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ter only, or just to sey you bave Kode eGo pot promote the Illegal construction of any weapon: DISCLAIMER AN OPEN STATEMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS Welle it 1s legal to own information regarding the con- struction of the majority of our plans it ts illegal to make moat of them witout certain permits from the Federal Gov- ernment, Please be aware that to construct the illegal to own devices is a violstion of federal codes and you are subject to legal repurcussions, fines, and restraint if caught with them, The bell is in your court, 1t ts up to you how you pley it. We sell these plans with the intention that they sre for nment purpo: it. or parts thereof, we just provide interesting reading that is : feasible to the point of reasonable construction if the owner : of the plen decides to do so, i Another aspect of these plans is thet all of them have varying degrees of dangerousness and lethality. By no mesns are they toys to be pleyed with, The chance of premature detonation or backblast or flak,ricochets ere all real poss~ ibltties. You can get burt by being caraless. Should you ever decide to make theee then please always make several and test them without warheads and at « safe distance from your- self. Never try something out immediately in your nends, 1 4 j 4 . Thaes plans ave by no mests equal to military countergarts~ | in dietance, power or lethality, But they are dangeroue | when constructed. The olens are designed to be reasonable { facsimiles of well known devices, The reason for varying : them is that should you decide to make them you can do so i with little expense and with common tools, To meke equal { counterparts to military weapons wold ¢ the maker to invest in enormous amounte of machinery and have several degrees in engineering. These are for laymen. Many of these plans are under copyright and we reserve all rights thereof, One's not under copyright will be soon. In closing we urge you to not defy the law or your own Don't take any riske with emit to making any of these conscience in making any of these the lew or your life. We do not devices ourselves as that would set us uo for felony charges ourselves. Let's just say that usually when people tuy from us we have a re-order within two to theee months. Since we photocopy our plans we do not offer any refund, only exbhanges {: for poor copies (legibility of print). The aforementioned : must be approved by us in writing by us before any return ? for any reason. Thanks for buying our plans and we bope you enjoy them and ar again from you ppreciate photos of your completed modele if and when you do make Teenke again. RIFLE/PISTOL SILENCER whese plans are only for rifles and pistols with exposed round barrels. Threaded barreis made for silencers are included. Please remember that the term “silencer' is a loose translation. It is virtually impossible to silence a gun. Either the bullet will exceed the sonic barrier and have a sonic "crack" or the gun makes it's own sounds by the hammer falling and the action cycling. These plans are not for revolvers, only closed firing chamber guns. These plans are not illegal to own, but to make the “silencer” will require prior BATF approval and registration. FOR BARE BARRELS OR WITH FRONT SIGHT 1. Find a piece of tubing (steel or aluminum) that will just barely fit over the barrel of the gun. It should be about 18 inches long. If you have a sight on your gun, you will use it as a retainer. Cut a slot as wide as it and one inch longer than it. If it sets back from the end of the barrel, figure this distance in the lenqth as well. 3. After pushing it onto the barrel and marking the front and back points of contact of the sight on the tube, cut a 90 degree angle 1/2 inch inte the tube, SEB DIAGRAM, on the tube, now you need to drill six (6) 1/4" holes every 1/2 inch, on .38 cal. or smaller barrels, and eight (8) 1/4" holes every 1/2" on larger calibers. Now you need some washers that have the same inside hole diameter as the outside diameter of the tube. They must also be a minimum of 2" outside diameter. 6. ‘These washers must be glued or soldered securely directly between each set of holes in #4. Put one at each space except the end of the barrel. Inside each gap, now wrap loosely, but all the way around, some 000 steel wool. 8. Now get another tube (can be plastic but doesn't work real well) that fits over the washers the entire length. Then glue or solder it in place. 9. There should be a protrusion of 1/2" of the tube of #1 past the assembly. Get some surgical tubing and stretch it over the tube with only a pin hole exposed. Then use a water hose clamp to hold it onto the tube. 10. To use this, just slip sight, turn until it locks behind sight and it is now ready to fire. It would be advisable to fire the gun a few times by strapping it down and firing by pulling a string. Owe | CAUTION Please remember this is illegal to make and dangerous to use. Should it not be aligned perfectly, the bullet will shoot into it and probably blow up in your face. It is your responsibility to make sure it is aligned properly. One good way is to shine a light through it and lock. Anything out of alignment should be bored out to make it line up. FOR NO SIGHTS BARREL Eliminate #2 and #3. Just cut a slot 2" into the tube and after sliding it on, use water hose clamps to squeeze it to pinch onto the barrel. FOR THREADED BARREL Eliminate #2 and #3. Now, solder or glue a threaded nut into the tube that has the same thread size of the barrel threads. You may have to grind down to fit inside the small tube. REMEMBER TO BE CAREFUL. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. = Tes oy ooo Jop Angle #2 Slot From ant to pot went IEE LTE of comets fonse fame gee gy, Boland. Sight Od bate je elem our bentel -