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#169 June/July 2011

global psytrance guide

hot summer edition

Festival Map 2011 Update LOADS of festival previews System 7 NOK Imago Dei Psy Pix Hungary Report Luna Design Naspex Izwoz Ajna Fire Juggling Contest: the most beautiful freak freighters Alcohol Vaporizer Shiva Nataraya DJ equipment news & charts

Wie funktioniert diese Aktion: Beim Kauf einer Flasche CANNA Terra Vega oder CANNA Terra Flores erhltst du ein Rubbel-Los Bei jedem Sack Erde erhltst du sogar 2 Lose Rubbel die Lose im Laden auf und nehme den Preis direkt mit nach Hause! Riesen Gewinn Chance
Diese Aktion gilt vom 1. April bis 30. Juni 2011


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Hello Shroomies !
The summer is here and mushroom proudly presents some of the best the community has to offer. The second part of our festival map can guide you through the rest of the summer festival journey, or take a look at our party planner for some of the smaller and often quite family-like events. Do you have absolute passion for Psy Trance? With the expansion of our distribution, more exciting content, and increased support from many labels, artists and other communities around the scene, mushroom magazine is on the hunt for organized people with good communication that would like to join the team and represent their scene. Write to with your skills and ideas (distribution, photography, writing, reviews, suggestions and comments) and what you would like to contribute and share with the community. You could be our next area agent! The mushoom magazine facebook page has soared over 11,000 likes! WOW! Keep up the good energy and those contributions rolling in, as your comments and input shape what we bring to print for the psy trance community through the magazine. Keep a keen eye out for prizes and giveaways and get involved! We love to hear from you! Shaggin wagons, hippy mobiles, busses of love, freak freighters, and all psychedelically decked out vans and mini-busses! Many of us have seen some interesting creations and
pic: Udo Herzog

innovative ideas of how people get around and camp out at festivals and now mushroom mag wants to hear from YOU! Send us pictures and all other useful, interesting and funked up info about your festival van! A short preview: The August/ September mushroom mag will be dedicated to artists and labels, and we would like to give a real funky, fruity, & diverse selection of as much of the landscape of psytrance acts the scene has to offer. Send in your hot acts, tips, news & contributions from around the scene to This pumping edition will be distributed at Ozora and many of the HUGE August festivals. What has caught your interest? We need to hear from YOU! See you on the dancefloor Kylie Van Eerden and the mushroom team





On the road again

Useful equipment, gimmicks and knowledge for the modern Trance nomad
Travelling is at least as characteristic for Psy Trance as fluorescent paintings and hypnotic electronic music. In fact there are few if any other scenes where people frequently travel thousands of miles just to meet their international fellows for an open air. Now, during summer, many Trance freaks live a real nomadic lifestyle, hopping from one festival acre to the next. And quite afew have already plans for a winter trip to Asia, for instance. Life is a book and those who do not travel read only one page, as the saying goes! But its not always easy reading In this unusual lead article we want to share with you some ideas, inspirations and tips how to arrange your modern nomadic adventures as convenient as possible.

The Classic

For the classic Indian teepee or its North-European equivalent, the Sami kata, a simple coneshaped frame of wooden poles was covered with animal hides, with an opening at the top to let out smoke. Swedish manufacturer Tentipi combines the idea of these popular tents with upto-date technological standards. In this way, the luxuries of space and standing height are guaranteed and there is the unique possibility to have a stove or even an open fire in the middle of the tent. While ancient teepees required a lot of work to be set up and were very heavy, many of the new versions can be set up within few minutes and weight only few kilos while still providing space for many persons.

It was around 2005 when strange, saucer-shaped objects flew over more and more festivals. But they could only be watched for 2 seconds- before they transformed into tents. Outdoor manufacturer Quechua is the brand that became famous for its pop-up tent system, providing tents that come in one piece and build up themselves in no time. Since then the technology has been developed further and 2011 witnesses a new version of the popular instant-tent. The 2Seconds Easy comes with a comfortable and safe 2-wall construction and is not only super easy to build-up but also super easy to be folded again. In fact, one only needs to pull a cord- thats it! And... its even available in quite the psychedelic variety of colours

The Easy One

The Lightweight

If you are travelling only with your backpack, using public transport and want to keep the stuff you have to carry around as minimal as possible but without missing a warm and dry place to stay at, this might be your tent of choice: Weighing only a little more than two packages of milk, fitting into a backpack, set up within no time and always try and cosy thanks to a 2-wallconstruction. An excellent solution for the soloist or two who like each other, exploring territories where it may be raining or cold.

know how
How to push-start a car
Too much campsite rave? Car battery dead? No worries- getting your car push-started is really easy! At least if it runs on petrol. This method will work with a diesel as well, but you will have to try harder. Please never push-start an automatic car! 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Find some persons for pushing Get behind the wheel and turn the key to ignition mode Engage second gear but keep the clutch pushed down Start shouting: Push, push, push! Once the car gained some speed, slowly release the clutch There should be a strong jerk Push down the clutch again while carefully&slowly stepping on the gas at the same time If its not working immediately, return to 4) If its still not working, give the car a short rest and try again Keep motor running and keep switched off radio, air con etc. for an hour.

The Futurist

Mobile communication company Orange presents a design study for the tent of the future. Powered by flexible, fabric-like solar panels, this tent starts glowing in a distinctive way when triggered via mobile phone at night- a great help to identify your tent from a distance and a great way to make the other campers believe in another, secret dance floor Unbelievably incorporated into this technologically advanced camping accessory, is a self set-up Wifi internet connection point, brilliant!

The Guerrilla

This rudimentary but efficient way of camping was already recommended by Che Guevara, one of the protagonists of the socialist guerrilla revolution on Cuba. All it needs is a hammock, a mosquito net, a small plastic tarp and some ropes. Put up the hammock between two trees and another rope one metre above it, which you can use for the net to keep away insects and a tarp to keep you dry from rain. Unfortunately, at most festivals in Europe there are few if any trees around in the camping area - be sure to check the location or ask friends who have already been there when possible before heading down there.

The Discounter

Dont worry if your budget is limited! All the big European discounters, like Aldi or Lidl for instance, offer camping equipment at least once a summer season. Usually there will be tents for 20 Euro or even less and their quality is really acceptable.

Etn Scorpion
Nominated for the smartest festival gear in the category electronics: The Etn Scorpion. This fascinating piece of technology provides you with light, electric energy, weather information, music and even a bottle opener. The Scorpion can be charged via its solar panel, its dynamo hand-crank or via DC adapter. The energy generated in these ways can be used for the integrated flashlight, the cell phone charger via USB or the radio receiver which is also specialized on weather information bands and finally you can even connect your iPod and use it as a speaker! The scorpion is splash proofed and a very robust fellow.

know how
How to chill drinks
Hot festivals with the sun burning down are great. Cold drinks are great to. The combination of the two of them is perfect- but can become rare still, there are some easy tricks! The pit method Ok, this is really well-known. Dig a hole, preferably even in the shade, and burry your drinks at sunrise. Yes, exactly at the moment of sunrise. No mystical reason, only this is the coldest moment of the day. Your underground drinks will keep their temperature longer. The trucker method Truck drivers wrap wet towels around their drinks and hang them on their rear mirrors in linen bags. The cooling effect is caused by the heat of vaporization, a physical phenomena you can take advantage of as well, if it is windy at your festival. Just warp a wet piece of cloth around the 40 degree Jaegermeister bottle from your car and put it in the wind for half an hour. It wont be a huge effect but still a noticeable one!


You really love the cosy warmth of your sleeping bag during the nights? Well, take it with you then! The MusucBag transforms all the benefits of a sleeping bag into a sleeping suit. In this way you can easily go for another round and crash in a comfortable and well-tempered way wherever you want.


Out of the box chill out and lounging, that is the basic idea of the SofaBox. Put into a both solid and good looking flightcase, this piece of furniture offers an original possibility to hang around outdoors in a very decent way.

Open Air Packing list

The purpose of this packing list is to never again forget anything important when going to an open air festival or outdoor party which could last several days. Some of these things could ease the festival life dramatically. Feel free to send additions to: Richard Cattien For the latest list update please go to Diese Liste soll dazu dienen nichts mehr zu vergessen, wenn man eine mehrtgige Outdoor Party oder ein mehrtgiges Festival besucht. Einige Sachen knnen das Festivalleben erheblich erleichtern. Ergnzungen oder Anregeungen bitte an: Richard Cattien rc.foreign@ Eine aktuelle Liste gibt es unter

Campsite Wohnen

tent - with enough pegs / Zelt + Heringe mallet or hammer / Gummihammer cable ties / Kabelbinder blankets / bemalte Tcher small padlocks / kleine Vorhngeschlsser sleeping bag / Schlafsack sleeping Pillow / Kopfkissen canvas tape / Gewebe-Klebeband garbage bags / Mllscke stable base, e.g. a chopping board / feste

sticking plaster against blisters / Leukoplast gegen Blasen toothbrush, tooth paste / Zahnbrste, Zahnbecher, Zahnpasta anti-perspirant, soap, shower gel, shampoo / Deo,

Seife, Duschgel, Shampoo

washrag / Waschlappen Makeup & face&body paint, glitter / Schminke wet wipes / Feuchttcher comb/hairbrush / Kamm/Brste towels / Handtcher disposable seat pads for the latrines / Einweg-

Unterlage wie z.B. ein Kchenbrett

Swiss army knife / Taschenmesser flashlight / Taschenlampe lanterns/lamp ions / Laternen/Lampions a long rod with a marker for recovering the camp /

Sitzunterlagen fr Dixi-Toiletten
condoms / Kondome insect protection: mosquito net + repellant / Insekten

schutz: Moskitonetz + diverse Mittel wie Autan

tampons, panty liners / Tampons, Binden birth control pills / Pille razor / Rasierer ear protection, Ear plugs / Gehrschutz, Ohrstpsel tissues, toilet paper / Taschentcher, Klopapier ointment against sun burn / Salbe gegen Sonnenbrand ointment against insect bites / Salbe gegen Insektenstiche

Langer Stab mit Markierung zum Wiederfinden des Lagers folding chair / Klappstuhl camping mattress / Isomatte/Luftmatratze matches or lights / Streichhlzer oder Feuerzeuge

Body care & protection Krperpflege & Schutz

something against headache / Aspirin oder Paracetamol medications / sonstige bentigte Medikamente first aid kit / Erste Hilfe Koffer travel health insurance documents / Auslandskrankenschein sunscreen / Sonnencreme sunglasses / Sonnenbrille hat or scarf against the sun / Sonnenhut oder Kopftuch ChapStick or lip balm / Lippenbalsam Vitamin tablets / Vitamine Brause-Tabletten Magnesium Pills / Magnesium Tabletten

Eating, drinking Essen, Trinken

canteen/ Besteck camping dishes / Camping-Geschirr cups / Becher small + big plastic refillable bottles / kleine +

groe Plastikflaschen zum Wiederauffllen

resealable freezer bags / wiederverschliebarer Gefrierbeutel dishtowel / Trockentuch

packetsoup/noodles, gravy / Ttensuppen, Nudeln, Soen fruit / Obst fruit juices / Obstsft water / Wasser chewing gum / Kaugummi bottle of Jgermeister / Flasche Jgermeister barbecue, coal / Grill, Kohle, Grillanznder, Rost, Alufolie, Grillbesteck stove + alternative gas bottle / Camping-Kocher + Ersatzgasflasche sponge / Schwamm salt, pepper, spices / Salz, Pfeffer, sonstige Gewrze washing-up liquid / Splmittel case for cutlery / Besteckbehlter can opener / Dosenffner Tetra-Pak (no-glass-policy on most festivals!) /

glow sticks / Knicklichter MP3 player / MP3-Player Multiple lighters / Genug Feuerzeuge cigarettes, tobacco, papers / Zigaretten, Tabak, Papere small bag or backpack / kleine Tasche oder Rucksack ashtray (a closeable one would be best) / Aschen

becher (am besten verschliebar)

musical instruments / Musikinstrumente pen and paper! / Schreibzeug! something to read / evtl. etwas zu Lesen CLEAR directions to location / Wegbeschreibung locality information about lakes / Ortsinfos

besorgen ber Badeseen

area map / Landkarte der Gegend printed festival information from their website /

Tetra-Pak wegen Glasverboten auf vielen Festivals!

comfortable clothes / bequeme Sachen warm sweater / warmen Pullover 2 pairs of warm socks minimum / mindestens

Clothes Klamotten

Festival-Infos ausdrucken
ticket/voucher / Eintrittskarten Timetable, lineup / Timetable mobile phone numbers of people you want to meet

/ Mobiltelefon, Tel.-Nummern von Bekannten

folding spade / Klappspaten small mirror / kleinen Spiegel joss/incense sticks (e.g. nag champa) / Rucherstbchen torches / Fackeln tea light candles, lanterns / Teelichter, Windlichter sparklers / Wunderkerzen old metal bars/wooden posts for camp building /

2 Paar dicke Socken raincoat / Regenjacke umbrella / Regenschirm swimming things / Badesachen shoes for: dancing, travelling & bad weather condi tions i.e. Gumboots / Schuhen frs Tanzen, Reisen + schlechtes Wette z.b. Gummistiefel bathing shoes, flip-flops / Badeschlappen,Flip-Flops Hair-ties / Haargummis belt / Grtel

alte Metall Stangen oder Holzstbe

Costumes and dress-ups / Kostme mobile phone charger / Handy Ladegert sheet protector for essential documents / Klarsicht-

key for the fuel tank cap / Schlssel fr den Tankdeckel replacement key for the car / Ersatzautoschlssel CDs/music for the journey / CDs/Musik fr die Fahrt EC or credit card / EC oder Kredit-Karte sufficient hard cash / gengend Bargeld small purse (for cash only) / kleines Portemonnaie (nur fr Bargeld) camera, film/memory cards, recharger, tripod /

Miscellaneous Sonstiges

hlle fr die wichtigsten Dokumente

plastic hand-scrubber / Plastik-Handbrste watch / Uhr

Checks before leaving home Vor der Abfahrt zu beachten

Fotoapparat, Filme, Akkus, Stativ

juggling balls, devil-stick, poi, Frisbee, etc. / Jonglier

blle, Devil-Sticks, Poi, Frisbee, etc.

soap bubble gear / Seifenblasen Gertschaft chess, backgammon, ludo, etc. / Schach, Back-

gammon, Mensch-rgere dich nicht, etc.

massage ball (for sharing good vibes) / Massageball clothes and deco to decorate your camp / Tcher

stove and heater off / Ofen und Heizung aus windows closed / Fenster geschlossen lights off / Licht ausgeschaltet answering machine / Anrufbeantworter eingeschaltet garbage out / Mll rausgetragen houseplants watered / Pflanzen gegossen video timer set / Video Timer gestellt car fueled / Auto getankt arrangements for your pets / Haustiere versorgt written will (in the unlikely case of something

happening) / Testament verfasst

und Deko zum Verzieren des Lagers


Couch Surfing
The idea of Couch Surfing is pretty simple: Participate in creating a better world, one couch at a time. You offer your couch or guest bed to travellers via a website. Or, when travelling yourself, you have the possibility to look for a couch to crash for one night or even more. There are no special obligations, you dont have to offer a couch yourself to ask for one. In fact Couch Surfing is more than a cheap way to travel. It offers the possibility to make acquaintance with people world wide and to get an impression of their everyday life. Often even friendships evolve from this way of travelling. Still caution is advised: Be aware that there might be thefts around. Also, its a good idea to have a short phone call with the host / the guest to get a personal impression. The gut feeling will tell you if this constellation might work out or not.

I want to fly away...

...but I dont have much money to do so! These search engines will help, even when looking for cheap accommodations and rental cars.


Calling 22 456 from a mobile in Germany will connect you with the nearest taxi centralno matter where you are! It costs 0,69 Euro per minute but might be really worth it in certain situations. Aus deutschen Mobilfunknetzen erreicht man unter der 22 456 die nchstgelegene Taxizentrale - egal wo man gerade ist! Das kostet zwar 0,69 Euro die Minute, ist aber ziemlich praktisch.

Faroe Islands


Edinburgh Belfast



Isle of Man



Leeds Manchester


United Kingdom
The Hague


18 Bremen


1, 7, 10, 14, 20, 24



Hannover Duisburg Dortmund Essen Dusseldorf Cologne



Guernsey Jersey



Le Havre














6, 8, 12, 15
Milan Turin


Venice Bologna

Bilbao Toulouse Porto


22 2




San Marino


Barcelona Rome




Palma De Mallorca








June (from 20th) Saint Petersburg 1 Kaschmaukenaufstand

24-26 / Tutow (Germany)
2 Blissful Festival 2011

13 Ozora Festival
Kostroma 02-07 / Ozora (Hungary) Yaroslavl

Vologda Volog




14 Red Planet Open Air

Tver r



29-03 / Almeirim (Portugal)

05-07 / Leussow (Germany) Vladimir

Moscow 15 Summer Awake Festival

Latvia Riga

3 Paradise Festival


06-07 / Marbach (Switzerland) Ryazan

16 Open Mind Festival Tula



07-10 / Falkenstein (Austria) Vitsyebsk Vitsyebs Smolensk

4 Hadra Festival



09-16 / near Montreal (Canada) Tambo v Tamb


Szczecin Bydgoszcz




Lublin Czestochowa

Mahilyow 07-10 / center of France (France)Klintsy 17 Orel Klintsy Sonica Festival 12-15 / Montenegro (Serbia) Hrodna Voronezh Vorone 5 Tundra Festival Homyel' Homyel Kursk 07-10 / Duburys lake (Lithuania) Belarus s 18 Waldfrieden Wonderland www. 12-14 / Stemwede-Wehdem (D) Brest


6 Atmosphere Festival

Kharkiv 19 Lost Theory Festival

Belgorod Belgor


08-10 / Filisur (Switzerland) Kiev

7 Antaris Project
Zhytomyra Cherkasy

17-22 / Plitvice (Croatia)

Rostov-on-D Rostov-on-Don

h Republic


Katowice Ostrava



8 Digital Waves Festival

Chernivtsi Chernivtsi





9 Kannibalen Massaker Iasi


15-18 / Rhinow / Stlln (DE) 20 Spiritual Healing Donets'k Ukraine Dnipropetrovs'k Vinnytsya 25-28 / Preddhl (DE) Kirovohrad Kirovohra Kirovohra ad Zaporiyhzhya 15-19 / Lostallo (Switzerland) 21 Aurora Festival Moldova, 23-29 / Samothraki (GR)
Republic of
Chisinau 21-24 / near Pfaffing (Germany) Odesa a
Kherson Khers
Krasnoda Krasnodar


22 Sol Festival



10 VuuV Festival
Brasov Ploiesti



22-25 / Krumbeck (Germany) 28-31 / Pula (Croatia) Varna


25-29 / Extremadura (Spain)

23 Arcadia Festival


Bosnia and Herzegovina


BucharestNature 11 Future Constanta

26-28 / Bessais le fromental (F)


24 Indian Spirit Festival


12 Summer Never Ends Festival



Sofiya 29-01 / Mulegns / Rona (CH) Bulgar 25 Bulgaria

01-05 / Heiligengrabe (D) Samsun

25 Tangra Eco Art Dance Festival








08-12 / near Sandanski (Bulgaria) Ankara Ankar




Konya Seyhan



Psytrance News

served by Regan (Nano Records)

Absolum, Sonic Species, Chromatone, Tristan, Earthling vs Mad Max, Broken Toy, Headroom, Poli vs Brian Sentient, and a GMS remix of GMS vs Astrix all weigh in with some big blasting tunes, are sure to rock us crazy for the weeks to come! Nice to see Spun doing the business once more, and we can expect much more blasting creations from them in the future once again. Hommega have started pushing hard on the digital frontier with monthly podcasts coming from Astrix, and EPs lining up. Domestic and Sub 6 both have EPs out. Domestic showing once again why he is so respected amongst the producer fraternity & loved by the dancefloor, while carry through and these guys, are bursting with them! ...Have I mentioned Antu yet ? This label really is coming up with some interesting stuff, which has definitely been needed with so much copy-cat production & lame miss-fired attempts at hitmaking coming from many corners of Psy. They have a new Ep out Love is All, which I have not checked out yet, so maybe let me know your thoughts about it, (or anything else for that matter). Keep it up Antu! Having gained recognition & a major fan base by playing at some of South Africas best and most loved trance parties in the past few years, Static Flow has just released his first EP on Nano Records Subconscious Safari. It has been amazing to see it sky rocket to the top of the digi-charts, no mean feat for such a new name to the roster. Looking forward to some wonderful beats from this guy, as he strengthens his already excellent production and songwriting skills. Please email me links to new releases, press releases and general Psy Trance news to report about, and doesnt need to be just released based either. See you in UK and Europe this summer ;)

Thai based producer and part of the famed Half Moon parties Tripical, has just dropped a wonderful EP on All Records. The Retreat Ep features two great tracks both groovy as a Koh Phangan sunset and spicy as a good Tom Yum. Tripical has found a nice balance between Psy with a Prog feel. Quality production with a sound to listen out for. Vagalume Records really is headed by of some of my favorite people on the planet and they do Brazil proud with their great vibes. Swarups Brain (one of the head honchos at the amazing Universo Parallello and one of Brazils original Psy DJs) has just dropped a 5 track EP ON Vagalume which includes three originals, a remix from Brazilian master groover Burn in Noise and a collaboration with stompy electro-edged Logica (Swarups own sons) makes for a very strong release, that should be in your bag or hard-drive. Spun Records jumps back on the block with a compilation from Brian Sentient. Featuring a few of the classic Spun acts and a good helping of some of the hottest acts of the moment. GMS vs

Sub 6 show off some mammoth glistening tunes, that definitely have an air of showmanship to them. Sub 6s Aint No Disco Ep features collabs with GMS, Animalis and a remix together with Freedom Fighter of Italian prog star Liquid Soul. The Earthlings Ep from Free Spirit Records features tracks from Solar Spectrum and Omsphere (and has nothing to do with Earthling/Celli the artist). Jay Om at Free Spirit has been pioneering his sound and that of his artists for a good while, and steadily their sound has been gaining more defined character & support. Good vibes always


Progressive News

served by Bakke (Echoes Records)

I feel very old) might not have forgotten the classic track Schaukelstuhl by Shiva Chandra. The track has now been remixed in to 3 brand new remixes. One bt Shiva Chandra himself, the second by Shiva Chandra & Dj Magical the last one by groovy techno duo Fusi & Johnson. The whole package will be released on Spintwist records. I have mentioned it briefly in an earlier issue of Mushroom, but now its finally here. The swashbuckling, grogdrinking scurvey pirates Ace Ventura and Captain Hook is now out with the release The Jolly Roger on Plusquam Records. It comes with 3 remixes from none other than NOK, Rocky and Zen Mechanics and is available in digital format and on top of all a physical CD Captain Hook release with a nice booklet. Yaaargh me hearties! The label that gave us albums from Bigwigs and Kino Oko; Horns & Hoofs are presenting two brand new EPs. First up is Max Pollyul with Mosquito EP followed by a new release from veterans Fuzzion called ZZ Pop EP Horns & Hoofs is run by Alex Boshke Tolstey and Alic. Most of the artwork for the releases is made by Inga Burina, who really makes minblowing work. Danish artist Phaxe just came out with a groovy EP on northern german label Blue Tunes which includes a remix hed id of Swedish upcoming artist Vice. Besides this he has at least 2 upcoming releases on Iboga which includes the track Merlin (co-written together with Behind Blue Eyes) which is featured on a brand new compilation by Emok and a new EP called Train Boogie. And last but not least, a bit of selfpromotion. Since last year I have been working on a brand new compilation for my new homelabel Echoes Records. It contains 9 brand new tracks from some of the most talented artists out there such as Karl Johan, Human Element, Dominic Thomas, Fresh, Paulina Cewe, Sleek and yours truly i e Bakke. The whole bonanza will be out digital only at the end of june this summer. If you know any new awesome act or release coming up that definatly needs to be heard of, please write me at:

Ace Ventura & Rocky

Israeli surfer wonder-boy Rocky is finally ready with his second album. The album is called Keyboard Wipeout and is filled with 9 brand new tracks including a collaboration with Ace Ventura, and one with rising stars Sphera. He has also made a pumping remix of the classic track Other Side by Son Kite. Tomasz Balicki or Atmos as we know him, has some new bombs coming out before the summer. Only 4 you is included on a double CD compilation by Ace Ventura for Iboga Trance whilst the more deep Where do I belong will be featured on Emoks compilation for Iboga and finally the track Breather from his more groovy alter ego Dominic Thomas will be out on Echoes Records. Continuing on the Swedish wave here I would like to mention that act Solid Snake just released their second full length album Factories & Green Fields on Tribal Vision records. The act consists of Omar Chelly and Anders Rosengren from Malmoe, Sweden. If you recognize Omars name you may know he was until recently one half of the legendary Swedish project Tegma, one of the leading acts on the Scandinavian progressive trance scene. All you guys that has been in the progressive scene for quite some years (or


Dark News

served by Ilse (Parvati Records)

are to present the insane creative minds, that are not highly accepted by the global audience, but who are recognizable with their deep psychedelic forest sound thats what it is about, the music! The first compilation The Pain of the Forgotten Forest, from last year was divining what to expect and so is the recent output called The Oldest Story, promising a very well put together ride. Very wellknown artists like Battle of the Future Buddhas, Ka-sol, Bloomen, Makadam or the Trashlords are long time playNew Label from Pune India Vantara Vichitra is founded by Cacofonix and Alien Trancesistor from Pune / India and the just released CD Schismatic Transposition is their debut compilation. Some of the leading artists for the real psychedelics to be found on it as Captain Kirk, Fuzulu, Kerlivin or Full Face and making this release worth getting your hands on. Not getting tired, these two guys have already the next installment scheduled for end of this year. Seems to be great new base for psychedelic underground music! Mind Expansion Rec. Enichkin Album The fourth in succession album by Sergey Nazarenko also known as Enichkin, sound engineer from Russia, is called Krakoziabry. Krakoziabry is often caused when layered intelligence forming energy is moved to a system with a different default encoding. Different encoding is a fundamental trick, which is used to confuse the fact that we are ONE. This album provides a very specific complex patterns of tribal elements and cutting edge sound design. A nice journey brought by Mind Expansion Records.

