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Banking Interview Questions

Filed Under Questions & Answers for Job Seekers  Why do you want to enter banking?  You need to talk about Banking what the interviewer seeks for is a person who is flexible to be along with the given timings, someone who can cope up with writing bits and bobs or a person who can benefit them with more development .Your answer can have following bulleted points.  Banking is a fast changing environment  Retail banking is now very competitive from telephone banking, retailers and etc Banking is thus now largely sales driven.  You can even talk about IT getting changes and clearing banks offers a wide range of career opportunities for graduates not just in branch banking but also in financial services, consultancy and corporate banking.  Have you applied to any other areas apart from banking?  Here off course your answer will hold some other finance or sales and marketing careers insurance or accountancy, altogether these careers should have skills related to banking.  How do you feel about committing yourself to another three years of exams?  The professional examinations that you will almost certainly be required to take as part of your training are not always difficult in themselves, but do require determination and focus- especially as much of your study will be done in the evenings after a hard days work.  You should also be aware of the range of qualifications open to you many of the large clearing banks offer the opportunity to gain qualifications in marketing, personnel or accountancy not just banking.  Tell me about an experience in which you had to use tact?  Tact and diplomacy are important qualities in retail banking the customer is (almost!) always right. You may have to tell an account holder diplomatically why they cant have a loan for example, without provoking them into moving their account elsewhere.  To answer this type of question, think through everything you have done in the last five years school, university, sports, clubs, societies, travel, vacation jobs etc. and try to think of situations where you had to demonstrate this and other qualities do this before your interview.  If you have completed a number of employer application forms, then you should already have done this as this type of question is now common on application forms.  Who are our major competitors and what differences do you notice in our products?  The company will be expecting that you have done your research on the industry generally. You should be familiar with the banks products and services literature on these can be picked up at any branch. Read the banks brochures and annual reports these may be in the careers information room.  Be aware of current trends in the market and try to find out what each bank is doing in these areas.  What significant trends do you see in the future for our industry?  This is your chance to shine. You will be fully familiar with the economic situation as it relates to banking or how recent legislation affects it. How will you be familiar? Because you will have done your research and preparation properly.  You will have talked to people about the employer, you will have been reading trade magazines, journals and newspapers, and you will have poured over

company brochures, annual reports or anything else you can get your hands on direct from the employer. You could talk about tele-banking, the limited range of services now being offered by the supermarket banks, the effects of technology and competition and much more. The Employment Files in the Careers Service library are an obvious first place to look. The Internet is also an excellent source of information. Be ready to have more than one significant trend to discuss!

Bank PO Interview Questions - 2010

Corporation Bank Interview Experience(28-06-10) - I
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The list of Questions that were asked in the three Men Interview Tell me something about yourself apart from the details given in the Bio-Data Why do you want to join bank? What is Banking? How is it different from Saving Bank of Post Office? Difference between Karnataka and Jharkhand Economy? (as I am from Jharkhand) Today s Headlines? Similarity between USA and India in-terms of Economy? How many bank exams have you appeared for? Do you know the costing of Civil Engineering? What are your hobbies?

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What is NEFT? What is the difference between million and a billion? What is the buzzing word of India s economy? What action is the RBI taking? What is the final impact on the Economy? Submitted by Alfred. Corporation Bank Interview Experience II

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You have done Chemical Engg and worked in RIL, then why do you want to join a bank? What do you know about Corporation Bank? What are the functions of RBI? Do you have any account in any bank. Which type of account and what is the interest rate payable on it?

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What is the difference between Savings account and Current Account? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is a debit card and what all can be done with it? What is your family background? Are you willing to work anywhere in India? Allahabad Bank PO Interview Experience

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Tell me something about yourself? Why do you want to join a bank as you are a chemical engineer and worked in 2 good companies?

If in a rural branch in which you are posted, someone asks you for loan or money on gunpoint what will you do?

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What is a Bank? What are various activities and functions in a bank? What is Distillation? What is Coal Tar? Your Hobby is reading Bhagavad gita. What do you read in it? Cite some slokas from Bhagvad Gita? How can you say that banking sector is fast growing?

