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Can we decide when we want to die? Thomas Wilson made that decision when he was thirty-five years old. He had visited the isle of Capri and fallen in love with it. Wilson decided to live there for the rest of his days, so he sold his house I London and bought an annuity for 25 years. When his money was depleted he decided he would kill himself. However, when his annuity finished after twenty-five years he made a fainthearted attempt at suicide. With no money, the compassionate wife of this former landlord allowed him to live in the woodshed behind the house. In return, Wilson looked after their poultry and goats. Wilson became a recluse, inward looking and shunned everyone, even familiar faces. On a moonlight night, six years later, Wilson passed away as he sat on the hillside overlooking the beautiful Bay of Naples, which had always fascinated him.