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Model 7000

Rotary Handler

Input side with bowl feeder & test site

Output side with sort buckets & taper

System Features & Options Bowl feeder input Pickup wheel with either 4 or 8 pickups/stops Up to 3 test sites Top &/or bottom cameras Laser marker CO2/red/green Up to 4 sorts on pickup wheel Up to 13 sort buckets output Buckets upgradeable with positive binning, electronic mechanical lock Tape-&-reel output GUI Windows-based software Choice of tester interfaces DDR & servo motors (no belts, pulleys, or air cylinders) 4,000-8,000 UPH, depending on features Remote Internet service Bowl feeder input

Rotating pickup at sort wheel drop-off Safety covers over moving components

Rotating sort wheel with 16 retracting gates & up to 13 lockable sort buckets

Taper output

Changeover kit for different devices