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Bhoomata Gomata] Gangamata AnnualReport 2010-11 Pores ian ‘Jan Udyog ¥ y Jan/Raksha JanJal Jan) Krishi JANAKALYAN (_A Team Committed for People's Empowerment) CEE MELE AMEOME Bees os CUTE Janakalyan is a society registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 on 2"! July 1997 at Raichur with a team of dedicated rural penple to serve the rural communities in generaland four holy mothers (Manavimata, ‘hoomata, Gangamata and Comataj in particular. Vision : Creation of an enabling healthy environment where all individual has equal access to and control aver ‘the Social, Cultural, Educational and Follcical institutions with an economically secured lvelihoog Mission : Janakalyan exisits to empower four holy mothers so that an economically secured healthy atmosphere is developed where all individuel Identity has their deserved status through institution building by 2020 Goal : To serve four hoy mothers viz, Menavimata (woman), Bhoomata (soil), Gomata (animals) anc Gangamata (water) To implement development programs for child, woman & weaker sections. To implement programs for socio-economic status improvement of the communities, ‘To iinplement programs (or disabled, hancicapped & street children, To develop & demonstrate newtechnologies, suitable for ruralpopulation inal the related fields and motivating the people to adopt i To Implement programs for healthy environment development. To iinplement poverty alleviation programs ‘To open and manage nursery, primary micdle and High Schools and also colleges of various disciplinesinduding UG and PG courses in the field of medical, engineering, computer sciences, agricullure, social works and also in other disciplines, as may be found necessary from time te time To run technical colleges such as DEd, BEd, ITI, Diploma, Engineering, Medical, Ayurvedic, etc Torun anykind of educations institutions ar childten, women and farmers af the country Including KVK, RSK, ete 10. To conduct teachers training courses 11. To open and manage reading rooms, Libraries with all kinds of facilities, 12. To ran adult education programs for the rural illterate. 13, To conduct skill up-gradation & vocational training programs for unemployed youths, women and farmers, 14. In fulfilment of the objectivas, it may seek any kind of assistance from various sources and take up any other activities as found necessary by the Governing Board. 15, It may borrow the loans from various Government and Non-Govt. Organization, 16, Publication of Journals, Magazines and Souvenir etc. in the public interest, Gee) Over the period, Janakalyan tas evolved its own developmental models suitable for its clients, which are now the unique produets of Janakalyan; thus Janskalyan has confined all its activities to these products BePe Jan Sanghatan: An iniative to bring community together on a common platform to resolve common issues Jan Krishi: An initiztive to improve the livelihoods of farming communities by improving agriculture sector Jan Jal: An intiative to make judicious use of water for drinking & irrigation using water efficient technologies Jan Raksha: An initiative of Janakelyen to protect health ofall animals using appropriate tools and techniques Jan Shiksha: An initiative to reach the unreached through innovative tools of Jarakalyan Jan Udyog: An initiative for the unemployed youths of rural areas to create job-creators and nat job-seekers Jan Shakti: An initiative of Janakalyan ta harness renewable sources of energy for the generations to come 14" Annual Report Pastel Annual Report 2010-11 Index Pan Pn Pea ‘About Janaka'yan Content 1 Frem director's Desk Chalrrar's Messaze Messege fromm Secretary é Yeer at aglance : 2011-11 Jan Sanghatar Organised way is the only way to get real benefts of gavernment Fagship pregrems like NRESA — Janska\yan Experience € van Kesh Lard is the righ place for techrolcgy development to Imprave livelihgods cf peasant comrrunties- Janzkalyan experience Janda ‘Water alcne can make farmers innavative to imprcve their Ivelhaad: canditiors in tail end- Janakalyan exper ence a Jan Raksha Animals protect healt o* humen being ky milk, scil Ey cawdung anc plants by caw urine —Janakalyan experiance Jan Shiksha Critica support to meritorious Eut oor children cen Erjgnten their career forever in rural areas Janakaiyan experience a Jan Udyog Retaining educates ycuths in agricalture value chain to rake their livelihaads sustairable — Janalalyan experience a Jan Shakt Windmill menufacured using egricultural scraps by = micraentveprereur te generate energy-lanakalyan axperience a Impacts Impacts on primary target group of Janzkayyan- the refugees a ‘Success Stories a5 Year ateat lousy ahead to Janakelyan Documentation Mejor publications of Janalalyan in 2020-11, 2 Compliance to Crecitility Aliance Norms 25 ResoUraeS ‘Audited Financal statements of Janekalyan a: on 32.3.2021 2 Footsrepts cf Janakalvar 2 Management team, donors, bank, auditor, address, legal information Ter Gc relator wl aidvabe tthe We ofdqpiie dren udeyrodeige tones, uemgayel vacancy eres I Durston Janae vchttn:/ |