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Chapter 6 In Sunny Spain ( 1882-1885) Rizal Secret Mission To observe keenly the life and culture, languages and

d customs, industries, commerce and government and laws of the Europian Nations in order to prepare himself in the mighty task of liberating of oppressed people from Spanish tyranny. Approval of his older brother paciano Rizal has no permission and blessings to his parents

May 17- the djemnah reached Point Galle A seacoast town in southern Ceylon ( Sri Lanka) -it is Picturesque but lonely, quiet and sad. Colombo-the capital of Ceylon -more beautiful smart and elegant Singapore, point Galle and Manila. Aden- hotter than manila -camels-amused to see this animals FERDINAND de Lesseps ( French Diplomat-engineer) -Who built the Suez Canal than

Secret Departure for Spain The people know rizal will go to Spain Older Broder (paciano) His uncle (Antonio Rivera) His sister ( neneng and lucia) Valenzuela family( Capitan Juan and capitana Sanday and their daughter Orang Pedro A. Paterno Mateo Evangelista Jose M. Cecilio

-Inaugurated on Nov. 17, 1869. June 11-rizal reached Naples June 12- the streamer docked at the French harbor of Marseilles -he visited the famous Chateau dlf, where Dantes, hero of the THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, wasimprisoned. June 15- rizal left Marseille June 16,1882-reached in Barcelona -Las Ramdas , most Famous street in Barcelon

Amor Patrio(Love of Country) -Nationalistic Essay

JOSE MERCADO- the name he use

-his first article written on spain soil -Basilio Teodoro Moran- Publisher of Diariong Tagalog

May 3, 1882-Rizal departed on board the Spanish streamer Salvadora bound for Singapore. Captain Donato Lecha- ship captain

-first Manila Bilingual Newspaper -Rizals Amor Patrio under his pen-name Laong Laan Printed on August 20, 1882 Translated in tagalong by M.H.Pilar Los Viajes(Travels)- 2nd article Revista de Madrid( Review of Madrid)- 3rd article w/c he wrote on Nov.29,1882. Nov. 3,1882- Rizal Enrolled in Universidad Central de Madrid( Central University of Madrid) Romance with Consuelo Ortiga y Perez

May 8,1882-he saw a beautiful Islandand remembered Talim Island with the Susong Dalaga May 9-the salvadora docked at Singapore, registered at Hotel de la Paz Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles ( founder of Singapore) May 11-Rizal Transferred to another ship djemnah, a French streamer

-August 22,1883 composed a lovely poem entitled A La Seorita C.O.y P.(To miss C.O.y.P) 1882rizal joined the Circulo Filipino(Hispano-Philippine Circle) Hispano-

Me Piden Versos ( They ask Me For Verse) -personally declaimed during New years Eve -Dec. 31, 1882 Rizal As Lover of Books RIZAL as a Mason -march 1883-joined the Masonic Lodge called Acacia in Madrid -reason becoming a Mason was to secure Freemasonarys aid in his fight against the fairs in the Philippines.

November 15, 1890- became master of Mason February 15, 1892- awarded the diploma as Master Mason by Le Grand Orient de France in Paris Very Active in Masonic Affair M.H. del Pilar G. Lopez Jaena Mariano Ponce