nearly any guy in the club.

ESPECIALLY if we are flirting with them.(In all my adult years, I have never heard of one single woman saying she slept with a man, because he bought her drinks)

Point B. Even if we are attracted to a guy, his overwhelming sexual escalation can turn us off. Flirting and using ‘push pull’ techniques in the sexual escalation stage are far more effective, as it leaves us in a state of limbo. When we are in that state of limbo, we become intrigued in wanting to know whether he likes us or not, and this creates a constant challenge to us that we relish!

Overwhelming a girl with full-blown sexual energy/escalation is only something that we enjoy when we know the man very well or a man that we are in a relationship with already.

Remember we like to be chased to a certain degree, but we also like to chase too.

Point C. Following us around like a ‘puppy dog’

This is so common and such a turn off. Let me retract that. It’s a MAJOR turn off.

When this happens the level of power in the interaction goes straight to us! We instantly know that the puppy dog is so desperate for some sex , that he has even developed a strong case of paranoia, where by he thinks that if he lets us out of his sight we will leave him for something better. The puppy dog, has abandoned his friends, abandoned his own enjoyment of the evening that he had planned, abandoned his pride and all for the sake that he just MIGHT get to sleep with us. It also makes us view him, as someone who believes that hey have no chance in securing any chance whatsoever with another woman in the club, which is another reason why he has glued himself to us for dear life. Women do not want to sleep with a guy like that! No matter how horny she is! The one night stand idea for women is far more psychological, where as for a guy it is usually much more physical or even animalistic. (This is something we will come back to again later on)

We enjoy the challenge immensely. Which is why celebrities secure one night stands with such ease. Women believe that a celebrity can have his choice of girls, and there for it becomes more of a

All Rights Reserved © Kezia Noble 2009 |

competition/challenge for them to secure his sexual interest. This of course serves to fuel the level of attraction the woman has for the man.

Women often are the ones who become the puppy dog around the celebrity, scared he might go and find something better.

When a guy becomes a puppy dog (or a dog on heat) we know that we OWN him. And unless the girl is in to some sort of serious dominatrix fetish ,then this will only serve to turn her off, not on!

Point D. Yes yes, she knows she is sexy, over 20 men have told her so already. who cares if it is you saying it. She will simply flutter her eye lashes, say ‘thanks’ and add you to her list of little ‘ego boosters’ she has already collected, who are scattered around in the venue.

Point E. Women are not stupid! I don’t care what she is wearing, how she is behaving and/or how much she is outrageously flirting or playing up to the image of a bimbo that she might be portraying for that evening (women have alter egos/masks/bravados too by the way!) This does not mean that she is stupid. If you presume that she is stupid and think that she will fall for the old line of “I want to have a relationship with you” or

“I just want to cuddle you all night”

Then you automatically place yourself in a weaker position. Never underestimate your target.

If you did decide to use the “relationship” line, or the ‘love tactic’ (This is not the Love-close by the way) What do you think her perception of you will be as a result? She knows full well how she is behaving and what she is wearing, and yet you are saying she is girlfriend material? Really? You want her to think that you would love to have a relationship with a girl you just met ,who happens to be flirting like a Las Vegas ‘show girl’ looking for a tip? Wow, your standards MUST be low. Either that or your desperate for any girl to be your soul mate. Never show a woman you have low value or low standards. No matter how aroused you are.

All these common mistakes, are now in the past for you. Let the guys around her carry on with these mistakes, whilst you play a whole different game.

Provoke mild jealousy and demonstrate high value (at the same time)

mild jealousy and demonstrate high value (at the same time) are checking out. I.e. First of

are checking out. I.e.

First of all, you approach her and allow her to begin flirting with you. Understand clearly that she wants attention, and simply wants to add you to her list of admirers for that evening. But also acknowledge internally the fact that will all change very soon.

During the conversation , I want you to check out other women. Preferably more sophisticated looking women, she will cotton on to this, and she will not like it. Beware ,that at that moment, she might simply react and turn her back on you, but if you can pin point that moment that she notices you looking at another girl, I want you to then make a casual remark to her about the women you

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“have you ever worn a long dress/elegant top/ sexy trousers/knee length skirt like that before?”

Whether she says yes or no is irrelevant.

Then tell her that she would look awesome if she wore that. The moment you have said that, I want you to seem slightly apologetic, not too much, just enough to show her that you have NO

INTENTION of making her feel bad. Say to her something along these lines. “ I mean, you look great, but something like that makes a woman seem so sexy, like she is going to be wild in bed”

This will provoke her curiosity, She will be wondering why that women is coming across sexy to you ,and she is not. Women are extremely competitive with each other, understand this, and uses it to your advantage then go on to say something like this.