Pearls & Pixies Trilogy Parvati Records fulfills the strict release schedule kept for years with the third part of the Pearls & Pixies series, making it to a Trilogy completed in corporation with Japanese label Phreex Network. Giuseppe and Ken were responsible for the five tracks of each label rooster that will spangle the line up on the upcoming compilation, with names on it not released before on both. Claw from Cyprus as well as Xabbu from Germany can be found on it. They were no newcomers, however never yet had found place on Parvati or Phreex before. Nolm or Quip Tone Beatz, two participations from the Phreex Network rooster also placed tracks for the first time in the list. Release date will be the Cosmo Festival in UK, where it can be purchased for the first time worldwide before you can order on the labels webpages. Forest and Pain Tales Chronicle of Mystery Records is proud to present the second compilation inspired by the freaks of the forest psychedelic history. Labelheads Hana Cheljo (Nirmanakayas) and Darko Petreski (Schoiroideairis) from Macedonia, whose goals

ing in the circuit and placed inbetween a few newcomers, spinning this old tale together. Something to thrill! Drury Nevils comeback After a long break of making music for personal reasons, the world of psychedelic music luckily has him back. Denis, born close to the ancient Greek Temple of Apollo, the god of music and beauty, (his inspiration drawn from the artist known as Drury Nevil for the darker part, as well as Safi Dafi for lighter stuff), found his way back to create more psychedelic treasures. He will be releasing tracks with both projects again as well as appearing on the one or another festivals. This is proper news and welcome back old friend!



Chill News

served by Shahar (Aleph Zero Records)

last month via the band bandcamp page (http://entheogenic-usr.bandcamp. com). It contains 5 tracks including the opening 27.5 minutes long opener, Love Letters to the Soul. The duo has split ways and Entheogenic is just Piers OakRhind these days. The music on this one seems to be more on part with the direction they took in their first two albums. A new album for Master Margherita released on Italian based label Blue Hour Sounds. With The Marginal Rules, Moreno continues his work starting with his last album on Peak Records, Hippies with Gadgets, creating evanescent atmospheres that carry us on a musical journey around the world. The album features a fluid collaboration with musicians from all over the world and Blue Hour Sounds promise that soul music is the source behind the ingenious mixture of the elements: percussion, guitars, birds, violins & the chords of the bass guitar. Liquid Stranger released a new albumThe Arcane Terrain on May 31st in Interchill Records. Intercrhill promise that The Arcane Terrain obliterates the boundaries separating dubstep, grime, dub, breaks, hip hop and outernational crunkadelica. The album picks up the thread from Strangers recent releases on Interchill - The Intergalactic Slapstick and The Steel Trap EP and continues down the meandering path of bass laden revelry. The album will be followed by a second Liquid Stranger release in September, The Renegade Crusade, that aims at DJs and lovers of bass music with stripped down mixes, instrumentals and significantly more dirt and grime than this one. Liquid Stranger embarks on the Renegade Crusade Tour this summer in support of the new albums.
Evan Bluetech

Altar Records continue to supply us with deep chilled music from Russia, with a debut album from TaFF- Moon Princess. TaFF is Sergey Bondarenko, who is known for accompanying Chronos live on stage with his skilled flute-work on a variety of different types of flute. Together Chronos, TaFF have released a miniCD titled When the Day Turns to Night, which was released in the summer of 2010 on Altar Records. Moon Princess is based on an ancient Chinese tale that has been crafted into a musical story with care and patience. This album has been three years in the making and Altar promise a a superb organic chillout album with a great character.

Liquid Stranger

Bluetech just released a new surprise album named Rainforest Reverberation. 100% of the proceeds from all music sales go to end deforestation, species loss, and cultural upheaval in the Amazon. The album will be released digitally only. By purchasing the album you are engaging in one of the most effective ways to combat global warming and support social justice for indigenous caretakers of these lands, as well as entering into a 70 minute continuous audio journey; Evan writes. Furthermore, your contribution marks the beginning of a journey, which will eventually result in a historic, multi-cultural collaboration, involving Bluetech and indigenous Amazonian musicians from a network of small villages in Ecuador. You can purchase the album here: visit to learn more about where the Rainforest Reverberation contributions are utilised. Another surprise release that pretty much went under the radar is the new Entheogenic album- Gaia Sophia. It was released


System 7
Two main characteristics in the sound of System 7 are complex sound synthesis experiments and a highly specialized techno guitar. The work of the project has always been influenced by collaborations with other musicians, including Techno luminaries like Derrick May, Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier and Richie Hawtin, and more recently Progressive Trance figures like Liquid Soul. Considering the age of the project with the first album being released in 1991, its no big news that the number of their releases is quite extensive: System 7 have sold over 250.000 albums and 60.000 singles in their career. Now they just released another, brand new album on their own label A-Wave: UP hit the streets on May 30th 2011. Inspired by time spent in Berlin, UP lowers the tempo a bit and tips the balance in a more Techno and Tech House direction. But this one is not just another Nu School production! We had the pleasure to pre-listen to this new work and it clearly bears the very trancey and deep character of System 7. In some way, it is even reminiscent of earlier System 7 classics like the 777 album, but with a banging up-to-date sound. UP features collaborations with Acid House pioneer A Guy Called Gerald, and System 7s own remix of Josh Winks Dolphin Smack as well as collaborations with Japanese artists Yuji Katsui (electric violin) and Funky Gong Minoru. Roberdo

Providing the conscious link between the Techno and House explosion of the late 80s and its European psychedelic rock antecedents of the 70s, System 7 had a strong influence on the birth of psychedelic Electronic Dance Music and its evolution up till today. Being founded in 1989, the project began as a collective of visionary musicians, also featuring The Orbs Alex Paterson and Youth. Working consistently progressive, carefully trying and testing new influences and technologies, System 7s central producers -guitarist Steve Hillage and keyboardist Miquette Giraudy- have forged a unique and up-to-date identity on the Dance Music genre map, in a space where Techno, Progressive and Trance meet with a healthy side-element of Ambient.


With their new album UP, the duo have delivered a consistently uptempo but never one-dimensional set of tracks, layered with the hypnotic sounds, fluid melodicism and Steve Hillages trademark dreamy guitars. Employing slightly slower funky techno grooves, and pulsating with an ultra modern production, UP showcases the uniquely psychedelic System 7 sound and a welcome feeling of positivity.


A New Order of Sound


Alexander Dorkian has been around with his Project NOK for many years, playing live at countless parties and releasing numerous tracks. Among them quite some summer hits, like In Heaven With You and Wave Out. Now he finally presents his debut album, New Order. Like a distillation product of Alex 12-year studio experience, this work represents an innovative fusion of his different styles and musical skills. On the one hand, New Order includes deep, rolling productions and complex melody compositions. Tracks like Breaking Point or New World Order transform the power and rich atmosphere of Full On into sleek Progressive grooves. On the other hand, there are also crunchy

and stomping productions, drawing upon the energy of inspiring rhythms and bouncy bass lines. In this versatile and Progressive manner, the album fits perfectly into the catalogue of Blue Tunes Records. After working with many labels, I am really happy to work exclusively with these guys now, the man from Hamburg says. Its very professional but at the same time relaxed and familiar. In June a remix for Ace Ventura and Captain Hook will released. Beside other projects with Day.Din, Neelix, Klopfgeister, Rocky or Ultravoice, he is currently quite busy with Ritmo from Israel, which works out surprisingly well almost exclusively via internet. During the summer NOK can not only be heard at several festivals around Europe, but also frequently in beautiful Brazil. Eine neue Ordnung prsentiert Alexander Dorkian auf New Order, dem Debtalbum seines Projekts NOK. Gleich einem Destillat seiner 12-jhrigen Erfahrung als Produzent vereint dieses Werk verschiede Einflsse und Stimmungen. So finden sich einerseits rollende Bsse und melodise Arrangements, welche die Kraft von Full On in ele-

ganten Progressive transformieren. Daneben sind auch knackige Titel zu hren, die auf stampfenden Grooves aufbauen. Roberdo

NOK New Order (Blue Tunes Records)

After releasing numerous tracks and remixes during the past years, Alexander Dorkian now introduces a New Order of sound- the debut album of his popular project NOK. Powerful productions and complex melody compositions transform the rich atmosphere of Full On into sleek Progressive grooves. Also there are crunchy and stomping tracks, drawing upon the energy of inspiring rhythms and bouncy bass lines.


(Tree Of Life Music / Israel) 1. U-recken i.d.f. (Unr) 2. Digicult vs u-reckenInto the heartland (Darcu) 3. Logic Bombfrequent flyersurecken Rmx (Unr) 4. Tranan Roadrunner (T.I.P.records) 5. u-reckenAnasthesia(spiritual healing) 6. loud Subinya Earthling Rmx (Nano) 7. Dickster vs Tron A few spoonfuls (liquid Records) 8. Techtonic vs X-Noise Good old Days (Hommega) 9.Dimitri dkn I want you(Neurobiotic records) 10.Ace Ventura vs Captain Hook The Jolly Rojer (Unr)


(Antu Records) 1. Ital - Conimi (Unrealese) 2. Avalon vs Sinerider - Cruise Control (Nano Records) 3. Sonic Species Drums at Dawn (Zen Mechanics remix) 4. Fearsome Engine - Order Out of Chaos (Antu Records) 5. Dickster - Glader (Wakyo Records) 6. 28 - The Green Gold (Unrealese) 7. Circuit Breakers - 10 Years After (Nano Records) 8. Burn in Noise vs Brainiac - The Healer (Grasshopper Records) 9. Space Vision - The Multiverse Theory (Antu Records) 10.Swarup`s Brain - 303 (Vagalume Records)


(Echoes Records / Denmark) 1. Paulina Cewe - Vaporware (Echoes) 2. Jeremy Olander - Riots (Pryda & Friends) 3. Andrea Bertolini - 360F (Alex del Amo remix) 4. Perfect Stranger - Koltun (Digital Structures) 5. Sleek - Rhodes Rodeo (Echoes Records) 6. 16 Bit Lolitas & Glowfield - 6 o Clock (DAVI remix) 7. Bakke - Metate (CD-R) 8. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz remix) 9. Conor Jay - Prenez Deux (Paul Thomas remix) 10. Jerome Isma-Ae & Weekend Heroes - A Monster in my Closet (JEE)


(Nano Records) 1. LOUD - Subinya (Ace Ventura Remix) 2. LOUD - One Way (Prometheus Remix ) 3. Vibrasphere - Purple Floating (Cosma Remix) 4. Liquid Soul & Ace Ventura - Psychic experience (LOUD Remix) 5. Antix Box of Birds (Perfect Stranger Remix) 6. LOUD - Pigs Dont Give a Demo (Nano Records) 7. Infected Mushroom - B.P Empire (BNE Records) 8. Union Jack - Papillon (Platipus Records) 9. Prometheus - 2010 (Twisted Records) 10. Deedrah - Purple Unicorn (Hadshot Haheizar)


(Summer Charts)

1. Invisible Allies Ghost Bridge (Native State) 2. Bluetech 667 / Kayla Scintilla Remix (Rainforest Reverberation) 3. The Abominable Twitch River (Cartesian Binary) 4. Ott The Aubergine of the Sun (Ottsonic) 5. Hol Baumann Final / Max Million Remix (Ultimae) 6. Koan Flying Cities (Blue Tunes) 7. Escape Velocity Minds Wide Awake (Spiral Trax) 8. Galaxy Everlasting Tone (Chillcode) 9. Side Liner Hold On From Your Dream (Cosmicleaf) 10. Liquid Stranger The Squid Strander (Interchill)


(Nexus Media / Portugal) 1. Outer Signal Storm (Fractal Records) 2. Azax Syndrom vs Absolum,World of Illusion-Magneto Rmx (Beyond Logic Records) 3. Brain Hunters Cause and Effect (Tzolkin Productions) 4. Brainwash Serotonine to the Brain (Beyond Logic Records) 5. Ex-Gen Intensified Frequency-Ex Gen vs Smashed RMX (Fractal Records) 6. Tube vs Azax Syndrom My November-Magneto RMX (Push Records) 7. Absolum vs Shift Frequent Smokers (Nexus Media) 8. Brainwash Electric Stimulation (Fractal Records) 9. Biorhythm Gees Fees (Nexus Media) 10. Khopat vs Tryon Timewave (Nexus Media)

Ambient Lounge Downbeat Electro Progressive- & Goa-Trance


GOA VOL. 39 20.05.2011

GOA BEACH VOL. 16 27.05.2011

GOA X VOL. 8 22.07.2011





Kaempfer & Dietze
(Iono Music / Germany) 01. Kaempfer & Dietze - Metro (unreleased) 02. D-Nox & Beckers - My Voice (Tronic) 03. Fiord - The Tribe Has Spoken (Balance) 04. Maetrik - Crush On Me (Cocoon) 05. Ticon & Weekend Heroes - Teleport (Iboga) 06. D-Nox & Beckers - You Are (feat. MYGOD) 07. Lish - Alpha Groove (Iboga) 08. Wehbba - Believe (Carlo Lio Remix) 09. Perfect Stranger - Koltun (Digital Structures) 10. Andrea Bertolini & Lish - Necessary Activity (Fiord Remix)

Mad Max & Co Sonic Architects

United Beats Records
Previously one half of Sirius Isness, MAD MAXX is one of the best known artists in the psy scene today. Max has recorded numerous trancefloor classics and delivered blistering live sets to all corners of the earth . With this, his second solo outing, bursting at the seams with collaborations and remixes with trance A-Listers such as Space Tribe, GMS v Alien Project, XSI, Mekkanikka, S-Range, John 00 Fleming and more he seals his position as one of the most exciting and accomplished psy producers out there. Personal review of this album: Full-on with Power! For all you full-on fiends out there, this album is NOT to be missed! Beginning with deep bass lines, solid beats and power, the beats are united full on to a magestic and pride filled compilation. Using tracks containing psy sounds to tickle the senses, as well as some more instrument based tones and melodies, you cannot help but be ingulfed in the positive stride of this cativating album. If you want energy, and good positive lift to get you in your party dancing flow, or simply rock it out in your dancing shoes, this album will take you exactly where you need to go. (Kylie)


(Dance N Dust / Israel) 1. Extrawelt - Yummy Unbroken (Boxer) 2. Aumrec Bonbon Hero No War (Dance N Dust) 3. Lone Ranger - Sunseeker (Dance N Dust) 4. Edu Yattah - gravity ascent (unreleased) 5. Ticon - Retreat To Retro (Iboga) 6. Fred White - Gravis )Dance N Dust) 7. Guy Gerber - Timing (Cocoon) 8. A.balter vs Eitan .R Secound Chance (Iboga) 9. Dick Espinoza - Queer Viosis (Unrelease) 10. Fred White - All The Way (Dance N Dust)

Joel Rowdy

(TesseracTstudio / Denmark) 1. Phaxe Train Boogie (Iboga Trance) 2. Sinister Silence ft. Camille Jones Some Day (Unreleased) 3. Zyce & Flegma Reanimation (TesseracTstudio) 4. Ovnimoon Galactic Mantra (Liquid Soul Remix) (Mikrokosmos) 5. Sideform vs Zyce & Flegma Carbon (TesseracTstudio) 6. Hi Profile Birds Must Be Heard (Audiolaod Music) 7. Vice With In (Phaxe Remix) (Blue Tunes Records) 8. Zen Mechanics vs Flegma & Nerso Flux (TesseracTstudio) 9. Audiomatic & Vaishiyas Exchange (Spin Twist Records) 10. Neelix Ask The Right Questions (Hanzo Remix)

Arkadius & Li`l Momo

(Planet B.E.N. Rec. / Germany} 1. U-Recken - Barbination (Unreleased) 2. Paul Taylor vs. Earthling - Peakin (Unreleased) 3. Loud - Subinya (Earthling Rmx) (Nano Records) 4. Hyperflex - Ramiram (Mosaico Records) 5. Ital - Leyend (Unreleased) 6. Sinerider - Devine Synths (Rmx) (24/7 records) 7. Orgonflow vs. Freakulizer - Virtual Reality (Dirty Mix) 8. Ultravoice vs.Visual Paradox vs.Cosmic Tone - Stop the Beat (Twina RMX) 9. Evenflow - Enjoy the trip (Planet B.E.N. records) 10.Patchbay - Sonic Boom (Mosaico Records)


Infinity - Control Group

Nick Karamalakis from Greece is the man behind the project Infinity, also well known from the duo Progenitor. Thie album features nine previously unreleased progressive trance tracks with thumping kicks, groovy rythms and deeply pushing baselines,produced with a crispy fat morning sound that takes the listener on a journey of great emotions. Be ready for another IONO top release, coming from Greece, presented by an highly ambititious artist.

iono music

Audio Hijack - Deep Space

Nutek Records
After a very successful debut album last year, which has been played by djs all over the globe, Luca Szekely A.k.a Audio Hijack presents us 3 new high quality dancefloor fillers. Perfect timing just before open air festival season. This ep includes 2 very deep and powerfull Audio Hijack tracks and a collaboration with producer from sister label 3D vision Lost & Found, an exciting blend between both Luca and Gerhard styles has been acheived here...

The Antidote - Skylab

Mandala Records
MANDALA Records present you The ANTIDOTE. SKYLAB is represented by DJ SERGE from Ibiza (Ex Member to TOTAL ECLiPSE & G.B.U)! SKYLAB is a fresh & magical album with a serious production who mixed his musical influences such as Trance, Progressive, House & Techno. The ANTiDOTE is back ! We wish you a wonderful musical journey in SKYLAB, see you on the dancefloor !

Mentaloop - The Road To...

Active Meditation Music
The debut album from the duo Mentaloop! (Energy Loop & Mental Illness). After the great response of their first release Mentaloop - The Twilight Zone, they are back with 11 tracks full lenght album called The Road To... again on Active Meditation Music. Innovative HiTech style suitable for playing on the dancefloor night and day, this album takes us on the road to...

Plastic Vibe & Goa Culture 3

There is no other way to put it- in June, YSE ultimately gets up and going. The Plastic Vibe album will be released on 17.06., a work that will quicken the ones or the others curiosity since it brings some fresh wind into the scene. One week later there will be Goa Culture 3. John 00 Flemming and Bim managed to gather 18 exciting, previously unreleased tracks from the global Trance scene on 2 CDs - high expectations are appropriate!

Dubravko Lapaine - Dubokobud

Ancient trance: Dus 3rd solo release album is about capturing this moment around you, in his words Sound to me means energy, the meaning between nonmanifest&manifest. The body is a perfect tool for this reality&what we need to find out, to utilize in many ways to discover many things. I am a small creator, but I am a creator. This didgeridoo journey is a new way to open space of sound perception, surrealistic, expressive, surprising.


