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Steps to delete vendor master data.

This document explains deletion process of vendor master account and only applies if transaction data does not exist for the vendor in corresponding company code. Step 1: Mark for deletion - Transaction FK06 In this step, you would mark the vendor for deletion. Make sure that you did not check deletion block as it stops deletion of vendor

Step 2: Archive and delete purchasing data for vendor Transaction SARA or F58A Three major views that exist for each vendor account are general (LFA1), co code (LFB1) and purchasing at purchase org level (LFM1). To delete general data from LFA1 table, it is mandatory that you delete co code and purchasing data. So in this step archive/delete transaction SARA is used to delete purchasing data of vendor from LFM1 table. Archiving Object FI_ACCPAYB is used in this transaction. First step is to write and in this action a variant has to be maintained with list of vendors that need to be deleted. Select MM Data as data to be archived and production mode as processing option.


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Once write process is complete, and then select delete and select archive selection to choose the session that was created during the write process. This selection will provide the vendor information that need to be deleted by the program. Also provide the start date and spool parameters. Step 3: Delete Master data Transaction: OBR2

This transaction is used to delete G/L account, Customer and Vendor accounts. However in our current scenario, we would check delete vendors and lists the vendor accounts that need to be deleted. If company code specific data exist for the vendor account, then select with general master data in co code and specify the co code in which you would like to delete the vendor account. This final step would delete the records from LFA1 and LFB1.

Note: This process is helpful and works only if the transaction data doesnt exist for the vendor accounts that need to be deleted.


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