NIA interview questions Interview. What is CAR? Reinsurance? when is niacl established.? When is niacl nationalized.? What is CRR? Define SLR? how can we control the liquidity in system with CRR.? how much % Govt owns in Niacl.? How much %govt should own to make the company govt owned? Tell me about recent un summit(copenhagen)? What is the profit of NIACL? Income of NIACL? what is a liability ? what is insurance liability? (person got confused and confused me), Public liability? Why will you stay with niacl? suppose you got selected in Federal bank united bank of india and NIACL which one you choose and please be honest.? (I told them that my interviews were completed for fd and ubi

NIA Qus (all collected from other threads or from orkut) Interview...4 ppl

one sardarji and 3 others....I entered the hall...maan what was that door...pata hi nahi chal raha tha khulta kaise hai...aur band kaise hota hai.... the guy sitting in the middle spoke.... hmmn so u hv done electronics and Communication....word communication spelled doom....heheh so wat actually is comm.....answered something....sender receiver medium something types.... then sardarji spoke....u hv heard of smthin were there is no medium for communication?......heheheh ...said satellite comm....and lookd at expressions?? Is body launguage also a part of comm....said yes...have u studied it in electronics....yaar mujhe toh nahi lagta engg me kahin bhi yeh padaya jaata hai...its taught in managmnt under organisational behaviour....I said no sir was nt in our curriculum.... next question.....5 powerful women of india....answered next question.....5 religious places in India....started with create an impression on him...heheh and last one I said Rameshwaram....yaar border par hai India Sri lanka hai toh India me hi....he gave me a weird if he met with sharman joshi of 3 idiots.... acha now the other guy...fired with rapid questions....RBi deputy governs,SEBi chairman,IRDA chairman,NIA profits,FDI in banks....answer some..... then the last guy who was listening very patiently gv a glance as if....aa ja bacche.... first question....who is AGI of india...was looking blank...then he said auditor general of inida....nahi aata who is deputy CM of kerela....I said I kno the CM bt I dont kno the DCM... last pyaara sa question.....where is THAR desert....said rajasthan.... that l'll be all was their reply and I left the room..... so my suggestion is....plz read ur GK and current affairs,NIA,insurance,and ur subjects if u can..... All the best guys who are still waiting for their turns in NIA.....thanx

NIA Qus (all collected from other threads or from orkut) Interview: I was asked the following questions by the 4 member panel.I was the first to give interview that day. I am an MBA(Finance) from IBS,Mumbai.: 1. What does ICFAI stands for ? 2. Tell me something about ICFAI ? 3. What is the CFA course of ICFAI ? 4. My family background. 5. What considerations should be taken while making a portfolio ? 6. Where does an insurance company invests its funds ? 7. What are treasury bills ? 8. What is Yield ? 9. How is yield related to market price ? 10. What is HTM & AFS ? 11. What is mark to market ? 11. How is it important for insuarnce sector ? 12. What are dated securities ? 13. Founder of NIACL ? 14. Paid up capital of NIACL ? 15. What do you know about NIACL ? 16. What are sources of income for NIACL? 17. what are the disbursements for NIACL? 18. How will you handle the situation if an experienced and old employee misbehaves with you in

office ? 19. How much makrs i will give myself out of 10 for this interview ?

Re: Bank PO/Clerk Interview Questions and Experience - 05-04-2010, 03:29 PM

SBI clerk Qus (all collected from other threads or from orkut) 1-why r u interested in banking sector..?? 2-Do u support privatisation of banks? why..?? 3-Being in a public sector bank how can u compete with private sector banks...?? 4-what steps 2b taken 2 control global warming.? Questions posted by Akanshita 1.wat is NPA? 2.why do u want to join sbi. 3.Tell something abt yourself? many time u have cleared sbi exam? 5.who is the current chairman of sbi? 6.what is CRR? 7.what is RR(Repo rate)? 7.why did u choosed sbi for the job while pvt sector bank is paying heavy salary to his employee? 8.which banned outfit is responsible for recent blast in different city of india? 9.who is the governor of RBI? 10.u have completed your graduation(if u have)in this year(----).what u were doing till now? 11.who is the finance secretary? Questions posted by Aditya Gupta # What is RR(Reporate) # Whats is CRR # Whats is reverse RR # Whats is SLR # Whats r d tools with RBI to control liquidity in market # Who is d chairperson of RBI # Which bank recently got submerged in SBI # Who is the owner of SBI at present n with what % of shares # What was d name of first bank established in India ? # When was State Bank of India established in India # Who is the Chairman of SBI # Financial crisis in America # Why joining SBI or Banking Sector # Questions on Hobby # Historical or geographical Importance of d place u live important definitions helpful in bank interview preparation:Hi friends, Here I am posting for you some important banking terminology that will helpful in your bank interview preparation. I hope it will clear all your doubts regarding different bank rates. REPO RATE: - Under repo transaction the borrower places with the lender certain acceptable securities against funds received and agree to reverse this transaction on a predetermined future date at agreed