Technology Dark News News

served by Ilse (Parvati Records) baq Vestax Mini Live Controller

Numark DJ2GO

Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro

Numark DJ2GO

The new Numark DJ Control Miniature is in terms of mobility a wonderful companion. With its 400g it is minimal in size and suits Netbooks & Co. The power supply is provided by the USB cable. You can use it with almost any MIDI software, included in the package is the Virtual DJ in the Lite version. Available from July in Europe. Price: 59 Euro

The MIDI controller Pad One is ideal for your next live-gig or for producing new tracks. Unlike other MIDI controllers, it is made of of highquality and sturdy aluminum & can withstand much more. With 12 lighted pads you can operate well, even in dark clubs. You dont have to do without a touchpad either. When selecting the software, there are no restrictions. It controls every DJ and Producer software and is compatible with Windows and Mac OsX. price: 179 Euro

In the hotly contested entry-level market of the USB DJ Controllers, the Pro version of the U-Mix Control is now being offered. The structure is classic, jog wheels and sound card are standard here. The in-house software MixVibes Cross is utilised used here, which comes in the usual look. For the Tablet freaks an iPad version in the U-Mix layout for controlling said Cross Software will be out soon. Although you will have to wait for the release by Apple in the App Store. hardware price: 279 Euro

Denon DN-MC6000

Vestax Mini Live Controller

Pioneer Mixer News

Numark NS6

800 becomes 900, the much beloved Pioneer Pult has experienced a major update. More and more digital control options have moved into the console area, you can for example simply dock on to Traktor through USB, take a set time-code CDs and go for it. The worlds first is the X-Pad to integrate many Beat Effects, which can be executed live and in real time with a finger rub. You will be thrilled! Slightly smaller, but with a certified tractor control is the two-channel mixer T1. Here, the basic functions of the software controls are triggered by the hardware, together with a set CD player and the Time-code CDs you wont need any other controller. Price DJM-900: 1899 Euro DJM-T1: 1499 Euro

Numark NS6

A true battle ship comes along with the NS6 by Numark. Optimized for Itch and with its generous arrangement, the Laptop-DJ is given a lot of room for development. Four channels, that are also available in analogue, two jog wheels, different effect options and Strip Search. Thats one small touch field for the relaxed scrolling within the track. Very well implemented is the browsing experience for mouse-free use. It supports Windows and OSX, of course you can use Serato as well as other Midi Software. Price 999 Euro

Denon has brought out a fully-fledged MIDI controller for DJs. A current need for modern ex-vinyl-entertainers is the 4 channel compatibility, this is implemented here in a perfect and well organised way. The internal mixer can also be used with external devices, the sound card is compulsary. There are numerous effects, the loop feature, two high resolution jog wheels and a superb finish. Tractor is included in an LE version, of course any other DJ software can be used, and Windows as well as OSX are supported. Price 749 Euro


Imago Dei

Painting always seems to immortalize a moment in time and space

Travelling always meant a very important influence for Imago Dei- Travelling both to the outer and the inner world. The Oriental and African cultures had a strong impact on him and so did the philosophies of Carl Young and Joseph Campbell. But his strongest inspirations come from the Native American and Taoist traditional beliefs and practices. Imago Dei, whose name means image of god, discovered already at a very young age that painting is a unique way to illustrate connections and processes from the level of the higher self. Developing through many styles, he first focused on surrealism and abstract expressionism. In this phase of his work, the idea of cymatics, the visualisation of sounds and other vibrations, meant an important influence for him. Further travels and studies eventually lead him to the Taoist philosophy and its rich symbolism. Looking at spiritual symbols creates a resonance within psychic archetypes, which will raise the consciousness. In this respect, his Mahayana Buddhist influence can be seen on the cover picture: The DJ is Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of infinite compassion. Imago Dei, today living in Grass Valley, California, received a Bachelor of Science in 1987, a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts in 1990, and completed the Advanced Studies Program from The Art Institute of Chicago in 1990 as one of the institutes top ten painters. Just recently his varied work could be seen at Health and Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa. Coming up next is an exhibition in San Franciscos P-kok gallery. Reisen war immer ein sehr wichtiger Einfluss fr Imago Dei- Reisen in die uere und in die innere Welt. Die orientalische und afrikanische Kultur haben ihn geprgt, seine wichtigsten Inspirationen liefern ihm aber die Vorstellungen und Riten der amerikanischen Ureinwohner und des Taoismus. Malerei besitzt die Eigenschaft, Zusammenhnge und Vorgnge auf einer hheren Ebene des Seins zu symbolisieren, die sich nur schwer mit Worten wiedergeben lassen. Diese Tatsache hat Imago Dei, dessen Name das Bild Gottes bedeutet, schon in frher Kindheit fr sich entdeckt. In Kombination mit den spirituellen Symbolen des Buddhismus verstrkt sich dieser Effekt nochmals. Der DJ auf dem Titelblatt ist brigens Avalokiteshvara, der Bodhisattva des unendlichen Mitgefhls. Roberdo


Psy Pix
Simon Hafele from the West Austrian state of Tyrol is probably one of most up-and-coming decoration artists of our scene. The amazing organic work of the nowadays 26year old, can be frequently admired at events in Austria and Switzerland but also increasingly at festivals and parties all around Europe. Hi Simon! How did you get in touch with painting and how with black light art? I always loved painting, I think my first pictures were inspired by the Asterix and Obelix comics When I was 15, I attended an art college specialized in carving and finished a training as a gilder and sign painter. After that I took up a job to gain some money for a trip to India and Nepal. It was actually this journey that brought me to black light painting. Travelling alone in winter 2005 / 06 and visiting all that places in Asia meant a huge inspiration for me. It was also then when I decided to become self-employed. In 2010 this dream eventually became true, I am now an acknowledged artist in Austria and earn my money painting Please tell us a little about your technique! I use brushes and air brush for my work. Besides painting on canvas, I also designed numerous walls in shops, hotels etc. and also built some wood constructions. An interesting technical experience is the fact that at the moment my right hand is broken pretty badly. A ladder collapsed beyond my feet So now I am temporarily working with my left hand and I have to say there are some really exciting results! I will publish them soon on my new homepage, which is currently being created. Blue plays an important role in lots of your paintings. Is there a special reason for that? I reckon sometimes I just wish not to have taken the red pill but the blue one No, rather this colour is pretty important when it comes to the day / night appearance of my work. Plus for me, blue exudes freedom, clearness, harmony and satisfaction. What was the biggest compliment you received as an artist? The biggest compliment for me is when people feel good when being surrounded by my decoration, when they open their minds towards my pictures, when they take a good look at them. In such moments they do not only deal with my pictures but also with me, with my character. This can become an intense journey to the inner self, for me as an artist as well as for the people who look at my work.

. Der heute 26-jhrige Simon Hafele aus dem sterreichischen Tirol ist zweifelsohne einer der derzeit talentiertesten Maler unserer Szene. An dieser Stelle prsentieren wir die gekrzte Version eines Interviews mit ihm in Englisch Da du offenbar der deutschen Sprache mchtig bist, wirf doch wahlweise einen Blick auf unsere Internetseite- dort findet sich nmlich die ungekrzte Fassung dieses wirklich spannenden Gesprchs mit Simon! Roberdo


Fascination with Fire

Spinning and Juggling
From the moment man created fire, he has been completely fascinated with it. Maybe its because fire has a certain soul... it really has a life of its own. It is Alive. Across the psy trance & goa scene, I first started to notice some of the juggling community mostly as the sun came down. The bright coloured tools of their trade had turned into balls of litttle controlled & methodically spinning fire before my eyes. I am certain my heart skipped a beat. Juggling had never been something I had considered... but to see this manipulation of alive energy in such a focused & controlled way, was something i craved to understand. If you play with fire, you are likely to get burnt, as the old saying goes, the decision to learn poi unlit first was almost not a decision - it was something that really just found me. It was a little time before I felt the confidence for fire manipulation, but each time I feel this power rushing around me at my very control, it builds that confidence&desire that little bit more. This is the feeling that I see in the eyes of those performing these flows - a focus and understanding of energy and flow. In so many varying forms with so many new tricks and tools being created and invented every day, goa & psytrance people often take on these little forms of play with an amazingly open landscape of creativity. The raw energy of fire is certainly not something to be taken
Dai Zaobab

lightly. This is something for a conscious mind who wants to unlock further boundaries & doors, who will take the time needed to learn how to play safely. The focus and almost meditative-like states that one finds in these flows are astronomically intensified for me personally, when I relate them to the frequency of beats and sounds within music - in particular to psy trance. Sometimes peo-

ple have commented my poi play seems as martial art (especially if I am really in the zone & have closed my eyes). I wondered if I applied the same skills of poi to something like nunchucks if this would be possible. I think with a few technique applications, that this is entirely possible! I have never considered martial arts before... but now, I certainly see how a transfer of skills I learned with poi might somehow work. There are never such intense feelings as the ones I have sharing this gift with the people in a music that we all really live for. In this way we celebrate life together. The life of the fire, the life of the people and the life of everything in around us. Each time I play, and each time I join with others playing and we learn from each other, my understanding becomes deeper and more intense. I can see how fire draws people towards one another. It is a common ground in whic we want to understand how to make such a powerful energy move at will in front of our eyes. It was difficult in the beginning for me to understand that such under-

fire proof clothing by speevers


standing of this ferocious energy actually required me to be more calm, more relaxed and therefore more focused. Almost an opposing feeling&mental state, to create the seeminly fierce action that I want. The people are drawn to fire as a bug is to light, but remember always to have respect. Fire has potential to cause you harm if you are not paying attention! I encourage anyone who wants to learn, to begin slow & take things at your own pace. Choose your favoured tool from hoop, poi, staff or any other equipment that spikes your interest. Then practise

unlit till you know these moves with ease&confidence.... like a second nature. Not long after I experienced this second nature feeling myself, I heard someone remark after a quite intense fire dance of poi, Youve been burned &he smiled at me. This is the new meaning; when you become addicted to the fascination of the manipulation of pure energy! The European Juggling Convention 2011 is held in August in Munich this year. In Mushroom Magazines hometown Hamburg, are many juggling get togethers each week. Email kylie@ for

further details about locations & days, interest in learning more about the juggling community, organising shows/gigs for events, or wish to be in contact with people in your area. Kylie Van Eerden Other useful Links & friends:

Eberhard in Kassel at FS-firecon Germany


Fire spinning Play it safe!

(Safety tips from fire artists)
Give a man a match... he is warm for a minute. Set him on fire... he is warm for the rest of his life! . some of the funny quotes that come out really get you thinking.... All jokes aside... So youve just bought your new fire-juggling equipment. Congratulations & welcome to the warm community of fire artists. Be careful not to become the next burning man! Here are some helpful tips to ensure you can safely play with fire, and find your way among the flames! Equipment Selection Good quality, reliable product is rule number 1, and always check it before use. If a fire ball breaks out of the chain and shoots into the audience, youll have a rough time explaining that it is just part of the show. Almost all the fire heads existing today are made of Kevlar fabric. Some companies use other advanced materials. Stay away from fire heads that are made from cotton and especially fiberglass heads. These are commonly sold in Thailand or India and are usually white in colour. To avoid injuries and burns choose fire heads that dont have exposed metal parts and that dont have direct contact with the fire. Where can I play? Do not try this at home! Ok thats obvious fire playing is for outdoors only and sometimes in big halls, however its not just any outdoors environment or big place. Make sure that your environment is clean, free from obstacles and dry grasses etc. Keep a decent distance from your fans for their own safety. A windy evening is definitely not a good time for fire spinning. Get back to your tent! What liquid should I use? There are many kinds of fuels out there and theyre all made to burn. However, fire liquid is not something you want to compromise with. The standard fuel for fire juggling is Paraffin, also known as Kerosene or lamp oil. This oil burns at a relatively low temperature and barely produces smoke. This fuel may cost a little more but in addition to your immediate safety, it will keep you healthier and make your Kevlar wicks live longer. Practice, Practice and Practice Earn the right to light. Get to know your fire tool. Get skilled with it. Dont surprise yourself with new tricks when the fire is set. Talking about surprises remember that a soaked fire behaves differently to a dry fire. So heres a practical way to practice with real weight. Dip and stir your fire heads. Cover them with nylon bags and use good ribbon covers on top. These ribbon covers are always important to keep the fire heads from getting scratched or torn. Shake it baby Well, boys you all know how embarrassing it can be if youre in such a rush to the morning train that you didnt have time to shake it well When it comes to fire it could be a little worse than embarrassing. Use a bowl, bucket or any other liquid container to dip your fire heads. Once dipping is complete always stir your fire tool well to get rid of any extra liquid. Heres an important green and money saving tip: cut a plastic bottle. Tie a loop of string to its open side. Put one of the fire heads inside the bottle. Hold your fire tool together with string and stir rapidly for at least 10 seconds. Repeat this action with the other fire heads. Youll be surprised to find that around 10 % of the liquid is gathered in the cut bottle and returns back to your dipping container. Your hair and whatever is underneath Even if youre not a scarecrow, your hair can catch fire just like dry straw in the summer. It only takes one wrong move. Fireproof Hair protection does not cost too much and will keep the most flammable part of your body safe. The rest of our body doesnt tend to catch fire easily, except for one little problem: our clothes. Polyester clothes are the worst to wear as they stick to the body when they burn. Dont play on your own If something goes wrong, your lucky fairy wont be able to help you. Make sure to have a real live person with you. This person will help you in case a poi wraps around you, extinguish you if you set on fire and call for help if needed. Make sure he is well equipped and knows how to assist you if something goes wrong. There are a few ways of extinguishing fires but one of the most simple and effective is a wet towel. Always have one around when playing with fire. So we scared you a bit perhaps? The truth is quite the opposite! Playing safe will not only keep you in one piece but when wearing the right clothes, using proper fire equipment and knowing how to play, youll gain confidence and experience. Fire is beautiful. Dont be afraid of it. Control the fire and respect it. The article writer is a fire performer and the Manager of Speevers Company. Speevers specializes, amongst other things, in cutting edge and safe fire equipment. With the help of innovative methods and materials we have developed, amongst other things, the Salamander the best hand held fire fan in the world, Bitis the fire meteor beast and a fire resistant clothing line. Our clothes are comfortable, easy to clean and barely absorb the fire smell and they look like your regular clothes. For more details please visit our website:

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Luna Design
Unique Design for Unique People
Cloths inspired by and made for a lifestyle that is characterized by extensive travelling and diverse cultural input: This is Luna Design. Danish globetrotter Dea Dysling met her Israeli soul mate Nir Ben Yacoov in Australia. Their mutual trip through Asia eventually lead the two of them to their mutual dream: A sweet, small, family-run cloth factory in the rice fields of Java, Indonesia, that provided the perfect opportunity to produce their very own vision of up-to-date fashion in a fair-trade way. Luna combines practical, hardy clothes with designs that celebrate the shape of the human body. Adding fascinating textures, rich colours and flattering lines creates a one-of-akind impression. Cosy and convenient, the clothes can be dressed up or down, while a highest quality of fabrics ensures that they are not only stylish but also durable. Snug in the winter, cool in the summer- Luna has a year round wardrobe ready for everyone.



Naspex Spiritwear
It began in India. When Austrian Franz spent his first winter season in Goa from 1990 to 1991, he was simply blown away by the amazing atmosphere and the indescribable vibe of this place. Inspired by these strong emotions he started painting T-Shirts, at first more or less as a hobby. Ten years of psychedelic influence later saw the birth of Natural Spirit Experience, a platform to produce special T-Shirts for beautiful futuristic people. The Naspex Spiritwear collection strives to spread a message of nature and humanity, to support philosophy and open-minded visions for love, freedom & consciousness. Available for men, women and kids, the T-Shirt and Longsleeve designs provide a large variety of rich, colourful psychedelic printings, abstract ones as well as traditional motives of spiritual and esoteric illustrations. Classical Goa style at its best!




Inspired By Nature
Ajna pursues the idea of Organic Clothing in the probably most consequent way: It is not only the deeply harmonic shapes and colours of Mother Nature that inspire the design of their clothes. Rather, also the entire production process is modelled on the perfectly balanced natural cycle that connects everything to everyone. Knowing the roots of their clothes from seed to dye, became the motto of Ajna, a motto that shall make sure whatever covers ones skin, will not only look good to the eye, but also feel good at heart. All the natural colours, shapes and textures will do no harm to Earth or to humans, thanks to organic cotton that is exclusively grown and crafted without any toxic chemicals. Designer Tanja Vana grew up with deep fascination for nature and managed to transform the earthy smell and touch of the forest,

the trees and the nature spirits into a marvellous, one-of-a-kind fashion line, even for the children.



Shiva Nataraja
a symbol of our scene
All of us have seen Shiva Nataraja many times. Party decoration, flyers, quite any kind of artwork- the portrayal of this dancing Hindu goddess has a long and rich tradition in our scene that reaches back to its roots in India. But in fact rather few Psy Trance lovers know about the deep symbolic meaning of Shiva Nataraja. Of course he is no real creature, but a metaphor for life that is as perfect and elegant as it is easy to understand. The dancing Shiva is surrounded by a halo of fire, which represents nature in the broadest possible sense of this word, the world of mass and energy. By dancing his cosmic dance, Shiva creates both order and disorder among these basic elements. Imagine Shiva being the driving force in our universe, his body reaching billions of light years and filling the entire cosmos.

In his upper right hand, Shiva holds his drum. Using this drum, he creates: Galaxies, planets, trees, single cells. In his upper left hand you can see his fire- which will destroy everything just mentioned. The tricky point for us humans is that these actions inevitably provoke emotions, feelings of something good or bad going on. Now remember your best dancing experience- when you were just in the moment, just enjoying the movement of your body, just playing like a child. That is exactly what Shiva Nata-

raja is doing. He has no glow sticks in his hands but very powerful tools. A sweep of his right arm: Creation. A new baby is born, a lucky encounter, success and blissfulness. A strike with his left arm: Destruction. A tragic accident, cancer, senility, depression. Keep in mind that Shiva is dancing just like you in the middle of the dance floor, without any second thought, dancing for the sake of dancing. He is no obliging god- but no malicious one either. And it is alright like that. This is exactly what Shiva wants to tell us by rising his lower right hand, palm turned outwards. Dont be afraid, its ok! If you look at the right foot of the goddess, you will notice that he is crushing an ugly little demon. This small creature named Apasmara is immensely powerful and represents ignorance and greedy, possessive egoism. Shiva puts his foot on it, breaking his back. But he is not pointing at this foot with his lower left hand and this is a very crucial fact. Rather, he points at his left foot which is already risen for the next step of his cosmic dance. Exactly this is the moral of this wonderful metaphor: Keep on dancing- between good and bad, between joy and pain, between sunshine and rain! Roberdo

pic Udo Herzog



When the first beat of a new track starts rolling, it kicks off as an almost inaudibly buzzing sound coming from the speaker. Gradually what appeared to be just the humming noise changes into a more perceptible ticking in the background, louder and more intense with every kick. The clubbers are waiting for the moment when they can let go and lose themselves just for that one night. They take a sip of water but still keep on waiting. Meantime, the sound goes one level higher, like a firing spaceship slowly getting ready to blast off. As the sound is getting louder, a shiver of excitement spreads around the room like a tsunami. The crowd starts shouting with joy, cheering and clapping to the beat. It is obvious that the DJ, using his magical index finger glued firmly to the volume controller, has pushed the bottom slightly up. A bit more and it all goes slightly louder. Then out of nowhere a voice of must-be-from-another-planet species reverberates throughout the room with a power vocal: Dont waste your time Only for a split second, but on the dancefloor it sounds more like an eternity, the music freezes completely. It seems as if the music had the power to stop the momentum of time. And then it comes, rolling, rumbling through the space, with a blowing force of 30.000 Watt, like the thunder sent from the God in heaven, it is like the moment when for the first time the wild beast is finally tamed, hitting simultaneously one tick-tock after another: The beat! DER BEAT Wenn der Beat aussetzt, wenn es aus den Lautsprechern nur noch blubbert, raschelt oder zirpt und sich dann im Hintergrund langsam ein sirrender Ton aufbaut und lauter wird und hher und die Tanzenden warten, sich ausschtteln, einen Schluck Wasser trinken und immer noch warten und das Sirren des Raumschiffs noch eine Stufe hher schwingt und lauter wird und die Leute zu jubeln beginnen, gleich ist es geschafft, der DJ streckt den Zeigefinger nach oben, ganz weit hinten setzt ein tiefer Bass ein, das Sirren geht noch eine Stufe hher, wird nochmals lauter, die Vocoder-Stimme eines Aliens verkndet: Dont waste your time, fr zwei Takte, weniger als eine Sekunde und doch eine Ewigkeit, setzt die gesamte Musik aus - und dann kommt er, mit der Urgewalt von 30.000 Watt, Gottvater persnlich, mit dem alle Musik, jeder Tanz, jeder Trance anfing, seit erstmals ein domestizierter Primat zwei Holzstcke monoton aufeinanderschlug: Der Beat! Mathias Broeckers taken from: elfentanz-auf-der-enterprise english version by Agnes Klos


photo contest

The most beautiful freak freighters Die schnsten Freakfrachter

They are rolling again. Sometimes incredibley big, sometimes small and compact. Sometimes lovingly painted and polished, sometimes cobbled together and run-down in a loveable way. Often few numbers and letters are sufficient to conjure up a smile on the lips of their lovers: 408, T2, LT The freak freighter, the hippie mobile or just plain and simple the bus is an essential part of our scene and very characteristic for its street appearance. Mushroom magazine would like to dedicate to these itinerant pieces of art, some pages for an exhibition. Therefore we call on you: Send us photos of your freak freighter, from the outside as well as from the inside! Also, it would be great to know some facts about your mobile hippie home, including: Year of construction / registration Mileage reading Mileage litre / 100 km Top speed Sleeping places Most remote destination Special equipment / modifications Anything unique or characteristic just to your van more... We are looking forward for your answers at: Sie rollen wieder. Mal unglaublich gro, mal klein und kompakt. Mal liebevoll bemalt und blank poliert, mal auf sympathische Weise zusammenschustert und heruntergekommen. Oft reichen schon wenige Buchstaben und Zahlen, um bei ihren Liebhabern ein fachmnnisches Nicken und wissendes Lcheln zu provozieren: 408, T2, LT Der Freakfrachter, das Hippiemobil oder schlicht und einfach der Bus ist ein essentieller Teil unserer Szene und bestimmt ihre Erscheinung auf der Strae zu entscheidenden Teilen. Der mushroom mchte diesen fahrenden Kunstwerken auf seinen Seiten eine kleine Ausstellung widmen und ruft daher auf: Schickt uns Fotos von eurem Freakfrachter, von auen und von innen! Auch wre es super, wenn ihr ein paar Eckdaten dazuschreibt wie z.B.: Baujahr / Erstzulassung Kilometerstand Verbrauch Liter/100km Hchstgeschwindigkeit Schlafpltze Entferntestes Reiseziel Spezielle Ausstattung mehr...

