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Emata, Donna Marie Gonzales English 76

What are the evident Filipino characteristics and traits in the epic Hudhud hi Aliguyon? What does it say about the culture and psychology of the people?

One very evident trait in this epic is Aliguyon's eagerness to learn from his father. The Filipino society is very patriarchal. The parents are greatly respected by their children. While daughters look up to their mothers to teach them the qualities they must possess as future wives themselves, sons greatly admire their fathers. The the Filipino family, the mother and father play a great role in shaping the mind and heart of their children. Another very deeply Filipino trait portrayed in the story is for one's son tofight for the honor of his father. Aliguyon grew up to be an astonishing young man. He went off to fight his father's enemy to bring him honor. The "challenge" was not met by his father's enemy himself, instead, the enemy's son fought for his father. Filipino's deep;y value "utang na loob" and loyalty to their parents. Aliguyon and the enemy's son did the right thing in choosing to fight for their fathers because it showed both "utang na loob" and loyalty. When they realized that they have finally come of age, they knew that they now yhave new responsobilites to their parents. I believe that the characteristics I discussed are very deeply rooted in the culture and psychology of the Filipino people. As a patriarchal society, the men are mostly in power. We are also very close-knitted. Even when sons and daughters come of age, they are still very close to their parents. This is probably because the youth spend a great deal of time learning from their parents. The mother and father are responsible in raising their children to be cultured, respectful and productive. The childrent also have a role in the lives of their parents. Once they come of age, they must fulfill their duties of being loyal to their parents and keeping the family honor.