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Presented by: Dr.sara soheilifar

One of the purposes of this presentation is to:

discuss how recent basic and clinical information maybe used to improve treatment planning, clinical management, and retention for patients in whom different malocclusions are caused or complicated by moderate to advanced periodontal destruction.

 Poorly executed orthodontic treatment in

periodontal patients can certainly contribute to further periodon- tal tissue breakdown.  however, with properly performed treatment, extensive orthodontic tooth movement can be made in adults with a reduced but healthy periodontium without further periodontal deterioration.

 Attempts should be made to keep the

appliances and mechanics simple: Avoid hooks, elastomeric rings and excess bonding resin outside the bracket bases. The use of steel ligatures is recommended Bonds are preferable to bands

Facilitative Orthodontics
y The position of the teeth in their spatial relation to the alveolar process can affect the shape and location of the periodontium y Mesial tipping is the first link in a pathologic causal chain and is a risk factor for periodontal disease. y Mesial periodontal defects may be reduced by uprighting mesially inclined molars

Leveling of gingiva by extrusion of lateral incisors