Wir freuen uns auf eure Zusendungen unter:



welcome to the summer

photos by Udo Herzog collage by Lenny Kferkatze


Rebirth of the underground in Hungary

The very first Goa Trance tunes in Hungary were probably played by DJ Oleg around 92, and by 2000 there was a strong community meeting at Psy Trance parties every week. The Hungarian psychedelic scene might have seen bigger peaks in its almost 20 years of history, but it is still a fantastic and popular scene. Ozora festival and producers like Para Halu, Kalumet or Insector make the Hungarian scene well-known around the globe. Progressive seems to be the most popular style at the parties today, but there is a fair share of Full On and Dark Psy fanatics as well. Meeting them youll realize one thing is common among all of them: They will offer you Palinka, a liquor from fruits, and it will be strong. Trance people here love Palinka just as much as making friends, if you plan a visit you can always ask the community for help on Hungarian electronic music parties are suffering from a strict new law recently, as a consequence of a tragic accident in January when three young girls died in an overcrowded club in Budapest. As a reaction, the shocked public authorities now became extremely busy closing down venues and setting back events since this occurrence. It is especially hard for open air parties, although theyve always been the heart and soul of the Hungarian scene. On the bright side, there are signs of a rebirth of the real underground and its nostalgic secret parties, and of course hard times bring the community even closer together: No one wants to miss the few open air gatherings that are still happening. As one of the fixed dates of this summer, Bakony festival is held 15-17th July at the shores of a beautiful lake surrounded by the mighty denominator, the mountain itself. If there is one thing for sure, its that everybody is drawn to Ozora, held in the beginning of August. With more than 10 thousand visitors in the valley every year, Ozora has slowly become one of biggest meeting points of the psychedelic world, and of course the proud Hungarian tribe. If you are up to make both festivals you can easily spend the time inbetween checking out Budapests famous nightlife and bars or - since there are no relevant distances in Hungary - you can visit one of the countrys ten national parks or head to the biggest lake, Balaton and have a traditional retro holiday on the beach. Take your camping gear with you always, in Hungary you can legally camp almost anywhere. Tips and Facts Any kind of drugs are strictly illegal in Hungary, smoking marijuana in public places can quickly get you in trouble If you travel by train try to look for Intercity whenever you can, there is a small additional fee but its well worth the speed and cleanness of the trains. Average entrance ticket to a psytrance party is 8-10 Euros. Interestingly enough you can find Techno / House / Breakbeat events in Budapest for 5 Euros or free. Beer however is usually cheaper in Psy Trance parties (between 1,5 and 3 Euros). Suzanne (Psylife) Links forum: Ozora Festival: Bakony Festival: Para Halu: Kalumet: Psylife Music:

Zsuzsanna Hirschl / Psylife Music


Paradise Valley The true spirit of Goa!

28.12.2011 03.01.2012 Morocco
Celebrating outdoors in the sun is simply double the fun! Wouldnt it be great to have this summer feeling also for New Years Eve, instead of partying in a crowded, musty club? Sounds like paradise? Well, Paradise Valley is within reach! Taking place in Morocco, this festival provides the possibility to spend the end of the year lightly dressed in exotic sceneries, listening to breathtaking music. In Paradise Valley, there are comfortable temperatures around 20 25 degrees even in winter. The dance floors are shaded by palm trees and a waterfall invites for some refreshing splashing. Perfect conditions for a revival of the real spirit of Goa! The three party areas will be designed by more than 100 artists, who put their hearts and souls in the creation of a loving atmosphere and an original music programme. There will be several workshops and even a tent where Ayahuasca sessions are held. Besides its fascinating culture, Morocco has the advantage that it is really affordable. This goes also for the two beach hotels of the open air: For 20 Euro per night, they offer the possibility to live right at the Atlantic, shuttle busses run frequently to the nearby festival where free camping is possible. Thought was also given to an easy arrival: It is possible to book a complete package for 270 Euro that includes a flight from Frankfurt, Berlin or Amsterdam, the transfer to the festival as well as the entry for the week at the festival (27.12.-04.01.). A similar offer exists for arrival from Malaga (Spain) via bus ( A unique experience that will simply impress. An der frischen Luft und mit den warmen Strahlen der Sonne auf der Haut feiert es sich einfach doppelt so gut, wie dieser Tage deutlich zu spren ist. Wre es nicht schn, dieses sommerliche Gefhl auch Sylvester zu haben, anstelle in einem muffigen, berfllten Club zu feiern? Klingt paradiesisch? Nun, das Paradise Valley ist zum greifen nah! In Marokko gelegen bietet dieses Festival die Mglichkeit, die Jahresendzeit nur leicht bekleidet in einer exotischen Naturkulisse zu verbringen, beschallt von feinstem Sound. Im paradiesischen Tal herrschen auch im Winter angenehme Temperaturen um die 2025 Grad. Getanzt wird im Schatten eines Palmenhains, Erfrischung bietet ein Wasserfall. Optimale Voraussetzungen also, um den echten Spirit von Goa wieder aufleben zu lassen! In insgesamt 3 Bereichen leben ber 100 Knstler ihre Leidenschaft aus, um ein besonders originelles Musikprogramm und liebevolles Ambiente zu schaffen. Abgerundet wird das ganze von verschiedenen Workshops und sogar einem Zelt, in dem Ayahuasca Rituale stattfinden. Neben seiner faszinierenden Kultur bietet Marokko den Vorteil, insgesamt sehr gnstig zu sein. Das gilt auch fr die beiden Strandhotels des Festivals: Fr 20 Euro pro Nacht kann man direkt am Atlantik wohnen, Shuttles verkehren regelmig zum nahe gelegenen Open Air, wo frei gecampt werden kann. Auch in punkto Anreise hat man sich Gedanken gemacht. So besteht die Mglichkeit, fr 270 Euro ein Komplettpaket zu buchen, das einen Flug von Frankfurt, Berlin oder Amsterdam sowie den Transfer zum und das Ticket frs Festival beinhaltet (27.12.-04.01.). Ein hnliches Angebot existiert fr einen Bustransfer aus dem spanischen Malaga (26.12.-04.01.). Roberdo |


Universo Paralello
A decade of Universo Paralello has passed very fast! Undoubtedly among the most special gatherings of our scene, this festival has seen countless artists, a huge amount of culture in general and last but not least one of the most beautiful party crowds in the world. After a one-year break, Universo Paralello is back at its magic roots, a place that is certainly a universe of its own: Pratigi! UP is now taking place every 2 years. In the even years, there is 303 Festival- in the odd years Universo Paralello. Whis is this so? The idea is to have Universo Paralello every 2 years. In this way there is simply more time to prepare the structure. It is designed to be a great experience for long-time visitors as well as for people who come for the first time. The chapter 303 was very special for us. We just couldnt imagine spending a new year without a party, so 303 Festival was a great opportunity to celebrate together in a smaller dimension, but still full of magic. This year, UP is at the same venue. Is there a reason? After we traveled around different venues, we found that Pratigi is our best option for this year, there is just such amazing support from the local people there. Pratigi is a very special place and we already have all the structure we need to have an excellent festival without any trouble. There is a tradition in Brazil- people wear white clothes on New Years Eve Yes, we like to welcome the New Year wearing white clothes, which symbolize light, peace, harmony- posi-

28.12.2011 - 03.01.2012 Pratigi / Bahia / Brasil

tive energy for the upcoming year! Its great to see that year after year more and more people join this tradition! The last UP decoration from SOLA / Ibiza was absolutely stunning. Will she decorate the festival again? SOLA made an incredible work during all the years she has been working with us, this year she will come again to surprise us with her stunning arts! Also our Portuguese friend Guerra will help us to create a beautiful scene for this edition... And our Brazilian crew is ready to blow your mind with fresh and unique ideas. Are there special flights from Europe for people who want to come to UP Yes, we will have some special flights for visitors from Europe, for a very good price, leaving from Madrid, London and other cities. Well have all this information on our website very soon, stayed tuned! Do you have some tips for European travelers? What to explore in the Bahia region? If you are in the Bahia area, dont miss magic places like Trancoso, Arraial de Ajuda and Caraiva in the south of Bahia, approximately a 30 min flight from Salvador or 6 hrs by bus from Pratigi. If you want something different, we recommend you to visit Chapada Diamantina, where you will have an incredible experience of waterfalls, trees and full connection with nature. If you dont want to wander too far, go to Barra Grande with its beautiful beaches or Boipebaisland, the nearest places from Universo Paralello. Roberdo

Universo Paralello mainfloor

pic: Beto Vilela


Blissful Festival Portugal
Imagine the warm summer sun kissing your face while you are moving your body rhythmically in hip-deep waters, listening to your favourite DJ playing an uplifting afternoon set on the shore. Imagine being surrounded by a green, rolling countryside, by friends old and new, and lots of other beautiful people from all around the world. Imagine taking a morning yoga class after a night full of dance and laughter. Imagine being blissful for 5 days Now you have an idea of the basic concept of Blissful Festival. Situated in the one-of-akind nature of Portugal, the aim of this event is to create some of the perfect summer days. Some days to remember- not only as a great party experience but also as an example how easy and peaceful life can be. An inspiring experience to draw upon even months later. Beautiful Portugal is not only well known as a hot spot of the Psy Trance scene, but also as a real hot

spot during summer. This guarantees a literally unclouded open air experience. Still there is no risk of overheating: A lake will be created right next to the main dance floor by damming up a little river which allows celebrating in or out of the water! The dance floor itself will provide enough shadow for a comfortable party experience during the day, thanks to a 1764 square metre roof with a colourful mandala design by the Tribe of Frogs and Ganesha Space Garden. During the night hours, lasers and visual shows will create a stunning Psyper-space. A large LED video wall will do so also- and this one will be working even in daylight! An eco team will keep up a clean and natural vibe. Blissful Festival presents a distinctly psychedelic yet varied line up on the main floor including some of the currently most wanted artists of our scene. For those looking for some musical change, the DubTek Temple offers an inspiring mixture of Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Tech Trance, Reggae and Chill Out in

a big Circus Tent, decorated by the great Austrian artist Psy Pix- who we interviewed for this mushroom issue, by the way. Five days of festival provide ample time to meet new friends and enjoy a spectacular party together, and also time to collect inspirations and experiences by the dance floor. For this purpose, the Blissful Festival crew teamed up with Zeitgeist Movement and presents another area for intellectual and spiritual input. This space shall be kind of an open laboratory for new social systems. Ambient music and videos provide a relaxing environment for cultural exchange. Yoga classes will run daily. Last but not least is the free camping area with many shady trees and the free caravan and car park with eco-toilets and showers. These offer tranquil ambience for some relaxed and blissful days. A Magic Family area supports parents who want to enjoy this festival without neglecting their children. Roberdo


Arcadia Festival
26.08. - 28.08. France
The motto of Arcadia festival is organic. And in fact this open air event in the middle of France pursues this approach in a very consequent way. First of all, the decoration concept is literally organic, employing living plants to create an authentic natural ambiance, as well as unusual mobiles and light sculptures. The music programme does not only include the organically rolling grooves of topnotch Psy and Progressive Trance acts, but also represents the cultural growth and lively evolution of contemporary Electronic Dance Music by carefully including styles like Electro, Techno, Minimal, Downbeats, Dubstep or Ambient. Finally, the infrastructure of the festival is very organic: Biodegradable dishes and cups, organic dry toilets, ecologic paper, soap and toothpaste are just some examples for this sustainable party. We discovered that spreading a gentle, clean organic feeling has a huge impact on the general vibe of the festival. So we decided to cultivate this style of event every year abit more, promoter Matthieu aka D-Sens explains During the past years we saw plant walls, gardens, fountains, hanging nature in the middle of the dance floor and around. The new location of the festival is another change. It is a truly magic place, lush and full of energy. Beside the great scenery, this new location offers a both unusual and amazing option for festivalgoers. On the one hand, there will be of course a free camping area. On the other hand, it is also possible to book a place on a camping area where there is electricity, water supply and permanent sanitary facilities

available. Whoever wants even more luxury, can also book a bungalow. Further information at The party will concentrate on two dance floors, one presenting a diverse Trance line up, the other, an openminded concept of many joyful electronic music styles. Concerning the entertainment beside listening pleasure, Arcadia Festival strives to grow into the direction of a multicultural, multi-medial happening The biggest change in our festival will be an artistic extension, we want to develop further the digital art exposition and performance aspects of our event, create a bubble that pushes the boundaries of the crowds creativity by presenting many different digital art installations, sculptures, spontaneous fire shows and performances, says Matthieu.

Rumours even speak about a psychedelic festival parade taking place An arts and craft market will represent the cultural diversity of our world and the food court will provide exotic meals to keep up the energy level in a delicious way. Finally a highly specialized security team will guarantee a safe and peaceful event, efficiently but very discreet. Roberdo


Music & Culture Festival

As simple and plain as the name of this festival is, as varied and multicoloured is its program in terms of you guessed it: Music and culture! During 6 days, 250 artists from 40 countries will present a large spectrum of electronic as well as acoustic, hand-made music but theatre, performances, lectures and workshops. Situated in the picturesque region of ancient Olympia, the environment of this open air is rich in culture as it can be. With a campsite opened for 9 days, the festival might be the perfect summer destination for travellers looking for a mixture of party, nature experience, cultural input and even beach. The music aspect of the festival is represented by two stages named after Greek gods inhabiting the surrounding oak forests according to the ancient mythology. Pan, the goat-legged, horned god of shepherds being famous for his hypnotic flute, is the inspiration for the Trance floor. Its epic line-up reads very psychedelic with artists like Avalon, Dick Trevor, Scorb, Talamasca, Shane Gobi and Laughing Buddha. Still, there

27.07. 01.08.2011 Ancient Olympia, Greece

is also great Progressive groove for the sunny Greek summer days like Emok, Symphonix or Sensient. Named after Artemis, the huntress, the goddess of fruitfulness among the 12 Olympian gods, the second stage offers a huge musical variety of Ambient, World Music, Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, DrumnBass and tics and speeches will be held. Another interesting aspect are the numerous workshops. On one hand, they deal with subjects like The ancient medicine or Super foods and herbs. On the other hand, there will be quite some technological classes about New sound forms in real time electronic and natural sound combination, Modular mixing and synthesizing or 555 Timer and DIY electronic construction. The environment of ancient Olympia offers still further variety; wandering through the ancient oak forests, home of the mystic half-horse, half-man Centaurs and Druade fairies, having a rest at the Erymanthus river only 800 meters and east of the venue, or visiting the nearby village of Androni, is a great nature experience and brings to life the rich Greek mythology. For those looking for a lazy day at the beach, there will be a shuttle to Katakolo in Ilia, one of the most famous and amazing beaches only 40 minutes drive from the festival site. Music and culture festival is limited to 4000 tickets to guarantee a both international and familiar vibe. Roberdo

even more Bands like the Ozric Tentacles, Zion Train or Zen Garden create the unique atmosphere of a live concert, while artists like Broken Note, King Cannibal or Subeena spread modern electronic vibes. The culture aspect of the festival is represented on the Folos stage. Beside contemporary theatre performances, documentations will be shown about body, mind and poli-


Tangra Eco Art Dance Festival

0913.09.2011 Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria
Located in the breathtaking countryside of the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria, Tangra festival offers a spectacular final destination for travelers exploring the world of the European open air summer. The event is inspired by Tangrism, which describes a philosophic trinity of Tan (the universe), Nak (the human) and Ra (god). Accordingly, the festival pursues a very spiritual approach and strives to make this universal, profoundly sensible philosophic formula come true during 4 nights and 5 days of music, dance and culture. With a focus on the rich scene culture of East Europe this ecological, tribal, shamanic and spiritual ritual might become a very special experience. Once home of the last Dragons, the green mountains of Bulgaria with their deep forests and clear rivers lend to Tangra festival a very pure and natural but also mystical vibe. This ancient energy is taken up every evening at sunset, when the music program on the main floor starts with a session of drums and acoustic instruments. For instance, Tengri from Macedonia or Tubiflex Project and Samodelia from the Bulgarian capital Sofia present independent sounds between ambient grooves, Ethno music and tribal influences, using lots of instruments and vocals as well. With the sun sinking beyond the horizon, the hypnotic rhythms slowly morph to electronic tunes. Cosmosophy, the collaborative project of Flooting Grooves (UK) and Dymons (UK), will perform a 6-hour set full of live drums, flute sounds and the unique feeling of a concert, starting with Tribal Progressive Trance and slowly but constantly developing towards Tribal Psy Trance. Tangra festival strongly represents the very fertile and exciting underground music scene of East Europe and welcomes some of the most interesting producers from this region. Atriohm, Encephalopaticys and Magic Seeds from Macedonia, Already Maged and Saikozaurus from Ukraine or Komarchiki from Russia stand for deep and twisted forest sound with an intellectual edge, telling epic mystic stories. More truly psychedelic sounds are provided by artists like Kliment (BG), Once Upon a Time (BG), Surbahar (BG) or Asoma (BG). September 12th will be a full moon night, transforming the built-up spirituality and creativity into an eternal flow of primitive energy. According to its holistic idea, Tangra goes beyond the scope of a pure dance event. There is the opportunity to explore an intense visionary exhibition by Ukrainian artist Trootootoo and to get lost in the fantastic decorations by the Russian

Quantum Tribe. Numerous workshops provide spiritual input about subjects like music therapy. Also, there will be a library of interesting books and a healing center offering spiritual practices, meditations and lectures on the ecological stability of our planet and the universe. Tangra festival is located 200 km from Sofia, 160 km from Thessalonica and 180 km from Skopje. The presale has started and will take place in three phases. Special price at the gates for everyone showing the mushroom edition June/July


SOL Festival
The Third-Eye Vision team was just about to give up its ambitious search when they discovered a stunning, possible location for their festival project in Spains beautiful wild west close to the Portuguese border. This venue in Extremadura provided three of the basic ingredients for an open air experience to remember: An amazing scenery, a huge lake for swimming and a guarantee of sunshine. Luckily it turned out that the people from the nearby village of Santibaez el Alto as well as the local authorities were more than up for the idea of a multicultural electronic festival. Thus the project was sealed: Around the last weekend of August, a fusion of art, music, performance and dance will take place on the dreamlike location. Though SOL Festival will be their first open air event of this size, the ThirdEye Vision team is everything but a black horse when it comes to party organization. Consisting of members from Spain, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, Greece and India, the crew draws on a huge amount of experience. The history of their events reaches back to the late eighties when they promoted the

25th to 29th of August 2011 Extremadura, Spain

rise of electronic music in Holland. In India, the team was responsible for classic Goa events up to 1997. The festivals main music genre is an eclectic fusion of different traditional musical instruments backed with an Frank Madsen from Koxbox, Pat Flanders from Mindwaves Music and Chillin Berlin and Leo Michaud, a less known artist but with a deep understanding of quality music. There will be three stages, each representing one facet of this entertaining fusion concept. The expertise of Bossinade Lightworks and Campattack from Holland is responsible for sound, lighting and ambiance together with the Dutch Young artists who are designing and creating the dance floor sun shading and deco. To get and keep everything rolling, the crew of Life Festival from Ireland will provide support and guidance with regard to logistics and organization. SOL Festival tickets include five days camping within the property grounds, situated in a rolling countryside on the shores of a huge lake. A special area will be designated for camper vans and will have chemical toilets and showers. The journey is approx. 350 km and takes about 3.5 hours from Madrid on good roads. A shuttle bus service will be available on the 24th of August from Madrid airport directly to the festival site, with three different departure times and returning on the 30th check the website for details. Embalse Borbollon - Santibaez el Alto - Sierra de Gata - Caceres - Extremadura- Spain Roberdo

electronic pulse and an emphasis on dance. The multi-cultural music programme includes popular artists as well as exciting inside tips from the genres of Trance, Techno and Fusion / World Music. Three maestros have collected a music connoisseurs line up of nothing less than pure quality:


OpenMind Eco-Festival
OpenMind Festival is a gathering of Celebration, Visionary arts, Transcendent music, Conscious workshops and Well-being. Its a balanced ecstatic celebration of life! Come celebrate the ecstasy of life in nature! OpenMind is a unique, visionary and enchanted festival! A place where theres no boundaries, where we are all One. A space where we find our deep-rooted connection with nature. A time which allows well-being, to heal and reconnect with ourselves. A moment of pure expression and sharing, without limits or judgment. A break in time to celebrate ecstasy of life in nature! Its a festival where visionary arts, transcendent music and spirituality are united to give us the opportunity to seize the moment, live fully, outside our daily routines, in a supernatural universe. Its an occasion we give ourselves to contemplate life and let our innerchild emerge. To live in moments of peace, unconditional love and ecstasy; of Pure Life. To celebrate time while we still have time! To live life fully. Live Love without Limits OpenMind Festival started from a vision; a vision to help consciousness to arise, to help us all to awaken about environment, nature, others, and about ourselves. This seed has grown into the OpenMind Eco-Festival; a gathering of celebration, well-being and peace much involved in sustainability. The vision of the festival is to burst current paradigms to enter in a new

Celebration and Well-being August 9th 16th 2011 Between Montreal and Ottawa, Canada
sustainable and free era; as well as to create an important positive impact on the environment, societies and global consciousness. To achieve this, our mission is to create individual and global change by creating psy-tribal, reggae, dub, trance; an ambient music stage playing ethnic music, Indian, psybient, downtempo ambient; an extensive yoga/workshops/conferences stage on a variety of conscious subjects; a healing area where all kind of therapist and healers offer free treatments; An enchanted forest to purify the contemplative mind; a visionary art exhibition; a giant labyrinth; a conscious cinema; sweat lodges; positive ceremonies; circus performances and original animations; a childrens village; a community kitchen; an artisans village; conscious restaurants and much more! The concept of the festival is to create a moment out of ordinary life, out of time, to be able to experience new things, to discover new tools for enlightenment, to live fully each moment without thinking about anything else. To achieve this, besides all activities offered and quite innovative decorations, all activities (but food) are free on site. Enjoy!

spaces to allow the blooming of our childrens hearts and the experience of a new healthy, balanced and sustainable way of living. We put forward an extensive sustainable plan which you can consult on our website. OpenMind Eco-Festival is not only a visionary gathering of celebration, but also a moment to take care of ourselves; to reconnect with nature, with others and our inner child. The one week event has many different activities to offer: A sunny music stage playing world music, tribal, psychedelic trance, goatrance,


Waldfrieden Wonderland
Die nackten Fe in feinem Sand, die Nase in frischer Waldluft: So wird im Wunderland gefeiert! Auf zwei Tanzflchen bietet dieses in mancherlei Hinsicht auergewhnliche Festival 48 Stunden Musikvergngen ohne Unterbrechung, wobei der Schwerpunkt auf progressivem Psy Trance liegt. Viele kleine Details und mit ihnen das eine oder andere Abenteuer, das es zu entdecken gilt, runden das bunte Programm ab. Die Wonderland ist anders. Zum einen in geografischer Hinsicht. Anders als praktisch alle anderen groen, internationalen Erwachsenenspielpltze in Deutschland ist sie nmlich nicht am berhmten Goa Highway 24 gelegen, sondern im Groraum Minden in NordrheinWestfalen. Aber auch vor Ort unterscheidet sich die Geografie von anderen Festivals. Sie verfgt nmlich ber ausgesprochen schne Rundungen in Form zahlreicher bewaldeter Hgel, von denen das Gelnde umgeben ist. Auf diese Weise erffnen sich immer wieder neue Ausblicke auf das bunte Treiben im Wunderland. Zum anderen ist es die Aufmachung, die dieses Festival zu etwas ganz besonderem macht. Da der eigentliche Partybereich nmlich nicht nur angemietet ist, sondern ganzjhrig zu jenem Waldhaus gehrt, dem die rtlichkeit ihren malerischen Namen verdankt, kann hier langfristig geplant und vorbereitet werden. Von speziellen Bepflanzungen ber Schaukeln und mit feinem Sand aufgeschttete Tanzflchen bis hin zur aus Holz gefertigten Bhne und dem berhmten Aussichtslosenturm entPhoto by Bakke

12. 14.08.2011 Stemwede-Wehdem, Germany

steht so eine ganz besondere Atmosphre. Neben der groen Tanzflche, auf der es durchweg progressiv-psychedelisch zugeht, bietet ein weiterer Freiluftbereich tagsber verspielten Minimal und Elektro. Nachts und im Falle von starkem Regen ffnet zudem das Haus Waldfrieden, in dessen Rumlichkeiten es progressive Beschallung gibt. Ein kleiner, sorgfltig zusammengestellter Markt bietet nicht nur Kleidung und Accessoires, sondern auch verschiedene Essens-, Tee- und Kaffeestnde, wobei ausschlielich BioLebensmittel angeboten werden. Im Campingbereich stehen ausreichend Toiletten und Duschen zur Verfgung. Zu guter letzt ermglicht ein kostenfreier Transport vom und zum Bahnhof Lemfrde die Mglichkeit einer entspannten Anreise mit ffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln. Situated in the middle of a rolling countryside and lush forests, Waldfrieden Wonderland is different than most of the other adult playgrounds of the German festival summer. Its not only this special venue that is so attractive, but also the extensive usage of natural materials for the festival design, which takes up the woody vibe of the surroundings. Focussing on progressive Psy Trance, Wonderland offers two open air dance floors as well as one indoor club room with altogether 48 hours non-stop music. Free camping will be provided with toilets and showers. Easy arrival via public transport is guaranteed by a free shuttle bus from the train station Lemfrde. Roberdo


Spiritual Healing
In den vergangen 7 Jahren hat sich das Spiritual Healing Festival zu einem beliebten Hhepunkt des deutschen Festivalsommers entwickelt. In stndigem Wandel befindlich, reprsentiert sein auergewhnlich vielseitiges Programm alle Facetten unserer Szenekultur: Psy Trance und Weltmusik, aber auch Naturheilkunde und moderne Spiritualitt. Zwischen der Tanzflche am Badesee, der Alternativ-Bhne und der Healing Area mit Vortrgen, Seminaren und Workshops entfaltet sich eine einzigartige Atmosphre: Der Spirit von Harmonie, der in Erinnerung ruft, wer wir wirklich sind. Eine musikalische Besonderheit stellt die psychedelische Oldschool Nacht auf dem Trance Floor dar. Den entspannt- vertrumten Auftakt fr diese illustre Unternehmung spielt diesmal The Muses Rapt, ein Musiker, der schon seit den frhen 80ern mit den psychotropen Eigenschaften von Klngen experimentiert und dessen Debtalbum den Titel Spiritual Healing trug. Gleichsam darf man sich auf eine echte First Lady des Psy Trance freuen: Miranda aus Schweden wird eines ihrer energiegeladen Oldschool Sets spielen. Acts wie U-Recken, Digicult, E-clip, Zyce, Silicon Sound, NOK, Ansolas & Lightrocker oder Miko on Magic Violin ergnzen ein modernes Trance-Moment. Zudem exquisiten Chill Out von Vargo. Neben dem vielseitigen Psy Trance Programm gibt es auf dem Worldmusic Floor Oldies der 50er und 60er, Dance der 70er, 80er und 90er, Dream Jazz, Blues und vieles mehr zu hren.

