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7. Normal Testing Program 7.

1 Frequency Normal testing program shall have the following frequency: Samples for strength tests of each class of concrete placed each day shall be taken not less than once a day, nor less than once for each 150 cubic yards (115 cubic meters) of concrete, nor less than once for each 5,000 square feet of surface area of slabs or walls. 7.2 Randomness The samples for strength tests must be taken on a strictly random basis, if they are to measure properly the acceptability of the concrete. To be representative, the choice of times of times of sampling or the batches of concrete to be sampled must also be made randomly, within the period of placement. 7.3 Definition of One test Each test shall be the average of two cylinders made from the sample of concrete and tested at 28 days or at test age designated for determination of fc. 7.4 Acceptance Criteria Every arithmetic average of any three consecutive strength tests from one class of concrete, equals or exceeds fc and no individual strength test (average of two cylinders) falls below fc by more than 500 psi.