interest cost. Repo rate is also called (repurchase agreement or repurchase option). REVERSE REPO RATE: - is the interest rate earned by the bank for lending money to the RBI in exchange of govt. securities or "lender buys securities with agreement to sell them back at a predetermined rate". CASH RESERVE RATIO: - specifies the percentage of their total deposits the commercial bank must keep with central bank or RBI. Higher the CRR lower will be the capacity of bank to create credit. SLR: - known as Statutorily Liquidity Ratio. Each bank is required statutorily maintain a prescribed minimum proportion of its demand and time liabilities in the form of designated liquid asset. OR "Every bank has to maintain a percentage of its demand and time liabilities by way of cash, gold etc". BANK RATE: - is the rate of interest which is charged by RBI on its advances to commercial banks. When reserve bank desires to restrict expansion of credit it raises the bank rate there by making the credit costlier to commercial bank. OVERDRAFT:- It is the loan facility on customer current account at a bank permitting him to overdraw up to a certain agreed limit for a agreed period ,interest is payable only on the amount of loan taken up. PRIME LENDING RATE: It is the rate at which commercial banks give loan to its prime customers. As HR is undoubtedly the most grueling and significant part of an interview for any post concerned or applied. So, some of the questions that you may come through are: Tell us something about yourself o This is the most common and the first in the list of interview questions for clerk. No matter what post or position you may be applying for, this is kind of a universal question that will be asked, just to measure you up. This way the interviewer normally wants to have a slight notion of what do you feel about yourself, about your qualities and how snappish and intellectually aptly can you identify yourself. So, your reply should be very diminutive and at the same time giving fine information concerning you. For example: you can say, I am sensible, realistic but at the same time imaginative, conscientious and can manage people well. So, you are at this point interested about the clerk position we have offered. What variety of experience do you boast of? Accurate RESPONSE: Ive just completed school, and I am searching for a full-time arrangement that will aid me to expand and gather more experience. Honestly, I do not have much job practice, but I was brought up in a family circle where my father, mother and other family members taught us a superior work ethic. I can make out that hopefully, I would be capable to fill this spot, since I am a very rapid apprentice. INCORRECT response: I cant be acquainted with what you are saying I just sought after an afternoon employment, so I can snooze in during the sunup hours, and still comprise a assortment of time to go bashes and celebration or parties in the nights or evenings. In addition, my mother goes past here each day on her means to her work, so she may well drop me off. There might be times when I would require you at this juncture prior to your standard hours commence. Will I have any dilemma trying to get a hold of you if I want you to come up to work earlier? CORRECT: Well, I will be taking several daybreak college classes, however I dont have school on Mondays. So, I would be pleased to do that on Mondays, and Ill strive to remain efficient with my class agenda once I get my courses in concert. Tell us something about your past experiences. The next subject which usually comes up and about interview questions for clerk is concerning the earlier experiences as this assists the interviewer to acquire an thought about how your precedent experiences are going to sway the company. Thus, it is very imperative for you to come to a decision that which ingredient of your individualism and job familiarity you would like to be in the illumination but make it in no doubt that you do not end up with tales of your intrepidness and adventures. Here you should center more on your daily life at work that will focus more on your dilemma solving skills: like the means by which you demeanor yourself at your job, scrutinize tricky situations and manage

people. Accounts at banks and/or other financial institutions. 1Deposit account a:Checking accounts or current account b: Savings accounts c:Money market deposit account: d:Time deposit 2Personal account 3Sweep account 4Transactional account or demand accounts or demand deposit accounts.