25. - 29.08.2011 Gerdshagen / North-East Germany

Das traditionell aufwendige Rahmenprogramm beinhaltet eine Ausstellung der englischen Malerin Josephine Wall, die zum ersten Mal in Deutschland zu Gast ist. Eines ihrer fantastischen Werke ist auf dem diesjhrigen Flyer der Spiritual Healing zu sehen. Die Knstlerin wird sogar gemeinsam mit den Besuchern malen. Weitere Angebote der Healing Area sind z.B. Naturheilkunde Seminare, Lach-Yoga, Qi Gong, ein Vortrag ber Quantenphysik oder verschiedene Meditationen. Und schlielich ermglichen ein Kinderspace mit FUNtastischer Gestaltung, das Healing Cinema, Feuertnzer und vieles mehr Besuchern jeden Alters und Interesses ein wundervolles Erlebnis. Auf dass das Motto des Spiritual Healing Festivals auch in diesem Jahr Wirklichkeit wird: Mgen alle Wesen glcklich sein!

With a remarkabley varied programme, Spiritual Healing has become a popular highlight of the German open air summer. In addition to Psy Trance, a large range of World Music is represented on a special stage and in the Healing Area. There are many workshops and lectures on subjects like natural healing, laughing yoga, Qi Gong, quantum mechanics or meditation. The Trance floor is situated right next to a bathing lake. Its traditional Oldschool Night presents amazing artists like Miranda or The Muses Rapt. A visual highlight will be the exhibition of Josephine Wall, one of her fantastic paintings can be seen on this years flyer. The artist will even paint together with the visitors. A special place for children and a Healing Cinema finally make sure that the motto of the festival comes true: May all beings be happy!


Indian Spirit Festival

Das Beste kommt zum Schluss! besagt ein Sprichwort. Und tatschlich findet sich am Ende des deutschen Festivalsommers ein echter Hhepunkt in Sachen beschwingtpsychedelischer Freiluftkultur. Als internationales Stammestreffen bietet die Indian Spirit Gelegenheit, noch einmal mit der gesamten Open Air Familie zu feiern, bevor sich das Szenegeschehen nach drinnen verlagert. Das Rahmenprogramm hierfr kann sich wirklich sehen und hren lassen In punkto Optik gibt es nmlich eine besondere 3D Dekoration auf die Augen. Was zunchst wie gut gemachte Schwarzlichtmalerei und Videoprojektion wirkt, entfaltet beim Blick durch spezielle Brillen einen wahrhaft bewusstseinserweiternden Tiefeneffekt. Bemerkenswert rumlich geht es auf den Tanzflchen auch in akustischer Hinsicht zur Sache. Funktion One Anlagen vermitteln hier ein einmaliges Hrerlebnis, ihr Sound ergiet sich wie glasklare Flssigkeit ber die feierwtige Meute. Indes wirkt die Musik trotz sattestem Schalldruck nie aggressiv oder aufdringlich. Und so knnen die hypnotischen

01. 05.09.2011 Heiligengrabe, North-East Germany

Klnge der aus allen Himmelsrichtungen anreisenden Musikschamanen ihre Wirkung besonders gut entfalten. Seien es die psychedelischen Abfahrten von Rinkadink, Ephedrix und Slider, die progressiven Rhythmen von Quantize, Neelix und Ritmo oder auf dem Dark Floor Hishiryo, Megalopsy, -Z- und Vic Triplag anregende Beschallung fr das sptsommerliche Tanzritual gibt es mehr als reichlich! The best comes at the end! as the saying goes. In fact the European festival summer ends with this top-notch highlight: Indian Spirit transforms the ancient vibe of a tribal meeting into a modern Trance ritual and offers the opportunity to see once again all the international open air family before the indoor season arrives. Since the

late nineties this festival grew steadily and eventually became one the most popular along the famous North-East German Goa Highway 24. This year the psychedelic design of Indian Spirit is literally taken to another dimension. A special 3D decoration and projection concept will produce a one-of-a-kind impression of optical depth when watched through special glasses. Also, the sound on the dance floors will be three-dimensional as it can be: Funktion One systems provide a truly physical listening experience with music pouring over the crowd like a crystal clear liquid. In this way, the hypnotic rhythms of the numerous music-shamans from all four corners of the earth can take effect in a very powerful way. Highly psychedelic takeoffs by Rinkadink, Ephedrix and Slider, progressive tunes by Quantize, Neelix and Ritmo or Dark magic by Hishiryo, Megalopsy, -Z- and Vic Triplag there is everything to push the limits of exciting musical energy for this late-summer dance ritual! Roberdo





17th Antaris Project

Fr 15.- Mo 18. July near Berlin
Laugh & Dance! Dont miss the psychedelic gathering ANTARIS near Berlin with 17 editions in a row its the oldest name in the Trance Festival Circuit. The date is perfect: Fullmoon in July! Amazing partyspot is the oldest aerodrome in the world. ANTARIS will play during four days and three nights the best of todays Full-On, Psytrance, Progressive and Electro with acts like Ace Ventura, Earthling, Koxbox, Protonica, Laughing Buddha, Filteria and many more. The Mainfloor will stay open until Monday evening! Parking, camping and showers are for free. Please check our Website for cheaper tickets:

ANT-ARIS = AGAINST WAR! Laugh & Dance! ANTARIS steht fr besten Sound, geile Deko sowie Spirit und hat lngst Kultcharakter! Es erwartet euch ein internationales Spitzen-Lineup mit feinstem Proggy, Full-On, Psytrance und Electro sowie eine spektakulr spacige Blacklight- und Tages-Deko. Mehr als 40 DJs und 30 Liveacts (u.a. Ace Ventura, Earthling, Koxbox, Protonica, Laug-

hing Buddha, Filteria uvm.) rocken auf zwei Floors die Party. Relaxen und Auftanken knnt ihr in der neuen Ambient-Area und im Spiritual Circle. Parken, Campen, Duschen und Vollspa sind gratis! Infos zu vergnstigten VorverkaufTickets findet ihr unter

Kannibalen Massaker
Th 21.Su 24. July near Pfaffing/South-Germany
In July, it goes off again in the upper part of Bavaria! From near and far will come again a mixed bunch dancing and joyous human culture: Destination -Pfaffing! Because celebrating from 21 to 24 July for the sixth visit to this place, Kannibalen-Massake city. On this peaceful festival for young and old. there is something offered for everyone. The musical program will provide exquisite trance acts and as a special treat this year, we will see a performance from Hilight Tribe (France). Several bands from hard rock to world music to songwriters will deliver a colorful alternative program. For the more cultural side of the festival a beautiful colorful world market, a childrens program and more esoteric and energetic workshops. Im Juli gehts wieder auf in Oberbayern! Von nah und fern strmt wieder ein bunter Haufen tanz-und kulturfreudiger Menschen Richtung Pfaffing, weil dort findet vom 21. 24.Juli zum sechsten mal das Kannibalen-Massaker statt. Auf diesem beschaulichen Festival ist fr jung und alt einiges geboten. Fr das musikalische Programm sorgen erlesene Trance Acts und als besonderes Schmankerl kommt dieses Jahr Highlight Tribe aus Frankreich. Mehrere Bands von Hardrock ber Weltmusik bis zum Liedermacher bilden ein buntes Alternativprogramm. Frs kulturelle gibts wieder einen bunten Weltmarkt, ein Kinderprogramm und mehrere esoterisch-energetische Workshops. kannibalen_massaker

Photo by Bakke


Summer Never End Festival

28. July01. Aug Mulegns-Rona/Switzerland
top-organization that inspires ability. The motto of this years amazing event is Imagination takes you everywhere Over 50 live acts and 60 Djsets! Basically, between a progressive and psychedelic trance floor, and including also chill, minimal, live performances, a unique sound system, laser show and the art of different decoration teams, you can be assured to be provided with around 72 hours of unforgettable moments! Zum sechsten Mal findet das Summer Never Ends Festival in den Schweizer Bergen statt. Nach der Erfolgsgeschichte der letzten Jahre wohl nicht mehr ganz so geheim, aber dennoch einer der ganz heissen Tipps unter den europischen Psytrance Open Air Festivals, wird das SNE wohl auch dieses Jahr mit ausgesuchtem Line Up, fantastischer Umgebung und Top-Organisation zu begeistern vermgen. Motto der diesjhrigen Veranstaltung ist Imagination takes you everywhere. ber 50 Live Acts und 60 DJ-sets, hauptschlich aus dem Psytrance- und ProgressiveBereich, aber auch Chillout, Minimal und Live Konzerte, ein einmaliges Soundsystem, Lasershow und die Kunst verschiedener Dekoteams werden whrend 72 Stunden fr unvergessliche Momente sorgen.

For the sixth time, the Summer Never Ends Festival is being held in the breathtaking Swiss mountains. After the success story of recent years, it is probably no longer quite so secret, but one of the very hot tips at the European Psytrance Open Air festival, is that SNE will be along this year as well as with a sought after line-up, fantastic surroundings and

Paradise Festival
07.10. July Falkenstein near Vienna/Austria
Paradise Festival is celebrating its third birthday from 07.-10 July 2011. Over 100 acts on 3 stages (Psytrance, Darkpsy , Techno - Minimal) will take you into another dimension and create an outstanding atmosphere in the picturesque Steinbruch Falkenstein and the nearby Castle Ruin. Well known artists such as Astrix, Ace Ventura, Psykowsky, Sun Project, Liquid Soul, Digicult or Florian Meindl play alongside promising newcomers. Furthermore some of the worlds most famous visual experts will rock your bodies and senses with breathtaking visuals, projections and decoration. The camp site is next to the nearby castle ruin, and the Paradise Festival is only 40 minutes from Vienna and Bratislava. Vom 7.bis 10. Juli 2011 feiert das Paradise Festival seinen dritten Geburtstag im Steinbruch und der Ruine Falkenstein. ber 100 Knstler verwandeln vier Tage lang die perfekte, idyllische Naturkulisse in eine zauberhafte Mrchenwelt. Auf 3 Bhnen mit Psytrance, Progressive, Darkpsy und Minimal gibt es Acts wie Astrix, Ace Ventura, Psykovsky, Sun Project, Liquid Soul, Florian Meindl, Digicult oder Acid Prophecy zu sehen. Wobei es nicht nur musikalisch, sondern auch visuell ordentlich zur Sache geht, denn einige der besten Deko und Visualistenteams weltweit verwandeln den Steinbruch in eine andere Welt. Der Campingplatz ist bei der nahe gelegenen Burgruine untergebracht. Mit dem Auto ist das Festivalgelnde in nur 40 Minuten von Wien und Bratislava aus erreichbar.


Fr, 10.06. - So, 12.06.
Info:, info@ Orga: Glade Crew

Glade Festival

Acts: Edoardo, Emok, Hamish, Liquid Ross, Lucas, Regan, Shane Gobi, Richard Devine, Eprom, Shitmat, Eskmo, Young Montana, Broken Note, Loops Haunt, Koreless, Anxst, Baconhead, Beckett & Barker, Squire of Gothos, Threnody, Silverman, Revolva / Buf b2b Ghettozoid, Bashout Allstars, Spongebob Squarewave, Warlock, Fiord, Dick Trevor, Ans, George Barker, Tripswitch, Alok, Aliji, Naked Nick, Moon, Nova, Ekanta, Justin Chaos, Lewah, Trentemller, Drumcode feat. Adam Beyer, SLAM, Paul Ritch and Joseph Capriati, Global Communication, Andrew Weatherall, Photek, Dreadzone, Krafty Kuts, Hybrid, Dirtyphonics, Skrillex, Engine Earz Experiement, Dub FX & The Flower Fairy, Dub Pistols, Elite Force, Dirty Vegas, Ben & Lex, Ajja, Allaby, Antix, Atmos, Atomic Drop, Broken Toy, Dickster, Electrypnose, FRM, Headroom, Logica, M Theory, Man With No Name, Ott, Prometheus, Quantize, Sonic Species, The Commercial Hippies, Tristan, Gaudi, International Observer, Echaskech, Slackbaba, Sysyphe, Mbuki Mvuki Xtra: Healing area, yoga class & workshops for free, boutique camping, dogs and 13-17 year old kids are not allowed into the festival Loc: Nuneaton, WarwickshireUnited Kingdom

Mi 15 Mi 15 Do 16 Fr 17 Fr 17 Fr 17 Fr 17 17-19 17-19 17-21 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 Sa 18 18-20 So 19 Mi 22 Do 23 23-26 Fr 24 Fr 24 Fr 24 Fr 24 Fr 24 24-26 24-26 24-26 24-27 Sa 25 Sa 25

**red Moon** / Bratislava Peacemoonparty / Toulouse (F) Atisha / Hamburg-winterhude (D) Elec Desire / Flensburg (D) Brazilian Nights / Hamburg (D) Liquid Cube / Geretsried (D) The Mystic Friday / Berlin (D) Donau Unter Strom / Grfstein(A) Frde Spirit / Schnberg (D) Summer Sun Change (D) Jump And Fly / Tessin (CH) Area 55 OA / Copenhagen (DK) Random / Edinburgh (GB) Ariane & Goagil OA/ Gritz (D) Sunrise Part 3 / Kln (D) Sound Of The Sun / Wuppertal (D) Signs / Radepont (F) Sign - OA / Radepont (F) Elements Of Water / Innsbruck (A) Phototropic Party / Vienna (A) Merlins Sommertanz / Stuttgart Lonely Forest / Hamburg (D) Chakradelic / Flasou Area 55 Afterparty / Copenhagen (DK) Graviton Flight 3 / Thunx (CH) The Psychedelic Gath./Adam (NL) Samstagsflieger / HH (D) Alex Grey / Wien (A) Atisha / Hamburg (D) Dance To Our Earth/Alps (CH) Zombie Attack / Oldenburg (D) Reisefieber Vii / Schelten (CH) Progressive Selection / Vienna Stromreligion / Kiel City (D) Psy Factory / Copenhagen (DK) Kaschmaukenaufstand OA (D) Psy. Babilon / Woerden (NL) Peer Pressure / Gent (B) Back To Nature 3 / Arhus (DK) Gaia Concept Open Air/Paris (F) Liquid Sunshine / Elmshorn (D)

Sa 25 Sa 25 Sa 25 Sa 25 Sa 25 Sa 25 Sa 25 Sa 25

Extrawelt / Innsbruck (A) Goa Gil - / Very Soon (P) Flying Spirit / Berlin (D) Universal Suntribes / Berlin (D) Goa Beach Connection/Cdiz) (E) Goa Beach Connection/Cdiz) (E) Denkanste / Magdeburg (D) Universal Suntribes/Berlin (AU)

Mi, 29.06. - So, 03.07.

Blissful Festival 2011

Live: Acts: Skazi, Melicia, Sesto Sento ,Avalon, Headroom,Quantize, Captain Hook, Filteria, Aphid Moon, Dick Trevor, Digicult, Dickster, Frozen Ghost, Dirty Motion, Hivarant, Gataka, A.M.D, Tenka, Orca, Painkiller, Punchline, Technodrome, Terranoise, Kasatka, Jesus Raves, Bare Noize, Temper D, Raiden, Prolix Xtra: massive shaded grass dancefloor by a huge running water lake, dubtek temple with Drum & Bass + DubStep + Reggae, planet zeitgeist with movies, ambient music and daily yoga classes, free shaded camping, free caravan parking, free car parking near camping, several bars and restaurants, showers and drinkable water in camping and caravanning, eco-team and multiple trash bins, eco-toilets that dont smell, high quality sound rig and visual effects, highly specialized security team, experienced staff and public care, fast medical response team Loc: Herdade do Zebro - Chamusca / Almeirim - Portugal Info: Orga: Blissful Crew


OZORA Festival

pic: Public Beta

Juice Club, Hamburg

Juice Club, Stresemannstr. 204, Hamburg5 min from S21/S31, U Holstenstrasse every sunday Frhschicht - laut & gemtlich Electro / Proggy / Psytrance from 08 Uhr to 20 Uhr 3 EURO, with clubcard free Max Grillo, Fabio, Diepsyden Roland 808, Hathi u.m. Kimie, Rodek, Djane Tine, Delicious Diepsyden u.m. Tom.Eye u.m. Kimie & friends 15.06. 22.06. 29.06. 06.07. 13.07. 20.07. 27.07. 03.08. every Wednesday RAENDNA meets minimal trance / progressive techno from 21 Uhr / free entry Techno do Brasil with Max Grillo, Vitor Falabella, Fabio Fusco Standpauke with Fips & Ocin, Rook & Tom.Eye Raendna with Simon Spielvogel, Hotzpod, Saft! with Dix & Friends deepdub Rec. with Daniel Bruns & Daniel Litzki Underground Basement with Long T & Jens Klein, Tom.Eye Raendna with Simon Spielvogel & Guests Electronischer Schleudergang with Dix & Guests
Mental Broadcast, Mirowsky, Neelix, Normalize, Orgon Flow, Pixel, Querox, Refract, Rinkadink, Sensual Squeak, Shinouda, Sinerider, Sokrates, Suntree, Supersonic, Symphonix, The Riddler, Vice, Zyce Ajanix, Alex Andres, Anneli, Astralex, Bassforscher, BeatBastardS, Beatis and Basshead, Cmix, Cheeky Ears, Creator, Crusty, Cubixx, Dan Silverman, Face Design, Garfield, Girandon, Greenteam, Impossible Puz-

Atisha, Hamburg
Coming Home... Trancer Spacys trancy Thursday TranceDance @ Atisha Atisha, Barmbeker Str. 62, Hamburg U-Bahn: U3 Borgweg (2 min.) 09.06. Open Turntable 16.06. Olaf Gretzmacher, Murus, Magoon, Chillin by DJane Shayana & die linken Hnde 23.06. Mat Mushroom, Natron Chillin by DJane Shayana & die linken Hnde 30.06. DiePsyden, Norg, ChillIn by Dense 07.07. Kobold, Janus, Chillin by DJane Shayana & die linken Hnde 14.07. Vincent Vegas vs Olaf Gretzmacher, Mabirano, Chillin by DJane Shayana & die linken Hnde 21.07. Mazen, Goazilla, Chillin by DJane Shayana 28.07. Chillin by DJane Shayana & die linken Hnde, Robario und Arakis 04.08. Dj Francis, Djane Tinee, Roland 808, Dj Tamahuka 11.08. Surprise 18.08. Surprise 25.08. Open Turntables 01.09. Open Turntables

19.06. 26.06. 03.07. 10.07. 17.07. 24.07. 31.07. 07.08.

The regular Juice Club Summer Program you find in the internet: 29-03 Pakawala / Mugla (TR) Do 30 Atisha / Hamburg (D)
Do, 30.06. - So, 03.07.

