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### Meeting held at Jean's Residence Potluck Attendees :

Floy Jean Rica OJ Nick Bobby Aldie Crisanto Malou Sherwin Tonton Dondon Marlon Wheng (brought some food for food tasting)

1. Possible Month
May or June

6. Souvenirs:

2. Venue
Pansol/BEL-REV/Montesito/M & M Resort

Embroidered Polo shirt and Tshirt (c/o Bracelet Mug

7. Budget 3. Time
6PM onwards P1,500 per head

8. Activities : 4. Food

Donation of electric fans to SCCS Elem Family day

5. Committees for :
Food : Wheng and Tere Resort: Jean/Sherwin/Bobby/Peter Secretary : Nick and Floy

9. Take note of the next meetin

September 2011

shirt and Tshirt (c/o Tonton)

c fans to SCCS Elem

the next meeting :