“you look very sexy, but I can tell that underneath all that you are a good girl

mother would adore you!” The ‘mother’ bit is a playful touch, that will make her smile, but will also make her fee as though you potentially see another side to her.

infact I know my

Imply she is “hot” but that she is not actually sexy.

‘Imply that she is more cute than erotic.’

This is sometimes called ‘negging’ in the pick up community. Where by a man uses a negative remark towards a girl designed to break her indifference to him by showing her that he is indifferent to her beauty.

Separate your self form the others

to her beauty. Separate your self form the others Then (in your own words) you make

Then (in your own words) you make the offer of being friends, and say that if she has any problems with those guys trying it on with her, she should give you a subtle sign and you will step in and help her out,. Again playfully tease her ,by saying its because you hate to see ‘good girls’ being taken advantage of. (say this in a playful way! Do not say it in a big brother/caveman type of way.)

The emphasis here is on the fact that you are separating











unsuccessful. ( I know you are thinking that the last thing you should do is create a friendship with her, but this is only one of the beginning steps in this scenario and it will all make sense soon)

Validate one of the men.

Before you let her go back to her admirers, I want you to add one thing. I want you to zone in on the guy most likely to sleep with her or the best looking one etc. and say to her this.

“He looks like a nice guy, he doesn’t seem like the rest who are talking to you. I mean, they seem

All Rights Reserved © Kezia Noble 2009 |

like average nice enough men too, but he just looks like a genuinely sweet person, hmmm, maybe a

bit too nice,(hahaha) but definitely better than the rest


definitely looks like a cuddler/sweet guy”

This will make it seem more genuine to her that you are not out to attract her.

What other guy would ever do this? All the other men are telling her that the other men are “ugly” and are “using her” and all other sorts of amog techniques. (Alpha Male Other Guy) and women notice when men amog each other, and it turns them off.

You are telling her to actually go for one of the men, but as you well know, you are using words such as sweet/nice/cuddles etc that actually will conjure up images in her head that will have the opposite effect of turning her on. Remember at this point, she probably does not want you to carry on thinking she is this sweet good girl who loves cuddles and teddy bears, She wants you to start seeing her as sexy!

Flirting and getting away from the friend zone.

During the course of the night, go up to her again when she is alone for a second or with friends. She will be more than happy to have you there, as it will be a relief compared to the other men doing either point A,B,C,D,E on her. Also she will still be slightly intrigued and drawn to the fact that you are not sexually attracted to her (yet)

Notice one of the puppy dogs that will be hovering around her, and make a joke about him, not a spiteful one, just a playful observation. This will make it seems like you two share a private joke, and are also both on the SAME high level compared to the rest of the men in the club who are on a lower level.

This is around the point when you can begin flirting with her, Flirting is when a man dips in and out momentarily from the comfort stage to the seduction stage and then back in to the comfort stage. (Do not stay in the seduction stage for too long yet, as it will give her the opportunity to respond under pressure, which can lead her to feel overwhelmed and/or uncomfortable)

Women ADORE flirts, so don’t go thinking that flirting means you might be perceived as sleazy or perverted, Every girl I know loves to hang around with a flirt. It makes us feel good and a man who flirts hints to us MOMENTARILY that there could be ‘something’ more. This again keeps us in a state of limbo.(but an enjoyable state of limbo)

As for the interaction between you both becomes more solid, and the flirting continues, I want you to remember to get her to qualify her self too.

Double sided compliments and displaying high value.

Offer her tips to improve her self, or better still, give her ‘double sided compliments’, which will create the same effect as using the validation technique on her.

Tell her she looks great, but offer ideas to her that would make her seem sexier rather than just aesthetically pretty.

Remember that with double sided compliments You would essentially be telling her she is pretty she is not sexy, and there fore not yet your type.

that although

All Rights Reserved © Kezia Noble 2009 |


“you look great, but if you wore an elegant black dress that grips on to your hips, but flows near your thighs then you would be sooooo my type/would looks sexier/would look more naughty”

“You look pretty, but if you had your hair piled up, like that girl over there, you would be more tantalizing (showing off the nape of your neck would be far more provocative than showing off cleavage and legs all at once.

“you look cute, but if you had red nails instead of heavy makeup, you would look much more naughty”

A double-sided complement, is a little like handing a girl a beautiful rose with a thorn attached.

Remember that by using the double sided compliment, she can not hate you, because you said she looked good, Its just that there is room for improvement or you have seen better!

She can talk the talk, but can she walk the walk?

These series of techniques are what will help you increase your chance of getting this type of girl to sleep with you that very night.