Burning Mountain Festival

Live: Ace Ventura, Aerospace, Aho, Aquafeel, Aqualize, Audiomatic, BeatBastardS, Duca, Egorythmia, Gaudium, Hi Profile, Ilai, Ital, Jiser, Karl Kyrill, Khainz, Krama, Launchpad, Lish, Logic Bomb, Materia,



Flyerverteilung und Plakatierung in Mecklenburg



zle, Markus, Miguz, Mirowsky, Moonboots, Nexos, Nonius, PowLow, Profiler, ProTone, Quake, Querox, Quinto, Elemento, Raffa, Riff Ruff, Symphonix, Tarabas, Tinnitus, Wasabidelux Deco: Dreamteam (Maxi, Jamie Murphi & Gansedoline), Fireshows, VJ Show Loc: Zernez, Engadin, Swiss Alps , Zernez/Switzerland Info: Orga: Burning Mountain Crew

30-04 Fusion Festival / Mritzsee (D)

Fr 01 Fr 01 Fr 01 Fr 01 Fr 01 01-03 01-04 01-04 01-04 01-04 01-04 Sa 02 Sa 02 Sa 02 Sa 02 Sa 02 Brain Massage (D) Iono Label Night / Wien (A) Psyart Rec Tour / Vlaardingen (NL) Dancing Dragon / Near Sezana Sumeru / Helsingr (DK) Sanctuary Shishu Festival (B) Cosmo Festival / Winchester (GB) Global Harmony Fest. / Hessen (D) Grotesque Festival / Veliko Cosmo Festival / Somerset (GB) Cosmo Festival / Taunton (GB) Avalon Party / North Germany (D) Umsonst & Drauen / HH (D) Avalon / Ludwigslust (D) Doktors B-day (D) Sunday Dance / Berlin (D)
Do, 07.07. - So, 10.07. 18:00
Live: Rachmad, Ricardo Tobar, Ancient Methods,Gesta, Instramental, Raiden, Addison Groove Avalon, Jahbo, Tristan, Tom Cosm, Dissociactive, Killerwatts, Hypnocoustics, Dohm, Gaiana, Rehorakti, Triphonic , Kuba, Tripswitch, Experimenthal Dubbing Sessions, Sraunus, Grad_U ,Giriu Dvasios, Mikrokristal, Pembls, Daina Dieva, Patris, Lawrencium, Hezzel Global Village Productions, Extra Dimensional Space Agency, Sunflower, Psychedelic Landscape Cowboys 8th Electronic music festival with 4 different music stages. Island of Duburys lake, Zarasai reg., Lithuania Tranceformers & Techstylism

Paradise 2011

Live: Ace Ventura, Acid Prophecy, Animatronica, Astrix, Atma, Burn In Noise, Dj Slater & U-Prag Drummers, Cannibal Crow, Dark Whisper, Digicult, Irgum Burgum, Liquid Soul, Materia, Psykovsky, Sun Project, Trippy Hippies DJs: Ace Ventura, Acid Prophecy, Akira Indika, Alezzaro, Djane Gaby, Djane Nicoletta, Dreaming Alchemist, Fade Fx, G_Ma, Goagnom, Gobayashi, Iken, Irgum Burgum, Lyserg, Kajola, Progressor, Psykovsky, Shane Gobi, Tapanov Aka Goaran, Terranostra, Trippy Hippies, Vasudeva, and many more ... Xtra: Producer Contest (more info Loc: Steinbruch & Ruine Falkenstein, Falkenstein/Austria Info: Orga: Paradise Festival Crew


Xtra: Loc: Info: Orga:

Do, 07.07. - So, 10.07.

Tundra Festival
pic: Dario Psyflytribe DJs:


Giuseppe, Avara, Electriena, Jacob, Jazzmine,Lill Li , Viktor Storm , Zitron, Gido, Nectaras, Norain, Shyneyman, Sunflower, Xynus, Quartz, Mannus,Fungus, Nerone, Verpst, Gonzaless, Ras Teodor & Jah Likkle, ShineyMan, Weeda Selecta, Steve

Do 07 07-10 07-10 07-10 07-10 07-10 07-10 07-10 Fr 08

Atisha / Hamburg (D) Paradise Festival 2011 (A) Tundra Festival / Zarasai (LT) Basecamp (S) Life Celebration / Istria (HR) Hadra Festiva / (F) Basecamp / Kristianstad (S) Hadra Trance Festival (F) Elec Desire / Flensburg (D)

Fr, 08.07. - So, 10.07.

Atmosphere Festival
Live: Cosmosis, Circuit Breakers, Bubble, Atmos, Liquid Soul, Grnes-



Sa, 09.07.
Waldfrieden Wonderland blau, Crash Kid Company, Freakulizer, Avalon, Earthling, Asax Syndrom, Weekend Heroes, Perfect Stranger, Orgonflow DJs: Mahi, Seven11, Ajanix, Miguz, Lockvogel, Animi Defectus, Digital Baba, Jackomo, Dee Jota, Carola, Mikro & Minu, Solaris, Mantra, David Fraka, Akustik, Face Design Deco: Nils, Traumtanz Prod. Loc: Filisur / Graubnden Switzerland Info:, info@

Fractal Gate OA Festival

Live: Oforia, California Sunshine, Tandu, Indoor, Pigs In Space, E-Mantra, Crossing Mind , Agneton, C-Jay, Lani, Aquila, Bitkit, Sufi, Fraktophon, Tropical Bleyage, Psygasus, D-Ther, Mikari, Aida DJs: Anoebis, Draeke , Yani, Laurentius, Psytoad, Inada, Starelve, Electric Lord, Oonah, Apnea, Bonas, Franky Jones, C-Jay, Whizz, Don Cabron, Ishtar, Phlubbe, Don Santos, Ganesha, Jimbo Jones, Cloudwalke, Flowcopter, Pavane, Roezzelaar, Aqualung, Foose & Leech Deco: Fluorobotanics, G-Visions, Omnicron Xtra: 3 Stages Loc: Kristalpark, Balendijk - Lommel a big field surrounded by wind mills in the province of Limburg, Belgium :) , Limburg/Belgium Info: Orga: Trance Dimensions & Suntrip Records & Full on P.A -

DJane Alice D Joanna, DJane Aliye, Astray, DJane Back to Mars, DJane Bahar, Beardy, BuzzT, Khristian, Daksinamurti, Damon, DJane Domino. DJane Ekanta, Gandal, George, Govinda, Javeed, Jonas, Koszki, Luca & Jazzmine, Mike Mc Guire, Namaskar, Profane, Psylotropic, Robin, Shore Bar Axel, Skitzophrenix, Trevor Pixie, Zimon, more tba Xtra: The new Ambient Floor will be filled with chilled out beats by a variety of international DJs. In the Spiritual Area you can recharge body and mind with yoga, meditations and workshops. There will also be a separate Kids Space! Loc: Otto-Lilinthal-Airport Stlln, Rhinow / Stlln Info:, Orga: Antaris Project

Theft at festivals
Unfortunately this years open air season also brought a wave of theft. At several festivals, tents have systematically been ransacked and cars have been broken into. Therefore we call on you: Intervene by asking what is going on when you watch something suspicious. If the situation does not clear up by doing so or if you encounter any kind of aggressive reactions, alarm the nearby festival visitors about whats happening and call the security!

Sa, 09.07.

Goa Core - Floorwrts Part 2

Live: Sunstryk, Necmi, Elecdruids, Niitro & Glycerine, Logic Spin, H.M.B. DJs: DJ Pin, Bim, Alex (Galactika), Arcadius & Lil Momo, Gozilla, Alpha, B-Havoc, BlueSpacE, Dense Deco: Grille, Adrenochrom Loc: Edelfettwerk, Schnackenburgallee 202, Hamburg Way: 50 Meter from S-Bahnhof Eidelstedt Orga: ChillHase


09-13 Psy Circus / Strohkirchen (D) Mo 11 Buss Trip / Stockholm (S) Do 14 Atisha / Hamburg-winterhude (D)
Fr, 15.07. - Mo, 18.07.

Antaris Project


Diebe auf Festivals

Leider hat die aktuelle Open Air Saison auch eine Diebstahlwelle mit sich gebracht. Auf verschiedenen Festivals wurden systematisch Zelte durchwhlt und Autos aufgebrochen. Daher an dieser Stelle der Aufruf: Mischt euch durch Nachfragen ein, wenn ihr etwas Aufflliges beobachtet. Sollte sich die Situation dadurch nicht aufklren oder ihr auf aggressive Reaktionen stoen, macht andere Festivalbesucher auf das Geschehen aufmerksam und verstndigt die Security!

08-10 08-10 08-11 08-11 08-11 Sa 09 Sa 09 Sa 09 Sa 09 Sa 09 Sa 09

Atmosphere / Filisur (CH) Flopkick OA / Dichterhausen (D) Evolution Festival / Kavala (GR) Pandemonium Festival (CDN) Quellgeist / Plauen (D) Follow The White Rabbit (DK) Timeless / Olten (CH) Fractal Gate / Limburg (B) Open Your Mind / Dortmund (D) Stampf Nacht / Blitz/dumme (D) Symbiotic Experience Kiel (D)

Live: Special Live concert by The Peaking Goddess Collective, Ace Ventura, Ajja, Atriohm, Avalon, Captn Hook, Day Din, Dickster, E-Mantra, Earthling, Easy Riders, Encephalopatycis, Filteria, Genepool, Hedonix, Hutti Heita, Ianuaria, Jahbo, J & B Project, Killawatts, Koxbox, Laughing Buddha, Onkel Dunkel, Papiyan, Parasense, Procs, Protonica, Quantize, Ra, Rev, Rocky, Sirion, Solar Spectrum, Space Tribe, Tristan, more tba


Antaris Project

pic: Udo Herzog

Fr, 15.07. - So, 17.07.

Color of Forest


Live: Perplex, Headroom, Ronen Dahan, Launchpad, The Prophets of Dawn, WE, OrgonGroove, MauA, Eye Contact, Hatikwa, Rumpelwicht, Sensual Squeak DJs: Mstik, Tiefenrausch, Boom Shankar, Alexsoph, Jackatek vs. Bongo-Dani, Cmix, Rumpelwicht , Mahi, Tinnitus, Face Design, Brain, Ajanix, ProTone, Catweazle, Urban Tribe, System Error, Highfish, Alopex, Nightwalk Deco: Asrael, Waldwichtel, Color of Sun, Light by Vibrative Light and

Sounds, 7-Color-Laser-Show Xtra: amazing soundsystem, Big Light and LaserShow, Chill Loc: Feldis Alp Raguta 2000 M..M., Feldis Alp Raguta (GR) /Switzerland Orga: Color OF SuN

Do 21 Flowers Of Moon / (I) Do 21 Atisha / Hamburg-winterhude (D)

Do, 21.07. - So, 24.07.

Kannibalen Massaker
Live: Higlight Tribe, Legojazz, Talesin, Embryo, Lava 303, Space Connection, Bullage, Fingerwalk, Cyberchill 3000, Daniel Oberneder, el Zitheracchi, Parandroid, Psylophonica, DJs: Akira Indika, Bionic, Funydaylia, Tapanov, Od*Chi, Horizon, Intoxicant, Mahodin, MHE, Naima, Padawan, Arion, Patric Jung, Psydoc, Quadrivium, Rax, Salex, T-Hawk, Tommes, Van da Link Deco: Cannibalcrew, visuals by Sikanda Xtra: Great for kids, organic food, free water, cloudbusting and clean playground, ecstatic dance session, Energetic Workshops, free camping and love Loc: little forest near Pfaffing/Wasserburg/south Germany Info:

Fr 15 15-17 15-17 15-17 15-17 15-17 15-17 15-17 15-18 15-18 Sa 16 Sa 16 Sa 16 19-25

Planet Waldfrieden / Stemwede (D) Maitreya / North Germany (D) Digital Waves (CH) Color Of Forest / Graubnden(CH) Systemausfall / Prignitz (D) Ancient Trance / Taucha (D) Dreipunkteins / Gritz (D) Kalaczakra OA/ Near Gdansk (PL) Psyculture Festival/ Drama (GR) Antaris / Rhinow/Stlln (D) Re-born Party (P) Dimension Field / Mellieha (M) Psy In The Air / Gili Air (ID) Paleo Festival Nyon / Nyon (CH)

Mi, 20.07. - Mo, 25.07.

Elemental Evolution 2011

Live: Fungus Funk, Sychotria, Whiptongue, Xpiral, U-Recken, Dust, Illegal Machine, Atma, Dirtcy Saffi, astroff, Dymons, Crystal Monkey, The Light Shifter, Tryambaka, Yudhisthira, Dissociative, Asimilon, Assault Junkies, Redy, Psymmetrix, Zerohour, Klangmassage, Kanibal Holokaust, The Organist, Therange Freak, Insane Creatures DJs: S.T.U, Maya, Traveller, Taurianmusic, DjIbril, Lyserg, Rotama, Cat,irrPsychogenesis, Sun Experience, Tihulu, Cybersound, Voodoo Mantra, Emo-V, Midi Junkies, Roztal Jiva, Kalevra, Mess Maker, Gino Altobelli, DJ Hoppit, Psy-Co, Lunathra, Psymo, Cromaniac Loc: Sandras, Mugla/Turkey Info:, Orga: Mind Manifest Project

Correction: Kannibalen Massaker is NOT a Hard Rock event!

We made a mistake in the english version of the Kannibalen Massaker article. Indeed there will be some Hard Rock combos playing but they are just one little part of the colourful non-electronic alternative program, beside World Music bands and songwriter music. The main part of this festival is of course Psytrance!

pic: Udo Herzog

20-25 Elemental Evol. / Izmir (TR)


21-24 Zenit Festival 2011 (Serbia) 21-25 Yaga Psy Gath. / Dzukija(LT) 21-25 Human Evolution Festival (I)
Fr, 22.07.

Porvata nomaS: The Trip with Psykovsky


Live: Psykovsky! Ankur, Farebi Jalebi, Gidra, Onionbrain, Alien Bug, Multi, Evil, Psy Cut Fingers, Space Element DJs: Juggler, sG4rY, Atan, Bielun, Chizzel , Dawid, Elf, Gobit, MehofMann, Maruder, Neuro Vortel, Nois, Przemski, Rough, Szyman, Wogas Deco: visuals by Brain Massage & 0x43, laser show by Ultra, fire show by Mamadoo, UV body painting Xtra: php?eid=219768111373103&ref=ts Loc: Pszczolki near Gdansk, Poland Info:

Fr 22 Fr 22 Fr 22 22-24 22-24 22-25 22-25 22-25 22-25 Sa 23 Sa 23 Sa 23 Sa 23 Sa 23 Sa 23 Sa 23 24-31 27-01

Porvata Nomas / Gdansk (PL) Progressive Trance OA (PL) Progressive Trance OA (PL) Occultrance / Oosteeklo (B) Psy Fraggle Rock / Hessen (D) Vuuv Festival / Krumbeck (D) Refresh 2011 (P) El Hal 2011 / Montreal CDN) / Jylland (DK) Dance For Friends U&D / HH (D) Liquid Sunshine / Elmshorn (D) U&D / Rostock (D) Tpe / Hamburg (D) Sunset - Beachclub / Wien (A) Massiverschnackeln / Bodensee (D) Infinity / near Porto (P) Misterika Festival / Crimea (UA) Music & Cultural Festival (GR)

Do, 28.07. - Mo, 01.08.

Funny Moon Festival 2011

Live: Alternate Reality, Antagon, Braindrop, Fobi, Gloomy Phantom, Kajola, Kalilaskov AS, Parandroid, Pagat, Soth, Crazyfraggle, -ZDJs: Absolut, DreamDoctor, Endogen, Expanding Consciousness, GoAndi, GoaGnom, Horizon, Psyconjurer, Djane Sureal, Nena Neno, Alpha, Back To Mars, Braindrop, Caban, Cooper, Dantrex, Dsompa, Glish & Gry, Goad, Merry, Nairam Naoi, Neuronom, Djane Nicoletta, Pan, Philoso, RaOuL, sGarY, Sabsunshine, Szig Sag, Tommes, Zippy, Ancient core, Ati De Chile, Djane Nicoletta, ele-

pic: Kylie Photo taken on the Ferry between Copenhagen and Hamburg Left to right Neelix, Klopfgeister, Fabio, Symphonix, Finn and Benny Moon

Random Road Trip!

After having made an interview with Neelix about his unreleased tracks in our last edition, our little Australian, Ky, ended up road tripping back to Hamburg from Copenhagen after meeting him at an event held there. I greeted Henrik behind the progressive stage (Neelix) and introduced myself. He immediately took me in his arms and said thank you. I feel so proud to be able to help the people behind the music, even more grateful to be appreciated. Neelix then invited me to join them in their minivan back to Hamburg along with Day Din, Benny Moon (&his brother Finn), Fabio, Klopfgeister and Symphonix, on one of the most entertaining spontaneous road trips of my life! And... after getting to know the guys abit better, the Hamburg crew are a good bunch. Thanks heaps guys! I encourage people to check out their music! - Kylie Van Eerden


Artists are often working around the clock, and other arrangements. We were lucky enough to get our hands on this cheeky and sneaky screen shot of Mekkanikka!


pic: Udo Herzog Mental Sounds, Logical Elements, creareX, I-One Deco: Psym3trics, Organixx, DekoTronix, vj baby k, CampAttackVisuals Loc: Zlin - CZ , TBA/Czech Republic Info: Orga: Cosmixed Society Curly Sue, Luke Fama, Reinhard Reisenzahn DJs Live: Klangmassage, Karuna, Noize Hunter Createur dAtmosphere, Deep Space Zoon, VJ Capricorn, Nature,... Deep Space Zoon (250m Chill Out Tent), After Hour Floor, Children Area, Shops, Seahorse Spacebar ,Free Camping, Food Area, Workshops, Legendary Jam Session, Fire Show, limited to 2000 people. Bllerbauer, 3350 Haag, Salaberg 36, Haag/N/Austria, kontakt@ Initiative Kulturvogel ter, Total Eclipse, Johann Bley, Logica, Laughing Buddha, Aphid Moon, Fearsome Engine, Ticon, AMD, Psysex, Activator, U-Recken, Ace Ventura, Digital Talk, Vaishiyas, Atma, Day.Din, Khainz, Phatmatix, Klopfgeister, Kularis, Sensual Squeak, Silent Sphere, Flugbegleiter, Funky Dragon, Quantica, Liquid Space, Electrypnose, Tryptamoon, Bigeneric, Chillomanie, Elegy, Mindcore, Midimal, Simply D., Old Dirty Shrooms, Orgonflow and more DJs: Tsuyoshi, Emok, Scotty, Shore Bar Axel, Mullekular, Kulu, Fabio & Moon, Alexsoph, Mstik, Tapanov, Tripical, Psywolf, Arkadius & Lil Momo, Murus, Cubixx, Phobos & Fog, Father Oblivion, Lynkish & Morix, Quinto Elemento, Terranostra, Kozki, Murus, Urban Tribe, Frontal, Solaris, Outland, Smart Monkeys, Steffi, Face Design, Bi-Molecular and more Xtra: 3 floors, more than 100 artists, circus tent outstanding soundsytem,

Deco: Xtra:

Do 28 28-31 28-31 28-31 28-01

Atisha / Hamburg-winterhude (D) Future Nature / Pula (HR) Inter Tribal Festival (F) Beertok Festival (H) Funny Moon Festival 2011 (CZ)

Fr, 29.07. - So, 31.07.

Loc: Info: Orga:

Bllerbauer Open Air 11 on the way to Ozora

Live: Hilight Tribe, Star Sounds Orchestra, Goatika, Loop Doctors, Riddim Colony, Gimpelakwa, El Tenr, Jelly Jazz, Y-Project, Rada & Ternovnik, Oficina Art Vienna Ensemble, Evolution 8 DJs: Andysan , Maya Experience, Djibril, Pinocio, , Artremix & TSO,

Do, 28.07. - Mo, 01.08.

Summer Never Ends Festival 2011


Live: Hilight Tribe, Tristan, Altruism, Burn In Noise, The First Stone, Dicks-


massive lasershow, 4 decoteams, free drinking water... Mulegns / Rona Graubnden, Switzerland Info: Orga: Klangwerk & Friends Loc:

29-31 29-31 29-31 29-31 29-31 29-31 29-31 29-31 29-31 29-01 29-02 Sa 30 Sa 30 Sa 30 Sa 30 Sa 30 Sa 30 Sa 30 Sa 30 So 31 So 31

U&Dr / Veltheim (D) Chvatimech Mountains (Slovakia) Psycrowdelica / Coming Soon (D) Bllerbauer OA 11 / Haag (A) Age Of Aquarius / Eisenerz (A) Sungate Festival (D) Universal Dance / Berlin (D) Velesa 2011 / Lepste (Latvia) Lawatanssit OA / Tiilikkala (FIN) Summer Never Ends Festival (CH) Pachamama Hatun / Cusco (PE) Orient Express/Amsterdam (NL) Schallkonflikt / Meck-Pomm (D) Culture Clash / Mnchen (D) Unsere Kleine Goafete / Kln (D) B Day Trance / Naer Baja (H) Nightrainbow Event / Marche (I) Natraj Temple / Berlin (D) Prog. Jumping / Emilia Area (D) Area 51 / Nordwestschweiz (CH) Funambolo Rebeated / Basel (CH)

Di, 02.08. - So, 07.08.

O.Z.O.R.A Festival 2011


Live: Ace Ventura, Allaby, AMD, Antidote, Atmos, Behind Blue Eyes, Cosmo Circle, Dark Side, Derango, Enichkin, Fearsome Engine, Filteria, Gaudium, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Hux Flux, Irgumburgum, Krama, Logic Bomb, Man

With No Name, Megalopsy, Mindwave, Orestis, Ovnimoon, Ozric Tentacles, Penta, Pleiadians, Protoculture, Protonica, Sensient, Shpongle, Star Sounds Orchestra, SubConsciousMind, Suntree, The Delta, Tranan, Transwave, Trippy Hippies, Tristan, U-Recken, Union Jack, X-Dream, -Z-, Zen Mechanics DJs: Boom Shankar, Chriss, Dimitri, Djane Gaby, Driss, Doc, Edoardo, Gino, Gorgo, Gus Till, James Monro, Kraak, Lucas, Mike Maguire, Oleg, Peter Didjital, Raja Ram, Sabaii Sabaii, Sensifeel dj set, Shane Gobi, Tsubi, Aes Dana, Asura, Ancient Core, Aurafood, Banco de Gaia, Biosphere, Cell, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Circular, Derango, Digital Tooki, Eat Static, Entheogenic, Hibernation, H.U.V.A. Network, Jaia, Kaya Project, Kalumet in Dub, Ott, Prometheus, Pupilla, Solar Fields, Soul Surfer, Sync24, Tripswitch, Twang, Val Vashar, Zen Lemonade & Gus Till, Younger Brother, AddSimeon, Atati, BB303, Buxi, Dave Arc-i, Dj Mesterhazy, Dovla, Iaindub, Isu, Leo, Naga, Nanda, Nitelight , Tajmahal, Tsubi, Simon Baring, Slater, Stajl, Obi Deco: The Extradimensional Space Agency, Global village productions, Liquid Faeries, Trixx, Pumpui Loc: Dadpuszta, Hungary, otherwise known simply as Paradise, Ozora/Hungary Info:, Orga: bubble

Festival Couch

From a once crazy idea after a few drinks one night to motorize a couch, Mardy Daniel has really embraced his creation of Festival Couch! I must admit, I had to take a second look as I saw this wondrous thing zooming around at Rainbow Serpent 2011 in Australia earlier this year, and I could only sit there in amazement as he awed the crowds. I think to myself... This guy is a genius. After chatting to him further, this guy taken on festival couch to new levels! He is now building, creating, hiring and sharing his wonderful toy with anyone who wants to hire one - from film clips, festivals, parties, or just for anyone who wants to have the novelty to buzz one around a festival for the weekend. Brilliant mate!

