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Structural Engineering Thesis Topics

1. Behaviour of beam column joints made of scc with partial replacement of fine aggregate by rubber und 2. Effect of fiber addition on performance of bituminous concrete 3. Experimental investigation on partially prestressed crimped fibre reinforced concrete beams 4. Strength and behavior of scc and sfrscc exterior beam-column joint under cyclic loading 5. Strength and behaviour of steel fibre reinforced self compacting concrete structural elements 6. Studies on strength and ductility of steel fibre reinforced- high performance concrete (sfr - hpc) composites 7. Ferrocement as a substitute for steel and rcc sections and retrofitting of structures in distress using ferrocement 8. Effect of steel fibres on the strength and behaviour of rc wall panels 9. Prediction of crack related parameters in reinforced concrete beams and slabs using artificial neural network 10. Strength and behaviour of self compacting concrete