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Date: 20.03.



Respected Sir,
Sub:- Burning problems of Sub Engineers who are recruited in APSEB
(Andhra Pradesh Electricity Board) through Direct Recruitment process

Ref:- 1. B.P.Ms.No.421 Dt.27-04-1978
2. B.P.Ms.No.596 Dt.06-06-1978
3. B.P(P&G-Per)Ms.No.106 Dt.19-08-1995
4. T.O.O.Ms.No.15 Dt.22-04-2002
5. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.231 Dt.23-01-2008
6. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.173 Dt.15-10-2008
7. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.264 Dt.11-02-2009
8. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.265 Dt.11-02-2009
9. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.10 Dt.06-04-2009
10. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.26 Dt.27-04-2009
11. T.O.O(Addl.Secy-Per) Ms.No.134 Dt.06-10-2009
12. BP (P&G-Per) Ms.No.288, Dt.11-01-1996
and APEPDCL. We are recruited through open recruitment. We have different problems
which are silly and heart burning. No other department employees in India will have such
problems. Our problem is briefly described below. Please spare few minutes of your
valuable time.

APSPDCL and APEPDCL. The technical cadre service are divided into O&M Services &
Engineering Services. There is also Accounts wing.


Junior Lineman Asst.Lineman Lineman Line Inspector Senior Line Inspector

(Direct Recruitment with ITI)


Sub Engineer Addl.Asst.Engineer Asst.Engineer Asst.Divisional Engineer DE

Direct Recruitment(Diploma in EEE)

Direct Recruitment (BE/B.TECH in EEE)
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Direct Recruitmet
Direct Recruitmet (B.Com)

The Process of Promotions to 2
higher cadre AAE in Engineering Services:-


1. ADDITIONAL ASSISTANT ENGINEER :- As per the in procedure in vogue, the
Diploma Holders in lower cadre are being appointed by transfer as Additional
Assistant Engineers whenever direct recruitment of ASSISTANT ENGINEERS is
taken place.

The method of recruitment for the post of Additional Assistant Engineer
specified in B.P.Ms.No.421 Dt.27-04-1978 read with B.P(P&G-
per)Ms.No.106 Dt.19-08-1995 is as follows.

i) Draughtsman, Tracers, Sub engineers having diploma qualification and a
minimum continuos service of 5 years after acquiring the Diploma
qualification in any post under the A.P.S.E.Board.
ii) Employees working in O&M and construction staff, establishment having
Diploma Qualfication in any Post under A.P.S.E.Board excluding the service
if any rendered as N.M.R.

NOTE:- For computation of 5 years service, half the continuos service other
than the service as N.M.R works rendered prior to acquisition of Diploma
qualification subject to a maximum of 2 years shall be taken into account
for all categories.

2. ASSISTANT ENGINEERS:- As per the orders issued in B.P(P&G-Per)
Graduate Sub Engineers with minimum of four years service in the category
of Sub Engineers (or) four years service in the category of sub engineer (or) four
years service in all in the categories of Sub engineer, Lineman, Tester, Attender etc..
Will be appointed as Asst.Engineers, Subject to the following Conditions.

a) Such recruitment from among Graduate sub engineers shall be limited to 10% of
the vacancies at the time of each recruitment.
b) They are not entitled for any service weightage.
c) They have to take lowest rank as on the date of appointment below the Junior
most Asst.Engineer /Trainees as on that date.

Have you observed the NOTE point in Additional Asst.Engineers
appointment? Have you observed that the 3 conditions a,b,c in
Asst.Enginers appointment were not there in O&M Services to- Sub
Engineer-to-AAE promotions.

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1. Operation & Maintenance Staff (JLM to Foreman) .... Degree e.. ...:.
LDC . Conversion c..... Without any service weightage. He will be placed all
most below rank in the Seniority list for the next higher cadre in the Accounts Wing.

O&M staff (JLM to Foreman)... . diploma in Any Branch e.. ...:.
Subengineer Conversion c..... with Service Weightage 2 years. He will be
placed utmost Top in the Seniority list for the next higher cadre (AAE) by pulling back
the existing direct recruitment Sub Engineers.

Service weightage e. concept . Department .. . Cadre
.. .. -. . ... . . ..: ..... LDC Conversion.. Senior Weightage
.. .. sub engineers to AAE . Service weightage .... . ..:

z Service. .. cadre ... . .. cadre . . Service Seniority based promotions
-. ... Cadre ..:.c. .. ... Service Seniority list
..-. .. promotions -.. Seniority . ..... .-.. service
regulations .. e..c...