Free shipping on all orders above 50 euro Europes largest vaporizer assortment Website available in 4 languages


pic: Udo Herzog

Do 04 04-07 Fr 05 05-07 05-07 05-07 05-07 05-07 Sa 06

Atisha / Hamburg-winterhude (D) Dirty Dancing Fest. / NRW (D) Psy_lis_high / Hessen (D) Psy Mountain / Grisons (CH) Red Planet Open Air Leussow (D) Bachblten Festival / Kiel (D) Deep Trip Festival (D) Friede, Freude Eierk. 1.0 / (D) Funksignale / Hamburg (D)


Sa, 06.08.

Summer Awake Festival

Live: Aquatica, Mekkanikka, Atomic Pulse, Atomiculture, Skyloops, Rumble Pack DJs: Burning Eye & Chris, Mike Mad, Hardliner, Psy-Gee, Mind Midget, Sin San Deco: Sirco Furioso & SFUA Xtra: energetic fire show, Shops Loc: Marbach / Entlebuch (Luzern) Switzerland Info: party/details/56549

Di, 09.08. - Di, 16.08.

Open Mind Festival

Live: Kaya Project, Irina Mikhailova, Hibernation, Shakta, Sukush, 5th Dimension Higway, Apadoorai, Biobazar, Caterva Lumen, Confluence, Cosmic Orgasm, Croop and L5S1, David Finkle, Ekoplex, Equanimous, Fuzio Transe, Samajam, Kaminari, Michael Moon, Psilocybernetics, Ray Vincent, System Breaker, Tesla Project, Sitaria, Xnorophis and Ariane Filiatro DJs: Akibel, Aktarus, Alison Wonderland, Andrei K, Arthurdent, Basilisk, Ben Rama, Boom Tara, Corvid & Psylozen, Freek Radical, Gnosys, Groovy Hippie, JeffMk-Ultra, Kaya Project, Le Druide, Longstocking, Lunar Groove & tienne Bovo, Machinelf,


Sa 06 Sa 06 Sa 06 Sa 06 Sa 06 Sa 06 Sa 06 Sa 06 Sa 06 Sa 06 Sa 06 08-15

Culture Clash / Mnchen (D) Fabrik/U&D / Goahighway (D) The Spirit Of Goa / Hildesh. (D) Tupananchiskama / Cuzco (PE) Sunset - Beachclub / Wien (D) Tiopartys / Alentejo (P) Synthetic Alchemy (P) Bass Island / Leiben / (A) Funksignale / Hamburg (D) Funksignale / Hamburg (D) Summer Awake Fest./ Luzern (CH) Transylvania Calling (R)

Loc: Info: Orga:

Mythrophan, N-Druw, Neerav, ObsidiaN, Pranapapa, Psyberth, Red Electric Earth, Semira, Shango, Sidra, Solar Prophecy, Spyne, Vishwaatmaaa, Ygriega, Yvy, Zen, Zven Celebration and well-being visionary gathering: Transcendent and ambient music, Visionary arts, Conscious workshops, Healing area, Positive ceremonies, Giant labyrinth, Lucid cinema, Sweat lodges, Meditations, Animations et performances, Kids village, Enchanted contemplative forest, WellBeing. Celebration and well-being visionary gathering: Transcendent and ambient music, Visionary arts, Conscious workshops, Healing area, Positive ceremonies, Giant Labyrinth, Conscious cinema, Sweat lodge, Meditations, Animations and performances, Kids village, Enchanted Forest, Wellbeing, Theme: Sustainable Enchanted Forest Whispering Pines, 140km West of Montreal/Canada Open Mind Crew

Mi 10 Fullmoon Fest./ Fukushima (J) 10-15 Freedom / Vila Fernando (P) Do 11 Atisha / Hamburg (D)


Fr, 12.08. - So, 14.08.

15. Waldfrieden Wonderland Open Air Festival


Fr, 12.08. - Mo, 15.08.

Sonica Dance Festival 2011

Acts: Main Stage: Absolum + Christof Dj, Ace Ventura, Ajja, Alex Parasense, Allaby, Altruism + Thata Dj, Aphid Moon, Arjuna, Atriohm, Avalon, Awip, Bee, Blisargon Demogorgon, Burn In Noise, Chameleon, Djane Gaby, Earthling + Celli Dj, Etnica + Max Dj, EVP, Dickster, First Stone + Swarup Dj, Gino, Giuseppe Parvati, Gorgo, Govinda, Headroom, Irritant, Journey, Kybalion + Tom Dj, Killawatts, Latam, Liftshift, Logic Bomb, M-Theory, Marco Tranky, Meko-Gaiatech, Pena, Perfect Stranger, Pleiadians, Pseehaw, Shane Gobi, Slater, Stole, System-7, Tommy Pixan, Tristan, Tron, Twentyeight, X-Dream, XP-Voodoo, Zen Mechanics. Alternative Stage: Aliji, Antonio Testa, Ashtech, Astropilot, Atom Based, Banco De Gaia, Brando Lupi, Cosmic Shaman, Darren Sangita, DJ Foose, DJ Greg Mandala, DJ High, DJ Marilli, DJ Scibi, DJ Wedran, D.M.T. - Total Eclipse, Dovla, DR Cat, Entheogenic, Experimental Sound Project, Filippo Glitches, Fishimself, Frankie Watch, Gaudi, Greg Hunter, Josko, Kukan Dub-Lagan, Mauxuam, Meditronica, Nova, Pura & Johan, Robin Triskele, Scene, Simon Baring, Toires, Tom Real, Warp Technique, Zizou. Loc: Montenegro Org: Sonica Crew Info:,

Acts: t.b.a. Xtra: VORVERKAUF HAT BEGONNEN http://www.wald-frieden. de/index.php?option=com_ seminar&task=3&cid=8 Achtung Neuer Termin 12.- 14. August 2011. Wir mssen leider die Wonderland um eine Woche vorverlegen und bitten euch das neue Datum schnell an Freunde und Bekannte weiterzugeben, damit der Urlaubsplanung fr 2011 nichts im Wege steht. Stay tuned! KEEP THE NATURE CLEAN AND GREEN Loc: Waldfrieden Wonderland, Bergstr. 32, Stemwede-Wehdem Info: siehe Homepage, Orga: Waldfrieden

Where are they now?

DJ Mahasuka

Fr 12 Fr 12

Brain Massacre / Allgu (D) Psy Jgermeister / Kln (D)

When it comes to the evolution of Progressive Trance, DJ Mahasuka from Hamburg is a name that would not be missed out. He first came in contact with the scene in 1993 and was instantly hooked. In 1999 he founded the project Intact Instinct, together with Stefan Hbner and Marcus Carp. Despite the fact that their sound was very minimal and came along with only a hint of melody, it was very deep and hypnotic in nature. He also worked together with Sebastian Krger under the moniker Disco Slickers, another very successful project that serves as a prime example for the vast diversity of Progressive Trance in its early days. In 2003 Mahasuka withdrew from the scene. Since then he worked as a project manager, and also completed his two best productions so far - A son and a daughter. Currently there are reliable rumours around about a retro gig of Intact Instinct at a big festival featuring all the three original members!

pic: Mad Domi Wolf


12-14 12-14 12-14 12-15 12-15 Sa 13 Sa 13 Sa 13 Sa 13 Sa 13 Sa 13 So 14 So 14

Wonderland OA / Stemwede (D) Starfall Oa Fest. / Hamburg (D) Psydance Open Air (D) Sonica / Montenegro The Sunshine In The Night (I) Blue Moons... / Ltjensee (D) Elec Desire / Flensburg (D) Forrest-Expl. / Meck Pomm (D) Purple Pirates / Omis (HR) Beachtales / Hamburg (D) Summer Dance / Hamburg (D) Improvisation / HH (D) Kinderprogramm / Greifenstein (A)

Mi, 17.08. - Mo, 22.08.


Lost Theory Festival

Acts: Brain Damage, The Herbaliser, Ceephax Acid Crew, Lory D, Aleksi Perl, Global Goon, Niveau Zero, Frog Pocket, Enduser, Acidolido, Koolmorf Widesen, X&Trick, Seal Phuric, S-Virus, Subskan, Imminent, Mrs. Jynx, Mr Gasmask, Arkanoid, Chevron, Vertical 67, Stefan & Liz, Stoornis, Acidburp, Oxynucid, Moth Conk Midi, Red Eyes, Skip, Ursa, Wasted Matter, Zeck, Monorf, Bug Klinik Sound, Mush,

D-Fens, Syncope, Digitubz, Kryll, Macbang!, O For Odetta & Leftchest, Dnaab 136 and more... Psychedelic stage: Eat Static, Logic Bomb, Kindzadza, Dimension 5, Sensient, Derango, Purosurpo, Hallucinogenic Horses, Imaginary Sight, Darshan, Faggott, Mandalavandalz, Mubali, Para Halu, Ka-Sol, Kalumet, Farebi Jalebi, Megalopsy, Flooting Grooves, Makadam, Phobos Azazel, Ilse, Ankur, Scope, Ukiro, Val Vashar, M-Run, Lepton, Entre Nous, Deimos, Milosz, Styx, Eat Static, Astrobotnia, Einma, Herrmutt Lobby, Seal Phuric, S-Virus, Vrx, Flooting Grooves, Jah Works, Jah Inspiration Sound, Master Margherita, Hoehle, Just Dbfx Xtra: Funktion One soundsystem Loc: Around PlitviceCroatia Info: Orga: Lost Theory Crew

Di, 23.08. - Mo, 29.08.

Aurora Festival 2011

Acts: Akd, Amd, Andromeda, Apex, Aqualize, Atriohm, Audiomatic, Avalon, Beatnik, Blazed Blind Rolloer, Braincell, Burn In Noize, Chameleon, Chromosome, Circuit Breakers Daydin, Dickster, Digital Tribe, Eat Static, Ectima, Egorythmia, Ekanta, E-Mov, Farebi Jalebi, Fearsome Engine, Flegma, Headroom, Hi Profile, Hypnocoustics, Inner State, Infinity, Ital, Jahbo, John Liquid, Journey, Krama, Laughing Buddha, Logica, Loopstep, Man With No Name, Menog, Mindwave, Mood Deluxe, Mythospheric, Omsphere, Onkel Dunkel, Optiloop, Overtonez, Prahlad, Protoactive, Reverse, Sunstryk, Shove, Sirion, Solar Spectrum, Sonic Species, Swarup, Sideform, The First Stone, Tristan, Tron, Twisted Reaction, Vaishiyas, X-Noize, Yab Yum, Zyce Tesserac Tstudio, Doc, Driss, Gaby, Mark Allen, Liquid Ross, Onestone, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Wingman, A.I.A, Ankass, Astropilot, Atriohm, Aura, Banco De Gaia, Cabeiri, Chronos, Cj Catalizer,Cydelix, Dalton Vs Koorie, Deep In Mind, Direct Connection, Entheogenic, Feel, Gaudi,Fishimself, Jason, Junior X, Juno Reactor, Lemonchill, Menog, Milkyway, M-Sphere, Nick Pall, Obsidian Projekt, Ott, Setsuna, Simon Baring, Slackbaba, Soul Surfer, Tigran Aka Minime, Zen Garden, Zerocult, Zymosis Loc: Samothraki Island, Greece Info:, info@ Orga: Aurora Crew

17-22 Do 18 Fr 19 Fr 19 Fr 19 19-21 19-21 19-21 19-21 19-21

Free Flow Fest. / Algrave (P) Atisha/ Hamburg-winterhude (D) Psy Horror Night / Rgen (D) Prog. Selection / Wien (A) The Brain Flip 2.0 (I) Tanz Der Elemente / Erfurt (D) Kling Klang OA / Meck-Pomm (D) Trancdventure / Dornberk () Psykadelica Hightek Fest. (P) Wir Sind Freig. /Ditmaschen (D)

Sa, 20.08.
Live: DJs: Deco: Loc: Orga: pic: XL Zwerg

Summer Puzzle 2011

Slackjoint, Elecdruids, Trancistor Bim, Nesjaja, Bluespace, Dense Adrenocrom Hamburg D vents and Suntrance Crew

Sa 20 Sa 20 Sa 20 Sa 20 Sa 20 Sa 20

Novas Incident X OA/Aachen(B) Pit Stop / Koeln (D) Space Odyssee / Mittelhessen (D) Novas Incident /Maastricht (B) Sunset - Beachclub / Wien (D) Summer Puzzle 2011 / Hamburg (D)

Do 25 Atisha/Hamburg-winterhude (D) 25-28 Membran Festival / (A)


Do, 25.08. - So, 28.08.

Spiritual Healing

Loc: Preddhl/Gerdshagen, Germany Info:

Do, 25.08. - Mo, 29.08.

Sol Festival 2011



Acts: Absolum, Antidote, Audialize, Ajja, Alex Di Stefano, Anais, Andreas Pfeiffer, Avalon, Badun, Chillinberlin, Christof, Celli, Decay, Dick Trevor, Disco Hooligans, D.M.T. ,Digital Mystery Tour, Dj Druid, Dj Andaluce, Dj Jonas, Dr. Nojoke, Dj Slater, Feat. Dj Tonio. U-Prag Drummers, Dj The Gee, Eat Static, Edoardo, Ex-Gen, Fernando Mass, Galoppiernde Zuversicht, Greg Hunter, Giuseppe, Goa Jonas, Hoehle, Hultscher & Blau, I.Mike, Jewlung, John Acquaviva, James Monro, JEspRe, Kalabrese, Karsten Pflum, Kiwa, Koxbox, Kohpat, La Cherga, Lasse Illinton, Laughing Buddha, Liquid Ross, Logic Bomb, Loco & Jam, Los Ninos De Los Ojos Rojo, Luca & Jasmin Gianferrari, Master Margherita, Mauxuam, Menog, Mixmaster Morris, Marius, Miniminds, Naked Tourists, Norbert Davenport, Olivier Giacamotto, Pat Flanders, Philipp Lammers, Piet Jan Blauw, Plaster, Raimund, Raoul, Ray Castle, Salakavala, Serge, Serge Geyzel, Simon Baring, Snleoparden, Sofus Forsberg, Squaremeat, Space Tribe, Svnigt Sind, Taj Mahal, Tamiris, Texas Fagott, Toires, The Ebertbrothers. Total Eclipse, Tribesman, Weedbeat, Xavier Morel, Yestegan Chay, Youth, Yuroq, Zefer Xtra: workshops, massage tents, market and a childrens area Loc: Perfect festival site next to the Embalsa Borbollon in the heart of the Sierre de Gata, in the province of Extremadura that lies next to the border of Portugal,

mushroom magazine 10 years ago

Legendary label Spirit Zone announces its 100th release, a 3 CD compilation of Psy Trance, Tech Trance and Chill Out *** Two extraterrestrial space travellers in search of party and drugs invade mushroom magazine: Alien Attack is a funny comic series *** The first DJ equipment test takes place and goes banana about the filter section of Rolands DJ-1000 mixer. Also, there are excited rumours about a new CD turntable from Pioneer coming, named CDJ-1000 *** The project Native Radio becomes a talking point and is interviewed *** Black light paintings by Amrisha, Fun Plastica and Optic Spice have been stolen at parties *** An article about meditation gives instructions for simple but effective techniques, explains important terms and influences and gives literature tips *** A new project named Vaishiyas appears with a first release on Hamburgs popular Progressive label Jum Jam *** Charly Rinne, mastermind of the Novatekk label group, predicts Trance to go back to the roots in terms of minimalist Techno-Trance, though there will be no such thing as an entirely new Trance style *** Police controls and drug tests are subject of an extensive article Das legendre Label Spirit Zone kndigt seine 100ste Verffentliochung an, eine 3 CD Compilation mit Psy Trance, Tech Trance und Chill Out *** Zwei auerirdische Weltraumreisende entern auf der Suche nach Party und Drogen das mushroom magazine: Alien Attack ist eine witzige Comicreihe *** Der erste DJ Equipment Test findet statt und ist begeistert von der Filtersektion des Roland DJ-1000 Mixers. Zudem grassieren Gerchte ber einen neuen CD Turntable aus dem Hause Pioneer namens CDJ-1000 *** Das Projekt Native Radio macht mehr und mehr von sich reden und wird interviewt *** Schwarzlichtbilder von Amrisha, Fun Plastica und Optic Spice wurden auf Partys gestohlen *** Ein Artikel ber Meditation gibt Anleitung zur anderen Form der Gedankenlosigkeit und fhrt Literaturtipps auf *** Ein neues Projekt namens Vaishiyas verffentlicht ein erstes Vinyl auf dem kultigen Hamburger Label Jum Jam *** Charly Rinne, Strippenzieher hinter der Novatekk Label Gruppe, prognostiziert eine Rckbesinnung auf die Wurzeln im Sinne von minimalistischem Techno-Trance, obwohl es DEN neuen Trance Sound wohl nicht geben wird *** Polizeikontrollen, Schwei- und Urintests sowie rechtliche Konsequenzen sind Thema eines ausfhrlichen Artikels ***

Home-, Clone- & Dryboxen, Bewsserung & Hydrosysteme, Belftung & Klimatechnik, Dnger & Nhrsto e, Belichtungstechnik, Medien, Erden, Substrate, Tpfe & Behlter.

GROW-BONN Tel.: 0228-9095783 Franzstrae 37 53111 Bonn/Altstadt



Dark: Antaris Project Extremadura - Sierra de Gata/ Spain Info:, solfestival@ Orga: Third Eye Vision pic: Udo Herzog Chill:

Fr, 26.08. - So, 28.08.


Arcadia festival 2011


Deco: Xtra:

Loc: Info: Orga:

Acts: Aki- Species, Antix, Asimilon, Atyss, Dick Trevor, Digital talk & Phatmatix, DigiCult, Dj Slater feat. U-Prag Drummers, Grouch, Headroom, HP, Jeanmi, LDB, Mindcore, Miss Tick, Mizoo, Nemesis, Sensifeel, Shy-o, Steven aka synaptik, Synthetic Chaos, The Antidote, Timelock, Weekend Heroes, Adrien Fontaine, Alex Flatner, Andre Gardeja, Asio aka R-Play, BIN, D-nox, D-sens, Eegor, Fiord, Franck, Kasey Taylor, Pena, Piatto, Solead, Eric Tarlouf, The Bastards Aqua-veda, Bocal-F, more TBA, 2stages, magic exposition area, Psynema, Performances, Art, Organicdeco, vjs, mapping, Visual Show, Carpark, confortable camp-site, bungalows, TBA, Center of France, near Bourges./France, info@ Aqua-veda

Fr 26 Fr 26 Fr 26 26-28 26-28 26-28 Sa 27 Sa 27 Sa 27 Sa 27 27-29 29-05

Tane Mahuta Dance / Carpin (D) Inter Illuminati / Ulfhausen (D) Druiden Beat / Mnster (D) Arcadia / Bessais Le From. (F) Zamba Loca / Wohlen (D) Minifest / Boule De Gomme (CH) Orient Express Amsterdam (NL) Goanica / Ticino (CH) Goanica / Ticino (CH) Dni Bday V3 (P) Pearl Music Festival / Kent (GB) Aftersun / Gata (E)


Loc: Info:

Do, 01.09. - Mo, 05.09.

gum, Xabbu, Sushupti, Megalopsy, Endernation Project, Dark Whisper, -ZAkustik, Antaro, Audiomatic, Benni & Marco Moon, Chriss, Djoanna, Dovla, Emok, Espark, Fabio, Feio, Gandalf, Hamish, Intellifex, James Monro, John Phantasm, Kaempfer & Dietze, Kiba, Kiddo & Kossi, Kimie, K-Isuma Iken, Dj Ant Vs Djane Eko, Cannibal Crow, Halunke, Mitra, Alpha, Kill Bill, Neuronom, Marok, Corious, Woos Chilling Algiz, Dovla, Firechili fireperformance, FrancoFunghi, Konstantin, Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, Lel, Lotus Panasiem, Maspy, Marcel Lichtraum, Miller, Nigel, Snapinho, Sunfish, Terra, Tomeye, Vladiswar Nadishana Neil Gibson, Lucysky Polyeidos, Palim Palim, Buju, Luna-Optics, Paraoptix, Marcel Lichtraum, Calaquendiart, Closed Eye Visions, Lowresmedia, Infin-E.T. Heiligengrabe

Indian Spirit Festival 3D

Live: 40,00%, Aerospace, Aquafeel, A-Team, Audiomatic, California Sunshine, Day Din, Domestic, Gaudium, Kularis, Lish, Liquid Soul, Maelstrom, Mekkanikka, Midimal, Nok, Painkiller, Protonica, Slackjoint, Star Sound Orchestra, Sven Snug, Symphonix, Tenka, Vaishiyas, Vice, Markyan, Melburn & Gautama, Montagu & Golkonda, Natron, Nigel, Osho, Rdeem, Sally Doolally, Sascha Flux, Starsky, Syncron, Thor, Timmi, Trang, V.Falabella, Wedanta, Zosma Dark: Cosmo, Ctcdrope, Irgum Bur-

Fr 02 02-04 02-04 02-04 02-04 02-06 Sa 03 Sa 03 Sa 03 Sa 03 Sa 03 So 04 So 04

Cosmic Tunes / Hamburg (D) Gaggalacka (D) Pitchrecords / Uster (CH) Uncle Fest 2011 / Alentejo (P) Crossroots Festival 2 (D) Natura Festival 2011 (CDN) Elbauentanz / Nhe Magdeburg (D) Freaks Machine / C. St. Denis (F) Fractalsounds / Taunus (D) 1 Jahr 4 Elements / Wien (A) Flower Power / Kiel (D) Alien Safari / Cape Town Atma Sangha / Madeira (P)

Do, 08.09. - Mo, 12.09.

Tangra Eco Dance Festival

Live: Already Maged, Asoma, Atriohm, Cosmosophy, Crystal Monkey, Encephalopaticys, Floo-


ting Grooves, Fractal Error, Gripe Grigs, The Light Shifter, Kliment, Magic Seeds, Once Upon a T, Saikozaurus, Samodelia, Surbahar, Dymons, Maharishi, Kliment, Ralitza Ivanova, Surbahar, Tengri, Tubifex Project DJs: Atriohm, Asoma, Cosmic Cowboy, Dina & Shev, Encephalopaticys, Kundalini, Max Crystal, Psycozaika, SofiaX, Stealth, Surbahar, Trillobeat, Tripitale, Venzak, Zitron, 604fx, Kelt, Komarchiki, Kundalini, Maharishi, Stealth, Tengri, Trillobeat Deco: Free Trance Form, Aliens, Synops Effect, Quantum Tribe Loc: 200 km far from Sofia, Sandanski region /Bulgaria Info:, Orga: Tangra Crew

Fr 09 Fr 09 Fr 09 09-11 09-11 09-11

Eargasm Open Air 2011 / (D) The Seanon Changeover / Ffm (D) Bltensamba 2011 / Berlin (D) Avatara Festival / Innsbruck (A) Error 404 / Hamburg (D) Harmoonic Community Celeb.(I)

Sa, 10.09.

