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y y y DR. JOSE P. RIZAL Laong Laan at Dimasalang MARCELO H. DEL PILAR - Plaridel GRACIANO LOPEZ JAENA Diego Luna

B. OTHER PROPAGANDISTS y ANTONIO LUNA Taga ilog His Writings: 1. NOCHE BUENA (Christmas Eve). 2. SE DEVIERTEN (How They Diverted Themselves). 3. LA TERTULIA FILIPINA (A Filipino Conference or Feast). y MARIANO PONCE - Naning, Tikbalang or Kalipulako His Writings: 1. MGA ALAMAT NG BULACAN (Legend of Bulacan). 2. PAGPUGOT KAY LONGINOS (The Beheading of Longinos). 3. ANG MGA PILIPINO SA INDO-TSINA (The Filipinos in Indo-China) y PEDRO PATERNO - Justo Desiderio Magalang His writings: 1. NINAY. The first social novel in Spanish by a Filipino. 2. A MI MADRE (To My Mother). 3. SAMPAGUITA Y POESIAS VARIAS (Sampaguitas and Varied Poems) y JOSE MA. PANGANIBAN Jomapa Some of his writings were: 1. ANG LUPANG TINUBUAN (My Native Land) 2. ANG AKING BUHAY (My Life) 3. SU PLANO DE ESTUDIO (Your Study Plan)


y y y ANDRES BONIFACIO Agapito Bagumbayan / May Pag - asa EMILIO AGUINALDO - Magdalo EMILIO JACINTO Dimas Ilaw

y PIO VALENZUELA Madlang Away Writing: 1. Catuiran (IS it Fair) shows the cruelty of the priest and civil guards of San Francisco del Monte.

y JOSE PALMA His Works: 1. The National Anthem 2. MELANCOLIAS (Melancholies). A collection of his poems. 3. DE MI JARDIN (In My Garden). A poem expressing one s longings for his sweetheart.

NEWSPAPERS DURING THE REVOLUTION 1. HERALDO DE LA REVOLUCION 2. LA INDEPENDENCIA (Independence). 3. LA REPUBLICA PILIPINA (The Philippine Republic). 4. KALAYAAN - it was the official organ and newspaper of the Katipunan.