Re: Bank PO/Clerk Interview Questions and Experience - 05-04-2010, 03:30 PM

SBI clerk Qus (all collected from other threads or from orkut) questions asked to me: since i am a comp. sci. student they asked what r d languages i hv learnt i replied c,c++ and now i learning vb... they asked the diff. bet. c and vb then hw computers r used in banks? earlier days v used maintain separate record for each n every person who hv account but after being computersied as v type the it display all the details.. then dd forms were computerised,earlier it was written by hand ... then core banking... next i am a throwball player.... so they asked what's d throw ball and volley ball as i hv won state level certificate in elocution i was asked to speak abt. INDIA for 2 min. then they asked me wat i like n dislike in INDIA... since i'm 4m vandalur next to chennai , it comes under kanchipuram dist. they questioned me "wat's imp. regarding kanchipuram", i replied temples,dist.Head Quarter then kanchipuram silk... then they also asked me abtwat's imp. in vandalur next wat do u know abt SBI wat r the private banks ans. i replied ICICI and HDFC full form of ICICI ? Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India... Wat r the nationalised banks? since i am doing college ug final year they asked y do come for job when u r studying.....I replied that the main aim of studies is to know wat's going around us and the next is to get the job .. when the oppurtunity knocks at me y shdn't i use it... then wat is u.s crisis

SBI clerk Qus (all collected from other threads or from orkut) we had 3 men n a lady to interview person asked me abt my hobbies [painting- colours n how do i select my theme to paint] and abt my plc and since i've written Tally as my spcl course ..they asked me to tell abt that too.. 2nd person asked me chairman of SBI n finance min of my state.. 3rd person asked me abt my native plc n abt deposits n loans provided by the bank.. 4th person asked me abt the speciality of a famous personality Sir M. Vishveshvaraiyya as he's the pioneer of the KRS Dam built in Mysore- a famous tourist attraction ...and abt debt waivers of farm loans..... Simple........and within 15 mins my interview was over !!!!!!!!! Keep Smiling throughout....if u dont know tell it probs...they'll correct u if u r wrong..... POSTED BY Ramanjaneyulu hi guy's today i given interview at hyd sbi learning centre. my interview was so cool. they just asked about my details and some computer questions i.e. what is dos? what is ram? and what is floating and what is gravitational force,it is same for all materials or not and regarding about "gate way of india" where it is and y it has made? where is the india gate and y it has build? that sal...... all the best for other guy's

Hello friends, This s swetha frm Mangalore.i gave my interview today(15-1008 .Questions asked were related to my subjects,my previous job nd abt my qualification.Panel consisted of 3 members initially they wil verify ur certificates, dont forget to attest ur photocopies frm a gazatted officer.Other questions asked were like who's the finance minister,chairman of sbi,dgm's (there r 2 dgm's itseems which i din answer),which bank faced financial crisis recently (ICICI),What u know abt sbi,nd regarding ur hobbies (VIMP) think nd write properly bcoz most of d

questions wil be frm ur subjects nd hobbies. I wanna thank u all for sharing useful information in this forum it helped me a lot i gained so much knowledge frm dis site only nd gud luck for the rest who r gonna give interviews in d coming days...

Yesterday(15/10/08. I finished my Interview. frnds don't worry about interview questions. First you go through two or three times through you bio data, and prepare details regarding what you are written in the bio data, like ->Importance of your birth place, ->Importance of your district, ->College/University which you studied, ->importance of the different places you staying, ->great personalities born in your district etc. ->details regarding your extracurricular activities and your achievements. get prepare Positive answers for compulsory questions like ->Tell me about yourself, ->Tel me about your family, ->tell me about your previous job provder, ->your strong/weak points, ->why do you want joined SBI, ->why not using your higher qualifications, ->if you are undergoing graduate they definitely ask ->if we take you what you do your studies ->If you completed degree in more then 2years they will ask what you doing till now. ->If you working why you want leave present job? (frnds please give positive answer for this) and also prepare daily importance /common knowledge of your subject studies in degree or 10+2, like what is chemistry, who is the founder of biochemistry etc.

There are a no: of questions to be asked but You can see the sample of some as its not possible to write all of them.But you can visit to different sites to know the same.The sites are as under The questions are as followsQ1. : What are the good qualities for a Probationary Officer? A1. He must have the quality of management. He should be well behaved ,a good leadership, motivation & well communication skills.

Q2. Have you applied to any other areas apart from banking? A2. Yes, insurance,banking,accountancy,sales are some other which were in my choice & I applied in some of them. Q3. How do you feel about committing yourself to another three years of exams? A3. Though they require determination & focus but still I am ready to accept the challenge. Q4. Tell me about an experience in which you had to use tact? A4. Tact and diplomacy are no doubt the important qualities in retail banking Source: