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Department of Education Region V DIVISION OF CITY SCHOOL CITY OF NAGA


Of Rosario V. Maramba Elementary School San Felipe, Naga City School Year 2010 - 2013

September 30, 2010

School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013


School Improvement Plan is a 3- Year Plan of the school for the purpose of improving the pupils and school performance in the National Achievement Test (NAT). This is in response to R.A. 9155 which cited that the school head is empowered to make an initiative to develop school improvement plans. This is also rooted in SBMs shared governance and shared accountability which mainly gave birth to the School Planning Team which is compose by the school head Ricardo S. Francisco, teacher representative Roma Jean D. Montero, pupil representative Alyssa V. Efondo, PTA president Ronnie L. Benito, and LGU representative Juanita B. Ayubo. The five members of School Planning Team (SPT) underwent a series of discussions and workshops at Regent Hotel from August 30 September 4, 2010. It was conducted by the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP), in partnership with the City Government of Naga and the Division of Naga City. SIP will enable the school to develop various functional projects that will respond to the needs the must have and the must be of the school. This will only be possible is shared governance in the community will be dignified, as well as accountability among committed and supportive stakeholders. With this, great things are truly possible to promote a functionally literate pupils in our school.

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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

CORE VALUES ACCOUNTABILITY We adhere to the value of Accountability that we will be in service to our pupils and to our community. PROFESSIONALISM We adhere to the value of Professionalism, that we will be bounded to be leaders and stakeholders who will act to decide on the matter, and things needed to be settled and manage for the welfare of the pupils. EXCELLENCE We adhere to the value of Excellence, that we are aiming to be the best that we can be ad striving for the greater glory of God.

By 2013, Rosario V. Maramba Elementary School envisions a child-friendly school, God-fearing, value oriented, environmentally conscious, and academically competitive pupils.

We provide basic quality education through proactive school head, competent teachers, hands - on classroom practices, environmentally immerse children, shared governance, supportive stakeholders, and inculcation of values to seek Gods glory.

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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013


A. SCHOOL PROFILE Rosario V. Maramba Elementary School is a public Elementary School located at barangay San Felipe, Naga City. It is the only elementary school here in Bgy. San Felipe that is accessible to the the children and pupils in our barangay, It has a land area of 6,234 sq.m. bounded on west by the Naga Carolina National road on its three sides by private lots. It is about three kilometers away from the city proper and will take five to ten minutes ride by jeepney or tricycle. The school is founded in 1946 and bears it name as San Felipe Community School. In 1952, the lot was donated to the city government of Naga. Through the years, its population expanded. In 1962, the school is recognized as a complete elementary school. It was this year that the name was changed to San Felipe Elementary School. In 1971, by the virtue of R.A. 6202, approved on June 10, 1971, the school adopted the name of its donor Mrs. Rosario Villareal Maramba. Hence, the school was called Rosario V. Maramba Elementary School. The school follows the Basic Education Curriculum and its lessons are in consonance with Philippine Elementary Learning Competencies (PELC). It has twenty regular permanent teachers and two preschool teachers funded by the city government of Naga. It has also two barangay tanods who acts as security guards and peace keepers in our school. For this school year it has 886 elementary pupils which constitute four sections in grade 1 and three sections from grades two to six. One of the best facilities in the school is the multi- purpose pavilion which provides a conducive ambiance for any occasion. B. COMMUNITY PROFILE San Felipe is one of the 27 barangays of Naga City. Unlike any barangays, it is a barangay away from the busy and bustling centro where there is still fresh atmosphere and serene environment, yet still accessible to any schools, churches, and malls, It is the home of the famous and delicious San Felipe Bihon. It has a total land area of 529.96 hectares of land and its famous for its various low and high cost housing projects. It is divided in seven zones with a total population of 8,857 with total households of 1505. Majority of the

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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

residence are Roman Catholic. The name of barangay San Felipe is derived from the combined names of its patron saints Saint James (San Santiago) and Saint Philip (San Felipe). The barangay is celebrating its feast day every 11th day of May. Farming is the main occupation which gives the highest revenue to the barangay, More or less 30% of the total population is engage in blue and white collar jobs. Some are overseas workers (OFW) and in entrepreneurship. Majority of the residents use electric power. The source of drinking water is through MNWD with three pumping stations. Some families use deep well. The barangay has one public elementary school, Rosario V. Mamba Elementary School. In addition, other preparatory learning centers are found: Daycare Center, Marian Nursery School, and Barangay Learning Center.

Provision of Access Personnel The school heads works ranges from supervision to teachers, clerical works as well as electric and water maintenance. There are twenty teaching staffs which caters the instruction to pupils. Hence, act as coordinators to an area of interest and discipline. There are also two locally funded teachers in preschool. There is one canteen helper who helps to manage school canteens operations. Security guards are the barangay tanods which is subsidized by the local government and recently supported by the collections made from the pupils. Physical & Ancillary Services RVMES has eleven 11 buildings with 23 classrooms. 20 out of 23 has a floor area (6x9), 2 classrooms with (6x5), and 1 classrooms with (9x8) floor area, Thus, 22 out of 23 classroom is below the standard of classroom of (7x8) floor area. There are no principals office, guidance office, library, school clinic, canteen, science laboratories, stock rooms, and computer rooms. There are five classrooms with mixed uses such as classrooms are shared by the library, canteen, guidance office, stock rooms, and clinic. The room intended for classrooms is used as a principals office, computer room, as well as stock room.

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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

Learning Materials & Equipment The learning materials and equipments are below the 1:1 planning standard ratio. The textbooks in English for both Grades 1 and 2 are in 1:2 ratio. The average ratio for English Reading and Language Textbooks from Grade 3 to Grade 6 are in 1:2 ratio also. In Science, the average ratios from Grade 3 to Grade 4 are in 1:3.In all grade levels, Math and Hekasi have an average ratio of 1:2. In Filipino, the average ratio from Grades 1 and 2 is 1:2. The average ratio in both Pagbasa and Wika is 1:3. There is no book in EPP and MAPEH. The school has one functioning computer and the remaining 9 computers need to be repaired. Quality and Relevance of Basic Education Pupil Performance The Grade 6 NAT is increasing with an MPS of 63.88% compared to 50.68% MPS of S/Y 2008 2009. However, RVMESNAT MPS is below 75% MPS with a gap of 11.2.

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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

In Phil IRI the frustration rate is 36.78% and an instructional level of 23.90%, while Independent Level is 38.87% which is below the 100% Standard with a gap of 61.13%.

Curriculum Implementation & Instructional Delivery All of the teachers in the school observe class schedule, and checking of assignments. There are seven (7) teachers who are also doing home visits to learners. Two teachers have finished their Masters (M.A) Staff Development There are four (4) teachers who are attending MA Program. There are 10 teachers in the school who are also computer literate. Thus theres a need for trainings to teachers in terms of PC operations and uses. Health Status of Students/Pupils The Nutritional Status of Normal pupils is 70.76% against 8.87% of severely wasted and 19.68% wasted pupils. In total, there are 95 undernourished pupils in our school. Hence, There are 6 pupils who are overweight with 0.68% There are ten (10) pupils who are visually impaired. 2 out of ten which uses eyeglasses.
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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

Student/Pupil Services RVMES publishes school paper once a year which is below the standard of atleast two publications a year. There are three (3) extra - curricular clubs the Pupils Government, and the GSP and BSP. The school has three (3) academics clubs, the Science, Math, and Filipino clubs. School-Community Environment There are few parents who attend school assemblies and activities. There are only 215 parents attended homeroom meetings, 310 in Brigada Skwela, and only 410 in General PTA Assembly.

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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

Management and Administration The two main reasons why teachers get absent are due to health problems as well as family related concerns. Performance Indicators Graduation Rate The Graduation Rate is fluctuating. Promotion Rate The promotion Rate is constant in 91%. Simple Dropout Rate The Simple Dropout Rate is fluctuating. Repetition Rate Repetition Rate is fluctuating for 3 consecutive years. Retention Rate

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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

Retenion Rate is fluctuating on which latest year has a highest incidence of repeaters due to the No Read No Move Policy. Completion Rate The completion rate in our school is increasing.

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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

Opening of Classes

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Our Lady of Peafrancias Visit

School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

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Pupils in Action

School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

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The Faculty

School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

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School Improvement Plan Rosario V. Maramba E/S S/Y 2010-2013

SIP: The Making

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