Rowdys Yearly Indian Spirit Reunion

Live: DJs: Deco: Loc: Info:

Hanzo Phaxe , Joel, Djane Bahar Bohemian Grove Deco Team TBA, Copenhagen/Denmark

08-11 Andean Festival 2011/La Paz(BOL) 08-12 Tangra Eco Dance Festival (BG)

Sa 10 Sa 10 Sa 10 Sa 10 Sa 10 Sa 10 Sa 10 Sa 10

Bootsparty / Hamburg - Hafen (D) The Day Before Darkness (NL) listen & Enjoy / Cologne (D) Rowdy / Copenhagen (DK) Sternentanz OA / near Schwerin (D) Beachtales / Hamburg (D) Connected Vienna / Wien (A) Tegma & Solid Snake / Malm (S)

Sa 10 Sa 10 Sa 10 Fr 16 Fr 16 Fr 16 Fr 16 Fr 16 Fr 16 Fr 16 16-18 16-18 16-18 Sa 17 17-19 Sa 24 Sa 24 So 25 Fr 30

Kosmic Fusion / Den Haag (NL) Rowdy / Copenhagen (DK) Ind Spirit Reunion / Copenhg (DK) Druiden Beat / Mnster (D) Cosmic Tunes / Hamburg (D) Tempel Dance / Tirol (A) Optix Tribe / Graz (A) Computer Language / Antwerpen (B) Female Night 4 / Munich (D) Stardance Galactica / Wien (A) Dance Of Elfes / Tirol (A) Tempel Dance Tirol (A) Tempel Dance / Tirol (A) Sound Of The Sun / Wuppertal (D) Union Of Five Elem. / Bolog (I) The Free Liv. Ins. / Nieders. (D) Honey-factory / Hamburg (D) Password Is Love /Paris (F) Cosmic Tunes / Hamburg (D)

Sa 01 Sunside / Rostock (D) Sa 01 Insane Vision / Innsbruck (A) Sa 01 Technostate / Stockholm (S)

pic: Udo Herzog


Sa 01 Sa 01 Sa 01 Sa 01 Sa 01 Sa 01 Sa 01 Sa 01 Fr 07 Sa 08 Sa 08 Sa 08 Sa 08 Sa 08 Sa 08

spezial B-day Boom / Vienna (A) Rev. of The Innerc. / Wtstock (D) Focus / Lbeck (D) Mystical Prophecy / Zizers (CH) Dark Moons / Berlin (D) A Mystical Journey/Stralsund (D) P.l.u.r Festival / Porto A. (BR) Intact Xpanda / Hamburg (D) Cosmic Tunes / Hamburg (D) Visions Of Nexus / Hannover (D) Aftershow Party / Kiel (D) Aftershow Party / Kiel (D) Dance Of Elves / Innsbruck (A) Dance Of Elves /tirol (A) Raumklang / (CH)

Fr 04 Fr 04 Sa 05 Sa 05 Sa 05 So 06 11-13 11-13 Sa 12 Sa 12 Sa 12 Sa 12 Sa 12 Do 17 Mind Mutation / Graz (A) Cosmic Tunes / Hamburg (D) November Ritual 2011 / Berlin (D) Dance In To Mai-fl /tirol (A) Life Is Live /tirol (A) Illusion / Winterberg (D) Franks Birthday / Siam Reap Franks Birthday / Siam Reap Stromreligion / Kiel City (D) Insane Vision / Innsbruck (A) Elbelfen / Hamburg (D) goafamily Part2 / Zrich (CH) goafamily Part2 / Zrich (CH) Peak Records P. / Innsbruck (A)

Fr 02 Fr 02 Fr 02 Sa 03 Sa 03 Sa 03 Sa 03 Sa 10 Sa 10 Sa 10 Fr 16 Fr 16 So 25 So 25 25-01 Fr 30 30-01 30-01 Sa 31 Sa 31 Sa 31 Sa 31 31-02 A Mystical Journey/Stralsund (D) Cosmic Tunes / Hamburg (D) A Mystical Journey / Stralsund (D) Waldfrieden / Stemwede / (D) Terra Nova / Kiel (D) Focus / Lbeck (D) Space Invaders / Zizers (CH) Skitzophreniks Gathering (B) Dance of Elves IV / Insbruck Dance Of Elves Iv / Innsbruck (A) Next Area / Hamburg (D) Cosmic Tunes / Hamburg (D) Waldfrieden / Stemwede (D) Elbelfen / Hamburg (D) Totally Ressurrected (Cambodia) The Experience Festival / Koh Tao (T) Timegate 2012 / Porrentruy (CH) Psybox / Innsbruck (A) Derbuntekreis / Wuppertal (D) Rowdy New Year / Roskilde (DK) Silvestika / Bielefeld (D) Elec. Desire / Flensburg (D) Odyssee 2012 Berlin (D)

Fr, 14.10.


Live: Kularis, Phaxe, Hatikwa, High & Mighty DJs: Joel, Samer, Kularis, Phaxe Deco: Bohemian Grove Deco Team Loc: Bygning 55, Staldgade 16, Copenhagen, Copenhagen/Denmark Info: Orga: Area 55

Fr, 18.11.
Live: DJs: Deco: Loc: Info:

TesseracTstudio Label Party

Flegma, Zyce, Nerso, Ectima Joel Bohemian Grove Midtjylland Area/Denmark

Fr 14 Fr 14 14-16 Sa 15 Sa 15 Sa 15 Sa 15 15-18 Fr 21 Fr 21 Sa 22 Sa 22 Sa 29 Sa 29 Sa 29 Sa 29 Mo 31

23 / HH (D) Area 55 / Copenhagen (DK) Wicked One ;-) / Bang Sare (T) Djoannas B-day W-frieden (D) Boris B-day Dance / Olpe (D) Klangregen / Zrich(dynamo) (CH) Autumnia / Hamburg (D) Divine Blast Festival/Goa(IND) Elec. Desire / Flensburg (D) Cosmic Tunes / Hamburg (D) Psy Supernova / Bielefeld (D) nataraja Temple / Bologna (I) Dark Horror Night/Hamburg (D) Imagepflege 011 / Hamburg (D) lucid Dreams / Wien (A) Psylloween 20111 / Dresden (D) PsyAnniversary/Leeuwarden (NL)

Fr 18 Fr 18 Fr 18 Sa 19

Cosmic Tunes / Hamburg (D) Tessseract Label Party /Skive (DK) Tesseractstudio Label Party (DK) Psychedelic Carnival/Zurich (CH)

Sa 14 Dance Of Elves V / Innsbruck (A) Sa 28 Optical Irritation / Kiel (D)

Sa, 19.11.
Live: DJs: Deco: Loc: Info:

Sa 04 Insane Vision / Innsbruck (A) Sa 11 Life Is Live / Innsbruck (A) Sa 18 Frequenzsex 2012 / Marburg (D)

TesseracTstudio Label Party

Flegma, Zyce, Nerso, Ectima Joel Bohemian Grove TBA, Copenhagen/Denmark

Sa 03 Dance Of Elves Vi / Innsbruck (A) Sa 03 Intact Xpanda / Hamburg (D) Sa 10 Insane Vision / Innsbruck (A)

Fr 25 So 27 Mo 28 Mi 30

Error 404 / Hamburg (D) Technostate / Stockholm (S) Arkona Creation - London (GB) Villa Kunterbunt / Hamburg (D)

Buddhist wisdom for everyday life

Furnishing tips for a beautiful mind: The Dalai Lama, head of the Tibetan Buddhism, gives 20 easy but yet so effective recommendations for a happy and satisfied life. Take this page out and pin it to your fridge or on your desk. These rules will provide you with power, courage and calmness- they can be a great inspiration for a new day or can help you in times crisis! 1. Keep in mind that great love and great achivements also mean great risk. 2. If you lose, dont lose the lesson. 3. Follow the three Rs: Respect for yourself Respect for others Responsibility for all of your actions. 4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a great stroke of luck. 5. Learn the rules, so you know how to break them. 6. Never allow a little controversy to destroy a great friendship. 7. If you realize that you youve made a mistake, immediately take action to correct it. 8. Spend some time alone every day. 9. Open your arms for change, but dont let go of your values. 10. Consider that silence sometimes is the best answer. 11. Live a good, honourable life. When you are old and look back, you can still enjoy it. 12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the basis for your life. 13. When arguing with loved ones, refer only to the current situation. 14. Dont bring up the past. 15. Share your knowledge. Its a way to achieve immortality. 16. Be gentle with earth. 17. Once a year, go to some place you have never been to before. 18. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other. 19. Measure your success by what you had to give up for achieving it. 20. Dedicate love and cooking with your heart and your soul.

Buddhistische Lebensweisheiten
Einrichtungtipps frs Bewusstsein: Der Dalai Lama, Oberhaupt des tibetischen Buddhismus, gibt 20 einfache und doch so effektive Empfehlungen fr ein glckliches Leben. Trenne diese Seite heraus und hnge sie dir z.B. an den Khlschrank oder ber deinen Schreibtisch. Ob als Inspiration fr einen neuen Tag oder in einer Krisensituation- die Lehrstze werden dir Kraft, Mut und Gelassenheit geben!

1. Beachte, dass groe Liebe und groer Erfolg immer mit groem Risiko verbunden sind. 2. Wenn du verlierst, verliere nie die Lektion. 3. Habe stets Respekt vor dir selbst, Respekt vor anderen und bernimm Verantwortung fr deine Taten. 4. Bedenke: Nicht zu bekommen, was man will, ist manchmal ein groer Glcksfall. 5. Lerne die Regeln, damit du sie richtig brechen kannst. 6. Lasse niemals einen kleinen Disput eine groe Freundschaft zerstren. 7. Wenn du feststellst, dass du einen Fehler begangen hast, ergreife sofort Manahmen, um ihn wieder gut zu machen. 8. Verbringe jeden Tag einige Zeit allein. 9. ffne der Vernderung deine Arme, aber verliere dabei deine Werte nicht aus den Augen. 10. Bedenke, dass Schweigen manchmal die beste Antwort ist 11. Lebe ein gutes, ehrbares Leben. Wenn du lter bist und zurckdenkst, wirst du es noch einmal genieen knnen. 12. Eine liebevolle Atmosphre in deinem Heim ist das Fundament fr dein Leben. 13. In Auseinandersetzungen mit deinen Lieben sprich nur ber die aktuelle Situation. 14. Lasse die Vergangenheit ruhen. 15. Teile dein Wissen mit anderen. Dies ist eine gute Mglichkeit, Unsterblichkeit zu erlangen. 16. Gehe sorgsam mit der Erde um. 17. Begib dich einmal im Jahr an einen Ort, an dem du noch nie gewesen bist. 18. Bedenke, dass die beste Beziehung die ist, in der jeder Partner den anderen mehr liebt als braucht. 19. Miss deinen Erfolg daran, was du fr ihn aufgeben musstest. 20. Widme dich der Liebe und dem Kochen mit ganzem Herzen.



The cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems (Homer Simpson)
Calculation of the blood alcohol concentration According to a formula provided by the Swedish chemist Erik Widmark Calculate amount of pure alcohol. E.g.: 1.5 litres beer containing 5% alcohol 1.500 ml x 0.05 % = 75 ml pure alcohol Convert millilitres to grams using the specific weight of alcohol which is 0.81 (water is 1). 75 ml pure alcohol x 0.81 = 60.75 g pure alcohol This value now has to be divided by the reduced body wight of the drinker. The reduced body weight of a woman is her actual body weight multiplied by 0.6. Why do I have to piss so often when drinking alcohol? Alcohol blocks a hormone that is responsible for the recovery of water from urine. In this respect, we are not talking about the urine which we eventually excrete, but its primary form that is produced by the kidneys in very high amounts. Thanks to the mentioned, so called anti-diuretic hormone, around 99% of the water of this primary urine are re-absorbed by the body. Because alcohol blocks The reduced body weight of a man is his actual body weight multiplied by 0.7. Lets assume the drinker is female. Her reduced body weight is: 65 kg actual body weight x 0.6 = 39 kg reduced body weight Now the calculated amount of pure alcohol has to be divided by the reduced body weight. The result is the per mL level. 60.75 g pure alcohol / 39 kg = 1.56 per mL Decomposition of alcohol Per hour, around 0.1 per mill of the blood alcohol will be decomposed. In our case that means it would take the lady around 15 hours to be completely sober again! Keep in mind: The actual decomposition process and its duration strongly differs from human to human, this formula is everything but 100% reliable. this hormone, there is more water in the urine we excrete, which is to say there is a higher volume of urine. This effect is independent from the amount of water we drank recently- the body, consisting of more than 70% water, simply becomes dehydrated. This again is one of the major reasons for the hangover. Also, alcohol has a muscle-relaxing effect which also affects the muscles of the bladder.

Did you now that There is no scientific explanation for the saying Beer after wine and youll feel fine; wine after beer and youll feel queer The expression toast is based on the ancient Roman ritual to drop a piece of roasted bread into wine A mixed drink containing carbonated beverage is absorbed into the body more quickly than straight shots The pressure in a bottle of champagne is about three times the pressure in automobile tyres Drinking lowers rather than raises the body temperature. There is an illusion of increased heat because alcohol causes the capillaries to dilate and fill with more warm blood. One of the few short sentences in the English language to include every letter of the English alphabet is: Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. Myth: Movement accelerates the decomposition of blood alcohol Intense movement, like dancing, will not accelerate the decomposition of alcohol and the amount of alcohol transpired by sweating is only marginal. In fact, 95% of the decomposition of blood alcohol is done by the liver and this organ is not very fast: Per hour, the blood alcohol level decreases by 0,1 to 0,2 per mL. It is true, that alcohol is transpired with the sweat but only a maximum of 5% - which is not relevant for an acute intoxication. Still, intense movement gets the circulation going, which has a positive subjective effect. This also goes for a strong coffee or a cold shower, which are often held to be a downer for an alcohol intoxication.


Investigating of Vaporizers
For those trying to give up smoking tobacco, or for those just wanting to learn more about this term that has been floating around in more recent years... We spoke with Vaposhop to find out some answers about what exactly is a vaporizer. Vaporization - What is it? Vaporizing is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy alternative to smoking. For most users the noticeable difference between smoke and vapor gives quite the benefits: Vaporizing is healthier AND more effective, it utilizes much more of the herbs used than if it were smoked or burned. The vapor created when used is inhaled as a light steam, which not only feels healthier, but IS healthier! The differences can really be noticed when using over a seemingly short time! (see en/why-vaporize ) What is a vaporizer? A vaporizer is a device that heats up dried herbs to a temperature at which they release their active components into an aromatic vapor. These days there are units you can purchase for the home, and also smaller more portable units for when you are traveling. In the process utilized by the vaporizer, the herb is not scorched, burned or combusted, and thus no smoke is generated. Although vapor may appear to resemble smoke, it doesnt contain any of the toxic particles (tar, benzene, toluene, naftalene etc.) which make smoking such a health hazard. (from: vaporizer-info. com more at http://vaporizer-info. com/en/what-vaporizer) -thanks to where you can find further info. Portable and electric vaporizers Portable vaporizers are great for on the go, but require batteries or butane to operate. An electric vaporizer is mostly used at home and is plugged into a wall outlet. Most electric vaporizers allow for temperature control. In the case of cannabis, different temperatures can affect the psychoactive properties (high or stone).

A Magic-Flight Launch Box vaporizer has been kindly offered up for grabs from Vaposhop for a lucky Mushroom Magazine follower Keep an eye out on our facebook page and you can win this little package, valued at 99 euro.

Thanks to VapoShop ( Europes largest vaporizer assortment website available in 4 languages


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THC Headshop
01099 Dresden Alaunstr. 43 Head, Grow, Freak 19061 Schwerin 0385-7778820

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FX Production
flyer distribution

Magic Trend- & Headshop

32423 Minden Simeonstr. 25 Grow, Fash, Head

07545 Gera Heinrichstr. 52 Head,Grow & Piercing

PLZ 20000
Udopea Headshop
20357 Hamburg Schanzenstr. 95 Grow, Smart, Head, Herbs

32839 Steinheim Detmolderstr.18 Head

32839 Steinheim Detmolderstr.18 Head

PLZ 10000
Absinth Depot Berlin
10178 Berlin 030 281 67 89 Weinmeisterstrae 4 Absinth

Growland Growshop
20537 Hamburg Hammer Deich 6 - 10 +49 (0)40 329 600 33 Growshop Onlineshop

Magic Head- & Growshop

33602 Bielefeld Herforder Str. 8 A Shisha Head Grow

Bloomtech Growshop
37081 Gttingen 0551 5007700 Knigsstieg 94a

Kaya Growshop
10437 Berlin +49 (0) 30 4478677 Schliemannstr. 22 Grow, Head

21031 Hamburg Sanderdamm 43 +49 (0) 40 7245616 Grow, Head

Dolor Headshop
38518 Gifhorn Steinweg 12 Head,Grow,Tattoo

Gras Grn
10999 Berlin Oranienstr. 183 +49 (0) 30 6113190 Grow, Books, Head, WWW

Bong Bong
22525 Hamburg 040-67381508 Kieler Str. 563c Head, Glasblserei

PLZ 40000
44135 Dortmund +49 (0) 231 5898220 Brckstr. 53 Gifts, CD, Fash

Sun Seed Bank

13347 Berlin Amsterdamer Str. 23 +49 (0) 30 45606171 Head, Grow, Gifts

Kasbah Geschenke & Raucherbedarf

24103 Kiel Sophienblatt 42 A +49 (0) 431 672254 Head, Textil, Jewels

12099 Berlin Industriestr. 49 +49 (0)30 70 370 820 Grow,Books Head,WWW

Grow And Style

28195 Bremen Doventorsdeich 23 (0)421 98 99 48 18

Green Galaxy
44287 Dortmund Ringofenstr. 37 Grow

Headshop Bremen
28217 Bremen Landwehrstrasse 89 Head, Grow

Cheech Head & Growshop

45879 Gelsenkirchen Kirchstr. 37 0209 148468 Head, Grow, Blacklight

Los Crachos Headshop

17489 Greifswald +49 (0) 3834 352911 Lange Strae 21 Head

TALISMAN alternativshop
18055 Rostock Eselfter Str. 20 Fashion, Jewels, www

PLZ 30000
30519 Hannover Hildesheimer Str. 85 0511 - 833688 Head,Grow

Skurril Headshop & Lifestyle

46485 Wesel Brandstrasse 2 Head, pierc, tattoo

Skurril Headshop & Lifestyle

46535 Dinslaken Bahnstr. 13-15 Head,Tattoo, Piercing,Lifestyle

TALISMAN alternativshop
18055 Rostock Eselfter Str. 20 Fashion, Jewels, www

Gnstiger Headshop
31135 Hildesheim Roonstr. 19 Head

Sitting Bull
48153 Mnster +49 (0) 251 522068 Hafenstr. 56 Grow, Head, Gifts


PLZ 50000
50674 Kln Habsburger Ring 18 - 20 Hemp, Herbs, Head

Udopea Headshop
70178 Stuttgart Marienstr. 32 Head, Grow

Bang Bang
64283 Darmstadt Dieburger Str. 15 Head, Grow & Streewear

53111 Bonn Franzstrae 37 Grow

Near Dark Gmbh

Bonnerstr. 11a 53773 Hennef (Sieg) 02242874160 head/grow wholesale

PLZ 70000
71665 Ensingen Ludwig-Richter-Strae 11 knstliches Urin

Cheech & Chong Headshop

54290 Trier Zuckerberg 21 +49 (0) 651 1453762 Head, WWW

Planet Plant
76646 Bruchsal Rollingenstr. 2 Shisha & Growshop

58511 Ldenscheid Goldene Ecke 8 Head & Grow

PLZ 80000
Green Ocean
89073 Ulm Mnsterplatz 32 0176-83055315 Fash Grow Head Hemp Smart

PLZ 60000
60311 Frankfurt/Main Fahrgasse 97 069-59609591Head, Smart, Grow, Shisha

PLZ 90000
90403 Nrnberg Albrecht Drer Str. 35 0911 - 2857000 Hemp Head Grow Smart Eso, Spiele

BONG Head- & SmartShop

60594 Frankfurt Elisabethenstr. 21 069-624242 Head, Grow, Smart, Shisha

91054 Erlangen Goethestrae 19-21 +49 (0) 9131 204101 Head, Grow, Fash

LOL Distribution GmbH

61389 Schmitten Weilbergstr. 8

New Asia Headshop

68159 Mannheim Head,Shishas,Absinth F1, 10

97070 Wrzburg 0931-3535979 Peterstr. 4 Head & Grow

Green Paradise
68165 Mannheim Schwetzinger Str. 46 0621-3069474

Aurin Fairy Shop
1070 Wien Kirchengasse 25 fairy fashion & more

Research & Experience

69126 Heidelberg +49 (0) 6221 619896 Turnerstr. 51 Vaporicer

6063 Rum Bundesstrasse 35 Seeds


Indras Planet
1110 Wien Simmeringer Hauptstr. 116 Head, Grow, Fash

Secret Nature GmbH

3600 Thun Obere Hauptgasse 11 CD, Herbs, Smart

Cacti-Plants Kakteen

Puff and Stuff

5020 Salzburg Mllner Hauptstr. 12 Head, Grow

Re Tho vin Handels GmbH

5085 Sulz Geissbel 2 Hanf + Wein

CDs, Fashion, mushroom mag & more

Hesi fertilizer

HANF IN Onlineshop
5020 Salzburg St.-Julien-Str. 8 Head & Grow

Full & Halfprint T-Shirts Fashion

Blotterbanks Blotter Art

3250 Wieselburg Manker Strae 9 Head,Grow & Smart

Azarius herbals and more

Schall & Rauch

4020 Linz +43 650/6195405 Bethlehemstr.9 Head, Grow

Veda Wear Fashion Fashion

Mental Peace
1022 AG AmsterdamZamenhofstraat 150, Unit 228 Fashion UV active, glow in the dark designs

Mush-e-Mart Mushrooms, Smart

CANNA solutions for growth & bloom

Azarius herbals and more

Luna Design Trance Fashion
DJ Fash Grow Hemp Head Pierc Smart Party Books WWW Eso

Kosmic Kitchen
7511 Enschede Korte-Haaksberger-Str. 34 +31 53 4344894 Smart, Head, Rec

= = = = = = = = = = = DJ equipment fashion grow stuff hemp products headshop piercing smart shop party accessories literature online shop esoterism

High quality shamanic / medicinal herbs and extracts Conscious supplier based in Canada, ship internationally

Shayanashop Smart

Goastore CDs

Grnhaus AG
8048 Zrich Herostr.7 Head,Grow

Psylofashion Fashion
+34-637930569 Hanfsamen

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