. Organisation/Department ... .. ... . .....- .. services .
... .. ... ... .c. ... .... services .. Initial Cadre
. ..:..... ..... e.. .c. ..... . .../e.. .... .. ..
.:. .... services .. Initial Cadre . . .:.... . .. .-.....:

.. .... / ... .:.. .... .:. .. .c.... ... .....
services .. Initial Cadre service . . ... .. Cadre services
.. ...c ..... . ..... e... . .c.... ... ..-.. :. ..
.Against to Natural Justice).

O&M services ... Engineering Services .. Obsorb ........ (Appoint by
Transfer), O&M service .. Service . . .c.... Service weightage . ...c
..... Engineering Services .. Initial Cadre .. (Sub Engineer cadre ..) .-..
..:. . ..-c e.. .. Engineering Services .. Initial cadre (Sub Engineer
cadre) ... next cadre(Addl.Asst.Engineer) .. Promotion -.... .-.
O&M services . ... Service .. Intigrated seniority . weightage . c.. .-..
e. .c. Initial cadre . (Sub Engineer cadre .) seniority . c. .. existing seniors
.. Promotions . .... .....: Initial cadre service (Sub Engineer cadre
service) .. ..:...... ....c.. create ... . ... . e...

APSEB Management, O&M Unionse... . . .. .. ........
.. :.. ...- ...:Unions e.. . ..-Management ... control
... . Basic Rules & Regulations . -.. .c.. Amendments
-.. .. e.... ..... ...... . .

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3. If there are AE vacancies, the recruitment will be taken up by the management once
in 3 to 4 years. In AEs Recruitment 10% of the vacancies are filled with in service
graduate Sub Engineers(who has B.E/B.Tech with four years service).There is a
limitation of 10% to the Sub engineers to become A.E. But there is no limitation for
lineman to become Sub engineer (or) AAE. After acquiring Diploma by the lineman,
immediately he will be promoted to Sub Engineer. Again after 2 years, he will be
promoted to AAE. There is also a Long Jump offer. He can become AAE directly
from Lineman with sufficient service. But there is no such options to Directly
recruited sub engineers. AAE promotions are being taken by linemans by pulling us
back in the seniority list with the concept of Service weightage. Eventhough Direct
recruited sub engineer has B.E/B.Tech, there is no use. Direct recruited Sub engineer
who has joined in 2002, still working as Sub Engineer, Where as Junior lineman who
has joined in 2003, now working as AAE . The Lineman who can not read English
letter and who can not operate the Computer and who worked under my Supervision
is becoming my officer(AAE) with concept of service weightage. Todays Officers
Tomorrows Slaves
4. In the Direct recruitment of Sub Engineer cadre, Diploma qualification is necessary
condition. But now, it is removed. Diploma (or) B.E/B.Tech candidates are eligible
for Sub Engineers. So many people are stopping their education with Diploma due to
financial problems. They are not able to compete with B.E/B.Tech candidates in the
recruitment. In this way major loss to the unemployed Diploma engineers. In an other
way, all the Department Sub Engineer vacancies are being filled with in service
Diploma holders(Linemans) with out any limitation. There is no necessity for the
management to go for the recruitment. In this way unemployed Diploma holders are
loosing their chances.
5. There is a large shortage of linemans in the Electricity department. O&M Unions also
fighting with the management for the recruitment of Linemans. Day by Day work
load is increasing. To escape from the work load, all the Linemans are obtaining
degree (or) Diploma certificates and converting into LDC (or) Sub Engineers
respectively. Management not at all verifying that the university certificates has
AICTE approval. Existing little number of O&M staff are being entering into
Engineering services & Accounts wing. Then who will do the actual field work. By
the next year no body will be there to do field maintenance work and to attend

. Organisation ... .. Cadre ... Next Higher Cadre . Promotion .....
4 .. 5 ...... ....: .. .. Direct Recruited Sub Engineer . .-..10-15
...... ....: Sub Engineer cadre . AAE cadre salaries 15 Increments.
.. ..:

So, we D/R Sub Engineers community request you to make Justice to our
community. We have a Total Strength of 2491 all over the Andhra Pradesh in APSEB.

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully

On behalf of D/R Sub Engineers Community
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