Saying she is not sexy enough is going to provoke her insecurity but not enough to hate you, but

just enough for her to want to prove to you that she is sexy and that she can be naughty/dirty/good

in bed. (enough for her to want to qualify herself to you)

Remember that this woman presumes everyone will think she will be porn star in bed, and she uses that knowledge to tease men. The one man who comes along and spots a few flaws in her bravado, will stand out from the crowd, He will draw her in quickly and smoothly. But most of all he will be turning the table, and get her to work for his approval and set her the challenge of proving to him that she is not talk and no action,

Here is a round up of the main points you must remember:

a) Understand that she wants to be perceived in a certain away, and that any mask or alter ego or bravado a girl chooses to present to others, can be systematically taken down.

b) Make sure that she knows you have a thing for ‘sexy’ women who are filthy/naughty/dirty or wild, (do not come across as some sort of monk!)

c) Build up a friendship at first, but turn it in to a ‘flirtatious friendship’ very quickly. From there, she will warm to the idea of you escalating the interaction in to one of stronger sexual nature.

d) Separate yourself from the other men who are hounding her.

e) Validate some of the other men by saying they seem sweet or look like ‘nice’ people (be sure to use the words “nice” and “sweet”)

f) Create small moments where by you and her poke gentle fun at some of the other guys hitting on her (do this in the later stages) Make it seem like an “us against them” situation.

g) Get her to qualify her self by demonstrating high value and presenting yourself as a challenge.

h) Check out other women that she might be competitive with or who are dressed in an elegant style or who are behaving in a sophisticated or elegant manner.

i) Pay her double sided compliments

All Rights Reserved © Kezia Noble 2009 |

! J) do not over do the “push” in the ‘push –pull’ scenario that you are creating with her. After a while if you push her too much, she will become bored or even worse, she will feel insulted! . This is something I have witnessed with even very well known pick up artists, who have literally gotten drunk on the short term power that negging or “push” gave them. Which of course, consequently had made them miss the actual point of negging and ‘push-pull ‘completely,

! K) Monitor her reactions. This will help you to not over do Negs and Push.

Last minute doubts

help you to not over do Negs and Push. Last minute doubts Once the passion is

Once the passion is there and you have turned her on psychologically and have aroused her physically. The rest should be fairly easy. But if she has suddenly a last minute doubt in her head, then whatever you do, make sure you do not make the common mistake of getting needy.

When this happens a man can temporarily panic, In some cases he can even get a bit aggressive too, This is because he has got physically turned on by the thought and belief that he is going to have sex with her, and now all of a sudden there is a significant chance that he will go home frustrated.

As a result, the man can end up doing one of three things.


He might get needy, and start over talking and try desperately to persuade the girl to go back


home with him; consequently this makes the girl feel as though she is being begged. The man gets sulky, like a little boy who has had his toy taken from him. (This leads to the


woman pitying him and being turned off) The man gets angry, and starts to insult her. (This results in the woman thinking he is a pig)

These are reactions that will get you nowhere.

What you must do instead, is actually tell her that you think maybe it’s a good idea that you just remain friends. Yes, agree with her not to go through with it. (Of course you don’t want to over do this part)

This will make her want to start explaning her self, giving you the reasons why she has doubt or last minute nerves. This is where you have to interrupt her, give her quick kiss on the lips or put your finger gently to her lips, to show her you don’t want her to explain her self.

Tell her this:

“You don’t have to explain your self. I think you are really nice girl, I thought that from the start, and somewhere along the line, I guess I thought I saw another side to you and I got turned on, but now I’m not, so don’t worry about it. We can still be just friends,

This is ALL you can really do in this situation. This is of course is reverse psychology. She is not expecting you to react so calmly and indifferent, and she certainly is not expecting you to be the one who actually makes the suggestion of ‘just being friends’.

All Rights Reserved © Kezia Noble 2009 |

The fact that you also reminded her that as you had expected in the first place that she is a ‘good girl’ will also slightly provoke her in to proving to you AGAIN that she is not.

I am aware of the term ‘freeze out’ which is occasionally used in the pick-up community to explain this same example of dealing with her ‘last minute doubts’ and I agree with the pick-up coaches who teach it, as it is in my experience, the most effective way of dealing with this kind of situation when or if it arises. I hope that explaining it from a woman’s point of view will help confirm that this is really the best way to handle it.


What if the girl is presenting her self as a GOOD GIRL ? (type 2)

if the girl is presenting her self as a GOOD GIRL ? (type 2) Ok, this

Ok, this is more interesting.

If a girl presents her self as a good girl who would never dream of sleeping with a guy the first night , does this mean she really is a ‘good girl’ ? Or is it simply a mask that she wears to get the man to work hard for the pleasure of one night with her?

Part 2 will follow, where I will show you how to assess whether she really is a good girl or is wearing the mask of a good girl. And of course, how to increase your chances of seducing her that same evening

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